The Heisty Buttwoman — Ch. 1

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  1. Fetishes: ass, latex, buttjob, rebel, ass sniffing, ass licking, rubber
  3. Tags: bad girl, vigilante, Spiderman, Black Cat, Felicia, Felicia Hardy, superhero, supervillain
  5. Felicia leaned closer to check if her face was concealed by the mask she was wearing. Perfect. She could see nothing apart from part of her cheeks and the slash of red which was her mouth. Her lips were encased in a crimson, soft shroud of coloured wax for her and the rest of the world to see. She smiled at herself and blew the mirror a kiss. She was just about ready.
  7. She checked her pockets and the deep cleavage of her neckline for all the things she needed. Code breaker? Check.
  9. A long zipper to pull down in case the cops came to show her breasts? Check.
  11. A glass cutter? Check.
  13. Smoke bombs? Check.
  15. Flashbangs? Check.
  17. A silky bra and panty set she could drop on the floor for anyone who would be searching for her after the smoke cleared? Check.
  19. Felicia patted her butt to see if the leather was stretching across it. She nodded to herself in the mirror, confirming that she looked like a hot fucking skank to be taken in a dark alley. She patted her hair, seeing if it looked okay enough to be messed up later. She ran her fingers through the freshly washed, pH-conditioned, naturally balanced and curled locks, letting them spread around her breasts to cover both sides and nipples. They would’ve been, if she wasn’t wearing her latex top. She smiled to herself as she leaned close to check for zits on her nose, remembering the last time Spiderman caught her at a heist. The memory was sort of humiliating for her, but still arousing when she remembered that hot buttjob she gave him right next to the bank vault — and then him grabbing her and walking out of the place before she realised she was supposed to rob the place. By the time she realised what was wrong and was struggling with the webs she was bound to the terrace wall by, it was too late. Spiderman had been kissing her lewdly with an open mouth and she was too aroused to resist. Her body kept shifting around in the webs and her lips said, ‘No, please, no … I have to break the bank, you see …’ in her best sensual whisper. It didn’t do much for her, because Spiderman could easily see how moist the rubber around her vagina got as his hands caressed her lower body, breaking down her defences.
  21. She recalled how he grabbed her and dangled her upside down, webbing her hands and feet to the walls so that she was stuck to the wall in a position where all the blood would go to her head. She gasped and opened her mouth to tell him that, only to find that her face was pressed into his crotch. She could actually smell a huge amount of arousal in his pants, and not just because his bulge was squashing her nose flat. His mouth was attached to her pussy through her rubber suit, the very one she was wearing right now, and he wouldn't let go. He kept licking her pussy and goosing her through the suit, clearly struggling to get inside her.
  23. ‘Mmmmppph mmmmmh hmmmmm,’ she said, struggling to get the air she needed so badly.
  25. Spiderman ignored her, pulling his spandex leggings down to reveal that he was completely commando under it. She only had time for a surprised ‘Mmmmmmppphhh!!!!!’ before his cock entered her mouth halfway. He pumped it back and forth inside her, his own masked face buried between her legs. She noticed that he was paying less attention to her pussy and starting to lick her taint with even more enthusiasm, his tongue sliding further down to her ass crack. She moved her body back and forth, seeing if he would let her go, but he was a little too enthusiastic in his worship of her big, round bubble-shaped ass.
  27. Spiderman’s cock popped out of her mouth for a minute and his balls rested against her bee-stung lips, rubbing his hairless skin against her. She blinked and coughed a couple of times as one of his nuts entered her mouth, giving her a randy smell of unreleased, pent-up semen. She sucked it into her mouth without thinking, licking around the soft little globe in his sack. She spit it out and sucked the other one into her mouth, moaning as she swished her tongue around his balls repeatedly. She was enjoying it as much as he loved kissing her ass cheeks like he was now, peppering her latex with soft kissing sounds over every part of it. Her body kept wiggling in the webs he had caught her in, but this time with lust instead of resistance. She was surprised by how easily she was caught and didn’t want to appear too ‘easy’ to catch while on a bank heist, but she didn’t care if she appeared ‘easy’ to penetrate with a cock. Or several. If Spiderman had brought Batman, Robin, and other friends along, she would’ve gladly sucked them all off at a minimum even if they didn’t want it.
