MH - S01 E15

May 19th, 2019
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  1. [22:38] <Darkling> It was around ten o'clock in the morning and the girls were standing around in the city square waiting for Elisa to arrive. She was running late, but you could see her walking about a block away down the street.
  2. [22:39] <Tina_Wagner> "Hey Elisa!" Tina said with a grin. "Did you sleep ok?"
  3. [22:42] <Avaline> "She's going to grow up to be a hot librarian. I can tell."
  4. [22:42] <Darkling> She looks fairly exhausted. "Not really, I had like, five showers and a bath to try and get that gunk off."
  5. [22:42] <Billy_Blackfeather> Billy yawns big, showing off those sharp pearly whites, rubbing at her eyes once she was done.
  6. [22:45] <Tina_Wagner> "There isn't enough water on earth to make my hair feel clean. I'm glad we got to help Billy out though."
  7. [22:45] <@Mr_Rage> Izumi's back to her usual perfect--superficially, anyway--self, nibbling her pinky nail to trim it back to a sensual claw. "Speaking of, how you feeling big wolf?"
  8. [22:45] <Darkling> "Is that it then?"
  9. [22:48] <Billy_Blackfeather> "No different," she mutters, an edge of irritation clear in her voice.
  10. [22:51] <Tina_Wagner> "nothing at all?"
  11. [22:53] <Billy_Blackfeather> "Nothing."
  12. [22:55] <@Mr_Rage> "Hrmh."
  13. [22:55] <Tina_Wagner> Tina frowns and looks over towards the forest. "But...We killed it."
  14. [22:56] <Billy_Blackfeather> "Got what they wanted, guess that's all that matters." She snorts, looking elsewhere.
  15. [22:59] <Darkling> "But, you don't feel different. You think it's solved or do we have to do more?"
  16. [22:59] <Tina_Wagner> Tina comes in to give Billy a hug. "Well then we'll do whatever else it takes. I helped you once, I'll help you again."
  17. [23:01] <Billy_Blackfeather> "Yeah, great, well...whatever. Guess we'll see." She stands there awkwardly as shes hugged.
  18. [23:03] <Tina_Wagner> "What do you guys want to do today?" Tina asks as she releases Billy.
  19. [23:06] <Billy_Blackfeather> Billy shrugs and looks away, pulling at a lock of hair. Looks like she's tired to leading the way for now.
  20. [23:11] <@Mr_Rage> Izumi shrugs likewise, hands to her hips. "Feel like wind out of our sail."
  21. [23:11] <Avaline> ""I hear you."
  22. [23:14] <Tina_Wagner> "We just literally saved a forest and killed a demon. I say we should celebrate and then start thinking of ways to break that curse that doesn't involve the monsters that made the curse in the first place."
  23. [23:17] <Billy_Blackfeather> "Drop the curse stuff already, I'm tired of dealing with it right now."
  24. [23:18] <Darkling> "Let's go get some ice cream then, my treat, to celebrate." And she starts walking.
  25. [23:19] <@Mr_Rage> "Sound good!" Izumi turns on her heel to follow suit.
  26. [23:20] <Billy_Blackfeather> This early? Billy grunts, shaking her head, but follows anyway.
  27. [23:20] <Tina_Wagner> Tina nods. "Icecream sounds delicious right now." She looks at Ava. "Cmon, we'll have fun."
  28. [23:22] <Darkling> There's an ice cream parlor right across from where they are. One of those fancy ones where they prepare everythign on a frozen marble slab however you want and with whatever you want.
  29. [23:22] <Darkling> Elisa holds the door open courteously for everyone.
  30. [23:24] * Tina_Wagner walks in with a thanks to Elisa. "Ooh! Chocolate!" She excitedly runs off to the counter.
  31. [23:25] <@Mr_Rage> This looks like the kind of place Izumi would eat, and even she whistles.
  32. [23:26] <Darkling> "Have any of you been here before?" She asks.
  33. [23:26] <Avaline> "Not me."
  34. [23:27] <Billy_Blackfeather> Billy sniffs at the air. "No."
  35. [23:27] <@Mr_Rage> "This particular? Nope~"
  36. [23:27] <Tina_Wagner> "Guys they have everything!"
  37. [23:29] <Billy_Blackfeather> Looks like Billy plans to test that, stepping forward without examining the menu.
  38. [23:30] <Darkling> The pimply boy behind the counter greets her without any enthusiasm. "What would you like?" He snorts.
