Some fanfic I wrote

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  1. *start*
  3. Nina, Patsy, and Gretchen (from left to right) were in the foreground of the camera’s view inside their cabin. “Hello, I’m Patsy!” greeted Patsy, a short pink haired mongoose. “This is Nina, and this is Gretchen.” Patsy motioned to each of them, with each of them waving. “Today, the Bean Scouts have sent us a video for us to watch, titled ‘The Ultimate Orgy of Homosexuality.’”
  5. Nina looked uncomfortable. “Uh, I don’t like the sound of that name.”
  7. “It was the Bean Scouts who sent us that video; how bad can it be?” asked Gretchen.
  9. Patsy pressed play. A dildo that looked like a worm appeared, along with the word NSFW in big letters.
  11. “Is that a worm?” asked a confused Gretchen.
  13. “I wish it was,” Nina sullenly answered.
  15. The dildo squashed the S, then ejaculated on the camera.
  17. “Ew,” said a disgusted and unimpressed Nina.
  19. “That is definitely not a worm,” said Gretchen.
  21. A bunch of phallic looking buildings appeared, and the three girls did not look happy to see them. The inside of an office building appeared, with Godzilla rising to the point where his private area was level with the window.
  23. “Oh no,” said Gretchen.
  25. “Old Godzilla was fucking around, Tokyo City like a big playground,” sang a young male. Godzilla was masturbating with a bunch of buildings.
  27. The girls were awe with disgust.
  29. “When suddenly, Batman jizzed from the shade, and hit Godzilla with a bat cum spray,” sang the male. Batman was masturbating before he ejaculated, causing cum to land on Godzilla’s face.
  31. “Gross!” exclaimed Patsy.
  33. “Godzilla got laid and began to fuck back, but didn’t expect to be fucked by Shaq, who proceeded to open up a can of Shaq Lube,” Godzilla grabbed Batman and hoist him on his dick, only for Shaq to rub his dick inside Godzilla’s asshole.
  35. “Ew!” cried Gretchen.
  37. “When Aaron Carter came out of the blue, and he started sucking off Shaquille O’Neal.”
  39. “Gross!” Patsy said again, knowing where Shaq’s dick had just been.
  41. “In the back seat of the Batmobile, but before they could make it back to Aaron’s love shack, Abraham Lincoln teabagged his sack.” Abraham Lincoln forced his way into the batmobile and teabagged Aaron. “Took a nine inch vibrator out of his hat and blew Batman!” He grabbed a long pink vibrator before sucking Batman’s dick.
  43. “Uawh!” said Gretchen.
  45. “Then he ran out of rubbers and he ran away, because Optimus Prime came on Batman’s face.” Optimus Prime started ejaculating on Batman, who happily rolled around in it while singing, “This is the ultimate orgy, of homosexuality!”
  47. The girls were horrified and disgusted.
  49. “Good guys and bad guys with dildos, as far as the eye can see. There’s quite a lot of fellatio, and much sodomy!” Batman was being raped by Superman, who was being raped by superhero Wolverine, who was being raped by human Wolverine.
  51. “Jesus!” exclaimed Nina.
  53. “This is the ultimate orgy, of homosexuality.” A caption then appeared, reading, “Optimus Prime was one of three homosexual transformers. The other two, of course, were Starscream and Megatron.”
  55. “Yeah, I find that hard to believe,” said an unconvinced Nina. The two shorter girls were similarly unimpressed.
  57. “Godzilla took a shit on Optimus Prime, like Scruff McGruff shit all over crime.” Godzilla took a shit on Optimus Prime, who wiped it all over himself.
  59. “EWWW!” cried all three girls.
  61. “Then Shaq came back covered in Godzilla scat, and Jackie Chan jacked off and nutted on his back. And Batman was flaccid and was trying to get horny, so he thought of an armadillo named Corey.”
  63. “What the fuck?” asked Gretchen.
