ScooTaloo – A Brief History and Account of Pony and Self.

Apr 28th, 2013
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  1. ScooTaloo – A Brief History and Account of Pony and Self.
  4. • Rationale
  5. • Chapter 1 – ScooTaloo and the Pre-Net Years
  6. • Chapter 2 – ScooTaloo and the Wasteland
  7. • Chapter 3 – Discovery of the Wild Pony
  8. • Chapter 4 – The Honeymoon Period
  9. • Chapter 5 – The Calm Before the Sturm(that is German for storm)
  10. • Chapter 6 – To the battlements
  11. • Chapter 7 – The Modern Pony
  12. • Chapter 8 – The Rulebreaker
  13. • Finale – Contact Details
  17. Rationale for this bin bag of Pasta
  19. “If you tell the truth, you don't have to remember anything.” – Mark Twain.
  21. A chronicle. A pastebin. A project. Whatever you want to call this, the rationale for this works creation is to give a clearer account of pony. It is also to give you, the reader, a more intimate knowledge of Myself, ScooTaloo. The main focus of this work is the perception of the Pony Threads on the 4chan board random or /b/, and their brief history during my time with the collective. This should enlighten newfags and oldfag posters alike. Please be aware that this IS going to be biased. A truckload of salt will be required. ScooT is talking, proceed at your own discretion.
  23. The end game, objective, purpose of this project is no more confused faggots around (that’s aimed at you Bones we all know you are homosex in the bum bum).
  26. Chapter 1 – ScooTaloo and the Pre-Net Years
  28. “Parents can only give good advice or put them on the right paths, but the final forming of a person's character lies in their own hands.” – Anne Frank
  30. ScooT spent most of his time before the 4chans playing videogames, doing schoolwork and other school related activities. However, most importantly, he was an avid Metalhead and a firebug.
  31. The first area of revelation are the bands ScooT grew up listening to. After all, music is something I consider the most important influence in my life, apart from Family and Friends. The bands I grew up listening to were; Rammstein, Slipknot, KoRn, Guns N Roses, KISS, Limp Bizkit, Linkin Park, Metallica, Faith No More, Nirvana, RHCP’s, Motorhead, Marilyn Manson, the Spice Girls and Rage Against the Machine.
  33. ScooT began listening to metal as an outlet for pre/actual teen years and their hormonal changes. ScooT also listened to it as a form of social rebellion. Rebelling against the majority who used to listen to R’n’B and pop music. ScooT couldn’t stand listening to processed shit. every 5 minutes some faggot with wavy hair and bright smile with no brains like a spazzed Mark Wahlberg(perfect example of one of those artists). ScooT got a hold of his musical taste from an older cousin. ScooT’s cousin would give him copies of CDs and listen along. It was around this time that we would also watch wrestling. Shit was so real and cash, Ultimate Warrior was ScooT’s favourite. This one time, ScooT painted his face like him with actual paint. That shit stung, that and the DDT down the stairs. Not only did ScooT grow up on metal but also on Rap, mainly West Coast (EMINEM, Doctor Dre and TuPac). ScooT now though listens to a broad spectrum of Music, though his loves are Punk Rock (pop/punk rock – hardcore), Hip Hop, Dubstep, SkankStep, Hardcore Techno/electro and Soulful music such as Lana Del Rey. ScooT tells you this so you can know him more intimately.
  35. I’m reet good ain’t I pettles. Now, time to bin the Third person.
  37. Now, begins an interesting chapter of my life. Something I don’t often talk about to those I don’t know very well. As a teen I had (still have) a massive love and fascination for fire. I don’t particularly know why it began but I love fire. It’s destructive force but also the ability of man to harness it, and bend it to his will. Fire has given man everything he has today. I could go on all day about fire but onwards and upwards as they say. Until my late teens, me and friends would start fires. We would have them each year at the end of school in order to burn all our non-essentials such as old homework and folders. There would usually be around 15 of us and the fires would be epic. They would be situated in a secluded wooded area that we used to hang out at. In this wood we also used to drink underage and do all kinds of rebellious things, to this day I believe we still use this spot as a waypoint should something epic happen (le Zombie apawkalips). Now that I have ‘grown up’ the sating of my fire hunger is restricted to camping and festival season. ScooT is always in charge of making and keeping fires alive in the commune. I particularly revel in being able to keep a single fire going for an entire camping trip, 4 day fire bitches (isn’t that impressive but fuck you world) . Although there is this light hearted side to fire, there have been a couple examples of my over exuberance and out of control love of it. Anyway enough about my pre-chan history now comes the exciting part.
