Harmony Hill Academy Layout Stuff

Apr 27th, 2016
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  1. [17:42] * Now talking in #MGSchoolPlanning
  2. [17:42] <@SolidBrewer> tada!
  3. [17:42] <DrEvilKitteh> ...Hai.
  4. [17:43] <@SolidBrewer> hello
  5. [17:44] <@SolidBrewer> several main things we should put into cement: 1. is Harmony school looks old (Gothic architecture) or rather newer 2. How many floors? 3. Should dorms+main building be as one building or several separate
  6. [17:45] <@SolidBrewer> 4. How big is school, for 1000 or more students?
  7. [17:46] <DrEvilKitteh> From the one pic Lyn put up (which I really liked), it looked rather big with multiple modern-like buildings with hints of Classical elements. So mostly new, I'd think. For the main building, four floors at least. I was thinking that dorms should be separate from the main building(s), and be kinda clustered together a bit aways from said main buildings.
  8. [17:46] <Lynnia> 1. I pictured it like the image I posted in the thread
  9. [17:47] <Lynnia> But there can be “old parts” of the school for mysterious factors
  10. [17:47] * DrEvilKitteh is retrieving said image now
  11. [17:47] <DrEvilKitteh>
  12. [17:47] <Lynnia> Infact, my junior high was like that. Part of it burned down many years ago and was re-built. the rebuilt side looked modern and nice while the old side still looked like the 60s
  13. [17:47] <@SolidBrewer> that's main questions for now. For me it's 1. Very old school that also looks old 2. 4 or 5(with last restricted for students) 3. several buildings but with everything connected by build walks with roof 4. 1000-2000
  14. [17:48] <Lynnia> See that bottom left building? Could be a dorm or an old part
  15. [17:49] <@SolidBrewer> Hmmm....Modern school...Can work
  16. [17:49] <DrEvilKitteh> For the dorms, I...kinda envisioned this, for some reason:
  17. [17:49] <DrEvilKitteh> Mostly 'cuz I like the design.
  18. [17:49] <Lynnia> >yandere sim
  19. [17:49] <Lynnia> kek
  20. [17:49] <DrEvilKitteh> Yyyyyep.
  21. [17:50] <Lynnia> Also I’m not picky about much of anything in the layout
  22. [17:50] <@SolidBrewer> Can work, but bigger of course, for more students, separated on two parts for boys and girls :3
  23. [17:50] <Lynnia> but including some old parts would be cool for spooky shit to happen in them
  24. [17:50] <DrEvilKitteh> I did also think that there could be a lone-ish building that looks older, and has a spiraling triangle design. Sort of like this: , except it doesn't get smaller as it goes higher.
  25. [17:51] <Lynnia> No co-ed~?
  26. [17:51] <@SolidBrewer> Library should be old as hell
  27. [17:51] <Lynnia> Oh oh kitten I know just the image
  28. [17:51] <Lynnia> one sec
  29. [17:51] <@SolidBrewer> No Co-ed! You have to sneak into other part of dorm in night for it~
  30. [17:52] <DrEvilKitteh> Ooh, or like this, except triangular: , ,
  31. [17:52] <DrEvilKitteh> And, well, considerably smaller.
  32. [17:53] <DrEvilKitteh> Library should be very old, yes. Gothic or some other type of older architecture would work well for it.
  33. [17:53] <Lynnia> The layout in the yuri kuma school was kickass like
  34. [17:53] <Lynnia>
  35. [17:54] <Lynnia> and
  36. [17:54] <Lynnia>
  37. [17:54] <Lynnia> which is pulled from
  38. [17:54] <Lynnia>
  39. [17:54] <DrEvilKitteh> As for the dorms themselves, I thought that they could be separated into four buildings (one for each house), all basically touching corners with one another, with divisions within for male and female students.
  40. [17:55] <Lynnia> oh what about forests surrounding the school like
  41. [17:55] <@SolidBrewer> If they all touch corners it would mean they all are in line
  42. [17:55] <@SolidBrewer> Better would be all dorms on different sides
  43. [17:57] <@SolidBrewer> with different styles, suiting each house
  44. [17:58] <Lynnia> >different styles
  45. [17:58] <Lynnia> yea yea
  46. [17:58] <DrEvilKitteh> ...That's a better idea.
