Wallflower x Moondancer WIP

Jan 26th, 2019
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  1. >Wallflower Blush was standing just outside the yearbook room, watching her clubmates (technically, though the other girls had never recognized Wallflower as one of them) in the midst of their conversation
  2. >She knew each of their names by heart, at this point
  3. >And of course she would, she had posted enough pictures of them, their adventures, and their sickeningly adorable group-shots into the yearbook for the past four years of her life
  4. >In a sick way, Wallflower felt like she knew them almost intimately: Rarity was the fashionable one, Pinkie the heavy partier, Twilight the brainy one, etc.
  5. >It was kinda impressive how much you could learn about someone just through their photos
  6. >And yet, none of them even knew Wallflower's name, or seemed to remember that she existed as soon as she'd left the room
  7. >Currently, the seven friends were seated around the table, a shared spread of snacks spread between them to celebrate the coming end of the school year, and the yearbook's impending completion
  8. >The entire room was abuzz with chatter and friendliness: Pinkie Pie had brought a plate heaped with cupcakes, themselves frosted with an edible glitter, and Sunset and Twilight were leading a 'tell us your favorite memory from the past year' type game
  9. Hey, girls," she called out timidly from the doorway
  10. >Only Sunset Shimmer looked over, her smile friendly, but distant
  11. >"Oh, hey! This is the yearbook-club room. You're probably looking for the print shop, it's next door."
  12. "I know. I'm here for-- never mind. Thanks."
  13. >"Don't mention it!"
  14. >"And don't forget to pick up your yearbook next week!" Twilight Sparkle called from behind Shimmer's shoulder
  15. "I won't. Trust me."
  16. >Wallflower sighed and turned away
  17. >At the very least, the print shop would be empty; loneliness was easier to bear and to rationalize when you physically *were* alone, Wallflower had learned
  19. >Down the hall from the yearbook club, Wallflower jimmied the door open with the universal key she'd borrowed from Janitor Scruffy and then had never been asked to give back
  20. >Inside, the room was pitch black, and flicking on the lights revealed neat rows of beige copy machines resting against the walls, with a large, cluttered table in the center of the room
  21. >Curious, Wallflower took a look at what was scattered over the table, and was surprised to find her own face staring back at her
  22. >Amidst dozens of dud copies and discarded masters, Wallflower found herself looking at a stack of rejected yearbook pages
  23. >Most of them were collages that simply couldn't be fit in the main book
  24. >But on top of the stack was the one page Wallflower had worked her hardest on: the Garden Club's own page, featuring what she had planted, how it had grown, and a tiny shot she had taken of herself, sitting cross-legged on the bare earth with a carton of sprouts held in her lap
  25. >The one page that had her on it, and they'd cut it out without even asking her
  26. >A part in the back of Wallflower's brain tried to rationalize things: it wasn't personal, of course
  27. >After all, there wasn't enough room to give every club it's own page...
  28. >And her club was the smallest in the school, with only one member...
  29. >But still, it was *her* picture!
  30. >She'd put so much time into getting shots of her plants as they grew, and she was really, really proud of how it had turned out!
  31. >Wallower crumpled the rejected page and dropped it to the table, sighing
  32. >But of course, effort wasn't what mattered
  33. >Nobody would have been looking for her in the book; in fact, they'd probably have just skipped over her page entirely
  34. >Wallflower slumped to the floor, staring at the section of dusty tile between her sneakers
  35. >The rational part of her brain slowly lost steam, and the familiar melancholy washed over her
  36. >If Wallflower asked the other girls, she could probably get the page put back in
  37. >She could probably even sneak it in herself if she really wanted to
  38. >But what would that solve?
  39. >It would still get skipped over, if this was any indication
  40. >Wallflower laid her head on her knees, eyes closed
  41. >She just wanted to be seen
  42. >It's not like she was asking to be queen bee, or anything so excessive
  43. >She wanted just a single person to acknowledge her, to have any reason to want to see her
  45. >At some point, she must have dozed off
  46. >The kachunk-kachunk sound of a printer running woke up from a fairly dismal series of dreams, and Wallflower's head jolted up with a start
  47. >For a moment, she panicked, then calmed down when she remembered that, even if she was late to one of her classes, she probably wouldn't have been missed
  48. >She looked around the room, and found that she was no longer alone
  49. >In the corner, standing somewhat conspiratorially over one of the large color printers
  50. >She had her back to Wallflower, but Wallflower could make out a baggy, black sweater and a plaid skirt
  51. >And though she couldn't see the girl's face, she could easily make out long, slightly greasy red hair highlighted by pale purple streaks and tied up in a hasty, messy bun to keep it out of her face
  52. >The girl tapped her foot impatiently, and had angled her body in such a way that anybody coming in through the door wouldn't have been able to make out what she was printing
  53. >When the machine fell back to an idle hum, the strange girl gathered up her photos and turned to sprint towards the door
  54. >Wallflower got a brief glimpse of battered glasses and a pale, nervous face before both girls' eyes locked on each other
  55. >The other girl yelped, staggering backwards
  56. >One of her photos slipped from the stack in her arms and ended up face-down a few inches from Wallflower's feet
  57. >"D-don't look at that!" the girl stammered out before Wallflower had a chance to pick the photo up
  58. "Um, okay. Sorry if I scared you."
  59. >"N-no, it's fine!" the girl stammers out, nervously eyeing the picture sitting close to Wallflower. "Thought you were as-sleep. Sorry to bother you, W-Wallflower."
  60. "No prob-- wait, what?"
  61. >Wallflower eyed up the other girl, who was contorting herself as she tried to pick up the picture on the floor without exposing any of the stack of Wallflower's inspection
  62. "You know my name?"
  63. >The girl looked taken aback
  64. >"Of course I do. I know all of Twilight's friends-- I mean, uh, wait. That sounded really bad. I just mean, I know her. And her friends. Even if she, y'know, doesn't really... remember me... heh."
  65. >The girl coughed
  66. >"I should stop talking now, I know."
  67. >She squeezed her eyes shut, and Wallflower could almost see the girl kicking herself viciously inside her own head
  68. "Oh."
  69. >Wallflower had no idea how to respond to that
  70. "That's... huh. Yeah, I know what that feels like."
  71. >"You do? But you're friends with Twilight and Sunset! Everyone must know you."
  72. "I wish it were that easy. I bet neither of them even know my name."
  73. >"But I see you together all the time, and..."
  74. >A sort of mutual understanding clicked between the two girls
  75. >"...oh. I'm s-sorry."
  76. "Hey, don't worry about it. You get used to it after a while, right?" Wallflower said with a weary shrug
  77. >"Heh. I guess so. I thought I was the only person who came down here to hide."
  78. "I usually don't. Normally I'm out in the school gardens."
  79. >"Whoa! I never thought to try out there. I was sure people would be around all the time."
  80. "Trust me, they're not."
  81. >The other girl blushed
  82. >"Well, thanks for the tip. I should, y'know, probably get going... heh..."
  83. "Yeah, me too. What's your name, by the way?" Wallflower asked
  84. >She was so excited to have had a human conversation with someone else that she forgot her promise not to touch the other girl's picture
  85. >She picked it up and handed it over, kind of glancing at it just by accident
  86. >It was a selfie the girl had taken on the school's main staircase, up on the fourth level where nobody really goes
  87. >And she was totally naked, her pale, slightly pudgy body bared for any of the students below her to potentially see, had they simply looked up
  88. >Both girls looked at the photo, then at each other
  89. >Though Wallflower could feel the heat rising in her face, it was nothing compared to the blazing red that had crept into the other girl's cheeks
  90. >"It's Moondancer!" she cried out as she snatched the photo away. "I'm so sorry you had to see that! I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry!"
  91. >In tears, Moondancer sprinted out of the room, her stack of photos clutched desperately against her chest
  93. >Wallflower sat there, utterly befuddled, for about a minute after Moondancer left
  94. >The buzz of her emotions slowly settled and retreated back into her chest, leaving her feeling strangely calm
  95. >It definitely wasn't often that someone embarrassed themselves in front of her; usually, it was the other way around
  96. >She couldn't help but feel sorry for poor Moondancer, that must have been humiliating
  97. >Wallflower herself couldn't imagine how awful it would be to be seen nude by a total stranger
  98. >Then again, she supposed they probably wouldn't notice her any more than usual
  99. >Gradually, Wallflower's feelings of pity for the geeky girl gradually morphed into a sort of confusion
  100. >What was she doing naked at school anyway?
  101. >Wallflower assumed it was something Moondancer had done on a dare, or maybe some test-of-courage sort of thing
  102. >She could definitely understand that
  103. >Maybe she even admired Moondancer's bravery a little
  104. >In a weird, bitter sort of way, Wallflower almost wished that people around her cared enough about her appearance for such a challenge to be even worth attempting
  105. >Regardless, it wasn't anything to be *too* humiliated over, at least in her opinion, and she hoped Moondancer wasn't feeling too terrible about the whole thing
  107. >Wallflower still felt calm and strangely ethereal as she left the printing room, and it took her a few minutes to realize why
  108. >Once the impressions left by seeing the scandalous photo settled back down, it suddenly struck Wallflower again: Moondancer had remembered her name!
  109. >Something not a single student, teacher, or staff member had ever been able to attempt, even Ms. Harshwhinny with her famously vice-like memory for the names of her students, but Moondancer had done it so casually
  110. >Wallflower actually felt a little giddy
  111. >She could have a seen a picture of Moondancer doing about anything, and still have felt the same swelling warmth in her chest that she did for the awkward girl right then
  112. >Slinging her backpack over her shoulder, Wallflower promised herself she'd find Moondancer again, apologize, and maybe even...
  113. >Maybe even make her first friend!
