A SPIRITUAL Adventure TG (Pearl Fey TF) Chapter 7

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  1. It’s been about three days since I talked with ‘mom’ or whatever that psychopath was. I’ve been in Maya’s original form since then. I barely ate, and just moped around for the last three days at home. I’ve gotten calls from friends, but refused to pick up since I didn’t want any confusion. I’ve been nervous that a friend of mine would get worried enough to the point that they might visit me and more weird events will stir. Not that it matters anyway. I already prepared for that. During my mass amount of free time, I turned into Trucy and make a fake picture of Maya and my original body and am going to call us cousins. That will hopefully work. If it doesn’t, I’ll just think up something on the spot.
  3. My stomach rumbled so loudly I could’ve mistaken it for an earthquake. I went to the fridge and noticed how I was running out of food. My stomach erupted again and I groaned. What should I eat? “Come on down to McDonalds today! For our seventy-sixth anniversary, you can come and get one happy meal for your child if they are ten or under for free! Only today!” Thank god for conveniently timed commercials in this world. Maybe it’s the same god who gave me this power. Who cares? Time to go get my free sandwich!
  5. I walked out to McDonalds getting a few stares fro people, obviously because of the kimono I was wearing, but I was used to it by now. I decided to bring my wallet because I might find something I want to buy. I just need to remember to get a job and fast so that I can support myself for the next month. Not to brag, but my mom was actually an extremely successful accountant and was able to easily support us both. I had to do a lot of paperwork involving my mom’s vacation days since I didn’t want to get the police involved. That means her employers think she is on vacation and aren’t worried. The only problem is that the vacation days are lasting over a month since she stopped going to work about a week ago, which is also around the same time I found this Magatama necklace. When I do save my mom, and I know I will, I hope she doesn’t get too mad at me for using up all of her vacation days for the year. Along with that paperwork, I managed to make it seem like Chug is working in another country while Maya who is I, is his relative visiting and am going to school here for a bit. It took time, but time is all I had these last few days.
  7. On my way to McDonalds, I was about to pass by EB Games when I decided to go in and check some stuff out. I noticed that they had one of my games I had pre-ordered in now. I really wish that they would remember to call me. While I was in there, I bought Hatsune Miku Project Diva X for my PS Vita. They were a bit suspicious when I gave them my Edge card and when scanned, it said Chug Gaaconroy owned it, but they let it slip by. At least I have something I can enjoy for the time being until school starts. School was only three days away. Man summer flew by.
  9. Once I saw McDonalds in the distance, I went into a deserted alleyway. I got to make sure that I don’t get into any trouble by entering these places in the future. I quickly transformed into Trucy and took made her magic panties appear in front of me. I put my video gam in it and made it disappear. I then transformed back into Maya and started another new transformation.
  11. My first change was my height. It was like I was falling over except for the fact that I was standing still. I watched, as the ground got closer. I even thought I was about to land on my face until I noticed I was done shrinking. I lost a full foot of height taking me down to a small size of four feet and one inch tall. Any of the small curves I ad were gone in an instant. My face changed to that of a young girl at the age of around eight. As my face rounded out, my eyes changed to grey. My hair got a bit shorter and changed colors from black to brown.
  13. Now that the physical changes were out of the way, bow it was time for the clothing changes since I couldn’t wear all this extremely baggy clothing. There weren’t much to the changes however. All that happened was that the kimono shrunk down to fit my new body while the piece of clothing underneath changed from purple to white. I thought about not having the new Magatama necklace appear since I felt there was no need for a second one. My sandals also shrunk down. Most of the hair ornaments I had disappeared except for the one making a small bun in my hair. Once all my hair was down, it twisted into two circles and tied on the back of my head making one of the weirdest hairstyles I have ever seen. I was quite surprised by the fact that the hair stood up and didn’t fall. Who said video game logic didn’t occur in the real world?
  15. “Wow. I look just like her. I am so small now, even more so than before. I am almost two feet shorter than what my original height was as a guy. Now off to get my happy meal!” I walked out of the alleyway and into the McDonalds.
  17. I waited in line for about twenty minutes. There was a ton a people here today. A lot were with there children obviously to get a free meal for them. It wasn’t the healthiest thing to eat, but a free meal is a free meal. Some kids tried to come and talk to me so I tried to pretend I was shy to get them off my case. Once it was my turn, I noticed really noticed just how short I was. My eyes were at the height of the counter, so I had to look up. I only noticed now that the guy there to take my order was that asshole Imet when coming here as Mia.
  19. He looked annoyed. “Where is your mom or dad kid?”
  21. “Uh…they are not here.”
  23. “Then leave! No parental supervision means no food.”
  25. “But—”
  27. “I said leave!”
  29. I couldn’t believe I was about to do this, but I had no choice. I started to cry. It was fake of course, but it was really believable since tears were streaming down my face.
  31. He was getting nervous since all the stares of the people were on him. Out of the corner of my eyes, I could make out sweat falling down his face.
  33. “What is that man doing making that little girl cry?”
  35. “What a sicko! How does he have a job here?”
  37. “Give her a burger already! Why must you hurt her feelings?”
  39. A man from the back walked in. “What may the problem be here?”
  41. All the people said, “That man at the counter declined her a happy meal and made her cry!”
  43. He looked back at the employee. “In my office now.”
  45. The guy dropped his head and whispered, “Fuck.”
  47. The man came and bent don to me. “There is no need to cry. How about I get you two happy meals to make up for what happened?”
  49. I didn’t say anything. The indication of my yes was that my stomach growled.
  51. He laughed. “I will get you your orders right away!”
  53. In about ten minutes, I walked out the doors of McDonalds with a bag filled with two happy meals. I really scored back there. I hope that guy gets fired. He likes to mess around with his customers a lot it seems.
  55. I walked back to the same alleyway and transformed back into Maya. It seems that being Maya made me crave the small burgers I was holding. I made sure to keep my will power and didn’t eat them for the rest of my trip home.
  57. The sandwiches were satisfying when I ate them. That little excursion today helped bring my hopes up a bit. With these new powers of mine, I will make sure to save you mom. Don’t you worry.
  60. To Be Continued…
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