  47. [17:58] <Lynnia> Spring will have a more nature theme to it. Like flowers, vines and such
  48. [17:59] <@SolidBrewer> and Spring also closer to forest
  49. [17:59] <Lynnia> yes!
  50. [17:59] <DrEvilKitteh> Yeah
  51. [17:59] <DrEvilKitteh> If anything, Spring would be the ones to have the cherry blossoms in the middle.
  52. [17:59] <Lynnia> Winter has a view of snowy mountains
  53. [17:59] <@SolidBrewer> Winter will be most lonely
  54. [17:59] <@SolidBrewer> yeah
  55. [18:00] <DrEvilKitteh> Geometric, angular design.
  56. [18:00] <Lynnia> and possibly more old victorian looking?
  57. [18:00] <Lynnia> oh that that
  58. [18:00] <@SolidBrewer> with their own mini-library
  59. [18:00] <Lynnia> so it’d probably look the most modern?
  60. [18:01] <DrEvilKitteh> Yeah.
  61. [18:01] <DrEvilKitteh> Fall might fit Victorian better.
  62. [18:01] <Lynnia> Geometirc victorian
  63. [18:01] <Lynnia> if that’s a thing
  64. [18:01] <Lynnia> hue
  65. [18:01] <DrEvilKitteh> Also, google "gothic library"
  66. [18:01] <DrEvilKitteh> It's really awesome.
  67. [18:01] <Lynnia> Oh shit yea
  68. [18:02] <@SolidBrewer>
  69. [18:02] <Lynnia> Perhaps winter is the oldest building
  70. [18:02] <@SolidBrewer> spooky parts of library!
  71. [18:03] <Lynnia> Fall I think would be more like it was built by farmers or something.
  72. [18:03] <DrEvilKitteh> Mm, good point.
  73. [18:03] <DrEvilKitteh> Simpler, sturdy construction.
  74. [18:03] <DrEvilKitteh> Log cabin-type deal?
  75. [18:03] <Lynnia> yea, a brown picket fence, maybe an actual barn out there
  76. [18:04] <@SolidBrewer> where all girls live? :^)
  77. [18:04] <Lynnia> ha
  78. [18:04] <Lynnia> Don’t get me started on my breeding stock fetish
  79. [18:04] <DrEvilKitteh> What about dem Summer Hoes?
  80. [18:04] <Lynnia> summer hrm
  81. [18:05] <Lynnia> I want to say near water like a beach...maybe tropical looking
  82. [18:05] <@SolidBrewer> hmmm
  83. [18:05] <@SolidBrewer> We need forest from 1-2 sides and coast from second side of the school
  84. [18:06] <DrEvilKitteh> Where the fuck /is/ this school located?
  85. [18:06] <DrEvilKitteh> "Animeland"~
  86. [18:06] <Lynnia> lol
  87. [18:06] <Lynnia> don’t forget the mountains~
  88. [18:06] <Lynnia> perhaps it’s on a island town
  89. [18:07] <Lynnia>
  90. [18:07] <Lynnia>
  91. [18:07] <Lynnia> Are we getting too over the top?
  92. [18:07] <DrEvilKitteh> ...I'm tempted to say New Zealand because of that.
  93. [18:08] <DrEvilKitteh> And meh, I'm not really a fan of those.
  94. [18:09] <DrEvilKitteh> ...We could say that the dorms are all pretty much the same layout-wise, with different interiors? Leave the "special" architecture to the weirder buildings?
  95. [18:10] <@SolidBrewer> sorry for shity scetch in paint
  96. [18:10] <Lynnia> maybe that. Same design with a /few/ of the features we mentioned
  97. [18:11] <Lynnia> like palm trees for Summer, flowers and vines for spring, gothic-ish satues for winter, and barn-like fence stuff for Fall
  98. [18:11] <Lynnia> That works brew
  99. [18:12] <Lynnia> where fall is there will be grass plain-like
  100. [18:12] <Lynnia> and small farms maybe.
  101. [18:12] <Lynnia> As for that tower Kitteh, here’s an idea
  102. [18:13] <@SolidBrewer> also sea near Winter dorm is like fjord
  103. [18:14] <Lynnia> Ever seen Little Witch Acadamia? In that school they have a tower where at the top is the “sorcerer’s stone” which fuels the magic for the school/allows them to use it. We could have something similar for future plot points and for you-know-who to go after it
  104. [18:14] <DrEvilKitteh> Yeah, I've seen it.