  115. >Unfortunately, no amount of positive resolution on Wallflower's part seemed to lead her towards Moondancer
  116. >She spent the rest of the day searching, even skipping her last-period General Roman Understanding and Medieval Byzantine Oration (GRUMBO) class once she started to get desperate
  117. >But there was not sign of Moondancer anywhere
  118. >Once classes let out, Wallflower slunk down to the school's basement again, figuring one more pass through the print lab wouldn't hurt
  119. >She was just on her way there when, passing the computer lab, she heard the sound of frantic typing coming from within
  120. >Wallflower had never felt the need to sneak anywhere, seeing as she could probably stroll into a bank with a semi-automatic and still not be noticed, but for once she raised up on her tiptoes and crept up to the door, nudging it open just enough to peek inside
  121. >The lab was pitch black, save for the flickering glow of a computer screen that illuminated Moondancer's pale face
  122. >The light caught in her glasses, giving her a bug-eyed, insectoid look
  123. >She was so focused that she didn't hear Wallflower come in, and Wallflower was able to walk right up to Moondancer before the other girl noticed her
  124. >"G-gah!"
  125. >Moondancer let out a startled yelp, clutching her hands against her chest as if protecting something
  126. >"I'm s-sorry. Do you need the lab? I was just about to l-leave..."
  127. "No!"
  128. >That came out a bit more intense than intended, and both Wallflower and Moondancer flinched
  129. "I mean, no. Please, stay. I actually wanted to talk to you."
  130. >Moondancer turned to face Wallflower
  131. >Though her eyes were still hidden by the screen's glare, her lower lip trembled, betraying how nervous she felt
  132. >"You want to t-talk to... me?" Moondancer asked, looking momentarily hopeful. "Is it a-about this morning?" she continued, the hope immediately draining back out of her
  133. "Well, yeah. Kinda."
  134. >"It w-was just a game! I mean, uh... a d-dare! It was a dumb dare. That my, um, friends made me do. My friends. I have a l-lot of those and we do a lot of dares. That's why I had s-so many photos. It's t-totally not a weird fetish thing, or anything..."
  135. >Moondancer slapped her palm against her face
  136. >"I should just s-stop talking, shouldn't I?"
  137. >In spite of herself, Wallflower laughed
  138. >There was something weirdly calming about being the *less* nervous person in a conversation, for once
  139. >Right about that moment, she felt like the coolest girl in the room
  140. >Which was purely because there only were two of them in the room, and Wallflower was aware of that, but it honestly felt pretty good
  141. >Wallflower's laughter made poor Moondancer wince, but Wallflower quickly waved her hands in front of her face, apologetic
  142. "No, no! Don't feel bad, it's totally cool."
  143. >"It is?" Moondancer asked
  144. >She adjusted her glasses to peer at Wallflower, as if expecting some hint of artifice on her part
  145. >At that angle, her eyes became visible, and Wallflower could see a reddish tint that suggested she'd been crying, or staring at a computer monitor for an excessive period of time
  146. >Or both
  147. "I mean, of course it is. Not like you're hurting anyone. It's really nothing you need to feel bad about, trust me."
  148. >Moondancer slouched a little in her seat, relieved.
  149. "Besides," Wallflower continued, rubbing her arm. "There's no way I'd be brave enough to try something like that. So, hey, can't really judge.
  150. >Both girls glanced away from each other, embarrassed
  151. >"Oh, it's not that hard. You just have know how to n-not get seen."
  152. "I'm pretty good at that..." Wallflower muttered to herself. "Is this the first time? You know, that someone's seen you?"
  153. >Moondancer shook her head
  154. >"S-second. I got, um, spotted by a security guard. When I was in Canterlot City Park. She was really, really mad..."
  155. >As she spoke, Moondancer tisted the hem of her sweater between her hands
  156. "Canterlot City Park? You do this kinda stuff all over?"
  157. >Moondancer was halfway through taking a sip of Mtn Dew, and nearly spat it all over the monitor
  158. >"A-ah! Forget I said that!" she clamored, waving her hands in front of her face. "You should really just f-forget everything..."
  159. >Wallflower reached out, as if to touch Moondancer's shoulder, but she hesitated, letting her hand drop to her own knee instead
  160. "How could I forget you? You're kinda the first person here who's ever remembered my name."
  161. >"Oh. R-really?" Moondancer asked, tugging nervously at the neckline of her sweater
  162. "Pretty much. And you're Moondancer, right?"
  163. >Moondancer nodded
  164. >Wallflower stuck out her hand
  165. "Well, uh, guess we should get properly introduced. Nice to meet you!"
  166. >"Y-you too."
  167. >The two girls exchanged what was possibly the sweatiest, most awkward handshake ever
  168. >For a little while, both of them fell silent
  169. "So... Canterlot City Park?"
  170. >Even in the dark, it was painfully obvious that Moondancer was blushing furiously
  171. >"It w-was the scariest moment of my life. I thought she was going to k-kill me. I ran all the way home without any... you know... clothes. I stole a newspaper just so I c-could cover up with something, and... yeah, I should stop talking. S-sorry."
  172. >Moondancer trailed off, red-faced
  173. >Once again, Wallflower found herself unable to keep from laughing
  174. >This time, though, instead of looking miserable, Moondancer actually responded with a tiny smile
  175. >"It was the funny pages too, so I had a picture of Garfrield's f-face covering my... you know..."
  176. "For real?"
  177. >"I d-don't think that's the kind of thing I could make up, heh."
  178. "No, definitely not," Wallflower said
  179. >She was laughing so hard her stomach was starting to hurt
  180. "You've got some serious guts, girl."
  181. >"Eh, I think I'm just k-kinda crazy. I don't know why I like d-doing it so much..."
  182. "Yeah, I really don't-- wait, I thought you said it was a dare?"
  183. >All the red drained right out of Moondancer's face
  184. >"I, um. I did? It, uh, is! I just r-really like dares! Love doing 'em. Old daredevil Moondancer, that's what everybody calls... me... heh..."
  185. >Moondancer took off her glasses and rubbed her eyes with her thumbs
  186. >"I'm n-not getting out this one, am I?"
  187. >Wallflower chuckled
  188. "You don't have to. If it's what you like, it's what you like."
  189. >"Yeah, but... hmph. You're s-sure you don't think I'm a total weirdo?"
  190. "Hey, maybe you are. But I'm not one to judge. I mean, my best friends are hydrangea bushes."
  191. >"H-heh, I don't think that's too weird. Nature is r-really cool too. R-really cool..."
  192. >It was impossible to miss the weird titter in Moondancer's voice, but Wallflower was surprised at how little it bothered her
  193. "Yeah? You should come check out the gardening club sometime. We could always a second member."
  194. >"A s-second? So, like, it'll just be the two of us?"
  195. "Probably, yeah. Is that a problem?" Wallflower asked, feeling a bit hurt
  196. >"N-not at all! I'd actually really like that, if that's okay."
  197. "Definitely okay! We meet, um... well, we don't really have a schedule. We meet whenever I'm there. So maybe tomorrow, in here, after school? I can show you our gardens."
  198. >Moondancer brightened up
  199. >"Perfect! I'll b-be there!"
  200. >She grabbed up her backpack, then used her free arm to wrap Wallflower in a sudden, awkward hug
  201. >Wallflower experienced a brief, overwhelming sensation of being cocooned in scratchy whool that smelled vaguely of sweat and fast food, then Moondancer broke away
  202. >"I, um... just wanna um, say..."
  203. >She gulped
  204. >"Thanks for, uh... understanding, and... b-beingreallycoolIhopewecanbefriends bye!"
  205. >And with that, for the second time today, Moondancer ran off, leaving Wallflower alone in the lab
  207. >Wallflower sat in the lab for a bit, letting the warmth of Moondancer's hug slowly settle into her belly, where it sort of radiated otuwards and warmed the rest of her, like the first few sips of hot cocoa
  208. >She was just getting ready to leave when she noticed Moondancer had left the computer on
  209. >Now, being as naturally unnoticed as she was, Wallflower didn't have many natural reservations against snooping through other people's private affairs
  210. >But still, she felt a little bit squicky as she opened the program Moondancer had had open
  211. >Immediately, a massive library of folders popped up, all of them labeled with different locations around Canterlot
  212. >Sure enough, Moondancer spotted Canterlot High, as well as the city park
  213. >And Everfree Lake, the Canterlot City Library, Wondercolts Stadium...
  214. >...and Twilight Sparkle's backyard pool?
