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  1. A moonlit tenement.
  2. This slightly cluttered room is built into the arch above the plaza, with a cleverly concealed
  3. trapdoor by the south wall, leading to a staircase. Massive, open windows take up each wall, and
  4. through them leaks silvery moonlight, illuminating the room in a soft silver glow. A desk is stuck
  5. in northeast corner, covered with books and scrolls, some of which spill onto the floor around it. A
  6. sole candle flickers on the desktop, its golden light mingling with the moon to create an odd
  7. luminescence. A set of gold scales rest here, twinkling mysteriously. Reed mats cover the floor,
  8. with the odd red feather lying amongst them, while a padded hammock hangs from the ceiling, a sadly
  9. depleted pillow spilling out from the top. Through the windows in the arch, one can see the
  10. sparkling fountain and the wandering citizens below. Lady Haruspex Rancoura So'hthae, Ole'noc Caihel
  11. stands here, an unnatural silence clinging to her like a shroud. She wields the graceful black-
  12. crystal athame of the Silent Umbra in her left hand.
  13. You see a single exit leading down.
  15. A svelte demidivine of dark grace, she is a feathered trill nightwreathed demigoddess. Guised in a
  16. shadowy beauty embodying the reigning darkness, each supple movement is ethereal in its fluidity;
  17. her partial mortality is evident in the carnal form she inhabits, yet there is an adumbral,
  18. otherworldly aura ensconcing her that fluctuates with a subtle, but tangible divine power, saturated
  19. with the essence of revelling shadow. Her skin is paler than fresh-fallen midwinter snow, brushed
  20. with vague indigo underhues and free of imperfection, marked only by a barely perceptible, silver
  21. seven-pointed star imbued below the hollow of her throat. A curvaceous form retains the otherwise
  22. slender profile of the trill, though she stands half again taller than her mortal kin and with a
  23. perfected poise, her countenance beautiful in its feminine refinement as she surveys all with cool
  24. regard. The inky blackness of her immense, ephemerally-spun wings cascades down her back in a fall
  25. of otherworldly feathers, flowing silkily about her form like an insubstantial, adumbral cloak
  26. shifting in the slightest breath of air; melding with her wings' shadow-mist, atrous plumage flows
  27. from the crest of her head as coalesced shadow, strung with shards of black crystal. Her
  28. aesthetically stoic countenance is beset with striking eyes fluctuating betwixt lazuline and violet
  29. hues, which while beautiful serve to enhance the frosted nature of her mien. A wintry shadowfire
  30. flickers entrancingly within their depths, intimating the traces of divine power within this
  31. daughter of Night's being and shifting with every veiled thought.
  33. She is wearing:
  34. a phantasmal shroud of shadows woven about her neck
  35. an elegant, fragile bracelet of threaded black crystal
  36. a glittering, arm-wrapping spiral bracelet of stygian crystal
  37. an aura of shadow surrounding her eyes
  38. a feather-strung stygian satchel sewn of brushed spidersilk
  39. a black silk pouch adorned with curling silver filigree vines looped upon the silver belt resting
  40. upon her hips
  41. a silver-engraved black crystal ring of the Silent
  42. a hallowed brooch of the Silent
  43. a thin, delicate silver belt of the night resting upon her slender hips
  44. a full-finger ring of woven, aphotic crystal threads
  45. a translucent mark of the Silent One clasped to her silver belt
  46. sensually elegant robes of a Night daughter revealing glimpses of pale, indigo-brushed skin
  47. a blessed pendant of the Hallowed Dark
  48. an ebon necklace bound with a shadowfire gem
  49. a tribal knotwork-and-sapphire ring
  50. a shadowed watch of the seven shrouds strung to her silver belt
  51. a silver torc
  52. the Fingerblade of dha'Wyrden-cree bound to the slender ring finger of her left hand.
  54. Rancoura turns from one of the argent-illuminated windows to settle her gaze upon you, the flow of
  55. shadows streaming steadily away from her undulating with the movement. Lazuline hues bleed to violet
  56. within her irises, the weight of her gaze cool as the Lady Haruspex regards you.
  57. Nyana keeps her gaze on Rancoura as she surveys the unfamiliar room, lingering a
  58. moment on the moonlight sky beyond the windows. "Lady Haruspex," she greets, with a brief incline of
  59. her head.
  61. Returning the greeting with a simple tilt of her head, Rancoura spreads a slender palm before her,
  62. pale skin reflecting the moonlight filtering into the chamber. "Speak as you will," she whispers,
  63. the softness of her voice carrying dark undertones which echo within the shadowed corners around you.
  65. Nyana glances down at the reflection of the light on her own purplish skin, and
  66. edges out away from the window's glow. "If I may," she remarks first, "I am sorry about your fae,
  67. earlier. I had thought to warn you, but did not have the time."
  69. Rancoura allows only the shadow of a smile to lay upon her lips, her only response to the apology.
  70. Statuesque and silent, again her head tilts, ephemeral feathers whispering as they shift, the weight
  71. of her regard no further lessened than the moment it fell upon you.
  73. Nyana doesn't react to the stare, her gaze impassive and her posture remaining only
  74. a casual slouch. "In any case," she continues, her tone dropping, "I never had the chance to speak
  75. to you before I left. I am aware of the relationship between our two nations, presently, and did not
  76. come to plea to have the brand removed," she adds.
  78. Folding her hands, slender fingers entwined, Rancoura offers a slight nod of acknolwedgement.
  80. Nyana says, seemingly encouraged by the lack of response, "Indeed, I think it is
  81. most unfortunate that we are at odds. I see a shared history between the two, despite any
  82. misunderstandings that have happened since."
