Haunted House [150720]

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  2. Haunted House                                   8
  3. The Wages of Smug                               42
  4. Sweet Dreams                                    76
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  8.         Haunted House
  10. "So, what's the catch?" "Pardon?" the almost-businesslike Tanuki answered. "Why's this house so cheap? What are you holding out on?" The Tanuki laughed softly as she circled the unimpressed young man. "Oh, dahling~, don't you worry about that." She grinned as she caught his eye. She arched her back to present her rather ample bust through her dress shirt and blazer. "Come on, miss. What is it? Did someone commit suicide here or something? A murder?" He flipped the elegant lace curtains, gazing out of the window, as he spoke. "Are you afraid of the supernatural, sir? Bad luck, ill omen?" He sat on the bed and leaned back, staring at the dark hardwood ceiling. "Something's wrong here, missy, and I just hope there aren't any ghost girl or anything around the house." He turned his head to give her a knowing look. "Sir, I can assure you that this house is not home to a ghost girl, zombie, lich, or any other undead lady." He bounced back up. "Can I get that in writing, please?" He grinned as the Tanuki did her best not to roll her eyes. She sighed. "...Yes, sir, I will give you written assurances that no undead girls live in this house." He stood, and blew her a kiss. "It's a deal!"
  12. Some weeks later, the young man moved in. It wasn't much of a spectacle - the house was exquisitely furnished, if in a somewhat out-of-fashion style. But it would come around again, the classics always did. He only had to move in personal belongings and some more modern electronics. As they carried the TV in, one of the men piped up: "Ey boss, you know this place is haunted?" The local movers were obviously more than a little apprehensive about the place. "Don't worry, I have an ironclad contract. If there's any ghost problems or anything like that, I can just sue the realtor into oblivion," the young man replied with confidence. "If that Tanuki tanuki'd me, I'll be a millionaire in a few months." The mountain of flesh wasn't convinced. "What if it's a real ghost," he asked before disappearing into the living room with the box. "Don't be silly, man, there's no such thing as real ghosts. Every haunting in this world so far has been a monster girl, and I've got all the assurances I need for them." The TV was the final item, and the movers quickly made their way out of the house. "Whatever you say boss, but we ain't staying here a minute longer."
  14. The first nights went well enough. The house had the creaks and drafts of an old wooden house, certainly, and the young man figured those were the ghosts people had seen. The doors never closed properly, and the lock tongues would push them open every now and then. Startling, maybe, but not frightening. He would get used to it soon enough. There was something wrong, though. It seemed like his food was disappearing both from the table and from the fridge. The table was no surprise, as a run-down house like this could be expected to have rats. What about the fridge, then? Maybe it had a hole in it? Besides, it's not like real ghosts eat. That was proof enough that there wasn't anything supernatural going on.
  18. Then, one night, he awoke with a weight on him. He tried to rise, but his arms were pinned to the bed by an invisible, yet soft force. As he tried to scream, he felt a wetness invade his mouth. As the invisible kiss subsided, he heard a raspy voice above him: "THIS IS MY HOUSE" Well, shit. The Tanuki had lied to him, after all. The weight on him was lifted, and replaced with the soft, silky touch of long hair and the gentle pressure of a nose climbing down his abdomen. The invisible mouth grasped his pants and pulled them down, exposing his semi-hard member. "ONLY MY HUSBAND MAY LIVE HERE," the apparition gasped. "Umm... Are you going to make me into your groom, then?" The voice didn't answer, but he felt a rough tongue caress his glans before a lewd wetness slowly descended upon his rapidly hardening penis. He shuddered in pleasure as the invisible lips made their way all the way to his base. The apparition's tongue slided ever-so-slightly back and forth on the bottom of his glans as her invisible head bobbed back and forth in tiny, pumping movements. He thought he heard a normal voice give out slight moans in between the slurps and the myriad of other wet sounds, but soon they were overshadowed by his, as the invisible woman's lewd mouth brought him over the edge.
  22. The young man awoke to the sun's first rays. What had happened? Was that a dream? How was she completely invisible? Ghost girls were supposed to be translucent, after all. He made his way downstairs for a quick breakfast, only to find the kitchen in disarray. Everything with even a bit of food left had been strewn around the table and floor - empty. What the hell? A poltergeist? But why would one eat everything? There would obivously be no breakfast, so he went to check the paperwork for the house. There had been a ghost detection survey report - maybe that would clear things up. He quickly walked to the file cabinet and pulled out the file: it was a legitimate company, and there had been no evidence of ghost girls.
