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The Mods of The Bridge

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Feb 1st, 2013
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  1. Before there stood mods upon MSO, or ever Jeff Atwood was Jeff Atwood, had wrought and rested @GraceNote.
  3. There are in The Bridge @Mana and RavenDreamer and @jmfsg, and the maker of all small mods, who is @GraceNote. Moreover, we have a faith in @agent86 and @Oak.
  5. And it has been said of old that all things that have been were wrought by the small mods, excepting only @GraceNote, who made the mods and hath thereafter rested.
  7. And none may pray to @GraceNote but only the mods whom he hath made.
  9. But at the Last will @GraceNote forget to rest, and will make again new mods and other worlds, and will destroy the mods whom he hath made.
  11. And the mods and the worlds shall depart, and there shall be only @GraceNote.
  13. When @GraceNote had made the mods and @badp, @badp made a drum, and began to beat upon it that he might drum for ever. Then because he was weary after the making of the mods, and because of the drumming of @badp, did @GraceNote grow drowsy and fall asleep.
  15. And there fell a hush upon the mods when they saw that @Grace rested, and there was silence on The Bridge save for the drumming of @badp. @badp sitteth upon the mist before the feet of @GraceNote, above the mods of The Bridge, and there he beateth his drum. Some say that the Worlds and the Suns are but the echoes of the drumming of @badp, and others say that they be dreams that arise in the mind of @Grace because of the drumming of @badp, as one may dream whose rest is troubled by sound of song, but none knoweth, for who hath heard the voice of @GraceNote, or who hath seen his drummer?
  17. Whether the season be winter or whether it be summer, whether it be morning among the worlds or whether it be night, @badp still beateth his drum, for the purposes of the mods are not yet fulfilled. Sometimes the arm of @badp grows weary; but still he beateth his drum, that the mods may do the work of the mods, and the worlds go on, for if he cease for an instant then @GraceNote will start awake, and there will be worlds nor mods no more.
  19. But, when at the last the arm of @badp shall cease to beat his drum, silence shall startle The Bridge like thunder in a cave, and @GraceNote shall cease to rest.
  21. Then shall @badp put his drum upon his back and walk forth into the void beyond the worlds, because it is THE END, and the work of @badp is over.
  23. There may arise some other mod whom @badp may serve, or it may be that he shall perish; but to @badp it shall matter not, for he shall have done the work of @badp.
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