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  1. "I do not believe someone with a pretty open past of being homophobic as well as several accusations of sexual misconduct should be allowed this job.",
  2. "Homophobia is shit and he needs to stOP",
  3. "Besides the fact that the voice actor portraying Rin Matsuoka is homophobic and has been banned from past conventions for problematic and inexcusable behavior, Vic Mignogna's portrayal of the aforementioned character is mediocre at best and tired. In simpler terms, instead of recasting the most popular voices in the industry over and over again, perhaps try something new like actually holding auditions and finding a voice talent that fits the character?",
  4. "Like aforementioned, Free is a very Boy-Love oriented anime. A HOMOPHOBE shouldn't be playing a character ??? Obviously ",
  5. "fk vic douchebagna",
  6. "I'm tired of people idolizinf such a fucked up man. He does not deserve to voice such an importsnt character in such a fantastic show after all he's done.",
  7. "I don't care if it is just Free!\nI don't think it's right to cast someone with such awful, disgusting views as any character. I want Rins voice actor changed to someone more open minded, especially for a show like Free!",
  8. "This is disgusting. Enough said.",
  9. "As much as I love the irony of Vic playing another (canon) homosexual, I feel that this role does not suit a man who cannot even accept that as an actor, he is playing a role. He is probably still in denial over Fai. Rin is a great character and his homosexuality is canon (if you can't see it than you need to take the drunk glasses off) meaning that Vic will never fully understand/accept this character. Rin deserves a good VA and unfortunately because of his prejudice, Vic just isn't going to be 100% Rin. ",
  10. "I'm signing because while he is an amazing voice actor and has talent he has let his personal feelings leak to far into his profession.",
  11. "I love free! And I don't think casting somebody who is homophobic is wise. The dub won't be very popular if there's a homophobic cast on it. ",
  12. "I am a firm believer that he is not right for the role of Rin",
  13. "So many, this guy is homophobic, pedophilic, openly unopologetic and overall scum. I dont have much interest in free but this guy is absolutely wrong.",
  14. "Vic Mignogna is a fucking creep",
  15. "<a href=\"\" rel=\"nofollow\"></a>\nlist o reasons",
  16. "bc twinsiessi is demanding",
  17. "He's not only homophobic and incredibly creepy and stalker-ish towards underage girls, I've seen from personal experience as volunteer security for a local convention he attended in 2007 that he has no problem openly drinking in public and getting himself drunk off his ass at an event where kids are everywhere for a three-day period.\n\nThere are few people who irk me as much as Vic Mignogna does.",
  18. "I do not want a rude man who has a history of sexual harassment to be voicing such positive anime like Free!, in which the main fanbase is young girls. There are plenty of young, feminist men who are willing to play Rin's part.",
  19. "Rin is a character that is clearly coded as being homosexual. Having someone who has conducted himself in the manner of Mr. Migogna voice him is ridiculous.",
  20. "1) He's homophobic and I'd rather not see him involved given he'll probably treat the fanbase super poorly. Since 90% of this show focuses on male relationships there's going to be a lot of shipping of the kinds of ships he disapproves of.\n2) As a queer person that's pretty offensive in it's own right that someone who holds those views would even remotely be approached. \n3) His voice isn't versatile. When he voiced Tamaki from Ouran High School Host Club? It sounded like Edward Elric just more flamboyant. He nearly always sounds the same.",
  21. "As a member of the queer community, I take personal offense to Vic Mognogna's homophobia, and I NOT want him to voice one of my favorite characters, especially one I strongly believe is queer.",
  22. "Welp, my friend wanted me to sign and the fuck kind of sense is this? It's literally a show with homosexuals in it, how does it make sense to cast a man who is homophobic?",
  23. "Vic McEggNog needs to stop",
  24. "Vic has harassed so many underage girls and is prejudiced against certain orientations.",
  25. "Not only is he homophobic, but has multiple accusations against for sexual harassment. Given the demographics for Free! are mostly girls/women who like boys love, he should not represent Free! in any shape or form.",
  26. "Seriously, people need to stop accepting this kind of behavior from adults who are old enough to know better, or at least educate themselves to be better.",
  27. "I used to be a fan, but hearing all of the negatives from friends and acquaintances, I think Rin (as well as other characters done by him) should have a voice actor who understands the role and is open to what is to be expected.",
  28. "Vic is a piece of shit person. He needs to be stopped. please stop him from attending more cons and from being in free!",
  29. "I have personally seen Vic Mignogna sexually harass under aged girls at Conventions",
  30. "The last show a homophobe should be in.",
  31. "He's an asshole",
  32. "Homophobia is unacceptable. ",
  33. "to be homophobic when a good chunk of your fanbase are impressionable teens just barely beginning to blossom into their individual identities is a detriment to their wellbeing, safety, and enjoyment, and is completely unacceptable, get this man out of here ",
  34. "Vic Mignogna has had appalling conduct over his career as a voice actor. Someone in his position shouldn't be behaving in the way that he is.",
  35. "His behavior not only about this issue, but towards underage female fans is deplorable. To continue to work with someone so unprofessional and irresponsible reflects poorly on the entire Funimation Company",
  36. "hes not only homophobic but anti-semitic and pedophilic as well",
  37. "This is getting ridiculous, simply put: Vic is not a good choice for this roll. I refuse to sit quietly by and have you ruin a good anime with poor voice acting. Again. You ruined Attack on Titan, dont do it to this series, too. ",
  38. "I think he's not fit for this role at all. He's openly homophobic, is a 52 year old man who hits on young girls and I also don't think his voice is a fit for Rin.",
  39. "Homophobia is intolerable.",
  40. "If Vic history of homophobia and the script clash it will hurt the integrity and dialog of the show, please do not put someone who does not believe in gay rights into a gay //heavily hinting at// show.",
  41. "I love Free! It's an amazing anime, and as a member of the fandom I know it's full of homoromantic relationships. It's unfair for one of the most highly shipped characters to be voiced by a person who is anti LGTBQIA, and as a bisexual girl, I find it rather offensive. In addition, Mignogna has had too many incidents for this nonsense to continue. I don't want him to ruin one of my favorite anime with his intolerance and inappropriate behaviour. ",
  42. "i always thought mignoginoginignoginog was a dick and now i know i was right\n\nanyway its like mignoginoginog seems to only be capable of voicing like one character and everyone else he voices is still that one guy just sounds a tiny bit different. but its still the same person its like the same banana pudding over and over again",
  43. "Repeated misconduct shouldn't be left unpunished",
  44. "this is despicable. \nWhat a bigoted, narrow-minded jerk ",
  45. "Absolutely not, no, he would ruin it with his behavior and treat fans disgustingly even more.",
  46. "Free! is mostly made towards the girl / gay fanbase of anime. It's male and male fanservice, clearly, and Vic is not the right choice to be voicing someone from that when he is obsessively religious, calling anyone in the LGBT community a \"sinner\" and \"going to hell\"",
  47. "I don't want someone who does have some kind of personally issues against LGBT people being a part of a show that's oblivious homoerotic. Get someone else who's cool with homoerotic stuff like that.",
  48. "Vic Mignogna is homophobic (and I'm gay so) and he also sexually harasses underaged girls.",
  49. "I dunno tbh",
  50. "1. Vic admits to refusing to sign homoromantic pieces of art depicting characters he’s voiced in this video. Someone pro-LGBTQIA or at least tolerant of homosexuality wouldn’t discriminate between art depicting straight or gay relationships. \n\n2.Vic said: “yaoi fans are desperate for attention.”\n\n3.Vic dodges question about whether he agrees with gay marriage. Apparently gay marriage is only okay if everyone has voted for it. \n\n4.Vic desperately tries to deny that two characters (one which he has voiced) are gay by lying about his ability to speak Japanese. He also assumes gay relationships can only be sexual. Clamp is a Japanese manga-artist group that seeks to normalise gay relationships and TVtropes lists many reasons why Fai/Kurogane can be interpreted as a gay relationship, making comparisons with gay couples within Clamp’s canon. \n\n5. While some gay fans have reported that Vic’s been professional with them, others have been disappointed by Vic’s homophobia. One fan reports that Vic called him and his boyfriend a 'disappointment from God.' \n\n6. Video of Vic saying he made a Holocaust joke and refused to apologise. Got offended when a fan called him anti-Jewish.\n\n7. Youtube videos of Vic kissing under-age girls without asking how old they are.\n\n8.Video of Vic behaving in a flirtatious/sexual manner toward an under-aged girl. The scene they are acting out is one that originally takes place between two teenagers in Ouran High School Host Club. Vic is a fifty-two-year-old man.",
  51. "Being a reputable voice actor does not excuse ignorance and sexual harassment. Take Vic Mignogna out of Free!. ",
  52. "I don't want this amazing show to be ruined by this. this show has potential! \nplease fix it.",
  53. "Nope. I met the man once and he was creepy as anything, this show is aimed at underage girls and therefore should not be staffed by a paedophile. He should be fired. ",
  54. "He is just such an awful person and does not deserve to voice anyone anymore.",
  55. "This guy is seriously creepy... I don't even watch Free!, I  just personally avoid anything Vic Mignogna is in. He's insulting and I'll take great pains to avoid anything he's worked in.",
  56. "Not only is this man absolutely deplorable, but his voice doesn't even lend himself to Rin's character anyway. Wtf",
  57. "Vic Migogna needs to be stopped.",
  58. "He's attitude is negative and he's not someone who should be rewarded for it",
  59. "vic mignogna is a terrible person and he creepy af",
  60. "just being cautious",
  61. "Phobes need to chill. (That means you, Vic)",
  62. "I'm signing because Free! is a yaoi anime, and homophobics should not be allowed to be a part. ",
  63. "quote from Vic\n\"\"I’m going to say exactly what happens. Somebody comes up to me and gives\nme a naked picture of Roy Mustang and Edward Elric making out, and they\nwant me to sign it. Do you think I throw it in their face and cuss them\nout? Of course not. You know what I do, I go, ‘Ooh sweetie, I’d really\nrather not sign that, but I’d be happy to sign something else.’\"\n\nUnderstandable. He wants to keep his name attached to truth in the show. But Free! is gay. Refusing to sign fanart for Free! is offensive to the fans. If he is not 100% comfortable with it, he is doing the show a disservice.",
  64. "I signed this petition because let's face it - Vic is a creep. I know from experience because the way he took a photo with me at Midwest Media Expo 2014 was incredibly inappropriate and made me uncomfortable as all hell.\r\n\r\nThat and he uses the same damn voice for every character he has voiced ever. Seriously, listen to Ed Elric and then Tamaki. The only difference is that he pitches Tamaki's voice a tad higher. Other than that, its basically a douchebag Ed Elric at a private school. \r\n\r\nBut the creeper stories bother me the most. There is so much proof out there (both photographs and even VIDEOS) of him touching girls inappropriately and getting too close for comfort. Of course his precious \"Risembool Rangers\" will defend him to the death and claim he is just \"nice\" and \"kind to his fans\"... Yeah. Right.\r\n\r\nThat and the fact that he had to host a \"Rumors\" panel at a recent convention really raises the red flags. If you have to host an entire panel about rumors concerning you - then there is a real problem going on here that needs to be addressed. I doubt the many girls claiming that he creeped on them are just \"rumors\" or \"fans desperate for attention.\" \r\n\r\n",
  65. "I used to like Vic, but now I've seen a lot of his activities lately and I can no longer accept him.",
  66. "Rin deserves a better English voice actor. ",
  67. "I'm signing because what he has done along with this is horrid and should not be rewarded with the continuation of voicing this character.",
  68. "I would like to see improvement in the dubs and NO editing out scenes or changes to the plot as that's the reason people watch the anime.",
  69. "He's not right for this character. Seriously",
  70. "vic mignogna is trash",
  71. "Because this isn't okay",
  72. "Please hold celebrities accountable for their actions and put the safety of under-aged female and gay fans first. Vic shouldn’t be allowed to be a member of the Free! cast or attend conventions if he poses a threat to minors, who are Free!’s target audience. FUNimation can hire whomever they want, but they should take the welfare of their consumers and customers into consideration when hiring staff. Mignogna’s behaviour should at least be investigated to show due diligence. ",
  73. "Homophobic tendencies shouldn't be tolerated; and I really don't want to see fans of Free! being harrassed or talked down to because they like a pairing with Rin.",
  74. "He is garbage ",
  75. "To be honest, I used to love Vic. But I and several of my friends have met him on seperate occasions and he was  either seriously creepy or just plain being a dick.\nI loved him as Ed and as Tamaki. He has a wonderful voice. But that seems to be the only wonderful part about him. He needs to go. ",
  76. "He's a scumbag ",
  77. "He's not a good voice actor nor is he a good person. I've delt with him at a local con for a good eight or so years and he is far from plesent. Plus, he doesn't ever change his voice for roles. How can you call yourself s good voice actor, who does this. ",
  78. "As a member of the LGBTQIA community, and as someone well aware of the content and target audience of Free!, I don't believe that someone with so many serious allegations against him should be a part of this project. Please take him off and cast someone else.",
  79. "I look young. Very much so. I'm 25, and I look 16, tops. When I was 18 (guess how old I looked then) I had to deal with Vic inappropriately flirting with me for half and hour while I volunteered in the area of the con he was in. After I informed him politely that I didn't know who he was because I watch subs (I didn't mention disliking his voice) he became rude and dismissive, and tried to get me removed from the con. When that didn't work, he settled for calling me a cold bitch to his agent. He's a predator, and his actions towards young women at conventions are deeply problematic and need to stop. As long as he continues to voice popular anime characters, he will be invited back as a guest.",
  80. "hes also a creepy pedophile dont forget that lol",
  81. "fuck u micegnog",
  82. "Mignogna is a disgraceful man",
  83. "Vic's behavior is the definition of being scum. Such a horrible human being shouldn't be allowed to find work just anywhere without scrutiny.",
  84. "Get the homophobe outta here. He'll just upset fans and everyone in general.. ",
  85. "Funk homophobes",
  86. "Don't watch the show but I really don't like the guy.",
  87. "I dislike his guts and his voice blows ",
  88. "I don't like dubs, but I don't like Vic more... so anything to keep him away from this.",
  89. "Bruh you're a homophobic perv who doesn't deserve to voice characters who mean so much to people.  ",
  90. "Mignogna is a huge creep on so many levels.",
  91. "vic is a homophobic racist ass so glad people are finally realizing this",
  92. " Vic Migogna homophobic and rude to fans, he engages with underage females and that is sick. please change him",
  93. "Vic is incredibly unprofessional when it comes to dealing with diversity amongst his fans and has attempted to solicit and seduce underage girls at conventions.  The fact that he even has a contract with FUNimation at this point is a joke",
  94. "If what I've been hearing about Vic Mignogna is true (the homophobia, preaching to his fans, paedophilic behaviour, etc.), then this switch needs to be done.",
  95. "cos fuck him",
  96. "This thing is a piece of shit homophobic, pedophile trash.",
  97. "I don't want him voice Rin.",
  98. "FREE LUV",
  99. "He is honestly a terrible person and having him voice more and more characters will only encourage him and more young fans will look up to him.  It's just a big problem and he's not a very nice person.",
  100. "If you're homophobic, you're not scared, you're just an asshole - exactly what Vic is. ",
  101. "It does not make any sense to have someone who is homophobic on the cast of a series that was CLEARLY created and purposely plays with the fanservice that is yaoi and shounen-ai; that is to say, homosexual relations. Fans would most CERTAINLY want and make requests along these lines and when that happens, Vic would clearly get offended. This does no good for EITHER party. Please cast someone else.",
  102. "From what I have read, this guy is actually such a terrible person. He's creepy, invasive, incredibly offensive and extremely biased. Why hasn't FUNimation done anything about him sooner?",
  103. "Vic's other voice acting roles were commendable. I cannot imagine a better voice for Edward Elric, in FMA, for example. However, his voice is unfit for Rin Matsuoka's character (if compared to Japanese seiyuu, whose casting was incredibly fitting), and due to his personal beliefs, I am unfortunately strongly convinced that he will try to downplay the emotion involved in Rin's character in relation to other characters. Rin Matsuoka is a very emotional character, and his words and tones carry many subtle hints to his feelings throughout the entire anime. A voice actor who will be unable to reproduce those tiny, almost insignificant details in his speech will be unable to convey Rin's actual emotions, and will make him into a flatter character than he truly is. The subtle intricacies of Rin's speech patterns are some of the biggest and most defining parts of his character, and I firmly believe that Vic Mignogna will be unable to act out such delicate and important details. Rin is a character dear to many of us in the fandom, and an unfitting casting is going to be disastrous for Funimation, as fans will be (as they already are) highly displeased and will prefer the original Japanese anime to the dub. It is in the mutual interest of both parties to reconsider casting Vic Mignogna as Rin Matsuoka in the upcoming dub.",
  104. "He's a creep! Why are you doing this?",
  105. "Vic is a homophobe and gross",
  106. "Seeing the amount of corruption and abuse within and related to the voice acting community first hand, I believe we need to not fear ostracizing those who cause the corruption. Vic is one of these corrupt people.",
  107. "It's improper for someone to have that kind of, what one would argue privilege and that much access to young girls.",
  108. "The though of Vic voicing Rin disgusts me.",
  109. "Vic is gross and unsafe.",
  110. "Vic is a disgusting example of how far companies can go ignoring homophobia, and it honestly needs to stop.",
  111. "The guy is a freaking pedophile, of course he needs to be fired and not have more opportunities to take advantage of underage girls. ",
  112. "Because homophobia needs to stop",
  113. "vic is trash",
  114. "FUNimation has chosen the wrong man to voice the wrong character. Not only has Vic Mignogna got a voice which would not suit this role, but his attitude and beliefs towards the subject matter within the series would be controversial among fans. FUNimation could cast a much more appropriate voice actor if they re-auditioned for the dub.  ",
  115. "Vic Micnogna's homophobia is a disgrace and I don't want him making allegations that he talked to kyoani regarding Rin's sexuality like he (falsely) did about talking to clamp about the sexuality of kurogane and fair from tsubasa, in which he voiced fai.",
  116. "Vic Mignogna is gross.",
  117. "Vic Mignogna should not ruin my favourite show ever and make new fans miss watching this show because one of the main voice actors is homophobic and insulting to the fans and their community. Please get rid of him because Rin is such a great character and Vic Mignogna is going to ruin him.",
  118. "ive personally been sexually harassed by Vic Mignogna at a con before and witnessed him do that to countless other girls as well. Not to mention the fans of the show are made of mostly of younger girls and Im not comfortable with him being in another show with so many female fans for him to prey on. \n\nThere are plenty of talented voice actors that could be hired to play Rin and I implore you to please consider changing the voice actor for the sake of the anime and keep the underage fans safe.",
  119. "I am queer and I don't want homophobic people to have anything to do with my fandom.",
  120. "he is openly homophobic. what a backwards decision to cast him in free!! I will wait for a longer dub release i will not watch free withVic Mignogna cast. ",
  121. "At first I just thought his voice was an awful fit for the character. I still think that, but now I realize that Vic Lasagna is really an all-around awful person.",
  122. "Vic also has an unsettling history with young female fans. Casting him as one of the leads in a show with a majority of fanbase made up of teenage girls is, in my eyes, a very bad idea.",
  123. "I have been voicing my discomfort with Vic since Setsucon 2010, when he and his politics monopolized the entire convention space, terrorized the staff, and made inappropriate overtures toward many young women attending the convention. At Katsucon of that year, he paraded around the exhibit floor like a pied piper of underaged girls, trailing a gaggle of young women who were fawning over him much like one would expect a pop idol group's fans to do. But he is not a pop idol group, and he is not held accountable for his actions, much less held accountable to the strict measure of appropriateness that an idol group's management company would hold their talent.  And an idol group is composed of boys that are, at the most, ten years older than the girls to whom they are marketed. Vic markets himself, plying his role as \"the\" voice of these loved characters, and intentionally, repeatedly, and disgustingly conflates his existence with the characters themselves. He allows his young fans to confuse him with the characters they come to love, and flirts \"in character\" with girls that are not even a third of his age -- girls who do not want to believe that their \"idol\" Edward Elric or Suoh Tamaki would be capable of such predation.  But he is not those characters, and Vic himself most definitely IS capable of - and has made - acts of predation.  \n\nAlso, he's a shitty fucking actor, and all of his roles sound the same. The actors he's dubbing for have far more versatility and range than he does. His presence on a dub cast is, honestly, enough to cause me to NOT buy a DVD set, to AVOID a dubbed stream, to in any way do my best to NOT HEAR his nasally same-as-it-always-is voice.  Case in point: I love the Ouran dub cast EXCEPT for his role. He stands out like a mawkish, egocentric sore thumb.  Making his voice recognizable as HIS voice, instead of trying to convey the character he's cast as, seems to be his way of branding his presence, and if it's as intentional as it sounds, it's an egocentric and selfish way to 'act'.  \n\nFunimation, you pulled your reputation out of the dirt and rose to become one of THE most respected distro companies in this industry. (I work the circuit. I talk to at least 500,000 of your customers per year. They love you now.)  But when I was a wee anime kidlet, if Funimation got my favorite show, that was a *death sentence* for the potential enjoyability of any US release we'd see of the property. \n\nThese days, with Vic shoehorned into your every production? It's starting to feel a lot like that again, honestly. Your staff are great, your talent is mostly great.  He? Not great.  \n\nPlease cut the chaff - for talent reasons, for ethical reasons, for LGBTQIA+ positivity reasons, and just for basic freaking decency reasons. He's a skeeze, guys. He's just a cheap skeeze.",
  124. "In this day and age, It's unbelievable the homophobia is still as prevailant as it is. This being said, it should not be tolerated. ",
  125. "This man is disgusting ",
  126. "insulting....I looked up to this dude as one of my favorite voice actors...but now that the truthhas come to light...I just feel...not okay",
