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  1. E1M4:
  3. -Changed ceiling texture in the little starting room to brick instead of that awful gray ceiling lamp texture
  4. -Evened out the lighting in that area and made it more of a room than a hallway
  5. -Changed the ceiling of the "eastern" corridor leading t the computer room with the trap to brick so that it's consistent with the western one
  6. -Slightly re-did the room with the lift and computers, got rid of the pointless switch and walkover linedefs to activate the lift
  7. -Refined the architecture in the room with the imps and barrels, and un-fucked that ugly BROWNHUG staircase nearby
  8. -Fixed the little HOM at the entrance to one of the high-up "window" corridors
  9. -Changed the texture in the rocket launcher/soulsphere secret to marble instead of ash.
  10. -Refined some of the heights and textures in the big circular hub area
  11. -Fixed the textures and architecture in the big STARTAN room with the ledge and the trap activated by the lift
  12. -Redid the weird room next to the blue door leading to the maze (but keep the same overall concept)
  13. -Turned the computer stack back into a swastika
  14. -Made the exit room less cramped and re-texture the little exit alcove
  15. -Darkened the corners of the maze a bit
  16. -Moved the blue door to the entrance of the room with the funny-looking balcony
  17. -Removed the yellow key entirely and made the door leading from the maze to the exit chamber locked on the chamber side.
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