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  1. Evil: hey this is the guy who u said was after brandons money, u did a shit job on this box totally and it bein "tip-top" is a joke
  2. Evil: just figguard id msg u and tell u that ur givein a bad name to people like me who accually are honest desent people in the jtag scene
  3. GOHDtoughguy: Who the fuck are you randy
  4. Evil: randy?
  5. Evil: who the fuk
  6. GOHDtoughguy: BK
  7. Evil: no my name is ray
  8. GOHDtoughguy: BK randy
  9. Evil: im the guy on irc who is accually repairing ur work
  10. Evil: y aknow the 13 missins screws?
  11. Evil: or hwo about the hard mod 12v thats NOT there?
  12. GOHDtoughguy: How abot spell check?
  13. GOHDtoughguy: Cjhhs
  14. GOHDtoughguy: ddd
  15. GOHDtoughguy:  I can't understand that
  16. Evil: well i figguard id let u know ur listing as top-kotch is a JOKE
  17. GOHDtoughguy: 13 mission screws WTF
  18. Evil: yea
  19. Evil: 1 case 9 mobo and 3 ROL screws
  20. GOHDtoughguy: Lrn2Spell
  21. Evil: learn to jtag?
  22. Evil: learn to sell a desent product?
  23. GOHDtoughguy: Descent LOL
  24. Evil: whatever grammer/spelling police
  25. GOHDtoughguy: What are you twelve?
  26. Evil: yea im 12 and i can jtag better then u
  27. GOHDtoughguy: U
  28. Evil: hahaha
  29. GOHDtoughguy: LOL
  31. Evil: ur a joke
  32. Evil: thanks for confirming what i thought
  33. GOHDtoughguy: Ur
  34. Evil: thanks for the work thou really send me any of ur fuck ups any time :)
  35. GOHDtoughguy: I dont know who the fuck you are lol
  36. Evil: the guy who is fixing ur shit
  37. Evil: that "tip top halo box"
  38. Evil: missin the O in xbox
  39. Evil: but yet its tip top?
  40. GOHDtoughguy: He fucked the jtag up lol
  41. Evil: im talkin about phisical work
  42. Evil: not nand etc
  43. Evil: 13 missins screws dood
  44. GOHDtoughguy: Never said case where you there kid
  45. GOHDtoughguy: DOOD
  46. Evil: 2 peices of plastic floating around in it
  48. Evil: sorry let me put it real plain for those who cant read around typos
  49. Evil: you idea of tip top is a joke
  50. Evil: ur skills as a jtager are a JOKE
  51. Evil: u my friend are over all a joke
  52. GOHDtoughguy: Funny because i did'nt JTAG it
  53. Evil: haha
  54. Evil: but ur the one who called it "tip top" correct?
  55. GOHDtoughguy: iMoses did
  56. Evil: as in condision?
  57. Evil: tha soldering work is solid
  58. Evil: diff smc then normall
  59. Evil: but its solid
  60. GOHDtoughguy: Who the fuck are you to question me?
  61. Evil: its the condision im laughing at
  62. GOHDtoughguy: Your some fucking homo
  63. Evil: haha
  64. Evil: no im a REAL bussiness person who stands behind his products not bitches at the customer when they have a q
  65. GOHDtoughguy: LOL
  66. Evil: but u have a nice day now keep fuckin up them boxes and makeing me $
  67. GOHDtoughguy: He updated himself didn't ask me
  68. Evil: only cause it got stuck on ms logo
  69. Evil: after 3 boots
  70. GOHDtoughguy: Who the fuck are are you
  71. GOHDtoughguy: No one knows you
  72. Evil: cause soemthing farked in that werid ass smc
  73. Evil: lol
  74. Evil: oh people know me lol
  75. GOHDtoughguy: your a fucking 12 Y.O bitch nigger
  76. Evil: oh wow big words from a moron
  77. GOHDtoughguy: LOL you fail at life
  78. GOHDtoughguy: Calling me the moron make me laugh
  79. GOHDtoughguy: Pst
  80. GOHDtoughguy: Your a just a little bitch
  81. Evil: whos takein ur bussines
  82. Evil: and in prosses of getting u banned from every forum i can
  83. Evil: and black listing u on the jtag comunity all together
  84. Evil: so ahve fun asshole
  85. GOHDtoughguy: LOL try
  86. *** "GOHDtoughguy (GOHDtoughguy)" signed off at Tue Aug 23 21:53:50 2011.
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