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  1. The plane engines screamed as it brought the large jumbo jet to a quick and tidy halt, and began it's slow roll to the gate. Tyler Johnson stared out the window observed watching waves lap against the Rocky shores of an airport built seemingly in the seas. The pilot began announcing their arrival at Haneda Airport and declaring current time and weather in Tokyo Japan, as they finally met their gate. As the jet bridge extended to meet the plane Tyler could only stare in amazement at the city in the distance. While he had napped on the long Journey over he was now wide awake and ready to go.
  5. Tyler managed to find his group leader at the Starbucks just outside the security gates as instructed by the magazine directors. When he had mailed in the little "Win now" card from the copy of PlayStation magazine, he never expected to win. Frankly he was surprised they were even still publishing the magazine. He hadn't seen one since he was a kid. Still he picked up a copy and 4 weeks later here he was in Japan, standing with a group of other teens and a few adults, following the guide to the trains. The Japanese headquarters of Sony Entertainment we're just a bullet train away. As part of the contest, Tyler and his father were invited to see the offices, play the games and enjoy Tokyo. This was thrilling to Tyler, his father however was not as thrilled, but wanted his son to be happy.
  9.  As the guide began announcing the plans, Tyler's father patted him on the back and began to head for an airport bar, promising to see him at the hotel that evening. Tyler gulped as the guide began ushering everyone to the train as it pulled up, slightly nervous. The lanky 16 year old have never really been on his own like this. But his father had prepped him on the train. While he had wanted to visit Japan, he had 0 interest in seeing some video game stuff. So he was on his own for the next few days of tours. As he squeezed into the train car amongst dozens of Japanese he really felt the cultural dysphoria. However his teenage eyes were soon distracted by the cutie with the schoolgirl outfit.
  13. Toying with the thin lanyard around his neck, Tyler sighed as the slideshow progressed at the front of the room. Most everyone else was enthralled with the games and images on screen, but he was plain bored. He had expected an actual tour and actual games. What he got was more of a shareholders meeting and PowerPoints. The most excitement he had all day was watching the girl on the train, especially when the wind caught her skirt slightly at one of the stops. Now he was listening to some businessman ramble about the next Final Fantasy title and how many new streaming services PlayStation would offer in the next quarter.
  17. Tyler slipped through the doors of the conference area and headed to the restrooms. He didn't have to pee, but he needed a break and thought maybe he could hide out there for a few. He quickly found on his walk however his phone service was not working and there was no Wi-Fi. So now he has nothing to do. He had also noticed his guides were nowhere to be seen. Usually they had to escort him around but they must have left for coffee. Tyler shrugged and looked around the generic office space in the Sony Headquarters. Nothing but chairs, plants and the occasional door. However one door did catch his attention. A simple wood door stating "employees only". However this one didn't have the bulky black fingerprint scanner or badge readers. Given his options were sitting in the hallways or watching power points, he walked over and tried the handle. The door swing open as stairs seemed to head up indefinitely to the offices above.
  21. Tyler was almost to the top of the staircase and had already seen way more then he expected. One floor had what looked like developers designing a new game. Another was clearing the graphic design center with illustrations everywhere. Yet another was the VR testing area, lines with cameras and equipment. However other then the tiny window on the door, he saw nothing else as the doors were all firmly locked. Still his curiosity was peaked, and he needed to see more. Approaching the final door, he noted there was no window, but the door was unlocked. He quickly snuck inside to find a quiet office space, but finding dozens of cute Japanese secretaries studiously at work. However his young hormones spiked as he saw their outfits. Tight blouses, short skirts, and long legs. The sound of Japanese being spoken at a lightning pace surrounded him. He was in awe until he felt a hand on his shoulder.
