Social Combat

May 8th, 2019
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  1. Tick 0:
  2. Looks like Gilly rated my last stunt as 1-die, so as DV represhes at the start of the tick, restoring 2m to personal.
  4. >Apart from a mild smell of burnt hair, Hundred Flowing Sweet Rivers' hand is entirely uninjured, which visibly comes as a surprise to the lizardman holding the lantern.
  5. The disharmony around the hilltop table pauses, delegates caught momentarily off guard and at the sight of a woman standing guileless, garbless, and unflinchingly bared by flame.
  7. The innocence of babes, indeed. thinks the sidereal to herself, with fond amusement.
  9. In the space of the silence that follows Dutiful Topaz steps forward and makes a plea to those assembled: "As the flames of Aketon have illuminated, through many of us are strange to each other, we can still share common values. We have all of us come together on this day to try and find a path forwards through recent crises and our change in circumstances. In this spirit, can we not set aside minor disagreements, and try to find the ways in which we can help one another?"
  11. Going for an orative social attack against everyone here, trying to establish trust and smooth over some of the difficulty so far. Committing 10m personal to activating Lute's anima powers.
  13. Performance 6 + Manipulation 6 + Stunt + Serenity Anima 3 autosuccess
  15. Lute's Appearance 6, so everyone that hits is almost certainly taking a DV penalty.
  17. Performance is speed 6, so Lute will next act on tick 6.
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