Daughter's bitchy friend

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  1. Terry had finished washing the dishes and was just about to go to his office and get on with some work, when the doorbell rang. Probably his wife or daughter, having forgotten their keys or handbags. They were always doing this. He walked down the stairs, opened the door and gasped in shock. Before him was that little bitch Alexis - a girl his own daughter had been at war with at school for the last three years or so. "What the hell are you doing here?" he fumed.
  3. Alexis stared up at Terry with big, remorseful blue eyes.  She lifted a hand to her long, thick black ponytail and began toying with the tip of it, twirling it around her finger.  Sounding properly respectful, Alexis said, "Hi, Mr. Jones...  Um, is Tasha here?"  She knew perfectly well that she wasn't, having hung around the corner until she watched the car drive away.  Natasha had been bragging all week long about going to the expensive new spa in town with her mother on Friday afternoon, which was a teacher's workday from school for them.  As much as she hated the little twat, she hated the idea of her going off to celebrate her new position as head of the Cheer team even more...  A position that should have been Alex's!
  5. Terry's frown continued as he looked at the girl who had been endlessly terrorizing his beloved daughter. "No, she isn't. She's heading into town with her mother. Now, I'll ask you again before I shut this door in your face: what are you doing here?" He was so angry that she was even daring to be on his porch, let alone come to his house. "Haven't you caused enough damn trouble?"
  7. Her eyes widened as he threatened to put an end to her plans, before they even got started!  "W-wait, Mr. Jones, please," she said quickly, stepping forward to put her body closer to him and in the way of him being able to shut the door in her face.  "I came here to apologize to Tasha.  She's so sweet, y'know?  And I think I was just, like... jealous.  I really just wanna be friends with her."   She turned her face up to his, puffing out her chest a bit, trying to look adorable and pitiful, at the same time.  
  9. Terry had always had a softer side; his wife had commented on it a number of times. He looked into the girl's eyes and thought he saw genuine remorse. She was only sixteen and she wanted to put things right. What choice did he have? Relenting a bit, he replied, "Well, they won't be here for a number of hours. You'll have to come back tomorrow." His face had softened and he went to shut the door. "But..." he said, pausing. "The least I can do is offer you a drink, I suppose? Have you come far?"
  11. She nodded her head.  "Very far," she lied.  Stepping up closer to him, she took a whiff of his scent discreetly, resisting the urge to smile to herself.  She stood well within the 3-foot comfort zone and lifted her pretty face to his, sketching a false frown on her face.  "I'm really not a bad person, you know," she said sweetly.  "I like to make people happy.  But sometimes it's really hard to be good, Mr. Jones.  Have you ever felt like that?"
  13. "I'm sure we've all felt like that a lot," Terry said, as he closed the door - not realizing his fate was now sealed. Within the hour, maybe less, his cock would be pounding the little teenager in a fuck session beyond his wildest dreams. As he closed the door and turned around, he noticed her figure and couldn't help but stare first at her cute, round ass and then at her shapely breasts – only sixteen years old but already larger, plumper and more perky than his wife's.
  15. She hitched a sigh and walked past him into the kitchen, spotting the breakfast bar with a perfect height tabletop.  She walked slowly, wiggling her backside in her short little cutoffs, far more movement than was necessary.  When she reached the bar, she leaned over, resting her forearms on the surface, looking unhappy.  Her round little ass stuck out, giving him a good view of her curves.  Trying to not be too noticeable, she tugged the collar of her shirt, popping two extra buttons open to give an unrestricted view of her ample cleavage, perky and tempting.  "A diet coke would be great, Mr. Jones.  Thank you.  Gotta watch my size, y'know."
  17. Terry had gone off to a fantasy land for a second before quickly snapping out of it and following the teenager into the kitchen. He couldn't help but stare; he was like a rabbit caught in headlights. He shook his head a few times before walking to the fridge. "Please," he said, "You have a wonderful figure. I mean for a girl of your age. It's fine.  Don't think negatively of yourself," he added, trying to sound like a parent, before handing her a cold Diet Coke from the fridge.
  19. She giggled sweetly, looking up at him with those big eyes and said, "You are nice to say that, Mr. Jones... but I am totally getting fat!  Ugh, I am almost chubby!"  She pouted and wiggled her backside a bit, lifting up to her tiptoes to lean a bit higher on the bar.  He was on the other side from her and likely getting quite a view.  Her eyes moved up and down his body as she sipped her Coke.
  21. He was trying to think of anything to keep his cock down. It was big; larger than average at eight inches, and thick too. If it got hard, she'd notice straight away. "You're not chubby at all," he began, "You're perfect for your age. Honestly, do not have a care in the world. Not one."
  23. She smiled and set her drink down, walking from out around the bar.  "You know, Mr. Jones," she said in the sweet sultry little-girl-almost-but-not-quite-a-woman voice, "You could help me out a little, maybe.  Y'see...  I don't really have a lot of experience in these kinda things."  Lie, she thought to herself.  "It's hard to know what boys are thinkin' sometimes.  But you are a boy!"  She paused, giggling.  "I mean, you are a MAN."
  25. Terry, usually known for a high level of wisdom and intellect, was being played like a violin by the sixteen year old minx - and he had absolutely no idea. He sipped at his glass of water, before nodding. "I am indeed a man," he began. "What is it you need help with?"
  27. Time to drive this home, she thought with an internal laugh.  Without hesitation, Alex stood in front of the sink and lifted her shirt, holding it just under the swell of her generous C-cup breasts, exposing her perfectly flat tummy.  Twisting this way and that, she looked up at Tasha's father and said, "Do I look too big to you?  Too chunky?"