  25. Tyler gulped as the business manager stared him down, and fastened the plastic name badge to his shirt. In jeans and a t-shirt was no way to work an office but Tyler had no choice. He was to either help this man get caught up or the authorities would be contacted. Apparently as a foreigner in Japan, they would not take his snooping lightly. The squeaking of the marker started and stopped with Tyler's name lazily scrawled onto the blank badge. The man smiled before handing him some papers, and point down the hall. 20 copies of each he demanded and Tyler had to obey. As he turned and headed down the hall, he had not noticed the black marker reshaping into a more professional font and sinking into the plastic, engraving his name lightly into the plastic. It additionally stated his department as well, under his name, matching more closely to the other in the secretary pool. Lastly, his name had be formatted to fit the culture with his last name showing before his first. His eyes were more focused on the ladies however.
  29. Blushing lightly, Tyler entered the copy room, his manhood fully awake at this time. The copy room did not help as he noticed a young woman crouched over the copier, her rear being pressed tight against her skirt. Tyler watched her finish, and then tried to ask her assistance in making copies. She stared back inquisitively before giggling lightly. Tyler turned crimson and tried to motion at the copier but found she just laughed harder. He clearly got the point as she said something in Japanese and left. She clearly didn't understand English and he had made a fool of himself. It didn't help that he had been staring at her cleavage.
  33. Sighing, he stepped over to the copier and tried to understand the buttons. As he studied them he found the icons fairly straight forward and was soon able to associate Japanese characters with certain functions. It seemed to be very user friendly, however the reality was that his mind was beginning to grow in knowledge of Japanese characters. While he could not read them, he could establish connections more readily. As the first copy shot through he cheered to himself and went to grab it from the lower tray. He found himself wanting to bend at the waist subconsciously, sticking his butt out as he reached over. He panicked realizing it had made his erection quite obvious, not understanding why it felt right. He tried again and focus, and crouched down to grab the paper, more effectively hiding his small erection. It took a concentrated effort but he managed to finish the copies without bending at the waist but he felt wrong each time he crouched. Worried more with the copies he shuffled back to his boss’s office quickly, trying to think of anything but the woman around him.
  37. Stepping back into the boss’s office, Tyler dropped the papers, bowing slightly without realizing waiting for his approval. The boss waved him away as he headed to the empty desk just outside his door. As he sat down, he felt his wallet pinching his leg sharply and managed to wrangle it free, as it snagged on the tight opening. Tossing it under the desk on a small shelf he reminded himself to grab it before he left. Meanwhile the pockets on his jeans had sealed shut, disappearing entirely from his pants. The pants had also shrank in size. His previous waist size had shrunk several sizes but still fit him perfectly. Over all he had begun to shrink on the whole, with his height rounding off at 5' 8" from his previous 5' 11". His shoes had grown slightly to compensate, however the most obvious part was the darkening of his hair and the extra length now threatening to tickle his ears.
  40. ---
  43. Under the desk the wallet had begun to distort. Growing larger and more shiny as the material shimmered as it swelled. The color swirled about, lightening and then darkening again leaving a rich reddish brown colors as the wallet closed up entirely. Inside the contents began rearranging, with his ID shifting, showing his name as Tylui Johnsos and the picture reflected his new image.
  46. Tyler was staring into the office just watching the other secretaries. They bounced around in their tight blouses, with cute blazers and long stocking class legs on no less than 5 inch heels. It was a sight to behold, especially when they tended to drop something, bending over at the waist exposing more and more of their legs. Almost teasingly so. For a group of woman in their 40s they looked much younger. The classic Asian aging system he figured. More concerning was how the men in the office seemed to grab them fairly often, with hands grabbing rears and in a couple instances tracing down their cleavage into their tops. The girls loved it though and almost seemed to compete for who could get the most attention.
  49. "Tylui" came a shout from behind, startling him, hardly noticing the mispronounced name. As he jumped up, a slight pop emanates from his hips as they shifter further out, and his legs shook, as the muscle mass redistributed. As he walked up to the door of his office he found himself subconsciously brushing back a long dark strand of hair behind his ear, a faint metallic jingle heard as he did. The earrings he now wore we're subtle but still present much like his name tag which was now metal and engraving with his name much as it appeared on his ID.