  105. [18:16] <@SolidBrewer> Shall we make it clocktower?
  106. [18:17] <Lynnia> ooh
  107. [18:17] <DrEvilKitteh> I'm imagining it "opening/unfolding" kind of like a flower after something big is activated.
  108. [18:17] <Lynnia> we can make it like the astronomical clock
  109. [18:18] <@SolidBrewer> yesh
  110. [18:18] <Lynnia> >opening like a flower
  111. [18:18] <DrEvilKitteh> Ooh
  112. [18:18] <Lynnia> I’m liking these ideas y’all
  113. [18:18] <DrEvilKitteh> I like that astronomical clock look.
  114. [18:18] * SolidBrewer sets mode: +o DrEvilKitteh
  115. [18:18] <Lynnia> Saw it up close while we were in Prauge, it was pretty awesome
  116. [18:19] * SolidBrewer sets mode: +o Lynnia
  117. [18:19] <@SolidBrewer> just not to lose this
  118. [18:19] <@SolidBrewer> was inside that clocktower
  119. [18:19] <@SolidBrewer> very nice looking
  120. [18:19] <@Lynnia> Maybe when it strikes a certain point
  121. [18:20] <@Lynnia> It activates something that blooms into a flower thing
  122. [18:20] <@Lynnia> yeyeyeye
  123. [18:20] <@Lynnia> anyone taking notes?
  124. [18:21] <@DrEvilKitteh> Uh...I can start doing that real fast.
  125. [18:21] <@DrEvilKitteh> I most likely won't lose the logs, so that's a plus.
  126. [18:23] <@Lynnia> that’s good
  127. [18:23] <@Lynnia> I’m doing placements for the houses on the side here as well haha
  128. [18:23] <@Lynnia> got more people
  129. [18:23] <@DrEvilKitteh> I have to say, this is actually bigger than I thought it'd be.
  130. [18:24] <@SolidBrewer> it's YUGE
  131. [18:24] <@SolidBrewer> everyone likes magical schools
  132. [18:24] <@Lynnia> xbox huge
  133. [18:25] <@SolidBrewer> and magical grilz
  134. [18:25] <@DrEvilKitteh> Oh, and should the "astronomical clock" be on just one side, or all three sides of the tower?
  135. [18:25] <@SolidBrewer> add 2+2 and throw there abit of school animu and harry Potter
  136. [18:25] <@Lynnia> One side
  137. [18:26] <@SolidBrewer> yeah one main side that faces main building
  138. [18:26] <@SolidBrewer> so tower must be closer to edge rather than in center
  139. [18:26] <@DrEvilKitteh> On the outskirts of the campus, so to speak.
  140. [18:30] <@SolidBrewer> yesh
  141. [18:32] <@SolidBrewer> should all magical classes be in....Older rooms, unlike mundane studying
  142. [18:34] <@SolidBrewer> also about secret dorms
  143. [18:34] <@SolidBrewer> do they live in basement?
  144. [18:34] <@Lynnia> Don’t worry about them~
  145. [18:34] <@Lynnia> So the classes should be basically normal looking I would say
  146. [18:34] <@SolidBrewer> I have to from non-student point
  147. [18:34] <@Lynnia> Except for the magical ones
  148. [18:35] <@Lynnia> shh it’s okay
  149. [18:35] <@Lynnia> shhhh
  150. [18:35] <@DrEvilKitteh> Nah nah, don't worry, Brew.
  151. [18:35] <@DrEvilKitteh> It's all fiiiiiine.
  152. [18:35] <@SolidBrewer> hey
  153. [18:35] <@SolidBrewer> it sounds like you both know
  154. [18:35] <@SolidBrewer> something I don't
  155. [18:35] <@DrEvilKitteh> Whaaaat? No, no.
  156. [18:35] <@Lynnia> :3
  157. [18:36] * @SolidBrewer looks at Lynnia and DEK very seriously
  158. [18:36] <@DrEvilKitteh> Anyway, all classrooms should be more or less normal/modern.
  159. [18:36] <@Lynnia> But in all seriousness, you don’t have to worry about where the secret house is because they stay in the regular houses.
