The Eternal War, Session 15

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  1. Session Start: Sat Aug 11 19:08:31 2012
  2. Session Ident: #eternalwar
  3. 03[19:08] * Now talking in #eternalwar
  4. 03[19:30] * Jericus ( has joined #eternalwar
  5. 03[20:01] * Plex ( has joined #eternalwar
  6. [20:05] <@Ezekiah> Last time on the Eternal War, we were shared interesting information about what happened on Tranch by some storm trooper's whos name doesn't actually matter. Still, his insight into what caused it was quite alarming to the Redemptionish, who took it rather calmly... before lunging at the sergeant, wrapping his hands around his throat. "I WILL CUT YOUR SINFUL BLACK LIAR'S TONGUE FROM YOUR MOUTH!"
  7. [20:08] <antoine> "Zek, NOT AGAIN!" Varian shouts as the rocky ride just took a turn for the worse.
  8. 01[20:09] <Staffen> The Inquisitorial Storm Trooper immediately lurches to the side, pushing on the troopers next to him.
  9. 01[20:09] <Staffen> The elder-mutant wails in surprise, and suddenly half a dozen black-carapaced arms are lunging out to restrain Ezekiah.
  10. 06[20:10] * @Ezekiah clonks his head against the bulkhead of the vehicle.
  11. 06[20:10] * Petrus looks slightly displeased as all of this
  12. 06[20:10] * Jericus puts his face into both of his hands while laughing.
  13. 01[20:11] <Staffen> "Throne," Lite snaps. "Well, I guess I should've seen that coming."
  14. 03[20:11] * antoine is now known as Varian
  15. [20:15] <Jericus> "You'll have to see it in yourself to forgive him, he's had a hard time keeping all that redemption on the inside. I'm surprised he didn't just try slaughtering all those...people, when we first got into the village."
  16. 01[20:15] <Staffen> The Sergeant grits his teeth. "What is it that offends you? That the Redemption helped twists? The world isn't the black-and-white you think it is - and believe me, not even a quarter of these mutants are nice people either. But they're people, still."
  17. 01[20:16] <Staffen> "Now are you going to have to be held down until we get to HQ or are you going to calm your red ass down?"
  18. 06[20:17] * @Ezekiah sits back up, hood down. Right above his mask... on the crown of his head, through his short cropped hair is a goose egg started to swell. "... I..." This probably wasn't good when one considered the concussion he suffered earlier before. "I do not need to be restrained by you, or you two brothers!"
  19. 01[20:20] <Staffen> Lite nods, and the two guards release Ezekiah. The Sergeant sits back and turns his head. "We fucked up hard with this planet. There are plenty of them who'll react to seeing me the way you just did. Right now, I just want to be done with it. As soon as we get info on Anxo, my team is leaving."
  20. [20:22] <@Ezekiah> "But I still find it hard to believe that it was the Redemption that supported such a cause..."
  21. 01[20:26] <Staffen> Another extraordinarily uncomfortable half-hour of driving through industrial wreckage later, the Chimaera stops before a tall set of rockrete gates.
  22. 01[20:28] <Staffen> You are passed through and the vehicle parks in a parking pool of armored vehicles. You emerge from the passenger compartment to a complex of prefab modular buildings and tents. Personnel wander the facility on business of their own and a pair of guardsmen wearing cogwheel patches come hurrying forward with fuel cans.
  23. [20:29] <Jericus> "Yeah, gotta miss these cramped metal cans..."
  24. [20:29] <@Ezekiah> "Metal boxes make for a bad transportation..."
  25. [20:30] <Jericus> "You'll realize these guys have charm, once you've ridden them through bolter fire, and the like. Never could handle explosions though." He smiles toothily at that.
  26. 06[20:31] * @Ezekiah looks at Jericus. "... when did you become triplets?"
  27. 01[20:32] <Staffen> Of more interest however is the lone, tall, broad-shouldered figure approaching you, his heavy leather greatcoat billowing to one side as an ominous gust blows in. A length of red cloth flaps in the breeze from around his waist.
  28. 01[20:33] <Staffen> His face is covered in intimidating tattoos that seem more like a second mouth baring fangs around his lips.
  29. 06[20:33] * Jericus mutters under his breath, "Commissars..."
  30. 01[20:34] <Staffen> "You," he calls, tapping a hand against his coat pocket. "You're going to explain right now why you're on this planet without proper papers."
  31. 06[20:36] * @Ezekiah goes to say something, but finds the words not coming to him. Might be the goose egg, just calmly swelling on the crown of his head. He should get that looked after.
  32. 01[20:37] <Staffen> "Enjoy handling him, we're out as soon as we're done fueling," Lite whispers, shutting the chimaera door once everyone's emerged.
  33. [20:37] <Petrus> "You expect me to explain myself to someone who allowed a shipment of arms to enter this planet unnoticed? You should be the only explaining things to me."
  34. 06[20:38] * Varian looks down at his now dirty shoes in disgust.
  35. 01[20:40] <Staffen> The Commissar taps his pocket with slightly more force. He glares hard at Petrus. "Do not speak, unless spoken to. This is a martial zone."