  127. "I'm signing because it is unfair to treat someone differently because of their romantic interests. ",
  128. "Vic's a creepy pedo, it doesn't matter if he's actually into the teenage girls or just pandering for their attention because their love pays his bills. It's disgusting. ",
  129. "someone who doesnt support lgbt culture shouldnt be the voice of a character in a serie with hints to homosexuality. ",
  130. "I signed a petition to get Free! animated... This show is important and this homophobic asshole is ruining what everyone fought for.",
  131. "Vic Mignogna is a horrible person and is 52, not 17",
  132. "This is basically a hate crime in the happening ",
  133. "he is rude and have said a lot of rude and homofobic things... ",
  134. "Not to mention Free! has so many teenage fans. Vic is 50 years old. Him interacting with young girls on cons is just downright creepy",
  135. "Vic mcnonnononnogna is a piece of shit. I send my wishes for the girls affected by this creep's ideology ",
  136. "I don't like homophobes",
  137. "We need someone else to voice Rin who isn't homophobic and rude to fans. Also Vic doesn't suit Rin's personality)",
  138. "He's an awful human being",
  139. "Homophobia should not be tolerated ",
  140. "vic is gross af",
  141. "vic is disgusting wtf ",
  142. "He's an awful human being...just plain awful.",
  143. "More than homophobic, he tends to be highly inappropriate to younger women.",
  144. "Vic is a gross guy. ",
  145. "Vic is a piece of homophobic trash. No thanks Funimation.",
  146. "I feel really disappointed to hear all the bad things about him - I really thought he was a nice guy and it sucks to hear hes nearly considered a sexual predator - we cant let money get in the way of protecting young ladies.",
  147. "Not only is Mignogna homophobic but he has sexually assaulted multiple under-age girls. Do not support this man, hold him accountable for his actions. Don't hire him. ",
  148. "Free! is an anime where pretty much every fan is a fan of one BL ship from the show (and the boyxboy ships aren't even discreet); and being openly homophobic, I don't believe Vic is suitable to voice Rin as he will surely offend and upset many fans at conventions and such in the future.",
  149. "I don't think a homophobic man should be let to play this part",
  150. "Vic Mignogna is Openly Homophobic - Cast a Different Voice Actor for Rin Matsuoka",
  151. "vic is disrespectful and is not right for free because of his actions qnd his voice does not work for rin at all. vic would not be able to bring out the amount of emotion that rin has. vic is not talented enough for this role and i think he needs to be recasted immediately ",
  152. "cause' vic's an asshole and needs to fuck off forever",
  153. "I dont think its okay for people to keep ignoring what this guy has done.....and I personally love this anime and I dont want to see his name associated with it....",
  154. "this needs to change",
  155. "Because he has sexually assulted under age girls and will continue to do so being the voice actor of a well liked character of a popular series. ",
  156. "vic magnolia sucks eggs",
  157. "vi c mignogna is shit",
  158. "I'm signing this because I don't feel that a man that is notorious for his homophobia, anti-semitism, and predatory behavior towards young girls should be allowed to be on a show where young girls are a very large part of the fanbase.",
  159. "Because Vic Mgnogna is fucking disgusting and a horible person ",
  160. "Ew",
  161. "People like Vic don't deserve to have a place in society. They're too dangerous and just disgusting.",
  162. "Because he's also a sexual predator of underage girls and needs to be put out of a job.",
  163. "I refuse to support a series with a homophobic voice actor, regardless of how well known he is.",
  164. "Vic Mignogna is Openly Homophobic",
  165. "vic you once stepped on my friend who was in a giant orange ball gown dress and then blamed it on her\n\nso thats not even getting into my immense dislike of his voice or his decisions in this community",
  166. "i don't want this bitchtitt to be the voice actor of rin",
  168. "I'm signing this because this man has no talent. He uses that same for for every character and is just overall an untalent wash of a man. ",
  169. "I think he is so wrong for the cast. He is INDEED homophobic. AND DON'T LET ME START WITH HIS COSPLAY! As an adult man he must be stop.",
  170. "I think he is so unprofessional. He cosplay as a 17 YEARS OLD CHARACTER!!! He is homophobic and have accused of been a molester. ",
  171. "This man is just not right at all and I'd rather not have him voice a good character from an anime I enjoy ",
  172. "This is disgusting.",
  173. "I use to hear that he refused to sign royed, but I didn't mind because some people might be uncomfortable with it but hearing that it is more the that and he really is a homophobic gets me pissed so much. That and he molest underage girls! I am a girl and have two sisters and we all enjoy this show I really don't want any sexault harassment to happen to any of us",
  174. "vic migogna is disgusting",
  175. "Was wrong wit gays B/",
  176. "Vic Mignogna is a homophobic, judgemental openly accused rapist and pedophile whom makes people of all ages uncomfortable, especially underage girls. He should not be allowed anywhere near this casting role, or any others for that matter.",
  177. "Vic is a piece of homophobic trash and a sexual predator. I don't think he should voice act for anything ever again. ",
  178. "Vic Mignogna sucks and we need someone that actually has talent and a wide range of voices thank u",
  179. "This is unacceptable. Believe what you wanna believe, but when you speak and act in ways that are homophobic and therefore extremely hurtful and offensive to an entire subset of people, then you should not be involved with a project that tends to cater to and attract those of the LGBTQA+ community or their supporters.",
  180. "Don't forget his inappropriate conduct with underage female fans.",
  181. "Vic Migogna is a homophobic and terrible person who should not be allowed to voice perceptibly queer characters when he is so outwardly against it.",
  182. "Because Vic is a shitty person. I have personal experience.  He hit on me wHEN I WAS LIKE 13. He said my friend had a shitty singing voice. He cussed in front of another friends little sibling. Hes. Not. A. Good. Guy.",
  183. "I love Free! and I'd rather not have this man ruin the series.",
  184. "i fully believe in what the person who started this is trying to get through to Funimation.",
  185. "vic is a dic",
  186. "I personally feel uncomfortable with how he has treated underage fans at conventions.  ",
  187. "vic is a dic",
  188. "Vic Mignogna is truly a piece of shit, and it's getting out of hand tbh",
  189. "Vic's behavior is ridiculous I don't think he should be in a fandom where there is a large number of homosexual works because he will just shoot down the fans and make them feel like shit. Again.",
  190. "What right does he have to bash on homosexuality when he commits unspeakable acts upon innocent underage girls? Disgusting man.",
  191. "I agree and think these a ligations may lead him to become a threat to the anime community and i also do not agree with the casting choice. ",
  192. "I don't want to allow someone who is so blatantly discriminate ruin my favorite show.",
  193. "Because Vic Mignogna should not be the voice actor of a character who is pretty heavily shown in love with another guy when he himself is homophobic. This is a disgrace to the character and to fans.",
  194. "Mignogna's behavior is disgusting and inexcusable. I could not comfortably support a project with a known harasser of young women involved.",
  195. "Homophobic and Free! don't go in a sentence together.",
  196. "because beyond his own opinions over what he does and doesn't want to sign, a man who has been INCREDIBLY INAPPROPRIATE with UNDER AGE FANS deserves jail time, not more work",
  197. "Vic Mignogna is a danger to female and homosexual fans. He should not be allowed to mistreat and abuse fans and/ or his authority as a celebrity, especially not in these ways.",
  198. "hes like 52 and gross ",
  199. "vic is trash please stop him",
  200. "i dont want anyone homophobic to dub act one of my fav characters ",
  201. "Vic doesn't deserve it.",
  202. "I'm signing this because as someone that used to love and admire Vic Mignogna, I think he needs serious help. What he has done is wrong, and he deserves to have something push him towards getting the help he needs. I don't truly believe anyone is terrible-- But the homophobia and sexual assault of young woman makes you disgusting. Please remove him from the cast, and someone please get him help. As obviously he has gone too long as the hero, and is starting to become the villain.",
  203. "because he's a skeezeball and I'm honestly tired of seeing him everywhere",
  204. "He is a dick ",
  205. "I'm signing because I am disgusted by FUNimation.",
  206. "Vic Mignogna's voice is not good for this character. He is overused and should not be given this role",
  207. "Vic suks ass lol",
  208. "I'm signing because Vic Mignogna is a terrible person and I don't want him ruining another anime ",
  209. "Vic is has been doctumented to be a problematic human being, and should not be allowed to remain on his pedestal of glory.",
  210. "Fuck this guy.",
  211. "because fuck this guy",
  212. "I'm disappointed in this man.  I used to enjoy his work, but actions have consequences.",
  213. "i don't like him",
  214. "He really needs to be phased out, he's caused a TON of issues at conventions and never changes his voice (it cannot be called voice acting if you only have one type of voice.)",
  215. "This is disgusting.",
  216. "He has gotten violent with a friend of mine at a convention while drunk. Said friend was underage. He has since been banned from this convention for his misconduct over the weekend.",
  217. "He's a pervert who deserves to be locked up",
  218. "I am disgusted at hearing Vics behaviour, theres no way he should be allowed to voice Rin. The Free!fandom does not want a homophobe voicing a implied gay character. ",
  219. "I have had a friend sexually harassed by this man She was seventeen and he was 50-something. Enough is enough.",
  220. "I'm signing because it is very unacceptable for any voice actor (especially free! ) to be homophobic . It is not only rude and disrespectful but it sets a wrong image for funimation as it shows they are ok with the fact that he is homophobic.",
  221. "I don't want to have to put up with a voice actor who is homophobic and been inappropriate with minors. I can't believe this is even a controversy, please address this.",
  222. "Because he is not only openly homophobic, he has also harassed and assaulted underage girls COUNTLESS times.",
  223. "Vic eggnog sucks ass",
  224. "vic mignogna is a horrible person who has disrespected many of my friends at conventions and there is MORE than enough evidence that he's scummy!",
  225. "I'm signing this because I don't want a very good character to be killed by a horrible, homophobic voice actor. I have seen a lot of Vic's work, although I'm slightly impressed with his voice, he doesn't suit Rin matsuoka properly.  ",
  226. "he's so unpleasant and possibly a pedophile... I mean... not the kind of voice you'd want in a kids show yknow? it's 10 years too late for him to be doing this shit still",
  227. "I've had a sketchy personal experience with Vic, and his blatant homophobia is going to cause a lot of hurt for fans of Free!",
  228. "it's important to normalize homosexuality",
  229. "I'm signing this because this is disgusting and he should not be allowed to voice act or allowed to attend public events.",
  230. "Vic Mignogna is not a good voice for Run Matsuoka, in my opinion, and he is a pedophile and homophobic creep that should not be given work where the target audience is young females.",
  231. "Vic is a dic",
  232. "This is disgusting behavior and I don't want him voicing Rin. ",
  233. "he is creepy and homophobic and it is inappropriate to cast him in an anime with a largely underage female fanbase ",
  234. "I find his behaviour towards LGBTQIA fans offensive and saddening; I would prefer a different voice actor for this character because of that.",
  235. "Vic does not deserve this position. based on his openly offensive views",
  236. "I refuse to watch something voiced by an untalented, homophobic pedophile.",
  237. "Vic Mignogna is not fit to portray the characters he voices and FUNimation needs to hire new voice actors instead of using the same people for every single anime they dub. ",
  238. "because i do not want a character who could easily be interpreted as homosexual played by a homophobic voice actor, aka Vic.",
  239. "he's an ass. fuck this guy. ",
  240. "Vic does not suit this role. ",
  241. "im signing because of his awful history with sexual harrassment and homophobia :I a grown, professional VA shouldn't be engaging in this type of activity",
  242. "1. Vic admits to refusing to sign homoromantic pieces of art depicting characters he’s voiced in this video. Someone pro-LGBTQIA or at least tolerant of homosexuality wouldn’t discriminate between art depicting straight or gay relationships. \n\n2.Vic said: “yaoi fans are desperate for attention.”\n\n3.Vic dodges question about whether he agrees with gay marriage. Apparently gay marriage is only okay if everyone has voted for it. \n\n4.Vic desperately tries to deny that two characters (one which he has voiced) are gay by lying about his ability to speak Japanese. He also assumes gay relationships can only be sexual. Clamp is a Japanese manga-artist group that seeks to normalise gay relationships and TVtropes lists many reasons why Fai/Kurogane can be interpreted as a gay relationship, making comparisons with gay couples within Clamp’s canon. \n\n5. While some gay fans have reported that Vic’s been professional with them, others have been disappointed by Vic’s homophobia. One fan reports that Vic called him and his boyfriend a 'disappointment from God.' \n\n6. Video of Vic saying he made a Holocaust joke and refused to apologise. Got offended when a fan called him anti-Jewish.\n\n7. Youtube videos of Vic kissing under-age girls without asking how old they are.\n\n8.Video of Vic behaving in a flirtatious/sexual manner toward an under-aged girl. The scene they are acting out is one that originally takes place between two teenagers in Ouran High School Host Club. Vic is a fifty-two-year-old man. \n\n9. Picture of Vic kissing a girl who clearly doesn’t want Vic’s attention.\n\n10. A blog that documents the experiences of anonymous under-aged girls who have been sexually assaulted by Vic and other people’s negative (or sometimes positive) experiences with the voice actor.\n\n11. Another extremely detailed account of Vic groping fan girls and getting into a fight.\n\n12. One of the ex-moderators of Vic’s fan club ‘Risembool’ Rangers said he invited her to his room when she as under-age. She wouldn’t be the first person to say this. \n\n13. Another character description from a person who used to know Vic.\n\n14. A journalist who has friends inside Funimation lists the reasons why Vic is one of the most hated voice actors working for the company.\n\nFor clarification:\n\n1. You cannot interact physically/sexually or have sex with a minor even if they consented. A teacher will back up this statement.\n\n2. Being uncomfortable with homosexuality does make you homophobic. You can’t say you like gay people and then choose to treat their sexuality as something offensive because that has real life negative consequences for gay people. \n\n3. Holocaust jokes are wrong as told by a Jewish man.\n\n4. Only 2 percent of rape allegations turn out to be false.\n\n5. This post is not defamation because a lot of criticisms about Vic are based on videos/images documenting his behaviour. For legal reasons I’m neither confirming or denying that all the allegations against Mignogna are true, but personally I find it hard to believe that all these people are lying.\n\nWhat you can do:\n\n1. Sign this petition.\n\n2. Email <a href=\"\" rel=\"nofollow\"></a> and <a href=\"\" rel=\"nofollow\"></a>. Please remember to be polite when you voice your concerns about the casting.\n\n3. Inform FUNimation of their employee’s misconduct through twitter @FUNimation.\n\n4. Reblog this post so others can be made aware of Vic’s behaviour and avoid him at conventions. \n\nPlease hold celebrities accountable for their actions and put the safety of under-aged female and gay fans first. Vic shouldn’t be allowed to be a member of the Free! cast or attend conventions if he poses a threat to minors, who are Free!’s target audience. FUNimation can hire whomever they want, but they should take the welfare of their consumers and customers into consideration when hiring staff. Mignogna’s behaviour should at least be investigated to show due diligence. \n\nThank you for reading. ",
  243. "That should be reason enough: <a href=\"\" rel=\"nofollow\"></a>",
  244. "because i dont support people who are openly homophobic, and I do not wish to hear him voicing my favourite character :-)",
  245. "he is openly homophobic and rude to fans",
  246. "I'm signing this because not only is Vic extreme homophobic but he is also a pedophiliac groper at conventions. I do not want to support a series that will end up paying a man who is disrespectful of the fanbase as well as someone who touches underage fans inappropriately. ",
  247. "As a lesbian I cannot support someone who discriminates against my sexuality voicing a character that I like",
  248. "vic mignogna is shit",
  249. "I don't want young girls to be put in danger",
  251. "I've heard plenty of horror stories (not just about rape and homophobia)",
  252. "I'm signing this because it doesn't semm right that someone like Vic gets to play such a loved character, especially seeing his problematic behaviour in the past which he refuses to apologize for.",
  253. "A homophobic person like him should not be voice acting for a character in an anime where the fan base is nearly all yaoi(gay) shippers",
  254. "Personally have witnessed this guys sleeze. He shouldn't be hired in any industry, much less one where he can continue to poach young girls.",
  255. "I'm signing because I think Vic is honestly a horrible voice actor who, for some reason, absolutely detests his fans.",
  256. "I would rather not have a man with such harmful views representing a character that has been widly interpreted as queer.",
  257. "Vic is a horrible voice actor and a worse person.",
  258. "Vic Mignona is not only openly homophobic but also a disgusting adult male trying to attract teenage girls. He should absolutely be thrown out of the cast.",
  259. "FUCK VIC",
  260. "I've heard a lot of bad stuff about this voice actor and I think Funimation would benefit from having a new voice actor that won't be known on the internet for being a creepy homophobic pervert.",
  261. "Openly homophobic, plenty of other voices can be used for him that would have the right, if not better, voice for the character",
  262. "Give someone else a chance... Vic doesnt need the fame like a new va does!",
  263. "I love Free! and it makes me feel sick that this guy is in it, considering what he's done.",
  264. "Vic Mignogna's voice is not only wrong for the part, but with all the allegations of his acting flirtatious and sexual towards minors, I can't  exactly say I'm thrilled to have him voice any character.",
  265. "People like this shouldn't be fucking homophobic, nobody should be homophobic.",
  266. "I'm signing this because i think it's not acceptable",
  267. "Vic is an asshole and needs to be stopped",
  268. "This man is a travesty. Incredibly homophobic, hearty with his plays towards under - aged girls, unforgiving with inappropriate jokes, and all around ignorant as a whole. He doesn't deserve this role, if not because of his actions, but because his vocal range can't give it the justice it needs. \n\nRin is an emotional character. It's obvious from watching just a single episode of Free! that he displays his emotions on the drop of a hat. However, in every character that Vic plays, he gives them all same exact pitch, tone, and emotion level. There is no difference. There is no sense of identity. I couldn't even tell them apart if it wasn't for the subject matter. \n\nTamaki Suoh sounds no different from Fai D. Flowright. Edward Elric sounds no different from Kou Ichijo. Spirit Alburn sounds absolutely no different from Greece. So on and so forth, and they should ! Every single character should differentiate ! They should all be easily distinguishable when you play their voices, but they don't. They don't have any soul.\n\nI loved every single one of those characters, and I watched as Vic murdered and mutilated their essence with his acting.\nI don't want this to happen to Rin too. It's not worth a dub to destroy a character. ",
  269. "This man is disgusting and his career needs to be put to an end. It's ridiculous how he's barely suffered any consequences for his actions.",
  270. "there has to be someone better suited than this man like there are thousands of voice actors better suited  and not absolute trash",
  271. "I believe Vic Mignonia is the wrong person to voice Rin ",
  272. "Vic Mignogna is literal trash of a human being. He's homophobic, sexually harassed under aged girls at cons, a major douchebag, and he needs to be stopped",
  273. "We don't need a dub release since sub is apparently more open and fun if Vic voices the dub one!",
  274. "He wont voice a good rin and he is not suited for the role at all my personal thought, and he is homophobic and no homophobic person should be cast for something that can cast the characters as gay in the fan world or even slightly in the show. just nu",
  275. "I strongly believe Vic should not be apart of the voice acting cast for Free!'s english dub",
  276. "Also he has sexually harassed and pursued underage girls. ",
  277. "This man is so disgusting holy shit",
  278. "I don't even watch free and I know this is bullshti",
  279. " Vic shouldn’t be allowed to be a member of the Free! cast or attend conventions if he poses a threat to minors, who are Free!’s target audience. FUNimation can hire whomever they want, but they should take the welfare of their consumers and customers into consideration when hiring staff. Mignogna’s behaviour should at least be investigated to show due diligence. ",
  280. "Vic Mahogany is a piece of poo",
  281. "don't need trash in such a well-made series",
  282. "tbh this guy is trash.",
  283. "I cannot stand up for this man, like I did before.",
  284. "vic is a dick",
  285. "Im signing because he obviously refuses to sign any sort of 'yaoi' art at cons, which is understandable if its straight up porn, but yaoi could range from holding hands to frotting tbh. So what?? What is he gonna do if some poor young girl my age walks up to him and asks him to sign official free! art where the characters are holding hands and looking deeply into each others eyes or if theyre laying there sprawled out in a wet shirt making bedroom eyes at the viewer next to each other???? is he gonna be like \"haha this makes me uncomfortable haha so no sweetie sorry i cabt sign ur fanart haha ill kiss u tho\"",
  286. "Because I feel, he doesn't suite the role. Also his history with fans and solitation minors.  His negetive views on the LGBT community and how he carries himself and his business.",
  287. "The man is 52 years old yet is immature and kind of more than creepy.",
  288. "We shouldn't tolerate his behavior.",
  289. "This is absolutely disgusting!",
  290. "Vic Mignogna is disgusting",
  291. "Personally, I don't believe his voice fits the character at all. Also, there are definitely implied homoromantic undertones between many of the characters in the show, especially in the second season.",
  292. "Vic Mignogna has rubbed me the wrong way since I was in middle school--considering I am now a 25 year old woman and he STILL creeps me the hell out and upsets me with his bigotry, that's saying a lot.",
  293. "stop vic mcnugget",
  294. "stop now",
  295. "I'm signing because I do not want this man to dub my favorite anime. He is disrespectful, and doesn't deserve this privilege.",
  296. "Vic shouldn't be on the cast if he is homophobic bc rin is gay????",
  297. "Vic Mignogna is homophobic and also a sexual predator who preys on undererage female fans. shouldn't be allowed on a show that caters to young female fans.",
  298. "he is a walking pile of trash and i refuse to have this person representing rin matsuoka",
  299. "gross",
  300. "The astounding acts that VIC has committed has really hit me hard. I'm disappointed in him, truly. I just hope that he'll understand the real outcome of his acts soon.",
  301. "He's an asshole, but also completely wrong for this role. Todd Haberkorn or Steve Staley would be much better choices. ",
  302. "Vic is a very horrible person",
  303. "Vic is a horrible person and doesn't deserve this role",
  304. "He is a terrible human being",
  305. "he is also guilty of sexual assault towards minors",
  306. "screw homophobia",
  307. "Vic Mignogna would NOT be a good voice actor for Rin Matsouka for multiple reasons, one of them being his voice does not suit Rin ONE. FREAKING. BIT. Vic has also tainted his name as a voice actor and just would not be suitable for this role.",