  215. >Wallflower couldn't decide if that deserved an explanation, or if it was better to just let it lie
  216. >Regardless, it wasn't hard to imagine what she'd find if she opened one of these folders
  217. >Which isn't to say she wasn't tempted
  218. >Wallflower's hand shook as she double-clicked the folder that seemed most innocuous: the City Park one
  219. >As she expected, she found herself greeted with about a dozen pictures
  220. >And when she opened the first one, she beheld a naked Moondancer, this time huddled between two sycamore trees
  221. >Beyond her, a few park visitors were strolling along a dirt path, oblivious to the girl hiding just a few feet from them
  222. >The angle of the picture was poor, only really capturing Moondancer's face, right shoulder, and a bit of her right breast
  223. >It was clear she'd taken it hastily, afraid of being seen
  224. >The next pictures were similar, if slightly bolder, featuring Moondancer hiding behind a fountain, or inside the plastic dome of a playground slide, usually with a few unaware park-goers in the distance
  225. >Towards the end, Wallflower found a full-body shot taken at night, with Moondancer standing beneath a lamp that illuminated the path beneath her bare feet, as well as her figure
  226. >She wasn't exactly model material, as you can imagine, though Wallflower was actually a little impressed
  227. >The girl clearly didn't exercise much, and had a bit of weight on her because of it, but it had favorably settled mostly in her hips, thighs, and in a slight pouch at her belly
  228. >Her breasts hung white and innocent on her chest, with rosy nipples contrasting with her pale skin
  229. >A thin, red fuzz of hair grew at her crotch, and the dirt smudged between her toes showed that she'd been running around like this for a decent part of the evening
  230. >Wallflower was surprised at how sticky her mouth was beginning to feel
  231. >She flipped back to the first pic, her eyes starting to water due to the fact that she wasn't blinking anymore
  232. >There was something weirdly enticing about Moondancer's vulnerability
  233. >She was so daring, yet at the same time completely quivering and exposed to anyone who happened to look
  234. >And her body was ordinary enough that, to Wallflower, it made her seem that much more human, that much more *there* in front of her
  235. >And as a result, empathy for the girl blossomed in Wallflower's chest
  236. >She could almost imagine herself there, exposed to the night air and to the wandering eyes of any passers-by
  237. >Wallflower shivered
  238. >In one of the last photos, taken late at night judging by the stars visible behind Moondancer's bare shoulders, Wallflower could even spot the security guard who had chased Moondancer out of the park
  239. >She was a tall, muscular woman, dressed in a leather jacket and sporting purple-tipped hair
  240. >Wallflower had to admit that, naked or not, she'd probably have run for her life too if a tank like that had come after her
  241. >She tried to suppress a shudder, but it came anyway, travelling from the nape of her neck down to her hips in a slick, electrical arc that wasn't altogether unpleasant
  242. >Once she reached the end, Wallflower found herself returning to the beginning of the series of pictures, and running through them again
  243. >This time, instead of a shudder, the empathetic warmth blossoming in her chest radiated outwards into the rest of her, drying her mouth even as sweat broke out along her forehead
  244. >Absentmindedly, she reached up to wipe herself with her sleeve...
  245. >"Ahem."
  246. "Eep!"
  247. >The sound of a throat being professionally cleared behind her startled Wallflower so badly that she let out a squeak of panic, immediately throwing herself in front of the computer monitor
  248. >She was terrified that it would be Moondancer, returned to grab a forgotten book or something, and that Wallflower would have to answer why she was currently snooping through the other girl's nudes
  249. >But it was so, so much worse
  250. >She found herself staring at the imposing figure of Ms. Harshwhinny, who stood in front of an open door at the back of the lab
  251. >Light from the offices beyond it formed a terrible halo around CHS's most notoriously hard-assed teacher, who currently held a steaming mug of coffee in one hand and a bundle of exams nearly a foot thick in the other
  252. "I... I..."
  253. >Wallflower wasn't normally one to get tongue-tied, but Harshwhinny's gaze was enough to turn her thoughts to a terrified mush
  254. >"This lab is reserved for students only," Harshwhinny said. "I suggest you leave, immediately."
  255. >Her voice was so cold that Wallflower could have sworn the room's temperature dropped about eight degrees
  256. "I'm a s-student," she managed to choke out
  257. >Harshwhinny raised an eyebrow
  258. >"I highly doubt that, and I assure you I'm the last of our faculty you want to lie to."
  259. "No, I am!" Wallflower insisted
  260. >Something about the familiar rigamarole of being forgotten had brought her back to her senses
  261. >Moving carefully so as to keep her body between Harshwhinny and the scandalous image on the screen, Wallflower carefully reached into her pocket and pulled out her student ID, holding it up for Harshwhinny to examine
  262. "See?"
  263. >Harshwhinny stepped closer, her eyes narrowing
  264. >Wallflower shrank back against the computer like she were some kind of human shield
  265. >Harshwhinny examined the ID, and then a strange change came over her
  266. >Her steely expression faltered, and an apologetic, slightly embarrassed look flickered across her face
  267. >"Oh. Well, I..."
  268. >She cleared her throat, this time slightly less professionally
  269. >The Harshinator herself, rumored to be a vampire and the literal devil by her students, actually blushed a little
  270. >"My mistake, Ms. Blush. It's strange, I've never forgotten a student's name before. It must be the stress getting to me..." she muttered under her breath. "Please, continue on."
  271. "Okay."
  272. >Both Harshhwinny and Wallflower continued to stare at each other
  273. >"I said you may continue."
  274. "Yeah. Thanks."
  275. >Wallflower didn't dare move away from the screen
  276. >Harshwhinny gave her a weird look
  277. >"Is... something wrong?"
  278. "Just, uh, exam stress."
  279. >And at that, Harshwhinny almost smiled
  280. >Almost
  281. >"Ah, I see. What are you working on here? Perhaps I could help you. I suppose I owe you that much."
  282. "Nope! No help needed! Students should do their own work, right? Heheh."
  283. >"Nonsense, asking a professor for help is well within your rights. Here, let me take a look. Is it algebra? Or physics? I happen to be something of a natural at--"
  284. "No, please!" Wallflower interrupted, sweating furiously as she flattened her back against the monitor. "It's really okay..."
  285. >She tried to push her way around Wallflower, but Wallflower absolutely refused to allow Harshwhinny to get a look at the monitor
  286. >Harshwhinny straightened back up, peering at her suspiciously
  287. >"Ms. Blush?"
  288. "Y-yes?" Wallflower responded
  289. >Harshwhinny's lip twisted
  290. >"Have you been... gaming? In our student computer labs? Where gaming is absolutely forbidden?"
  291. >Wallflower's jaw dropped
  292. "Um... yes. I've been playing, uh, Minecraft."
  293. >"Well, I have no idea what that is. But it doesn't sound like a reasonable use of school time, now does it?"
  294. "N-no ma'am."
  295. >"Hmph."
  296. >Harshwhinny took a long sip of her coffee, which Wallflower was uanble to detect was her way of hiding the fact that she was smiling
  297. >"I suppose that, as an apology for forgetting your name earlier, I could overlook the infraction. Just this once."
  298. "Thank you, ma'am."
  299. >"Don't mention it. But please consider how you will be using your time in the future."
  300. "I will. I definitely will..."
  301. >Harshwhinny gave Wallflower a nod, then finally left
  302. >With a sigh of relief, Wallflower sank to her knees, and immediately closed the picture of Moondancer before anyone else could give her a mini heart-attack over it
  303. >Now that the gut-clenching anxiety began to fade away, an overwhelming sensation of bliss was beginning to flood through her
  304. >She could have been in so much trouble!
  305. >But she escaped, and from the Sauron-esque gaze of ol' HW no less
  306. >Wallflower imagined this is what being high must feel like, she felt almost like she could float away
  307. >Is...
  308. >Is this what Moondancer feels every time she takes her pics? Wallflower wondered
  309. >Speaking of the pics, Wallflower removed the flashdrive that contained them, then shut down the computer
  310. >She decided she'd return the drive to Moondancer tomorrow, but until then, it would be safe with her, right?
  311. >Wallflower pocketed it, then headed home
  313. >Her mom was passed out on the couch again when Wallflower returned home, a stack of nursing textbooks and mock exams piled around her
  314. >Wallflower sighed, fixed herself a morose, but decent dinner from the leftovers in the fridge, and tiptoed upstairs so as not to disturb her
  315. >She sat cross-legged on her bed with her laptop atop her legs, and plugged in the drive
  316. >As it turned out, there was a lot more on there than just pics
  317. >A bunch of Moondancer's homework, some pirated video games, and a folder marked "stuff im writing" greeted her first
  318. >Wallflower was tempted to look at whatever Moondancer may have written, but somehow that felt like even more of an invasion of privacy than looking through her nudes
  319. >Weird how your priorities can change over the course of a day
  320. >She had to search for a bit, but eventually she realized that Moondancer's "social studies" folder definitely wasn't properly labelled
  321. >Within it, she found herself staring at the same spread of folders from before
  322. >There were so many to choose from
  323. >Wallflower was almost tempted to copy them to her own machine, to peruse later
  324. >But that felt... wrong, somehow
  325. >Though she supposed she was already doing something terribly wrong by looking at these without Moondancer's permission
  326. >Would Moondancer be mad if she found out?
  327. >Absentmindedly, Wallflower began biting her nails as a coil of nervous energy began to build up in her gut
  328. >It definitely wasn't right, snooping through these like this
  329. >But she, well, she kinda wanted to see more...
  330. >Wallflower tore a piece of nail off her right index finger, then moved to begin chewing on her middle finger
  331. >Moondancer had left the pics open earlier, so Wallflower didn't think she could be blamed for that
  332. >But this was too far, right?
  333. >It definitely was, but still...
  334. >Maybe she could take just a little peak, at one of the more lowkey sets of photos
  335. >If anything in here could even be considered "lowkey," that is
  336. >Wallflower's hand shook as she tried to decide what folder to pick
  337. >There were so many, how long had Moondancer been doing this?