  36. 06[20:41] * Petrus glares at the Commissar
  37. 01[20:42] <Staffen> His head snaps to Varian. "You there, overdressed pussyfoot Number-Two. My patience is waning and I have three summary punishments to carry out across the yard in the next ten minutes. You will be more cooperative, yes?"
  38. 06[20:45] * @Ezekiah looks at the commissar. "Why did the three of you get that Emperorawful tattoo?"
  39. 06[20:46] * Jericus cups his hand of Eze's mouth. Gives him a look to let the talkers do the talking.
  40. 06[20:46] * Varian holds his hand up to silence Ezekiah before they 'summary executions' quota for the day is artificially raised.
  41. [20:49] <Varian> "Commissar, we are here to hunt down renegades transporting illicit material support for the insurgents, in direct contravention of departmento munitorium article 56-71:78 on the embargo on profiteering through the selling of goods to the Great Enemy and articles :67 through 92 of illegal transport on transports not registered with the departmento. We require your assistance in facilitating...
  42. [20:49] <Varian> ...our hunt.
  43. [20:49] <Varian> "
  44. 01[20:55] <Staffen> The Commissar sniffs. "You keep an odd enough lot around you I'm inclined to believe that. This isn't exactly I'd call a fabrication-worthy group. Which one of you is the Rogue Trader, then?"
  45. [20:56] <Petrus> "That would be me you idiot!"
  46. 06[20:56] * Varian cringes as he inclines his head to Petrus, "My brother"
  47. 01[20:57] <Staffen> "Do not presume to speak to me like that and we won't have problems," the Commissar growls. "Now, I understand you're wanting access to the Munitorum's records, Milord?"
  48. [20:58] <Petrus> "Yes, we will. I suggest you take us to your records room quickly before I loose my patience."
  49. 01[20:59] <Staffen> The Commissar rolls his eyes. "Come with me," he says, and turns on his heel for one of the larger prefabs.
  50. [21:01] <Jericus> "Bloody Commissars." Jericus continues to mutter to himself.
  51. 06[21:01] * Varian follows, turning to give Jericus a 'for the love of god keep your voice down' look as he maintains a respectful distance.
  52. 06[21:01] * Petrus follows his "brother"
  53. 03[21:02] * Nyx ( has joined #eternalwar
  54. 06[21:02] * Jericus follows the group, holding his weapon loosely. Continuing to mutter to himself.
  55. 06[21:03] * @Ezekiah treads softly. The goose egg on his head was big, and ugly looking. And pulsing slightly.
  56. 01[21:09] <Staffen> The Commissar leads you into the building as a soft rain commences. Inside the area is cramped with perpendicular hallways every few meters. A stair well sits in the middle of the center of the building, going up and -- curiously -- down as well. You can hear the clatter of cogitator keys throughout the building and murmurs of busy discussion.
  57. 03[21:16] * Retrieving #eternalwar modes...
  58. [21:16] <@Ezekiah> "... could... could I have an ice pack, please?"
  59. 01[21:16] <Staffen> "Alright," the Commissar says, turning to face you all. "Archived records are downstairs. The archives division adjoins the storage units."
  60. 01[21:17] <Staffen> He points to Ezekiah. "You, go talk to the the medicae office," he points off down one hall, "and take a triage-docket."
  61. [21:18] <Petrus> "Thank you for your help, now would you fetch us some recaf?"
  62. [21:19] <@Ezekiah> "Hrmmm..." He straddles out, walking away with a stumble.
  63. [21:20] <Plex> "Then downstairs I go. There's a dataslate with my name on it, I'm sure." Suiting action to words, she makes for the stairs.
  64. 01[21:21] <Staffen> He points to Petrus next. "Caf-box is on the left down the hall, Mamzel. Get it yourself."
  65. 01[21:21] <Staffen> He pushes past you, and storms out of the building and into the rain.
  66. 06[21:22] * Petrus smirks
  67. [21:22] <Jericus> "As much as I hate Commissar, that was mean Petrus. Fecking loved every minute of it."
  68. 06[21:24] * Nyx leans against the wall, focusing, hand on temple
  69. 06[21:24] * Varian smiles to himself, wondering if the Commissar is from Malfi or picked up the word from someone else. He figures it is probably the latter.
  70. 06[21:33] * Petrus heads down the stairs
  71. 06[21:34] * Varian heads down to help search the records.
  72. 06[21:34] * Jericus follows, not much else he can do, he figures.
  73. 06[21:35] * Nyx stands back up with a sigh, shaking his head, and wanders off towards the caf-box
  74. 01[21:38] <Staffen> Most of the investigating group wanders aimlessly through the enormity of the archives section, unsure where to even begin. The dug-out section for the records is unbelievably large, larger than even the prefab above it.
  75. 01[21:39] <Staffen> However, guided by his foreknowledge of standard bureaucratic organization Varian is successful in his search.