  160. [18:37] <@SolidBrewer> I wonder if MONSTERs are in secret house
  161. [18:37] <@SolidBrewer> and why it's kept as secret from MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
  162. [18:38] <@SolidBrewer> inb4 there was never a secret house
  163. [18:38] <@DrEvilKitteh> That way when a mundane person sees/goes into a magical classroom, they won't really notice anything weird about the classroom itself.
  164. [18:38] <@DrEvilKitteh> Unless they somehow get through a portal into one of the /bigger/ magical classrooms.
  165. [18:39] <@DrEvilKitteh> And really, don't worry about that, Brew. :3
  166. [18:39] <@Lynnia> It’s kept as a secret from everyone
  167. [18:40] <@Lynnia> Expect for those in that house
  168. [18:40] <@SolidBrewer> It can't e kept from everyone
  169. [18:40] <@SolidBrewer> since you know about it
  170. [18:40] <@Lynnia> speaking of
  171. [18:40] <@SolidBrewer> and DEK either teases me or knows something
  172. [18:40] * Lynnia is now known as ShadowyFigure
  173. [18:40] <@ShadowyFigure> It’s time
  174. [18:40] <@SolidBrewer> it's time?
  175. [18:41] <@SolidBrewer> can I be part of your sekret club?
  176. [18:41] <@DrEvilKitteh> Ruh-roh.
  177. [18:44] <@DrEvilKitteh> Bah, I need to go run an errand.
  178. [18:44] <@DrEvilKitteh> Be back in like 10-15 minutes or so.
  179. [18:44] <@SolidBrewer> what shadowyFigure is doing!
  180. [18:44] <@SolidBrewer> I'm spooked
  181. [18:44] <@SolidBrewer> and intrigued
  182. [18:51] * ShadowyFigure is now known as Lynnia
  183. [18:51] <@Lynnia> Doing shadowy things
  184. [18:51] <@Lynnia> Anyway, where were we?
  185. [19:09] <@DrEvilKitteh> Back
  186. [19:11] <@SolidBrewer> I was going to sleep
  187. [19:11] <@SolidBrewer> it's 1am for me :\
  188. [19:11] <@Lynnia> aight, good job erryone
  189. [19:11] <@Lynnia> good ideas here
  190. [19:11] <@Lynnia> You go to sleep
  191. [19:11] <@DrEvilKitteh> Oh, alright then.
  192. [19:11] <@DrEvilKitteh> I'll keep the logs.
  193. [19:11] <@Lynnia> I will continue being a fag
  194. [19:12] <@SolidBrewer> Nighty
  195. [19:12] <@DrEvilKitteh> Just gonna post some links here mainly for my own reference...
  196. [19:12] <@DrEvilKitteh>
  197. [19:13] <@DrEvilKitteh>
  198. [19:13] * @SolidBrewer (~madBrewer@D79E9DFB:93EC663:1341C5EE:IP) Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
  199. [19:13] <@DrEvilKitteh>
  200. [19:13] <@DrEvilKitteh>
  201. [19:13] <@DrEvilKitteh>
  203. ___Later Stuff___
  204. [00:32] * Zene ( has joined #MGSchoolPlanning
  205. [00:32] * Zene already got it from a whois.
  206. [00:32] <@DrEvilKitteh> Well, either way.
  207. [00:33] <@DrEvilKitteh> Um.
  208. [00:33] <LynniAFK6ever> Welcome to the magical lair
  209. [00:33] <@DrEvilKitteh> Hey Lyn, should I show Zene my logs from earlier?
  210. [00:33] <@DrEvilKitteh> What we have already?
  211. [00:33] <LynniAFK6ever> Yea go on
  212. [00:33] <@DrEvilKitteh> Kay~
  213. [00:33] <LynniAFK6ever> It’s mostly layout stuff and ideas so there’s no spoiler for things heh
  214. [00:33] * Zene is now known as Zene|BRB
  215. [00:36] <@DrEvilKitteh>
  216. [00:37] <LynniAFK6ever> Also it probably is a bit much
  217. [00:38] <LynniAFK6ever> but I’ve been writing history and books for the library
  218. [00:38] <LynniAFK6ever> f-for a pastebin
  219. [00:38] * LynniAFK6ever is getting previous RP flashbacks
  220. [00:38] <@DrEvilKitteh> Oooh
  221. [00:38] * @DrEvilKitteh is getting a not-so-subtle setting boner
  222. [00:39] <LynniAFK6ever> Basically, there will be a pastebin with books to read and yes, the books will link to other pastebins with the content of the books for students to read lore
  223. [00:40] <LynniAFK6ever> if they want to of course. They’ll have a tiny bit of an edge in some things if they do read them
  224. [00:40] <LynniAFK6ever> and they won’t be long, just like 5 paragraphs of shit or so
  225. [00:40] <@DrEvilKitteh> :D
  226. [00:40] <@DrEvilKitteh> That's awesome.
