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  1.     Artstation and Gnomon are presenting their 2018 masterclasses. I really want to buy them because I think I could learn a lot. The classes are hosted by Artstation, the most popular site for art portfolios, and Gnomon, probably the most prestigious school for Visual Effects (VFX) and anything 3D related. The classes cost $250 for access to all 10 classes, which last 2 weeks. You then get another 2 weeks to watch any classes you may have missed. They start April 2nd.
  3.     Some of the artists doing sessions are Ryan Meinderding, the Head of Visual development at Marvel Studios. Aaron Limonick, a concept artist at Naughty Dog (a large game developement studio). And my favorite of all, Vitaly Bulgarov. He is a pretty incredible freelance concept designer. He has worked with companies like Blizzard Entertainment, Dreamworks, Industrial Light and Magic, and more. He is very good at creating complicated hardsurface 3d models.
  5.     I want to take these classes because I think there is a lot to learn from these master artists.
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