  76. 06[21:43] * Petrus might be lost in the labyrinth of shelves
  77. [21:43] <Jericus> "Bloody feck! This would make for a nice little display of pyrotechnics.
  78. 06[21:44] * Nyx wanders around, half-assedly looking while sipping recaff from a paper cup from his mask half-lifted
  79. 06[21:44] * @Ezekiah comes in and finds Varian and Jericus. He has an ice pack to his head. The swelling as died down. "What's that?"
  80. [21:45] <Jericus> "What? Archives!"
  81. 06[21:46] * Varian heads through the filing like a trained mouse, gathering the rest of the group before announcing, "A large shipment of goods was shipped by our friendly Mandus-Kormon corporation through Tranch to Trojus in the Ixaniad Sector. However there are several crates that were not shipped in the storehouse next door."
  82. [21:47] <Jericus> "Next door? How convenient."
  83. [21:47] <Plex> "...So we have both potential material, and a locus for the next stop of our search. Outstanding."
  84. [21:47] <Varian> "Yes, the sheer volume meant that a small miscount occurred"
  85. [21:47] <Nyx> "Can someone say, 'raid the costume room?'"
  86. 06[21:47] * Nyx is already by the door, doing a jig
  87. [21:48] <Jericus> "It wouldn't happen to say anything else would it? What might be in it? If it needs to be guarded?"
  88. 06[21:48] * Jericus gives his hell-gun a look over.
  89. [21:48] <@Ezekiah> "The Ixaniad Sector...?"
  90. [21:48] <Plex> "We shall see what we shall see," Plex says cryptically, ushering Nyx up the stairs.
  91. [21:48] <Varian> "I think some documents for entry might be in order, no?"
  92. [21:49] <Jericus> "How would we go about that, noble-bureaucrat?"
  93. [21:49] <Nyx> "My dear sir, we are Imperial nobility.  Our blood is descendent from that of heroes and saints."
  94. [21:49] <Nyx> "Where we go, we go with divine mandate."
  95. [21:49] <Nyx> "So, then, let's go pillage others' property."
  96. [21:50] <Petrus> "Indeed, it is the right thing to do as Rogue Traders."
  97. [21:51] <@Ezekiah> "I don't think it works like that..."
  98. [21:51] <Nyx> "Onward!  To the things we want and will take!"
  99. [21:51] <Varian> "Something like that Nyx." mutters Varian as he reflects on his family's heritage.
  100. [21:51] <Petrus> "Yes it does, remember I'm still engaged to marry one's daughter."
  101. 01[21:51] <Staffen> Indeed, the adjoining door to the storehouse is conveniently labeled "STORAGE" and is located on the uppermost floor of the archival unit.
  102. [21:52] <Petrus> "Do you know how many stories I've had to sit through hearing about how Lord Winterscale looted x artifact from y rival?"
  103. [21:52] <Jericus> "All right well, let's go pillage some boxes." Heads into the STORAGE.
  104. 06[21:53] * Nyx sticks one side of his head against the wall next to the doorframe, focusing
  105. 06[21:53] * Jericus stops just at the door. "What are you doing?" Jericus whispers at the threshold.
  106. [21:54] <Nyx> "Eavesdropping the voices in my head to tell me if there are other kindred things that want to have teatime in there."
  107. 06[21:55] * Plex shakes her head. "Certainly one of the more...colorful ways I've heard for that."
  108. 06[21:55] * Petrus readies his Nomad "Well we better be prepared then."
  109. [21:55] <@Ezekiah> "Not particularily, Brother Petrus."
  110. [21:56] <Nyx> "...Seems more like they're waiting for the city shuttle.  There's no...'living' presence of the Warp here...but there /is/ however a concentration of its energy.  Weak, but noticeable."
  111. [21:56] <Nyx> "Open the door, and I could point it out."
  112. [21:56] <Jericus> "Alright."
  113. 06[21:57] * Jericus one hand on the hell-gun, and the other on the door handle, Jericus opens the door. Weapon pointed forward the whole time.
  114. 06[21:57] * Varian readies himself, one hand on his autopistols grip as it rests in his shoulder rig.
  115. 01[21:58] <Staffen> The door gives, and you find yourself confronted with a tight hall lined with support beams that leads to yet another door. A single lamp illuminates the interior of this passage.
  116. [22:00] <Petrus> "Hmm."
  117. 06[22:00] * Jericus shoulders his weapon as he heads in further.
  118. 06[22:00] * Nyx pokes a head in, watching after Jericus
  119. 06[22:01] * Jericus takes a knee, aiming at the next door. He then turns to Nyx while giving him a "And?" look.
  120. 06[22:01] * Nyx steps in, sword in one hand and points with the other
  121. 06[22:02] * Varian bravely acts as a rearguard. Subtly shifting in the formation to shuffle into the back.
  122. 06[22:03] * Plex steps in behind Nyx, then concentrates for a moment. "Nothing living waits beyond that door," she whispers.
  123. 06[22:03] * Nyx starts to make a slow beeline for the emanation
  124. 01[22:04] <Staffen> Past the second door you enter into a maze of shipping units of varying sizes.
