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  1. 1) Who was the first co leader of casually first? Tinat
  2. 2) What date was the tribe made? 31st June 2011
  3. 3) Who was Casually Firsts First recruit? MiceyLil
  4. 4) How many co leaders has casually first ever had? Tinat Snoozeri Petalouda Helmondftw Wyverna Crapname Twincross. 7
  6. 5) Define LongJumping? Moving to the edge of a ground before you jump.
  7. 6) Describe the main feature of map 58.? Three tampolines
  8. 7) How many hard mode titles are there? 11
  9. 8) How many striped are visible on the Shaman item: Ball.? 5
  11. 9)  What is the captial of Mongolia? ulan bator
  12. 10) What is the longest river in the world? The nile.
  13. 11) How do you work out the area of a circle? Pie R Squared.
  14. 12) what is the biggest mamal in the world? The blue whale.
  15. 13) Complete the name of this animal Three toed __? Sloth
  16. 14) Who topped the olympic medal table in 2012 olympics? China.
  17. 15) Who the fastest man in the world? Usain Bolt
  18. 16) What ph value is neautral? 7
  19. 17) How fast can a cheetah run? 70mph.
  20. 18) What was the name of the boat that crashed into the iceberg in 1912.
  21. 19) Whats electrical capacitance measuered in? Farrads.
  22. 20) What colour shirt am i wearing?
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