  309. "Disgusting homophobic trash",
  310. "because vic is disgusting. hes homophobic, is a pedophile - has come on to underaged girls (guess who the target audience of free! is)",
  311. "As someone who is pansexual, it hurts that someone who disagrees so blatantly with who I am is chosen time after time in series that are important to myself and others like me. On top of his homophobia, he's acted inappropriately towards female minors, including giving close friends of mine his email, when they were 14 and 15 at the time. Furthermore, even if we view the situation from a perspective of who is the most talented, I am sure there are others who would make an EXCELLENT Rin Matsuoka. Funimation, please reconsider casting Vic Mignogna for Rin Matsuoka.",
  312. "i'm signing because what the fuck is vic magogna fuck him",
  313. "rin didn't die for this",
  314. "He's not just homophobic, he's a 50 year old creep and RAPIST. He should not be famous. He should not have a job. Not one that makes a criminal famous and popular. Please remove him from the cast. He's just gross.",
  315. "Vic Mignogna's obvious homophobia, inappropriate remarks, unacceptable behavior towards underaged girls, and his many other irrefutable discrepancies leaves myself and many others in the Free! fandom unable to support his role as a voice actor. ",
  316. "as a member of the LGBT community i do not want someone who is against me existing and having a grown man who has had reports of assault been told against him worries me as the fandom of this show is mainly teenage girls",
  317. "I would like to hold celebrities accountable for their actions and put the safety of under-aged female and gay fans first. Vic shouldn’t be allowed to be a member of the Free! cast or attend conventions if he poses a threat to minors, who are Free!’s target audience. FUNimation can hire whomever they want, but they should take the welfare of their consumers and customers into consideration when hiring staff. Mignogna’s behaviour should at least be investigated to show due diligence. ",
  318. "im signing this because he hits on / flirts with underaged girls. being homophobic is bad enough but this is even worse . ",
  319. "Vic Mignogna is not the kind of Person funimation should want representing them. Not only is he homophobic, he has been documented unapologetically making antisemestic jokes, and has had NUMEROUS people speak out against him for his actions towards them which could as sexual harassment. And most of those accounts are from underage girls.",
  320. "I could say it's because he's rude with little to no talent but it's because he is a homophobic pedophile (kissing/inviting underage girls to his room).\nFUNimation is showing by allowing vic to carry on working for them they do not care about the shows they're working on nor the well being/safety of their fans.\nIt's time for FUNimation to realize that they should give a chance to new talent rather then keep returning to talent-less bigots such as vic.",
  321. "This guy is an asshole, and unfit to voice my babe. ",
  322. "Get this horrible person out of here. He puts Fai in heteronormative gender roles and claims to know better about Fai's relationship with Kurogane because he supposedly spoke with CLAMP? Are you hella kidding me? Not to mention the time he made excuses for saying “sounds like there’s a holocaust going on outside”.",
  323. "I've read valid points on why he should not dub Rin Matsuoka.",
  324. "he is not suited for the role of rin matsuoka in my opinion ",
  325. "I'm signing this because Funimation needs to stop using the same VAs over and over again. It doesn't offer a fair chance to new and upcoming voice actors. Especially with someone like Vic, who is known to be  a rumoured sexual assaulter of his own fans, he shouldn't be given more work like this.",
  326. "Because he needs to be stopped with his homophobia and abusing his superiority",
  327. "Someone this toxic should not be allowed in a position where they're gaining a medium through which to speak to and interact with young people.",
  328. "fuck vic honestly ",
  329. "mostly i just hope that funimation realizes they're going to be losing a huge portion of viewers because of this casting choice. vic is not a good guy, there's multiple accounts of his wrongdoings from a ridiculous amount of sources, and fans of this show do not want any part of this guy's views reflected in the dub, at cons, on social media, etc. this show literally makes its revenue off of implied homosexuality. i don't need a voice actor notorious for homophobic tendencies to be taking on a role in this show, and then proceeding to preach about the 'desperation' of the fanbase (because, according to him, yaoi fans are 'desperate for attention'). not only that, but he's had some pretty questionable encounters with underage fans. \n\ngood luck selling this one, funimation.",
  330. "I feel that Funimation has made a mistake by casting Vic Mignogna as Rin. He's a fabulous voice actor but NOT for Rin Matsuoka as it is obvious that this anime is a boy/boy anime. Vic is absolutely homophobic. Please, cast another person! ",
  331. "He's always struck me as rude and disingenuous. I don't even really care about this show itself, but I don't like his blatant homophobia and I won't support it.",
  332. "In this day and age, homophobic attitude and ideas should not be tolerated. With a cast that is SO GOOD already, why Vic? When Yuri Lowenthal exists, for example? He's perfect for the role! ",
  333. "disgusting",
  334. "I'm homosexual and I don't want someone who is homophobic in a show that has obvious homosexual intentions because he will preach and deny every bit of evidence that this is true.",
  335. "he's really creepy and fliratious towards underage girls? and he's pretty homophobic??",
  336. "Vic Mignogna would not be a good choice for the dub for various reasons. ",
  337. "I've seen some questionable things online with multiple sources linking to all the same problem. He is seen sexually harassing UNDERAGE girls, which is most of the time masked with the purpose of 'being in character'. In multiple accounts, he is shown disapproving of homosexual relationships and constantly uses religion to defend himself.\nOther reasons I think Vic is unsuitable for this role is because I dont really like Vic's voice. Many of his previous voices are very similar and unsuitable for the voice of Rin from Free!",
  338. "fuck vic",
  339. "As a homosexual individual and a fan of Free!, I don't want someone homophobic on the cast.",
  340. "rin deserves better.",
  341. "Vic Mignogna has displayed countless times his open dislike for anything gay related. There is also countless evidence of him sexually harassing fans who are clearly underage, and at times have not wanted his attention whatsoever.\n\nHe needs to be stopped, he's the bane of Funimation. ",
  342. "He's a homophobic p.o.s.",
  343. "This is unacceptable behaviour for a professional VA such as himself. The fandom and company deserve a better candidate for the show.",
  344. "I'm signing for all of the reasons below:\n1. Vic admits to refusing to sign homoromantic pieces of art depicting characters he’s voiced in this video. Someone pro-LGBTQIA or at least tolerant of homosexuality wouldn’t discriminate between art depicting straight or gay relationships. \n\n2.Vic said: “yaoi fans are desperate for attention.”\n\n3.Vic dodges question about whether he agrees with gay marriage. Apparently gay marriage is only okay if everyone has voted for it. \n\n4.Vic desperately tries to deny that two characters (one which he has voiced) are gay by lying about his ability to speak Japanese. He also assumes gay relationships can only be sexual. Clamp is a Japanese manga-artist group that seeks to normalise gay relationships and TVtropes lists many reasons why Fai/Kurogane can be interpreted as a gay relationship, making comparisons with gay couples within Clamp’s canon. \n\n5. While some gay fans have reported that Vic’s been professional with them, others have been disappointed by Vic’s homophobia. One fan reports that Vic called him and his boyfriend a 'disappointment from God.' \n\n6. Video of Vic saying he made a Holocaust joke and refused to apologise. Got offended when a fan called him anti-Jewish.\n\n7. Youtube videos of Vic kissing under-age girls without asking how old they are.\n\n8.Video of Vic behaving in a flirtatious/sexual manner toward an under-aged girl. The scene they are acting out is one that originally takes place between two teenagers in Ouran High School Host Club. Vic is a fifty-two-year-old man. \n\n9. Picture of Vic kissing a girl who clearly doesn’t want Vic’s attention.\n\n10. A blog that documents the experiences of anonymous under-aged girls who have been sexually assaulted by Vic and other people’s negative (or sometimes positive) experiences with the voice actor.\n\n11. Another extremely detailed account of Vic groping fan girls and getting into a fight.\n\n12. One of the ex-moderators of Vic’s fan club ‘Risembool’ Rangers said he invited her to his room when she as under-age. She wouldn’t be the first person to say this. \n\n13. Another character description from a person who used to know Vic.\n\n14. A journalist who has friends inside Funimation lists the reasons why Vic is one of the most hated voice actors working for the company.\n\nFor clarification:\n\n1. You cannot interact physically/sexually or have sex with a minor even if they consented. A teacher will back up this statement.\n\n2. Being uncomfortable with homosexuality does make you homophobic. You can’t say you like gay people and then choose to treat their sexuality as something offensive because that has real life negative consequences for gay people. \n\n3. Holocaust jokes are wrong as told by a Jewish man.\n\n4. Only 2 percent of rape allegations turn out to be false.\n\n5. This post is not defamation because a lot of criticisms about Vic are based on videos/images documenting his behaviour. For legal reasons I’m neither confirming or denying that all the allegations against Mignogna are true, but personally I find it hard to believe that all these people are lying.",
  345. "I myself have been sexual harrassed by Vic and was too young to realise how wrong it was.",
  346. "I'm signing this because throughout my entire life Vic has been in these shows I get to watch on TV, and after hearing what he's done to kids under-age or even simply tried to do is disgusting let alone his hatred against any type of gay or seemingly gay relationships portrayed in multiple ways.",
  347. "I HATE how he has been lately and how Funnimation is supporting homophobic actors! I grew up supporting them for them to do something like this ?!",
  348. "He needs to realize what the fans really feel about him. Free will fail with him.",
  350. "I believe in equal rights and tolerance.",
  351. "Homophobia is offensive and shouldn't be tolerated.",
  352. "because he is a wrech and should not be allowed to voice a character in a fandom that has so many pairings between boys when he is openly homophobic and is also a creeper",
  353. "Vic Moynihan sucks >:P",
  354. "It's unacceptable.",
  355. "just no",
  356. "Vic Mignogna is not the correct voice actor for Rin Matsuoka ",
  357. "I've done some Googling about these rumors mentioned on this petition to find that all he has ever done was refuse to sign pictures depicting homosexuality. He has never spoken out against or done anything to harm the LGBT movement. Apparently everyone who is bitching about him is mad that he simply disagrees with this and all of the pro-gay marriage bigots who claim to be \"open-minded\" and \"tolerant\" can't handle an opinion.\r\n\r\nHomosexuality IS a mental disorder and the more people try to claim it's natural and such just hurts them. If the movement would accept that it's a disorder then maybe we could find something to cure it. But as with most things, the pro-gay marriage movement is backwards and bigoted; can't tolerate anyone who disagrees with them even if they aren't hurting or talking bad about the movement.\r\n\r\nNot to mention Vic Mignogna is a Christian who voice acts an atheist - he doesn't care and doesn't let his beliefs get in the way of his work. He just won't sign a damn picture.",
  358. "I've done some Googling about these rumors mentioned on this petition to find that all he has ever done was refuse to sign pictures depicting homosexuality. He has never spoken out against or done anything to harm the LGBT movement. Apparently everyone who is bitching about him is mad that he simply disagrees with this and all of the pro-gay marriage bigots who claim to be \"open-minded\" and \"tolerant\" can't handle an opinion.\n\nHomosexuality IS a mental disorder and the more people try to claim it's natural and such just hurts them. If the movement would accept that it's a disorder then maybe we could find something to cure it. But as with most things, the pro-gay marriage movement is backwards and bigoted; can't tolerate anyone who disagrees with them even if they aren't hurting or talking bad about the movement.\n\nNot to mention Vic Mignogna is a Christian who voice acts an atheist - he doesn't care and doesn't let his beliefs get in the way of his work. He just won't sign a damn picture.",
  359. "Vic shouldnt be able to play this role that is implied yaoi fanservis if he is so against it. he would do horribly.",
  360. "Look being a black pansexual girl the last thing I need is this asshole ruining my favorite character. No fan deserves this. No fan deserves him.\nAlso his voice wouldn't fit for shit, it's poor in taste. Swim on Free fans! Swim on!",
  361. "I will not purchase the English dubbing of Free if Vic is allowed to voice in it. He is awful to fans, not only his, but fans of the series he's voiced in. Not only that, but many of his dubbings are awful (in my personal opinion). I love Free! Eternal Summer and have so many fond memories of watching it with my friends as it came out. I fully intended to support its English release, but I refuse to support a man so ignorant and intolerant of its major fanbase.",
  362. "Vic although he is amazing is too again\nst gays to be playing this role.",
  363. "I think Vic is a great voice actor, but is the complete wrong decision for Rin.  ",
  364. "This show is all about how beautiful friendship and platonic love betwee people can be and if one of the voice actors of the main cast is homophobic that takes away from how great the message of this show is. The majority of the characters in this show are male and in the course of two seasons there are many touching moments that can be ruined by someone who can only see men saying they love each other as inherently sexual and thinking that it's wrong. People who think like that don't deserve a lot of things and one of them is to have a part on a show that preaches acceptance.",
  365. "Vic Mogogna is horrible(personality-wise) and unproffesional. Watching the english dub with him in will take away some of my enjoyment",
  366. "A sickening pedophilic homophobe like Vic Mignogna should be flat out fired from voice acting in general, but this is a good first step.",
  367. "im honestly not sure that I would be able to enjoy watching a dub of Free! with someone like Vic as a voice actor. The show is built around the relationship between everyone, the guys included, and most of the fandom supports them as more than friends. Therefore, considering the way that Vic handles and seems to view homosexuals, he is unfit for a position in this anime. ",
  368. "I like anime and don't like homophobia",
  369. "vic mangoregina is a pedophile and a piece of shit",
  370. "He doesn't deserve the part of Rin. Do I need to explain more?",
  371. "I support the lgbtqqap  ",
  372. "I'm against homophobia",
  373. "Vig Mignogna is bigoted garbage",
  374. "No matter who we are, or who we love, we all have the right to be treated as equals. There is no reason to behave this way to underage people, or homosexuals!",
  375. "Vic Mignogna is a misogynist and an asshole and shouldn't be conducting himself in this way around children.",
  376. "Because Vic Mignogna has been rude to con staff and downright disruptive at my local convention. The man needs to chill out.",
  377. "Homophobia ain't cool, yo. ",
  378. "Look. Vic might be a good voice actor? But his misconduct is clearly wrong, and disgusting. Not only is he homophobic, which makesthis role WRONG for him, but he's clearly a pedophile. Don't. Enable. Him.",
  379. "Vic mcbadvoiceactor is actually a really shitty person",
  380. "Damn I didn't know before that Vic is a homophobic and pedophilic as*hole, like what the heck, who would even cast him??? I can only wonder what he's thinking when he voices all those gayish moments in Free!...",
  381. "not only does he show homophobic behavior, but he also has a past of gross behavior towards female fans",
  382. "Some one who is homophobic should not voice act some one representing homosexuality and vic is a giant dick ",
  383. "I can't support a homophobe playing this character. It's wrong. ",
  384. "Not only is he openly homophobic, he is known for sexually harassing fans. It is NOT okay for a 51 year old man to be flirting with teenage girls and sexually harassing them. Please do not support this man. ",
  385. "i have seen this first hand and he has denied to sign my poster because I'm gay and a trans male",
  386. "Not only is Vic homophobic, but he's also EXTREMELY inappropriate with his younger (female) fans. This man needs to be removed from the industry.",
  387. "I can't see Vic being Rin. It just wouldn't fit at all plus his history would just hurt Funimation in the long run. There are other reasons but I think other people have already said them and said them better I could.",
  388. "I want another voice actor for Rin! Please!",
  389. "Vic Mignogna is openly homophobic and rude to fans which is not okay and also I think it's a terrible acting choice.",
  390. "bc rin is gay",
  391. "Homophobia will not be tolerated. ",
  392. "Free! means the world to me. It's a safe fandom that shies away from the heteronormative something an LGBT person like myself needs more off. I don't want an homophobic harasser to voice my favorite character.",
  393. "I don't even like Free!, I just don't like this dude.",
  394. "In addition to Vic being homophobic he also has a history of harassment. Many look up to him, but people dont need a role model like THAT in their life",
  395. "He's a homophobic pedophile. ",
  396. "Not only is he homophobic, he also has a history of harassing underage female fans, and con workers have plenty of horror stories about how rude he is. As a queer female, I am not so much shocked as saddened by Funimation's support of him.",
  397. "i'm signing because, I don't think Vic is the right voice for Rin and Vic's ego and homophobic ways are just RUDE to what Rin stands for!!!!",
  398. "Originally, I just plainly don't think his voice fits Rin. \nNow, with all these things surfacing about him, I really don't think he should be a part of this series. It isn't right to put a homophobe in a show that's full of fanservice for yaoi shippers. And it's definitely not right to put someone who is accused multiple times of being inappropriate with underage girls in a show that is most definitely going to be followed by a lot of underage girls.\nI really, really hope Funimation listens.",
  399. "i dont even watch free! but fuck that guy",
  400. "He's homophobic and really creepy towards underaged girls and that is NOT OKAY for an anime that has a target audience of young teenager girls.",
  401. "I believe that it is in bad taste to have an actor who has expressed homophobic sentiments in the past to be given a role in a series like Free! where the Boy's Love aspect is a major part and is important to the fans. In the past Vic has played ambiguously queer characters and has tried to heterosexualize them - this is also homophobic and is unacceptable.",
  402. "Giving all the homoerotic subtext of Free!, it's unacceptable to cast a homophobic and gross person such as Vic for a role in the show.\n\n",
  403. "Free! is an anime with heavy references to homosexual relationships, and is widely enjoyed by young women and girls. Vic has a history of homophobia and sexual harassment of underage girls, so why cast him in a show with a fanbase he's know to harass? Please find a new VA. If not for his actions, at least replace him for his lack of diversity in his voice acting. Rin should sound like Rin, not Vic's one-trick voice.",
  404. "Vic is not only ill suited for the part but is also incredibly homophobic an unbehaved.",
  405. "This is fucking hilarious, please cry louder over some nobody voicing this 2D faggot.",
  406. "It's unacceptable",
  407. "I dont feel a homophobic actor should be allowed something so openly gay and made for gay-loving audiences.",
  408. "Because Mignogna does not have the voice capacity to play a character that should be depicted with a deeper voice. Mignogna is also incredibly homophobic and an all around creep.",
  409. "I do not support this voice actor choice at all and this position will only cause more incidents of him being rude to yaoi/shounnen ai fans in the future.",
  410. "He's not only homophobic, he's sexually assaulted underage fans and made antisemitic jokes. He should not be allowed to be put in a position where he can take advantage of fans and shame artists, cosplayers, and con-goers who are gay or otherwise LGBT+. Removing him from the dub of a show that has many underage LGBT+ fans who portray the characters as gay will go many lengths to defending Free!'s fans' safety, as well as emotional health. Letting him into the studio is letting him harass another teenage girl, is letting him spew bigoted remarks at impressionable and insecure gay teenagers. Funimation can stop it.",
  411. "Vic Mignogna doesn't deserve to get anymore roles in general if he continues to be homophobic.",
  412. "I use to really like him him in my weebs days, but the more that came to the surface about him the more I was disgusted. I don't know how he's managed to keep this job with all the stuff he's pulled.",
  413. "I am a big fan of Free! and I am really exited for the dub but I don't think I could support the dub if you keep Mr.Mignogna to voice Rin. I say this because he is openly homophobic (I am Pansexual) and has made Holocaust jokes. ",
  414. "Not to mention Vic's past accusations of sexually abusing underaged girls, who are the primary audience of free!",
  415. "1) Vic Mignogna is a disgusting human being. 2) His voice would be TERRIBLE for Rin anyway.",
  416. "i'm disappointed.",
  417. "Vic Mignogna is a homophobic asshole I don't even watch free but this can't happen",
  418. "im gay as heckie ",
  419. "He's also a known pedophile.",
  420. "He has disappointed many fans by voicing one of their favorite characters who deserve a much better voice actor than he is. And the face that he made my BEST FRIEND cry, changed my view on him completely! He should be BANNED from Funimation for GOOD",
  421. "I'm signing because Vic Mignogna is not a good model for anything, really.",
  422. "Vic is a homophobic jerk.",
  423. "It's not right for such an openly homophobic voice actor to have control over a character as gay as Rin appears to be.",
  424. "I used to love Vic, but now I'm just angry and disappointed to find out that he is so homophobic (as well as sexually assaulting under-age girls, which really made me sick to my stomach) I don't think he should be allowed to voice Rin or any other characters in the future, which is incredibly hard for me to say.",
  425. "vic mignogna is a creep who needs to be out of a job.  ",
  426. "Letting a man with his history of sexually harassing young girls voice a character in a show with a fan base full of them is a terrible and careless idea. He needs to be removed from the show altogether.",
  427. "Homophobia and any form of discrimination is wrong, and as a professional actor Vic should have the grace to keep his opinions to himself and not bring them with him to his work environment. If I refused to speak to a colleague at work because of their sexual preference I'd be fired, so I can't believe he acts like that in front of fans (which is part of work for him) and gets away with it! Shame on anyone who employs him as it's a way of condoning his actions. ",
  428. "Vic Mignogna is a terrible choice for this role, for countless reasons. It would be an insult to everyone if he were allowed anywhere near this series.",
  429. "Vic Mignogna is a gross individual that should not be looked up to.",
  430. "It is 2014 and we should be long past these ridculus outdated viewpoints",
  431. "The man is a homophobic asshole, recast rin asap!",
  432. "We can't have such a Homophobic rapist as part of a dub",
  433. "He's also an actual chode. ",
  434. "We don't need this poopman ruining this feel-good show",
  435. "Him being cast for this role is unacceptable. I will be very disgusted and disappointed if they follow through with Vic having any part in this show. ",
  436. "Vic Mignogna more like Dick Mignogna...",
  437. "The priority on this post about his behavior being about his homophobia is disturbing. Please highlight how Vic is a PEDOPHILE which is ILLEGAL and FUNimation, do not employ this man. He will be your Jian Ghomeshi.",