  125. [22:05] <Plex> "Varian," Plex stage-whispers. "You have the location of those mystery crates, yes?"
  126. 06[22:06] * Nyx continues a slow, trance-like walk towards the target, trying to not lose the psychic link
  127. 06[22:07] * Petrus follows Nyx
  128. [22:07] <Varian> "Uh, well they shorten the names for the records so 'Tr' for Trojus might help. Or 'MK' for Mandus-Kormon"
  129. 06[22:07] * Plex nods and follows Nyx, just in case.
  130. [22:12] <Petrus> "This way."
  131. 06[22:13] * Plex grabs Nyx's elbow in case he isn't quite paying enough attention and steers him after Petrus.
  132. 06[22:13] * Jericus keeps stride with Petrus, sweeping for anything that might pose a threat.
  133. [22:13] <Nyx> "But...but...but..warp-thingy!"
  134. 01[22:13] <Staffen> Using obscure knowledge of shipping-storing procedures, Petrus sure enough leads you through the maze and to a crate with "MANDUS-KORMON" written in bold white letters on the side.
  135. 06[22:14] * Nyx is pulled away like a small child from a toy
  136. [22:14] <Nyx> "Oh, nevermind me then. This is the right direction.  ...Guess it wore off."
  137. [22:14] <Plex> "He found it. Now. Who wants to open it?"
  138. 06[22:15] * Varian is pleasantly surprised at Petrus' speed, he holds his hands up indicating a lack of a crowbar.
  139. 01[22:15] <Staffen> There is a small control-panel on the side of the crate. Above it is a slip of paper taped to the side of the container, reading "REROUTE"
  140. 06[22:15] * Plex casts a glance to the Redemptionist with the eviscerator.
  141. 01[22:16] <Staffen> Below "REROUTE" is a smaller stamped order, "Cancel Previous Command".
  142. [22:18] <Nyx> "...Is this their refuse?  They took everything good an important and left us with this one box they did not need?"
  143. 06[22:18] * Petrus goes to open the crate with his multikey
  144. [22:19] <Plex> "Unless they wanted us to find it," Plex points out darkly.
  145. [22:19] <Jericus> "Let's hope it's a mistake on the Munitorum's part..."
  146. 01[22:20] <Staffen> Petrus manages to crack the container open with little effort. The latch on the door opens and you feel a sensation of cold from within.
  147. [22:21] <Petrus> "Now let's see what's inside
  148. [22:21] <Nyx> "Probably stage ice.  ...Heretical stage ice."
  149. 06[22:21] * Varian shivers as they inspect the crate
  150. [22:22] <Jericus> "What's inside?" Jericus asks as he continues to look around.
  151. 01[22:23] <Staffen> The crate is, shockingly, empty save for what appears to be a single, glossy white box with curved edges sitting at the far-end of it. The seal of the Inquisition is stamped onto the cover, although the skull before the "I" is upside-down.
  152. [22:23] <Nyx> "...Weren't the Xenos men looking for things from a rogue Inquisitor?"
  153. 06[22:24] * Nyx gingerly steps forwards, mumbling
  154. [22:25] <Jericus> "I think they were just looking for the guy."
  155. [22:25] <Petrus> "They were."
  156. 01[22:25] <Staffen> You hear a faint beeping from inside the box. A blue light shines through uniform cracks in the box's surface, and then the sides abruptly pop out, revealing what look like pistons.
  157. 06[22:26] * Varian leans back to look at the object, taking his eyes away from scanning their rear in a moment of curiosity, commenting "This is either very good or very bad."
  158. [22:26] <@Ezekiah> "I am willing to bet both."
  159. 01[22:26] <Staffen> A display appears on the front and flashes ++DO NOT MOVE, DO NOT BE ALARMED++.
  160. [22:26] <Petrus> "Indeed:
  161. [22:26] <Jericus> "Is anything with the "I" on it, ever good-"
  162. [22:27] <Jericus> "What the feck?"
  163. 06[22:27] * Nyx freezes, mumbling frantically at the edges of hearing
  164. 01[22:27] <Staffen> Then, the lid rises on its own, revealing a strange device - wired into the inside of the box. It looks like a sphere with two cones branching off of both sides of it.
  165. 01[22:30] <Staffen> The display flashes, and suddenly shows a meter, and a solid blue line.
  166. [22:30] <@Ezekiah> "What is it?"
  167. [22:31] <Plex> "It's..." Plex snaps her fingers. "It's a sign we really need to not be here. Like, ten minutes ago. A bomb."
  168. 01[22:31] <Staffen> You hear what sounds like a vox crackling, and suddenly a deep, mechanical voice issues forth from the box:
  169. 01[22:32] <Staffen> "It is an unfortunate flaw of cellular biology that humans are covered in identifiers which might be used to spring such a trap as this," the voice says. "It is also another flaw that humans tend to shed them anywhere they walk."
  170. 01[22:33] <Staffen> "I do not advise panicking, Throne Agents," the voice continues, "the detonator for the bomb which is currently facing you is both time-based and proximity-oriented. Attempting to step outside of the detection-zone of six meters will result in a... very premature discharge."
