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  1. GTA V ONLINE official known scammers:
  2. Press CTRL + F and type the name of the person offering you a service & if they are listed you will most likely be the victim of a scam!
  5. Biggest Well Known Scammers☣
  7. S44. Philip Cloun Stefin Same Person Down Below Starts Here
  8. S45. Franklin Captain
  9. S46. Max Captain Ma X
  10. S47. Jorge Cruz
  11. S48. Harry Smith Og
  12. S49. Prince Mashego
  13. S50. Kevin Trail
  14. S51. Ricky Franklin Scammed Kelvin Cruz/John Cruz Account The Passsword Wrong To The Account He Gave Kelvin Cruz/John Cruz And Got Blocked.
  15. S52. Prince Bharming
  16. S53. Prince Captain
  17. S54. Prince Stallone
  18. S55. Prince Savage
  19. S56. Skiller Abhinaav
  20. S57. Sam Eletro
  21. S58. Johnson Carl
  22. S59 Brandon Modz (New Facebook Philip Cloun Stefin Names Stops Here)
  23. S60 Garrie nelson (calling sold accounts back)
  25. ⛔Cunts Who Scammed People⛔
  26. S1. Shawn David
  27. S2. Jose Jack
  28. S3. Shawn Williams
  29. S4. Josh Dennis
  30. S5. Josh Bramham
  31. S6. Jonathan Velez
  32. S7. Eli Martin
  33. S8. Stephen Yates
  34. S9. Umar Khan
  35. S10. Sean Altmann
  36. S11. Aaron Jaramillo
  37. S12. Ryan McKeown
  38. S13. Walker Lloyd
  39. S14. Robert Garland
  40. S15. Jason Rising
  41. S16. Antoni Kerr/ Anthony Kerr
  42. S17. Morgan Edwards
  43. S18. Must Sony
  44. S19. Saahir Mohamed
  45. S20. Zaid Zaid
  46. S21. Josh Matthew
  47. S22. Harry Bolem
  48. S23. Josh Williams
  49. S24. Šåmeer ÃBïf
  50. S25. Thomas Twaddle
  51. S26. Justin Sewell
  52. S27. Kenny Gunimond Fontaine
  53. S28. Ahmed Ben Mustapha
  54. S29. Swix Modding
  55. S30. Jamie Sheldon
  56. S31. Jeremy Montgomery
  57. S32. Junior Vz
  58. S33. JR Thompson
  59. S34. David Brito
  60. S35. William Daselfa
  61. S36. Lee Philips
  62. S37. Gary Smith
  63. S38. Jarvis Morrison
  64. S39. Brodie's Jailbreaks
  65. S40. Thomas Harker
  66. S41. Josh Smith
  67. S42. Brandon Cummings
  68. S43. Brandon New Cooke
  69. S44. Philip Cloun Stefin Same person down below starts here
  70. S45. Franklin Captain
  71. S46. Max Captain Ma X
  72. S47. Jorge Cruz
  73. S48. Harry Smith Og
  74. S49. Prince Mashego
  75. S50. Kevin Trail
  76. S51. Ricky Franklin he scammed me Kelvin Cruz the password wrong the account he gave me i got blocked.
  77. S52. Prince Bharming
  78. S53. Prince Captain
  79. S54. Prince Stallone
  80. S55. Prince Savage
  81. S56. Skiller Abhinaav
  82. S57. Sam Eletro
  83. S58. Johnson Carl
  84. S59. Brandon Modz New Facebook (Philip Cloun Stefin Names Stops Here)
  85. S60. Jayden Dubzy
  86. S61. Sofiane Marwan
  87. S62. Jr Thompson
  88. S63. Kristian Fuller
  89. S64. Abdullah Ahmad
  90. S65. Desmond Oates
  91. S66. Shaun Atkin
  92. S67. Alex Modz
  93. S68. Aaron Modz
  94. S69. Can Gurkan
  95. S70. Dawson Tyler Wayne
  96. S71. Eris Rexha
  97. S72. Damion Forbes
  98. S73. Gabriel Jemell Smith
  99. S74. llyas Smith
  100. S75. Chris Taylor
  101. S76. Jacoby Johnson
  102. S77. Davids Modz
  103. S78. Ionut Stanciu
  104. S79. Connor Morrison
  105. S80. Harry Pamel
  106. S81. Boddy Modz
  107. S82. David Modz=David Kneisley
  108. S83. Josh Pollington
  109. S84. Marvin Thompson
  110. S85. Siyabonga T Man
  111. S86. Angel LG
  112. S87. Kevin Lobby
  113. S88. Kieran Thompson New
  114. S89. Scott Bethan Carpenter
  115. S90. Ahmed Issa=Salman Mohammed
  116. S91. King Bill
  117. S92. Iggy Modz
  118. S93. Lewis Grayson=Hacker
  119. S94. Montavious Thurman
  120. S95. Latoya Jackson
  121. S96. Lukas Modding
  122. S97. David Lopez Guzman
  123. S98. Preston Manhart
  124. S99. Anthony Malapha
  125. S100. Alex Modz
  126. S101. Callum Forrester
  127. S102. David New using David Hirst name
  128. S103. Jade Beardsell
  129. S104. Berkan Keles
  130. S105. David Williams
  131. S106. Thomas Camilerri
  132. S107. Florenc Dërstilla
  133. S108. Kieran John Modz
  134. S109. Jake Fenn (banned from Sony Modz) scammed Robert Bridgeman
  135. S110 Killy Modz(stole Jay Davis account with proof
  136. S111. Aksb Aksb false accusations as to calling Aljarreau Kotze a scammer with no proof
  137. S112. Jay Ramos steals accounts
  138. S113 Jamie Barker
  139. S114. Memphis Oldridge
  140. S115. Jecop Modz
  141. S116. Harry Tasker
  142. S117. Ahmad Ganga
  143. S118. Lewis Josh
  144. S119. Stevo Craig
  145. S120. MaxXa MaxXa
  146. S121 Davon Cods
  147. S122 Jay Jamaican
  148. S123 Owrix Grech=Owen Grech
  149. S124 Paul Hoii
  150. S125 tony escabar
  151. S126 Arham Sulaiman
  152. S127 Abdul Haris
  153. S128 Marteiz Boss chesser
  154. **blocked owner after several attempts to tell him to apply for LL & continues posting services.**
  155. S129. Kyle Lee
  156. S130. McKenzie Ackerman
  157. S131. Jo Morales (tried to set Andre up with a scammer)
  158. S132. Nathan Matthews **Bogdan scammer
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