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  6. So I said I would keep things short. Tina was my mom's best friend ever since high school and she even became our roomate in 2011 with her 2 sons (I grew up with them). She met a guy who had 4 annoying ass kids that broke my shit and never apologized or spoke up about it. We moved into separate apartments and I, being honest, lied about something one of the kids said because I just wanted him off my back. Shit got out of control and I don't really know what happened. Tina moved to Ohio with the guy (her husband) and all 6 kids.
  8. Tina and her sons both blocked me on all social media after a while. My mom and Tina quit being best friends. I still really don't know how or why this even happened. It was so sudden and random. Then Tina and her husband (who she married after only knowing him for 3 months AND who lied about being in the military AND tried to kill their dog) moved to Ohio and I haven't heard from them since. Tina messaged my mom on facebook several months ago (like, early 2016) but I haven't heard anything since.
  10. Basically, I want to message Tina again. She was such a role model for me. She always had me laughing and always made me feel really pretty. When I was first dealing with my mom at home, I didn't know how to handle it and I was thinking about messaging her but I knew it would only make matters worse. But earlier this year, around January when I was at my lowest in life, I wanted to messsage her. I was dealing with so many things - my mom, stress, school, grades, TAYLOR. I had constant breakdowns, panic attacks, and if I'm going to be honest, my mind often drifted to the idea of suicide. I wanted to feel the comfort she used to give me and the support she always had for me.
  12. So what I want to ask is: do you think it's a good idea to message her? What should I say? I was thinking start with a simple "hey, how have you been?" to start things off. I mean, it's been 6 years. But the problem is, I have difficulty taking the fault for things. I know I caused all of this by that lie, but I hate apologizing and all that crap. It's just, weird. I know the advantage outweighs the bad tho. I just don't know where I should start, or how I should start, or even if I'll be able to.
  14. Like, what exaclty should I say? Is this even a good idea? I feel so carefree nowadays (with Taylor finally off my mind, it's kind of funny finally noticing how much crap Taylor caused me to gp through) and I don't know. I've been wanting change for a while. Cut off so many toxic people (thank God for your perfect advice). Ugh.
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