  38. It was around the time I began college and my A-levels that I discovered 4chan.
  40. Chapter 2 – ScooTaloo and the Wasteland
  42. “The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.” – Marcel Proust
  44. Scootalooo. For a Pessimist, I’m Pretty Optimistic. ScooT. The Slutbutt Collective. PLoZM (Princess Luna of Ze Moon). My names are many and legendary. I first came to 4chan because of rumours of the big bad boss of the internet in late ’07. By ’08 I was a seasoned lurker. I made my first official post on /b/ 2 weeks before the Boxxy incident. I had come to /b/ with the ‘promise’ of trolling and consequence free fun. It was with this context that ScooT soon became a Boxxyfag. In the beginning this was just to upset the established order, to have some fun and make some newfags cry. Oh how they cried and gnashed their teeth. But then, gradually, that Attention Whore grew on me, she stirred something inside me. To this day I acknowledge no other Royalty than the Moot/Boxxy dual Queenfaggotdom. This idea of identity and affiliation to a “community” or to a figure head influenced me early on, it made me think it possible to not be anon forever and thus the stage was set for my later Circle Jerking prowess (like a tiger on steroids).
  46. Animu and Alice threads now come to mind. I occasionally posted Anon infrequently in this crazy place although I can honestly say I wasn’t too interested in the earlier Animu threads. It seemed very aggressive, bitchy and circle jerky, something I didn’t at first appreciate. It was everything I was supposed to hate as a /b/tard. That said, this is where my fondness for Horo (through That 4chan Wolf) came about (aooooooooooooo).
  48. With respect to the other circle jerk community that of the Fur, I did have and still to this day have a confused outlook to their ‘fandom’, if that is the right term. Though I respect their right to do as they please on /b/ as posters I find their pursuits questionable. But then again, this is /b/ and anything (almost) goes.
  50. Chapter 3 – Discovery of the Wild Pony
  52. “Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.” – Leo Tolstoy
  54. The Pony Community was discovered by myself in a similar way to how I had discovered Boxxy. It was the result of troll butthurt and crying on the front pages of /b/. As a result ScooT had to see this phenomenon for himself. He had to go and test the mettle of these defilers, these name/tripfags. These unruly dicksuckers, these cock chokers and failed abortions. As I lurked, however, I saw how immune to trolling they were. I was gobsmacked, I mean they were just gay gender benders, how could this happen on /b/. But then again they never met a troll such as ScooT, and so I set about showing these faggots what for.
  56. Then the unthinkable occurred. ScooT was tricked (SAY WHAAAAAAAT?! I hear you cry). The ponies used their tried and tested old tactic of “watch an episode” on ScooT. It was super effective, and ScooT was confused, I saw the way they communed, the way they talked to each other. It was unique. At this point I decided “if you can’t beat them, join them”.
  58. For the first time in my 4chan history I began posting with a name. I decided on “Scootalooo” with 3 o’s instead of the official 2, this was in case there was already a ScooTaloo posting.
  59. At this point it is important to state that Scoot will also always have an appreciation of Cupcake. The legendary faggot, who incidentally is my maker (that True Blood Lingo). He introduced me to the threads, gave me my first welcome and sat me down and taught me what I needed to know as a new friend. Forever in appreciation cakers.
  61. Chapter 4 – The Honeymoon Period
  63. “Think where man's glory most begins and ends, and say my glory was I had such friends” – William Yeats
  65. In the early days posting was easy and exciting. Not because of it being better or anything subjective but because it was new and out of the ordinary. Before this time I hadn’t had a name or a trip for 3 years, I was an Anon. So the idea I could be known and be myself was a revelation. I was, as stated earlier, introduced by Cupcake but I mainly mingled with a lot of varying posters – mornings would be with the Ausfags, afternoons/Evenings with the Eurofags and night time was with Amerifags/Eurofags.
  67. I would like to say I was fairly ‘easy’ as far as circles go. My first real ‘friend’ I would say (someone who I spent a lot of time talking to) would have had to be Apple-Galoshes, god that guy is such a homo, him and cupcake always had gay offs. It was this first friendship that resulted in my first real big ‘dance’ with Aeris, who up until this point had previously been a troll to the threads themselves. There is still a certain screen cap floating around depicting a certain “graphic” act that ScooT had done which caused an immense flame of rectal uncomfortableness. It is immense in graphical detail. This said cap, incidentally, will show any of the bitches and whiney sods that I have not actually changed, not one bit. I have always been the same guy. Just putting that out there homies.
