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  1. [17:43] Gorgutz Isabel somehow managed to find her way to the Tabletop games club. As soon as she opens the door to the badly lit room, she can see various students, mostly males, bent down on either boardgames or pen and paper rpgs. Apparently they started minutes ago.
  2. [17:44] Isabel_Montcalm "Hey!" She frown. "You guys started already?"
  3. [17:46] Gorgutz The instant Isabel speaks, every single person in the room turns his head to her. A rather awkward silence echoes in the room, suddenly interrupted by a rather tall boy, probably sixteen, with a ponytail and a badly shaven chin.
  4. [17:46] Isabel_Montcalm "Hi." she says, smiling.
  5. [17:47] Gorgutz "Uh. I suppose you got to the wrong room. This is the tabletop games club." He says, with a nasal voice.
  6. [17:47] Isabel_Montcalm "No, I'm at the right place." she says, hands on her hips, leaning a little forward.
  7. [17:54] Gorgutz The crowd returns to their activities as the young boy takes a step forward. "Oh, I see." He says with a skeptical facial expression. "Well, for starters, I'm Emidio, and I'm the boss around here." Isabel notices a slight spanish accent.
  8. [17:54] Gorgutz He offers an handshake.
  9. [17:55] Isabel_Montcalm shake his hand, but 'hmpf' at the part he call himself the 'boss'.
  10. [17:56] Gorgutz "And you are...?" The boy smiles, retracting his arm after shaking Isabel's hand.
  11. [17:56] Gorgutz *slowly retracting his arm
  12. [17:56] Isabel_Montcalm "Isabel Montcalm. I joined." she says, smiling once again.
  13. [17:57] Gorgutz "Oh, I see!" The boy laughs. "Well, just to get an idea, are you familiar with tabletop gaming?"
  14. [17:57] Isabel_Montcalm "No, not exactly, I just asked around but I didn't have the chance to play yet."
  15. [18:00] Gorgutz "Mhh. I see." The boy scrathes his head, thinking.
  16. [18:00] Isabel_Montcalm "So...." says Isabel, unsure of what to do or say next.
  17. [18:01] Gorgutz "Mhh, I think there's a Pathfinder group starting soon. You could pick the basics from them!" He smiles again. "I happen to be the Game Master in that group."
  18. [18:01] Isabel_Montcalm "Oh, ok then."
  19. [18:01] Gorgutz "The game master is, uhm. Pretty much like the referee of the game and the narrator."
  20. [18:02] Isabel_Montcalm "Hmm hmm. Can I be the Game Master, then?"
  21. [18:03] Gorgutz "Oh, no, you need a looooot of experiance for that, and you also need to know the rules by heart." He pats on his chest, proudly.
  22. [18:03] Isabel_Montcalm "I can learn them!"
  23. [18:03] Gorgutz "But don't worry, you'll be a player. You'll have lots of fun!"
  24. [18:03] Isabel_Montcalm pout. "Fine."
  25. [18:04] Gorgutz "It's faster to learn by playing, trust me." Emidio guides Isabel to a table in a corner of the room. Around it, she notices three familiar faces and a new one.
  26. [18:05] Isabel_Montcalm "Hello." she says, wiggling her fingers at the players.
  27. [18:10] Gorgutz Walter and his two friends wave at her. "Hello, Isabel." both of them says, while Walter's face just assumes a red tinge. The other boy at the table is disorderly sitting on the chair, arms folded. A moment after Isaebel greets the group, he boredly fiddles with his rather unusual hairstyle and lets out a garbled "'Sup".
  28. [18:11] Isabel_Montcalm "Not much. You?"
  29. [18:13] Gorgutz In response, the guy simply snorts.
  30. [18:14] Isabel_Montcalm "So, how does that work?"
  31. [18:16] Gorgutz "Oh, well, you first have to think of a character you'd like to play as." He shuffles through books in a bag and hands her one of them, clearly labelled with a large "Pathfinder" title in fancy characters.
  32. [18:16] Isabel_Montcalm look at the cover. "Ok, I want to be the dragon."
  33. [18:19] Gorgutz "Sup-dude" snickers and mumbles something that sounds like "newbies", while Emidio lets out a delicate and artificial laugh. "Oh, it doesn't work like that. Here." He shows various illustrated pages, with introductions to the various races and classes, reading them to Isabel.
  34. [18:20] Isabel_Montcalm look trough the book, at the character creation chapter, page by page. "Hmmm. Hmmm." She seem lost in her thoughts.
  35. [18:21] Gorgutz "Take your time." Emidio says. "Meanwhile we'll go through character creation with the others."
  36. [18:23] Isabel_Montcalm , unlike most people who can't get a clue about the game, take her time to read the relevant chapters to at least get a hang of the game.
  37. [18:23] Isabel_Montcalm "Are you sure I can't play a dragon?"
  38. [18:24] Gorgutz Sup-dude rolls a Tiefling Thief, while Walter fills out his character sheet with the details of a human mage. Walter's "slightly" overweight friend goes with an Half-elf paladin. On his "character description" the words "Manly" and "Athletic body" appear frequently
  39. [18:24] Gorgutz Walter's long-haired friend goes with a dwarven cleric. Apparently his character likes to talk to stones and rocks.
  40. [18:27] Isabel_Montcalm "Elf Witch." says Isabel.
  41. [18:28] Gorgutz "Oh, fine." Emidio smiles again. The boy guides Isabel with the process of character creation. Apparently dice is also used in this hobby.
  42. [18:28] Gorgutz LOTS and LOTS of dices of various sizes and colours.
  43. [18:28] Isabel_Montcalm seems to have her fun with the dices before rolling her stats.
  44. [18:29] Gorgutz Sup-dude, who still hasn't presented himself under any name builds a little piramid out of d6's.
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