  171. 01[22:33] <Staffen> The voice chuckles, sickeningly.
  172. [22:34] <@Ezekiah> "It's an explosive. We should... do something about it."
  173. 06[22:34] * Jericus eyes shine. "It's so beautiful!"
  174. [22:34] <Nyx> "Guardsman, you like bombs!  Do you want to disarm this one?"
  175. 06[22:34] * Nyx whips out a multi-tool
  176. [22:35] <Jericus> "Let's see here."
  177. [22:35] <Nyx> "Lord Petrus, a little aid, if one feels moxie in your veins?"
  178. [22:35] <Nyx> "I'll open it for you.  If it's opened and not triggered, can you disarm it?"
  179. [22:36] <@Ezekiah> "We're still alive. I doubt it's triggered!"
  180. [22:36] <Petrus> "I don't think my skills will help us much here."
  181. [22:37] <Nyx> "I need another tech-user.  I am tolerably well acquainted with tech-dabbling, should no members of the Mechanicus be present to hear my incriminating evidence."
  182. [22:37] <@Ezekiah> "I know a thing or too..."
  183. 06[22:37] * Jericus looks almost giddy. "Open it up already! I wanna see the inside, I wanna see how it works. I wanna see what kinda boom we're dealing with.!"
  184. [22:38] <Nyx> "Come, then, friends!"
  185. 06[22:38] * Nyx rushes to the bomb
  186. 06[22:38] * Varian stays completely still, tensing him muscles while asking "What is the explosion radius of a vortex bomb?"
  187. 06[22:39] * Jericus watched the bomb closely. "I want to see how you tick, baby. I wanna see how you dazzle."
  188. [22:39] <@Ezekiah> "... vortex bomb? That sounds very bad..."
  189. [22:40] <Jericus> "Ive heard stories of those things. I wonder how beautiful they'd be when they bloom. But first this! This beautiful orb!"
  190. 01[22:43] <Staffen> (Except he hasn't)
  191. 06[22:44] * Nyx works with Petrus and Ezekiah to gently violate the outer casing of the bomb's machine body
  192. 01[22:45] <Staffen> The glistening cover of the case comes off, revealing a complicated mess of wiring systems.
  193. 06[22:45] * Nyx looks in
  194. 06[22:45] * Varian slowly shuffles to about five meters away from the bomb in case Jericus says "opps" at any time in the near future.
  195. [22:46] <Jericus> "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, you are a messy beauty."
  196. [22:46] <Nyx> "Well, I say, that certainly looks complicated."
  197. 01[22:46] <Staffen> "This is, I fear, perhaps one of my least-subtle methods of dealing with strenuous factors such as yourselves, but I feel it necessary to, in some way, congratulate you for your outstanding performance."
  198. [22:46] <Plex> "Aww, he called us strenuous."
  199. [22:46] <@Ezekiah> "... work faster. Being blown into my components seems like an ignoble death."
  200. 06[22:46] * Jericus Jericus delicately examines the wires, murmuring to himself the whole way. After some deliberate thought, he decides on the correct wire choices and cuts them, via his service knife.
  201. [22:47] <Jericus> "That should do it."
  202. 01[22:47] <Staffen> As the voice continues Jericus works at the wiring, and seems to successfully disable it - you certainly haven't blown up yet.
  203. 01[22:47] <Staffen> However, as the display shuts off, it immediately then reboots. A new display, hidden beneath the tangle of wires, comes on, and you see a slowly filling meter on the bottom.
  204. [22:48] <Jericus> "What's this now?"
  205. [22:48] <Nyx> "It's a trap."
  206. [22:48] <@Ezekiah> "... ... ... the sinful explosive is cunning!"
  207. [22:48] <Varian> "Can I run now?"
  208. [22:49] <Nyx> "If you run, we die."
  209. [22:49] <@Ezekiah> "I don't think we could outrun it..."
  210. [22:49] <Jericus> "Running, comrade, would only blow us to bits if this beauty isn't already disabled."
  211. [22:49] <Nyx> "Wait, I think I can throw it."
  212. [22:49] <Nyx> "We'd probably still die, but there's a slight chance we live."
  213. 01[22:49] <Staffen> "Over the course of the last two-thousand years, I’ve never quite encountered such a determined opponent, which is why I’ve been forced to pull all the stops in order to kill you," the voice says. The line steadily continues to fill.
  214. [22:49] <Nyx> "Just teetering on the edge of death, our limbs blown from our bodies, and our bones broken and exposed through our pulped flesh."
  215. [22:50] <Jericus> "This isn't over yet. I will have it!"
  216. [22:51] <Nyx> "Dear sweet God-Emperor."
  217. [22:51] <Nyx> "That damn meter!  I was right!  This device is some sort of demon-metro device!"
  218. [22:51] <@Ezekiah> "And who knows how large the radius of detonation is."
  219. [22:51] <Nyx> "This thing is opening a warp-path!"