  69. I then made good friends with someone named Sunset Rose, my first Amerifriend. Sunset was, and still is, one of the fondest friends I ever had the pleasure of meeting. Not only is she immensely caring and genuine but Rose is extremely creative, her writing is always a joy and it is because of Rose that something awesome happened, more on that latte (with marshmallows ples).
  71. In the beginning, and still now, I look up to a fair number of posters who gave me inspiration and made me the poster I am today.
  73. Firstly, Cupcake, mean who didn’t look up to him as a poster (sans the cocklust) he is the ideal model for a poster within the community, Loving, Tolerant and most of all game for a laugh. I would like to try to think I tried to be like that. Another person who I had admiration for was of course Sunset, because of her situation which I would be a douche for mentioning here. Suffice to say she is awesome. And finally, Pritty, who I look up to everyday.
  75. Chapter 5 – The Calm Before the Sturm (that is German for storm)
  77. “A friend is someone who knows all about you and still loves you.” – Elbert Hubbard
  79. It was around 6 months into my posting in the threads that I came across a certain poster, named Androgynous (or Andy for short). When it came to /b/ I had never thought or given weight to the idea of letting anyone past my personal “wall”. This is /b/ after all and so forth. Unfortunately for me, it would later seem I allowed them to come down. For 6 months I spent chatting with them I began feeling a routine and a sort of reliance to speaking to them. They amazingly complimented how I posted and complimented my personality perfectly.
  80. They were always up for a laugh, anything and everything was fodder for jokes and amusing talks. With Andy I was able to stretch my creative side in conversations ranging from mundane politics and philosophy, to more personal business and subjects of life and of course music (I still can’t listen to MUSE).
  82. Suffice to say Androgynous was the first person I had a great deal of affection for from this hellhole of the nets. Unfortunately, 10 months ago they decided to go off the grid without so much as a “Goodbye”, causing some pain, oh well boys don’t cry as The Cure say. Such is life in the zone.
  84. It was around the middle of this time with Androgynous that, while talking alongside Sunset Rose, I came across a rather interesting poster by the name of Pritty. My interest was piqued. With a pleasant “Hi” and the ice broken, myself and Pritty began chatting regularly in thread, initially with the exchange of a beloved musical artist (thank you Lady GaGa). E-mail addresses were exchanged and the rest they say is history. Over a year and a half as best friends. With this and what has been said previous, I have to say the pony threads have had a profound and positive influence on my life.
  86. It is, however, around this midpoint of posting that things started to get a bit more political within the mix-up of the pony breads. It was as if someone had decided it was no longer a matter of posting and having fun to be a part of the community. But it was more about “power” and prestige and cliques. Friction had begun to grow.
  88. Chapter 6 – To the Battlements
  90. “Those who do not move, do not notice their chains.” – Rosa Luxemburg
  92. The friction began, I would say, with the creation and use of “Ponychan”; this was of course a bone of great contention. Ponychan is a site that was created as a 4chan-esque image board designed purpose built for pony posting. When it was created there were some who left the /b/ threads, or /b/reads, to try and conquer and inhabit this new plain of pony Oblivion. Little did these blind people know of the Fascist rules and shitness of the Ponychan “/b/ and friends threads”.
  94. This created a divide, a divide between those who stayed loyal to the Great Pony /b/reads and the renegades and ‘/b/etrayers’ who ran at the sight of the regular modwars and skirmishes. It wasn’t until the moderators decided to chase off the renegade /b/ posters off of Ponychan a little time later did they realise their great folly. ScooT of course at this time used his natural /b/ instincts to troll Ponychan with Porn, much to Aeris’ disdain once more. But, Ponychan’s time as the option for running from /b/ had come to an end with the banning of /b/ and friends. And thus a greater mistake was made.
  96. This was the mistake of the travelling horde of outcasts from /b/ and Ponychan, the abomination known as mlpchan was created, and still languishes in existence today, its faggotry and autism knowing no bounds. The intention of mlpchan was to be a haven for those persecuted by Ponychan. A place people could post pony, like on /b/, but with no fears of reprisal. Or so they thought. The Mods on mlpchan soon became equally as harsh and fascist as their Ponychan counterparts.