  438. "Not only is this man homophobic he has been proven on multiple accounts to abuse his underage fans. This man is dangerous to children and society as a whole.",
  439. "I've firsthand seen Vic's homophobic and predatory behavior many times over the years. His presence at cons makes me uncomfortable, and for someone so obviously homophobic to be part of a cast for a female-oriented show with a non-heteronormative set of characters is disturbing to say the least.",
  440. "I'm signing because this is absurd, and this man shouldn't be getting the attention. ",
  441. "Vic's misconduct and past actions are clear he should not be cast for this specfic role. ",
  442. "A man who's shown cases of homophobia and has been known to predatorize young girls has no place in a show with gay undertones and a largely young female audience.",
  443. "I want to make a difference. And I also don't want any homophobes playing a character that many headcanon as homosexual. thanks.",
  444. " Vic admits to refusing to sign homoromantic pieces of art depicting characters he’s voiced in this video. Someone pro-LGBTQIA or at least tolerant of homosexuality wouldn’t discriminate between art depicting straight or gay relationships. ",
  445. "WWTD - what would tamaki do? Not this. ",
  446. "I dont want rin to be voiced by a child predator, a homphobe and such and such",
  447. "Because this guy being on free will indirectly put people at risk from him",
  448. "I'm signing because I am queer and do not support people who discriminate against people like me.",
  449. "please dont give this asshole any more attention funimation should of fired him a long time ago and lmao pls dont ruin rin ",
  450. "Free! relies on heavy gay subtext for its popularity. Casting an openly homophobic voice actor, no matter how successful he might be, reveals how shallow its interests really are.",
  451. "Because being uncomfortable with homosexuals is in fact, homophobia. Don't let people off just cause they're famous.",
  452. "I have a personal grudge against Vic Mignogna from a past experience at 2 cons. I love his voice acting, but I don't like him as a person, I also don't think HIS voice would fit Rin Matsuoka. I've heard his vocal range, and I just don't think this is a good choice at all in any way. ",
  453. "A middle-aged, pedophilic, homophobic man has no business voice-acting a character in a subtly homoromantic anime marketed mostly towards girls.",
  454. "Rin is like the best character don't let that piece of trash voice him PLEASE",
  455. "The supporters of Free! have always been a happy and supporting group, and there are too many allegations of this man's intolerence for me to support his casting. There are also too many allegations of sexual misconduct by him toward minors while on panels and during conventions. Free! has maintained a tolerant fan base and I believe that Vic's casting will disrupt this, as well as the overall happiness of the English fans. Please, please reconsider the casting decisions. I as well as many others will not support the series' english dubbing if Vic remains part of the cast.",
  456. "Vic is an ass",
  457. "I'm signing because there is absolutely no way a man who is so blatantly prejudiced and homophobic should be working on a series that is full of gay relationships. He shouldn't be working period.",
  458. "Having a homophobic actor work for a very homoerotic series makes no sense.",
  459. "Homophobia is dangerous, and we shouldn't allow someone homophobic to be part of something like \"Free!\". ",
  460. "I didn't think the casting was right to begin with. I don't think he belongs in this series. ",
  461. "I don't think he is a good candidate for the role. ",
  462. "I loooove yaoi, and what he said about yaoi fans pisses me off.\n",
  463. "It is a disappointment for someone like Vic to voice such a quality character. ",
  464. "I truly love Vic Mignogna's voice acting,but I have seen some things I do not agree with.",
  465. "I'm signing because I love Free! to death, and to have someone as openly gross (and I mean GROSS. Homophobia is intolerable and his actions towards underage girls are deplorable) as Mr. Mignogna voice one of my favorite characters from one of my favorite animes would break my heart.",
  466. "This actor is a piece of shit. I don't want him to ruin my favorite show.",
  467. "this man has not only had a history of being homophobic and having harmful  and narrow-minded views of homosexual and homoromantic people, but has also had a history of sexually harassing young female fans. i think this petition needs to extend further the termination of this role into perhaps the termination of his job. this man has been consistently problematic and i think funimation and his employers need to know that we, the consumers and fans, will not stand for his toxic actions. also, his voice acting sounds the same in all of his roles lmao.",
  468. "Fuck this guy seriously ",
  469. "As an enormous fan of Free!, I am sorely disappointed to see Vic Mignogna even being considered as a POSSIBILITY for a role in the anime. He has done some extremely questionable things in the past, and I would prefer he stay as far away from this series as possible.",
  470. "I'm so fricking tired of seeing Vic's bullshit all over and him getting away with literaly anything because he's a \"fan favourite\" (or just a \"FUNimation favourite\"). His voice-acting is mediocre and repetitive at best and terrible and talentless at worst.",
  471. "I am signing because, in my own opinion, Vic Mignogna is unfit to voice the role of Rin Matsuoka because after reading allegations of him doing certain things, him doing the voice of my favorite character will make me not want to watch the show. Also, Migogna doing Rin's voice doesn't seem to fit after seeing some of the voice actor's work. I know Funimation can find another voice for Rin. Again, this is only my opinion. ",
  472. "exactly what it says on the tin",
  473. "Because he doesn't deserve to voice Rin",
  474. "Vic Migogna has been knowingly homophobic, anti-semetic (in one instance that I know of) and rude to fans. I do not wish to see a company such as Funimation, condoning the people it has representing them do this. It show a lack of care an complete dismissal of fans and puts Funimation in a bad light.",
  475. "He has a history of being homophobic and a past of being sexual with minors. This anime is geared towards girls, and all of these girls will be at risk of Dic Migogna. He's creepy towards underaged girls. He's got a history of sexual harassment. Why hire him period? Why hire him in an anime for girls, in an anime with homosexual undertones.",
  476. "A disgusting homophobic creep doesn't deserve a job and definetley not to work as something that brings young women joy",
  477. "it's an insult for a homophobic man to voice a BL anime. \nMignogna should do himself, and the free! fanbase, a favour and NOT voice Rin. ",
  478. "As a gay teen, its off-putting. I refuse to support a company that turns a blind eye to ignorant behavior. I love Free! & Funimation dubs but i have no problem ignoring this project.",
  479. "I love free and I would not like to be spoiled because these voice actor",
  480. "His voice is annoying and overused.",
  481. "I will come out and say it: I am not a fan of Free!, nor do I have much interest in anime and manga, save for some exceptions or old favorites. However, understanding that a voice actor – Vic Mignogna – whose work I previously enjoyed, is not only homophobic but also preys on young, impressionable teen girls, this choice in casting is not longer acceptable. This behavior can not be tolerated by FUNimation, nor by the fandom at large. And we have a moral obligation to hold our heroes accountable for their bad behavior, in all walks of life. I sign this petition calling for new casting in this production for this particular role.",
  482. "Disrupting those around him about him being homophobic, is utterly disrespectful and, of course the fact that he still isn't capably ready to accept what this generation now accepts is just plain ignorant. Of course he doesn't deserve the role to voice act Rin if this is how he chooses to behave. Also you'd be dumb to voice act in Free since it literally brings in the atmosphere of yaoi which is a nature he is unfortunately not ready to accept yet. He needs to be mature and grow up if he wants to voice act Rin but sadly he's not.",
  484. "It is not okay to have homophobes voice acting a borderline homoerotic show, he would cause disrupt among the fans.",
  485. "Even more importantly that his homophobia is the numerous accounts of how predatory he's been towards young female fans (the demographic that makes up the majority of the Free! fandom)",
  486. "Not only does it seem hypocritical to put Mignogna in a role where he will clearly disrespect fans of the show, it also seems just plain dangerous to allow this man access to the thousands of young women (especially underage) who are fans of the show. He has a predatory history and that is unacceptable. ",
  487. "He also has a rep for engaging in sex and hitting on underage women, who are the main fandom for Free!",
  488. "To the fans who don't want Vic fired, please try to understand that the safety and well-being of young fans comes first. \n\nPlease note that Vic has kissed, touched and engaged in inappropriate behaviour with under-aged girls. There are videos of him behaving like this on youtube, this one being an example: \n\n<a href=\"\" rel=\"nofollow\"></a>\n\nI don't think Funimation should have hired him for this part if he can't behave in an appropriate manner around young girls. I hope they will reconsider their decision.  ",
  489. "There are tons of great English-speaking voice actors they could use instead of someone like this creep.",
  490. "Because he also has engaged in sexual behavior with underage girls and I don't want to put any girls at risk because of this.",
  491. "Honestly, I'm much less concerned with Vic's homophobia than with his reputation for being sexually predatory towards underage girls. I don't want him in a position where he has access to starstruck underage fans.",
  492. "I'm against Vic being cast as Rin for several reasons: \r\n\r\n1. Homophobia is not an opinion, it's a prejudice. Vic and homophobes like him should not be given a platform to voice their bigotry to young and impressionable minds, which Vic has done several times. If Vic was truly accepting of homosexuality, he would have no trouble signing fanart of same sex characters doing something as innocent as kissing or cuddling. His attitude infers that homosexuality is abnormal and that is wrong, not to mention dehumanising to gay people. They shouldn't have to put up with that at conventions, a place that should be safe for everyone including gay fans. \r\n\r\n2. Vic has made anti-semetic jokes such as 'is there a holocaust going on outside?' \r\n\r\n3. There are several videos on youtube of Vic kissing under-aged girls. On tumblr, there is even a picture of him kissing a young fan who looks very uncomfortable. It doesn't matter if they 'consented,' teachers aren't allowed to kiss minors for a reason. There is a huge power imbalance between 50-year-old Vic and the teenagers he interacts with, meaning we can't guarantee that the girls were 100 percent okay with Vic's behaviour or that they weren't coerced into certain romantic or sexual acts. \r\n\r\n4. Vic has been reported to sexually assault under-aged girls at these conventions. Vic shouldn't be allowed at any conventions or on any cast until the police have investigated these claims as it could endanger several fans and hurt Funimation and the Free! franchise.  \r\n\r\n5. Funimation and other cast members and Vic himself have yet to properly address claims of sexual harassment. The subject is always avoided and when Chris Ayers spoke about the fan's reaction to Vic being casted, all he could say was that Vic was a good actor in spite of his personality or personal life. I can't help but think the stories about Vic are true when people who work with him won't even discuss the real reasons why Free! fans are upset. \r\n\r\n6. There must be another person who auditioned for the role and doesn't have such a bad reputation. It would be so easy to let them play Rin instead and ease the minds of several fans. ",
  493. "Your company shouldn't hire an openly homophobic actor no matter what the role.",
  494. "I do not want a known homophobic and preyer of young girls to receive the kind of adoration that he would get from voicing in this anime. Representation matters, and this is not the kind of representation that is needed.",
  495. "I believe there is someone better for the job who could be supportive of the fanbase",
  496. "He has a bad reputation with hitting on under age fans and he may be at conventions where he will be around young fans ",
  497. "How ironic is this? For a looooong time I thou Vic was gay himself LOL (I seriously thought he was). \nAlthough I usually love Vic as a voice actor since most of his roles I do like. I  can't see him as Rin and personally  I don't like Vic as a person. No, I dnt have to know him personally but from what I have seen and heard from cons I find Vic quite intimidating and rude - seems like most people see him that way too. I do think he is homophobic and uses the 'Christian' card alot. LOL stop preaching Vic, I'm a Christian but I do have gay friends but  I couldn't less whether someone is gay or straight as longs as they are nice people. And quite franlky Vic you are a horrible perosn. ",
  498. "Not only this, but he also DOES NOT FIT THE ROLE. Sounding a bit like Mamoru Miyano does not mean he can ACT like Mamoru Miyano does. He sounds exactly the same in every work he has done and his involvement will ruin the rest of the cast, which is perfect otherwise.",
  499. "it is wrong. ",
  500. "Vic's  voice does not suit rin, and why cast a homophobic to an anime like free? Look at this fandoms ships! They take over, not like i mind though. Its fun.",
  501. "Along with being homophobic, Mignogna has been reported trying to take advantage of his fans. He is undeserving to be given roles of characters that put him in a higher position to abuse others.",
  502. "Every time Rin yells in he animr I can only imagine hearing Edward Elric's high pitched shrieking voice which is not in anyway appropriate for a guy who is supposed to have a deep sexy yaoi voice. ",
  503. "weil ich es für richtig halte.",
  504. "I agree with this 100% & Vic doesn't have the voice for Rin's voice! Rin has a deep voice!",
  505. "This is unacceptable, homophobia cannot be allowed to continue, and hiring on an openly homophobic voice actor for a show like Free! is a terrible idea.",
  506. "I approve of this ",
  507. "Vic is a terrible excuse for a 'Christian' when all he does is promote hate. This kind of thing has been going on for years and it's about time someone took him down a few notches. This hate has to stop.",
  508. "Because that is pretty messed up/",
  509. "This terrible story is enough of a reason to keep this disgusting man far away from young female/LGBTQIA fans as possible: \n\n<a href=\"\" rel=\"nofollow\"></a>\n\nWith Mignongna's reputation and the number of accounts documenting his behaviour, I'm surprised he was even considered for the role. This terrible man will eventually do something that can't be explained away or hidden from the public, and it will hurt not only the Free! franchise but the fans. ",
  510. "Vic MigDickBags is literally one of the biggest assholes I know. I worked with him personally at a convention which shall not be named, and he belittled me for having an anxiety disorder. He sexually attacks young girls and brings them into his hotel rooms. He thinks he can get away with it, and it really pisses me off.",
  511. "Well, this specific petition is not why. But it will get him off. I'm signing because a lot of younger girls are watching Free and Vic has a history as a pedophile, especially with fans who won't report him.",
  512. "I'm signing because as a famous individual, Vic Mignogna is seen as a role model by many of those who watch his work and being homophobic I feel is unacceptable for a role model to be.",
  513. "Homophobia, blatant disrespect towards fans and colleagues alike, racism, religious imposition, and sexual harassment",
  514. "Because Vic destroys dub. Worst voice actor with terrible morals and attitude. You will lose so many fans and sales through this casting.",
  515. "As a Gay anime fan, Homophobic people in the anime industry need to realize their are gay fans as well as straight ",
  516. "Vic Mignogna is just a rude and mean person. He's terrible to his assistants and I met him before and nobody has ever made me cry in front of people like that. He's into himself like no other and I am so sad because Rin is like my favorite character from Free and this sucks. ",
  517. "This series has helped me through so many personal obstacles and Rin is the character that helped me get through things. Especially things including my own personal strength and my father. Vic being casted as Rin was a brutal kick to the gut and an insult. ",
  518. "I don't want someone creepy like that to voice Rin!",
  519. "I don't like the way the anime industry is heading in regards to gay rights. This should help a bit.",
  520. "I like homophobes getting to taste as slice of homoqueers' problems~",
  521. "Our Free needs to be free to love.....",
  522. "I'm gay and I don't think homophobic people have their place in anime. Sorry Vic, loved you as Edward Elric, but your ridiculous views will bite you in the ass",
  523. "As much as I love anime something's are just more important. I have nothing but contempt for bigots like him. ",
  524. "I don't want my precious bby ruined by that guy. Like no, just gtfo and never come back. it's a poor decision to choose him to voice Rin. ",
  525. "I don't want a creep like that voicing a really cool character",
  526. "I personally do not believe that Vic's voice is fitting for Rin at all, nor do I believe he's appropriate in general for this character. \r\n\r\nNot only is Rin my favorite character in this fandom, but I find him to be the most interesting and that's something I'm afraid Vic won't be able to portray. This including the fact that he's been blatantly homophobic and rather inappropriate towards female fans - which are everywhere in this fandom - is why I don't think he should hve been casted as Rin.\r\n\r\nIt feels like Funimation really just gave up on trying to find decent voice actors to portray their characters and I'm really disappointed.",
  527. "Vic it's not fit to play anyone in this anime",
  528. "This is not the right voice actor for this loveable character",
  529. "Yo funimation, baby, I like you, but Vic is not a good choice it makes your company look like homophobic trash. This is incredibly upsetting to you lgbt audience, which I am apart of. ",
  530. "Because a guy with a history of sexual harassment shouldn't have any part in a show aimed at a young audience. Or shouldn't have any part in any job he may enjoy. At all. ",
  531. "I support the lgbtqia society",
  532. "I dont support homophobia.",
  533. "How am I supposed to continue my love for the series when the licensing company is so blind? I've ignored dubs before (*coughcoughswordartcough*), but this is just offensive.",
  534. "i am gay",
  535. "because /seriously/ come on people",
  536. "I think this is a severe injustice to Shark McShark who was already casted in the role. As an avid supported of aquatic creatures I am sad to say they are poorly represented in the voice acting industry. Not only that but Shark McShark is suffering from mercury poisoning so this was one of his last wishes to appear in his favorite show. \n\nJOKING ASIDE. Besides the homophobic aspect Vic doesn't have the right voice for this role. Listen to DN Angel, Ed from Full Metal Alchemist, Zero from Vampire Knight, Tamaki Suoh from Ouran, and Soul from Soul Eater. They all sound very familiar and the range was too. The time Vic did a deeper voice was with Broly but that was an extreme and he said it was very very difficult on him.\n\nWe need Shark McShark who can get that AAAAAAAAAARGGHGHGHGH range we need.",
  537. "la verdad creo que esa voz esta fea porque se escucha extraño yo la verdad me encantaria que dejen con la misma voz de matsuoka rin al menos a mi no me cuesta nada leer los subtitulos\r\n",
  538. "That's just sad. He is with a lot of mainstream anime shows. So he has a very large fan base...all them kids/adults meeting him or reading online about him being's like that old saying \"Never meet your heroes\"",
  539. "Let's not forget the fact that he is incredibly creepy towards young teenage girls. Predator ugh",
  540. "I don't want some rude ass hole voicing Rin-chan",
  541. "Rin is my son",
  542. "because vic is homophobic and rude as hell to their fans. ",
  543. "Because Rin deserves better.",
  544. "Homophobes suck",
  545. "why have a homophobic shark when you can't have a homophobic shark ",
  546. "rin is such a good person and would not stand for any homophobic shit so why cast someone so awful as his voice? no thanks",
  547. "I've personally met Vic several times as he's come to MTAC in Nashville; he's talented in a booth, but a despicable before to the LBGT community, and people in general. He purposely broke a kid's nose in a dodgeball tournament, just to be better than him.\r\nHe shouldn't be voice acting if his reputation will tarnish the image of FUNimation. ",
  548. "Homophobia should even exist in the first place! He obviously did it just for the money, someone sincier open minded and willing should dub rins voice!",
  549. "This really sucks because Vic did a great job with Ed elric and Tamaki Suou.... sad to learn this about him",
  550. "He's a horrible man he maybe a good voice actor but his homophobic actions will come to an end, It is 2014 and I can't believe homophobe is still going on in this day and age and the anime fandom is accepted to all sexuality and to let Vic Mignogna to look down on his fans who are fans of his work to be treated like dirt by that so call man.",
  551. "He is a terrible casting choice for this role.",
  552. "Not a fan on Vic's homophobia and I will not support Free or FUNimation any longer if he's still cast as characters or even on the payroll. ",
  553. "A queer member of the fandom who doesn't want to see a beautiful fan-made representation be wasted on this homophobe.",
  554. "Because with that voice actor the show would be completly ruined. Vic may be suited for other roles but picturing him as rin gives me the creeps. Dont ruin this anime with that voice. ",
  555. "Vic Mignogna never should have agreed to voice Rin in the first place. Of course I shouldn't judge him on what he believes to be right or wrong but if the fan's reactions at panels and online will make him uncomfortable then he should be put into those situations. It wouldn't be fair for the fans or for him. ",
  556. "I don't want someone homophobic to get paid work, especially in an anime with such loving and dedicated fans and - to put it plainly - strong homosexual subtext.",
  557. "Vic is an asshole.",
  558. "I don't even watch free and I know this isn't right.",
  559. "I mean...really?",
  560. "Just look at the title of the show, FREE.",
  561. "Why? Because he's rude to con staff, homophobic and is completely the wrong fit for Rin! Change Rin to JYB and bring in Reuben Langdon from Makoto - a lovely character needs a lovely VA to match.",
  562. "I will not be purchasing any release of Free! if Vic Migogna voices Rin or any other main character.  The entire reason the show is insanely popular is because of the fangirls who ship the main characters with each other.  Why in the hell would you give a key character a VA who is openly homophobic?",
  563. "I dont like Vic Mignogna",
  564. "Him being openly homophobic on a show that suggests romantic feelings between guys would create possible friction.",
  565. "I got friends whom met him and he's not the guy for this part he's a well pardon my French ass to his fans ",
  566. "While Vic can reserve the right to refuse sexual/explicit fanart for signing, his refusal to sign safe-for-work homoromantic art is just silly and homophobic. He has also accumulated a reputation for creeping on young females, the target demographic for Free!, and overall he can be very rude and arrogant to fans and convention staff. Adding to his popularity would only worsen the issue. On top of all that, he is also an overused voice in the industry, and it's time to let new people shine for once.",
  567. "because this vic lasagna asshole is openly homophobic and this anime and many gay overtones and hints that his homophobic ass will completely shit on",
  568. "Vic needs a swift kick in his to be more courtious to his fans",
  569. "Equality is key.",
  570. "Yo amo su vos original ;3;",
  571. "Vic Mignogna will ruin Free!. He has been known to act inappropriately around younger female fans, so why would it be a good idea to cast him as a lead in an anime whose target audience is younger females? Hint: it's not.",