  53. He bowed gently as he entered before asking for his task. He was quickly told to hand out the copies from earlier, as it regarded a secretaries meeting that afternoon.  Tyler smiled and grabbed the papers before leaving. He barely realized he has bent at the waist to grab the papers, pressing his skin tight jeans to the limit, with his old t shirt now a much thinner material, showcasing his under shirt as buttons began to spring up the middle. Stepping out of the office a faint but solid clop as the heel on his shoe became independent of the sole and slowly began to rise.
  57. Tyler stopped at each desk and passed off the paper, getting an odd look from the first couple woman but by the third desk he received a thank you. The next she had thanked him and complimented his jeans which made him blush furiously. Several desks later he found himself chatting with the girl who was in the copy room, asking about how he liked the office and all, and apologizing for earlier. Tyler smiled and felt like he was fitting in almost until another boss swinging by grabbed her ass causing a squeal of delight from her, before she turned to him. Tyler felt awkward and stepped back to avoid the situation before tripping on his heel, which was now a solid inch in height. His sneakers resembled more of a woman pump then before. His laces were long gone with smooth material coating his feet with a faint gloss. As he fell onto his rear he became suddenly aware of his new footwear as well as the fact his pants had torn. His lower half was bare aside from the thin tube of fabric over his crotch. Embarrassed and shocked he quick stood and fled for the restroom, the clops becoming more pronounced as he pushed open the door and hit the tile.
  61. Tyler quickly entered a stall and sat down on the closed toilet. His feet were wearing heels and his bare legs poked out of a dark blue tube, which seemed to be darkening more and tightening before his eyes. As he looked across his body he found even his shirt had warped completely. It now matched the white blouses he saw many of the girls wearing with the faint outline of his undershirt underneath. To make matters worse his hands felt tiny to him suddenly and the longer finger nails seemed to be shiny and smooth as if glossed over. He suddenly sneezed, his hand instinctively reached for his nose. A cute little sneeze was heard as his nose shrank into his face and his hair flew past his ears and into his eyes. Tyler was beginning to panic. Something was altering him and he had not even noticed. Feeling his face he knew more than his nose had changed.
  63. Over the PA he heard an announcement paying another secretary before realizing he could understand it. Previously they were all in Japanese but he understood perfectly. Thinking back to the dealer conversations he should have known then he was slowly learning the language. More and more he was able to read or decipher things around the office. He bolted for the sinks to try and splash himself awake.
  65. As the water ran between his tiny fingers he tried to splash himself but found himself reluctant. He didn't want to redo his face but didn't understand why it was important. Looking into the mirror he suddenly saw a boyish looking girl staring back. One with Deep brown hair cascading to their shoulders with eyes that just started to hint at an almond shape, with dark eyeliner makeup and pretty soft red lips. She looked to be in her mid twenties and we'll dressed for a corporate environment. Worse yet was her name badge reflecting a backwards version of his name, Johnasa Tyluion. He felt the name plate, and while he could read it as easily as English, the engraved characters he felt we're clearly symbols. Behind him in the mirror he saw another woman exit a stall and smile. She adjusted her bra to bring her cleavage into better view and shimmied her skirt up to flash a little more leg before leaving. It was then Tyler realized he ran into the woman's room without even second guessing.
  67. Tyler dashed from the restroom, embarrassed, but no one seemed to notice his clumsily clopping away from the women’s room back to his desk. He needed to find a way out, but had to grab his wallet first.  However he was more concerned with the shiny new name plate that the desk announcing:
  69. “Johnawa Tyluoi”
  70. “Secretary to Mr. Osaka”
  74. Tyler was horrified as he glanced down at his name tag, confirming it had updated to match as well.  Something was forcing him into becoming another secretary in the pool for the man who found him.  Worse, it was making him into a girl as well. Reaching back for his wallet he found a small brown handbag with gold trim.  He stared horrified as he recognized the content as his, but the bag certainly was not his wallet.  As he dug through to find his ID he was torn from his panic by a shrill ring.