  220. [22:55] <Jericus> "Well! This is the only time I've been stumped! Doesn't use anything traditional that I've seen, or any kind of known electronics, to my knowledge."
  221. [22:56] <Petrus> "This.... this"
  222. [22:56] <Jericus> "So, any ideas gents?"
  223. [22:56] <Jericus> "Or should I start praying to the God-Emperor?"
  224. [22:56] <Petrus> "This thing isn't natural at all."
  225. [22:57] <Petrus> "Nyx I think this is the warp activity you were describing."
  226. [22:57] <Nyx> "Oh, I do so indeed as well, dear sister.  I am glad we concur.  I was too embarrassed to mention it."
  227. [22:58] <Petrus> "Nyx can you do anything about this?"
  228. 06[22:58] * Nyx pulls out an injector
  229. [22:59] <Nyx> "Think...possibly.  Who feels lucky?"
  230. [22:59] <Varian> "Not particularly given our circumstances Nyx."
  231. [22:59] <Plex> "I'm always lucky. It's just...not always good luck."
  232. [22:59] <Jericus> "I felt lucky, when I saw this beautiful thing. Not so sure now."
  233. [23:00] <Nyx> "Well, consider, m'lord: should we be lucky, this is an actual bomb, and it shall explode should we exit its radius.  If we are not, it shall open an unstable Warp portal."
  234. [23:00] <Varian> "Is any part of it moveable? Can the upside down skull be spun to the correct position? That might be a safe trigger?"
  235. [23:00] <@Ezekiah> "SOMEBODY DO SOMETHING BEFORE I DO SOMETHING!" Ezekiah pulls off his sword from his back and revs the engine. "I shall find the daemon component inside and SLAY IT!"
  236. 06[23:00] * Nyx sticks his injector into his neck
  237. [23:01] <Nyx> "Everyone get ready to run, else you have better ideas!"
  238. 06[23:01] * Nyx goes into a straddling stance, both hands facing the bomb
  239. [23:01] <Jericus> "Run?"
  240. [23:01] <Nyx> "Any better idea?"
  241. [23:01] <Jericus> "Nope, hope you're doing the right thing here! Let's fallback!"
  242. [23:02] <Nyx> "Three I lay for my blood, divinely-given, flesh nobility..."
  243. 06[23:02] * Jericus heads back the way he and the group came, hauling ass.
  244. [23:02] <Nyx> "Two I give in service to his Light and against the Darkness"
  245. 06[23:03] * Nyx looks back, "Now would be a good time to get into a sprint, and run when you see this fly."
  246. [23:03] <@Ezekiah> "... but... do we even know how large the radius is? Could we possible out run it?"
  247. 06[23:04] * Nyx sweats, concentration unable to close
  248. 06[23:04] * Petrus looks worried
  249. [23:05] <Nyx> "One I offer for myself, for everything, MINE, MY WILL BE DONE!"
  250. 06[23:05] * Plex stands next to Nyx, waiting for just the right moment
  251. 06[23:07] * @Ezekiah is ready for anything, and is ready to run.
  252. 06[23:07] * Jericus is jogging on position, ready to go.
  253. [23:07] <Nyx> "'s too heavy."
  254. 06[23:07] * Nyx falls to his knees
  255. 06[23:08] * Nyx still strains against the unseemly heavy object
  256. [23:08] <Petrus> "You can do it Nyx."
  257. [23:09] <Nyx> " weighs more than a damn car!  It's smaller than my torso!"
  258. 06[23:10] * Plex tries to force the Warp into the bombs internal systems to disrupt it, but nothing happens.
  259. 01[23:10] <Staffen> "I don’t quite think I’ll ever get such an opportunity again," the voice continues, unabated, "what with the fact you are now joined by the lovely Ladies Fortuna and Pellagri. Under other circumstances, such fine displays of psychic might would have been welcomed into my entourage. It is a shame the Inquisition got them first."
  260. 06[23:11] * Nyx gives the bomb the finger, falling to despair and rage
  261. [23:12] <Nyx> "I wasted Sandstone on you!  And mine glorious stage persona, ruined!"
  262. 06[23:12] * Nyx rips off her mask, the rubber backstraps snapping painfully
  263. [23:14] <@Ezekiah> "... why isn't it echoing? Why isn't the light cast on the wires?" Is it something important? OR the ramblings of a desperate, mad man?
  264. [23:15] <Jericus> "What?"
  265. [23:15] <Plex> "WAIT!"
  266. [23:15] <@Ezekiah> "The voice on the recording. It's not echoing! There's no light on the display cast on the wires. That is important."
  267. 01[23:16] <Staffen> You all now notice what Ezekiah is pointing out. While the screens seem to glow, they do not shine against the cabling around them, and the voice is not properly bouncing off the container walls.
  268. [23:16] <Nyx> " the damn thing light-shifting?!"
  269. [23:17] <Jericus> "Is it what?"
  270. [23:17] <@Ezekiah> "What does that mean? Can it save us?"
  271. 06[23:17] * Petrus raises an eyebrow
  272. [23:17] <Nyx> "It illusion?  Hiding nearby, and we see only its displacer image?"