  24. A wet smooch on his cheek. The sudden kiss startled him, and he froze in place. Again, he could see nothing around him. He felt a hot breath in his ear. He slowly rose, only for a warm tongue to trace along his neck as he rose. There was something horrifyingly wrong with this house, and he wasn't about to have any of it. He made a mad dash for the doors, only to be pulled back and onto his back by an invisible force. It swooped to the door, locking it and pushing the key out under the doors. The young man was in panic - whatever this thing was, it was obviously trouble. Before he could get back on his feet, the apparition was once again on him. A weight pressed his chest to the floor.
  26. He felt a hot breath descend upon his face. The slow, deep breaths made their way over to his ear and he heard a whisper - a smooth, silky, purring voice instead of the rasp he had heard in the night. "You can't leave anymore..." In an instant the apparition attacked his mouth, violating it from the inside with her rough, lewd tongue. As her warm tongue finally left his lips, he spoke in a shaky voice: "W-what are you? You're not a ghost!" The apparition giggled softly. "You got that right, boya~," the voice replied. Her lips descended upon his again, but now he could feel silky fur grasping his head from both sides. How had he not realized before?
  28. Finally she broke the kiss, instantly going for his pants. She almost ripped them off before mounting him. She moaned in pleasure as she enveloped him: "Ahn~ It's been so long, boya~" He could see a faint flicker on her form as she impaled herself on him. He had an idea. He grabbed her hips and began slamming himself into her flow below as fast and hard as he possibly could. He could see her face faintly flicker in and out with a vague expression of surprise and pleasure. He gathered his strength and pushed her over, slamming her on her back with a yowl and a flicker. He worked his way back into her, now above her, and began to pound himself into her lewd orifice like a jackhammer. He grasped her hips and unceasingly kissed her lips as he neared orgasm. Finally he lifted his head as he shot his hot seed seep inside her. Her form stabilized as she shook in apparent orgasm.
  32. An aging Cheshire moaned and gasped for air on the floor below him. Some of her deep purple fur had already turned an almost white gray, there were slight wrinkles on her face, her chest and stomach were already losing their elasticity. She might have been in her forties, or maybe a youthful 50-year-old, his 20-30 years younger sperm dripping out of her body. Her yellow eyes slowly opened, and she saw that the young man could see her - she immediately pulled her silky paws over her chest. "N-no! Please don't look at me...!" He laughed and leaned in to kiss her again. "What's the matter, aunty, weren't you gonna make me your husband?" Tears welled in her eyes, which refused to meet his. "Don't call me aunty," she squaled before continuing: "There's no way a cute boy like you would want an old woman like me..."
  34. "Now now aunty, don't be so sure." He brough his teeth to her ear as his hand wriggled down her body and between her legs. "You shouldn't rape young boys, aunty, that's not nice. What would the neighbors think?!" She squaled in embarrassment as he fingered her slimy hole. "You're pretty cute, aunty, so I might forgive you for trying to rape and haunt me - that is if you're gonna put some work in." She peered through her paws at him. "R-really...? You're not disgusted?" The vigorous fingering soon replaced her anxiety with pleasure.
  40.    ***   ***   ***
  42.         The Wages of Smug
  44. One morning the smell of cinnamon spread from the kitchen. A young man slowly awakened to the delicious smell, his mouth already watering as he regained consciousness. The sighs contently as he swung himself up to rise and shine. As he did, his face struck an invisible wall. He felt his nose impact a knob of wet flesh, closely followed by silky fur even as his lips touched a twitching, slimy surface. A set of twitching, child-bearing hips and a caleidoscope of purple and silver hair straddled above his face flickered into being above him as a gasp of relief and pleasure filled the room. The aunty, now breathing heavily above him after a morning orgasm, her soaking wet panties still pulled to the side, her lips still spread out, had laid a trap for him. The young man was not about to get beaten, but he would have to plan it out. Just fucking that smug old cat silly with his throbbing morning erection would hardly be a victory. Instead, he took her hand and let her lead him to the kitchen, where a pile of still faintly steaming cinnamon rolls awaited.