  78. “Hello” he answered, his voice wavering, before a sharp male voice demanded to speak with Mr. Osaka.  Tyler asked for a moment, before hitting a series of buttons on the phone, hearing Mr. Osaka answer, and he quickly transferred the caller.  Hanging up the phone he smiled, happy to have handled it so well, before the horror sunk in.  He had never used a phone in this office.  Yet he had instinctively transferred a call without even thinking about it.  Internally he was screaming, yet felt an odd sense of accomplishment. Snapping back to his reality, he began to dig through the bag once more before he heard the familiar clicking of the heels behind him.
  82. Several girls from the team had invited him to join them for break, and Tyler found it hard to resist, seeing how sexy they looked, and how much they seemed to be at ease. And perhaps they would know what was happening to him.  As he followed the girls, they chatted incessantly  about the men of the office and how much they enjoyed it.  He also couldn’t help but notice their hips and rears swinging perfectly side to side, their small steps and heels exaggerating their stride, if on purpose.  As he heard them talk, he knew for a fact that it was.  He felt a small pang of jealousy, and found himself trying to emulate, however kept stopping himself, knowing this was not normal.  With each swing of his hips, he felt a small pop and jiggle as it began to swell his checks more, pressing them against the tight dark blue fabric wrapped around his hips.  The skirt was all but complete, and continued to show his growing ass proudly.
  86. The girls chatted over coffee for a few moments in the break room, but quickly found they were not alone as several of the men entered shortly after.  Tyler watched as they set their eyes on the ladies, who were quick to press out their chest or hips, seemingly wanting the attention hungrily. In no time Rei had a hand over her ass, squeezing gently, while Aiko had another guy stroking her chest as he stood over her, her mouth filled with giggles.  The last man caught Tylers view and looked him up and down, smiling, before turn to Hachi, and his hands planted firmly on her thigh.  Tyler stared back angrily, wanting to know why the men had ignored him. The men began whispering all sorts of lewd comments.  Telling Hachi how much he wanted the walk his fingers under her skirt.  Telling Aiko that popping one more button wouldn’t hurt anyone.  Even letting Rei know how juicy her ass was.  All 3 girls seem to bite their lips and play into it, wanting more of the attention.
  90.  Leaning against the wall, sipping his coffee, he found himself pulling away from the wall as his rear swelled more, and his form had him press out his flat chest more.  As Tylers age surpassed 30 suddenly, he felt a snap, realizing how jealous he was of some bitches at work, and was terrified.  Did this mean he liked men?  He wasn’t gay was he?  After all he felt no arousal, just jealously.
  94. With break ending, the men left, as the ladies headed back to their desks.  Tyler rushed back to his desk, realizing he spent so much time on break worried about male attention that he never had a chance to ask what was going on with him. Arriving back at his desk, he once more found the phone ringing.  He immediately answered:
  98. “Mr. Osakas office, this is Tyluki” he found himself repeating professionally, cringing as he used his new name, noting a touch of accent on his English.  The man quickly left a message, with Tyluoi scrawling it down quickly on a notepad in Japanese. The message finished, he quickly thanked the man, feeling the accent creep back in before stopping it.  He could still speak English but it was harder to stop himself pronouncing certain words with a heavy Japanese accent. Tapping the pen against his head he tried to think. He then found himself staring at the sudden appearance of several empty picture frames.  He worried what that meant for him.
  102. “Tyluki, come in here” bellowed Mr. Osaka, startling him.  Answering quickly, he found himself unable to stop his hips and ass swaying side to side as he was taking smaller steps to boost the effect in his now 2 inch heels. Mr. Osaka handed him a memo to take to the office down the hall, to which he smiled and stated “Of course” his accent unstoppable at this point. He quickly slipped his pen into his shirt pocket, as he continued on. Biting his tongue, he began his trip down the hall with memo in hand, mentally hitting himself for the swaying and the accent, hardly recognizing the jiggle behind him as his ass swung back and forth like the other girls, the flesh now fully pressed to the limits of his boxers and skirt.
