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  1. Well, first of all you'd get to know her, build up a friendship, get close to her and make sure she trusts and relies on you, you want her to have feelings for you to magnify the impact.
  3. After a while of this she'd invite you into her room, not planning on sex but still hoping to get a bit closer. She'll let you in say a few things and then while she's looking away you'll violently push her onto the bed. Not realising whats happening she'll be a bit confused, maybe chastise you and try to laugh it off. At this point while she's still trying to get back up or right herself which would naturally take longer due to her condition you push yourself on top of her and pin her down.
  5. At this point she'll make eye contact and realise from the look in your eyes what you're doing and she'll desperately struggle in an attempt to break free and stop it while begging for you to stop. Naturally her weak muscles will be unable to post a thread and after a short struggle they'll give in while sobbing.
  7. Now with her too weak and emotionally damaged to resist you take her clothes off and have your way with her, she'll still put up a token resistance and her body will tremble but it'll be meaningless. With that out of the way you want to cover your tracks, pose her body in a few poses to make it look consensual and then take some photos. Now you want to sit with her a few hours, softly talk to her and care for her as if the whole thing was consensual, when she's calmed down and her broken mind starts to parse the whole thing as something she wanted (this was why step one was important) you'd put her duvet over her and 'loving' put her to bed.
  9. The following morning you'd return to find her still in bed having been unable to move, you'd act like nothing happened and if she questioned what happened the previous night you'd feign ignorance as if it was a purely consensual affair and mentioning how much she enjoyed it.
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