  65. “When suddenly, something caught his eye and he licked, Indiana Jones’ thirteen inch dick.”
  67. “Ew!” cried Patsy.
  69. “Then he took Godzilla from behind; reached around for his cock which he just couldn’t find, then Batman swerved, and he shot, and he missed, and penetrated Jackie Chan with his fist.” He unknowingly jammed his fist inside Jackie Chan’s asshole.
  71. “Ew!” exclaimed Gretchen.
  73. “He jumped in the air, and gave a peace sign, as Abraham Lincoln tried to 69 with Optimus Prime, then they both got some, then they all got showered in Care Bear cum! This is the ultimate orgy, of homosexuality! Good guys and bad guys with dildos, as far as the eye can see.” As he sang. various orgies were taking place involving yet to be introduced characters.
  75. The girls were at a loss for words.
  77. “It’s gayer than Brokeback Mountain, I think you would agree!”
  79. “Oh, I agree!” said an angry Gretchen. The two girls nodded angrily.
  81. “This is the ultimate orgy!” A band appeared, and the man was now speaking. “Cue porno music, a funky jazz chorus, down from the heavens, came naked Chuck Norris.”
  83. “Ew,” said Nina.
  85. “He discovered a dick, as hard as bones, attached to the crotch, of Indiana Jones.” Indiana Jones’s dick appeared, with his pubic hair in excessive detail.
  87. “Gross!” said Patsy.
  89. “He bent over on the ground.” Indiana Jones’s hairy ass was shown.
  91. The girls all cried out in disgust.
  93. “And smiled with glee.” Chuck Norris aimed his dick at Indiana Jones, whose ass was shown again.
  95. The girls cried out repeatedly, and they covered their eyes.
  97. “As Batman changed into, Ron Jeremy. But Chuck saw through, this clever disguise, and he buried Batman’s face, in between his thighs.” Chuck jammed his dick into Batman so hard it came out of Batman’s ears.
  99. “EW!” cried Patsy.
  101. “Oh, gross!!” exclaimed Gretchen.
  103. “Then Gandalf the pimp, and Gandalf the hoe, Matt Damon and the guys from Mr. Show, and Benito Mussolini, and his big weenie and Tony Curtis in a pink bikini! Robocop, the Terminator, William Shatner, Ralph Nader, Low Pan, Peter Pan, every male Power Ranger, Keanu Reeves and Bill S. Preston, Spock, the Rock, and Charles N. Eston!” As each name was read off, each one of them appeared naked, with their dick shoved into the next person’s asshole.
  105. The girls sat through this in silent disgust.
  107. “Came out of nowhere lightning fast, and they all fucked Norris and his cowboy ass; it was the greatest bukkake the world ever saw.” All of the above named shoved their dicks inside Norris’s asshole, causing him to blow up, with a stray eye falling.
  109. “Ew,” said Patsy.
  111. “Making Japanese men stare in total awe.”
  113. Gretchen chuckled.
  115. “Sex went on for a century.” A bunch of corpses that were in the middle of fucking appeared.
  117. “AHHH!” cried out Nina in disgust.
  119. “Many cocks were sucked, but eventually, a champion stood, all the girls got wetter, Mister Rogers in a cum stained sweater. This is the ultimate orgy, of homosexuality! Hot chicks and bad girls with strapons, as far as the eye can see. Tits and vaginas and cumming, all continuously! This is the ultimate orgy! One great big lesbian orgy! This is the ultimate orgy!”
  121. The girls exchanged horrified and disgusted looks at the change in the subjects’ gender.
  123. “I think I’ll jerk off again now!” sang a green shirted redhead.
  125. “What were you jerking off to before?” asked a disturbed Gretchen.
  127. “This is the ultimate orgy, of homosexuality.” Then the video ended.
  129. The girls sat in fearful silence. Gretchen suddenly turned angry and shouted, “Those Bean Scouts will pay!!” She and the other two Squirrel Scouts looked at the camera and growled.
  131. *end*
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