  98. An example of this is the posting of gore and R34 are both prohibited. Combined with Fascist moderators it is a place that is more troublesome than Ponychan for the natural /b/ poster. It was at this point the Mods of 4chan and Moot his godly self, had had enough of War’ing with the ponies of /co/ and /b/. And thus was created /mlp/ on 4chan. This, like the previous examples, caused a shift in the community.
  99. For several months a /b/ and friends thread on /mlp/ gathered a lot of people from the old /b/reads in one place, this was because it was viewed a go between with elements of mlpchan(faggot shit), Ponychan(even worse faggot shit) and /b/.
  101. It seemed to fit their needs, the needs of a minority it has to be added. So much that once esteemed posters like HuPony renounced their origins and fled to the land of faggotry seeking permanent exile. Amusingly enough the /mlp/ moderators and 4chan at large saw fit to purge /mlp/ of /b/ and friends. This showing the true place for pony in the universe is on /b/.
  103. With this first great civil strife as a background theme in mind we reach the mid/late posting era.
  105. Around the middle or late Pony era, during the Second Great October Modwar of 2012, there was created a further divide amongst the community (what was left of it). This split came about and there was ‘created’ two camps in Pony.
  107. The “Shitposters”, generally attributed to myself and Darwin as well as other posters.
  108. Then there was the perceived ‘righteous’ pony posters of Aeris’ gay orgy entourage and hangers on.
  109. This divide came about because of the idea to use covert or stealth OP’s in order to confound the Mod menace (it actually worked!).
  111. This was seen as a ‘contradiction’ to the pony ideal as held by Aeris the Dic(k)tator.
  112. Not being happy enough with the split and labelled ScooT an enemy of the ‘state’, Aeris proceeded to scream bloody murder and spout rhetoric about the Shitposters ‘harming’ the community. Not realising we were saving it. It is fair to point out that when the threads seem to be at its grimmest, Aeris is nowhere to be found, even now they are nowhere to be found. Yet it is we, Shitposters and Enemies, who can be found bumping and keeping it alive.
  114. It makes you wonder then who really is the enemy of the threads. But c’est le vie. Around this time the community fractured further. The commune had, up until this point, had a steam chat it used so that in case of modwars it could co-ordinate threads and distribute thread links.
  116. When the whole “shitposting split” occurred Aeris wanted/attempted to exclude those they deemed “detrimental to the community”. What they did to try and achieve their aim was to create their own Steam chat, enabling only themselves to allow people inside.
  118. Aeris, initially, succeeded in excluding some people. But in time posters saw through the veil and saw through Aeris’ madness. Seeing how divisive it was, a third was created.
  120. The reason for this third steam chat was to get away from the ‘polluted’ first steam chat which descended into homosexuality and staleness, devoid of its original purpose. This chat wanted to also get away from the domineering dic(k)tator’s influence and wanted to re-establish equality and its original purpose. At this point in time there now lives 3 derelict steam chats.
  122. The term ‘enemy’ has been used alot in this chapter which interestingly enough leads onto further drama. It was around this time, towards the end of the October Modwar, that Niggy (renowned Animu Poster) and a group of intrigued Animu posters began showing up in threads. Niggy came as an Alice (AliceNiggy) into the threads with some friends in an attempt to merge communities into one single jerk. Being a shining beacon of love and tolerance, alongside a minority of others, I welcomed such a thing and thus became friends with Niggy.
  124. The presence of Niggy only further fanned the fires of hate that Aeris and their disciples held in their hearts, they worried that the threads would disintegrate in quality (ironic I know). They worried that Niggy was nothing more than a fiend and a rascal (semi true). Unfortunately it has to be said that some of Niggy’s friends weren’t quite so amiable during their stay. Eva was a prime example, but this is a long story, it was this style of example which could be seen as strengthening the hater’s claims.
  126. Aeris and Co took it upon themselves to set about the destruction of the “threat” as they perceived it. Creating infographs that showed Niggy’s ‘misdemeanours’. When anyone tried to defend Niggy it was a case of being either; blind, stupid, uncaring and an enemy of the threads. You apparently did not know what you were talking about. You required evidence that wouldn’t be believed. Niggy at the time of entering threads was ill, after such prolonged stress from Aeris and others they broke and ragequit.