  338. >Ultimately, she decided to go with one of the more innocuous ones, at least for now
  339. >Near the bottom of the list, there was a single folder marked only as "home"
  340. >Wallflower opened it, finding herself greeted with over 40 pictures
  341. >She swallowed heavily, as saliva was rapidly building up in her mouth
  342. >The pictures started out showing Moondancer standing inside a messy bedroom, with walls plastered in anime posters, piles of clothes heaped over what Wallflower supposed was a dresser, and huge towers of books that looked ready to topple at any moment
  343. >Moondancer had taken the picture in a mirror, allowing her to capture most of body
  344. >A tiny tremor went through Wallflower's heart at the sight, and she instinctively adjusted her posture on the bed, clamping her thighs tightly together beneath her laptop
  345. >The next picture was taken in the hallway just outside the bedroom
  346. >It was dark, and only the light from Moondancer's phone illuminated her, giving her a ghostly, indistinct appearance
  347. >A few similar, hazy pictures followed
  348. >However, after about five or six disappointing shots, Wallflower found a shot of Moondancer in the home's kitchen
  349. >She was seated at the kitchen table, smiling nervously as she held the camera out to capture as much as it could
  350. >A few similar shots followed, this time showing her in the living room, lounging on the couch, then descending the stairs towards a small office room
  351. >About halfway through, they started getting bolder
  352. >The lights were on, now, and Moondancer even attempted a few "sexy" poses on the home's furniture
  353. >Wallflower's face was now slick with sweat, and she kept casting nervous glances towards her bedroom door, as if afraid her mom would barge in
  354. >She clicked to the next photo
  355. >This one must have been taken at a later date, because Moondancer was wearing a towel now, and it was light outside
  356. >A conspiratorial grin showed on her face, and her hair was dark and wet
  357. >She was standing in the hallway of her home, and Wallflower could see the living room in the background
  358. >The next shot was in that same living room, and now Wallflower could see that someone else was sitting on the couch, a girl a little older than Moondancer, with similarly colored hair
  359. >Her sister, Wallflower guessed
  360. >Moondancer stood in the living room just about ten feet from her sister, who was watching TV and not looking at her at all
  361. >There was a picture of Moondancer winking at the camera...
  362. >And then one with the towel dropped at her feet, baring her soft, slightly wet body just a dozen feet from her oblivious sister
  363. >Moondancer's expression was one of nervous, perverted glee
  364. "Aaah~"
  365. >Wallflower actually groaned aloud when she saw it, then immediately clamped her hand over her mouth
  366. >What was she thinking!?
  367. >Then again, she supposed no one would hear her, but still!
  368. >She shouldn't be thinking *that* kind of stuff while looking at her friend's pictures
  369. >Then again...
  370. >Wallflower shook her head, suddenly feeling disgusted with herself for spying on Moondancer
  371. >She closed out of the photos and took the drive out; the machine chirped angrily at her for not going through the whole "safe eject" song and dance
  372. "What on earth am I doing?" Wallflower asked of the various plants scattered in her room
  373. >Hey, when nobody else talks to you, you develop some slightly batty habits
  374. >She closed her laptop and rolled over in bed, distracting herself by focusing her attention on the tiny house-cactus she'd been caring for lately
  375. "I've finally got a friend. Maybe. I mean I think this counts as friendship. Oh man, why am I trying so hard to screw this up?"
  376. >The cactus, as usual, didn't answer
  377. >Wallflower tried to convince the mess of hot, squirmy feelings inside her to settle down, but they didn't seem keen on the idea
  378. >In fact, it was more like stirring a viper nest, and all the mixed weirdness inside her began to get up and hiss angrily
  379. >Wallflower, giving up, decided to take a shower
  381. >Her shower experience was normal, though she kept the water a little colder than usual
  382. >But afterwards, as she stood before the reflection her own naked form in the bathroom mirror, she couldn't help but compare herself, somewhat, to Moondancer
  383. >In contrast to Moondancer's squishy, slightly more impressive assets, Wallflower was pretty much a twig
  384. >She'd never had breasts, and she didn't think her butt was anything too incredible either
  385. >Wallflower always thought she kinda looked like a boy who had some girly bits mixed in
  386. >Normally she wasn't one to feel jealous about looks, but man, she actually wished she had a body like Moondancer's
  387. >It was at least worth looking at
  388. >Wallflower was about to wrap a towel around herself, then she remembered: her mom was conked out on the couch, and nobody else lived in their house
  389. >The roiling feelings quelled by the cold water came bubbling up inside her again
  390. >Wallflower actually felt a little weak at the knees just thinking about it
  391. >She was in her own house, right?
  392. >This would be the safest place to give it a shot, she supposed
  393. >Wafllower opened the bathroom door without dressing herself, and stepped out
  394. >It felt a little weird, definitely a but vulnerable, but not overwhelming
  395. >It was even pleasantly breezy, as Wallflower almost immediately began to air-dry now that she was out in the open
  396. >She took a few more steps from the bathroom, towards the stairs
  397. >Her mom was still asleep, right?
  398. >Mixed desire and panic rose inside Wallflower, and she swallowed hard against the lump forming in her throat
  399. "Mom?" Wallflower called out
  400. >She received no response
  401. >Tentatively, she took her first step, and the stair creaked beneath her foot
  402. "Ah!"
  403. >She yelped in panic, and her hands instinctively moved to cover her crotch and chest
  404. >Still, there was no sound of her mom stirring downstairs
  405. >Wallflower let her breath out in a huff, then allowed her hands to drop down at her sides
  406. >She crept down the remaining stairs delicately, testing each one with her toes before she settled her weight onto it
  407. >When she reached the first floor, Wallfower crept down the hallway towards the single large room that served as both kitchen and living room
  408. >Her mom was still passed out and lightly snoring
  409. >Wallflower paused a few feet from her, trembling slightly as she tried to imagine how she'd even begin to explain herself if her mom woke up to an eyeful of her daughter's naked body
  410. >A tiny, nervous chuckle escaped Wallflower's lips when she imagined her mom's reaction
  411. >Turning her back on the older woman, Wallfower took a lap around the house, feeling bolder with every step she took
  412. >Occasionally, she even paused to lean against a piece of furniture, letting herself strike what she hoped was a confident-looking pose
  413. >This felt awesome!
  414. >When she reached the kitchen again, she stopped at the door that led into her backyard
  415. >It was dark outside, and a tall fence surrounded her yard, along with several tall trees to hide beneath
  416. >The soles of Wallflower's feet began to itch, and she felt a crazy desire to take her adventure a little further
  417. >Still, she could see some light in her neighbors' windows...
  418. >Wallflower gulped, and nervous energy crawled along her skin as she tried to work up the courage
  419. >Even if someone did see her, it was her backyard, right?
  420. >She could always just run back inside, and it's not like the neighbors could do anything to her
  421. >And it would be humiliating, sure, but they'd forget before long...
  422. >Wallflower swallowed the fear rising in her throat, and opened the door
  423. >A wave of warm spring air rushed over her nude skin, and Wallflower sighed internally in delight
  424. >She closed her eyes, relishing the feeling as she prepared to take that first step
  425. >"Nnng... sweetie?"
  426. "Aaa-"
  427. >Wallflower stifled a startled yelp when she heard her mom's voice, and she slammed the back door closed
  428. >Then she pulled open the refrigerator and hid herself behind the door
  429. >"Wallfower, is that you?" her mom asked, her voice heavy with sleep
  430. "Y-yeah. I just, um, was getting a snack. You should g-go back to bed."
  431. >"Okay," she said with a yawn. "Could you bring me a glass of water, sweetie?"
  432. "Um... y-yeah. Just, uh, lie back down and close your eyes, first."
  433. >"No, I need to finish studying. I can get it myself if it's too much trouble."
  434. >Wallflower heard her mom getting up from the couch
  435. "N-no! I got it! It's just, um..."
  436. >"Is something wrong?"
  437. "I... I just, um, kinda got outta the shower, and... y'know..."
  438. >"Oh, ha! That's okay, I won't look."
  439. "Okay..."
  440. >Wallflower filled her mom a glass of water and carried it over, her entire body feeling red-hot
  441. >It was only partially embarrassment, though
  442. >Her mom sat there on the couch, her hair a tangled mess and her eyes politely closed
  443. >She held out her hands when she heard Wallfower approach, and accepted the water
  444. >Wallflower herself froze, now only arm's length away from her mother
  445. >She was so close that, when her mom let out a contented sigh after taking her first sip of water, her breath whispered across Wallflower's abdomen, bringing with it a fierce wave of goosebumps
  446. "I'm gonna go, uh, get dressed. I'll be in my room if you need me!"
  447. >Wallflower sprinted back upstairs before her mom could respond, and she collapsed into bed
  448. >She did it!
  449. >Wallflower's whole body was aquiver with goosebumps and sweat, and she was practically writhing among the sheets as the euphoria of a successful caper settled in over her
  450. >And this was easy-mode!
  451. >She could only imagine what Moondancer must feel
  452. >Speaking of, Wallflower was suddenly filled with a desperate desire to revisit her friend's pictures
  453. >She plugged the drive back in, and pulled up Moondancer's daring shots taken just paces from her oblivious sister
  454. >Wallflower groaned, and the full-body high began to coalesce, first in her chest, then it traveled lower in her body
  455. >Her right hand followed it, until it settled between her thighs
  456. >Was she really going to do *that*?
  457. >Wallfower had done *that* only a few times before; she hardly considered herself worthy to be attracted to most girl's she knew
  458. >But Moondancer had hugged her!
  459. >The warmth of that hug enveloped Wallflower, and she found herself gazing into Moondancer's eyes, losing herself in the girl's nervous, yet triumphant expression
  460. >With a sigh, Wallflower's fingers met the dripping petals between her legs
  461. "Ah..."
  462. >She'd barely begun to stroke herself, and already her whole body thrummed with delight
  463. "Moondancer..."
  464. >Wallflower brought herself to a quick, shuddering climax, holding tight to the memory of Moondancer's hug, but letting it blend with the soft, nude girl pictured before her
  465. >She wrapped herself in her bed sheets, a shuddering mess
  466. >The feelings of post-onanistic guilt were already creeping in, but there was something still fluttering and bright inside her
  467. >She wanted more of whatever this feeling was
  468. >And more than anything, she just wanted Moondancer to touch her again...
  470. >Wallflower's dreams that night were strange, involving an attempt to shower in the middle of the woods that ended up with her being up to her waist in soil that smelled like leftover pad thai
  471. >She woke up feeling bizarrely well-rested, and realized she'd spent the entirety of the night in the nude
  472. >As she pulled herself out of bed, she found she was loathe to dress again
  473. >So, hey, what was wrong with spending a little more time like this, if it was so comfy?