  84. Rancoura's violet-lazuline eyes glint with a rare amusement.
  86. Her words icy, Lady Haruspex Rancoura So'hthae, Ole'noc Caihel whispers, "It was no misunderstanding,
  87. child, which led to the current climate betwixt your City and the Glomdoring. As I stated earlier,
  88. treachery occurred, and Magnagora chose to bed it."
  90. Still cool, Lady Haruspex Rancoura So'hthae, Ole'noc Caihel whispers, "But please, do continue."
  92. Her brow wrinkling, you say, "Before I do, I would like to know what treachery you speak of."
  94. Rancoura brushes a hand back, caressing the fluid fall of phantasmal plumage which composes the
  95. wings at her back. "Within the most recent former alliance, in which the Glomdoring, Gaudiguch and
  96. Magnagora participated, the usual clause stating that no fae were to be harmed by either city
  97. existed," she states, her tone dead calm despite its frosted cadence. "An additional clause stated
  98. that should a particular individual, known for their past, severe aggressions against the Glomdoring,
  99. again endanger the alliance, they be removed from Magnagora at risk of betraying the treaties in
  100. place."
  102. In smooth, silken tones, Lady Haruspex Rancoura So'hthae, Ole'noc Caihel whispers, "This individual,
  103. as is their custom, eventually took to slaughtering the fae. Magnagora was confronted with the
  104. clause, and, valuing this single individual over their honour and the alliance as a whole, refused
  105. to co-operate and therefore severed the alliance in support of this faeslayer."
  107. Eyes widening at the words, Nyana presses a sinuous finger to her chin. "What was
  108. the name of the fa... of this person?"
  110. Coolly, Lady Haruspex Rancoura So'hthae, Ole'noc Caihel whispers, "It matters not, given the
  111. discussion at hand. Know only that your City sanctioned them, and proved itself quite questionable
  112. in its priorities."
  114. Nyana says, musing to herself, "The priority would appear to be a citizen over an
  115. outside alliance. But," adds, dropping her hand from her chin in a dismissive wave, "As you say, it
  116. matters not. The conflict itself does not change my observation: Magnagora and Glomdoring share a
  117. common history. The Taint has made both stronger," she finishes, her tone confident.
  119. Again folding her hands, Rancoura raises a slender brow as the shadowflames in her eyes darken. "And
  120. this musing relates to your theft of the gifts of the Dark Mother, and their use against Her
  121. children, in which manner?" she asks in a low tone.
  123. Nyana drops her gaze to the side, expression showing now a hint of sullenness. "I
  124. use what knowledge I have available, and what I have rightfully learned from Her myself. A...
  125. cultural tradition, as it were," she says, adding a small smirk. "As far as using them against those
  126. of the Wyrd..." she shakes her head. "Were we not enemies, I would not have to."
  128. The brow still raised, Lady Haruspex Rancoura So'hthae, Ole'noc Caihel whispers, "And tell me, child,
  129. do you intend to sway the minds of your elders and leaders in regards to their political decisions?"
  131. Nyana pauses, thinking over the words for several moments. "I intend to add my
  132. voice to any political decision, and encourage them to choose wisely."
  134. The dismissal in the elegant wave of her hand undimmed by the grace of the movement, Rancoura dryly
  135. whispers, "Then I wish you fortunate in such endeavours. Regardless of your sentiments, you have
  136. raised your athame against the forest of the Dark Mother Herself, and thus have forsaken any right
  137. you may believe you hold to Her gifts." Pausing, the demidivine examines you for a long moment, her
  138. silhouette against the moonlit backdrop seeming to grow larger as each second passes. "Be warned
  139. that that is something the Glomdoring shall not stand for."
  141. In smooth, silken tones, Lady Haruspex Rancoura So'hthae, Ole'noc Caihel whispers to you, "Thus, I
  142. shall request this once: forsake the gifts of the Night, and naught else need follow the matter."
  144. Nyana keeps her voice calm, unmoved, and one hand unconsciously grips her athame as
  145. she says, "I will take it under consideration. I appreciate the conversation, and your own thoughts
  146. on the matter."
  148. Dipping into a short bow, you say, "Until another time, Lady Haruspex. Be well."
  150. A ghastly smile again appears upon Rancoura's lips, a cool amusement permeating her jewelled,
  151. ethereal gaze. "Three months," she states in a whisper. "That is the allowance of time you may take
  152. to acquiesce."
  154. 6 ) 2019/05/23 17:04:07 - Rancoura: "Esiar, Avurekhos, Barrin, Kalnid, Aramel, Nyana and Pysynne
  155. present for enemies."
  156. 7 ) 2019/05/23 17:04:31 - Kyalrhin: "Avurekhos, Barrin, Kalnid, Aramel for threats."
  157. 8 ) 2019/05/23 17:04:59 - Toshiko: "Nyana should be one of your priorities."
  158. 9 ) 2019/05/23 17:05:25 - Rancoura: "Why might that be?"
  159. 10) 2019/05/23 17:05:33 - Toshiko: "Because she's stealing their shadows so you can't."
  160. 11) 2019/05/23 17:05:34 - Kyalrhin: "Ex-Glom that kept her skills."
  161. 12) 2019/05/23 17:05:48 - Rancoura: "I see."
  163. 2019/05/23 17:09:39 - Rancoura declared Nyana to be a formal enemy. Reason: Retaining the gifts of
  164. Mother Night after departing the Glomdoring over two years past, and using them to directly aid our
  165. foes in combat against those of the Wyrd.
  166. 2019/05/23 17:11:10 - Rancoura > Nyana was reportedly stealing the shadows of her new allies in
  167. order to prevent Shadowdancers of the Glomdoring from doing so during the recent timequake.
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