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  3. Hey guys, as many of you know I have done a complete revamp of the MERN course. There have been many updates to React as well as my own skills since creating this course. I will be updating all of the videos on Monday or possibly Tuesday to the new version.
  4. I know that many of you may be midway through and want to continue this version so I am going to give you a Dropbox link to download the current course as is which will be available for 1 month for download.
  6. Download Link: Password is "traversy1"
  9. Even if you completed the course I would suggest re-doing it as the entire app has been re-written. Here are some of the changes...
  10. °  MongoDB Atlas over mLab
  11. °  Async/Await on front and back end
  12. °  No Passport.js, straight JWT
  13. °  React Hooks
  14. °  Better handling of errors and alerts
  15. °  Easier, custom theme (No Bootstrap) Same UI
  16. °  No 'classnames' component, just React dynamic classes, more UI integration
  17. °  No deprecated methods
  18. °  Bug fixes
  19. °  Better overall code and more modern
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