  29. ‘Ummmm, Spidey,’ she said, gasping as his cock cleared her airway for a moment or two, ‘do you like my ass that much?’
  31. There was no response apart from two hands digging into her ass cheeks and squeezing hard. Hard enough to pop her butt like two balloons if they were those. She heard him moan out his exertion as he nuzzled his face into her ass as if it was his pillow.
  33. ‘Spidey?’ she whispered again. ‘Take your face out of my ass for a while and listen. I think I can help you with what you’re missing.’
  35. Spidey was far too busy in her ass to listen to what she was saying, and of course she was trussed up too well to prevent her escaping. He licked, nibbled, and smooched every part of her rounded ass, perfectly shaped with her squats, running, and exercise through running from the law every day. The number of squats she did by landing on buildings with bended knees was doing wonders for her. Felicia/Black Cat couldn't blame him for being so horny and uncontrolled, but she knew she needed her air and another lewd suggestion for him.
  37. ‘Spidey,’ she gasped as his cock hit her nose and cheeks, ‘let me up and you can have your way with my ass. Push that fat cock between those plump ass cheeks and fuck them all you like. Do you want to stain this black rubber white with your hot cum?’
  39. Spidey gasped at her dirty talk though it hadn’t been that long, and ripped the web from her hands and ankles. Tossing it behind him, he caught her before she fell from the wall on the floor. He grabbed her by the shoulders and shoved her against the wall so her face was pressing into the smooth paint, groping her ass in intense arousal. He pulled the spandex back up and started to push his bulge against her ass, moaning as he struggled to get off with the minimal, teasing buttjob he was getting from her. She leaned forwards, placed her hands on the wall, and helped him by moving her ass up and down, trying to get him off quickly so they could move on to lewder things. He rubbed his cock up and down her ass crack, struggling to stain the latex. She bent over a little more for him and started moving her ass in every direction the way she recalled watching some sluts do in a music video she watched on SpiderTube.
  41. Appropriately titled ‘BootyLicious Sluts Twerk For ShowBiz’, she had seen five hot sluts dressed in hot pants, tiny bikini bras which just had little triangles over their nipples and left their breasts bare otherwise, showing a lot of sideboob, underboob and pretty much everything else they had. They had bent over to shake their asses at the camera with those tight pants stretching over them, then they lowered their pants slowly while wiggling their buttocks at the camera guy and showing their T-back thongs. The little string of material going between their ass cheeks and a curved bar over the tops of their butts towards a small triangle of fabric rubbing against those obviously drenched muffs was so arousing to watch. There was a lot of cheering in the background before a hand appeared out of the camera angle and slapped one of their rears. The girl giggled and bent over further, putting her hands on the floor and shaking her booty to the JNA song booming in the background. Out of the blue, and much to Felicia’s excitement, she saw several other hands come out of the camera’s POV like a gonzo movie. They played with, goosed, groped, slapped, and made the dancing tramps thoroughly violated using hands and fingers. Some of them even pushed their hands into their pussies through the thongs, still others stuffed their hands and fingers up their asses and clefts, attempting to finger their only exposed holes. A few of the hands disappeared and came back with spit or Astroglide glistening on them. They pulled the flimsy material of their thongs aside and let the hands shove themselves inside their puckers, their fuckholes being violated thoroughly. Some even got two or three fingers from different hands inside their asses. It continued for a while before one of the sluts’ assholes was revealed momentarily in the video and the screen turned black to prevent the video being taken down for sexual content.
  43. Felicia sighed as she recalled wishing there was an extension of the video on other X-rated sites so that she could see the tramps in itty-bitty clothes banged and fingered for hours as they should be, perhaps even putting herself in that role so she could be used like she always wanted. It wasn’t to be yet, but Spiderman would make up for that by putting his enormous load all over her ass like she wanted. She needed it really bad and couldn't wait. She could feel his cock pulsing now. Maybe he was about to cum hard and needed encouragement which she could give.