  572. "I am signing this petition because I have witnessed first hand what Vic does to fans that hand him anything to sign that has a vague suggestion of homoromantic overtones to it. I witnessed him walk out on an entire signing line at AWA years ago after he was handed a slightly homoromantic piece from FMA. In an anime that obviously courts an audience that will have items like this for him to sign at conventions, this is a bad idea. ",
  573. "As someone who falls under the queer umbrella, this is NOT good enough. I refuse to see a homophobe cast as Rin's voice actor. ",
  574. "I remember at Con, my friend gave him a picture of Tamaki and Kyoya which she drew herself and he literally said that he found it disgusting.",
  575. "Why would I even support an openly homophobic voice actor in the first place? Let alone to voice an obviously homoromantic character in one of my favorite animes! Change this!",
  576. "with this voice actor, it will completely ruin a complex character and the storyline to boot",
  577. "pls no",
  578. "nononno",
  579. "because no",
  580. "Homophobe = nope ",
  581. "Vic Mignonga is a terrible choice for such a character. Consider your fans, funimation. This will not make them happy.",
  582. "I've been aware of Vic's blatant homophobia since 2007 and it is very clear that his disgusting attitude towards the matter hasn't changed a bit seven years later. It's very troubling to see him continuously getting work and putting himself into situations where the topic of gay rights are openly discussed in the fandoms of the series he voices for.",
  583. "Vic is homophobic and is a horrible choice to voice Rin. Rin has a deep rough voice and Vice voice makes him sound like a clown",
  584. "As much as I liked his work in dubbing some of my favorite anime, this is unacceptable. A homophobe should not be cast for Rin Matsuoka's role. ",
  585. "Free! fandom is asking Funimation to change something we don't like (Rin's VA), the company should listen to requests from the audience!!",
  586. "Vic is not the right voice actor for this role/series. ",
  587. "I gotta say this kind of makes me sad, he always seemed so nice and I always loved him as a voice actor, I never would have guessed he was super homophobic, especially with some of the rolls he's played and the people he's worked with. If this is indeed the case, then I really don't want him to voice a character in an anime like this. I'm surprised he would even take the roll.",
  588. "I don't think he fits the voice for Rin. I think it should be someone else.",
  589. "Vic needs to stop",
  590. "People have a right to their opinions, but being a jackass about it is another thing.",
  591. "Seriously, Vic? If it offends you that much, can't you just decline the role? Or... is that money just a bit too much to say no to? #Pennypincher",
  592. "Fanart of canon characters should be able to be signed, Vic.",
  593. "He's a piece of shit and a horrible voice actor",
  594. "Although I truly enjoy Vic Mignogna as a voice actor, the fact that he acts differently towards fans because of his own insecurities is unacceptable. ",
  595. "As a gay male, I believe it is wrong to cast someone who is openly homophobic in a series in which homoeroticism plays such a large part.",
  596. "Vic Mignogna is a horrible fit for the role, beyond that he has no respect for queer relationships, women, or nb presenting characters (Fai D Flowrite) and he certainly has no respect for the fans. He's sexist, and a sexual predator. If you want my money for this show at all, remove him from the casting and find someone else to fill the role.",
  597. "I'm signing because, with Vic being openly Homophobic, it will not work well with a character who shows homosexual tendencies nor will it work for the fandom if they're being turned down for a simple autograph from something that is clearly male with male relationship",
  598. "The bases to choose the Rin's actor voice are not acceptable. They have to search someone with a tone similar to Mamoru Miyano. Also, this anime is completily fanservice, this means a lot of gay things (?)",
  599. "i am the lord and savior jesus christ and you will obey",
  601. "Odié su voz >:-(",
  602. "sdf",
  603. "Vic Mignogna is not homophobic. Homophobia would say that he has a fear. Fear is not the case, ignorance is. Vic Mignogna is not homophobic, he's simply an asshole. ",
  604. "He should jot be a voice actor of someone who is shipeed with many guys in the same anime, and be homephobic",
  605. "This offends a lot of people because this is a an amazing series! NO VIC!!",
  606. "I'm signing because this homophobia is unacceptable and homophobic voice actors should not be cast in 21st century works. Especially if the subject material is laden with the traits of a Yaoi work.",
  607. "I am a supporter of gay rights and of fans who should not recieve the backlash of someone's personal views",
  608. "Because as a gay fan I don't appreciate the actors homophobic attitude. ",
  609. "I don't approve of homophobic voice actors playing homosexual characters",
  610. "Because Rin is almost gay and he shouldn't be played by someone homophobic. Rin's Japanese voice actor is this awesome adorable guy and his English voice actor deserves to be as awesome and adorable. Rin's character is deep and changes alot so he deserves a better voice actor. A voice actor with a heart and is open minded",
  611. "No me gusta la voz que usa para rin matsuoka",
  612. "Johnny Young Bosh Should be Shark Week &lt;3",
  613. "I find serious irony that a homophobic voice actor would agree to work on an anime that has heavy homoromantic innuendos. He needs to remember that a large majority of the anime fandom support yaoi and as a voice actor in this business, and he's supposed to be doing this because not only does he enjoy his job, but for the fans as well. If that's too much for him, then I believe that this may not be the job for him and needs to go elsewhere. I would prefer waiting longer to have someone else voice Rin, and not have to risk being treated rudely at a convention for being an openly pansexual female with a same gender partner.",
  614. "my friend is crudely offended by this",
  615. "Why not. There is a BETTER voice out there for Rin and Vic voices everyone and their mother. Its time for a freaking change.",
  616. "This Vic Banana guy is an asshole tbh",
  617. "por yo quiero a rin &lt;3",
  618. "I'm a retarded tumblr idiot with no real issues to rally behind, so I mindlessly jump on fake ones like the fat, entitled shit stain I am.  I have no fucking life, so I shall try and ruin someone else's over non-existant reasons that have no proof of having happened to begin with.\nI am the anonymous douchetard with the entitlement that will crush the world and leave it in a state of sheer stupidity  Bed by whiny, bitchy, overly sensitive dickheads ho spend their time smelling their own farts.",
  619. "Because I absolutely love Free! and a homophobic man playing the role of my most beloved character in the series is unacceptable.",
  620. "as much as I like Vic, he is the wrong person to voice Rin in the dub..",
  621. "The Elric brother's disapprove of this decision.",
  622. "It's common sense.",
  623. "because this behavior should not be rewarded. ",
  624. "Es una muy mala elección, muy mala, no es chida, ¿qué les pasa? >:c pos. Queremos amor, no viejos homofóbicos.",
  625. "vic is homophobic preditorial garbage",
  626. "because fuck Vic. Homophobic piece of trash.",
  627. "Because of homophobes. Ew",
  628. "Vic was incredibly rude to me when I was younger about yaoi. Having seen Free!, Vic should not be cast IMO. I can only see him being rude to the fandom constantly.",
  629. "Vic Mignogna is disgusting, creepy and homophobic, he should be out of the public spotlight and should be fired. ",
  630. "vic mignogna is really homophobic and i feel offended by it.",
  631. "Vic Should Not Be Cast As A Character Who primary is paired with other men. His personal anti gay beliefs will harm the franchise! ",
  632. "I believe this is wrong. I've never seen much of this series, but I believe in the case of what I know about it, it's wrong.",
  633. "I myself am gay and to hear that the voice of one my favourite characters is homophobic and knowing that he would repeal away from me in disgust just makes me sad :(\nThis really is important\nCause imagine the gay fan art!\nHomosexuality is implied in this anime!",
  634. "Actor's should play the part there cast for...",
  635. "Vic's reputation is horrible. He is not only openly homophobic but he is also well known for being extremely rude and behaving inappropriately toward underage girls. Stop giving him an excuse to think he is wanted at our cons.\n\nAlso- his voice is not a good match for the character and I'm personally tired of hearing him pretend his voice is 'sexy'. \n\nAnd as well- the entirety of the cast has been rinsed and repeated way too many times. I know for a fact that there are scores of people trying to break into the industry, yet I still manage to hear the same handful of people over and over. You may as we'll call this 'Ouran Highschool Host Club Goes Swimming.'",
  636. "Vic is a pedo and a homophobe, he must quit.",
  637. "i just don't like vic mignogna",
  638. "homophbia is not exceptable.",
  639. "homophobia should not be supported and rewarded.",
  640. "I want to enjoy the anime and not be reminded of how the voice actor doesn't openly support what lies beneath the surface of the anime. ",
  641. "Because I really like free. And I really don't like vic.",
  642. "I am gay and I watch this show with my bf.",
  643. "To start, I'm just not jumping on this because I dislike who Vic Mignogna is as a person. That speaks for itself and doesn't even need to be explained as a reason for pulling him from the work about to be done on Free! Eternal Summer. What I do have to say is that from a creative standpoint him being cast as Rin does not make sense in the slightest. Don't get me wrong, I'm no director, producer, or much anything, but I have worked in radio and voice work previously. So, when I am familiar with a VAs work I generally can at least imagine them as a character when they are cast. In this case I can't see it, imagine it, or fathom it. Vic Mignogna has done wonderful work in various other anime adaptations, but in this case he just does not fit the character. There is nothing about his voice that in any way seems like Rin's voice to me. Now I'm sure the choice to bring Vic in for the project was a cash grab, and good on you for making a smart business move, but let's think about the repercussions this choice to cast Vic as Rin has made: huge backlash from both sides of the coin, petitions to pull him as a VA, and a lot of bad publicity where people are pulling up stories about Vic from the past. In conclusion, #GetVicBolognaOffTheCastOfFree!",
  644. "fuck that guy",
  645. "For a show aimed at young girls,  I think Vic's involvement is highly inappropriate considering his history. ",
  646. "Vic is a rude man to his fans because if how they celebrate their love for characters. His commentary is homophobic and he is dismissive to those he should be thanking for his fame. ",
  647. "Because homophobia is bullshit and the anime community is supposed to be a safe place for EVERYONE. ",
  648. "homophobes shouldn't be employed in any industry",
  649. "Vic Mignogna used to hit on underage women when he visited conventions in North Carolina. I strongly dislike him, and after hearing the cast for Free! I thought it was a knockout, minus him.",
  650. "Representation of homosexual and bisexual characters in popular media is an issue I feel strongly about.",
  651. "NO a la homofobia.",
  652. "If he can't handle the gay, he needs to go away. O: ",
  653. "Rin deserves Better!",
  654. "vic mignogna is problematic and not suited for this OR being a va",
  655. "Other than the title being basically true, I am a believer that this is just simply bad casting... Sorry not sorry ¯\\_(ツ)_/¯",
  656. "please i want him to not voice rin",
  657. "¡La voz del actor es horrible!, deberían buscar alguien quién tenga semejansa en voz con Mamoru Miyano.",
  658. "Free! &lt;3",
  659. "Love is blind. Love is two people that are sacrificing. Love is two people that support each other as partners, and selflessly devote their passion and strength into making another person better, and making another person feel loved. This does not regard time, space, culture or gender. And no form of homophobia will be supported by me.. Especially in depiction of the anime subculture which in high amounts of cases-fully embraces the  homosexual community.",
  660. "I don't believe that someone who is so openly homophobic and treats his fans in any negative way because of it should be allowed to play a character in such an obviously homoerotic show. I do NOT want him to be a part of Free!.",
  661. "Exact reason stated. If he's gonna be a piss pants about signing things for fans and making them feel bad about their own love for the show, he doesn't deserve to be the voice of Rin.",
  662. "While I can understand being uncomfortable with signing fanart, the fact Vic creeps on young teenage girls and makes very distasteful comments is enough of a reason to sign this position.",
  663. "Rin Matsuoka deserves a better person who respects his sexual orientation",
  664. "Es homofóbico ... Simplemte es estúpido y la voz no le va a el personaje ",
  665. "This is rather important to me for a few reasons...first being that Free! Iwatobi Swim Club is a very, how do you say, suggestive show in the terms of boy/boy romance, which is something that Vic seems to be rather against. If he's to be voicing this character, he would do it completely wrong, taking the words and tone out of context to make it seem straighter and more \"heterosexually friendly\". Thirdly, his voice doesn't even suit the character. He's more suited to amusing characters like Edward Elric or Tamaki Suoh, he'd be a terrible fit for Rin, even if he wasn't a homophobe…Plus with the added fact that he's overly sexual with young female fans of his characters (A good example being when I was fourteen, meeting him to sign a photo of Tamaki, he was being a tad too \"sweet\" to me and it was rather creepy.) This show has a huge female fanbase, so that would have dire consequences if he voice acted him. Please don’t make him voice act Rin…because you know for a fact myself, and many other fans won’t watch the English dub. ",
  666. "He might be the worst person in the v/o industry. He shouldn't be getting the gigs he does, especially when his range is so limited.",
  667. "Vic Filet Mignon is disgusting",
  668. "being homophobic while working as a voice actor is quite silly, yes, it is a fun and cool job! different voices, different characters, that kind of stuff but when voice acting for anime, its different. the world of anime is filled with fans who accept everything, gays, bisexual, pansexual, asexual, you name it. and when working for an anime that is notorious for the amount of boys love that people believed is portrayed in the anime, this will cause alot of problems for the voice actor, company and customers. anime is full of yaoi and yuri, this is very problematic for if he refuses to sign yaoi types of pictures, funimation and him with lose alot of customers and make alot of people unhappy. there is more but ill just stick to this ",
  669. "I dont think it's fair to the fans of free.",
  670. "Even if we ignore the whole anti-homosexuality issue Vic's voice doesn't even suit Rin. He's a middle-aged man voicing teenage boys, his voice acting is mediocre at best and his voice is the same for every character he voices - it just doesn't work.",
  671. "This is important to me because Not only is Vic homophobic, so the role of Rin should not be given to him, but his voice just doesn't suit rin at all? From what i heard of Vic mignogna's reaction of being cast for Rin, He makes Rin sound like a stuck up douchebag which isn't Rin's character at all, he's going to ruin Rin's character.",
  672. "I think it's deplorable that FUNimation would even keep someone with such a lengthy list of incidents involving both homophobia and sexual harassment. Not only should Vic not voice Rin, but he shouldn't even be employed at FUNimation anymore! \"You should be watching?\" Yeah, no, not if Vic is involved.",
  673. "i believe that he is a crummy person and shouldn't be a voice actor. ",
  674. "I care about the cause.",
  675. "I am gay. Also, Vic Mignogna has had a history of ALSO harassing young girls and that's absolutely disgusting.",
  676. "encuentro injusto cambiar de un personaje tan conocido y querido por sus fanes ",
  677. "encuentro injusto cambiar de un personaje tan conocido y querido por sus fanes ",
  678. "I'm signing even though I'm not a fan of the show because, even though he is amazingly talented, I disagree with the decision to cast Vic Mignogna as any characters in the boy-love series, Free. As Mignogna's beliefs hurt me as an individual, I make a conscious effort to avoid watching shows where he appears. The more shows in which you, Funimation, cast Mignogna, the less of a fan of yours I become.",
  679. "I've seen his blatant homophobia. Ouran High School Host Club -- an environment open to the LGBTQA+ narrative -- was ruined with his casting as one of the main cast. I would hate to see Free, with a similar openness to inclusion, ruined for the same reason. This is unacceptable. ",
  680. "He is a creep against young woman and a homophobic. Together in an anime where even the writers made their characters in a married couple relationship is not okay. ",
  681. "BECAUSE LIFE",
  683. "this show is aimed at young woman, and he has a history of sexually harassing girls ",
  684. "Homophobes basically disgust me. :)",
  685. "Really really tired of Vic and his voice, dont really want another series to carry him to every con ever for another 10 years like FMA did. like i would like to see a new guest at a con other than Vic every single goddamn year. that and he doesnt suit Rin in the slightest, come on funimation, its bad enough you make todd haberkorn your go to protagonist, its so boring to listen to over and over again.",
  686. "El simple hecho de que es la obligación de la empresa escuchar las peticiones de su audiencia.",
  687. "As someone who isn't straight, and who's favourite character from Free is Rin, I feel that Vic Mignogna is the worst possible option for this series. Funmation has many better choices that they could have selected, and I'd rather they re-select, than keep him.\n\nEven on a less personal level, I don't see Vic's voice as fitting for the character at all.",
  688. "I don't think his voice would suit Rin's anyway.",
  689. "I'm gay",
  690. "Homophobia? This is the 21st C, guys. Time to \"man up\" and get over it!",
  691. "This actor is inappropriate, unqualified, and has too much of a bad history with his female fans to be accepted for this.",
  692. "I don't like Vic anyways",
  693. "a homophobe should not be part of a show with such a large gay fan base ",
  694. "Because my adorable yaoi fangirl of a freind told me to.",
  695. "Being a voice actor of something requires great effort to act out a character and being a good sport to fans.  When someone is openly homophobic, especially to their fans.  It sets a horrible name for other voice actors.  I feel someone who has a better potential and a better attitude should be hired.",
  696. "His homophobic remarks and behavior towards teenage girls are reason enough but...have you looked at Rin? Vic's voice simply wouldn't fit him.\r\nSomeone with even a slightly deeper voice would be better suited for him. Please reconsider your choice.",
  697. "Free! Iwatobi Swim Club is an anime that I hesitantly started, and actually dropped several times. But after completing both seasons, it is a heartwarming and profound rendering of the realities young teens face. Since Clannad: Afterstory, Free! carries perhaps the most potent message that KyoAni has ever executed. They made excellent usage of the franchise, and built the story into something far more than expected. The compassion the male characters show for each other is a mixture of homoerotic and fanservice fluff, but it does show a degree of compassion and care that many males lack in the modern world. The hero does not have to be callous, and men do not have to be crass, unemotional assholes in order to be true \"men.\" Vic has been documented as a homophobe - I have interacted with him in convention spaces and experienced this myself. He should not have a part in the Free! franchise, and although he is talented, his moral outlook and professional attitude make him incredibly inappropriate as a voice actor for Free!",
  698. "Gay anime is life.",
  699. "Because Vic isn't right for Rin",
  700. "I want Rin to be Rin even in the dubbed series.",
  701. "I personally think the company should re-cast another actor instead of Vic. He has been overused for several years now.  I think it's time for Funimation to find new voice actors besides Vic. ",
  702. "Honestly a lot of my reasoning is that I don't want Run to sound like Ed Elric either.",
  703. "I understand people are allowed to have their own views. However, turning a fans and their art is wrong. ",
  704. "Vic just doesn't fit Rin's character. Plus Vic is nasty man. ",
  705. "Don't ruin this show please.",
  706. "Lmao, don't cast a homophobic person for a show with so much gay overtones. /:",
  707. "I'm signing because...\n1. Vic is a pervert, teetering towards pedophile on the scales.\n2. Vic does the same voice for every character he voices, and his voice would not be suited for Rin in the least.\n3. Actually thinking of his voice coming out of Rin's mouth made me gag a little.\n4. I'm not even a fan of Free, but I AM offended that an homophobic prick is being casted for a character in one of the most gay shows I've ever watched.\n5. Actually, I'm just offended that a man like him still has a job in this industry when he behaves so poorly in public. You know, on top of groping young girls? \n\nHe has been openly against homosexuality and gets very hostile towards fans that are into that sort of thing when they ask him to sign yaoi related material. Knowing Vic, he's probably going to show up at a con in a half-assed Rin cosplay, grope young girls, and scream about how Rin's \"TOTALLY NOT GAY OKAY???\" while bursting into his shitty Christian music he tries to shove down everyone throats at conventions. \n\nMay God have mercy on the Free fandom. ",
  708. "I believe this is not the right choice for this anime based on his previous roles and the fact this show has many gay undertones that he has been against before.",
  709. "Vic Fangirls be damned, I will not keep quiet on my thoughts of Vic Mignonga getting cast as Rin Matsuoka in Free! Eternal Summer.  Everything that I have ever heard about this man is that he's a raging egomaniac whose grandstanding antics have ruined parts of other conventions in the past.  This man is the voice of Edward Elric and almost every single character he has EVER VA'd has sounded like Edward Elric in one or another.  I don't deny the man's talent, but when I keep hearing about how disrespectful he is to some of the fans who don't prostrate themselves and worship the ground that he walks on to be crossing a line that shouldn't crossed.  Add in the homophobia and the fact that he has been known to creep on minors in cosplay at conventions, makes me wonder just what in the world FUNImation was thinking about signing Vic YET AGAIN.  I say scout the talent pool of the world and cast some unknown VA's instead of mainstream actors who are essentially a one trick pony and a shitstain on humanity's underpants.",
  710. "im gonna fucking throw up this is horrible",
  711. "he's an ass",
  712. "I'm signing because not only is this not okay for the fans, but it will make Vic uncomfortable as well to sign gay art.",
  713. "He's a blatant homophobe with a long history of sexual harassment who has made antisemitic comments and lied openly about sobriety and his Christian values to manipulate young girls.",
  714. "He's not fit for this role; not enough talent or humanity.",
  715. "im not even in this fandom and thats still wrong and gross. have some respect for the fans.",
  716. "Im signing because Vic Mignonia is a homophobic. ",
  717. "Rin is my favorite character from Free! and I'm a major supporter and artist of several homoromantic relationships involving him. For artists like me, it would be heart breaking to be denied a signature from the voice actors of the character.",
  718. "Tired of over usage of him.",
  719. "I'm signing because I'm disgusted. I'm a fan of Vic's work, but didn't know any of this stuff happaned! I haven't watched Free! Yet, and am waiting to watch after the Dub comes out, but won't want to if HE is casted! ",
  720. "Homophobic actors shouldn't get roles where they might have to hint at a relationship with another man. It's so unFAIR to expect them to treat GAYS like REAL PEOPLE",
  721. "Estoy firmando esto debido a que la voz que le están poniendo al personaje de Rin Matsuoka no concuerda ni un poco a la voz que tiene el personaje en el Anime,la voz que han dado a mostrar se puede apreciar que es una voz un tanto chillona (por no decir afeminada) la cual no tiene nada que ver ni con él personaje ni su carácter ",
  722. "Because fuck him",