  474. "Mom? You home?" Wallflower called out, poking her head outside her bedroom
  475. >She received no response, and strode downstairs to fix herself some breakfast
  476. >It was strange how natural all of this was beginning to feel; yesterday she'd been terrified, but today, Wallflower's exposed form was actually starting to fill her with a strange confidence
  477. >After breakfast, she practically skipped back up the stairs to her room, humming a tune under her breath
  478. >When she tossed her things into a backpack, she couldn't help but feel a weird flash of guilt upon picking up Moondancer's flashdrive
  479. >Should she tell Moondancer she'd seen the photos?
  480. >The idea of doing that was so humiliating that it made the space between Wallflower's shoulder blades seem to prickle and crawl
  481. >She tossed the flashdrive into her bag, and tried to push the thoughts out of her head as she finally dressed herself
  483. >The drive sat in her backpack all day at school, but Wallflower couldn't seem to push it fully out of her mind
  484. >It was still there, whispering to her, an albatross lurking inside her locker
  485. >She couldn't even pay attention in her Western Unionization in Medieval Border Organization (WUMBO) class, not that professor Cheerilee seemed to mind, or even really notice
  486. >Wallflower held her head in her hands throughout class, occasionally biting at her nails and trying to figure out what to do...
  488. >She didn't have much of an answer by the time school ended
  489. >In fact, she was starting to actually regret this whole terrible idea
  490. >A date, seriously?
  491. >With a girl she barely knew, and who she'd spent an entire night creeping on?
  492. >Wallflower hid her face in her hands, not even watching where she was going as she paced nervously around the--
  493. "Oof!"
  494. >"A-ah!"
  495. >She collided with something soft and awkward, and bounced off to find herself facing a startled Moondancer
  496. "You!"
  497. >"W-Wallflower! Um, uh, hey! Was just heading to... y'know, to s-see you!"
  498. "Yeah, me too!"
  499. >"That's really good!"
  500. "Yeah!"
  501. >"W-why are we shouting?"
  502. "I dunno," Wallflower said with a tiny laugh. "Guess I'm a little nervous."
  503. >"M-me too."
  504. "Well, I was gonna show you the gardens, right?"
  505. >"R-right! And I was gonna, uh, g-go with you."
  506. "Awesome."
  507. >"Yeah."
  509. >Both girls kind of avoided looking at each other and they shuffled out to the school gardens, both internally kicking themselves for totally screwing up their first potential romantic interaction ever by being an awkward scuzz
  510. >The path to the gardens was really just an old service road that no longer functioned, and terminated about halfway into the small, private patch of woods that surrounded CHS
  511. >Once you reached the end of the path, it ended abruptly with a yellow "road closed" sign, from which a dirt path led you about thirty feet further into the woods
  512. >And at the end of the path, a square network of soil patches extended about fifteen feet in both dimensions, with small stepping stones placed down to allow visitors (if there were any) to walk between the rows of flowers
  513. >The flowers themselves grew in neat little patches, all of them properly cared for and organized by color
  514. >You had bright, stained-glass colius, subtly majestic Creeping Jenny, some patches of bright peonies, and even a few patches of carrots and pepper sprouts
  515. >Moondancer squatted near the edge of the garden, her eyes wide
  516. >"W-whoa. It's really pretty. Are all these yours?"
  517. "Pretty much. The school pays for them, but I keep them alive."
  518. >"You must work really hard. This is gorgeous. And it's so perfectly organized. Your space optimization is almost perfect..."
  519. "Um, thanks?"
  520. >"S-sorry. I know that's not the important part. But the mathematical balance of it is-- sorry, I should stop talking."
  521. "No, keep going. These are pretty much the first compliments it's ever gotten."
  522. >Moondancer smiled, a tiny bit of blush coloring her cheeks
  523. >"It's just a, y'know, a place that means a lot to you, and I can tell. That makes me feel really c-comfortable here."
  524. "Me too. It's honestly the only place in the school I can relax."
  525. >Moondancer nodded
  526. >"I t-totally know what you mean! Except my place is the computer lab. Which is k-kinda insanely depressing, when I think about it..."
  527. "Hey, everyone's got what they like. You're definitely welcome to come back out here whenever you want. Really, please do. These poor guys could use some visitors," Wallflower said, patting the petals of a daisy like it were a puppy
  528. >Moondancer let out a tiny squeak
  529. >"T-thank you. I really will."
  530. "There's a path, if you'd like to walk around," Wallflower said
  531. >She held out her hand, intending to help Moondancer to her feet
  532. >Moondancer stared at Wallflower's outstretched hand, and took it hesitantly
  533. >And when she stood, she looked at their clasped hands, then at Wallflower
  534. >"Um. W-walk?"
  535. "Walk," Wallflower managed to choke out
  536. >Both girls took a mechanical, stiff-legged step onto the path
  537. >Each felt an intense burst of shame at how awkwardly they had handled that, but also a rush of delight to be *holding someone else's hand!*
  538. >Wallflower just wished the path were longer; the hand-holding stroll lasted about twenty seconds
  539. >When they reached the end of the short path, neither girl really knew what to do
  540. >So they just stood there for a moment, both of them panicking internally but desperately wanting to continue holding the other's hand
  541. >"It's a, um... r-really nice place."
  542. "Yeah."
  543. >"Yeah."
  544. >...
  545. >Oh god it was torture
  546. >Moondancer's hand was growing slippery, or maybe that was Wallfower's own hand
  547. >Or both
  548. >She had to say something!
  549. >Anything!
  550. "Oh! I, um, I have your flashdrive!"
  551. >"My flashdr-- oh."
  552. >Moondancer was already blushing a bit, but her face went a deep crimson, as red as her cherry-colored hair, when Wallflower brought up the drive
  553. >"O-o-oh. Did you, um..."
  554. "I didn't look at anything in there I promise!" Wallflower blurted out
  555. >Wallflower could feel her own face slowly rising in temperature
  556. >Moondancer's hand was trembling in Wallflower's, but Wallflower still couldn't bring herself to let go
  557. >"You... are you s-sure you didn't see the p-pictures?"
  558. "Well no! I mean, yeah. A few. But I didn't..."
  559. >"D-did..." Moondancer squeaked out, practically a whisper. "Did you l-like them?"
  560. "What?"
  561. >Wallflower stopped short
  562. >"You s-saw a few, right? W-were they, y'know... good?"
  563. "They were, uh..."
  564. >Wallflower sighed, and let her hand go limp in Moondancer's grasp
  565. "Yeah. They were pretty good. Great, honestly. I maybe, kinda, looked through more than I should."
  566. >Moondancer made a noise somewhere between a gasp and a cry
  567. >"W-whoa."
  568. >She grabbed Wallflower's hand in both of hers, her eyes wide with frantic, somewhat perverted delight
  569. >"How many did you see? Which ones? What did you think? What did you like? Do you want more? Tell. Me. Everything."
  570. "Uh, I think maybe we should sit down."
  571. >"Y-yeah. Let's do it. I'm sorry. I should c-calm down. Please tell me more. Agh. Oh my g-god I can't believe it's really happening..."
  572. >Moondancer was practically giggling under her breath was Wallflower lead her over to the bench
  573. >The two girls sat down together, hands still clasped and sticky with sweat
  574. >Moondancer was watching Wallflower with rapt attention
  575. >Wallflower, who had never received rapt attention in her life, felt like she was floating somewhere several feet above the scene
  576. >A whirlwind of emotions were running through her, and her brain couldn't seem to settle on one
  577. >So, she decided to just be honest
  578. >She told Moondancer up-front what pictures she'd seen, how much they'd affected her, and kinda everything else she'd felt over the last twenty-four hours; it all just came tumbling out
  579. "It just seemed really fun, really freeing," she finished. "And it kinda made me feel... ack, I don't want to say it."
  580. >"P-please do," Moondancer begged, breathless
  581. "Like, you know. I was into it. Or whatever. I really liked it. And I'm sorry I looked at them without your permission.
  582. >"N-no! It's totally okay! That's w-why I'm taking them!"
  583. "Wait, really?"
  584. >Moondancer nodded vigorously
  585. >"I've w-wanted to share them with someone for y-years. I posted a few online, with my f-f-face blurred out. They, uh, didn't get so popular. But you r-really liked them?"
  586. "More than I'm proud to admit, honestly..." Wallflower said, averting her eyes from Moondancer's face for a moment
  587. >"Oh, w-wow. This is great, this is so, s-so great..."
  588. >Moondancer suddenly turned to Wallflower
  589. >"Please, look at more! Look at a-all of them! Tell me what your favorites are, and I'll t-take more."
  590. "Oh, you really don't have to do that."
  591. >"I w-want to! I really want to make something you'll like, W-Wallflower! I've never had a f-fan before, heh."
  592. "Heh. A fan? That's probably a nicer way to put it than 'stalker.' Well maybe, uh, I liked the ones in your home a lot. With your sister there."
  593. >Moondancer giggled
  594. >"Those were s-so much fun. I can't believe she didn't see me! I'll t-totally do more. Maybe my mom will be home tonight..."
  595. "Your mom? Oof. Speaking of moms..."
  596. >"What's that?"
  597. "I kinda tried it, too. What you do. In my house?"
  598. >Moondancer's face lit up
  599. >"And? And? Tell me e-everything!"
  600. "It was amazing," Wallflower gushed. "My mom was right there, and she even woke up! I had to ask her to keep her eyes closed."
  601. >Moondancer's eye twitched
  602. >"Oooh, that's g-great! My family would n-never be that cool with it."
  603. "She was crazy cool. I got lucky."
  604. >"You r-really did. I n-never get lucky. It's part of what makes it fun, heh."