  104. Entering Mr. Mori’s office, he announced himself and presented the memo.  “Ah thank you Tyuki” he responded, his eyes tracing his body enticingly.  He blushed light, before feeling a strange sense of pride.  He moved to bow gently, as his pen tumbled from his shirt pocket.  Reaching down, he did not notice he bent at the waste, presenting the bottom of his ass as his skirt rode high on his hips, and feeling the sudden breeze between his legs as his boxers rapidly shifted into a pair of panties, leaving more skin to show.  Standing back up, he smoothed his skirt, and placed the pen with the clip on the inside of his blouse, before turning to leave. He knew Mr. Mori would be watching his ass sway as he left, feeling happy about the show he just offered before stopping in the hall.  Thinking to himself, there was no way a 34 year old man should have done that!  He felt sick to his stomach at what he had just done, and how proud he was for doing it.  He also felt confused as he had sworn he was only 16 that morning, but he felt so strange thinking of being that young.  He knew he would have no trouble at that age attracting attention, but in his 30s he had to really work it.  As he stumbled back to his desk arguing with his own mental state, he barely got a chance to do the math before Mr. Osaka demanded a coffee.  He simply responded with a quick “Hai” before heading back to the break room.
  108. His height finalized at a respectable 5’ 6” as he entered the break room.  His 3 inch heels still maintaining him at the same height.  His body was thin and tiny, his waist shrunk considerably, however his blouse still held tight against his chest. His name badge now fully showed his name as Yongawa Tiyuki, which in his rush to get coffee was knocked from his chest and clattered to the floor.  Cursing absent mindedly in Japanese, he bent down to grab it, finding it bouncing under the fridge.  Bending down further, he snaked his hand about, finding the badge, but with the pin now broken.  Standing back up he realized suddenly he had just shown the entire break room his ass pressed tightly in his skirt, with just a peak of his panties. Cursing one more, he reached for the pot of coffee, finding it completely empty.  As if on autopilot he found himself bending low again to reach a lower cabinet, hardly understanding how he knew to find the coffee in there.
  112. From behind, the view of his tight ass was mesmerizing for the men walking by, especially as the legs split apart slightly for better stability.  However Tiyuki was determined to make the coffee and find out what his boss was doing to him. But he found himself bending as low as he could, knowing the attention it was drawing and hungry for it. As he prepped the coffee and started the maker, he smoothed his skirt once more, feeling his bulge shrink away under the fabric, tucking in neatly inside his panties, hardly even noticeable at this point.  He also shivered slightly as his legs grew cold, their bareness accentuated by the fact that he wore no stockings, however his socks began to creep up his legs in response.
  116. The pot chimed, indicating its completion, and he found himself quickly pouring a cup into a small mug nearby, before turning sharply to bring his boss his beverage. As he walked, the socks crept up his legs more and more reaching past his thighs.  The thin material suddenly went translucent as it took a black tone, with a thin black seam running up the back of his legs.
  120.   He soon had arrived, and delivered his coffee, leaning low across Mr. Osakas desk to show off his chest, which was still flat, however, he found himself adjusting the straps of his undershirt as he left.  Outside at his desk he was surprised by the girls from before demanding he join them for lunch.  He smiled, happy for the comradery and distraction.  Grabbing for his wallet, and finding the purse from before, he quickly slung it over his shoulder, feeling the soft leather at his side as he departed, only stopping to check his appearance in a mirror, and adjusting his hair.  He had to admit for a 38 year old he was pretty damn hot.
