SERBIA/CROATIA/SLOVENIA Monday 9:30 Morning breaking update!

Oct 19th, 2015
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  1. SERBIA/CROATIA/SLOVENIA Monday 9:30 Morning breaking update!!
  3. - AUSTRIAN BORDER IS OPEN, despite announcements of Slovenian government! There has been rumors of closing borders, but all countries still accepts refugees, but especially Slovenia only in SMALL NUMBERS, which causes serious bottlenecks at every border crossings.
  5. - In Bapska/Berkasovo at Serbian/Croatian borders there are 2000 people who spent this cold and rainy night in the fields. Volunteers are UNABLE TO CONTROL SITUATION there, no Serbian police and almost no medical help. Injuries, hypothermia and clashes during the night, as Croatia does accept refugees only in very small numbers and border is blocked by Croatian riot police.
  7. - Please call media and Serbian authorities to get attention on this place, as this is still uncovered by any media despite situation is really serious and it's really difficult to get any help from Serbian authorities. +420 720 552 888 Jan Pinos is the contact person.
  9. - There are also approx. 2000 people at the border crossing/train station Središče ob Dravi (Slovenia/Croatia border), only few of them allowed to enter Slovenia, women and children first. If you could please send volunteers there to provide basic help there.
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