Spikes Tale - Chapter 2

Jun 3rd, 2013
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  1. You sat in disbelief, staring at the pale green scales that adorned your belly. Twyla stood silently in front of you, biting her lip in anxious patience, waiting for you to say something. You slowly looked up at her with your jaw hanging open, then back down at you stomach. Was this some kind of joke? It must be! You were a man of science, and you *knew* that there was no way on gods green earth that it was possible for a human to grow new scales in the span of a couple of hours, let alone grow scales at all! Twyla must have glued this to you while you were out cold. Yeah, that must be it! You clawed at the the sides of the scales, trying to pull them off, but they seemed to be attached under the skin by-
  2. Wait. Claws? Oh my god! You stare again in disbelief at the small purple tip of your fingers which also had a bit of scales “growing” on them. Your fingernails looked almost like you had grown them out and filed them to a sharp point then dipped them in purple wax. They even seemed to give off a matte purple shine as you rotated them to reflect the light of the kitchen. Twyla kept opening her mouth to say something, but quickly closed it before she said anything, probably because she might regret whatever she may have said. Eventually, she sat down next to you and was about to put her hand around your shoulder when you gave her a quick glance which was almost like a force-field to her hand, forcing her to quickly retracted it. For about five minutes, both you and Twyla sat still with you observing your hands and stomach while she sat frozen solid next to you. The silence had to be broken eventually though.
  4. “Spike, I’m really sorry...”
  6. “Don't” You snapped back at her.
  8. “Don't you dare call me “Spike”, OK? I'm not your friend, I'm not Spike, my name is... I'm... I'm...”
  10. Oh my god. You couldn't even remember you name. You had spent your entire life with this name and now you couldn't even recall what your mother had named you. Or even your mothers face. You stood up swiftly, filled with bitter rage and hate. You grabbed an extremely surprised Twilight by her shoulders and shouted at her.
  12. “What have you done to me! Why can't I remember my name! TELL ME TWYLA!”
  14. She shook her head and you could see tears beginning to well up in her eyes as you shook her by her shoulders.
  16. “Please, Spike, I don't know! I just-”
  18. “DON'T CALL ME SPIKE!” In a fit of blinding rage, you pushed her off of her chair and she slammed into the floor with a resounding thud.
  20. Oh no... What had you done? She was your best friend and you had hurt her...
  22. “Oh no, Twilight, I’m so sorry-”
  24. She stared up at you in disbelief, tears streaming down her beautiful face. She was a flower and you had just trampled her like she was nothing. And now, she was nothing but a mess lying on the floor. Destroyed by your idiocy and rage. She cried out in absolute despair and sadness as she ran out, tears practically streaming behind her as she ran.
  26. “Wait, Twilight!” You reach out to her as she slams the door behind her. Sweet Celestia, what had you done? You know that you had never met this girl in your entire life, but what you had just done was unforgivable. It was absolutely, positively against every single thing that you stood for. You had never treated anyone in your entire life with the amount of disrespect or contempt.
  28. “Argh, what the heck is wrong with me!” You shout at yourself as you clean up after the mess that you had made after... Hurting Twilight. You started to sob as you picked up the chair that you had knocked over in your anger. But... You didn't even know her, so why did you care for her so much?
  30. Unless what she told you was true, which is highly improbable. The facts did outweigh the probability, everything was sound. You had green scales on your belly and your hands did look vaguely like claws. She had said “Spike the *baby* dragon.” which was also not just improbable, but impossible. You were a whole eighteen years of age and definitely not a baby. Unless dragons aged slower than ponies. Wait, ponies? You just realized that you had been thinking a lot about ponies recently, in fact, ever since you had met Twilight. Ah, there was that name again as well! Twilight... That must be Twyla's pony name or something, otherwise you wouldn't even think of calling her that.
  32. Dreariness began overcome your mind as your thoughts become more and more muddled as time went on. Maybe it was time to hit the sack, today had certainly been intense and draining, your recent spat with Twilight not just leaving you depressed, but exhausted. You walk straight into your room and collapse on your bed, falling asleep instantly.
  35. Your phone's alarm woke you this morning, beeping loudly and vibrating until it fell off the desk. Drearily, you stood up and picked it up in your claws to turn it off. You don't even notice as the button breaks as you turn off the alarm, scattering pieces of the button over the floor. In a haze of “just-woke-up”-edness, you put the phone down on the bed side table and stand up. The floor seemed a little further away than usual today, but you ignored that in your tired state and stumbled into the bathroom. You didn't have to get up on anything to see into the mirror, but it was definitely further away from you this morning.
  37. “That's weird.” You think to your self as you look at the mirror. As your bleary eyes adjusted in the morning light, you stared at your reflection for a couple of seconds in the mirror before noticing a couple of strange changes. First off, you didn't have any hair left on your head and second, your eyes were a bright blazing green. You were a bit taken aback by these changes at first, but as soon as you shook yourself out of your tired stupor, the full impact of the changes hit you.