  124. Over lunch at the ramen shop downstairs, he couldn’t stop his accent pouring through.  Every word came out heavy and rich with it, making it hard to use English at all.  Some of the girls continued to speak Japanese, but he found he could only respond in his accented English, making him quite frustrated.  Still he enjoyed lunch with his company and found himself laughing and giggling with the girls as they returned to the office.
  128. Stopping into the restroom on the way back, all 4 of them began checking makeup in the mirror.  Tiyuki headed for the stall, and quickly pulled down her skirt and panties to use the restroom.  The girls continued chatting outside as he tinkled.  Finishing, he pulled a sheet of toilet paper from the dispenser, and quickly wiped the small nub of manhood he had left, noting the well trimmed strip of dark hair now present.  Standing, he quickly pulled his panties back up, the prior simple cotton panties, now a tight thong, sliding into his ass, and tight across his hips.  His skirt quickly followed, checking to make sure he didn’t have any panty lines showing.
  132. Stepping to the sink, he washed his hands, and then pulled a lip gloss from his purse and applied it to his lips, before pressing them together and checking for coverage.  He had no idea what he was doing, but he knew he needed to do it.  Checking his appearance he frowned, and pulled on the straps of his undershirt which were now straps to a cute bra under his blouse.  As he pulled and adjusted, his chest expanded and jiggled in response, filling the bra's cups with flesh.  Pressing them together and pulling the straps again, he strained for more cleavage, wanting to show up the other girls in their meeting this afternoon.  As the cups filled more and more he finally found a position he liked and blew a kiss to the mirror before exiting back to his desk.
  135. Taking small steps to his desk, his 5 inch heels clicked along behind him, as the smooth black pantyhose he wore swished as he walked, having wrapped around his legs tightly and covering him perfectly.  At his desk he found the picture frames foggy but more so his blue blazer strung across the back of the chair.  Pulling the blazer on, and fastening it, he proceeded for their meeting, his blouse struggling to hold back his larger, still-expanding breasts, which were trying desperately to be seen.
  138. Entering the conference room, he met with his friends and stood with the group as the men went over several topics.  Distracted, he looked around the room noticing all the other girls had their bosom on display with their tops open a few buttons. Suddenly his buttons seemed to pop off as his chest swelled once more, pressing his shirt to his limit.  He stared terrified someone would notice the weird man with tits, but found no one looking except for some of the men, and they looked more appreciative then concerned. The pen previously clipped to his shirt slid into his cleavage, perfectly balanced between the two soft globes of flesh.  He knew he was almost fully a woman now but needed to find a way out of the building before it was too late. However as the meeting concluded and he turned to leave he felt his head tighten sharply, reaching up to find his long dark hair expertly made into a tight bun.  Gasping he hurried back to his desk.
  141. As he entered the hall he was immediately overwhelmed with a sharp heat as a hand grabbed his ass.  Gasping, his voice cracked several octaves as the heat swelled into his groin.  He then heard the man whisper in his ear about how he wishes she was his, making him bite his lip as the warmth grew wetter down below.  Giggling, he pulled his pen from his cleavage and tapped the man on the head, and promised him some other time.  This seemed to draw more attention as men leered at his chest, wanting to suck on the pen he just pulled from there.  Tiyuki tried to stop himself, but as the warmth grew stronger, his resistance faded.  He wanted the attention and it made him feel good.  He needed more of it.  He tried to playfully tell them off, finding his accented English filling more and more blanks with Japanese.
  144. His walk back found him dropping said pen several times, and bending low to retrieve it, each time stopping several male coworkers in their tracks.  In his panties, the change was all but complete as the body was shaping things inside in preparation for his final changes.  However his hormones were now in control as he did anything possible to get men to watch him or grab him.  The sensations were blissful knowing a man wanted his tits in their face, or him to sit on their face.  More concerning was he was now speaking only in Japanese, with English words suddenly hard to remember let alone pronounce.  The men sometimes called him English words which would remind him he should speak English but then the comments made him melt inside and forget all about it.
