Jennifer Emick Confirmed to Be Backtrace Security

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  1. Jennifer Emick has now been confirmed beyond a doubt to be FakeGreggHoush/Asherah/Backtrace Security - which is to say that the FBI has indeed been receiving tips on their investigation into Anonymous from a deranged Wiccan whose current opposition to Anonymous stems from emotional difficulties that have been described at length elsewhere, and who has made a number of demonstrably erroneous and sometimes contradictory assertions in the course of this whole affair.  
  3. As seen in the logs below, Emick - who has lately gone by the name Asherah and has consistently denied being Jennifer Emick to reporters tipped off as to her probable identity ( - forgot that a matter about which she was asked had occurred via her actual Twitter account, Haeresis/Jennifer Emick (!/Haeresis), and not under her assumed persona of Asherah/FakeGreggHoush. The specific Tweet, in which she claims to have caught one of her many enemies in a lie, is here(!/Haeresis/status/5304758958673100). And here is the conversation in which Asherah accidentally acknowledges being Emick:
  5. [15:38] <BarrettBrown> Asherah: One quick question for you
  6. [15:38] <@AnonymousDown> lol his barrettcat
  7. [15:38] <@AnonymousDown> o.0
  8. [15:38] <BarrettBrown> What lie did you catch Stuxnetsource in?
  9. [15:39] <BarrettBrown> And is that really Laurelai?
  10. [15:39] <asherah> That's really Laurelei
  11. [15:39] <SanguineRose> ^
  12. [15:39] <SanguineRose> as far as I know it is a well
  13. [15:39] <BarrettBrown> Okay, that's what I thought
  14. [15:39] <BarrettBrown> what did she get caught lying about?
  15. [15:39] <heydarguise> laurella le lo le lo?
  16. [15:40] <BarrettBrown> he/she, rather
  17. [15:40] <asherah> don't recall
  18. [15:40] <asherah> various promises to hack things
  19. [15:40] <BarrettBrown> does she claim to be able to hack?
  20. [15:41] <heydarguise> this is an inane conversation :x
  21. [15:41] <heydarguise> "CAN YOU HACKZ DA SITES!?"
  22. [15:41] <heydarguise> "I CAN HACKZ DA SITES CASE IM TEH LEETEST!"
  23. [15:41] <BarrettBrown> quiet, you!
  24. [15:41] <heydarguise> :<
  25. [15:41] <BarrettBrown> wait, is Stu Wyatt British?
  26. [15:41] <BarrettBrown> and what's his deal?
  27. [15:42] <heydarguise> hes british
  28. [15:42] <@tyrdr0p> Holy hell, thank you BarrettBrown.  I was about to say the same shit.  heydarguise:  if you wanna trollolololol, get your ass in #getnasty.  :3
  29. [15:42] <BarrettBrown> and what did you catch him falsley claiming?
  30. [15:43] * earlgrey ( Quit ( Ping timeout: 240 seconds )
  31. [15:44] <BarrettBrown> Asherah: Do you remember?
  32. [15:44] <asherah> on the phone, chill a minute
  33. [15:44] <BarrettBrown> np
  34. [15:45] * ShadowDXS is now known as Dick|Phazer
  35. [15:45] * Dick|Phazer was kicked by bluesoul120 (~bluesoul@ Reason (no)
  36. [15:45] <@AnonymousDown> lol
  37. [15:46] <@tyrdr0p> xD
  38. [15:47] <@AnonymousDown> knock knock..barrett... =)
  39. [15:50] <asherah> Barrettbrown, I do not remember
  40. [15:50] <asherah> it was inconsequential
  41. [15:50] <asherah> something about having root on my server or a similar silly lie
  42. [15:51] * ShadowDXS (~shadowdxs@2002:b858:62ef:0:fa1e:dfff:fed5:a554) has joined #cybertavern
  43. [15:52] <BarrettBrown> gotcha
  44. [15:53] <asherah> why do you ask?
  45. [15:53] <BarrettBrown> Because I wanted to confirm that you are indeed Jennifer Emick
  46. [15:53] <BarrettBrown> As it was from your Emick twitter account that you noted catching him in a lie
  47. [15:53] <BarrettBrown> Thanks!
  50. So far, Asherah/FakeGreggHoush has not been able to come up with any method by which to escape this rather cliche trap, having instead resorted to the following Tweet:
  52. "@BarrettBrownLOL You're a bad detective, barrett brown. Don't quit your day drugs! LOL"
  56. Notice the "LOL," which means that she is clearly laughing in triumph at having totally not been caught at all, totally, not at all guise.
  58. Fin!
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