  48. That afternoon, after a trip out to town, the young man found the aunty lounging on the sofa, her slender arms and almost overly ripe thighs sprawled all over. He was ready for action, having just bought a collection of bondage equipment and an assortment of dildoes from the town. He carefully wrapped leather straps around the aunty's limbs before connecting the metal loops with a rope. He gently tightened it until she was hogtied on the sofa, still asleep. He rummaged his bag for a few rotors and two vibrator dildoes. He ever-so-slowly pushed the still rotors into the aunty - three into her vagina, two into into her anus. She stirred as he pushed them all the way to her cervix with one dildo, and slowly woke up as he was still inserting the other. She was still confused and half-asleep when he turned all of them on in turn.
  50. The aunty screamed in surprise and pleasure as more than half a dozen vibrators powered up and began to vigorously violate her holes. He watched her squirm on the sofa, still hogtied and unable to move. She howled like a cat being washed as her nether regions buzzed like a nest of wasps. The young man watched an old woman twitch and shudder in sexual distress, and felt his jeans grow tighter by the second. Was he a pervert? A sadist? A granny chaser? He didn't care anymore. He got himself a plate of cinnamon rolls from the kitchen and sat down in an armchair towards her head. He stripped, letting her stare at his rock-hard, twitching penis in desperation - there was no way she could get to it. He slowly enjoyed a plate of sweet, cinnamony buns as the aunty howled in ecstacy, her t-shirt-clad chest jumping and heaving as she twitched.
  52. "Dick...! Dick...! Diiiick~...!" The aunty groaned, drooling profusely onto the fabric. "Please, just a taste! Let me lick it! Please!" He grinned, taking the few steps needed to get to her. He grabbed her by the hair and brought his hips closer and closer to her eager mouth. Finally, as it was about to touch her extended tongue, he swerved up and came to a rest with his penis resting on the older woman's nose. She strained to look at it, going visibly crosseyed from trying to focus on the red, pulsating glans between them. "Dick~! Please! Let me taste it! It's so close! I can smell your balls! PLEASE!" The aunty begged and pleaded, licking the bottom of his testicles as she did. He did not indulge her. Instead, he pulled away to rummage through the shopping bag once again. She screamed in desperation after him.
  56. A horse dildo, as long as her forearm, slammed into the puddle of drool building up at her mouth. "Suck it," he said as he turned it to face the aunty. She reluctantly let it into her mouth, as if expecting to be reciprocated somehow. He pushed it in, deeper and deeper, until he could see the tip bulge her throat as it went. His breath quickened as he watched the dildo violate her throat again and again, back and forth, as he pushed and pulled. Suddenly he rushed back to the bag - the aunty could not turn her head to look with the dildo so deep in her throat - and fiddled with something for a moment. Suddenly, she heard a familiar swishing of latex. That bastard was masturbating with a condom on!
  58. The young man violated her throat vigorously with the dildo, masturbating furiously with the other hand. She could smell everything, the sweat, the excitement... It was torture. Finally he pulled the dildo out and buried his face in her breasts, now pumping himself with both hands. She could feel him twitching in her bust, shuddering with a selfish orgasm. "No...! Why are you doing this to me...?!" She almost cried as she whimpered the question at him. Without a word he pulled the condom off and brought it to her face. Her eyes brightened, awaiting a taste of semen at long last. "...Y-yes! Please, let me drink it! I-i need it so bad!
  60. Instead, he inserted the elastic ring into her nostril. He lifted the condom upside down, letting the semen dribble down into her nose. "Snort it, aunty." Tears welled in her eyes from the humiliation. "Snort it and I might give it to you." Biting back tears, she did. The cum caressed her insides all the way from her nostril to her throat, until it finally appeared in her mouth like a ball of snot. She swallowed it up greedily, the smell still lingering, intoxicating, in her nose. The taste of latex-ruined cum only served to make her more hungry for it. "Please...! Please fuck me~!"
  64. He slowly pulled out all of the vibrators, one by one. Finally the aunty was left twitching on her stomach on the sofa. He worked teasingly slowly to loosen the ropes before he finally turned her onto her back. He slowly entered the soaking-wet hole under her purple and white bush. She hardly reacted, still in a hungry daze from the dozen useless, unsatisfying, mechanical orgasms and a noseful of cum. He gave her slow, deliberate, amazingly long strokes as he kissed her collarbones through her neckhole. The soft, gentle penetration reduced her to a pure virgin on her wedding night, softly moaning in a daze.
