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  1. you wanna go 100 % on meGGsad u choice a girl vs mecause u got crazryfor one week meeti prefer dont imagine when u will have a gf in real life[00:32]BluebastardJESUS CMSTORM:  nice troll talk xD[00:32]Luna hohohohohohhh:    not troll   im serious  i even say it to angeline she think same    lmao[00:32]BluebastardJESUS CMSTORM:    dude    i will never go for her and leave u behind LOLL[00:33]Luna hohohohohohhh:   it's what u did dude lmao[00:33]BluebastardJESUS CMSTORM:   for 1 game? and afther walid explained my actions   i took distant from her without know    who she really was so[00:33]Luna hohohohohohhh: how u talked to me dude lmao    i wont forget it    so u second now[00:33]BluebastardJESUS CMSTORM: 1 insult cause i was mad lol    well ok explained u it already so[00:34]Luna hohohohohohhh: so hard respond in game no need talk behind[00:34]BluebastardJESUS CMSTORM: what u mean talk behind?[00:34]Luna hohohohohohhh:  yh  in private  dude[00:34]BluebastardJESUS CMSTORM:    wat yh  in private[00:34]Luna hohohohohohhh:    no ball respond in game[00:34]BluebastardJESUS CMSTORM: to who  about what[00:34]Luna hohohohohohhh:    and leave without say nothing   i wont forget it[00:34]BluebastardJESUS CMSTORM:    dude    i explained it  alreay[00:35]Luna hohohohohohhh:    and blam walid cause i laugh    when she isnt ur gf loool[00:35]BluebastardJESUS CMSTORM:   LOLLLL  dude    i wasnt even mad    HAHAHA  it was a fking joke LOL i explained him it aswell[00:35]Luna hohohohohohhh: yeah the tomorrow   lmao[00:35]BluebastardJESUS CMSTORM:    ofc cause i didnt know he think i was mad to him[00:35]Luna hohohohohohhh:  if it was a joke    u speak in game[00:36]BluebastardJESUS CMSTORM: i talked ingame lol and if i was mad i was acting so different  and u know it   afther all we have been through... i would leave u for a girl like that lol never. ok i was mad i agree its why i didnt invite you and played with her 1 game...    i would never leave her for you lol i know it my self   when i know how i really acted with her i took distant cause i didnt want act to u like that and walid  so  i wouldn't leave*   i was mad and i didn't understand my actions and i think in that time i was right its the only reason i played with her and left you[00:39]Luna hohohohohohhh:  Dude you was crazy about her focus game for her I ask you one round to play
  2. [00:39]BluebastardJESUS CMSTORM:    yes[00:40]Luna hohohohohohhh:   And you got mad For one pussy dude  One pussy[00:40]BluebastardJESUS CMSTORM:   u blamed me for push long when i didnt.... u blamed me for die on long and didn't give info when i didnt even die on long....   so[00:40]Luna hohohohohohhh:    You let me with walig   He was innocent don’t even invite him[00:40]BluebastardJESUS CMSTORM: idk why i didnt[00:40]Luna hohohohohohhh:   She make you crazy and you forget your friend   Lmao[00:40]BluebastardJESUS CMSTORM:    i was mad and forgot about him i guess[00:40]Luna hohohohohohhh:    You are a boy who forget for one pussy[00:41]BluebastardJESUS CMSTORM:  LMAO    yea sure    cause all i cared about was her pussy   sure[00:41]Luna hohohohohohhh:  It’s what you did[00:41]BluebastardJESUS CMSTORM: i know how i felt[00:41]Luna hohohohohohhh: Yeah you told me the tomorrow   Sorry I was crazy about her[00:41]BluebastardJESUS CMSTORM: ofc[00:41]Luna hohohohohohhh:   Forget teamplay all[00:41]BluebastardJESUS CMSTORM: she made me crazy lol[00:41]Luna hohohohohohhh: It’s what you did How she make you crazy ?    She flirt with you ?[00:42]BluebastardJESUS CMSTORM:    why would i take distance from her when i know she is still the same cherry? Cause i didn't want act like that anymore  If i would leave you so ez for her why would i take distance[00:42]Luna hohohohohohhh:  Yeah now cause I open ans walid open your heart But one the moment we was shit  Lmao    Omg I talk shit when she was here omg[00:42]BluebastardJESUS CMSTORM:   cause walid showed me she made me change so much yea[00:42]Luna hohohohohohhh:  Yeah    Thx walid but me I’m shit I have no reason for me mad[00:43]BluebastardJESUS CMSTORM: Ur my fking best and you know it    Ofc you got your reasons to be mad cause i insulted you when i shouldn't have and i acted to you shit[00:44]Luna hohohohohohhh: Dude she flirt with you you don’t feel you like a normaly boy You told me omg she flirt   And after you forget all friendship[00:44]BluebastardJESUS CMSTORM: I didn't care about her pussy, never thought about sex when i thought of her[00:44]Luna hohohohohohhh:  If she never flirt with you You never care[00:45]BluebastardJESUS CMSTORM:  in begin she never flirted, and u know i told you i like girls over boys for play with and be friends with[00:46]Luna hohohohohohhh:    yeah but when she start flirt   bb me   bb walih    and you wanna show how much you are strong  and you left her for us and you care about her cause trust she is a girl    cause she is ex of papa if she wasn't cause no mic bb   but no  better left us for a pussy who flirt with you   when we did nothing
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