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Dec 8th, 2019
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  1. You are a US Soldier in Vietnam, 1967. You're currently sieging Hue City, which
  2. is filled with enemy Vietcong. You have an M16 Assault rifle, bayonet, and your
  3. gear.
  5. Suddenly, you hear the sound of helicopters. They land nearby, landing on dirt
  6. runways. One comes in low, then slowly rises into the air
  7. > smoke a cigarette with my squad
  9. "Hey! What's going on?" You ask your squad as they all sit around a campfire.
  10. "Nothing, just some choppers over there". One of them replies.
  11. "What kind of choppers?" You ask.
  13. > "A UH-1 Huey." One replies.
  16. "Well, that makes sense. I'm guessing we're going to be coming under attack soon".
  17. You reply.
  18. "Yeah, it looks like the North Vietnamese Army has been trying to take this place
  19. by storm for quite sometime now". Another says
  20. > (Let's give them hell, then.)
  22. You and your squadmates look at each other and smile.
  23. "Alright, let's go boys!" You shout.
  24. You and your squad make their way through the jungle towards the chopper. The
  25. chopper is flying low so you can see its pilot clearly
  26. > get onto the chopper
  28. You climb up onto the helicopter and start climbing inside. As you do so, you
  29. hear the pilot call out to you.
  30. "I got 'im, he's in the hangar bay!" He shouts.
  31. > (let's get to the LZ!)
  33. You walk along the side of the helicopter, looking down at the ground below.
  34. A few minutes later, you reach the hangar bay door. You open it and enter.
  35. > get ammo
  37. You grab a couple boxes of ammunition from one of the crates and head back to
  38. the helicopter. You climb aboard and begin climbing up into the air. You fly
  39. higher and higher until finally you are high enough to see the jungle canopy.
  40. You watch as helicopters fly overhead, guns blazing
  41. > turn on fortunate son
  43. You fire off Lucky 7 rounds into the trees. Bullets bounce harmlessly off the
  44. foliage, but lucky shots hit their mark. You watch as men run screaming from
  45. the area, never to return. Soon after, you see several more choppers arrive
  46. and begin firing upon the downed VC
  47. > shoot running VC
  48. Woops that action caused the model to start looping. Try a different action to
  49. prevent that.
  50. > land in hue city
  52. You land near the Hue City Airport. You quickly find your way to the airport
  53. terminal where you find a soldier who recognizes you.
  54. "Hey, you're the guy who saved my life last night!" He exclaims.
  55. "Yep, that was me". You reply
  56. > go to the frontlines
  58. You follow the soldier to his vehicle. Inside you find a small bag containing
  59. a radio and a set of keys. You put the radio in the ignition and drive off.
  60. After driving for about an hour, you come across a large group of soldiers holding
  61. rifles and wearing gas masks
  62. > honk at them
  64. You stop your car and approach the soldiers. They don't notice you, but when
  65. you get close, one of them turns around and points his rifle at you.
  66. > tell him to put his gun down
  68. You point your finger at the man and yell "Put your gun down!"
  69. > wait
  71. The man slowly puts his gun away and approaches you. He tells you that he is
  72. a sergeant and that he will not shoot you unless you attempt to escape.
  73. > (i'm your lieutenant
  75. He asks if you have any weapons. You tell him you do and that you want to go
  76. to the front lines. He nods and tells you to follow him.
  77. > follow him
  79. You follow the sergeant to a nearby building. When you get inside, you find yourself
  80. in a room filled with various military equipment. There are also several people
  81. sitting around talking. Most of them are wearing green uniforms with black pants.
  82. > go where the fight is
  84. You decide to stay in the room and listen to what everyone else is saying. You
  85. sit quietly listening to the conversation. Eventually, someone starts asking
  86. questions.
  87. > make sure my gun is loaded
  89. You nod and tell the person next to you to load your weapon. Then you stand up
  90. and leave the room. You head outside and head straight for the battle. You keep
  91. walking until you reach a clearing. You see a large number of troops surrounding
  92. a large number of VC
  93. > call in napalm on the VC
  95. You call in a massive amount of napalm bombs. It doesn't take long before the
  96. entire area is engulfed in flames. You watch as the fires die down and the burning
  97. vegetation begins to burn. You watch as the bodies of the dead begin to rise
  98. from the earth
  99. > wait
  101. After waiting a short time, you see a large number of troops emerge from the
  102. forest. They wear tan uniforms with black pants. They carry automatic rifles
  103. and grenade launchers. You watch as they march forward and begin shooting at
  104. the burning buildings
  105. > execute wounded vietcong
  107. You order your men to kill the wounded. You then move to the nearest building
  108. and order your men to execute the wounded. You search the bodies and find a
  109. young woman with her throat ripped out. She is your Lieutenant's wife. You kick
  110. her body and stomp on her face
  111. > go into nearby house
  113. You enter the house and find a young girl lying on the floor. Her eyes are wide
  114. open staring at you. You kneel beside her and pull out her teeth. You rip out
  115. her tongue and throw her corpse against the wall. You then proceed to search
  116. the rest of the house
  117. > light a cigarette and smoke it solemnly
  119. You light a cigarette and smoke it solemnly. You continue smoking throughout
  120. the remainder of the day and into the evening. At one point you pass out. You
  121. find a large group of soldiers patrolling the area. You order. You order
  122. > (GOTTA GET A GRIP.)
