bitcoinica hacker IRC chat log #bitcoin 2012-05-20

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  1. <BitcoinicaHacker> Who wants free bitcoins courtesy of bitcoinica?
  2. <grepix> who doesn't!
  3. <BitcoinicaHacker> post your btc addr
  4. <nanotube> i think bitcoinica wants free bitcoins courtesy of bitcoinica
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  6. <Phraust> oooh, i'll take some: 18LSrqYfUwt4q52CvSWXkSqNiDMGDADAao
  7. <BitcoinicaHacker> d43282f1ec433cb896ddf7d4a88faa4a202c97ac6e60568eaecfd1df53d82ef6
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  10. <Phraust> sweet, many thanks.
  11. <-- BTC-Mining has quit (Quit: That's it! I quit!)
  12. <OneMiner> 121VuNzJi7ihM6FTv28oruemfw4fp4rvPZ I'll take a piece of that. :P
  13. <BitcoinicaHacker> f87f87a6e053157140bd509952c999e56344fe4fa90eaf47288bbcdda7689514
  14. <BitcoinicaHacker> 74358a453321026b197549a250c3aa65b60187f8d4ba4578de1b1422eec2937d
  15. <OneMiner> Thank you very much.
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  17. <b00bsman> BitcoinicaHacker, wie ist der Kuchen?
  18. <brwyatt> 12KTki1xe5xVoQneEZy2CED8Ep87ifubx7 I'll give it a try.
  19. <brwyatt> He really wasn't kidding. o.O
  20. <BitcoinicaHacker> 8694268cfe0aa51d7ecb3749b8f4bc8ebe7c56cc8e920f1b7b34862f9992e004
  21. <OneMiner> Ya, seems legit.
  22. <grepix> the BTC def showed up, but for all we know this is just a lazy trolling :D
  23. <brwyatt> yeah
  24. <OneMiner> The balance of the account suggests otherwise.
  25. --> Cablesaurus (~IceChat77@unaffiliated/cablesaurus) has joined #bitcoin
  26. <grepix> but hey, if you're someone who got into the game early and is dishin' out the btc for street cred, then I'm accepting donations
  27. <BitcoinicaHacker> d3186f98cb24e56ca5aaf12f5ce4b4c4a11c4953532e5c2d660bd0ef3da77a84
  28. <brwyatt> OneMiner: Maybe it will be a chance to whitness the results of a doublespend.
  29. <OneMiner> I guess. Looks like I'm staying up. I was literally seconds from going to bed.
  30. <grepix> lol
  31. <gmaxwell> Spiffy.
  32. <justinm001> you can send some to 1JubtMLVDy1D169GkHLshf8kiYdqoqLM5b if you like
  33. <justinm001> in the spirit of testing
  34. * OneMiner is tempted to spam addresses :P
  35. <OneMiner> hahaha
  36. --> krysits (krysits@ has joined #bitcoin
  37. <BitcoinicaHacker> e1a9c677ca61f3777ca6ebd4809b975166b48a42e6e0dc8322e1f3c610270127
  38. <krysits> There will be new world order
  39. --> CinderHill ( has joined #bitcoin
  40. <krysits> N.W.0..
  41. <gmaxwell> BitcoinicaHacker: Everyone was wondering where the leak was?
  42. <justinm001> oh u actualy sent something
  43. <justinm001> hmm
  44. <justinm001> what do i do with it now :P ?
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  46. <BitcoinicaHacker> patience
  47. <gmaxwell> justinm001: yes, all those transactions ID's he's been posting appear to be what they claim to be.
  48. <justinm001> hmm something appears to be wierd
  49. <jaxtr> trapdoor
  50. <Garr255> I heard something was going on here. can someone sum it up?
  51. --> rethaw (~rethaw@unaffiliated/rethaw) has joined #bitcoin
  52. <MBS> free pizza
  53. <gmaxwell> Garr255: read scrollback
  54. <MBS> jaxtr, wait are you the jax i know?
  55. <-- blueadept (~blueadept@unaffiliated/blueadept) has left #bitcoin ("Leaving")
  56. <Azelphur> BitcoinicaHacker: I'll take some 1NAQFnVDBNJheWw8QsBW9Yg1WhaHhU7C4i xD
  57. <BitcoinicaHacker> 18b1e19d961a438457cc550d9610d22c4f97f8a01bc7da439790587e748291df
  58. <brwyatt> I'm almost tempted to setup a MtGox account to try ans spam addresses here to collect it all to see of we can get them returned or... something
  59. <luke-jr> BitcoinicaHacker: I'll take some as soon as I finish compiling a working client
  60. <Azelphur> :D
  61. <justinm001> it didnt actualy seem to get to me
  62. <justinm001> for some reason..
  63. <justinm001> which is wierd..
