A Cabin in the Snow.

Nov 9th, 2019
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  2. Deep within the white winter woods far to the north the wind howls as the snow falls to the floor, a young man hurries through the cold. The crunching of the ground as he steps and the howling of the winds fill his ears. Using the trees for cover from the harsh bite of the cold and to get his bearings the young man rests and tries to collect his thoughts.
  4. It all seems to be a haze, almost like a dream. The young man woke in the snow with no idea how he ended up deep in the wilderness. And as he tried to gather his mind and remember all he got was a haze. Only one thought washed over him as he started off into the darkness of the woods. He thought to himself that he was not alone, and with that he would continue forward. And forward he went with hope that he was wrong.
  6. As he continued into the wild the young man began to look over his shoulder more and more frequently with each pass of the howling wind. The winds carried with them a whisper, far and distant at first but now it seemed to be creeping closer. As he crept through the snow a sudden gust of wind blew past his neck and a with it they carried message or maybe a warning. He could barely make out the words but the message they carried made his blood run cold. Something was after him and slowly the whisper became a voice and it said. “I am coming".
  8. With this sudden realization the young man reacted on instinct, he turned and he began to hurry through the wild. Without any destination and unsure of what lies ahead, he just couldn't allow what was calling to him to catch up. And so his walk started to become a run, or as much of a run as he could muster in the deep snow. Each step making sure not to slip on any layers of ice hidden beneath the snow. He feared that if he were to fall whatever was in the cold would catch up with him and take him.
  10. So he pushed forward into the wilderness hoping for any sign of life or shelter from the cold. Yet the trees seemed unending and so did the whispers in the wind, with each pasting gust the same message rang in his head. His eyes fixated forward as he pushes through the snow and trees. Hoping to find a end to this forest and shelter from the cold and what lurks within it. And almost like a wish being granted on the spot the young man burst from the tree with the blink of an eye.
  12. In fact it happened so fast the young man made the foolish decision to stop and take a quick look back. Standing before the massive pines he felt so small, something about this place felt so foreign. The trees frozen over with snow and sky covered with thick gray clouds, the winds blow unopposed by the trees and with it came a bitter cold. And the whispers came with it still, with much more clarity and distinction to them. The young man ignored them and turned to continue into the cold, to his relief he was met with a sight that gave him hope.
  14. There was a cabin deep in the snow, he wondered how he didn't see it when he first came out of the forest but it didn't matter. His legs began to move subconsciously towards the cabin, gaining more speed with each step. His lungs began to hurt from the cold air filling them, tears rolling down his face mixing with the snot escaping his nose. Pushing through the snow the winds pushed back as if it picked up only to slow the young man down but he perceived. Nearing the cabin the whisper was now a voice, it was speaking clearly in his head. “I am coming".
  16. After what seemed liked hours alone in the cold the young man stumbled forward into the door of the decrepit cabin. Hungry and tired the young man began to bang on the door hoping for a response, yet none came. The wind blew and with it brought with it the voice. Tensing up as the wind ran through his hair and the voice rang in his ears the young man gripped the frozen handle of the door and pushed it open. Slamming the door behind him the young man quickly scanned his surroundings.
  18. The cabin seemed to be uninhabited for quite some time, or maybe even ever at all. The cold air in the cabin was stale and hung heavy, wiping his face of tears and snot the young man stepped forward. A dining table sat in the middle of the cabin. Two chairs face each other at opposite ends, one was much larger than the other. A bed was positioned in the corner, perfectly made but much larger in size than any he had ever seen. Other than the furniture the cabin was empty, no pictures of family or knickknacks that symbolize life.
  20. Looking back at the door he also noticed that the door was much taller than himself. The young man stood a inch over six foot but the door towered over him. Backing away and trying to get his bearings the young man sat in the smaller of the two chairs. Looking across the table to the empty chair a sudden cold came over the man. The hairs on his neck stood straight up and he felt very uneasy. He began to drag the table and chairs towards the door. Hoping to block whatever was out there from getting inside.
  22. Deciding to rest on the bed he tried to unwind, to get comfortable and figure out what is happening. He couldn't seem to recall exactly how he wound up deep in these woods let alone where he was going. Everything was pretty hazy and his head was hurting from exhaustion and hunger. Raising his head from his hands his heart sunk, a pair of glowing purple eyes were peering into the cabin from the window across the cabin. Before he had anytime to react the window swung open and filled the cabin with cold wind and snow.
  24. Covering his face to avoid the initial gust of wind he quickly opened his eyes and saw the cabin covered in snow. Getting across the room and closing the window the man used his weight to hold it closed. Panting from the sudden burst of excitement the man stared out into the cold night. At first all he saw was darkness but deeper in the night he saw them again. Those pair of purple glowing eyes staring directly at him and he stared back completely fixated on each other. And then they blinked and suddenly the cabin was filled with a purple glow.
  26. Quickly spinning around the man was shocked to see that all the snow that entered the cabin has placed itself into the center of the room. He watched as the snow slowly crept to the center of the room. It formed into a rug of sorts laying on the ground but constantly moving as if it was alive. Curiosity seemed to take over the young man and slowly he took a step forward. And then another one, and another, and soon he found himself almost standing over the quivering mass of snow. No water was around the edge of the mound of snow as if this snow refused to melt despite being inside.
  28. Kneeling down next to the snow he slowly reached out a hand to feel the mass. Running his hand over the snow he began to push it away the snow and began to reveal fur underneath the snow. His hand began to feel a warmth that was so overpowering he just wanted to lay on the rug and sleep, but when he put his focus on to the fur again he was met with the purple eyes staring at him from under the rug. As if under the rug was a endless black and something was watching from within.
  30. Before he could react and move away from the strange mass a arm shot from the void and a hand quickly wrapped around his ankle. He let out a shout of surprise as he attempted to move back but was caught and tripped over. The hand gripped his leg so tightly it that a pain shot up through it. Letting out a pained groan was enough to make the hand loosen its grip slightly and yet the young man still could not move. When he looked back into the void and met with the purple eyes that were watching him from within, the voice spoke up again.
  32. “I am here, dear husband" it said in a calm and soothing voice. The young man watched as another arm came out of the void and gripped the floor. A pulling sensation began to yank at his leg, but not to drag him into the void instead as if using him as a anchor to pull itself out. Slowly the being from inside the void began to reveal itself.
  34. Two curved horns began to peek out of the darkness as soft white hair began to flow out and hit the floor. From behind the hair shined two purple eyes and a wide smile as the figure, obviously female in nature but something was off. Small strips of solid white fur covered her body, her legs from the knee down are covered in fur and end with hooves. Letting go of the young mans leg she stood above him, leaning over she reached for the fur on the floor. As she knelt over the young man got a glimpse of her body and noticed that she was taller than himself.
  36. Picking up the fur and flinging it over her back and putting it on like a cloak, the strange woman looked down at the stunned man. She smiled down at him and knelt next to him, she placed a warm hand on his cheek and spoke. Her words twisted in his mind as he stared up at the woman. His entire body felt warm now and a strange feeling washed over him. The woman put her arms around him and pushed her weight on to him. Gently laying on his back the young man looked up at the glowing purple eyes of this strange woman and slowly drifted to sleep.
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