  45. 'Go on, baby,’ she whispered, pushing her firm ass against his bursting cock. She wiggled and  jiggled it on his pants. ‘I love how big and hard that fucking cock feels against me. You’re so hard and horny for my ass, aren’t you? Push it between that delicious little crack and grind it on me. Fuck my ass cheeks. Make that ass crack yours and cum all over it. Do it now, Spidey, I know you’re so close and ready to burst. Pop it all, baby, nut on my ass! I want to feel it bursting all over and sliming my ass as my latex becomes slippery and sticky! Do it!’
  47. She kept moaning her encouragement as she felt Spiderman shudder behind her, and his enormous cock finally burst its bounds. He thrust against her ass and started to cum in his spandex. She felt a wet spot against her ass even through the latex. Instantly, she reached down and pulled the spandex down to let his cock flop out against her rubbery ass. She reached behind and bent over at the same time, showing amazing flexibility with her waist and hands. She grabbed his cock and started to pump it up and down, moaning with lust.
  49. In around two minutes, his cock burst explosively with hot seed, painting her tight leather ass with all his hot cum. She moaned and kept pumping his cock until the end, pushing out the last few drops of his cum on her ass. Reaching backwards, she started to rub all his cum into the rubber, her eyes closed and her mouth open. Her rump sank back on his meat, covering it around the shaft and trapping it between those glazed cheeks.
  51. ‘That’s better, baby,’ she whispered as he let out a few more drops of cum with his hips pumping against her ass. ‘Keep it up and we’ll have you cutting your refractory period in half in no time.’
  53. There was the sound of sirens and loud blaring from several cars outside. Peter’s head jerked up at first, fire in his blue eyes, but they softened almost instantly. He grabbed his mask from his pocket and pulled it over his head.
  55. ‘Later, Black Cat,’ he said, shooting out a web and letting it stick to the nearest building. He looked back at her, his eyes roving over her body with unadulterated lust. ‘I can’t wait until I get to fuck you again and again in more than just this position, so you would know what you and your body mean to me. In more ways than just tonight.’
  57. That had been weeks ago. All that time, her body had yearned for him, her loins on fire while she lay in her bed at night, and her mouth calling out his name several times whenever she was watching video game porn of Injustice 2 or reading Dead or Alive literature on her stolen PowerBook. It was a beauty taken from a businessman’s desk when she broke into his office on Christmas Eve. There had been no one in the office. All she had to do was cut through his window with a glass cutter, popping into the office when she found out the whole pane was dislodged already by a clumsy thief, then picking up the PC and sliding it into her rucksack.
  59. ‘Silly fools,’ she thought, shaking her head at the thought of a clumsy thief roaming the streets. ‘It’s morons like him or her who give thieves a bad name. If nothing else, we want to be known and feared as strong, competent and sneaky people. They make us seem incompetent boobs.’ She looked down at her tits and grabbed them gently, bouncing them inside that tight leather. ‘Not that we aren’t boobs, but we’re the good kind.’
  61. After a while, she had decided she didn’t want to stand this teasing anymore. She had to have him once more. She wanted to know if he lusted for her like she did for him, and he hadn’t left her a note or contact at the time of their parting. She knew she had to seek him out for herself the only way she knew.
  63. A heist. That was pretty much the only way to get a superhero’s attention when you were a girl looking for a hot date. Spiderman had been hot enough under the mask and his mature-yet-pretty-boy looks.
  65. Felicia checked her mask in the mirror once more to make sure it wasn’t showing anything she wanted, like her eyes. She didn’t want everyone to see how huge they had become from her irreparable lust and mistake it as a chance to take advantage for her. She was honestly so frustrated by thinking about Spidey that she would've dry humped any fellow robber or Batman himself on the way to the bank. There was no one on the way there tonight though, or that’s what she could see from her bedroom window.
  67. ‘I think I’ll just have to please myself when I get the money,’ she thought reluctantly. ‘Getting more cash into your vault is just as good as sex … well, when you’re not getting it.’