  227. [00:41] <LynniAFK6ever> I have a boner for adding ALOT of shit
  228. [00:41] <LynniAFK6ever> I have to...pace myself because I wouldn’t want it to go to waste but it looks like people really like the school idea soooo
  229. [00:42] <@DrEvilKitteh> Indeed
  230. [00:43] <LynniAFK6ever> Zene, when you see this, like I said I’m pretty much cool with whatever but want info on it to keep it consistant with other stuff that’s planned
  231. [00:44] <@DrEvilKitteh> Yee
  232. [00:44] <@DrEvilKitteh> Also, we're having a rehaul soon where the magical classes take place on the other side of rifts.
  233. [00:45] <@DrEvilKitteh> Or at least the "bigger" ones.
  234. [01:00] * Zene|BRB is now known as Zene
  235. [01:00] <Zene> Back
  236. [01:00] <Zene> Uh
  237. [01:01] <Zene> The reason I asked was because I wanted to suggest something for timezones
  238. [01:01] <Zene> Specifically, having the school be located somewhere = GMT and with a cover of having students from all over
  239. [01:02] <Zene> Classes would be going 24/7 with teachers in different shifts, and students would have a schedule assigned to them based on where they came from/the schedule they're used to
  240. [01:02] <Zene> Dorms are at least somewhat sound-resistant to make it easier to sleep
  241. [01:02] <Zene> Stuff like that
  242. [01:02] <@DrEvilKitteh> ...Eh. Then at least some students would only be operating at night.
  243. [01:02] <Zene> Would sorta' make room for people who are actually in different timezones
  244. [01:03] <Zene> Sorta' stuck out to me with FD RPing that a class was starting
  245. [01:03] <Zene> And for me, it was 3 AM
  246. [01:03] <@DrEvilKitteh> Yeah, but IC stuff rarely matches OOC stuff.
  247. [01:04] <@DrEvilKitteh> Especially with how long it can take for posts to be made, which would turn a 3 minute conversation into a half hour or so at most.
  248. [01:04] <Zene> W-well, just an idea.
  249. [01:04] <Zene> (the other function of it is to give a reason for students to be loitering around while others are clearly going to classes, other than delinquency)
  250. [01:05] <@DrEvilKitteh> IC, it would just make more sense to have all the students adjust to the new schedule.
  251. [01:05] <@DrEvilKitteh> As for that, they have different schedules, obviously.
  252. [01:05] <@DrEvilKitteh> It's a big school.
  253. [01:05] <@DrEvilKitteh> They would have breaks at different times to avoid /everyone/ going out at once or something.
  254. [01:05] <Zene> Right.
  255. [01:06] <@DrEvilKitteh> Did you have anything else you'd like to add or suggest?
  256. [01:06] <@DrEvilKitteh> We could certainly do with moar stuff. :3
  257. [01:10] <Zene> Other thing was to put a general thought-warding enchantment on the fourth floor itself
  258. [01:10] <Zene> The magically-aware people wouldn't have any trouble with it, but the people more vulnerable to having their thoughts influenced by magic would have interest in the fourth floor curbed or suppressed
  259. [01:10] <Zene> They'd know it's there, but unless someone else really brings it up and makes them think about it, it's just.. not interesting, at all
  260. [01:11] <Zene> Doesn't stick in the front of their minds
  261. [01:12] <@DrEvilKitteh> I am again reminded of the school titanpad.
  262. [01:12] <@DrEvilKitteh> "This school also holds a secret, unknown to the normal students. It sits on a magical rift, a ley line, and holds several portals in the right places. These portals lead to special classrooms with much different subjects and topics than that of normal academia. Turns out also attending this school are magical girls and boys and most of the faculty are magical beings as well."
  263. [01:13] <Zene> Oh, so just portals everywhere and there isn't really a magical floor. Nevermind, I guess I heard wrong.
