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  1. I'l break your legs
  2. > What is this my house?
  3. I'm fucking toadfish you freak, and you've hit my bad side already. I'm going to screw yyou.
  4. > Who is this guy? Hmmm?
  5. > Wow homer
  6. I don't know what you look like yet, but I saw your newlywed wife on today's daily picture message mate
  7. > Wow homer
  8. dont go bungieing everyone says you shouldnt
  9. > Is this for me?
  10. > Are you sure these are for you?
  11. > Watch out homre
  12. > Hey. Psst. Flanders. I gotta get out of here
  13. Can you bring some duff on your way back
  14. > Where I'm going you don't come back
  15. > You have a chance at making it through to her bedroom
  16. Toadfish just left marge unattended for weeks
  17. > You take a sponge and find yourself in the mirror. Throw the sponge at the feature of the image that you most want to change
  18. > Have you ever bought the mustard and put it on your burgers and it tastes just like burger king
  19. > There's trouble in the bush, and they say it's coming to duckberg
  20. Wow homer
  21. Do you want to remember how i knew about you
  22. > This is the last time you've ever been alive omarn
  23. I'm so thirsty mate. Have you got any water
  24. Listen you're driving my brain into knots you caketaker
  25. Honey i've got a fucking headache, i just watched the news for the last half an hour
  26. To right there's bush trouble in duckberg, mark my words, I already know what ducks like
  27. Think again bro she won't be feeling any jurics, this is girl on girl you get me
  28. My van got pimp out man to celebrate fifty years of working for you, the duckberg crew
  29. > De neice and de nephew
  30. > I can see how you made it past the preliminary rounds with scratching like tihs
  31. Whats that sweet heart?
  32. > This is sex city
  33. You're not the top simpson anymore
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