  69. She ran across one of the terraces and leaped off the edge, flying through the air to the next building. She hit the ground running and sprinted over to the next one, her lithe body soaring gracefully through the air over the gap between them. She landed right on the edge of the next, looked around to check for helicopter headlights, and ran to the next edge. She continued on this way, finally landing on the rooftop of the bank where she planned to carry out her next mission.
  71. ‘Hmmm, better hide these headlights before they give me away,’ she murmured, closing the flaps around her cleavage. ‘That’s better. Now all I have to do is …’
  73. She hopped down to the ground and looked around for security. There was a lone guard walking away from her, around ten feet away. She had to take him down fast. She crouched and went on all fours, cracking her neck to get rid of any stiffness. The neck was no place to have stiffness, she thought, her lip curling. All she wanted was a huge stiffness down below where she needed it most.
  75. She jogged behind the guard as quickly as she could, taking out a syringe from her belt. Just as he rounded the corner, she grabbed him and stuck it inside his neck. He wriggled around a little, trying to throw her off, then fell limp on the ground. She dragged his body inside a nearby manhole and dropped it in, kicking the cover over it. It was an empty one with grates on either side, so she knew he’d be okay as long as he had a walkie-talkie to call for help. She looked around for more people, then pulled aside a nearby vent and leaped into it. It was one she discovered recently, probably by an earlier thief. There was no telling who had tunnelled this one, but it hardly mattered as long as it led to where she wanted.
  77. After crawling through it for ten feet or so, she noticed a sideways opening which opened into a darker passageway. She grabbed her rucksack, whipped out a flashlight from the side pocket and turned it on. She looked around to make sure there were no ambushes, then crawled into it. Holding up the light to the walls, she noticed a few glowing markers leading forwards. She reached up with a hand to check if the ceiling was large enough, which it was. Standing up, she sighed in relief at not having to crawl through the whole passageway. She hated extremely enclosed spaces, and being made to double over for an hour or two definitely felt claustrophobic. Of course, it wouldn't matter if it was bending over for doggystyle, which she was desperately hoping for.
  79. She moved along the passage for around ten minutes, continuously flashing the light up, down and to the sides to check for detours. There were none, the path was surprisingly linear. She wondered why at first, but then figured if an outlaw had channeled this path, he/she wouldn't leave any ambiguity in it to ensure they could get in and out easily. She started humming to herself as she sped up a little, glancing around so it looked like her head was on a swivel. Without warning, she felt her head hit something.
  81. ‘Ow!’ she gasped, staggering backwards a little and rubbing her head. ‘So rude. Couldn't even give a warning to a lady, could you?’
  83. Of course, the trapdoor above her didn’t respond. She sighed, kneeling on the ground to rub her head delicately. ‘Stupid son of a bitch,’ she said, standing up slowly with her hand over her head. As she felt it hit the door again, she shone the light on the door, looking around carefully for a ring or handle to pull. Her fingers brushed across a ring set at the middle of an edge. Grabbing it, she moved behind slowly to avoid it slamming into her head and pulled. With a creak and thud, the door swung open, revealing … nothing but darkness above.
  85. ‘Stay there, gold, here I come,’ she whispered, reaching up with both hands to grab the sides of the floor. She heaved and pulled herself up. Her rucksack momentarily hit the edge of the floor. Hanging by her hands, she pulled herself forwards to the middle of the edges and pulled herself up. She rolled on the floor, coming upright with her stun gun in her hand. Priming it and turning off the safety, she flashed the torch into all four corners of the room. Seeing no one there, she rubbed her hand across her eyes and walked forwards.
  87. ‘This is amazing,’ she whispered, walking forwards and looking at the piles of gold and currency notes all over the floor. ‘I might not have to steal anything again after this heist. This is a fortune to be desired.’