  273. [23:18] <Jericus> "It sure felt real, when I was inside it."
  274. 06[23:18] * Petrus puts a hand down his pocket and reaches for something
  275. 01[23:18] <Staffen> The meter stops as Plex casts a new power, but the voice continues still.
  276. [23:19] <Nyx> "The warp channel is holding steady!"
  277. 01[23:19] <Staffen> "But before you now is an example of - truly - one of the most cruel instruments of killing which has ever been conceived by human hands: the vortex bomb. This particular warhead was one of the last of its manufacture, before the forge world of Heladrion disappeared from the galaxy in an unfortunate... chain of events."
  278. 06[23:19] * Petrus takes out a round of ammunition from it
  279. 06[23:20] * Petrus tosses the round down the hallway of crates
  280. 01[23:20] <Staffen> The round clinks away like normal.
  281. [23:22] <Petrus> "You're an idiot"
  282. [23:23] <Jericus> "Who is?" Jericus turns to Petrus, as he can't do much else but watch the mind-wrestlers.
  283. 06[23:24] * Petrus points to the bomb "They're the idiot, I'm sure who ever planted this made the communicator two way so they can hear us whine and pray for mercy."
  284. [23:24] <Jericus> "Wow, and here I thought I had a weird hobby."
  285. [23:24] <@Ezekiah> "That seems entirely pointless and arrogant."
  286. [23:24] <Nyx> "Everyone, pick up your favorite witch, and get ready to run."
  287. [23:25] <Petrus> "Though it would make sense for them."
  288. [23:25] <Nyx> "New plan!"
  289. [23:25] <@Ezekiah> "Could we do less talking and more planning so that we don't get ripped into many tiny tiny pieces."
  290. [23:25] <Nyx> "Then pick me up and get ready to make a scrumball run for the touchdown!"
  291. 01[23:25] <Staffen> "Let there be no mistake that this weapon will kill you. It will obliterate you. Your bodies will be rendered unto nothing, and your souls will be consumed by darker things in the warp. There is no salvation for you."
  292. 06[23:26] * Petrus unshoulders his nomad
  293. [23:26] <Jericus> "I guess I'll get Plex, who's gonna carry Nyx?"
  294. [23:26] <@Ezekiah> "... why would you want to score in scrumball? The objective is to cripple the other team."
  295. [23:26] <Plex> "Can'," she gets out, straining to keep control. "Have to stay put."
  296. [23:26] <Nyx> "Grab her, mud-turtles and get ready to run!"
  297. [23:26] <Plex> "NO! We can't leave! If we do it goes up!"
  298. [23:27] <Nyx> "No! We can't leave! If we do, it goes up!"
  299. [23:27] <Nyx> "BELATED JINX, DEAR SISTER!"
  300. [23:27] <@Ezekiah> "... what do you two know that we don't?"
  301. 06[23:28] * Petrus fires his rifle at the "bomb"
  302. 01[23:28] <Staffen> The meter is still steadily going in the reverse direction.
  303. [23:28] <Plex> "If I don't keep this...thing...occupied," she says, starting to sweat, "it WILL go off."
  304. [23:31] <Petrus> "This is far too impersonal!"
  305. [23:32] <Petrus> "This person going on bragging about how we such perfect prey just to blow us up? That's a load of grox shit."
  306. 01[23:33] <Staffen> The round ricochets off the vortex bomb completely,
  307. 01[23:35] <Staffen> But miraculously the round simply breaches the container.
  308. [23:35] <Jericus> "Can't fault your for trying. Crazy."
  309. 06[23:35] * Petrus turns around swearing under his breath
  310. 06[23:36] * Petrus walks out of the container
  311. 06[23:37] * Nyx pulls out an injector and readies it gingerly into Plex's bicep
  312. 06[23:37] * Petrus shrugs and takes a step forward
  313. [23:37] <@Ezekiah> "So what do we do!? We can't attack it! We can't move! We can't disarm it!"
  314. [23:37] <Jericus> "We wait to see what our dear mind-delvers are doing. Failing that, pray. Or if you feel like it, haul ass."
  315. 01[23:38] <Staffen> "Nor is there salvation for Lord Winterscale’s niece, Lady Corinna," the voice continues, oblivious to the violence inflicted on the container.
  316. 01[23:38] <Staffen> "As we speak, my dearest Lord Cain, my assistant Losa should be arriving in the Koronus Expanse to place your would-be bride in my custody."
  317. [23:38] <Plex> "You stay within six meters of the damn bomb," she growls. "Until we figure out how to shut it OFF."
  318. 06[23:39] * Petrus stops
  319. [23:39] <Jericus> "He plays dirty too!"
  320. [23:39] <Petrus> "YOU SON OF A BITCH!"
  321. 01[23:40] <Staffen> "And, as to your father, Lord Sark: well, let us say he should watch what he eats, what he drinks... what he breathes. Relations within your family are about to become very tense. I’ll take great pleasure in watching a portion of Malfi’s infrastructure tear itself apart."