  64. <justinm001> i see it on blockchain
  65. <jaxtr> BitcoinicaHacker: how did you get into their mail server... was this a long time in the planning
  66. <jaxtr> or do we not even know what happened
  67. <wizkid057> BitcoinicaHacker: free money?! 14YA5fWEumJgz4u6npzz2WooKHEwRG7Qsw
  68. <BitcoinicaHacker> 9dfff9d2ad3c7d0562c02765790a90100f0948507ab3408aa625a6ac2dcc2aeb
  69. * luke-jr kicks his hard drive to load faster
  70. <dub> I could use a zhoutong refund 16DPWmCFnJD1sVffdxsSFNdP6qidUqf7rh
  71. <wizkid057> hm, thanks :)
  72. <-- minimoose has quit (Quit: minimoose)
  73. <gmaxwell> Reverse-zhoutong.
  74. <BitcoinicaHacker> 06383eb1892a1d144fa81987fb8c401d80c49a9a76ddfd01937e2151b0a7a0a8
  75. <Garr255> BitcoinicaHacker: 14FvSsCXWpZbtpCqZc38kUBYgxd1KMB48P make it a double ;)
  76. <jaxtr> BitcoinicaHacker: are the stories true? (mail server was compromised, password was sent to th ecompromised server) etc. or is there something else going on?
  77. --- [Phraust] is now known as Phraust
  78. <jaxtr> how do we know you're not zhou himself?
  79. <wizkid057> BitcoinicaHacker: how generous are you? I could use a few extra bucks :-\ 1A6r2dAmGvtfUwF46xWuosb2L8zHRSuf1G
  80. <brwyatt> 12KTki1xe5xVoQneEZy2CED8Ep87ifubx7 I bet it is scripted and not checking for repeat addresses
  81. <-- echelon (~echelon@gateway/tor-sasl/harel) has left #bitcoin
  82. <OneMiner> Zhouception
  83. <Chaang-Noi>
  84. <jaxtr> haha OneMiner
  85. <Phraust> can I have some more? 18LSrqYfUwt4q52CvSWXkSqNiDMGDADAao
  86. <Geebus|AFK> 1bj8KgShs5Uwxu6oP2mkV4wYRMnS1WNxk
  87. --- Geebus|AFK is now known as Geebus
  88. <gmaxwell> Chaang-Noi: making sure the hacker knows about your money laundering service?
  89. <dub> lol
  90. <guruvan> XD
  91. <Azelphur> xD
  92. * wizkid057 hugs BitcoinicaHacker
  93. <grepix> 1FsZfXE2s5WwkxXLiFqja8DDDsu5zceMFm
  94. <wizkid057> lol
  95. <-- Slix` has quit (Ping timeout: 252 seconds)
  96. <Azelphur> this strangely reminds me of robin hood
  97. <Azelphur> take from the rich, give to the poor xD
  98. <Chaang-Noi> gmaxwell still upset about me telling everyone about your connections to child porn?
  99. <aethero> how much are you all getting?
  100. <brwyatt> I think his accounts ran dry. lol Probably all fake.
  101. --> KingKatari (KingKatari@ has joined #bitcoin
  102. <luke-jr> 14v81ufoExLXcF8RPxjVjE91p818hmWW8w
  103. <gmaxwell> Chaang-Noi: What connection is this? Do tell!
  104. <BitcoinicaHacker> 5bec50a1691f4a11d4da19877ed10434d9da2857470dde52cb6bf2a9b1f54109
  105. <luke-jr> 1B5mdudMVj8C8Uiz3eRQ9ytYWwEcTZqsPq
  106. <Azelphur> oh god, not the "I hate someone so I'm going to make ludicrous arguments to make people think they are bad" thing again
  107. --> eng6ahng (~eng6ahng@ has joined #bitcoin
  108. <Chaang-Noi> mean you made claims about project #2 you linked yourself to child porn markets for bitcoins. something only you seem to be involved wth
  109. <Chaang-Noi> your words, still there
  110. <Garr255> BitcoinicaHacker: 14FvSsCXWpZbtpCqZc38kUBYgxd1KMB48P make it an octuple this time ;)
  111. <wizkid057> 15xWZiPuCBzoBDStZbibTaFzLgzvSqVHef
  112. <KingKatari> 1BESccbMmepeB1frDjk62fzMzYffCVDshL
  113. <eng6ahng> whoah, what the fuck??
  114. <KingKatari> 15hWAPKr6DZZmiFv4zkgjYEg79kCcAepef
  115. <Azelphur> I once saw Chaang-Noi post on the forums that he imports asian people so he can eat them, true story.
  116. <eng6ahng> 1XHkXwPb7577zmnvgApGhripe1WJRiv8s :P
  117. <eng6ahng> fuck bitcoinica!
  118. <aethero> 19pVdhFFAU7sLGKAmUaAPnQt95TGNdLjdb
  119. <aethero> just going to send it back to bitcoinica lol
  120. <Chaang-Noi> it is on the forum
  121. <gmaxwell> Chaang-Noi: I'm not sure I follow what you're saying— because I said that bitcoin users might want to know if they were bankrolling a laundering operation— because it might land them in a drugs/guns/childporn investigation—   that _I'm _ somehow involved? Is that what you're claming?