  89. She leaned down and let her hands run over the hardness of the yellow metal on the ground. A wide grin spread across her face. Setting her bag down, she rummaged in it and pulled out a few folded bags. Unzipping them, she started placing the piles of gold and cash inside them, tossing them inside their wide open maws. When the first was full, she zipped it up, placing it carefully beside her and patting it like it was a child. She took another pile of cash and started to put it inside the other bag. She kept picking up the next piles of money and throwing them into the bag. Zipping up the second, she sighed as she threw it down near the first. There was one more bag to fill and empty back at home so she could return for more. She wiped some sweat from her forehead and started to fill up the third bag. There wasn’t much left in the pile she was using. Her hand reached for a bundle of notes, but she touched a tough, stretchy material instead. Looking down, she saw a red-gloved hand with black webs running across it. Jumping up, she looked at the person it belonged to. A red and blue suit came into view, the mask with black eye shapes and eyes that appeared white coming into the light.
  91. ‘I didn't want to appear this quickly, but seeing you take so much from a bank vault necessitated this action,’ said a familiar voice. ‘Just how many million were you planning to steal?’
  93. Felicia started to back off, but a strong hand gripped her slender wrist. She might have been able to break out easily, but she couldn’t with that voice and warmth so close to her. The hand pulled her close to a hard, toned chest, reaching behind to grab her ass. She gave a small squeak and jumped, and another hand came down to grab her other ass cheek. Spiderman lifted her up into the air, resting her latex-covered pussy against his crotch. She gave a slight gasp when she realised it was already hard. She leaned towards Spiderman and kissed his mouth through the mask, thrusting her hips against him subconsciously. ‘Mmmmmm, I've missed this for so long,’ she whispered, dry humping him as she talked. ‘Why didn’t you come back?I wouldn't have needed to steal anything if it wasn’t for this. You could've prevented this, you know. It’s all your fault for causing this bank robbery. I wouldn't need to get your attention if it wasn’t for this.’
  95. There was a throaty chuckle from Spiderman, making his bulge rub against her electrified clit. She moaned as she leaned against him, trying to nibble his ear through the mask. ‘Just like a girl. Need attention, want attention, so you go out and do the stupidest thing you can and find the nearest man to blame. Hasn’t it occurred to you that your emotions and needs are your own to fulfil?’
  97. Felicia shrugged as she pushed her crotch against his. ‘I don't know or care. I suppose I might be blaming you for things which are for me to handle, but you do understand that there’s only so much relief you can get with your hands or a toy? You could at least take responsibility for that.’
  99. Peter’s hand reached around to the back of her head, pressing them face to face with their noses touching. He placed his hand below his chin to find the end of the mask, then pulled it up over his head. Felicia’s heart (and other places) fluttered when she saw his handsome face again, the first time in a few months. His blue eyes looked into hers, consuming her soul with every second. He leaned forwards and kissed her mouth gently, inserting his tongue right between her teeth. She gave a small giggle when it tickled the roof of her mouth. She closed her lips around his tongue, sucking it gently. His head moved backwards, withdrawing his tongue from her mouth, but she leaned forward and sucked it back in.
  101. ‘Don't tease me, baby,’ she whispered, putting her arms around his neck. ‘I’ve been waiting for you to do this forever. What kept you, anyway?’
  103. ‘Mary Jane,’ sighed Peter. ‘I didn’t have much choice, she was clinging on to me every time I even thought about going out to save the world. I don't know how many heists took place or people were run over under trains because of her irrationality, but what’s done is done.’
  105. Felicia’s mouth started to work on his tongue and lips even more intensely, like she wanted him to suck the life out of her. ‘I told you to leave that skinny bitch. You know I’d make a much better match for you.’
  107. Peter shook his head. ‘It’s not that simple. Leaving anyone, even when you hate them, is a process which can still drain you. I just wish she was draining my balls as much as she did my life.’
  109. Felicia released his tongue, giving him a lingering kiss on the mouth and touching her nose to his. ‘I think I can fix that. Just make a clean break already. I learned from someone that when you want to get out of a situation, the only way out is out. Let go of the losses and make sure you don't lose your soul in the process.’
  111. Peter raised an eyebrow. ‘Who told you that?’
  113. Felicia lowered her eyes. ‘I heard it from a counsellor who’s office I broke into and stole all his financial records, bank statements, safe combinations, and laptop. He was talking to a patient in the next room.’