  39. Holy buck, why were your eyes green!? And where did your damn hair go!? Did it fall out, or shrink or get shaved off? You rub your shiny bald head with your hand and- Oh god, your hand? Smooth matte purple scales had completely covered your hands, leaving them looking very dragon-like and pointy. Something else had changed with your hands and when you examined them for a little longer, you discovered exactly what that was.
  41. You only had four fingers on each hand.
  43. OK, so what, not being able to count to ten with your hands and them being covered in scales and having green eyes didn't mean you were turning into a dragon, right? Who were you kidding, of course you were turning into a dragon! Every single damn thing pointed straight to that answer with no possible deviation. Your heart began to race as your mind quickly threw around a jumbled assortments of thoughts pertaining to your current situation. All of this was too much to handle, how were you going to live your life as a dragon?
  45. Suddenly, you felt a bubbling sensation coming from your stomach and the urge to vomit overtook you. You ran over to the toilet and prepared to retch, gripping the side of the bowl in both claws and closing your eyes. You began to retch, but instead of a stream of vomit coming out, your mouth erupted, releasing a streak of pure green fire from your mouth. Holy shit! You could breath fucking fire! Whether you would like the rest of turning into a dragon or not, this was definitely the coolest thing you would be able to do. The after taste of breathing fire was kind of strange, kind of smoky but still bearable, you observed as you licked your lips with your dragon tongue. Oh yeah, your tongue had also changed, allowing you to extend it out of your mouth about two feet and flick it around.
  47. You looked over at the clock for a second and then back to checking out your changes, but quickly rubbernecked. 7:30? Oh buck, you were gonna be late for uni! You grab a pair of gloves, a beanie and some glasses to cover up your new dragon like appendages and run outside. You jump in your car and turn it on, pushing the seat forward a little to accommodate for your recent loss in height. You shove the gloves on, fitting surprisingly well, despite the lack of a fifth finger on each hand, and push the car into gear, reversing out of the carport and heading toward the campus.
  50. During the lecture, you saw no sign of Twilight. She was probably to scared or embarrassed to come to class because of how badly you had treated her. Oh Celestia, how could you be so damn mean? It was your fault that she wasn't here and it was your fault that she had cried. You tried to pay attention during the lecture, but all you could think about was what Twilight was doing right now. It took a little bit of getting used to with your lack extra digits, but you quickly got acclimatized and could write normally. The only problem with that being all you could think of writing was apology letters to Twilight, explaining how sorry you were for hurting her and you wanted to make up for it. You watched the tutor as he stopped talking to the class for a second to look towards the entrance of the room.
  52. “Ah, Twyla. How nice of you to join us, if a bit late.”
  54. Twilight was here? You looked up from your letter and saw Twilight walk in, wearing a hoodie and keeping her hands tightly shoved into her pocket. She looked across the classroom and stopped when her eyes fell upon you. You could tell that she was about to leave but you beckoned her silently. She looked a bit unsure about what to do, but when the lecturer gave her a glare, she quickly trotted up to the back of the lecture hall to where you were sitting. She shuffled in between desks and sat down next to you, keeping her hands firmly inside of her jackets pocket.
  56. “Look, Twilight, I'm really sorry for last night. I feel absolutely terrible about this, will you ever forgive me?”
  58. “Can we talk after cl-”
  60. The lecturer cleared his throat and stared at you.
  62. “If you two could take your little conversation outside instead of disrupting my class, that would be great.”
  64. You stood up and Twilight followed suit, heading for the exit of the classroom.
  66. “Now, students, turn to page two hundred and fifteen of Geological Formations.”
  69. As soon as you and Twilight were in the campus yard outside of the classroom, you went behind a corner and instantly tore off your glasses and gloves. Twilight gasped and pulled her hooves to her mouth when she saw your dragon claws and green eyes. Wait, hooves? She must be changing as well, but not into a dragon. Maybe a horse? Or a pony?
  71. “Spike...”
  73. “I'm sorry about before, Twilight, I really am. My emotions got the better of me and I over-reacted. I don't know if you will ever forgive me, but-”
  75. She put her hoof softly to your lips and smiled, tearing up with happiness.
  77. “I don't care, Spike. You're my friend, and friends never abandon friends, no matter what the case is, OK?”
  79. “OK...” you mutter back, still feeling really bad about what you had done. You would never forget it and never forgive yourself. You compulsively flick your tongue out and cover you mouth with your claws in surprise.
  81. “Do you believe me now, Spike? Do you believe that you actually are Spike the dragon?”
  83. “*Sigh*, Yes Twilight, I believe you now. I am turning into a dragon, but what is gonna happen now, huh? What does this mean?”
  85. “Well, if you didn't notice, I’m changing back into a pony. I can only guess how that will pan out as I’ve never done a human transformation spell before. If my deductions are correct from what I’ve observed so far, the transformations will accelerate in speed until we reach an apex, at which our bodies will stop changing for a short while before resuming later. Furthermore, if our transformations continue in the direction they are heading, the amount of time it will take for our transformations to be completed is approximately 12 hours, 45 minutes and 25 seconds, with the apex of transformation at-”
  87. “Twilight, you're rambling again.”