  128. From that moment on the /b/read was and is still split. There still are little cliques and groups, but such is life in any form of human society and community. Even on the internet.
  130. With these things in mind, we come to recent events. These mainly include the discovery and knowledge of a new mod, named ‘Rulemod’.
  132. Niggy came back.
  134. Then left, again.
  136. Aeris came back from exile and just lurks it seems.
  137. We got some new posters (Hi Metz and 458).
  138. And everything is just as fucked up as usual but with less people. It is all good in the zone. Further information on the current state of the threads can be found in the next chapter.
  141. Chapter 7 – The Modern Pony
  143. “What a shame, we all became. Such fragile broken things, A memory remains, just a tiny spark” – Paramore, Let the Flames Begin.
  145. Tedious and explosive, two terms which can be equally used to describe the current events or situation of the pony threads. Tedious because we have fewer posters than Before. I personally blame Aeris’ cannibalistic lust, lack of commitment and inability to into things. Though the situation seems grim atm (as everyone points out in threads at numerous points. And the sometimes reliance on silent posting) I have every confidence faggotry will resume at optimal levels ASAP. New posters and the influx of Animu and Fur posters show it’s explosive nature as it shows pony has pull still. The reason for the influx is down to the mods clamping down on avatarfagging and the lack of some (animu) to handle the banhammer and reorganize themselves. We in the pony community find this amusing having bore the brunt of the banhammer for around 2 years straight. Our butts are used to it.
  146. My hope is that pony will once again become a beacon of faggotry and trolling excellence, as well as a place for people to come together and have fun without discrimination. I would also like to say that Animu and Furfaggots, alike, are welcome and should be allowed into the fold. Another hope is the return of some older posters, though that seems unlikely at this point, though Indigo Breeze, E.A.P and Doc have returned to our commune, which could prove my pessimism wrong.
  148. At this moment there are a few people who deserve credit for keeping the threads around and who deserve thanks and recognition by EVERYONE and even more from myself.
  149. Firstly, Smokey, Eddy and Casper deserve thanks for OP’ing alongside myself; without anyone willing to constantly and consistently bake there would be fewer threads or there wouldn’t even be a thread.
  150. WuMa, although he is a retard has to be given praise for the fashion he is able to bump threads and keep them alive, alongside this in a similar vein Smokey deserves some more praise, constantly bumping with little content atleast allows for the threads to stick around longer than if they weren’t being bumped.
  151. DerpyLoves and Skitty deserve some praise on their parts for their work on scripting and keeping people on statics in proxies.
  153. And finally, Pritty deserves some praise, mainly for being the best friend to me that I could possibly ask for. Not only this, Pritty no matter what sticks around and keeps threads alive with everyone else, regardless of politics and bullshit that goes on around her.
  154. I would also praise myself at this point, but you know what they say about self praise and so forth.
  156. Chapter 8 – The Rulebreaker
  158. “You have your way. I have my way. As for the right way, the correct way, and the only way, it does not exist.” – Friedrich Nietzsche
  160. When I began posting in pony threads, I of course went along with the perceived rules of having to post pony, my choice was obviously Scootaloo a member of the CMC (CutieMarkCrusaders). It seemed appropriate as no one else posted Scoot, also my name lended to posting the little filly. So I decided to take it up and be a unique snowflake with shimmering awesome and a glowing aura. This lasted sometime, but then I grew really fond of Luna (Moody Moon Princes), and so I changed avatar. It was around this time that I had begun saving Hayley Williams pictures because I love Paramore, and Hayley in general. It was only after posting pony for around 8 months did I decide I would split my posting between Pone and Non-pone (Hayley Williams). Posting non-pony made me feel good; it provided some much needed respite from the constant samely feel of posting pastel coloured equines. It also made me feel like it was adding to my individuality, being able to express myself through another medium. Though, this didn’t stop some haters from having a go for using this posting style.
  161. Not posting pony equated, it seemed, to not wanting to be a part of the community, something which I really disagreed with. This is because why the fuck not. After this period the act of non-pony posting became the norm for me. It isn’t that I have issue with posting pone, I still occasionally post it, I just feel now my posting style and identity lean more towards non-pone posting. After all, it is these small things that make up a more unique whole.
  163. Finale – Contact Details
  165. To finish this little essay off, If anyone has any Questions they’d like answering, don’t be scared to ask me anything in thread(Pony or other). ALSO you can contact me via e-mail –
  166. Thanks for reading y’all!
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