  115. Peter laughed softly. ‘Once a bad girl, always a bad girl, eh?’
  117. Felicia kissed his nose and slammed her crotch into his once more. He gasped and his bulge became more pronounced. ‘Punish me for this, Daddy.’
  119. Peter’s tone and voice became more serious. ‘I have to. You stole a lot of money, Felicia. I cant allow that, but I could probably make a clean break from MJ anytime. Just come with me and forget about stealing for a living.’
  121. Felicia hopped off him, landing on the floor and giving him a quizzical look. ‘Why? The treasury can easily print more of these to make it up.’ She picked up one of the bags. ‘Come on, Pete. I’ll share the money with you. We’ll split it any way you want, and MJ gets jack shit. We’ll be rich for the rest of our lives as long as we keep this little tunnel secret between us. I was going to leave these three bags at home and come back for more. Don't you see? It’s quite simple and not a real loss to anyone.’
  123. Peter remained stalwart. ‘It’s a loss to the people who deposited it here.’
  125. Felicia quirked an eyebrow. ‘What’s that to us?’
  127. Peter raised his fists. ‘Everything.’
  129. He took an unexpected swing at her, almost hitting her in the side of the head. Felicia did a graceful backwards cartwheel, narrowly avoiding his hit and dropping the bag. She came up standing with her hands on her hips. Her brow was furrowed in disapproval.
  131. ‘So you want to beat me up for a little heist?’ she said, allowing as much disappointment to creep into her voice as possible. ‘Fine. You want it rough, we’ll play rough.’
  133. She ran at him and did a beautiful gymnastics kick into the air as he swung his fist at her. He missed and got hit with her boot in the cheek. He fell backwards, rolling on his back and standing back up. He gave a groan and held his cheek, blinking at her. Felicia put her hands on her hips again and gave him a teasing smile.
  135. ‘You wanted this, lover,’ she said. ‘I love foreplay when it’s intense anyway, so you’ll be fucking my brains out tonight whether you want to or not. And I’ll get the money too.’
  137. Peter ran at her, jumping into the air and coming at her with a sideways flying kick which she dodged by leaping into the air and somersaulting head over heels. She flew over his head and curled herself into a ball, rolling forwards and landing on her feet. She raised her hands sideways and twirled around, facing him. Peter shook his head out of his eyes and did a few acrobatics in the air to warm up, doing the same somersault she did and performing a triple Hwoarang kick in the air. He flew at her again and attacked her with elbows, fists, and a few spinning kicks which would've knocked her out if she wasn’t fast enough. She simply leaped forwards and slid between his legs, flipping over backwards and coming up on her feet again.
  139. Peter slammed his fists together. ‘How would you do that?’
  141. Felicia smiled and curled a finger inwards, beckoning him closer. ‘Come and see, darling.’
  143. Peter grabbed one of the bags and threw it at her. She caught it and slung it over her shoulder. He had reached her in the time it took to sling the bag and aimed a vicious kick at her midsection, but she bent over, sticking her ass out, and performed a powerful spring jump which sent her flying horizontally over his kick. By the time he raised his leg and tried to axe kick her in the head, she was already near the other bags.
  145. ‘Come on, baby,’ she giggled, grabbing the other bags and placing the straps over her head. ‘Mamma wants to play too.’
  147. Peter sighed in disgust at her sexualising things which were serious, but shrugged and attacked anyway. He shot a web at her which she leaned backwards to dodge. He tried again, sending webs from both hands at her face as she came back up. She raised her wrists and shot out two silver boomerangs with sharp ends which flew at the webs, chopping them up. Peter ducked as they flew at his face, yelling, ‘Damn Green Goblin artifacts!’ as they soared over his head. He leaped forwards and ran at her, his fists and legs pumping. Just as he was about to grab her around the waist, the boomerangs flew back and hit him in the ankles, tripping him up and sending him flying to the floor. Felicia performed a sideways jump and leaped over him again, sliding along the floor on her right side and landing close to the exit. She gave him a cheery wave and kiss.