  264. [01:22] <@DrEvilKitteh> Well, it kinda defaulted to "this is a magical floor", but I wanna make it into being the portal thing.
  265. [01:22] <@DrEvilKitteh> "Technical difficulties" with the portals or something.
  266. [01:22] <@DrEvilKitteh> Maybe they're "still setting up the classrooms, with the whole bounded field thing being a temporary measure".
  267. [01:32] <Zene> Portals would make more sense anyways, yus.
  269. [03:20] * SolidBrewer (~madBrewer@D79E9DFB:93EC663:1341C5EE:IP) has joined #MGSchoolPlanning
  270. [03:21] <SolidBrewer> oh, zene here
  271. [03:21] * Zene beeps
  272. [03:23] <SolidBrewer> discussed anything after I went to bed?
  273. [03:24] <@DrEvilKitteh> Little bit.
  274. [03:29] <SolidBrewer> anything important I should know?
  275. [03:31] <@DrEvilKitteh> Not particularly.
  276. [03:31] <@DrEvilKitteh> I'll grab logs.
  277. [03:32] <SolidBrewer> yay
  278. [03:32] <@DrEvilKitteh>
  279. [03:32] <@DrEvilKitteh> Near the bottom.
  280. [03:38] <SolidBrewer> good
  281. [03:51] <SolidBrewer> I really really like pain for sketches, because I don have anything else
  282. [03:54] <SolidBrewer> expanded sketch, like/dislike layout?
  283. [03:56] <@DrEvilKitteh> Not bad.
  284. [03:56] <@DrEvilKitteh> I could see a couple more buildings being there, though.
  285. [03:58] <SolidBrewer> hmmm, might be, but how would you place them?
  286. [04:02] <@DrEvilKitteh> Hm. Left corner, between the garden/spring and camp+clocktower/winter area, though closer to the main campus buildings most likely. There could be another one between Winter and Summer, albeit slightly closer to the gymn and clocktower to make a long triangle.
  287. [04:13] <SolidBrewer> expanded
  288. [04:14] <@DrEvilKitteh> Woah. That changed rather drastically.
  289. [04:14] <@DrEvilKitteh> There's COLOR
  290. [04:14] <SolidBrewer> idk what to connect fall with, spring has botanic garden+forrest, winter hills/mountains+library, summer water+track fields
  291. [04:14] <SolidBrewer> yeah, to indicate what is what
  292. [04:15] <SolidBrewer> blue - mordern, red - old, yelow- sport, green - nature
  293. [04:15] <@DrEvilKitteh> Nice color coding.
  294. [04:16] <SolidBrewer> big red circle is big "idk"
  295. [04:18] <@DrEvilKitteh> I noticed.
  296. [04:18] <@DrEvilKitteh> But we can fill that bit in later.
  297. [04:19] <SolidBrewer> also, none questioned themselve, where will teachers that stay there live?
  298. [04:19] <@DrEvilKitteh> Ah yes, I was thinking that one of the buildings would most likely be a place for the teachers to stay.
  299. [04:20] <@DrEvilKitteh> I'm not sure which one, but I do think they'd most likely live there during the school year.
  300. [04:21] <@DrEvilKitteh> Ah, but I need to go to sleep now.
  301. [04:21] <@DrEvilKitteh> I'll talk with ya later.
  302. [04:21] <SolidBrewer> nighty
  303. [05:30] <SolidBrewer> zene come here and say your word on this sketch!
  304. [05:30] <Zene> uhm
  305. [05:32] <Zene> Spring and Fall could use placement that looks a bit more... like they're able to get to
  306. [05:32] <Zene> Compared to Winter and Summer which look connected to everything
  307. [05:32] <Zene> Not just the roads, the way they both lead into open areas
  308. [05:32] <Zene> Spring's nearest is the garden, not sure how closed up that would be
  309. [05:32] <Zene> Fall's is just walls of buildings
  310. [05:32] <Zene> .. that's just my basic assessment, though.
  311. [05:33] <SolidBrewer> oki
  312. [05:33] <SolidBrewer> forrest can be expanded to bring spring closer
  313. [05:33] <SolidBrewer> about fall? No idea
  314. [05:34] <SolidBrewer> can't place it
  315. [05:36] <Zene> What's the sort of thing most associated with autumn, then? As far as school functions go.
  316. [05:37] <SolidBrewer> nothing!
