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  2. >Yuumi felt it, the hot pulsing zaunite spear penetrate her. The magical cat's tongue exploding out of her gaping maw in anguish and pleasure. She shouldn't like this! She was being mated by this beast from another land, skewered right up the birth canal by foreign cock. They werent even the same species and yet...she loved it. Feeling his massive girth split her in half. Warwick grasped her ass and spread her thighs wide, sliding several more inches inside of her. "B-book! P-please give me the zoomies!" She cried out instinctively as she felt the last inch reach into her womb. But as she looked down she saw him pressing down on the book with his right foot paw, she was helpless. Her master would have told her what to do, cast a spell, dash away to the friendly but cocky piltover lad who she had made friends with earlier. But instead she was alone in his jungle, being mated over and over by this colossal wolf creature. "I-if you don't stop-!" He growled in fury only speeding up his breeding. She heard gyros and steam explode from him and heart a heartbeat, unsure if it was her own, as she felt him ram into her, using her vagina like a plaything for his monstrous shaft. And she LOVED IT. "P-please!!...In!!" She screamed aloud as her tunnel attempted to milk Warwick dry and she came to a sundering scream. As her pleasure high spiked, the world around her turned white as she heard the howl of Warwick and his pace skyrocketed, destroying the magical cat's cooch. In mere seconds she felt one massive thrust plow up into her rear and with one last cry he spilled zaunite seed deep into her womb. "Ngh-aaggh!!" She moaned to the heavens as she felt a cock almost larger than what she provided, fill her to the brim and then some. She lay in his grasp in harmony, her strength non-existent and the afterglow of being mated overwhelming her. He growled a gentle hum, licked her neck and then whispered into her ear:
  4. "Gee Gee, better jungler wins."
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