Leia sets BJ up (JustWhy?)

TURCOTTEisBORAT Nov 19th, 2019 94 Never
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  1. >"Bob! Need your help!" said Leia.
  2. >"Ok." replied Bobby Jr. "Umm...with what?"
  3. >"Winning the bet! Don't worry. It's easy. I'll give you three bucks if you come! Two more if I win the bet!"
  4. >"What is this bet about?"
  5. >"You'll see!"
  6. >They headed to Leia's room. Gwen and Marsha were there waiting for Leia.
  7. >"Umm...hi?" Bobby was nervous.
  8. >"So...what I want you to do is..." Leia readied two seats.
  9. >"Bobby, sit there! Marsha, sit here!"
  10. >They took their seats.
  11. >"Leia, I don't like this!"
  12. >"Complain later. But now...all you and Marsha need to do is...look into each other's eyes for a while. And don't look away!"
  13. >" this good idea?" asked Marsha. Gwen was silently observed the situation.
  14. >"Just do it!"
  15. >"Umm...ok". They stared at each other. It didn't take more than several seconds when they started to blush.
  16. >"Continue staring at each other!" ordered Leia. It was hard for them to do so. "By the way, Marsha. Do you think that Bobby looks cute? Just look at him. Don't worry. You don't need to answer."
  17. >Marsha's normally stoic face went even redder. So did Bobby's.
  18. >"Oh...and Bobby: Do you think Marsha would be a good girlfriend for you? You're both into nerdy stuff! I'm sure you two would get along!"
  19. >"I mean...umm...umm..."
  20. >Both of their faces went redder even further and it was rather hard for them not to stare at each other's eyes as they both felt their palms sweating.
  21. >Soon they couldn't take it anymore and quickly looked at the ground while taking deep breath. It certainly was exhausting for both of them, as it seemed.
  22. >"See, Gwen! I DID make Marsha's face change color without painting it! Your 20 bucks are mine now!"
  23. >"Grrr". Gwen handed Leia her money. Meanwhile, Bobby jr. and Marsha were still recovering.
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