  149. ‘You should remember that it’s bad luck to cross a Black Cat, darling,’ she said. She raised her arm and attached an explosive charge to the wall, jumping aside to avoid the explosion. The wall blew apart, revealing a rectangular hole in it. She walked to it and turned around, facing Peter as he staggered towards her with his hands out.
  151. ‘Wait, Felicia,’ gasped Peter, raising his hands in surrender as he came close to her. ‘Don't do this. Let’s work things out.’
  153. Felicia’s arms reached out and grabbed his waist. ‘Of course we will, but not here.’ She grabbed his butt, stealing a quick kiss on the mouth as she did. ‘Your superhero days can rest in peace.’
  155. She leaned backwards and fell out of the rectangular hole as sirens blared below and alarms went off in the vault. She smiled to herself as she felt Peter groan in desperation and grab her around the waist as well. His hands slid down to grope that perfect, plump butt again. He spanked it a few times, his lust taking over his senses as he kissed her hard while they fell out of the window. Felicia moaned into the kiss and returned it, smiling to herself as she was sure she had him hooked.
  157. They landed on the ground after a few backflips to spread the force of gravity working on them. Peter had been too distracted by Felicia’s scent and her round, jiggly ass to shoot a few webs and keep them soaring to her apartment. Felicia stepped backwards and waved to him to follow her.
  159. ‘Let’s go, lover,’ she said, a devious smile spreading across her face. ‘I know you want this as much as I do, so we’ll get straight down to it. Chase me back to my place as if you’re trying to catch me so the police don't get suspicious.’
  161. She reached out with her boot and rubbed his chubby, laughing when it twitched slightly at the minimal contact. She raised her leg quite high into the air to show off her shiny sole and heel, and to her surprise, Peter grabbed it and planted several desperate, horny kisses on her boot, from the sole to her toe and all over the front. She staggered a little as he tried to pull her closer, trying to keep her balance. She hopped closer to him so he could keep worshipping that sexy boot, raising her eyebrows in concern at the intensity of his boot love.
  163. ‘Does it turn you on that much?’ she asked.
  165. Peter just moaned and nodded, his tongue coming out to lick her boot from toe to the edge and continuing to slurp on it for added wetness.
  167. ‘You dirty boy,’ said Felicia, pushing his face gently with her sole. ‘You should be sucking on the tip of this boot for that, but we’ve got time for it. Let’s go before you’re caught fucking me in the street while cars pass over us.’
  169. She turned around and started to run towards her apartment, Peter following close behind with his fists swinging around. It wasn’t a long run, so she felt exhilarated. He wouldn't be too tired to do anything unless he came in his spandex on the run. She felt it might be the case if he couldn't control himself at the sight of her shoe.
  171. After a few building chases, some long jumps and running up the sides of buildings, they reached a door in a balcony on the seventh floor of an opulent building. Felicia swung over the railing and walked to the door, looking behind to see if he was there. Peter swung up to the balcony and landed beside her with a few web shots and wire walking.
  173. ‘You’re ready for this, aren’t you, sweetie?’ said Felicia, unlocking her door and opening it. She tossed the bags inside and walked inside. Turning around, she leaned her head to the left and placed her hands on her hips, stroking them and swinging them from side to side. She reached up to her ncck, pretending to be in the shower. Her hands slide down to her exposed cleavage, pulling her catsuit apart and showing him a quick flash of her large breasts. She raised a hand, palm facing him, and curled her fingers downward in the Asian gesture of ‘come here’. ‘If we don't start now, we won’t have all night to do this.’
  175. Peter’s throbbing erection was about to burst his pants open as he walked to her apartment’s back entrance and walked in. He pushed the door so it swung shut, placing his hands at his waist and pulling up his spandex shirt to show a muscular, toned torso with clean-cut abs. He reached for his pants and started to pull them down too, grinning in anticipation. It would be a long night, but not as boring as having to save screaming aunts or people who were pushing each other around near the road and stumbling into oncoming traffic.
  177. He could look forward to a night like this more than one with MJ.
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