SCP:SL Frikandelbroodje server #2 Rules

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  1. <align="center"><size=250%><color=#2828FF>[EU-WEST]</color> <color=#ffa500ff>Frikandelbroodje server</color> <color=#ffffffff>#2</color>
  2. <align="center"><size=150%><color=#01FE38><link="">To join our Discord server, please click on me!</link></color>
  4. <align="left"><size=100%>Server Rules:
  6. <align="left"><size=80%><color=#ffa500ff>1. Mic-spamming is not allowed!
  7. <align="left"><size=80%><color=#00ffffff>     - Micspamming includes: Soundboard use (even <1 second sounds); Playing music; Earrape; Voice changers.</color>
  8. <align="left"><size=80%><color=#00ffffff>     - Exception for this rule is within the INTERCOM room (NO EARRAPE and micspam must be in accordance with Rule 3). Stay off radio with your micspam though.</color>
  9. <align="left"><size=80%><color=#ffa500ff>2. Do not ask for (Trial-)Mod or access to the Remote Admin.</color>
  10. <align="left"><size=80%><color=#ffa500ff>3. Anything of the following kind is not allowed in Voice Chat or your username:</color>
  11. <align="left"><size=80%><color=#00ffffff>     - Racist/discriminatory language or slang, use of the word cancer (Mostly a Dutch thing) and Staff disrespect. Use common sense, if asked to stop with foul language, stop.
  12. <align="left"><size=80%><color=#00ffffff>     - Self promotion (including links, IP adresses, server names or advertisements); Impersonation of Northwood (Devs) or Frikandelbroodje Staff.
  13. <align="left"><size=80%><color=#ffa500ff>4. Teaming is only allowed in these ways:</color>
  14. <align="left"><size=80%><color=#00ffffff>     - <color=#FE0104>SCP's</color> can only team with the <color=#277D05>Chaos Insurgents</color> and <color=orange>Class-D</color> but are not required to.
  15. <align="left"><size=80%><color=#00ffffff>     - <color=#0169FE>MTF/NTF</color><color=#00ffffff>/</color><color=#AAAAAA>Facility Guards</color>/<color=yellow>Scientists</color> are seen as one team and MUST work together.
  16. <align="left"><size=80%><color=#00ffffff>         + They can also disarm <color=orange>Class-D</color> and evacuate them to get <color=#0169FE>MTF Cadets.</color>
  17. <align="left"><size=80%><color=#00ffffff>     - <color=#277D05>Chaos Insurgents</color> and <color=orange>Class-D</color> are seen as one team and MUST work together.</color>
  18. <align="left"><size=80%><color=#00ffffff>         + They can also disarm <color=yellow>Scientists</color> and evacuate them to get <color=#277D05>Chaos Insurgents</color>.</color>
  19. <align="left"><size=80%><color=#00ffffff>     - Disarming <color=#0169FE>MTF/NTF</color>/<color=#AAAAAA>Facility Guards</color> or <color=#277D05>Chaos Insurgents</color> has a great risk of being shot but getting them to the Exit will change their side.</color>
  20. <align="left"><size=80%><color=#00ffffff>         + Disarmed <color=#0169FE>MTF/NTF</color>/<color=#AAAAAA>Facility Guards</color>/<color=#277D05>Chaos Insurgents</color> MUST follow the orders of their disarmer, while <color=yellow>Scientists</color>/<color=orange>Class-D</color> can choose to slip away.</color>
  21. <align="left"><size=80%><color=#00ffffff>     - You may NOT shoot disarmed players unless they are trying to slip away. Removing the disarmed status just to shoot a "would be disarmed" player is also not allowed.
  22. <align="left"><size=80%><color=#00ffffff>         + This does not apply to situations where you use a disarmer just to disarm someone by surprise to steal their stuff.
  23. <align="left"><size=80%><color=#ffa500ff>5. Trolling members of your own team (as stated in Rule 5) is not allowed.</color>
  24. <align="left"><size=80%><color=#00ffffff>     - Trolling includes: Intentionally closing elevators/gates on your teammates; Damaging teammates intentionally.</color>
  25. <align="left"><size=80%><color=#00ffffff>     - This doesn't include closing doors, that is just fucking funny.
  26. <align="left"><size=80%><color=#ffa500ff>6. Camping is not allowed and will be punished on a case by case basis.</color>
  27. <align="left"><size=80%><color=#ffa500ff>7. Ghosting is not allowed.</color>
  28. <align="left"><size=80%><color=#ffa500ff>8. Leaving a sit or misbehaving in a sit is not allowed and will just get you a longer (or permanent) ban.</color>
  31. <align="center"><size=80%>The rules are always in effect, even if there are no staff members online!
  32. <align="center"><size=80%>Violation of any rule will result in punishment or disciplinary measures.
  33. <align="center"><size=80%>Staff has final say in a sit.
  34. <align="center"><size=80%>You may appeal a ban if the remaining time of the ban exceeds 4 hour, this can be done in <color=#FFFFFFFF>#ban-appeal</color> on the Discord server</color>.
  36. <align="center"><size=85%><color=#FE0104>These rules are subject to change at any time without prior notice. (Last revision: 10-11-2019 DD-MM-YYYY)</color>
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