  723. "A misogynistic homophobe has no place involved with this anime (or any imho)",
  724. "He just doesn't need to be in a series where fans will expect him to sign yaoi type fan art and as well as the fact that free is a border line yaoi and will have to expect yaoi fans ",
  725. "Vic Mignogna is really, really creepy towards young women and is openly, unabashedly homophobic, hiding behind his religion as an excuse. As a young queer woman, I would not feel safe attending any events for this show--a show I really, really love--knowing he would be in attendance. ",
  726. "To give this role to a voice actor who is not only openly homophobic, but also rude his fans about it is a slap in the face to us and the creators of the show. Please pick someone else.",
  727. "Vic's voice and personality are completely wrong for Rin!",
  728. "I just don't think vic is the right choice, his vocal range doesn't even match rin ",
  729. "He is not right for the role..",
  730. "No puede ser que un homofóbico haga la voz de alguien tan gei como Rin. ",
  731. "OBVIOUSLY IT's not very smart to have a HOMOPHOBE PLAY A HELLA GAY PART OKay",
  732. "Vic is literally a piece of shit. He's homophobic and a pedophile, known for creeping on his young female fans. I do not feel comfortable with this man voicing Rin Matsuoka, or even being a part of this dub, because of these reasons.",
  733. "Vic is a horrible voice choice for Rin and as a huge Rin fan I can't have him be poorly cast",
  734. "I'm signing because we are in a day and age where homophobia should not be accepted. If Vic is going to be openly against anything gay related, why should he represent a character who is known to, not necessarily have gay tendencies, but implied homosexual tones?",
  735. "I'm signing because I don't want funimation casting a homophobic voice actor who is rude and abnoxious to his thousands of supports who are in the LGBT community(myself included) I became a fan of his when he was the V.A for edward elric. I  met him once during Megacon and  he was very rude to me when I told him alot of his fans were in the LGBT community.  Funimation please change the voice actor for his role. We will  boycott the free dub version until you do so. ",
  736. "Homophobes should not be allowed to play gay people.",
  737. "no quiero que cambien el actor de voz de rin matsuoka",
  738. "If he can't handle the anime he shouldn't voice for it.",
  739. "Even though I think Vic is a very talented actor, I'm tired of him mistreating con staff and Fujoshi or Gay fans. Even though I'm a risembool ranger, I can't support his homophobic, diva behavior. I hope that by signing this petition he will realize how damaging this behavior is. He's otherwise a really wonderful kind person and I'm hoping that this wake up call is all it will take to make him see that homophobia is wrong. ",
  740. "ur a douche",
  741. "I don't want Vic Mignogna voicing anything anymore. Especially in Free!. ",
  742. "Reading up on Vic's history of harassment and homophobia changed my mind. I want him out. ",
  743. "Vic Mignogna is a terrible person who Durant deserve the fame he got. ",
  744. "I just don't like him in anything.",
  745. "Rin deserves a VA who will respect all aspects of his character and casting a homophobe is not appropriate for him at all. He will misinterpret Rin's emotions and actions to benefit his own beliefs and have no respect for his fans. Please reconsider a much more suitable VA for the role.",
  746. "Vic Mignogna is a predator and isn't safe around young women. He should never be cast for any roll that will place him in contact with a female audience. ",
  747. "I am a member of the LGBTQ community and am also an otaku and this is not okay",
  748. "Too often anime is changed from it's original message to try to make it more accessible for an American audience, but it almost always loses it's soul in the process. Voicing a character that you are not comfortable with and then facing fans afterwords will either not work or will result in that portion of the story line being remover or watered down to the point that the intent is lost. Anything like that would destroy what Free is about.",
  749. "I've worked with him before at Cons. It's not fair to the Free! fandom for them to have him cast!",
  750. "Mignogna has a long list of things wrong with him from being homophobic to allegedly sexually assaulting fans. This man doesn't deserve to voice Rin.",
  751. "No me agradaría oír esa voz al ver Rin Matsuoka... Preferiría otra voz que sea más adecuada al personaje.",
  752. "Podrían utilizar a otro actor que tenga una voz que se apegue más al personaje.",
  753. "Para el personaje, considero que esa voz no es tan adecuada..",
  754. "Considero que el actor de doblaje seleccionado no es adecuado para el personaje.",
  755. "I can't necessarily vouch for the homophobia/rude behavior since I personally have never encountered the guy. However I just want a different voice actor, I was kinda hoping for Jason Liebrecht or someone with kind of a gruffer voice.  ",
  756. "No me gusto la voz ",
  757. "Vic Mignogna should mature a little more before continuing his career.",
  758. "I'm not a fan of Vic. He is sort of a douche. We need accepting people who takes the fandom seriously and respects it! ",
  759. "Vic Mignogna as Rin is not okay. At all. Considering that he's known to have sexually harassed underaged girls, it's really harmful towards a fanbase of mostly girls. This should be simple logic. \nTo top it all off, he's openly homophobic, and that's completely unacceptable to me and so many others in this fanbase. Free is a story with such obvious homoromantic tones, so I have no idea how Funimation decided it was a good idea to cast someone with this sort of mindset for a major role. (Vic's voice doesn't even fit Rin in the first place. How the hell did they arrive at the decision to cast him?)\nI respect and look up to Rin Matsuoka so much, and I hate that he's going to be voiced by a person who I've lost all respect for. Vic will sully the great character that is Rin Matsuoka, and the idea of hearing Vic's voice in Free just makes me sick.\nFunimation's slogan is \"You should be watching,\" but honestly? I won't if Vic Mignogna has any part in it. Funimation needs to realize and fix this issue, because they'll be losing a lot of income from Free sales if they don't. We don't care if we have to wait longer for the dub release. Just get Vic Mignogna off the show.",
  760. "I don't like this guy :> ",
  761. "I'm signing because an openly homophobic person should not be allowed to make money off of an anime that has homosexual suggestions. ",
  762. "he would be terrible as Rin and he's anti-gay, unlike the anime",
  763. "You can not have a homophobic voice actor voice in a homosexual swimming anime.",
  764. "Pienso, que debieran buscar a otra persona para la voz de Rin Matsuoka... No creo que Vic Mignogna sea el mas adecuado...",
  765. "Porque no hace bien la voz de Rin, no le va al personaje",
  766. "As obviously anti-gay as Mr. Mignogna is, he doesn't seem to mind capitalizing on a very LGBT rich community, or invading a space the LGBT are supposed to feel safe to participate in. As an LGBT myself I think it would be wise for Mr. Mignogna to avoid controversy for himself by staying away from Free! altogether. Blessed are the peacemakers, Mr. Mignogna.",
  767. "Vic Mignogna is gross and I don't like him",
  768. "Vic Mignogna was a guest at Otaku Omaha during its first year (I think 2008).  His panel about how he got into being a voice actor became an anti-homosexual religious rant.  Later on he tore up a piece of fanart that displayed Fai and Kurogane (Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles) as boyfriends that he was asked to sign by a fan. \r\n\r\nI avoid pretty much any dub with this guy in it which as you can imagine has kept my anime shelf pretty devoid of anything FUNimation. I really hope they change the casting for Rin.  Especially since Vic's voice is so damn recognizable.  I don't need to be reminded someone who is so against homosexuality is voicing a character in a BL anime. :/",
  769. "well I'm pretty sure a large majority of Free fans have at least one homosexual pairing that they ship in this show",
  770. "Obviously I have every reason to sign this. Vic is not right to be Rin!",
  771. "Because as much as I love Funimation they need to start listening to they're fans. Our opinions should matter.",
  772. "Vic is one of the most disrespectful voice actors I have ever met. Rin connected to me on such a deep level, and to have someone disgusting like him who is blatantly homophobic be cast as a character that the original writers even have highly implied IS gay is just completely wrong. Come on, Funimation. Listen to your fans for once.",
  773. "I believe love comes in all shapes and sizes. ",
  774. "he for one is homophobic, when we have shipped and loved the shipping of RinxHaru or RinxSosuke \n\nanother thing i just finally have to put my foot downm and say NO MORE, Vic has to stop voice characters we dont want to see him voicing. it's time for the fans to take charge, get him out of voiceing anyone from free!",
  775. "I would be one of those fan girls turned down and he was very rude to the line of fans i was in at Otakon when he decided he would rather skip to the rest of his fans and go to the dealers room two hours early.",
  776. "How can you be homophobic and voice act in anime?",
  777. "Homophobia is not cool",
  778. "El seiyuu de Rin es sin duda uno de los más importantes de la serie y por ello debe de ser interpretado por quien a ojos de los fanaticos y el creador de Free! y el seiyuu que se esta proponiendo no refleja al personaje de Rin Matsouka",
  779. "I am honestly shocked that Funimation would make such an ill-advised casting choice when the Free! fandom is rife with boys' love fans and homoromantically charged fan-made media. I am personally insulted that the company ever considered Vic Mignogna for the series in the first place.",
  780. "Move on, Funamation. This guy is old AND bad news. He's rude, insensitive, and full of hate. Get him out of the voice acting world. I'm sure you have better people to go with.",
  781. "This is wrong.",
  782. "Fuck Vic Mcnyanyanyan.",
  783. "I am not a heterosexual, and am offended by this",
  784. "Signing not because he's homophobic, but more because his voice would not be fit for the character. His voice does not compare to Miyano Mamoru.",
  785. "I'm signing because this is a show directed towards girls like me, and has OBVIOUS gay undertones. this man is a homophobic predator and it makes me absolutely disgusted that people think it's appropriate that he's a part of this project. ",
  786. "Vic is homophobic, and i dont want to support someone who would hate me",
  787. "This is literally the dumbest thing I've ever seen on and that's saying something.",
  788. "It's a shame Funimation thinks they need to keep relying on this horrible man for voice acting talents. He is clearly not fit for this line of work. Funimation has many other talented voice actors who could easily take the place of Rin. Besides his blatant homophobia, Vic also proves time and again to be an untalented VA. There is no differentiation to his roles, so we never see the character he plays. We only see Vic. I will not be supporting the English dub of Free! until this situation is changed.",
  789. "Vic Mignogna is a homophobe with an unprofessional attitude, and I can guarantee that casting him in this role will only alienate fans of the series and create PR SNAFU any time fans of the show interact with him. ",
  790. "Soy una gran de nuestro querido tiburón, como toda fan de el pienso que la persona que hara el doblaje de Rin insulta en todo sentido la manera en que dice los parlamentos de Rin suenan tan insultantes enserio ofenden a un personaje tan bellamente echo! No puedo permitir que una persona asi ofenda de esa manera a mi platonico. \nEl es demasiada perfeccion para ser insultado asi.",
  791. "La homofobia es la peor enfermedad que puede existir. ",
  792. "I don't even watch Free, but this is disgusting.",
  793. "Vic is homophobic and should not be voicing anyone over te age of 12. Also he's a gross self-entitled human being ",
  794. "No quiero esta voz para Rin Matsuoka",
  795. "Want another voiceactor than Vic, cuz his homophobic bahavior will hurt fangirls in the future. ",
  796. "Una amiga me dijo en realidad no se ingles pero firmo por que vi algo ay asi que xd ya pos xd",
  797. "They should listen to their fans or they are not going to have fans.",
  798. "Para: \r\nFUNimation \r\nVic Mignogna is Openly Homophobic - Cast a Different Voice Actor for Rin Matsuoka\r\nAtentamente, \r\nTERESA MORÁN",
  799. "Because we need more open minded voice actors in this world.",
  800. "Please send an update telling us Funimations reponses to this petition",
  801. "I'm  queer. This anime has a lot of homosexually driven fanservice. And Vic offends me deeply. I don't  want him representing a character I love and cosplay.",
  802. "he's gross",
  803. "he has sexually harassed young girls and is outwardly homophobic, the show is aimed at young women so how is this the right choice? and why would you want someone like this to be associated with your company?",
  804. " mejor la de mamoru miyano no quiero es que haga la voz de Rin ademas es homofobico ¬¬",
  806. "porque la voz no se es la adecuada para el personaje",
  807. "Because, lasagne.",
  808. "He's a homophobe to gay anime fans aswell. I've had the displeasure of meeting him twice. Awful voice actor awful human",
  809. "I believe in having humanity and think that homophobic people are meanie faces.",
  810. "My friend told me to ",
  811. "I don't want that voice actor for Rin",
  812. "i hate vic mignogna",
  813. "Dude's talented and has a good voice but Funimation needs to cast someone else. Vic's not fit for it considering he's a homophobe.",
  814. "This is unacceptable!",
  815. "porque quiero que la cambien",
  816. "because vic mignogna has no voice range and is openly homophobic",
  817. "I don't think vics voice fits Rin and I also agree that he is to homophobic for this role ",
  818. "porque johana me dijo ",
  819. "porque la voz de Rin en japones es mas varonil y bonita, no me gustó el tipo que hará su voz en ingles ",
  820. "NO quiero que el haga la voz de mi Rin-Rin .-.",
  821. "Homofobia",
  822. "Cast A different Voice, this guy is Homophobic ",
  823. "I'm signing because I feel like voice actors should stick to their principles, and not pander to an audience to simply fling their own bigotry back later.",
  824. "No puedo permitir que le hagan eso a mi bebé~ Esa voz no es para Rin y además alguien así no puede entenderlo",
  825. "No me gusta el actor de doblaje para este personaje",
  826. "No pueden dejar que un Homofobico interprete a Rin  ",
  827. "He kinda sucks",
  828. "It is never good to support homophobia, much less cast him in a show with a lot of BL undertones.",
  829. "¿Porqué? ¿Preguntan porqué? Ha! Es horrible!!! y más encima éste hombre homofóbico y acosador! Qué no es obvio? QUÍTENLO YAA!!! Es algo que las fans de Free no nos merecemos!!!! ",
  830. "I'm signing because this is ridiculous and repulsive to have this still going on in this day and age. Yes some things need to be taken with a grain of salt however, this isn't one of them. I love Free! But I WILL wait. ",
  831. "Vic is a bad voice actor with only one voice style. He's terrible for rin. ",
  832. "Im a fan of Vic Mignognas, and I dont care for the anime FREE! but if your going to Voice Act something that has the character your cast as involved with a another boy, it should only be right that the VA is not homophobic. It just makes sense to me. ",
  833. "this is not gonna work anyway and everyone will forget about it when episode 6 comes out",
  834. "If Vic is a homophobe and he's playing a character who is gay there should be someone who isn't a homophobe doing this character's voice \n\n",
  835. "Not only this, but he's a huge creep when it comes to the young girls who come up for autographs. He shouldn't have a job at all.",
  836. "I'm signing because anyone would be better than Vic, he's homaphobic, this anime has strong homaphobic implications in it. He's a terrible voice actor and i've met him before and he's a douche to the fans. :/ Anyone other than him would be great! Won't watch until that happens.",
  837. "Porque a pesar de que es solo una serie animada, esta tiene muchos fans y esos fans querrán cosas que se les negara, y no por las razones correctas. ",
  838. "This voice actor is racist, bigot, homophobic.  ",
  839. "Free is my jam, and homophobia doesn't belong in jam.",
  840. "I met Vic Mignogna at an anime convention when I was 15. He refused to sign fanart of mine and snubbed me because he saw that I was dating another girl.",
  841. "Plus I don't really like his actions to fans.",
  842. "Vic Mignogna is the last person I want being a representative in anyway of the anime community. He is homophobic and has been known to take advantage of young female fans who love the characters he has voiced. He's a sleeze and should be in this industry anymore. ",
  843. "Homophobes all abord THE EARTH AS FAST AS THEY CAN *CHO* *CHOOO*",
  844. "Vic Mignogna is an actual LGBT poison.",
  845. "Free! is a wonderful anime, the world of anime and manga has no room for homophobes. Vic Mignogna has had his run. Kick him to the curb. ",
  846. "For Vic to be in Free!...I don't know. Homophobia aside, he's not the voice actor for the job so I don't think the dubbing is an issue, it's the versatility he and other voice actors that have the same problem: Great work but needs range these days.\r\nNow as for the homophobia, now that is disturbing especially for someone as well known as he is in the anime community here in the US and in the West in general. I'll sign to bring this issue to light, but don't bash on the poor bastard. ",
  847. "No, thank you.",
  848. "I don't find Vic Mignogna homophobic nor, do I dislike hin as a voice actor but, I believe he is an awful choice for Rin.",
  849. "I'm signing because Vic knowing took a role of a character that had certain gay like roles in the show. This leads to fans making art of characters in certain seens  which often they ask the voice actors to sign. As a christen I can understand why he wouldn't like to sign such things but why take the role. This is not the first time this has happened and I'm sure it won't be the last. It's not fair to the fans ",
  850. "I don't care for free, but seriously, fuck Vic McShit and his homophobic and sexist ways. I heard horror stories of him ripping up fanart of his characters that happen to be in BL situations from unsuspecting fans. This man needs to get out of this business.\nHe hates gays, yet if it's for his monetary benefit, suddenly he's all on board.\nFuck his same voice acting.",
  851. "I personally don't like Vic Mignogna because he ridiculed me when I first met him,but when I found out he was a homophobe,that really angered me. Love doesn't have any rules. I can't imagine how this high-pitched actor will treat fans who ask him to sign fanfic/ship related things. ",
  852. "I want to support the english release of free as much as any other fan but to have Vic, an open homophobic, voice one of my favorite characters is just outrageous. Totally unacceptable. I dont care if I have to wait another year or two for the english release of free! please recast the voice actor for Rin!",
  853. "Signing this because I am a supporter of equal rights and a pansexual myself.",
  854. "Vic is trash",
  855. "this guy's a dick",
  856. "Free! Is a show that caters fans of boy-love fanservice. I wouldn't mind if Vic played a minor roll, but not one of the main cast since he is openly homophobic. This was also a problem back when he was Fai from Tsubasa because he didn't agree with the Kirogane & Fai pairing.",
  857. "He was rued to me and didn't want to sign my stuff even though I had vip.. First con he was great but he's change over the years. ",
  858. "I was originally going to sign because assigning Vic for Rin is absolutely stupid, but then I did some research. And this is actually kind of disgusting?? How could FUNimation let something like this slide? Oh right, money. As time goes on, I get less and less interested in FUNimation and it's absolute bullshit. ",
  859. "the homophobia is bad enough, but mainly i'm signing because he's a sexual predator who harasses and gropes young female fans, especially since this is a show with a lot of young female fans",
  860. "Homophobia is not okay, and I want free fans to be allowed to enjoy the anime ",
  861. "I've heard stories of how he's treated others and this petition is good. If he expects to be homophobic, no work for him. ",
  862. "no apruebo este actor de voz ",
  863. "Don't let a 50 y/o man pray on the young girls who watch this. Don't let people think that you can be homophobic and pray on young girls and still not only get away with it but still be hired. Don't let this happen.",
  864. "I'm signing because it is unfair to the actor and the fans to have the actor play a role to which he is uncomfortable or opposed to",
  865. "It isn't okay for people who openly discriminate against a culture to reap benefits off of them",
  866. "This anime has very strong homosexual vibes and nearly all art and fan art is of the different male characters in romantic relationships or environments. ",
  867. "I never much cared for dub, but knowing this cast choice is making many people upset, I want to contribute. ",
  868. "He sucks ass",
  869. "La voz en Ingles de Rin no se puede comparar para nada a la voz de Mamoru, ademas de que este actor es homofobico...\nRin se merece alo mucho mejor!!!!",
  870. "I don't support homo phobic voice actors. ",
  871. "Vic's voice doesn't suit Rin in the slightest. I had no idea that Vic was homophobic, though, this makes it worse. :/",
  872. "Vic Mignogna is not openly homophobic, he is misogynist and antisemitic. This is an issue, since Free!'s main audience is young girls. Additionally, I personally think he sounds like a forty year-old man, which is a problem of he is supposed to be voicing a teenaged boy.",
  873. "Because i love anime and after living in sc and going to cons in  the carolinas, ive seen enough of his face and attitude to hate him and want him to not voice one of my favorite cosplays",
  874. "What sense does it make to cast a homophobic person as a gay character? ",
  875. "I don't care about the Homophobic thing at all. Thats a crazy reason for not wanting him to do it. I don't want him as the voice because his voice doesn't fit with Rin's personality at all! Thats the reason I'm doing this. He isn't the right sound for the character",
  876. "Free - Anime ",
  877. "My friend told me to",
  878. "He also can't voice act.",
  879. "I love to see it in dubs but with someone who is not homophobic",
  880. "Vic is gross and homophobic. Why would he sign up for the gay swimming anime?",
  881. "I don't like dickheads voicing cute swimmer boys!",
  882. "im not a fan of the show but vic mignogna is a dangerous person to cast in a show in which a large majority of its audience is teenage girls.",
  883. "I'm signing, because I do not want a homophobic voice actor be associated with Rin Matsuoka, who is romantically involved with another guy inside the anime. ",
  884. "I've met Vic previously and I do not think it is a good idea to cast him in an animation targeted towards women. He lack the maturity to take this role seriously. ",
  885. "He's homophobic and Rin is obviously gay I mean come on.",
  886. "Because a VA who works with the public should love their fans not segregate them because of sexual orientation.",
  887. "because hes dumb",
  888. "he is not the right person for this casting. with the views he has as a person it counteracts the chara. and anime. ",
  889. "An asshole who doesn't deserve praise.",
  890. "cause thats shitty",
  891. "I think it is important to choose voice actors that suit the roles of which they play.",
  892. "I will not watch Free!'s English dub if this guy is Rin's va. ",
  893. "we dont need anymore homophobes",
  894. "Rin is my favorite character, and I've have heard that Vic's homophobic and I as a fan of Free!  that anime contains BL light ... I absolutely deny that \"man\"  performer my beloved Rin Matsuoka.",
  895. "Vic mignogna is a dick",
  896. "I have no interest in supporting a franchise that supports bigots",
  897. "same reason as everyone else",
  898. "I'm not a fan of 'Free!' and I'm not a fan of Vic Mignogna, clearly, but the cosplay and anime communities in general tend to be more supportive and welcoming towards LGBTQIAP+ individuals. I know that myself and many others wouldn't have come out or felt comfortable with our identities prior to feeling so accepted. It's not okay for Vic Mignogna to be prejudiced in this way, let alone unprofessional, and continuing to give him roles (particularly that gay fans can identify more heavily with or where a gay identity may be more heavily implied) continues to support him, his attitude, and homophobia. Somebody has to put their foot down and show him that's not right. If FUNimation continues to support Vic Mignogna, I can't support FUNimation. ",
  899. "fuck homophobia",