  122. <Garr255> <aethero> me too hehe
  123. <aethero> Chaang-Noi: link?
  124. <BitcoinicaHacker> d8fa6b0282ebcb3472022eac408bf7deca9907a528c42dc61bdcad438f2e0e30
  125. <Chaang-Noi> gmaxwell you claimed you had knowledge of such operations, only person who i know of who has made these claims
  126. --> neofutur (~neofutur@mtgox/staff/pdpc.student.ne0futur) has joined #bitcoin
  127. <Azelphur> gmaxwell: if it's any comfort, I once had someone pull the whole "your a pedofile" thing on me too, haha
  128. <Chaang-Noi> gmaxwell pulled it on me
  129. <guruvan> 1GeZSbZphHrWajFbGwSNaiXqorEAR9Kpqh
  130. <OneMiner> Only on the internet.
  131. <Azelphur> indeed xD
  132. <guruvan> interesting conversation here :D
  133. <Chaang-Noi> he claimed project #2 was to launder btc for child porn rings he knew about
  134. <gmaxwell> Chaang-Noi: You have a very stylized memory— because I said no such thing (as it isn't true), instead what I remember is your thinly veiled bounty offer of hundreds of btc for people to fabricate such 'evidence' and you found no takers.
  135. <Chaang-Noi> but i was haopping prob and score pools
  136. <Azelphur> We should have a poll on how many people have been accused of being a pedofile
  137. <KingKatari> 15hWAPKr6DZZmiFv4zkgjYEg79kCcAepef
  138. <Chaang-Noi> if anyone wants, the thread is in meta on the forum
  139. <Chaang-Noi> go check it out, im done with clowns like gmaxwell
  140. --> copumpkin (~copumpkin@unaffiliated/copumpkin) has joined #bitcoin
  141. <BitcoinicaHacker> 169a8b5d0d40f4d2dd5cad91559b7ee73b1b12a291ddf31d3de09aa4ecb07e79
  142. <wizkid057> 16CydzZnyqwf9DBpC4wjpAMTUdacynuScJ
  143. <dub> someone call the bitcoin police
  144. <CinderHill> 12ZarRpeFUMtdx5tswoGG8SZoYkYbKYQ6P
  145. <copumpkin> lol
  146. <Azelphur> dub: more like the wambulance :p
  147. <gmaxwell> Chaang-Noi: the post in question is ::shurgs::
  148. --- Garr255 is now known as yeahman
  149. <CinderHill> is there a program to generate vanity addresses
  150. <copumpkin> BitcoinicaHacker: can I have 10k coins? kthx
  151. <dub> Azelphur: bring da ambalamps
  152. <CinderHill> I noticed satoshidice uses them
  153. <Azelphur> CinderHill: yes
  154. <luke-jr> 1MG5o7RK4WtVho6NV4e7MECZuLh6L9bSPY
  155. <BitcoinicaHacker> 166aaba39638668dc096bfab15f6eb5b7a23a03f553a552e80112945a2e51778
  156. <gmaxwell> Chaang-Noi: I'll also note in here that I raised my concerned with you in private first but you ignored my message.
  157. <CinderHill> BH that's more than I mined in like 2 weeks T_T
  158. <CinderHill> thx
  159. --> nushor (~nushor@unaffiliated/nushor) has joined #bitcoin
  160. <imsaguy> 1KAxrXePTsMGsvs7JqiV67Vxz5MbHhVH13
  161. <imsaguy> everyone else is doing it.
  162. <copumpkin> ಠ_ಠ at imsaguy
  163. <Guest13984> They said that as Jones Town
  164. <gmaxwell> hah
  165. --> xjrn ( has joined #bitcoin
  166. <copumpkin> that's right
  167. * imsaguy pets copumpkin
  168. --> sadfasdf97890 ( has joined #bitcoin
  169. <Chaang-Noi> check out the thread in meta if you want to know how much of a jackass gmaxwell is, and how he thinks he is the internet police and how i needed to tell him what i was doing
  170. <copumpkin> I'M JUDGING YOU
  171. <Chaang-Noi> what a cock
  172. <yeahman> <BitcoinicaHacker>
  173. <Azelphur> CinderHill: they require some number crunching to generate, I can generate them :)
  174. <nushor> I hear there are free BTC?
  175. <yeahman> 1B8Zo8kQGibp3aRbvBamDBpTvXsddbnjDY
  176. <nushor> 12UsWAtB9XAGLB4PFEbCHhyoDi4B5xsznA
  177. <guruvan> I'll use it as ransom for my money still tied up there :D
  178. <copumpkin> BitcoinicaHacker: so no 10k for me? :(
  179. <gmaxwell> Chaang-Noi: So, can you quote the specific text where you believe I said or even implied that I "had knowledge of such operations" ?
  180. <CinderHill> Azelphur I was thinking about writing a program that takes a regular expression and tries to find an address that fits it
  181. <BitcoinicaHacker> 2e19631e26fac3b13228e08f7eaaec698f134caa47014d0ff0c73accf16b07da
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