  605. >Moondancer shakily stroked the back of Wallflower's hand with her thumb
  606. >"Maybe, um, if you'd like to t-try a little more, I could give you some advice."
  607. "More? I dunno..." she said, though her heart pretty much immediately lept at the idea
  608. >"We don't h-have to go too hardcore! Just what you're c-comfortable with."
  609. "Yeah? That actually doesn't sound too bad."
  610. >"G-great! Tonight, um, l-look at my photos, please. Lots of them, heh. And t-tell me what you'd want to do! And I'll h-help you! Oh man, oh man, this is so awesome, ahhh..."
  611. >Moondancer let out an excited squee
  612. >Just then, her cell phone rang out with the sound of loud, sped-up J-Pop that Moondancer had set as a ringtone, and both girls nearly screamed
  613. >"A-ah, my sister's here. She said she'd w-wait for me, hmph."
  614. >Moondancer turned to look at Wallflower with a glowing, shaky grin
  615. >"I'll s-see you tomorrow, okay! Please tell me w-what you like about my photos, okay? Oh, and add me on HorseBook! I'll send you m-more! Whatever you want to see, okay?"
  616. >She was grabbing Wallflower's hand, and a very overwhelmed Wallflower blush could only repeat "okay, okay" as her entire world seemed to envelop her in dizzying, rapid-paced warmth
  617. >"See you! P-please message me tonight!" Moondancer called out as she ran back
  618. >Wallflower couldn't even follow her
  619. >Her legs gave out as soon as Moondancer disappeared, and she sat down hard on the stone bench
  621. >Well, that happened
  622. >All the way home, Wallflower's head spun, and she let herself in still in a sort of daze
  623. >Her mom was sitting at the dinner table, hunched over a binder about half a foot thick with a pencil clamped between her teeth
  624. >Dark bags underscored her eyes, and she was so absorbed in her studied that she didn't even notice Wallflower come in
  625. >Wallflower froze in the hallway, a sudden spurt of thrilling, nervous energy beginning to trickle through her
  626. >Moondancer made that stunt with her sister work, didn't she?
  627. >Slowly, and as subtly as possible, Wallflower started to undo her jeans...
  628. >*Zip*
  629. >Wallflower's mom looked up, blinking in surprise, and turned to face her daughter
  630. "H-hey mom!"
  631. >Wallflower stealthily pulled her sweatshirt down far enough to cover her
  632. >Her mom shook her head
  633. >"Hey, sweetie. Wow, I must be losing it. How was your-- *yawn* --day?"
  634. "It was really good! I think I might've made a new... friend."
  635. >"A friend?"
  636. >Wallflower's mom looked like she was trying really, really hard to keep herself from appearing surprised
  637. >"That's great!"
  638. "Yeah! I'm probably gonna go see her soon," Wallflower said, hoping that would turn out to be true. "Will that be okay?"
  639. >"Of course. Just text me so I-- *yawn* --so I know, okay?"
  640. "Can do. Good luck with your exams."
  641. >Her mom beamed, and Wallflower ran upstairs
  643. >As soon as she was alone, she threw open her laptop and delved back into Moondancer's collection of pictures
  644. >There were so many
  645. >The idea of looking through all of them was ridiculous
  646. >She didn't even know where to start
  647. >Each location seemed more enticing, Wallflower could feel full-body sweat breaking out along ever inch of her body
  648. >She peeled off her socks and struggled out of her pants, sighing in delight as she stretched out on the bed
  649. >First, she pulled up her HorseBook, something she hadn't done in months
  650. >As usual, her empty newsfeed and lack of friends greeted her
  651. >However, she swallowed the usual social-void guilt that tended to swallow her up when she looked at her profile, and instead found Moondancer and shot her a quick friend request
  652. >And she allowed herself to finally open a folder
  654. >Wallflower practically gorged herself on Moondancer's nude form, starting from Moondancer's early pictures in her house, then ones in her backyard, and building up to the shots at the park, or at the lake, and eventually even scandalous, probably illegal ones skinny-dipping in a pool that definitely didn't belong to her
  655. >She was so full of nervous energy that she couldn't even touch herself
  656. >So she just sat there, cross legged and breathing heavily, drinking in every detail of each pic that went by
  657. >When her laptop chirped with a HorseBook notification, Wallflower jumped, nearly knocking her laptop off the bed
  658. >[hey! it's me. moondancer. the girl you met at the garden today. and yesterday.]
  659. [Yeah, of course I remember you. Hi!]
  660. >Wallflower's texting style was maybe slightly stilted and awkward, but in her defense, she had exactly 2 internet friends (her mom, and now Moondancer), and previously had used her HorseBook only to archive pictures she'd taken of the garden
  661. >[is anyone around?]
  662. [No, of course not.]
  663. >[cool!]
  664. >Wallflower received a picture of Moondancer in the back seat of a car, presumably her sister's, with her sweater lifted up high enough to reveal she wasn't wearing a bra underneath
  665. >Her breasts hung like full scoops of cherry-topped vanilla icecream against her chest
  666. >Wallflower actually groaned at the sight
  667. [You are seriously amazing! And crazy! How do you do stuff like this!?]
  668. >[a lot of practice!! ;)]
  669. [I'm so jealous. It looks so fun!]
  670. >[it is...]
  671. >For a brutally long minute, Wallflower only stared at the [Moondancer is typing...] badge that flashed at the bottom of the screen
  672. >[maybe we can try together next time? that was i can teach you], she finally sent
  673. >[*way]
  674. >Wallflower was practically hyperventilating now
  675. >She wanted this so bad that her hands trembled, turning her attempts at typing into a total mess
  676. [That would be so, so awesome! But we should start slow. I'm still really nervous about all this...]
  677. >[that's the best part imo ;))]
  678. >[but we can be careful!]
  679. >[where do you want to go???]
  680. [I don't really know. Where's a safe place?]
  681. >[school! lol it's actually really safe after classes. there's like nobody there.]
  682. [Are you serious? Won't we be in so much trouble if we get caught.]
  683. >[maybe, but that's the best part!]
  684. >Wallflower tried to argue with that, but she couldn't
  685. [I'm not sure. It seems like a really big jump.]
  686. >[don't worry, i'll be there with you! and i'm kinda an expert at hiding in school~]
  687. [XD]
  688. >Wallflower had no idea if an XD was appropriate here or not
  689. >She immediately wished she could delete it
  690. [I never needed to, lol.]
  691. >[lol well then you have an advantage! let's try it tomorrow.]
  692. >[protip: wear a skirt ;)]
  693. [Why?]
  694. >Moondancer didn't reply for a moment
  695. >Then Wallflower was graced with a second picture, this time of Moondancer lounging in the car seat with her skirt hiked up, revealing she was missing panties too
  696. [Oh my god]
  697. >[hahaha you like it?]
  698. [Yes! So so much.]
  699. >Wallflower hesitated for a moment, then mentally said "fuck it" and sent a heart emoji
  700. [Can I get a picture with your face in it?]
  701. >[sure!]
  702. >A minute later, a new picture arrived, taken from a higher angle, near the car's ceiling, and showing off all of Moondancer's figure, including her exposed naughty bits
  703. >Her face was visible, as requested, and she was winking slyly at the camera
  704. [This is amazing, thank you so much.]
  705. >[of course, i'm so so so glad you like them]
  706. >[i can do more soon. gonna go for now, think sis is getting suspicious]
  707. [Okay! See you soon!]
  708. >Wallflower flopped back on the bed, her heart hammering
  709. >She could hardly wait for Moondancer to message her again, Wallflower thought as her hand slipped into her underwear
  710. >In the meantime, she had some 'business' to attend to...
  713. >Wallflower didn't sleep terribly well that night, for two reasons:
  714. >One, she stayed up almost until two in the morning chatting with Moondancer, their topics of conversation jumping from plants, to chemistry, to cartoon series, to some rather obscure, sketchy occult stuff that Moondancer seemed to know a surprising amount about
  715. >And then, when Wallflower finally did pass out, feeling at that point heavy-eyed and bleary-headed from lack of sleep, she awoke only a few hours later, her entire body energized and giddy, with that little-kid-on-Christmas-morning feeling she hadn't experienced since she was a little girl
  716. >She ended up rising early and was, for the first time in years, able to say goodbye to her mom before she headed off for her morning shift
  717. >Her mom had looked haggard and zombified, but perked up immediately when she saw her daughter
  718. >Wallflower was, altogether, feeling pretty good about herself!
  719. >She raced through a hearty breakfast, then ran up to her room to dress herself
  720. >By Moondancer's recommendation, she found a plain, knee-length gray skirt she'd been given for Christmas a few years back, by an aunt who had forgotten to buy her a gift until the last minute
  721. >Aside from the skirt, she didn't make any major changes in her warddrobe: thin cardigan sweater, sneakers, plain white socks...
  722. >Wallflower had realized long ago that stylistic wardrobe choices didn't do her much good
  723. >She stepped in front of the mirror to examine herself, and wasn't *too* unhappy with what she saw
  724. >Her legs were definitely a bit twiggy, nothing like Moondancer's soft, creamy thighs
  725. >Wallflower's heart trilled at the rushing memories of last night's pictures
  726. >But all in all, Wallflower actually thought her legs looked a little nice; delicate yet strong, like fresh-growing stems in the beginning of spring
  727. >She gave her reflection a shaky smile, then headed for the door
  729. >[hey!]
  730. >Moondancer messaged Wallflower almost immediately after she got to school
  731. [Good morning!]
  732. >[excited for your big first day? :P]
  733. [I am! Really nervous too, to be honest...]
  734. >[hahaha that's like the best part!]
  735. [It really kind of is. Do you want to meet up at lunch?]
  736. >[i've got a lunch meeting with ms. harshwhinny : (]
  737. >[but i'll see you as soon as school's done!]
