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  1. i'm not sorry for being upset about this, because it is something that's bothered me for a long, long time -- it sucks to want your friends to support you during something that they admit makes them anxious, and then it never happening
  2. i want to try new things, play new classes, heal so i can give you guys shorter queue times when it lines up
  3. but it never feels like i can actually... count on you guys when i need the support to feel comfortable, to just get my feet under me so the anxiety doesn't drown me and prevent me from touching it ever again
  4. MandaToday at 8:44 PM
  5. don't expect you to be sorry??? just don't know what I'm supposed to say when I barely level characters to begin with, so the opportunities to even queue together to begin with are minimal when I don't do it a lot in general
  6. ammayToday at 8:45 PM
  7. and i get that? which was why i asked this time, b/c i have a shaman within range for BC (i think, but i can get her there)
  8. MandaToday at 8:45 PM
  9. so you don't... even know??
  10. ammayToday at 8:45 PM
  11. but it's like, every time i try and ask to do things together for that support, time is never made, an effort is never made, and then i get slammed for never playing a healing class or always wanting to play dps
  12. I JUST REALIZED THAT NOW but that's not the point, the point is the underlying issue
  13. DubsToday at 8:46 PM
  14. I... don't recall you ever getting slammed for it?
  15. ammayToday at 8:46 PM
  16. oh you have
  17. MandaToday at 8:46 PM
  18. I've only complained about it when there were tons of comments made at the start about me being the healer queue carry
  19. most of the WoW I do has been end game stuff the last few months
  20. ammayToday at 8:47 PM
  21. but it's like, every time i try and branch out and want a little bit of support under my feet it's like... you guys can't be assed. and when it kept happening over and over and over again over months and months, i just... eventually stopped bothering.
  22. and i get that we've all got shit going on
  23. i understand that
  24. i don't want to pretend that we all don't
  25. but it's always felt that like... the time couldn't be made for a single dungeon run, or two, to just... give me tips or help me feel confident enough in what i was doing so that i didn't need to have that support
  26. and that's what bothers me
  27. DubsToday at 8:48 PM
  28. Fam, you're putting a ton of pressure on us if you playing these classes at all entirely is relying on us
  29. ammayToday at 8:48 PM
  30. no?
  31. DubsToday at 8:49 PM
  32. "but it never feels like i can actually... count on you guys when i need the support to feel comfortable, to just get my feet under me so the anxiety doesn't drown me and prevent me from touching it ever again"
  33. ammayToday at 8:49 PM
  34. god knows i've leveled up enough characters on my own and different classes that i don't need you guys
  35. but i want the support of knowing if i fuck up, you aren't going to hate me sometimes
  36. and for things like healing when i am SO COMPLETELY OUT OF MY DEPTH
  37. it's nice to know i have friends there who won't hate me if we wipe b/c i fucked up
  38. it's not a constant, always thing
  39. that's not what i'm saying
  40. just like, you've... never rn a dungeon with me healing
  41. or tanking
  42. either of you
  43. DubsToday at 8:50 PM
  44. I have
  45. ammayToday at 8:50 PM
  46. well manda did once
  47. and you did once
  48. but that's... once
  49. DubsToday at 8:51 PM
  50. I've run a few with you tankign paladin
  51. and one with you healing monk
  52. ammayToday at 8:51 PM
  53. and the tips you gave me were really helpful!
  54. MandaToday at 8:51 PM
  55. I just thoght about doing timewalkers so I could try to do something like tags between dungeons
  56. but whatever now I'd just feel guilty and shitty running them at all
  57. I barely play this game
  58. ammayToday at 8:51 PM
  59. i'm going to be playing mass effect, so i don't care
  60. MandaToday at 8:51 PM
  61. unless it's doing end game content
  62. that's not at all what I've gotten from this
  63. I've gotten that you're going to ME because of this
  64. ammayToday at 8:53 PM
  65. i care about my friends being willing to do something with me to help me and knowing they're willing to do that
  66. espeically when they, themselves, have admitted how anxious doing the thing is for themselves
  67. DubsToday at 8:53 PM
  68. Like honestly this feels like it's coming sort of out of left feild? Like, timewalkers were mentioned, Manda mentioned levelling someone- which she has 90% hordeside, there was not even an inkling that we might do this together
  69. but you're upset we aren't?
  70. ammayToday at 8:54 PM
  71. dude i have a hordeside lvl 66 character, dubs, i can heal with her
  72. DubsToday at 8:54 PM
  73. like it feels like we renigged on plans we didn't know were happening?
  74. ammayToday at 8:54 PM
  75. no?
  76. i apologize for it coming out of left field, but it's something that's been bothering me a lot
  77. not that there are specific plans
  78. MandaToday at 8:55 PM
  79. a lot of things bother me and I let them go at some point
  80. ammayToday at 8:55 PM
  81. just that every time i want to run something with you guys so that i can get my feet under me a little, it automatically gets shot down, and that constant disappointment wears on a person
  82. DubsToday at 8:55 PM
  83. okay but you
  84. haven't asked anything since the last time we had a conversation like this it feels like?
  85. MandaToday at 8:56 PM
  86. you said to let you know if we started running them so you could join but dubs was going alli side and I was planning on doing stuff between queue times....
  87. ammayToday at 8:56 PM
  88. yeah, b/c i knew it would get shut down
  89. yeah, but god forbid you run one with me and then i leave to do other things and you do other things
  90. MandaToday at 8:56 PM
  91. so I guess it feels like an assumption got made
  92. DubsToday at 8:56 PM
  93. and then you're upset that we don't run things with you
  94. when you don't
  95. tell us
  96. MandaToday at 8:56 PM
  97. you didn't say to run one?????
  98. ammayToday at 8:56 PM
  99. whatever
  100. DubsToday at 8:56 PM
  101. I think that's where this feels out of left field
  102. ammayToday at 8:57 PM
  103. because i stopped asking you guys?
  104. b/c it always happened?
  105. MandaToday at 8:57 PM
  106. that's sadly part of having a set schedule with limited times to do things
  107. DubsToday at 8:57 PM
  108. fam, it's going to happen a lot because we are busy with limited time
  109. ammayToday at 8:57 PM
  110. dude, i know that
  111. DubsToday at 8:57 PM
  112. so there's one of two things you can do, keep asking every so often
  113. MandaToday at 8:57 PM
  114. we were talking about this after my sister's baby shower and sadly that seems to be the common theme of adult hood
  115. DubsToday at 8:57 PM
  116. or let it go
  117. ammayToday at 8:57 PM
  118. but that's why like, why tonight when it looked like it could line up
  119. i fucking asked about it
  120. and it IMMEDIATELY got shot down
  121. MandaToday at 8:58 PM
  122. yeah except dubs was going alli side
  123. because lad is a void elf
  124. ammayToday at 8:58 PM
  125. dude, i know that?
  126. MandaToday at 8:58 PM
  127. but then... it's not lining up??
  128. that's where I'm confused
  129. ammayToday at 8:58 PM
  130. but it could have with you?
  131. MandaToday at 8:58 PM
  132. yeah with me, but it sounded like a group thing
  133. so if you're mad at me then w/e
  134. ammayToday at 8:58 PM
  135. it'd be a fucking shaman, of course i want your goddamn input on how to heal as a shaman
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