Mar 14th, 2019
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  1. WafflesFromMemeToday at 8:15 PM
  2. I’ll add you back to admins in a second it’s just a little bit hard on mobile
  3. It’s also a tad bit stupid to like
  4. Remove someone from admins because they removed you from admins somewhere else idk
  5. MatthewToday at 8:16 PM
  6. I thought we had totally fell out idk
  7. idk what happened last night
  8. WafflesFromMemeToday at 8:16 PM
  9. well you kinda like admitted to getting me banned just after you said we weren’t friends or something
  10. MatthewToday at 8:17 PM
  11. oh yeah you had said like, i only cared about gabby, then i listed why i might care more about gabby, but not just about her
  12. also when u got banned it wasnt only me, david had proposed it first then all 3 of us spoke about it
  13. WafflesFromMemeToday at 8:17 PM
  14. Lol
  15. And if you were a true friend wouldn’t you idk stop it
  16. Also did he even talk about it with any of the other mods?
  17. MatthewToday at 8:18 PM
  18. i was getting really pissed at you and stuff because it was kinda constant shit
  19. with you
  20. like
  21. between you and gabby and like
  22. WafflesFromMemeToday at 8:18 PM
  23. I’m just feeling like this is you trying to save yourself and I’m getting no proof that it isn’t
  24. MatthewToday at 8:18 PM
  25. idc this isnt me trying to prove myself
  26. feel how u feel
  27. but i kinda feel bad you got banned
  28. but you're moving on now
  29. from idt
  30. yanno
  31. WafflesFromMemeToday at 8:19 PM
  32. No I’m more
  33. Not*
  34. I was
  35. Before I found out someone I trusted betrayed me
  36. Also idk how gabby saying she was sorry is equal to getting me banned and lying it doesn’t make any sense
  37. And if she had irl problems she would be gone for longer not gone until she can get rid of me
  38. MatthewToday at 8:20 PM
  39. idrk tbh
  40. its all kinda pointless at this stage
  41. WafflesFromMemeToday at 8:20 PM
  42. It isn’t
  43. You can’t just do something like that and say it’s whatever
  44. Because you still prefer them over me and shit
  45. And you try to think that they’re right all the time
  46. You let gabby lie and didn’t do a thing
  47. MatthewToday at 8:21 PM
  48. i do prefer Gabby over you and shit bc shes more of my type of person in general, and i said exactly why in the message i sent before
  49. WafflesFromMemeToday at 8:21 PM
  50. Oh so you like toxic people? Right
  51. MatthewToday at 8:21 PM
  52. but it doesnt mean i dont prefer you over people
  53. WafflesFromMemeToday at 8:22 PM
  54. I forgot you just want liars
  55. Who betray your other friends
  56. Or “friends”
  57. Not even someone who is really angry does that to their friends
  58. MatthewToday at 8:22 PM
  59. i know
  60. and like
  61. i know you're saying gabby is lying but there is just as much proof you are lying as she is; none
  62. WafflesFromMemeToday at 8:22 PM
  63. Ok what?!
  64. MatthewToday at 8:23 PM
  65. Where is the proof to disprove what Gabby has claimed? I dont take anything she says is true without proof
  66. WafflesFromMemeToday at 8:23 PM
  67. I’m greatly confused as to how her lying and saying I “harassed” her in DM’s which was me trying to fix our friendship
  68. Idk how her saying lies behind my back isn’t lying
  69. MatthewToday at 8:23 PM
  70. Yes but what makes them lies?
  71. WafflesFromMemeToday at 8:23 PM
  72. Idk how her helping get me banned which was going against her being sorry
  73. Idk how that isn’t lying
  75. MatthewToday at 8:24 PM
  76. How do i know that?
  77. Because you are telling me?
  78. WafflesFromMemeToday at 8:24 PM
  79. Sure you can be friends with them all you want but you can’t tell me they weren’t lying
  80. Because you know they aren’t lies and you just want to side with her
  81. You guys were probs planning this all along anyways
  82. MatthewToday at 8:24 PM
  83. planning what?
  84. WafflesFromMemeToday at 8:24 PM
  85. Why else would they ask you about how to ban me
  86. MatthewToday at 8:24 PM
  87. about how to ban you?
  88. When did they ask me that?
  89. WafflesFromMemeToday at 8:25 PM
  90. Yes
  91. Oh when you said you 3 were discussing it
  92. You wouldn’t discuss it for 5 minutes and decide yeah
  93. You would’ve discussed it for days
  94. MatthewToday at 8:25 PM
  95. We did
  96. WafflesFromMemeToday at 8:25 PM
  97. Meaning everytime you told me you cared it was you lying to my face
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