  148. Arriving at the desk, the name plate clearly stated “Yokogawa Miyuki” as his age climbed to the final point of 43.  Sitting down, he smiled at the photos frames, seeing an attractive man, and two young girls shown.  Smiling he recognized them as his family.  His father from that morning became a long lost thought, as he could only imagine his big strong husband taking a fatherly role.  Feeling horny from all the attention, she wished he was here to help her out, as the lips between her legs finally split open, revealing the hot, wet opening begging for attention.  Beginning her dirty day dream, Miyuki’s phone rang, and she grinned after seeing the number.
  152. She was delighted to hear Hiroshis voice.  With the girls at school, he was stopping by after his day of work to bring her coffee.  She whined into the phone, her voice becoming shrill and feminine, wanting more than just coffee.  Hearing him chuckle, he agreed that maybe he could help, and he would be there in a few minutes.  Miyuki giggled into the phone, hoping he would be here soon, watching a business man walk by, staring deeply into her cleavage as she chewed on a pen seductively.
  156. Five minutes later Miyuki found herself giggling in a small supply closet, the dim bulb overhead barely illuminating the strong man in front of her. A tongue entered her mouth suddenly but purposefully, and she quickly returned the favor, kissing her man deeply and passionately as he pulled at her blouse, popping several more buttons as her reached for his prizes.  Another hand snuck around behind, popping the clasp of her bra suddenly, releasing the weight of her heavy  breasts, as she suddenly found herself falling forward as her man pulled her on top. As the rough hands reached her nipples, she found the sparks of arousal overwhelming as they began destroying the last remnants of Tylers memories. His first kiss was now her first kiss with Hiroshi.  His nights jerking off to porn online were her memories of being leered at by men and enjoying it more and more. She found herself moaning deeply as the warm wet tongue of her lover found their way to her nipples, swirling them gently as his hands held her ass tightly against his cock straining for relief.  The sensations gave way to memories of breastfeeding her two girls, and the first time she was pregnant with her daughter.  She still dreamt of being pregnant once more, to see he tits swell even larger than they were now.
  160. Miyuki groaned as the hands pulled at the zipper to her skirt, before yanking it down to her thighs.  Pulling away from her lovers tongue with great difficulty, she leaned back, before standing awkwardly to discard the skirt.  Her damp pussy begged for her lovers cock, and she found herself pulling it free from his slacks with purpose. She felt wrong for wanting him so badly, for wanting men to lust after her.  It all felt strangely perverse.  As she lowered her head and began to swirl her tongue around those doubts vanished as did any trace of her previous sexuality.  She was dedicated to her husband and his cock.  After bobbing up and down a few times, she heard the tell talk groan that meant it was time to stop.  Pulling off with an audible pop, she then lowered her pussy on top, her thong pulled to the side for easy access.  Feeling the warm rod fill her rolled her eyes back as she gasped sharply and loudly with each piercing thrust pulling her closer to bliss.  As his tongue met her tits once more, the sensations become harmonious, as pleasure surged through her whole form, before feeling the warm surge of her lovers cum splash inside her.  The throbbing sensation combine with her own ministrations pushed her over the edge as she screamed out, her shrill voice now distinctly Japanese.  The final burst wiped her mind clean of any other then being Miyuki Yokogawa, Wife of Hiroshi and mother of two wonderful children.
  164. Hiroshi collected his clothes and was quickly dressed, as his wife dutifully reassembled her outfit, feeling extra naughty as the remnants of their quick session began to dry on her skin under her skirt.  She loved the feeling of being used in the office, and knew the other men would be jealous.  She could not wait to her their comments and projected desires on her.  Kissing her husband good bye, she left to collect her things to head home, before finding a strange item on the floor nearby.  A guest pass for the offices downstairs.  She looked around, but found no one nearby, and the writing was all in English which she could barely decipher.  Shrugging, she tossed it into the trash, as the telltale click clack of her heels echoed through the office, leaving for her new family.
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