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Sep 21st, 2021
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  1. This is a recording of how my bot will work in your server (please note, in your server you do not need to have a free account to scan images, that's only for my server to cut down on spam! This feature is POSSIBLE to add in your server, should you request it!)
  4. Getting a guild key/access from our service to your server
  5. (
  7. Signing up for a free account, to use on your server or my server, login to the website or use the services in specific servers that have limitations set up
  8. (
  10. Scanning images in your server, using your accesskey, or, using your free account, depending on server limitation that were setup
  11. (
  13. I hope you enjoy iScan as much as i do, we will be turning this into a windows application sometime in the next 2 months, so look out for that!
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