  901. "I believe that Vic's outsopken and deeply held beliefs would put him in conflict with many of the Free! fans.  this would make for an unpleasant and very difficult position for both the fan and the actor whenever they meet regarding this role. While I respect Vic's ability as a voice actor, there are many other voice actors that do not have the limitations that Vic does regarding the characters in this anime and who would do just as good a job, and also be welcomed by the fan community.",
  902. "Wellp.",
  903. "because fuck homophobia",
  904. "Rin needs a better voice actor, he need somebody who cant undestand him, and, Vic is not that person",
  905. "This petition may not change anything, but I am sick and tired of famous figures spreading their ignorance in the fanbase, as well as disregarding and being diserespectful towards the fanbase in itself. And I feel persoanlly insulted as an openly bi individual. He is not the proper person to voice Rin and he should be replaced.",
  906. "he sucks",
  907. "His voice is not well suited for him and he is openly homophobic when this anime is about gay swimmers pretty much.",
  909. "por respeto a la autora de la novela y a la misma serie y sus impulsores",
  910. "I support equality.",
  911. "I like Vic. He is a great guy and this is a bad situation. People are going to ask him to sign things he's not comfortable with and that's only going to stress him out. It would be better if he was replaced with an indifferent individual. The situation mentioned the fan was being pushy to Vic asked thus came across rude. I know he has gay co-workers. He has worked with Gregg Ayres and Tatum and they get along well enough. It's the fan base that will be the hardest part for him to get through.",
  912. "Unecxeptible! It makes me feel discussed that my safe haven yaoi animes are being trashed by a homophobe ",
  914. "I really think there are better options for this voice. Give a fan a shot if none of the big names can do it",
  915. "Rin is a character many people look up to. Don't degrade him with this. A character as great as Matsuoka Rin deserves to be voiced by someone better.",
  916. "I love the series Free!, and the boys love in it. \nEven though i love the voice actor , I do not think he suited to voice Rin.  ",
  917. "I have personally witnessed Vic being rude to a handicapped girl back in 2008. I do not support him or his works.",
  918. "Being homophobic is ridiculously stupid. If you're going to be discriminatory, you shouldn't be working in this type of field.",
  919. "not only is he a homophobe but i also just loathe all vpice acting hes done bc its all the same and all garbage",
  920. "Being homophobic is wrong and gross so he should stop that &lt;3",
  921. "Great voice actor, but not the Right one for Rin :(",
  922. "im signing because Vic does not deserve the part",
  923. "Vic is a homophobic prick and I won't stand for this.",
  924. "Creo que Rin siendo uno de los protagonistas se merece un mejor doblaje y una mejor voz! Que transmita todos los sentimientos y pasiones que lo hace su voz en japonés",
  925. "We can't have a man harassing young girls voice a character whose fandom is made by ones.",
  926. "Despite being a homophobe he's also been banned from countless conventions because of the unconsentual touching of minor fans he's been renouned for???? With a fanbase like free's (all young women) it would suck to have more of them have to go through that when they go to meet him bc he voiced in swimming anime lol;;;;;",
  927. "Apoyo esta peticion",
  928. "this anime deserves the best dub possible",
  929. "Porque se trata del amor de mi vida, Rin!",
  930. "self fucking explainitory ",
  931. "Because a man with a repeatable history of sexual aggression and homophobia should not be voicing a character in a show directed at a young female audience.",
  932. "I love Vic and everything but I honestly cannot see him playing a (pretty gay :p) character like Rin. \n\nHe'd just get a lot the from fans if he didn't sign RinHaru, SouRin etc. fanart. ",
  933. "They can not cast a homophobic cast member for a show with such a strong theme of boys love with many fans, they'll want him to sign pictures with male characters in romantic or sexual poses.. ",
  934. "Homophobic behavior is not an opinion it's a prejudice.",
  935. "Because  I can't believe that my favourite character is getting voiced by a person who can't stand the fandom, who's motly gay-friendly",
  936. "No quiero que Vic haga la voz de Rin. Una persona homofóbica no puede hacer la voz de un personaje de free. La voz de Mamoru Miyano es incomparable, que él haga la voz japonesa e inglesa o que busquen a alguien con una voz similar.",
  937. "He's homophobic, and everybody knows that Free! has a lot of BL fanservice, also his voice is too girly and doesn't sound like the character ( my precious Rin Matsuoka &lt;3 )",
  938. "Vic is not an acceptable voice actor for Rin, even if Free! is not a gay anime, its time Vic was stopped.",
  939. "I'm sorry. But i'm really sick and tired of Mr. One trick pony Vic. He's terrible at changing his tone for the emotions of the characters. Funimation severly over uses him. \n\nIt's time to give someone else on their staff a chance to get themselves out there who knows how to make the characters they voice their own.",
  940. "I myself am neither gay/bi, nor was I planning to watch the dub anyways. However, the show gets enough shit from jealous fanboys, casting a homophobic voice actor to play Rin (or anyone) is a bad plan. The fanbase has a lot of BL fangirls and he will be expected to sign fanart, and that's not going to go down well. ",
  941. "Detesto la voz que eligieron para Rin, además de que el historial del actor de voz no me gusta para nada.",
  942. "vic is a butthead who hits on younger adult teens",
  943. "I'm signing because homophobia is stupid and free is full of fans that support gay pairings in the show. I also do not think his voice fits Rin. Please, please do not let Vic Mignogna voice Rin. I love Free! So much. Don't ruin it for me.",
  944. "I do not want one of my favorite characters for Free! to be folded in this way. It is noticed in the demo that made mockingly aproposito I heard eh Americans who do not speak that way",
  945. "Free! might just be a tv show to some people, but that is not the full story. Free! has created a beautiful accepting, wonderful, safe community around it for those who are not heterosexual (whether they be gay, queer, pan, ace, bi etc).  A 'man', if you can even call him that, like Vic Mignogna wouldn't even be welcome in this fandom, let alone in the cast. FUNimation has been sweeping this under the rug and it's not okay. On top of this, Vic has been very creepy and harassing to several of his young female fans, including underaged fans, both hitting on and touching them without content, which is beyond acceptable. Vic also refuses to sign anything with yaoi or yaoi themes, when the entire show for Free! along with the promo art is built off of strong homoerotic undertones, will he refuse to sign a picture even if it's official art? I wouldn't be surprised. I want FUNimation to know that this one man is the difference between people supporting their dub or rallying against it. Replace him and you are forgiven, but right now you have cast a man who wouldn't even respect the character he's playing. Rin is 'so taken' with Haru, so Vic should 'so taken' out of the cast. Keep this community safe and healthy; keep Vic away from this character, away from conventions, and away from unsuspecting innocent fans. The Free!dom is strong, if we are given shit, we don't have to take it. I will not take this lying down. FUNimation, I have always supported you, but I cannot, do not, will not, support this poorly made decision. I truly hope you reconsider.",
  946. "porque no me gusta u-u",
  947. "Estoy firmando porque no me gusta el doblaje de ingles del personaje de rin matsuoka del anime free",
  948. "I'm signing because his voice doesn't match the character and free is really gay",
  949. "Vic Mignogna is a subpar human being and a terrible voice actor. This anime deserves better than to be tarnished by him.",
  950. "Not only because of his homophobic behavior but his voice doesn't suit ein at all.",
  951. "Miyano-san is support the fans of RinHaru. This sir not. ",
  952. "I love Free!!!",
  953. "I don't like Vic as a person, I don't like the things I heard about him. He's homophobic, rude and he needs to pull his head out of his ass, because he really isn't that good. \n\nThe Free!fandom is mostly teenage girls, people who like to see the boys in a homoromantic way. We don't need someone like Vic Mignogna voicing a character that is so very loved, who you can see change for the better, when he himself doesn't even do that. \n\nHis voice doesn't even suit Rin. Just because Miyano Mamoru voiced Rin doesn't mean Vic should automatically have it. All most of us will be seeing is Tamaki or Edward when he voices Rin, or just a pathetic excuse for a homophobe trying to get his fanbase back.",
  954. "I am signing because as we all know,  free is on the fence yaoi. And with a homophobic actor playing a role in an anime like that, it's gonna get messy real quick.",
  955. "because this anime has a lot of scenes giving a vibe that points toward BL it is not right to hand Vic the role of Rin.\nThis anime is love by many, and lots of people want to see this anime dubbed. But it is not right to hand over the role of Rin to him due to all of his homophobic comments, when this anime has the same thing that he homophobically comments on.",
  956. "There are so many reasons, including gross and inappropriate sexual behaviour directed at young fans (which should really be included in this petition as a main point, if possible), why I am unhappy with this casting. It's a bizarre choice from a character/voice standpoint to begin with, but to cast someone with a known history of offensive and creepy interactions with fans is really crossing the line. I hope Funimation reconsider this choice very carefully. Really disappointed.",
  957. "No me parece que sea la persona adecuada para el doblaje.",
  958. "quiero que el actor de doblaje que hará el personaje de Rin matsuoka sea cambiado por alguien mejor y que de verdad represente al personaje.",
  959. "Porque una persona Homofobica no puede hacer de Rin, Simplemente no! ",
  960. "I'm signing because please don't have him as Rin omg",
  961. "Im against this bullcrap",
  962. "Take Vic off. ",
  963. "This guy shouldn't be allowed to even have the amount of power he has over the community over here. He's nothing but a diva, treats staff members at cons like crap, treats members of Funimation like crap, treats his FANS like crap. He's awful.",
  964. "He's also been known to act predatory towards young girls... do I really need to explain why casting him is a horrible choice in a series geared towards teenage girls?",
  965. "delete him",
  966. "He's a homophobic son of a gun and shouldn't be imposing his beliefs on his characters and fans.",
  967. "A few years ago when I was a big fan of his, I sent him an email congratulating him for getting the role of Zero in Vampire Knight, which was just about to be announced at the time. I remember him replying to me in a very rude way about it because it wasn't official yet and it made me feel very horrible because I looked up to him so much.\r\nI also used to hear a lot of gross things about him from the conventions I went to and never really took them seriously, but clearly, he's been accused of doing some very inappropriate things and that needs to be addressed, not only by him, but by the company as well. I honestly don't know if FUNimation will even care AT ALL about this petition because they're extremely blind when it comes to what the fans actually have to say, but it's definitely worth a shot! It seems a lot like they were just trying to recreate the success of Ouran with this cast, and didn't take into account if any of the voices even matched the characters (which, imo they dont but w/e) \r\nI HIGHLY suggest that if FUNimation doesn't listen to us about this, that we boycott them and not support any more releases they license. I know several people who're already completely ready to give up on them and not support them in the future, including myself. \r\nVic is extremely unprofessional, rude, and frankly, a little creepy when it comes to female fans, and I personally think that's unacceptable. ESPECIALLY when this anime's fanbase is mainly girls. \r\nI apologize if anything sounds weird, I'm quite tired right now, and VERY upset about this whole thing. and honestly, it ruined my entire day. ",
  968. "As to what others say, Vic is homophobic. So, for him to play a character that is possibly gay is unacceptable. The voice casting for Rin was completely wrong.\n\nWhat Funimation is doing by not holding auditions for possible new talent is not right. It's not fair for others. \n\nVic is not right to play this character. Just because Rin is voiced by Mamoru Miyano, does NOT mean to have Vic voice every character he plays. ",
  969. "Because, his voice doesn't fit with Rin's personality and attitude, besides, Rin is, with Haruka, the most loved character from Free!. I think he deserves something way too much better. I just think that this guy Vic doesn't respect the character.",
  970. "Idk i just hate homophobic whos so rude they dont have the rights to call the gays are wrong anyway",
  971. "sexuality or preference of such doesnt affect a persons qualities theres no need to fear anyone,just live and let live.",
  972. "I'm gay and this is not okay",
  973. "Vic is a butthead. ",
  974. "As a queer woman, I think that an actor with a history of homophobic comments and a disrespectful attitude towards queer interpretations of media (the fanbase interpreting characters as LGBTQA+) should NOT be allowed to work on Free!. Free! clearly has subtext between its characters, as well as a large LGBTQA+ fanbase. Based on Vic's previous comments and behavior at cons, I do not think that he will be able to treat Free!, its characters, and its fanbase with the respect they deserve. I cannot corroborate the claims of him sexually harassing his young female fans, but I think that the sheer number of people reporting such incidents is suspicious in itself. ",
  975. "This is just pathetic. It's a miracle he's managed to hold the job.",
  976. "Vic Mignogna may have a few sounds known as \"the voice,\" but has been a generally toxic person to the community, especially when his work is directly related.  If Vic is in Free!, he would have to drop his negative PR stunt via his internal religious system for morals.  Vic won't do that, he has shown that it's all about the money, and his personal morals come before the interest of the company.",
  977. "I have personally had a bad experience with this man so I will sign this and refuse to support Free! Until changes are made",
  978. "I'm signing because personally, I'm gay, and it's kind of offensive to know that Vic is homophobic, considering he's also one of my most favorite voice actors. And if Vic fully knows that the fandom is /very/ very supportive of boys love, still, he shouldn't be disrespectful/rude to his fans because something that he dislikes. ",
  979. "I don't want people who do things that exploit young girls or that are homophobic to promote or have anything to do with free or its majority female audience. Nope. Not having it.",
  980. "I will not support the dub if a rude openly homophobic person is going to voice in it.",
  981. "Free! really changed my life in anime and it's very near and so so so dear to my heart. The stories and rumors I've heard about Vic Mignogna are terrible to read and I hate that people actually had to go through with whatever happened. Honestly I don't think Rin's voice is as flowy nor high pitched as Vic's, and it would be a better choice to go for someone with a lower range. Someone who at least sounds like a teenager (a rough 17 yr who lived in Australia for a while shouldn't have a smooth jazz im gonna let u sleep under the table while I caress your back with my feet voice).. And I find it really unfortunate that I have to sign this because I really do love FUNimatiom but this choice is just all wrong. Thank you!",
  982. "Odio la voz y el tono que usa lo lamento pero en japonés e smejor",
  983. "Rin merece alguien mejor",
  984. "Vic Mignogna is a horrid choice for the voicing Rin Matsuoka. He's extremely rude and was crude towards my boyfriend and I when we met him. (two trans men) ",
  985. "fuck vic",
  986. "Be homophobic people are close minded and should ruin something people love ",
  987. "Vic is a dodgy, gross guy with a history of homophobia, creepiness towards female fans and rude behaviour. Even a lot of voice actors don't like him. He shouldn't be anywhere near Free!",
  988. "Disgusting. Rin deserves way better.",
  989. "Homophobic people are gross, and they'll get no support from me.",
  990. "Vic is a one-trick pony. He sounds the same in every role. Not only that but Rin's fanservice scenes with Haru, Sousuke, and Nitori are very implied to be not-so-straight behavior. Why on earth would you put this character with a man who will make fans offer different things to sign so he doesn't have to see ~yaoi~? Gross!!\n\nFree! fans deserve better. Our ears deserve better. And most importantly, for funimation that is, our money will most likely hold out for better.\n\nLuckily there's always us petitioning for crunchy roll to release their own dub if Vic stays...",
  991. "This casting was a poor decision on funimations part. Besides being homophobic and a rude, impolite person, Vic is simply not the right fit for Rin. I would love to buy and support this dub but cannot do so as long as Vic remains on cast.",
  992. "tbh its just not right",
  993. "He needs to stop poisoning the industry and the characters.",
  995. "I'd really prefer for anyone other than this scumbag to voice my favorite character.",
  996. "Vic Mignogna is a who is highly homophobic and ironically voice acting an dubbed anime that mainly attracts female viewers who see this anime and perceives this series to have a bit of \"homosexuality.\"  ",
  997. "From what I've see and heard he is just really really gross. Please take him off of this.",
  998. "vic mignogna is a pos",
  999. "I personal dislike the casting choice, and I am not a fan of Mignogna otherwise.",
  1000. "Homophobic people have no place in society. It's 2014.",
  1001. "I'm signing because I agree.",
  1002. "please dont do this, holy heck, we dont need homophobia here",
  1003. "i love the homos",
  1004. "Because Free! Is a awesome anime that doesn't deserve Vic to voice ",
  1005. "I don't want a homophobic VA anywhere NEAR this show. It will be RUINED.",
  1006. "Vic's a good voice actor but he's not the best choice for this role. I also feel uncomfortable with the fact that he's had a history of being a homophobe and what not, and Free shows that stuff obviously.",
  1007. "vic mignogna is a misogynist and a homophobe and a shitty actor keep him away from this show",
  1008. "Because Vic Migogna has a history of homophobia and sexual harassment and has shown predatory actions toward his fans.",
  1009. "becuz frend dats y",
  1010. "Vic Mignogna is an open Homophobic amoung other things. I understand that he works for funimation and feels that he is best for the role however due to the fact he has repeatedly acted in a disrespectful manner to the LGBTQ community he should be removed.",
  1011. "I'm signing because Vic's voice does not suit Rin's personality at all.",
  1012. "He has no right to voice ANYONE in a show like Free!, let alone a character as important as Rin. I don't care if I have to wait longer so Rin's lines can be redone by a different actor. But, if Vic isn't removed from this project I will never buy anything from Funimation ever again, and I will tell all of my anime-loving friends to never support anything Funimation.",
  1013. "Vic Mignogna SHOULD NOT be Rin, not in any way shape or form.",
  1014. "I don't want a homophobe VA voicing an anime that queerbaits. With the tension between Haru and Rin, he'll surely ruin it.",
  1015. "I looked up to him until now. ",
  1016. "Vic mignogna is trash",
  1017. "GOD NO, JUST NO",
  1018. "That's just... Not what's up. ",
  1019. "vic has the WRONG voice for rin . It's so posed to be dark and smooth not raspy and Edward Elric .  I also refuse to have a homophobe play a character so well known for being paired with other men in the series . It's unacceptable ",
  1021. "I am outraged that Funimation would cast an openly homophobic man for the role of a clearly homosexual character. It is not right! ",
  1022. "Because Vig Mignongna is problematic and funimation needs to stop casting him.",
  1023. "Vic is a sexual predator and homophobe",
  1024. "He is such a piece of shit how dare he voice my precious rin",
  1025. "Vic Mignogna is a Homophobe, and Free! is too good for him",
  1026. "I don't agree with Vic being homophobic, and he IS ruining my favorite character. His voice doesn't fit Rin's personality at all, I don't know if Funimation realizes that or not or even if they know about this petition. Vic is a good voice actor; he has the talent, but it should not be used for a character like Rin, who's usually calm and collected, with a slight temper issue sometimes and overall a huge sweetheart.\nVic's voice is more suited toward his earlier roles: Edward Elric, Tamaki Suoh, Spirit Albarn, etc. Those types of characters are more..him. They're loud and funny and sometimes obnoxious but he does them perfectly. \nI would not want him voicing someone like Rin, it's like Funimation doesn't even care about our opinions on this and that's just plain sad, and they shouldn't be allowed to dub anything if they don't take the fans opinions into consideration. A poll would've been great.",
  1027. "Homophobic scum do not deserve to voice ANY anime character.  FUNimation are fools if they let this homophobic imbecile continue to work under their name.  From what I have heard he is guilty of harassing young girls and for making jokes about serious events in our history as well.\r\n\r\nMatsuoka Rin is not an asshole, don't let Rin be voiced by an asshole.",
  1028. "I agree with this statement about him being homophobic and not being fit for the role.",
  1029. "bc rinbby",
  1030. "We really shouldn't have someone like that voicing the character of such a big anime. Honestly, it's 2014, we should be getting onto this quicker than ever, not waiting for fans to step in hand do your job.",
  1031. "Homophobia can't be tolerated it today's society. ",
  1032. "Vic is a homophobe which really makes me uncomfortable ",
  1033. "what did we ever do to deserve this",
  1034. "Vic is basically using Rin to try to win people back because of all the homophobic things he's said and done. It would make me sick to see the dub withVic in it because it defiles Rin's great character. Plus, his voice doesn't fit Rin AT ALL",
  1035. "I do not agree with him being the voice actor for rin at all ",
  1036. "Someone with this history of sexual harassment and homophobia has no business working on a show with gay overtones aimed at young women.",
  1037. "MY SHIPS WILL NOT TAKE THIS NOPE! i don't care if your gonna be a dick to people in general even if they are from LGBTQA who are no different than anyone else .. i don't care if he  was in ouran or FMA he doesn't have to be right to be rude to any fan! no matter what they ask juts calmly ask them you don't want to be asked that question again!  *im so done with you vic i really am*",
  1038. "well vic sucks",
  1039. "You are all a bunch of embarrassing sad fucks.",
  1040. "I saw Vic host the Masquerade at Dragoncon in 2013, and the sexual jokes he mare towards the children entrants made my blood boil. He is despicable. ",
  1041. "As someone who's gay- this really pisses me the fuck off.",
  1042. "VIC MIGNOGNA IS ACTUAL TRASH??? im not even trying to be funny. he's a shit guy.",
  1043. "HE SHOULD HAVE BEEN MAKOTO. Stupidest casting error ever. Also yeah he is Homophobic.",
  1044. "HE SHOULD HAVE BEEN MAKOTO. But also he is Homophobic. ",
  1045. "Because there are better actors and better PEOPLE out there who can do justice to this role without such a negative reputation!",
  1046. "I do not think he can really relate ,",
  1047. "I WANT TO BE ABLE TO GO UP TO RIN'S ENGLISH VOICE ACTOR AND ASK HIM TO SIGN MY FANART OF AN OBVIOUS SHIPPING COUPLE WITHOUT BEING TOLD OFF FOR A RUDE REASON!!!!\r\nAnd seriously this is so true, most of the fans in Free! are girls and MOST of them ship the characters with the other character which are indeed boy x boy... Letting a homophobic actor cast as a character that many people ship with Haru or Makoto or Sousuke is a super, super, SUUUUUUPPPPEEEERRRRRR wrong choice for the dub!",
  1048. "There's no point on casting a voice actor if he doesn't support the subtext included in the series. ",
  1049. "This guy sucks please remove him my baby doesn't deserve this disgusting shit stain as his voice actor ",
  1050. "I just hate Vic McNugget, period.",
  1051. "my baby only deserves the best and it is not vic lasagna ",
  1052. "Rin is a very important character to me as is Free! And I refuse to accept someone as bigoted as Vic to ruin this show",