  66. Finally his seed shot sprayed all over her cervix. She gasped something almost inaudibly, unable to control herself - "I love you~..." He had heard it. "What was that? You love me~? Do you want to marry me, aunty?" She snapped back to reality, embarrassed beyond words. She turned invisible, but, of course, was still stuck tied up and under him. "What would all your friends think, huh? Marrying someone young enough to be your son?" She squirmed under him, still invisible. "I-i... I can't even give you children anymore! I can't become a wife!"
  68. He felt the seemingly empty space to find her lips. "I don't care. You can become my wife no matter what." She flickered back into existence as he kissed her on the lips.
  74.    ***   ***   ***
  76.         Sweet Dreams
  78. A long, rought tongue uncurled and extended itself from between barely seen lips above the old bread oven. The yawn slowly turned into a slow, rumbling purr as the tongue faded out of existence. Only a few paces away, a young man sat, watching television. The purr droned on, slowly filling his consciousness, replacing the idle chatter of the screen with its own, calming frequency. Slowly he slumped on the sofa, falling further and further into the realm of sleep.
  80. That mouth haunted his dreams. He saw the older woman crawling on top of him, her long, lewd tongue hanging loose above him even as strands of her silver hair gently grazed his cheek. It dribbled with drool, funneling it from the dark depths of her mouth. A droplet hung from the sharp tip, slowly growing more and more heavy, until it finally fell into his own mouth. The yellow eyes under deep purple bangs narrowed, somehow both suggestively and insultingly, as light caught her razor-sharp teeth.
  82. Slowly she lowered her body onto his, her no-longer-quite perky, large breasts pressing softly onto his chest. Her beautiful face loomed closer and closer, past the point where he could see all her wrinkles, and until he was unable to focus his eyes on her. Her needle-sharp teeth dug into his earlobes as her rough tongue rasped the cartilage below. The familiar rumble of her purr filled his body, but something was wrong - he could feel an unexplained wetness around his genitals.
  86. He sprang up, instantly awake - only to find her radiant purple braid snaking down from his crotch. As he looked down, he found her with her mouth parked on his erection, motionless save for the gentle vibration of her purr. It ran down his body and made his entire body resonate with its lewd frequency. The incessant vibration caressed his member without respite, and a slip of her rough tongue across his frenulum threw his over the edge.
  88. He grabbed her by the hair and rammed her face, if possible, even deeper onto himself. His hips twitched even faster than she purred as he shot his semen as deep into her throat as it would go. The vibration continued to milk him even as his vision swam white with pleasure - and to his surprise it would not let him grow flaccid. Rather, the gentle vibrations continued to massage him, keeping him both physically and mentally willing.
  90. As his hips began to pump into her mouth again, he pushed himself up andover her, forcing her to fall onto her back. Before she could react, he had spun himself around to face her hips. He slipped his penis back between her razor-sharp teeth, her tongue now rasping along his ridge as it pushed deep into her throat, as he admired her body, clad in a T-shirt and panties. He slowly lowered himself onto her, pushing aside her white panties to reveal strands of purple and white above, or, to him, below, her lewd orifice.
  92. He began to softly lick at her as she continued to purr on his dick. However, the gentle but unyielding stimulation was too much to endure passively, and he quickly began to pump himself into her mouth. Every thrust was more rapid, more powerful than the one before, until he had begun to slam himself into her face with full force, her rough tongue torturing his head even as he pricked himself into her teeth going both ways.
  94. Her soft, meaty thighs clasped around his face as he violated her lips with his. Her soft, silky shins wrapped around his head, pressing him even deeper, mirroring the frantic copulation of his own hips. Suddenly the lovely thighs jerked, almost choking him, as her back arched just enough for her bra-less chest to barely graze his abdomen. Struggling for breath, he nonetheless continued to ram himself down her throat with a frantic pace, fit for a man on the edge of orgasm.
  96. He felt his consciousness grow dim as he slammed himself into her for a final time, twitching with the combined pleasure of ejaculation and the older woman's vibrating throat all around him. The constriction around him loosened as his assault ended, but he was already on his way back to unconsciousness. The thighs were too soft, the blood rushing through them too warm, and he slowly fell asleep with his member still down her throat.
  100. It was already dark when he came to. He was in his - or rather their, now - bed, his face buried in her chest. The purring could be felt through her chest as her arms pressed him close to her in her sleep. He wormed his arms around her chest to return the hug, and closed his eyes again. The gentle purring rocked him back to sleep in her warm embrace, and into dreams as sweet as her scent.
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