  39. [23:31] <Billy_Blackfeather> "Vanilla with bacon and caramel."
  40. [23:31] <Darkling> "Cone or bowl?"
  41. [23:31] <Billy_Blackfeather> Her brow furrows. "Bowl."
  42. [23:32] <Darkling> He proceeds to take two big scoops of vanilla ice cream and mash in bacon bits and broken up chunks of caramel, mix it together, then put it into a paper bowl before placing it on the counter.
  43. [23:33] <Billy_Blackfeather> She takes it and eyes it critically before moving aside.
  44. [23:34] <Darkling> "Next.."
  45. [23:34] <Tina_Wagner> Tina steps up. "Hi!"
  46. [23:35] <Darkling> There's a dingling noise as the door opens again and some more customers step in.
  47. [23:35] <Darkling> "What can I get you?"
  48. [23:35] <Tina_Wagner> "Everything chocolate."
  49. [23:36] <Avaline> "Tina flavored."
  50. [23:36] <Billy_Blackfeather> Billy turns her head to look toward the door, even as she tries to decide if the bacon she got was real or fake.
  51. [23:38] <Darkling> "I can do chocolate."
  52. [23:38] <Darkling> He starts by scooping out the double chocolate ice cream, then placing about a dozen different chocolate items into it before mixing and serving.
  53. [23:39] <Darkling> There's a couple kids from school in line behind the girls now, chatting away.
  54. [23:39] <Billy_Blackfeather> Who the hell has ice cream this early? She looks over the girls. Oh, right.
  55. [23:39] <Darkling> One of them must have said something because they're in a giggle fit.
  56. [23:40] * Tina_Wagner giggles happily at the chocolate filled chocolate. "Ava, you wanna share?"
  57. [23:40] <Avaline> "Sure, Tina. Why not?"
  58. [23:41] <Darkling> "You're up Izumi."
  59. [23:41] <@Mr_Rage> Izumi glances back, and then orders something comparatively mundane, simple strawberry with an actual one on top. "Easy peasy."
  60. [23:41] <Darkling> Elisa nudges her forward.
  61. [23:42] <Darkling> The kid makes it with the same unentheusiasm as before then moves onto Elisa.
  62. [23:42] <Darkling> Another gigle fit from the girls follow by some impatient huffs.
  63. [23:43] <Billy_Blackfeather> Billy growls.
  64. [23:43] <@Mr_Rage> Omnom~
  65. [23:43] * Tina_Wagner sits next to Ava giving a glance towards the other girls before turning back.. "What's your favorite type of icecream?"
  66. [23:44] <Darkling> Elisa orders and pays and comes to sit down with the rest of them.
  67. [23:44] <Darkling> One of the girls in line says a little too loudly to be by accident. "Finally, not like any of them actually need the extra pounds."
  68. [23:45] <Avaline> "BD... Oh! Haha... icecream. I like chocolate best."
  69. [23:46] <Billy_Blackfeather> A critical eye examines the girls in line.
  70. [23:46] <@Mr_Rage> Pop, the spoon comes out, and Izumi grins idly, twirling the spoon between her fingers.
  71. [23:46] <Tina_Wagner> She seems to actively be trying to ignore the bitches in line. "Good. Cause chocolate's my favorite too." SHe takes a bit happily.
  72. [23:48] <Darkling> They start ordering. "I bet afterwards they head into the back to get milked!" And they explode into laughter, followed by a mooing noise, then more laughter.
  73. [23:49] <Avaline> Avaline takes a bite as well, looking chipper. "What a coincidence! Think it means anything?"
  74. [23:49] <Billy_Blackfeather> Billy pushes her ice cream away and stands up.
  75. [23:51] <@Mr_Rage> Izumi exhales~ "You think a lot about big boobies, girls?" The Japanese girl leans to look, grinning, practically blasting them with her cleavage. "I could help yours along, you know. If you honest with yourselves."
  76. [23:52] <Tina_Wagner> "I think-" Tina pauses, distracted by the ongoings.
  77. [23:52] <Darkling> A gasp and they turn around. "Did you just talk to me?" The look of shock and annoyance is intense.
  78. [23:52] <@Mr_Rage> "Of course! I have good sense for..." Izumi touches her cheek. "Unfulfilled girls."
  79. [23:53] <Avaline> Avaline takes another bite, looking at the girls and Izumi. She grins stupidly.