  317. [05:40] <SolidBrewer>
  318. [05:40] <SolidBrewer> 1.1.1 version!
  319. [05:41] * LynniAFK6ever ( has joined #MGSchoolPlanning
  320. [05:41] <SolidBrewer> Lynni you're here at last?
  321. [05:42] <Zene> >fall
  322. [05:42] <Zene> kek
  323. [05:43] <Zene> Worst case scenario, you could combine the place you don't know what to fill with something and the building you don't know where to put
  324. [05:43] <Zene> Though that's a bit out of theme
  325. [05:44] <SolidBrewer> I know
  326. [05:44] <SolidBrewer> we lack asylum
  327. [05:45] <SolidBrewer> we should put fall and asylum and graveyard togethere abit far away from other
  328. [14:13] <@DrEvilKitteh> Alright, so I have a few ideas for Fall.
  329. [14:13] <@DrEvilKitteh> Basically, they're hard workers, laborers, and such. Lyn also suggested a barn/picket fence theme for their dorm, more or less. Their dorm could be near a crafting workshop of sorts, and maybe a small stable (but I'd be kinda hesitant to do the latter, because it is a big school, and that /might/ be more Spring, anyway). Personally, I like the crafting workshop idea, and it can be fairly large and have several sections to accommodate all the different types of crafting that can be done; metalworking, woodworking, pottery, all that kinda stuff.
  330. [14:17] <SolidBrewer> good idea
  332. [20:26] <Zene> ... Think I'm fine to just make up a name for the town, or no?
  333. [20:27] <Zene> Actually wait, I can probably get around without it.
  334. [20:27] <Zene> without a name*.
  335. [22:32] <Zene> Regarding that detail, if Lyn didn't mention
  336. [22:32] <Zene> <Zene> ... also, would there be anything for the students to wear to show themselves as magically-aware to other students/the mahoustaff, like the staff's orange pins?
  337. [22:32] <Zene> ...
  338. [22:32] <Zene> <Lynnia> As for the second thing
  339. [22:32] <Zene> <Zene> I could almost see the school giving like a small secondary symbol or color or some kind of sign with the house logos, based on what schedule each of the students used, since not everybody would be doing the same things at the same time sort of thing
  340. [22:32] <Zene> <Zene> With everybody knowing certain ones are actually for showing magically aware people
  341. [22:32] <Zene> <Zene> Well, everybody magically aware*
  342. [22:32] <Zene> <Lynnia> Perhaps something invisible to normal students
  343. [22:32] <Zene> <Lynnia> But visible to mahou
  344. [22:32] <Zene> <Zene> Right.
  345. [22:32] <Zene> <Lynnia> Ah I know
  346. [22:32] <Zene> <Lynnia> How bout uh
  347. [22:32] <Zene> <Lynnia> Rosalind makes the magic scarf buff things
  348. [22:32] <Zene> <Lynnia> That glow a bit when magical
  349. [22:32] <Zene> <Lynnia> Or when they touch something magic
  350. [22:32] <Zene> <Lynnia> Sorry with the pauses
  351. [22:32] <Zene> <Zene> No problem~
  352. [22:32] <Zene> <Lynnia> Trying to walk a lady through hooking up a tv
  353. [22:32] <Zene> <Zene> I'll go with the buffs slightly attracting and conducting mana when worn by someone with enough of a magical presence to be safely called magically aware, which while not noticable for a regular person, would be interpreted as a slight glow by other magick people.
  354. [22:32] <Zene> <Lynnia> That works
  357. [09:52] <SolidBrewer> okay, I've tried to put things down with prog Lyn gave me, Library and smaller buildings turns out are much larger than expected
  358. [14:26] * Shavyla (~qwebirc@FF4041D5.E7D2DA09.3E8B38BB.IP) has joined #MGSchoolPlanning
  359. [14:27] <Shavyla> what's this channel for?
  360. [14:28] <Molnyan> nothing
  361. [14:29] <@DrEvilKitteh> Stuff that you two aren't a part of right now.
  362. [14:29] <Molnyan> Don't be a memer
  363. [14:31] <@DrEvilKitteh> Says the meme.
