|-ICE-| Staff Rules

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  1. Staff Rules
  3. 1. Respect all players.
  4. 2. Listen to your superiors!!
  5. 4. Do NOT take your own sits. This will result in probation.
  6. 3. You can only ban people forever if they attempt to crash, do crash or cause some harm to the server - this includes Mass RDMx15+.
  7. 4. Only use Staff powers if on duty.
  8. 5. Only use no clip if needed and you MUST be on duty.
  9. 6. Follow RP rules. You are not excluded from them.
  10. 7. Only go off duty in spawn!!
  11. 8. Be a role model.
  12. 9. Don't RP as staff on duty.
  13. 10. Familiarize yourself with the RP and Staff rules.
  14. 11. Don't be ban happy.
  15. 12. Don't god mode yourself as a rp class.
  16. 13. Promote the server. Get people to donate and join the steam group.
  17. 14. Don't disrespect any staff members. We are all Friends (Contact a higher up about situations).
  18. 15. Do not ask for promotions. If you ask for a promotion, you won't get one.
  19. 16. Use common sense.
  20. 17. Don't spy on people (Noclip into their base without reason).
  21. 18. Don't Physgun people without reason. If a Player is Annoying you DO NOT Physgun them away.
  22. 19. Don't have printers while on duty.
  23. 20. Don't base as while on duty.
  24. 21. Don't have a base while on duty (Including dupes for friends).
  25. 22. Don't own doors as while on duty.
  26. 23. If you're the only staff on then you must go on duty.
  27. 24. Do not accept donations from players for in-game items! This will lead to a Permanent Ban on ALL Servers.
  28. 25. Do not allow players to bribe others in sits in exchange for no punishment.
  29. 26. Do not purge on duty.
  30. 27. Don't make your own rules as an excuse to punish someone.
  31. 28. If a higher up freezes or jails you, do not undo that without asking.
  32. 29. If you find any bugs or suggestions then report them on the Trello.
  33. 30. Make sure to have the |-ICE-| tag to your name.
  34. 31. Your steam name, and ingame name must line up in some way.
  35. 32. Staff meetings are MANDATORY. If you cannot attend one, please contact an Admin+.
  37. Disobeying these rules WILL lead to possible probation and demotion.
  39. Going Inactive for 4-5 days or not being on Duty when needed will result in Demotion. If you are going to go Inactive please contact an Admin+ or post it in the Inactivity channel in the staff discord.
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