  1053. "Normally I wouldn't sign things like this, but I fully agree. Free! isn't a yaoi, but a large portion of those who watch it ship Rin and other boy characters with each other (including myself). Vic is homophobic, so I do not see it going well if he is ever at cons he isn't banned from. He is openly homophobic, and I feel that will negatively effect the dub and fans. I love and respect Rin, and seeing Vic voice upsetting. &lt;3",
  1054. "It's obvious Vic should not be apart of the Free! cast.",
  1055. "No one with his kind of views and history of skeevy actions should be allowed work, much less on a series like this. If he is allowed to stay, it will ruin my enjoyment of the series and one of my favorite characters on the show.",
  1057. "Vic Mignogna is openly homophobic and I definitely do not agree with that. Also, his voice will not fit Rin at all and we really need a different voice actor.",
  1058. "I have a feeling this won't do anything but let's have hope! ",
  1059. "I'm signing because I have personally witnessed him being incredibly rude and hurtful to a fan asking for a signature on a romantic image of that nature. I will not support the english dub if he's going to spoil such a great character and amazing series with his attitude. It's bad enough he spoiled Ouran... I won't purchase that now either :S ",
  1060. "I don't support homophobic people, I don't want an homophobic voice actor to voice my favorite character! ",
  1061. "I do not support Vic's stands on various issues and feel he would be toxic to the situation",
  1062. "not only is Vic Mignona rude and homophobic, he's not a good voice For Rin at all",
  1063. "I love the character, and to have Vic cast as Rin would be a disgrace. ",
  1064. "It's upsetting to see someone who holds so much hate for people who just want to love taking a role in a fandom that he probably cares little for.",
  1065. "I don't even watch Free! but I support the fans in this desition. I mean, It makes no sense to but a homophobic VA in a gay anime.",
  1066. "1) He's homophobic as fuck\n2) He doesn't even have the right voice to voice Rin\n2.1) He literally uses the same voice for every character, I've not heard anything different from him in any anime I've watched where he voices someone\n3) Free! may not have any gay relationships openly in the show, but it HEAVILY SUGGESTS THEM. I have no idea why Vic would even AGREE to voice a show he more than likely knows is gay eye candy.",
  1067. "I'm signing because Vic has a history of being homophobic and this is an anime with homosexual overtones. More importantly, Vic has a history of being EXTREMELY inappropriate with his female fans, most of these fans being *underage*, and I find this behavior inexcusable and revolting.\n\nShould they keep him cast as Rin, I will not be purchasing this anime, no matter how dear to my heart it is. I refuse to support the idea of somebody like him being in such an emotional anime targeted at young girls. It's disgusting.",
  1068. "Its kinda weird casting a homophobe as a character in an anime where half of the ships are gay and the characters might as well be.",
  1069. "because for a show with such a specific kind of fanbase, one that spends its time and interests with pairing the cast of mostly male characters together, it just is an aweful idea to place a homophobic person of any sort with this role. It's just going to cause negative feelings all around, and despite any talents Mignogna may have as a voice actor, this isn't a role that should have a person of such bigotry tied to it. ",
  1070. "Vic's problematic actions should not be supported.",
  1071. "As a homo, I'm all for shitting on homophobes",
  1072. "My daughter loves this show and I will do anything to help her not have this terrible actor play this role",
  1073. "Free is one of my favorite anime. If they're going to do a dub of it, I want actors who are comfortable with the sexuality of their characters.   ",
  1074. "I do not believe he should be playing a character that he will make fun of.",
  1075. "homophopes need to stop and this show is like 100% gay",
  1076. "Please Funimation, some one else!!!",
  1077. "Vic is someone I cannot stand. I have been personally victimized by his homophobic/perverted tendencies and I now refuse to watch anything he is in. Free! Is one of my favourite animes, and if Vic remains casted as Rin, whom is my favourite character, I will boycot the whole fandom and everything it represents, all because of one man.",
  1078. "It's not okay to do this to us fans of Free!. To just, do that.. is.. well.. Idk but you know what I'm saying.",
  1079. "vic is trash",
  1080. "It's unacceptable that Funimation is still giving an open homophobe and pedophile jobs. It's even worse in this case because Rin is not only a queer coded character with a younger sister who he's very protective of, but Free! has an audience of mainly girls. As a queer man, I'm disgusted at this casting voice. Don't allow such scum to voice act.",
  1081. "I will not be tolerat any homophobia, as it is the same as racism! Full of hate.I am a huge fan of Free! And i hope they cast a better deserving voice actor for one of the favorite characters in the anime! ",
  1082. "Vic's voice won't suit Rin",
  1083. "While I'm skeptical about the actual justification about this and the not-so-hard facts, I agree that Vic shouldn't be casted as Rin for the fact that they want people to \"stand against any of our beloved Free! boys being voiced by someone as anti-gay and rude to BL/yaoi fans as Vic\". I have to agree. I won't support it if Vic is played at Rin.",
  1084. "I agree heavily. I will not condone this.",
  1085. "Because, while this isn't as important as some other issues, FUNimation should not be supporting homophobia, and as Free! in particular is an anime that has heavy homosexual overtones there should not be any member of the cast of voice actors that is homophobic. ",
  1086. "Vic is an okay actor but a pretty terrible person please PLEAS ",
  1087. "Not only is Mignogna homophobic, but he has a horrific history of preying on young women. Because this anime's target audience is young women, it is extremely dangerous and unacceptable to have him cast for this anime.",
  1088. "vic mignogna is  a disgusting person and is not fit to voice act in this genre of anime with homosexual undertones whose audience is young teenage girls",
  1089. "coz Rin is gay af",
  1090. "Because a homophobe should not be voicing a character with a huge gay fanbase like. Seriously",
  1091. "I don't want such a tainted man voicing a character the fandom loves so dearly. Cast someone else.",
  1092. "I feel he is unsuited to the role vocally, and would not be comfortable in the fandom (considering his views). ",
  1093. "I don't want a homophobic voice actor voicing Matsuoka Rin. If he got no chill then he has no right to play Rin. why did he even agree to voice Rin if he's homophobic?",
  1094. "Free! is one of my favorite animes and I'm not okay with this",
  1095. "Honestly? I'm not a fan of Free! but this is an obvious problem. It's clearly boy love going on and why cast a homophobe in Free!? It doesn't make any sense. ",
  1096. "Because Vic clearly hates anything homoromantic and having him voice an anime that is often depicted as a homoromantic series will definitely leave fans not wanting to watch the show.",
  1097. "VIC IS DISGUSTING but honestly did yall have to put rinharu there... like....... what about sourin...............",
  1098. "because vics continued existence irks me. there is no reason why he should continue getting casted for ANYTHING because of his track record. the homophobia is only a small part of the problem. it is infuriating, but i am more concerned with the way he acts wrt his underage fans. he is known to sexually assault young fangirls, and yet he still gets all this praise? its disgusting and hes disgusting. thanks for casting a 50 year old sexual predator in a series that will allow him access to the series fans. the majority of which are young teenage girls.",
  1099. "It will ruin Rin's character for me",
  1100. "Vic Mignogna is a fucking asswiffle. ",
  1101. "because he just isn't a good fit for the role...and his no...get Chris Bevins, Jason Liebrecht, or John Swasey to do it. ",
  1102. "because he is gross :/",
  1103. "a voice actor should reflect and represent their character and he is definitely not the person to have such a privilege.\nVic's voice doesn't suit Rin in the first place, and Rin's character should not be ruined by having such a voice actor (or such a person in general) to do his voice :/ DON'T RUIN THIS\nRin is supposed to have a deep sexy voice ffs Miyano Mamoru would probably not stand for this either lol",
  1104. "Vic Mignogna is homophobic and is a bad voice actor",
  1105. "Tired of Vic getting these roles.  He is homophobic.  While he may say it is just acting he is against this stuff.  \n\nPlease do not let him voice this role.  ",
  1106. "i dont agree with someone who is homophobic in an anime such as free. the subtext has so much proof that there is more than friendship between the boys. also voice acting wise, he is the worst choice for matsouka rin, i have no idea why anyone would even want him to voice his character. too, as a young women im offended as too someone with a history of sexual harassment towards young women and just shows pure misogyny, shameful.. fucking shameful. even to that, this prove exactly why vic signed for this show. and if hes so immature that he does not want to sign a fucking picture of two guys kissing whether he thinks they have feelings for each other or not, shows his completel disrespect to not only his fans but to the gay community. please please please, take him off and pic someone who will actually match his  character but not someone whos homophobic and a sexual harassing creep. he may try to deny this but when you look at pictures of him and his fans he gets way to close to the young female ones and ive heard people say he pretends to trip and grab their breast. he may have said, \"well i have gay friends\" in defensive but having gay friends does NOT stop someone from being homophobic, and clearly he IS homophobic. funimation i hope you know youre offended so many of your fans with this shit",
  1107. "I believe there is a better voice for Rin",
  1108. "I'm a queer woman and I have to say that Vic's blatant homophobia is disgusting. This fan base is mostly LGBTQA+, like most animes. The fact that you even keep him on as an active voice actor is horrendous, but putting him in free is crossing a line. This show has a HEAVY LGBTQA+ fanbase and there are so many homoromantic subtitles. THIS WAS A POOR CHOICE OF VOICE ACTING he shouldn't be in this show AT ALL.",
  1109. "Vic is a dick and Rin is hot ",
  1110. "Keep homophobia out of the anime community. Anime is our escape from the bullying and hate we get on a daily basis. This show is near and dear to my heart and to have this man in the cast is disgusting. I will not support Funimation any longer if he stays in this cast.",
  1111. "i refuse to allow a homophobic paedophile voice one of the characters closest to my heart -",
  1112. "Aside from all of the personal hate and experiences I (and know others) have had with him... \r\n\r\nVic is a one trick pony. \r\n\r\nRin would not be voiced by Vic. Vic would BE RIN. I do not find his voice fitting in the least for him and feel Funimation just gave up. Funimation has this way of keeping their English VA's in tune with what the Japanese VA's do. Meaning if this Japanese voice actor played this character and this character, that means the same English one that we cast for the first one should do it too!\r\n\r\nNo. There needs to be versatility in voice acting. Vic lacks just that.\r\n\r\nI am one for not knocking something until I try it... but I can clearly knock this idea when Vic remains the same.\r\n\r\nFunimation really needs to hear the fans out on this one. A poll even. If they are wanting to make a profit and have fans buy their dubbed products... they need to get their act together and LISTEN to the fans.\r\n\r\n\"You should be watching.\" I should. But I won't... if Vic is in it.",
  1113. "As a lover of the show, Vic is a terrible choice for the voice of Rin. He is also incredibly openly homophobic, which especially with this show, and in terms of equality and acceptance in the modern day era, does not fly. Funimation can do much better.",
  1114. "He is a horrible voice actor to be casted as Rin, he doesnt embody Rin's essence or character and its a disgrace to have him voice him and its a disgrace to the creator and original VA of Rin. He will ruin this dub. ",
  1115. "Being gay myself I can not let this happen, I love free! I love Rin, I will not take a stand for this",
  1116. "vic mignogna is homophobic and gross",
  1117. "I'm signing this because Vic Mignogna is openly homophobic and tends to be rather rude towards fans who ask him to sign homoerotic fanart.  I feel as if this roll is not for him considering the character he is playing is thought of as homosexual and many fans of the show support that. If you have a supposed gay character who has a fanbase who also agrees that fact, I don't believe it's right to cast a person who is against LGTBQ+ rights ",
  1118. "I think his voice just doesn't suit Rin.",
  1119. "Besides the fact that Rin Matsuoka is my favorite character, we don't need people like him going around and having some sense of power over the audience. Funimation has messed up on a lot of things, but by God if they allow this to continue they better realize they're going to permanently lose a HUGE part of the fan base. ",
  1120. "because Vic does not fit the role for rin and will ruin his character",
  1121. "Vic is a bad choice for Matsuoka Rin. Rin is my favorite character and if they dub it it should at least be a good dubbing.",
  1122. "This guy is an awful person/ voice actor",
  1123. "I don't believe that Vic Mignogna would be a good fit based on his beliefs and how he would treat the fanbase of the show. It would be detrimental to the company producing the dub because for just about every fan of Vic Mignogna there are a good number of people who want him to retire. His blatant homophobia is a big problem in this day and age and he should stick to roles that he feels comfortable with. I personally had him dismiss me after basically scoffing in my face when I tried to get him to sign some official art that had one of his characters in a homoromantic setting. ",
  1124. "im gay. he wrong,",
  1125. "I am gay and he is homophobic and free! Is my favorite anime.",
  1126. "I don't want a homophobe associating with an anime full of boys love/ homoerotic subtleties. ",
  1127. "rin rin needs to sound sexy, he is bae &lt;3",
  1128. "This is scary. I'm afraid Vic will try to change lines, pulling a \"no homo\". Free! isn't a yaoi, but I can't see him handling Rin's character well at all, OR his fans. Rin fans are heavily set on their ships, and shouldn't have to deal with him having a vendetta. ",
  1129. "Let's be honest, there are sooo many homo moments. There are even more fans who adore these homo moments. Plus, I don't believe Vic would be a good choice straight up. He just isn't Rin. His voice is too immature and childish sounding for a man who's symbol is the shark :/",
  1130. "I cannot believe that somebody with such a history will be able to portray a character who is most likely \"gay\" without compromising the characters development as well as relationships between characters. I will not buy/support/endorse this dub. It is not worth watching.",
  1131. "free will lose a lot of fans!! this fandom has made this anime basically full of boys love! I love free so much. I won't accept this",
  1132. "It's disgusting. He's homophobic and what the hell we're talking about Rin. Rin Matsuoka. I don't even know what Funimation was thinking",
  1133. "I honestly don't care if we have to wait a little longer for a  redub, get rid of this homophob or I will NOT be supporting this dub.",
  1134. "The past history and don't want anymore people to be harassed by him",
  1135. "I don't want an asshole voicing someone as nice and sweet as rin",
  1136. "Cause vic sucks ass",
  1137. "if hes going to be all homophobic then he shouldn't be part of this cast. because a good portion of the people who watch dissagree with what he think",
  1138. "Vic is homophobic and is not suited to be in a anime series such as Free! Please remove him or I won't be buying this series!",
  1139. "Rinharu is life and someone who is homophobic should not play this role ",
  1140. "This anime is full of boys and everyone ships them. If you are going to voice a character from this, you should at least accept gays and just sign the paper. Plus it's 2014 people need to get over their medieval ideas on how love should work and accept that things have changed.",
  1141. "Because I don't want a homophobe to dub homosexual anime character!! Sorry if Vic isn't homophobe tho",
  1143. "This is fucking ridiculous alright. Why should a homophobe be allowed to voice an anime that has a fanbase who are indeed \"yaoi fans\". \nWhy should a homophobe be allowed to even stay in a company. \nIt's 2014.",
  1144. "Because, me, identifying under the LGBTQ+ spectrum, and knowing how gay this anime is, I cannot support a homophobe taking part in this.",
  1145. "the voice doesnt fit the character for one and for two vic is a homophobe and this anime has hella gay undertones",
  1146. "Not only is he homphobic (I'm a lesbian so that is also very relevant to me), he has been INCREDIBLY inappropriate with underaged fans in the past and has more stories of inappropriate conduct than any other voice in the biz. He should not be rewarded for this. He should not be given the opportunity to continue this behavior. I say we call for a termination of his Funimation contract.",
  1147. "Vic Mignogna is a digusting, homophobic voice actor known for harassing young girls and should not be voicing for a show targeted toward the people he harasses",
  1148. "free! is totally gay and EVERYONE will be wanting vic to sign homo fanart?? rinharu rintori rinsousuke like? you cant do this he doesnt deserve to voice my baby rin",
  1149. "He is homophobic..",
  1151. "He and this anime do not fit together well.",
  1152. "Free! has a LOT of gay things, and it's perfectly beautiful! I don't think someone who is against this type of community should be in this.",
  1153. "He is not suitable to voice act anyone from Free!",
  1154. "Vic isn't just right for this role. Not is he nice to the fans.",
  1155. "I'm gay and this show is gay and I don't need a homophobe in my gay life.",
  1157. "I never knew that Vic was like this. I am really disgusted and would like to send a big fuck you to good ol' Vic.",
  1158. "I'm afraid that the creators of this anime would be disappointed about this decision.  I'm boycotting the dub unless this changes.",
  1159. "Because Vic is not only a homophobe but a terrible decision for Rin ",
  1160. "Because if he's homophobic this is not the right role for him. He won't react well to the fans and shouldn't voice rin",
  1161. "I would like a better voice actor for Rin ",
  1162. "Couldn't you find someone better than Vic? Lately in whatever show he was cast, it was a disaster. I don't want him to voice Rin.",
  1163. "Fuck vic macaroni",
  1164. "This is ridiculous. Vic is rude to fans and the series. This should not be allowed.",
  1165. "I feel that it is an unwise move on all parts to cast someone who would be uncomfortable in an anime where the running jokes all have a homoerotic undertone. It isn't necessary for mignogna to be pro gay but his fan base for this show in particular is comprised of women and men who either enjoy sports anime or enjoy boys love and he not only needs to recognize this but respect it. If he fails to do so, and insists on alienating the fans who do see it for its cross - genre potential, he will prove to be a detriment to the project as rin us one of the main characters. While mignonga does have name and voice recogniton, other actors can still be called upon to do the project justice.",
  1166. "Its 2014 and people need to grow the hell up.",
  1167. "I'm signing because dude, it's 2014 and you can't handle FANART of characters who aren't even officially gay. Like, if the mere assumption by fans who are free to draw as much butt fucking as they please angers you, then the problem is you. We really need a different voice actor and this guy needs to realize",
  1168. "No me parece para nada que una persona así, haga la voz de Rin, se supone que debes darle tu personalidad, y estoy segura de que el de dará una personalidad horrible.",
  1169. "I am openly pan and have a same sex partner and it bothers me to think that someone who acts in a way i do not look up to will be voicing a character i do look up to. Also i am highly aware now after working at cons and from hearing stories that Vic is very kind upfront but once he gets backstage he complains about the fans and is rude to staff members ",
  1170. "I am openly pan and have a female partner, this disturbs me very much so.",
  1171. "I want to",
  1172. "I will not stand by a homophobic and rude man such as Migogna to voice ANYONE in \"Free! Iwatobi Swim Club\" and \"Free! Eternal Summer\". Never.",
  1173. "Vic is a total creep toward young girls and his female fan base in general. Free! Is aimed at young girls, and it's using the power of something called \"hot anime boys that may or may not be in homosexual relationships with each other\" \nThis not good concise ring this guy handed out CD's if him reading the bible in characters voices to young girls. That is completely rediculous. Remove him from the cas. Funimation is about to lose a lot of money.",
  1174. "I am so tired of seeing people being homophobic about anime and other things. Beyond ridiculous- this is 2014. Grow up.",
  1175. "It truly does disgusts me. Free is by far my favourite anime, it means a lot to me and as someone who intentifies as gay I want to barf. Don't step near Rin just don't ",
  1176. "This is the WORST casting you could have had for this role, Funimation. The original satire post about this pathetic joke of a human being voicing Rin was posted precisely BECAUSE we didn’t WANT him to be in Free! AT ALL. There’s been multiple versions of this claim circulating tumblr, you even chose to “dispel” the fake version with a doctored joking post of your own. Why did you even bother doing that if it was the truth? Oh that’s right, because the actual truth is the person you chose is a homophobic anti-Semitic predator and you wanted to soften the blow. Well it didn’t work. *Slow clap* \nI’m disgusted. Most of us are. ",
  1177. "Because I want it to happen",
  1178. "I believe that people with Homophobic views should not be idolized. Homosexuals and other categories of similar people are just as important as Heterosexuals. Is it wrong to want representation and people agreeing with our representation?",
  1179. "because i need best boy to be acted right not some fuck boy vic mceggnog neds to voice act him",
  1180. "HE'S A GIANT DOUCHE",
  1181. "100% agree.",
  1183. "because im ok with gay people",
  1184. "because fuck dick mangina thats why he's terrible stop make it stop im going to cry",
  1185. "Free me from my pain ",
  1186. "This isn't right. This anime is open to relationships between boys, and the fact that someone who does not support that just doesn't seem right.",
  1187. "Vic just isn't right for this rule. Please cast Crispin Freeman or somebody else with an amazing voice! I'm begging you!!",
  1188. "vic is homophobic as hell and he has harassed underaged girls so hes gross and needs to jump off a bridge tbh ",
  1189. "Vic Mignogna has a history of being very rude and unkind to fans, especially those in the LGBTQ community. Not only this but it is very disappointing for him to monopolize the English dubs. A voice actor shouldn't be in every anime just because he can... they should match the best they can to the original voice intended for them in their original language. I was disappointed to see him cast as Tamaki in Ouran and even more so now that he's Rin in Free. Please stop casting him in everything and think about the character, not just whoever you can throw in. You have so many other talented actors, please stop using Vic. ",
  1190. "we should not give scum of the earth jobs",
  1191. "Because this man is an insult to anime and voice acting and this kind of behavior toward fans is appalling. ",
  1192. "Because casting someone as homophobic and small-minded as this is toxic to the fandom and to the anime community as a whole. ",
  1193. "I don't think this voice actor would do justice to this character in the sense of all the implicit undertones that are present in the character's interactions.",
  1194. "i don't want a homophobe anywhere near any media i'm consuming especially as a queer individual myself it's highly offensive.......",
  1195. "Because homophobia is unacceptable. Casting someone like this sends out a troublesome message to fans.",
  1196. "red haired god and his tv show deserve so much better. ",
  1197. "he's not only homophobic but also really creepy towards underaged girls and that is NOT OKAY for an anime with mostly female fans"
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