  364. [14:31] <Molnyan> I'm not a meme :<
  365. [14:35] <SolidBrewer> you two are illegal immigrants
  366. [14:35] <SolidBrewer> shoo-shoo
  367. [14:36] <Molnyan> You already show me the maps you're drawing
  368. [14:37] <SolidBrewer> and you don't like them >:|
  369. [14:37] <Molnyan> Too bad
  370. [14:38] <Molnyan> Become an expert mapmaker
  371. [14:38] <SolidBrewer> >map
  372. [14:38] <SolidBrewer> it's harder then map!
  373. [14:39] <Molnyan> You're harder than a map
  374. [14:43] <SolidBrewer> lewd
  375. [14:46] <Molnyan> I'm never lewd
  376. [14:50] * Zene|SLP is now known as Zene
  377. [14:57] <SolidBrewer> Zene, DEK I decided we should have docs and lighthouse
  378. [14:57] <SolidBrewer> small and might be old
  379. [14:57] <SolidBrewer> and misterious
  380. [14:58] <Zene> So the other side overlooks a lake or something?
  381. [14:58] <Zene> Of the school, rather.
  382. [14:58] <Zene> Or sea or ocean or something.
  383. [14:58] <SolidBrewer> yes
  384. [15:00] <SolidBrewer> pls don't bully me for quality, I just make sketches
  385. [15:00] <Molnyan> I already bullied him for quality
  386. [15:00] <Molnyan> so you don't need to
  387. [15:05] <@DrEvilKitteh> Apologies, I was walking doge.
  388. [15:06] <Shavyla> I'm not bullying you for quality, but either the medbay is closes to a road (not pictured btw) or it is in the worst possible position
  389. [15:06] <Shavyla> *closest
  390. [15:06] <Shavyla> You want ambulances to be able to access a medical facility the easy way
  391. [15:08] <@DrEvilKitteh> I think it would have a road leading to it. It's still a rather rough layout of the place, thus far.
  392. [15:09] <Molnyan> As a note, calling it a "medbay" in a school sounds weird to me
  393. [15:09] <Shavyla> it is
  394. [15:09] <Molnyan> anyways, brewer isn't here atm.. H should be back in a lil less than an hour
  395. [15:10] <Shavyla> I do find the idea of a school by the sea to be intriguing
  396. [15:10] <Shavyla> you don't see that every day
  397. [15:10] <@DrEvilKitteh> Next to a forest, with mountains nearby.
  398. [15:11] <@DrEvilKitteh> My headcanon is that it's like in New Zealand or something.
  399. [15:11] <Molnyan> IN THE NAVY
  400. [15:11] <Shavyla> Fjords have sea and mountains and forests in the same damn place
  401. [15:11] <@DrEvilKitteh> B-but Middle-Earth, tho...
  402. [15:12] <Shavyla>
  403. [15:12] <Molnyan> Forests and mountains can go exist easily. Just put the mountains next to an ocean
  404. [15:12] <Shavyla> Mountains IN the sea
  405. [15:12] <Molnyan> Nice boat
  406. [15:12] <@DrEvilKitteh> Nice waterfall
  407. [15:12] <Shavyla> and forests and waterfalls
  408. [15:13] <Shavyla> waterfalls meaning you get access to freshwater AND saltwater, also hydroelectric powah
  409. [15:13] <Shavyla> for green energy
  410. [15:14] <Shavyla> I was thinking in the "idk what to put there" a nice helipad could fit
  411. [15:15] <@DrEvilKitteh> Helipad on top of a building instead, mebe?
  412. [15:16] <Shavyla> then on top of the central "new building"
  413. [15:17] <Shavyla> You could fill the space with a miniature castle
  414. [15:17] <Shavyla> more of a fortress
  415. [15:17] <Shavyla> here be spooky adventures
  416. [15:17] <@DrEvilKitteh> There are a few other plenty spooky buildings, like the library.
  417. [15:17] <@DrEvilKitteh> And the clocktower.
  418. [15:18] <@DrEvilKitteh> Plus, helipad doesn't really fit atop a mini castle.
  419. [15:19] <Shavyla> No no, I'm saying put the fortress in the empty "idk" space, and put the helipad on top of the biggest of the new buildings
  420. [15:21] <@DrEvilKitteh> Ah, I see.
  421. [15:22] <Shavyla> Or even the "medical facility" so it's easier to transport students and whatnot to the nearest hospital
  422. [15:24] <@DrEvilKitteh> Indeed.
  424. [18:59] <SolidBrewer> Okay, so medbay now is "med facility" and old castle between library and new campus part
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