  80. [23:56] <Darkling> "Whatever you say. Keep your sushi rolls," she motions to Izumi up and down, "to yourself."
  81. [23:56] <Darkling> The other girls with her make "oooo" noises.
  82. [00:00] <Billy_Blackfeather> With a strange amout of calm Billy walks away from the table and past the three antagonistic girls toward the doors. She's still for a moment, perhaps considering her actions, before locking the doors shut.
  83. [00:03] <Tina_Wagner> Tina watches Billy mouth open and looks at Ava. "What do we do?
  84. [00:05] <Billy_Blackfeather> She smooths down her shirt as she approaches the girls and even rolls up her sleeves.
  85. [00:05] <@Mr_Rage> "T-t-t," Izumi stands, closing in to try heading Billy off at the pass.
  86. [00:06] <Avaline> "I feel like cheering."
  87. [00:08] <Billy_Blackfeather> Billy frowns at the interruption. "Go sit down."
  88. [00:08] <Darkling> "I wonder which of them wears the leash." More giggling.
  89. [00:09] <Billy_Blackfeather> Billy's eyes are fire now.
  90. [00:09] <Darkling> Elisa just looks on sheepishly from her ice cream, quite embaressed that this was her idea.
  91. [00:10] <@Mr_Rage> "Honey," the Japanese girl puts a hand on Billy's chest. "These girls my kind of problem. Go enjoy ice cream."
  92. [00:10] <Billy_Blackfeather> She looks too ready for a fight to back down that easily.
  93. [00:14] <Darkling> "Does your mangy hound there need to go sit in a corner?"
  94. [00:16] <@Mr_Rage> Izumi's trills out a laugh. "No, but I not want her to break my toys," the Japanese girl's gaze leaves little question, "yet."
  95. [00:21] <Darkling> "Look, chink. This is our turf, learn when to step off." She emphasizes this with a heard twirl.
  96. [00:27] <@Mr_Rage> "Chink, bitch, whore, cunt, slut, slanty-eyed strumpet," Izumi closed in with each one, "come on, that all you got?" Getting as near as the girls allow, something heated slipping into her voice, everywhere her breath touched getting hot and itchy. "If that the best your tongue can do, I got lots to show you," her voice slowwwed to a crawl, "and I happy to do it unless you got somewhere else to be."
  97. [00:35] <Darkling> The girl is clearly unconforted the more Izumi draws nearer, and her face is full of confusion. She trips back a step and her friends steady her.
  98. [00:36] <@Mr_Rage> Izumi drags her tongue across her lips, flashing a piercing. "Your call."
  99. [00:37] <Darkling> "Let's just get out of here Felicia." One of the other girls says. "I'm sure Luke is waiting for us."
  100. [00:37] <Darkling> The other one is trying to head towards the door, eyes on Billy.
  101. [00:37] <Billy_Blackfeather> Her eyes follow the girl, muscles tensing.
  102. [00:38] <@Mr_Rage> The Japanese girl doesn't stop them, watching them go with a sultry eye.
  103. [00:39] <Darkling> A click of the latch and she got the door opening the other girl walking her stunned friend out who gives Izumi one last look before they leave the store.
  104. [00:40] <Tina_Wagner> "Wow."
  105. [00:41] <@Mr_Rage> "Prudes~" Izumi teases mostly to herself, and turns to rejoin her ice cream, as though she hadn't just called herself a slur.
  106. [00:41] <Billy_Blackfeather> "Shoulda let me hurt them, she growls in irritation.
  107. [00:43] <Darkling> If anyone bothers to look at the guy at the counter, he looks like he just witnessed the ressurection of christ.
  108. [00:45] <Darkling> "You need to teach me to be confident like that." Elisa peeps, eating a spoonful of ice cream.
  109. [00:46] <@Mr_Rage> "Hmh?" Izumi giggles, shaking her head around a spoonful of strawberry. "Not confidence. Customer service," she corrects.
  110. [00:47] <Tina_Wagner> "That must be some business..."
  111. [00:48] <Billy_Blackfeather> Billy sits back down to fume, not touching her ice cream.
  112. [00:48] <@Mr_Rage> "I tell you before. My job to help people relax." Omnom. "Sometimes, people not always know what they need to unwind."
  113. [00:50] <Darkling> "Um, okay." She obviously didn't understand but happily eats her ice cream.
  114. [01:01] <Avaline> "That was pretty good, Izumi."
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