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  1. You are now ready to chat with AlexanderZeusC.
  2. AlexanderZeusC:
  3. Welcome! Thank you for contacting EA Help! My name is AlexanderZeusC, may I start by asking your name please?
  4. AlexanderZeusC:
  5. you:
  6. Hi its sean slater
  7. AlexanderZeusC:
  8. Thank you Sean. How can I help you?
  9. you:
  10. I have contacted before as my parents bought me Fifa 13, for ps3, and my online pass doesnt work, when I tried to redeem it it said it was invalid, I then was asked to show my reciept and I went to my mum after her work and she had lost it, we returned to the shope to explain but no reciept got us no where, my mum when up the next day and showed the manager but he wasn't interested and my mom left the leaflet there in rage and made a complaint, on her way out she said an assistant said to contact here again to try get something sorted
  11. you:
  12. sorry for the long paragraph.
  13. AlexanderZeusC:
  14. No worries. Let me read this first.
  15. AlexanderZeusC:
  16. I am sorry hear that the online pass did not work when you tried to redeem it.
  17. AlexanderZeusC:
  18. For this issue, we need the proof of purchase for us to further assist you. So I would advise that you contact your retailer for replacement.
  19. AlexanderZeusC:
  20. They should be able to that as they have copies of the receipt they issued. Right?
  21. you:
  22. Thats what im saying, I have contacted here already, been to the store already and they wont do anything. They only issue new copys if you bought under a gamecard, my parents didnt as it was a gift to me for my birthday
  23. you:
  24. basically im stuck with fifa 13, no reciept as I dont have a clue what my mum has done with it and I can't play online which isthe only reason I play fifa
  25. AlexanderZeusC:
  26. I understand. We are able to assist you if only you have the receipt. You can check the return policy of the retailer where you purchase the game and then maybe you can sort out some agreement on that. But for now I do apologize but we cannot do anything unless you have the receipt sent to us.
  27. you:
  28. Really... This is the second time I have been on here! twice to the shop! Still got NOWHERE...
  29. you:
  30. Its just back and forth between here and the shop, you guys say go to the shop, they tell me go here
  31. AlexanderZeusC:
  32. I understand to where you are coming from. As you know the proof of purchase is important for validation. Without it the system will not let us continue on the process.
  33. AlexanderZeusC:
  34. I hope that you could provide us a scanned/picture copy of your proof of purchase. Is there anything else for today?
  35. you:
  36. So what am I to do, keep going back and forward and do nothing? its a joke.
  37. you:
  38. cant you put me through to someone higher as im reallysick off this
  39. you:
  40. My parents spent alot of money on this game and I cant even get the full fetures, should be showing this to the news as I am getting messed about constantly
  41. AlexanderZeusC:
  42. I understand that this is frustrating. You can contact us over our phone support. All you have to do is select contact via phone at help.ea.com.
  43. you:
  44. My dad has already phone, got nowhere as per
  45. you:
  46. Surely you can issue a new code, if not im not buying another ea product if the company is going to mess about, ive been a loyal customer for years
  47. AlexanderZeusC:
  48. We understand that you're having issues with registering the online pass. Most retail stores usually have a return policy for non-working products. We would suggest returning to your place of purchase as the one they had given you seems to be not working on your end. – Aside from that, is there anything else I can assist you with.
  49. AlexanderZeusC:
  50. you:
  51. Sir,I have already explained THEY WONT DO ANYTHING, it is getting me really frustrated now that you wont co-operate so I can end this petty situation
  52. you:
  53. sir?
  54. AlexanderZeusC:
  55. Yes I am looking for some alternative way to help you but all I end up is to advise to contact back with your retailer for replacement or provide us the receipt.
  56. you:
  57. the retailer wont help, my mum has issued a separate complaint to them as they handled the situation bad, also as I said my mum has misplaced the reciept
  58. you:
  59. I have all my past reciepts off fifa, nhl, madden nfl. As this was a gift my mum kept the reciept
  60. AlexanderZeusC:
  61. The best resolution we can provide you right now is to return to the retailer to receive a replacement copy for your purchase. Aside from that, do you have any other issues I can help you with?
  62. you:
  63. this is my only issue which is never going to be resolved
  64. you:
  65. your name is zeus right?
  66. AlexanderZeusC:
  67. You can call Alex.
  68. you:
  69. Okay Zeus, can't you use your godlike powers and give a kid who has done nothing wrong a pass so he can play online with his friends?
  70. AlexanderZeusC:
  71. I understand how you feel about this. But without the receipt, I am unable to assist you much further as the system requires it.
  72. AlexanderZeusC:
  73. Even would really like to assist you that is why I am still here for you. Right?
  74. you:
  75. suppose... can't you just spoof the system or something and get a code?
  76. you:
  77. or ill just give random digits, you say its a invalid pass then we can feck the system and bypass this nonsense?
  78. AlexanderZeusC:
  79. With the receipt there is no way for me to get to that point. System wont allow me. I am really sorry about this.
  80. AlexanderZeusC:
  81. I mean without the proof of purchase we cannot help you on this.
  82. you:
  83. so what your saying is I have to buy fifa again...?
  84. you:
  85. as I dont have a reciept or that
  86. AlexanderZeusC:
  87. No need, I know you are aware of the return policy of your retailer. Right?
  88. you:
  89. yeah, been, tried and failed. retailer is a dick man, wont do anything
  90. AlexanderZeusC:
  91. You really need to get this issue back to them since the game was purchase from them. Right?
  92. AlexanderZeusC:
  93. I see.
  94. AlexanderZeusC:
  95. Your retailer would be able to assist you further with your purchase. If there is nothing else, please have a good day and thank you for contacting EA Support.
  96. you:
  97. cmon zeus, youre a greek GOD! I know greece are having a bad time but YOU HAVE TO POWER, help me please :'(...
  98. you:
  99. THE*
  100. AlexanderZeusC:
  101. I am really sorry that I was not able to assist you without the proof of purchase. Please refer back to your retailer for the resolution.
  102. AlexanderZeusC:
  103. I'll be leaving the chat now. Please follow the instructions mentioned so that the issue can be resolved as soon as possible."
  104. The chat session has ended. Please contact us again if you need further help
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