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  1. Request for an Extra Course
  3. Dear CCE administration,
  4. I currently have 138 hours, and in order to graduate on time without a summer course, I need 35 hours excluding graduation project. Namely, four humanity courses, three electives, and 6 core. I have been taking summers all of my time on SSP as a result of how I was a half-load student after transferring from the general system. I am an international student from Sudan with no relatives in Egypt, and having to stay for an extra summer would be very inconvenient for both me and my family outside.
  6. If you would kindly allow me to register an extra course this semester (namely Project Management, or Computer and Society depending on availability) and another one next term, so I can have 21 hours on this semester and 22 on the next (including Senior Project hours), it would be massively appreciated and would help me graduate on time.
  8. Best regards,
  9. Ahmed Ismail (ID#4506)
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