  738. [Okay, sounds good!]
  739. >Wallflower's thoughts drifted to Harshwhinny, and the tense encounter they'd had two days ago
  740. >Would she even still remember her?
  741. >It seemed like Harshwhinny had felt genuinely bad at forgetting her, but then again, it's not like that stopped anyone before
  742. >Wallflower mentally shrugged, figuring her relationship to a Calculus teacher that she didn't even have wasn't too terribly important right now
  744. >She went through the rest of her day at school feeling weirdly present, in the place
  745. >Nobody was really paying her much attention, of course, that much hadn't changed
  746. >But Wallflower couldn't help but notice the geometry of Canterlot High itself: how wide and open the hallways were, how many lockers and trash-cans were pressed up against the walls, serving as decent hiding spots, how certain minor hallways jutted off suddenly, providing perfect avenues for escape...
  747. >Wallflower really felt like she was *there*, caught up in the midst of everything
  748. >And as she stewed in this feeling, a crazy thought overtook her
  749. >She noticed that the second-floor art room was empty, save for a few disturbing half-finished clay sculptures of what ostensibly would be human faces one day, and ducked inside
  750. >Quick as she could, she set her books down, reached up under her skirt, and slid her panties down her legs, stowing them within the pages of her Geometry textbook
  751. >And then she casually stepped back out into the streaming throngs of her fellow students
  752. >No one glanced at her, nobody took notice, just as ever
  753. >Wallflower could feel an impish, playful energy surge through her
  754. >Nobody knew!
  755. >Everyone was looking at her, but nobody knew that just below her skirt, she was totally bare...
  756. >A faint breeze carressed her sex as she walked, and Wallflower let out the tiniest whimper of delight
  757. >She paused for a moment, leaning casually against a handmade Wondercolt Pride! poster sticky-tacked to the wall
  758. >The mob of students surged past her as the next period's bell came closer to ringing
  759. >Nobody gave her a second thought
  760. >Keeping one hand on her books, Wallflower shrank against the wall and reached down to the hem of her skirt
  761. >She lifted it an inch at a time, slowly pulling the fabric up over her thighs
  762. >Nobody was looking!
  763. >Wallflower had felt this sort of invisibility before, nearly every day, but now she felt so...
  764. >It was weird, she felt almost powerful
  765. >And, bizarrely, she felt overwhelmingly sex
  766. >Wallflower flipped up the skirt enough to expose her vagina, but nobody seemed to notice
  767. >Triumph surged through Wallflower, hitting her so hard her knees gave out, and she sank to the ground, trembling
  768. >Her heart nearly burst when she felt a hand on her shoulder
  769. "Gah!" she yelped, then looked up. "M-Moondancer! Hey..."
  770. >Moondancer winked at her
  771. >"H-hey. I was just heading to my c-computer networking class. I saw everything," she said, a devilish gleam in her eyes
  772. "Yeah?"
  773. >Wallflower gave her friend a shaky smile
  774. >She felt weirdly embarrassed at Moondancer having seen her, despite the fact that she'd oggled the other girl for hours at this point
  775. "What did you think?"
  776. >"Amazing. I, um, was g-glad to finally get to see you."
  777. "Really? Well, you know, you'll probably get to see more, later."
  778. >"I'm l-looking forward to it," Moondancer said. "Come f-find me on the third floor after school, okay?"
  779. "Will do!"
  781. >The minutes to the end of school passed brutally
  782. >Wallflower sat at her desk, acutely aware of her exposure beneath her skirt
  783. >She kept her legs crossed for most of class, but occasionally got brave enough to open them, and even spread them when Ms. Cheerilee wasn't looking
  784. >And when class was *finally* over, she practically sprinted up to meet Moondancer
  785. >She found her friend sitting at the top of the third-floor staircase, the site of the first of Moondancer's pics that Wallflower had seen
  786. "Hey."
  787. >"H-hey."
  788. >Both girls just looked at each other, each stewing in too much anticipation to get the question out
  789. >"S-s-so, uh..."
  790. "Yeah?"
  791. >"You... you're r-ready?"
  792. "I don't know. I hope so."
  793. >"C-cool."
  794. >Moondancer glanced around
  795. >"How much do you want to do? I k-kinda have done the whole school."
  796. "Yeah, I saw the pics."
  797. >Moondancer giggled
  798. >"We can s-start here, okay? And when you're ready, we'll go further."
  799. "Perfect. Where should we, uh, keep our clothes."
  800. >"L-lemme show you."
  801. >Moondancer stood up and tried to take Wallflower's hand
  802. >She ended up missing, but their fingers met on the second try
  803. >Hand-in-hand, Moondancer lead Wallflower to a classroom at the far end of the third floor, an area of the school that was generally regarded as being messy, useless, and slightly dangerous
  804. >"N-nobody ever goes in here. There's rumors of it being h-haunted."
  805. "So that's why you go in here, right?"
  806. >"Heheh. One reason. I'll show you the other."
  807. >She lead Wallflower inside
  808. >The room was definitely different from your average classroom: instead of desks, three long tables ran from one end of the room to the other, all of them covered in scattered pieces of what Wallflower could only describe as looking like thrift-store junk
  809. >There were frilly, faded dresses, pieces of suits, a ton of different ties, helmets, feathered boas, glittering masks, mismatched shoes, prop rifles with rusted barrels...
  810. "What is this? An old costume shop?"
  811. >"Y-yep! From back before they renovated the theater. They mostly just store crap in here now. But there's *so* many places to hide stuff. Look!"
  812. >Moondancer gestured to the far end of the room, where two dozen lockers stood side-by-side, all of them plastered with quirky stickers of indie bands, European landmarks, and cartoon characters urinating on political icons
  813. "Oh, perfect! So we're not gonna take our clothes with us?"
  814. >"Nah. N-no fun in that," Moondancer said with a wink
  815. "So we *really* can't get caught."
  816. >"Exactly."
  817. >Moondancer led Wallflower over, and both girls paused
  818. >"So... t-this is it."
  819. "Yeah. Guess I should, you know, get naked. And stuff."
  820. >"If you w-want to. You can keep some clothes on for your first time."
  821. "No, I wanna go all in. It's just, um, wow. It's really happening."
  822. >"I can t-turn my back if you're embarrassed."
  823. >Wallflower laughed at that
  824. "You'll be seeing plenty, before too long. So, uh, yeah. Here goes, I guess."
  825. >Wallflower tried not to think too hard about it, to just undress the way she would at home, if she were taking a shower or something
  826. >Shoes, socks, then pulling her sweater up and over her head...
  827. >She pushed her frizzy hair out of her eyes, to find Moondancer watching her intently
  828. >With a shy smile, she lost her skirt, then her bra, trying to be as nonchalant as possible about folding and storing them
  829. >She could feel Moondancer's eyes sweeping along her body
  830. >At first it felt wrong, almost like fingers against raw, sensitive skin
  831. >But when Wallflower turned to her friend, or whatever Moondancer was to her, and stood presenting her scrawny, in her opinion boyish and ugly, body to Moondancer, she saw nothing but blushing desire in the other girl's face
  832. "So, uh, yeah."
  833. >"Y-yeah."
  834. "You next?"
  835. >"O-one second."
  836. >Moondancer gulped, and a nervous smile touched her lips
  837. >"I was r-really excited to... to see you."
  838. "I hope I'm not a disappointment. I'm not as, like... hot, as you."
  839. >"M-me? Hot?"
  840. >Moondancer giggled at that
  841. >"I'm n-not, but you're... s-so skinny, I really love... sorry I'm m-making this weird."
  842. "This was already weird. I'm just glad you're into it. Me. Whatever."
  843. >Both girls were practically ready to melt with embarrassment
  844. >Wallflower was happy Moondancer had already established that it was okay to stare, though, because she fixed her eyes on the other girl as Moondancer stripped herself
  845. >And wow, was she quick
  846. >It was like watching a soldier disassemble a rifle; Moondancer had clothes off and folded in basically five seconds, and her soft, white body was bare for Wallflower to drink in
  847. "Aaah..."
  848. >"H-heheh."
  849. >Moondancer turned in a little circle, smiling
  850. >"G-good?"
  851. "Amazing."
  852. >Moondancer held out a trembling, sweaty hand
  853. >"Then l-let's go."
  855. >Wallflower slipped her hand into Moondancer's, and surrendered herself to the frenzied excitement growing in her heart
  856. >She was really doing this!
  857. >There was no holding back anymore, no more doubt, she was going to plunge right in-- and Moondancer would be with her!
  858. >Wallflower felt a brief, intense desire to wrap the other girl in the tightest hug she could
  859. >But she didn't get the chance, as Moondancer was already nudging open the door and peering out
  860. "Are we good?" Wallfower asked
  861. >She had instinctively dropped her voice to a whisper, she noticed
  862. >Moondancer flashed Wallflower a confident smile
  863. >"C-coast is clear. Where do you wanna head first?"
  864. "Oh, I was just gonna let you pick."
  865. >"Alright. Let's start with just a lap around the third floor. It should be empty."
  866. "Okay. Okay."
  867. >Wallflower took a deep breath, steeling herself, and Moondancer led her out into the hallway
  868. >Stepping out into the open sent an immediate shiver through Wallflower's body, and her skin prickled as if the air surrounding her had somehow become charged with static electricity
  869. >Though the hallway wasn't terribly wide, it felt like a massive, open space that now enveloped Wallflower's fragile, naked form
  870. >She reflexively covered herself with her free hand
  871. >"Heh. First time's a little s-scary, don't worry."
  872. "I'm fine," Wallflower whispered
  873. >Moondancer squeezed Wallflower's hand, and Wallflower uncovered herself again
  874. >The tile floor felt freezing beneath her bare feet, and the school seemed a huge, freezing vacuum around her
  875. >Her head was starting to spin
  876. >"Hey, you're okay, r-right?"