  89. “Oh, yes. Sorry. In Layponys terms, we need to hide soon or humans will be able to observe our transformations. That's why I came to class, the transformations will start again in about... Twenty minutes.”
  91. “Well what are we standing around here for? Let's go!”
  93. You grab her lightly by the hoof and run towards the car.
  96. You pull into your garage, jump out of the car and bring Twilight inside with you. As soon as you get in, you stand in the middle of the living room, still holding onto Twilight’s hoof.
  98. “Uh... Now what.” You ask Twilight as you stand there, un-moving.
  100. “Well, we should find something to do in the meantime while our transformations finish themselves off. I can't do anything until we're done, so what do humans do for enjoyment?”
  102. “Well, we play video games. That might be a little hard for you though, seeing as you don't have any hands.” You smile smugly as twiddle your fingers.
  104. “Oh, I wouldn't say that... I'll be able to make up for that soon...” She giggled to her self.
  106. “Huh? In what way?”
  108. “Oh, you'll see. In about...” She looked at her watch. “Thirty seconds. That's how long until the changes will resume again”
  110. “Really? OK then, how should I prepare? Last time it hurt a lot when the scales grew.”
  112. “Well, I didn't experience any pain when I transformed, possibly because I let my body change, I didn't try to reject it. Maybe you should do the same this time.”
  114. “Well... If you're sure, I trust you Twilight. Let's see how we go.”
  116. As soon as you finished saying that, you could feel a rippling sensation breeze over your arms and legs, causing you to shudder. You stared at your arms and claws as small little purple scales began to pop out of pores in your skin and grow. It wasn't painful at all, like Twilight had promised you. In fact, it was oddly pleasurable to see the scales appearing and your arm morphing. It was pretty tickly too, not at all how you would expect growing scales to be.
  117. It was even much so that you started to giggle a little bit as the growth of scales reached your elbow.
  119. Twilight looked over at you, a bit confused at your outburst but quickly joined in as she realized what was causing the laughter. You both fell over in pure elation and joy. If you had to go through hard times, it was best to go through it with your closest friend. Speaking of other friends, how was the other ponies? Wait, other ponies... Ah yes! A light bulb seemed to switch on in your head, reminding you of the fact that Twilight wasn't the only pony who was a close friend of yours. If only you could remember their names as well... Not right now, it seemed. Maybe you would regain your memories as the changes progressed.
  121. The scales had grown all the way up to your hip and your shoulder now and it looked like they were slowing down. You looked over to Twilight who was stifling a giggle while watching her legs change and morph to be more like that of a pony’s. Purple fur had grown along her legs and arms as her arms changed to be more like the legs of a pony. You just noticed that during the transformation, both you and Twilight had significantly shrunk in size, appropriating you to a more realistic form for a baby dragon and a pony, but not quite that small yet. You were still around one and a half times the height of Twilight.
  123. Something else had changed about Twilight that you couldn't put your claw on... Oh there it was. Her trademark horn. She saw you looking at it in amazement and moved her own hand up to the top of her head. She winced a bit as her hoof hit it but sighed in relief straight after.
  125. “Oh thank Celestia, I was worried for a second that my horn wouldn't grow back, haha!”
  127. You both laughed and smiled at each other. You were so glad to finally have your friend back after all this time of being.
  129. “Hey Spike, what was it you said before about not being able to play these “video games”?” Twilight said slyly and lifted up a pillow with a glow emanating from her horn.
  131. “One sec, I'll go grab my games.”
  133. You lept up to your feet, which felt a bit awkward seeing as you were now only about four feet tall, and ran quickly into your bedroom. As soon you entered into your room though, a weird hunger overtook you. It was strange, like... Looking at all your gems was making your stomach rumble. They did look strangely delicious... You reach up on your desk and grab a hold of a sparkling Amethyst, for some reason, salivating just at the look of it.
  135. “I wonder what it would taste like...”
  137. Just a little taste won't hurt, will it? Before you know it though, the entire gem is inside your mouth and you were happily crunching away at it with your powerful new dragon teeth. Wow! This was the best thing you had tasted in your entire life! It was kind of sweet, but not so sweet that it became sickly. It also gave off a hint of... Grapes! Why hadn't you tried this before, this was amazing! Oh yeah, that's right. You weren't a dragon before.
  139. “Spike? What's taking you so long? Is something wrong in there?” You hear Twilight call out from the other room.
  141. “Nah ishall coo'l!” You shout back, mouth full of crumbling amethyst. You swallow what you have left in your mouth and began to reach for another when you remembered that Twilight was still out there waiting for you. You rush over to your cupboards to bring out your games when something else stops you. A picture of you and your friend. The friend that you couldn't even remember the name for. No, wait... It wasn't that you couldn't remember his name, it was that a different name was pushing it's way to the front and standing straight in front of the old one. A name that felt familiar, yet still alien to you... Maybe Twilight would know. You grabbed your old playstation and head into the other room, carting it under your arm.
  143. “Hey Twilight,” You ask, placing the console down and starting to plug it in.
  145. “Yeah? What's on your mind?”
  147. “Who's Rarity?”
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