  322. 06[23:41] * @Ezekiah grips his hands. "VOK! I know you can hear me, and a traitor dies a thousand times! If not by my hand, then by another! The Emperor recognises His own, and His faithful and He will not let one such as I, one who is His SWIFT and TERRIBLE SWORD die an ignoble death! I will see you burn in the hell that spat you up! I will see you tortured for decades! I will deliver your head upon a sacred...
  323. 06[23:41] * Petrus comes back into the container and stares at the bomb
  324. [23:42] <@Ezekiah> truesilver platter!"
  325. 06[23:43] * Petrus fires his nomad again at the bomb
  326. 06[23:44] * Nyx begins humming a melody, easing in next to Plex after a, "Tap-In, sister."
  327. 01[23:45] <Staffen> The nomad's round once again bounces furiously off the device.
  328. 01[23:45] <Staffen> It seems to be humming now.
  329. 06[23:46] * Plex falls to her knees, gasping, as her tenuous hold finally slips, with Nyx taking up the mantle just in time.
  330. 01[23:46] <Staffen> "There will be nothing left of you all after today. You shall all be wiped away into the ashes of history - and Inquisitors Kith and Firenze will soon follow."
  331. [23:47] <Jericus> "Throne, this guy is a cunt. He gloats just like the villains in those drama-holo's.
  332. 01[23:47] <Staffen> "Farewell, my friends," the voice whispers, "time... to... drrroooooooogggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhh"
  333. 01[23:48] <Staffen> The meter bottoms out, and suddenly the device seems to flicker off.
  334. [23:48] <Jericus> "What just happened?"
  335. 06[23:49] * Varian sneers as he feels a frost creep up his spine and a flower of thin ice starts to spread over his boots. Wtich-craft. His mind itches with a background pressure he can't put his finger on.
  336. [23:49] <Varian> Witch-craft*
  337. 01[23:49] <Staffen> A secondary screen pops up, just behind the bomb. It lights up, this time casting a proper shadow.
  338. [23:50] <Petrus> "I told you it was a hoax"
  339. 06[23:50] * Plex stands up again, shakily, before concetrating for a moment and suddenly appearing visibly less tired.
  340. 06[23:50] * Nyx embraces Plex, trembling
  341. [23:50] <Jericus> "Well, glad you were right." Heads over to the screen and examines it.
  342. [23:50] <Nyx> "WHAT THE SODDEN HELL WAS THAT ABOUT?!"
  343. [23:50] <Petrus> "Now I must go do something incredibly stupid in the name of love."
  344. 06[23:51] * Nyx grabs both spent injectors from off the floor, and ejects their spend sandstone ampules to reload new ones
  345. [23:51] <Nyx> "I excuse myself of this weirdness! Good day!"
  346. 01[23:51] <Staffen> A line appears on the screen, and it begins to jitter as it produces noise. "I congratulate you, Imperial Agents," the voice calls, this time properly echoing as well. It sounds faintly scratchy, obviously a recording. "I am Yrtzen Vok. Assuming you are hearing this, it would suggest that you have managed to cancel out my fine piece of maletek hardware. I do suppose I should have gone with something that automatically detonated, but I could not resist the urge to speak to you."
  347. 06[23:52] * Jericus laughs madly. "And he used a little bait in this beauty. For a guy so full of himself, I like it."
  348. [23:53] <Petrus> "I told you, this is all too impersonal."
  349. 01[23:53] <Staffen> "I must admit to a considerable amount of irritation in this event. But you have my full attention now! You should be pleased."
  350. 06[23:54] * Petrus quickly reloads his nomad "Ready yourselves."
  351. [23:54] <@Ezekiah> "... ... ... I do not take much pleasure in purging undesirables from His Majesty's galaxy, but I will make an exception for this one."
  352. 06[23:54] * Jericus gets up from examining the device. He readies his hell-gun. "So much for that."
  353. 01[23:54] <Staffen> "By this point, I can assume you already know precisely where you are headed next in my plans, but I will not divulge that anyway in the event you are less competent than I had observed. But, let me tell you something before my cyber-partisans do away with you."
  354. 01[23:55] <Staffen> "You wish to know to what end I am amassing this line of military goods? I am simply negotiating a deal. The Iron Warriors are always hard-pressed for supplies, and I am a provender of these."
  355. 01[23:56] <Staffen> "In exchange, as always, I deepen my array of contacts and my network of peers. The best way to usurp the Imperium is not from without, as the Black Legion might think - it is from within."
  356. 06[23:57] * Varian eyes narrow as the tingling fades from his mind, his mind focused upon a single word. 'Father'
  357. 01[23:57] <Staffen> "So, with that in mind, I do hope you survive. We have much more to discuss in the future, I think. Farewell, my friends!"
  358. 01[23:57] <Staffen> The screen blinks out, then begins to emit a thin wisp of smoke.
  359. 06[23:57] * @Ezekiah is snarling at this point. "I have had it with the PRATTLE of this MAN! BRING HIS MINIONS! I WILL SEE THEM ALL DEAD!"
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