  877. "Yeah. Just... wow. This is a lot."
  878. >Moondancer pulled Wallflower closer, and awkwardly put a warm hand against the small of her back
  879. >"I know! If you need to hide for a moment to relax, just s-squeeze my hand twice. I can find us a place together."
  880. "Thanks, Moon," Wallflower said
  881. >"Oh, d-don't mention it. Do you want to k-keep going?"
  882. >Wallflower nodded
  883. >She and Moondancer walked side-by-side now, their hands still clasped
  884. >The third floor was constructed in a giant rectangular loop, with a staircase at one end
  885. >The two girls rounded the loop slowly, mostly silent aside from the sound of their bare feet slapping against the floor
  886. >Gradually, Wallflower began to settle down, and she allowed herself to straighten up, letting herself grow comfortable in her skin
  887. >The school seemed somehow less terrifying like this; she'd faced it as vulnerable as possible, and it couldn't do anything to her
  888. >Not while she had her friend
  889. >Speaking of Moondancer, she looked as calm as if she were taking a Sunday stroll; in fact, she positively radiated confidence
  890. >Wallflower found it harder and harder to focus on the school around them
  891. >Moondancer had looked amazing in her photos, but up close like this, Wallflower was practically obsessed
  892. >The other girl had definitely noticed, and she kept casting sly glances at Wallflower, then giggling when she caught her staring again
  893. >As they walked, Moondancer even put a bit more swing into her hips, as if trying to hypnotize Wallflower even more than she already was
  894. >When they'd completed a circuit, completely free of any threat of being spotted, they took a seat together on the floor with their bare shoulders just barely touching
  895. >The soles of both girls' feet were gray with dirt from the school floor, but Wallflower found the cold tile strangely pleasant beneath her
  896. >Rows of lockers hemmed them in on either side, offering cover in case someone did come by
  897. >"S-so? You like it?"
  898. "I feel great! It's like, agh, I can't even explain it. It's like I'm really *here* for once, not just a ghost wandering around the place."
  899. >Moondancer beamed
  900. >"That's s-such a cool way to put it! And hey, maybe you even feel a little..."
  901. >She was blushing, but didn't look away from Wallflower
  902. "A little what?"
  903. >"You know, k-kinda... sexy?"
  904. "Hah, oh, huh. I've kinda never felt that way about myself. Like ever. I don't know what it's like."
  905. >"Oh, it'll hit you eventually. It d-did for me. Espcially when you s-started looking at my photos, heh. God, I love the w-way you look at me so much..."
  906. >Moondancer fidgeted with her hair, embarrassed
  907. >"Speaking of, I'm s-starting to get pretty into seeing you, too. I could go grab my camera, and we c-could maybe get some pics together?"
  908. >Wallflower perked up immediately
  909. "I'm so, so ready for that."
  911. >Moondancer grabbed her camera out from her pile of clothes while Wallflower stood watch, then both girls crept to the staircase
  912. >Again, a wave of anxiety washed down Wallflower's back, making her shiver
  913. >Her nipples, somewhat embarrassingly, were now rock hard, and she was sure Moondancer noticed
  914. >Though, if Moondancer did notice, she definitely didn't have any problem with it
  915. >They paused before descending to the school's second floor; before Wallflower, the staircase seemed to extend several times past its true length, and seemed terrifyingly open compared to the third floor
  916. "Just... sorry, I need a minute."
  917. >"Is it too much? We c-can always just stay up here, where it's safe."
  918. "No, I really want to go further. With you. It's just, wow, I'm really, really scared."
  919. >Moondancer giggled
  920. >"That's, like, the b-best part though, right?"
  921. "Yeah. I'm liking this so much, so far."
  922. >Another shiver went through Wallflower, though this time its locus was her gut and it travelled down her thighs
  923. >"Do you want me to t-take your first pic?"
  924. "Yeah! Yeah, I really do. What, uh... how should I pose?"
  925. >"Hmm, could you, uh, l-lean over that bannister there? Yeah, s-stick your hips out a little. Let me s-see your, uh... y-your butt. Aah, you look s-s-so awesome..." Moondancer managed to stammer out, her hands shaking as she aimed the camera
  926. >Wallflower did as Moondancer asked, her heart trilling as she showed the other girl exactly what she wanted to see
  927. >"Your front next. P-perfect," she said with a tiny gasp of delight. "Now maybe a c-cute pose, like a pop star. Y-yeah, that's great!"
  928. >Her skin felt awash with fire, and each *click* of the camera intensified the heat, until Wallflower was beginning to sweat
  929. "I think I'm ready to go further," she whispered when Moondancer was done
  930. >"M-me too!"
  931. >Wallflower eagerly grabbed Moondancer's hand, and both girls took the first step onto the stairwell
  933. >Moondancer led the way, being significantly more confident than Wallflower and all
  934. >Wallflower didn't mind that at all, as she got to watch the other girl's impressive booty sway with each step
  935. >At the bottom, they paused to listen
  936. >The second floor was built like the second, but doubled, with a rectangle of hallways ringing a smaller, open square of office space
  937. >From the bottom of the stairwell, both girls could see that the faculty offices were dark; all the teachers must have gone home
  938. >If they went left, they'd eventually reach the faculty lounge and, if right, they'd find themselves at the staircase to the first floor and the basement
  939. >Straining, Wallflower could hear a single set of footsteps somewhere on the rectangle's other side
  940. >Moondancer gave her a reassuring pat on the hip
  941. >"Coast is clear. Where do you wanna head first?"
  942. "Um, uh..."
  943. >Wallflower listened to the footsteps halt, followed by the sound of a locker opening
  944. "Maybe we should go away from, uh, whoever that is."
  945. >Moondancer gave Wallflower a sly smile
  946. >"You sure you don't want to get closer? We could try and get a p-p-pic while she's not looking, heheh..."
  947. "I don't think I'm hardcore enough for that yet, sorry," Wallflower said
  948. >"Totally okay! That'd b-be a little too much for me too. Let's keep it safe. F-for now, at least."
  949. >Moondancer brazenly walked into the hallway, strutting down towards the teacher's lounge, and Wallflower dashed along behind her, alternating between nervously looking over her shoulder and stealing further glances at Moondancer's lower body
  950. >Moondancer looked back, catching Wallflower eyeing her up, and wiggled her hips a little for the other girl's amusement
  951. >"Y-you know, if you pass a little test, I'll let you touch."
  952. "Ttest?" Wallflower squeaked out
  953. >"J-just a little one. When we get to the faculty lounge, you have to, heh, k-k-knock on the door."
  954. "That's crazy!" Wallflower said, then clamped her hand over her mouth when she realized how loud she was being
  955. >"There's h-hiding places nearby."
  956. "Yeah, but, gah," Wallfower sputtered
  957. >Moondancer looked worried
  958. >"I w-won't make you do it if you don't want! Sorry. I just t-t-thought it would b-be, you know, kinda fun. S-sorry."
  959. "No, I can do it," Wallflower said, remembering how amazing she'd felt after nearly being caught by her mom
  960. >This was way more intense, and the feeling would have to be...
  961. >She could just barely imagine it, and she wanted it
  962. >"Are you s-sure? I really don't want to p-pressure you, and if I am I'm s-super sorry."
  963. "You're not pressuring me at all. This is all so weird, and crazy, and exciting, and just really, really awesome. I'm so glad I'm trying it with you."
  964. >Wallflower squeezed Moondancer's hand, and the other girl glanced away, her smile high-watt
  965. "But you'd better keep that promise."
  966. >"I will! You can t-touch all you want."
  967. "Then, well, let's go," Wallflower said
  968. >And this time, she led the way
  970. >The teacher's lounge was at the far end of the second floor, at the right-angle juncture of two hallways
  971. >Double doors led to it, but they were pretty much always closed, and only the work-study kids even knew what the place actually looked like
  972. >On either side of the door were wooden benches, about waist height
  973. >Moondancer hung back, rubbing her hands excitedly as Wallflower approached the door
  974. >She raised a shaky hand and rapped her knuckles three times on the wood
  975. >Immediately, a frenzied desire to run bristled in her chest and shot down her legs, but Wallflower, for reasons she herself didn't entirely understand, staid put
  976. >Nothing happened for almost twenty seconds
  977. >Wallflower couldn't say why, but she raised her hand and knocked again, daring fate
  978. >This time, a familiar, stern female voice answered her
  979. >"Yes, yes. I'm coming."
  980. >Ms. Harshwhinny's footsteps sounded on the other side of the door, and she was a lot closer than Wallflower had assumed she'd be
  981. >The door clicked as she unlocked it from within
  982. >Wallflower froze in panic, but Moondancer grabbed her arm and threw both herself and Wallflower under the bench, where their nude forms pressed tightly together to fit beneath it
  983. >The door opened and Harshwhinny peered out, her eyes narrowed
  984. >Wallflower could see her teacher through the slats in the wood, and she realized in terror that, if Harshwhinny only looked down, she'd be sure to spot her and Moondancer
  985. >Harshwhinny herself looked exhausted, even more so than usual, with dark bags beneath her eyes and a mug of steaming coffee held in her hand
  986. >With an irritated sigh, she glanced around the hallway, looking left, right...
  987. >But not down
  988. >"A child's prank? Seriously? If you're listening, I sincerely hope you're proud of yourself! You've successfully wasted thirty seconds of my time, and I'm not even upset! Not upset at all!"
  989. >Harshwhinny groaned in frustration and thumped her head against the door
  990. >"Lord, summer vacation can't come quickly enough," she whispered to herself
  991. >"Still not even mad, so don't try that again!"
  992. >And with that, she shut the door, locking it
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