  124. They all obey and you crawl over to the edge of the camp and hide behind some
  125. rocks. You wait patiently. Suddenly, a large group of soldiers comes marching
  126. in unison marches toward you. They are armed with machine guns and assault rifles
  127. > mow them down with my m16.
  129. You drop to the ground and fire at them. You continue firing until they are all
  130. dead. You pick up your pistol and finish off dead. You then crawl back to the
  131. edge of
  132. > Stare at the napalmed village infront of me holding my pistol
  134. You look at the village infront of you and hold your pistol tightly. You then
  135. raise your pistol and fire. You aim at the closest soldier and blow his brains
  136. out
  137. > point the pistol at myself
  139. You point the pistol at yourself and fire. You fall backwards and slam your hands
  140. onto your face. You scream and cry out. You feel like you are going to lose
  141. consciousness and fall unconscious. You lay there motionless
  142. > wait
  144. You lie motionless for hours. Finally, you hear a voice calling you. You wake
  145. up and stumble to your feet. You walk towards the sound. The voice calls again.
  146. You stand up and walk towards the voice. You walk towards the voice
  147. > (Who's there?)
  149. You walk towards the voice and find yourself standing in front of a tall, dark
  150. skinned figure. He wears a uniform similar to yours except he has a gold medallion
  151. pinned to his chest and carries a silver pistol in each hand. He looks at you
  152. and smiles
  153. > say "Are you god?"
  155. You answer "Yes".
  156. > I'm god?
  158. You smile and say "I am".
  159. > realize I'm looking at myself
  161. You suddenly realize that you are looking at yourself. You laugh and say "Oh
  162. no! I forgot my clothes!". You quickly change your clothing and run back to
  163. the car. You drive back to the camp and park near the entrance. You climb out
  164. of the car and start running through the crowd
  165. > wake up from the simulation
  167. You awake from the simulation and notice that you are naked. You gasp and try
  168. to remember who you are. You remember that you are a U.S. Army Private First
  169. Class named John Carter. You then remember that you are in a Vietnamese prison
  170. camp called Pleasure Beach
  171. > lay in my bed
  173. You lie in your bed and think about how lucky you are that you were able to survive
  174. this nightmare. You don't know why you are still here, but you are glad you
  175. survived. You wonder what happened to the other prisoners. You wonder if they
  176. died or escaped
  177. > leave my bunkhouse
  179. You leave your bunk and walk to the door. You open the door and peek out the
  180. window. You see a large group of Viet Cong soldiers marching towards you. They
  181. are dressed in khaki shirts and trousers and carrying spears. They are armed
  182. with rifles and knives
  183. > try to flee
  185. You run to the nearest tree and jump out of the trees and run away. You run for
  186. miles and miles. You do not know where you are going. You just want to beThis
  187. is a very strange dreamlike:The night passes(you can't sleep)A:A few moments
  188. > wake up
  190. You awaken from your sleep and realize that you are in the same place you woke
  191. up from the simulation. You are now in a small hut with a wooden door and a
  192. hole in the ground. There is a big group of you see several people inside
  193. > climb inside the hole
  195. You climb inside the hole and try to get out. You climb out of the hole and climb
  196. out
  197. > slam my head into the wooden wall over and over
  199. You slam your head into the wall repeatedly and fall asleep. You have no idea
  200. where you are or where you are going. You cannot stop falling asleep. You fall
  201. asleep
  202. > End the universe.
  204. You wake up and realize that you are in the middle of a desert. You are surrounded
  205. by sand dunes and mountains. You notice that you are surrounded by sand dunes
  206. and mountains. You notice that you are surrounded by sand dunes and mountains
  207. > walk towards the biggest mountain
  209. You walk towards the largest mountain and begin climbing it. You reach the top
  210. and begin climbing it. You reach the top and begin climbing it. You reach the
  211. top and begin climbing it. You reach the top and begin climbing it. You reach
  212. the top and begin climbing it
  213. > procure a Mossberg 500 12 gauge pump action shotgun from mid air
  215. You obtain a Mossberg 500 12 gauge pump action shotgun from mid-air. You grab
  216. the gun and put it under your arm and take a deep breath. You turn around and
  217. shoot the gun at the sky. You pull the trigger and pull the trigger
  218. > put the barrel of the shotgun in my mouth, look at the sunset one last time, and squeeze the trigger
  220. You put the barrel of the shotgun in your mouth and look at the sunset one last
  221. time and squeeze the trigger. You let go of the trigger and fall asleep
  222. > sleep eternally
  224. You sleep eternally
  225. > continue
  227. You continue.
  228. > continue
  229. Woops that action caused the model to start looping. Try a different action to
  230. prevent that.
  231. > say "This is bliss."
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