  29. Terry stood opened mouthed. His cock, desperately trying to stay down, had now properly pitched its tent, exposing a large lump in his trousers as his eight, thick inches attained full erection. "I...I..." he stammered, his eyes bulging. "Alexis...I don't think I should be...." Fuck! Her tits were so big, round, beautifully pale. He wanted to cum all over them, but had no idea where the hell such a thought had come from.
  31. "...should be judging such a thing without seeing more?  I fully agree!  How silly of me," she purred, pulling her polo shirt off her head, tossing it carelessly over to the breakfast bar.  "There we go," she said with a smile, dimples deep in her cheeks.  Her full breasts, barely contained by the deliberately small bra she should have discarded since she's outgrown it, were milky white and begging to be touched.  "Is this better?" she said with an innocent look up to him.
  33. Terry felt drunk and deliberately pinched himself. Was this all just a wild dream? Or was he genuinely experiencing all of this? Frankly, he had never seen a better pair of tits. They were amazing; just amazing. He wanted to reach out and touch them. "Alexis," he murmured. "You're a sixteen year old schoolgirl. I don't...uh...think it's appropriate for you to, uh, be nearly topless in my kitchen..."
  35. She stepped in a little closer, reaching out to place a hand on his chest.  Her finger slid ever so slowly down the center of his chest, keeping her eyes locked on him.  She intended to mesmerize him, make him lose himself in her eyes, and in her body.  "But how else can you tell me if I look okay or not?"  Her hand moved slowly, tracing the lines of musculature she could feel in his body, even at his age.  "Would you prefer we move to another room then?  I really need your help," she said pleadingly, maintaining the strong, almost uncomfortable, eye contact.
  37. Terry was almost hypnotized by the little slut.  He found himself in a trance where his inhibitions, his logic, his loyalty had all been consumed by her body. He wasn't thinking about his wife, all their happy marriage days, or his daughter and how much he loved and cared about her. All he was thinking about was this bitch in front of him and how much he was craving her; everything about her. He was being played for a damn fool. "Maybe..." he murmured, completely lost. "Maybe if you took the bra off...?"
  39. She cooed up to him, "Yes, of course!  You are such a smart man, Terry."  She slipped in his first name, breaking down that next wall.  Her hand on his body kept tracing a little line over his chest and stomach, while her other reached behind her and expertly undid the clasp of her bra.  At once, the heavy globes sprung free, bouncing on her chest as they were released.  Her dark nipples were already stiff with excitement, loving more than anything, the look of distracted lust on his face... the same look she'd been able to make men wear since she was 13 years old.  Moving her hand back to her own body, she gripped the underside of each breast, lifting slightly, presenting them to him.  "And how about these, Terry?  Are these too big?"
  41. Terry was completely overwhelmed. It was like his drink had been spiked, or he had had his mind taken completely over. His senses had packed their bags and left along with his brain and common sense. Here he was, in his kitchen, in his family house, salivating over a girl thirty years his junior, her gorgeous, massive breasts. "They're perfect," he said at once, "Amazing. The best tits I've ever been lucky enough to see..." He was hers. Putty in her teenage hands.
  43. "You can't properly judge with only one sense, you know," Alexis said quietly.  "Seeing is good, but I think feeling is better, hm?"  Without another word, she gripped his wrists, hanging limply at his sides and brought his hands to her tits.  The sharp tips of her nipples dug into his palm as she closed her fingers over his much larger hands, squeezing for him.  "And do they feel right, too?"
  45. "They feel...perfect..." he murmured again, his gaze having fallen on her ample chest. He began kneading them, feeling them, squishing and squashing them. He couldn't get over how real, how wonderful they were. "Are we..." he hesitated, not knowing quite how to say what he wanted to. He carried on handling her for a moment before looking into her eyes. "Are we going to fuck...?"
  47. Giving a sassy little giggle, Alexis played dumb and said, "Terry!  What a horrible thing to say!  You should not tease me so much."  She turned from him, tearing her breasts from his hands, crossing her arms on her chest.  She flipped her ponytail over her shoulder, exposing her pert little ass, clad in tight denim shorts and smooth bare back to him.  "Someone as handsome and happily married as you would never have an interest in someone like me."  She heaved a deep sigh and leaned onto the counter, biting her lip as the cool surface touched her bare breasts and stomach, wiggling her ass towards him.
  49. "Maybe..." Terry said, almost in monotone, "Maybe you should take those shorts and your panties off too? I feel like...uh...I should see all of you to make a proper...evaluation?" he said, almost not confident in himself, but now being so consumed by lust - all he wanted to do was the fuck the living shit out of this teenager with his real-man cock. Perhaps its exactly what she needed; the spoilt, bratty little twat.
  51. Her face wore a huge smile as she turned and looked at him over her shoulder.  "Of course, Terry.  Anything you want..."  She made a show of keeping her back turned while she undid the button on her shorts and slowly slid them down the round, supple curves of her young ass, exposing the white thong she wore.  Giving a little jiggle of her bottom, she said, "Does your wife wear panties this sexy?"
  53. "No, no she doesn't," he says quickly and honestly. "I want her to. I've asked her to but she doesn't. Still, she hasn't got the ass for it...not like you..." he says, utterly transfixed, not being able to believe the girl had such a great backside to along with her perfect rack. "It's like your body is made for fucking..." he said absentmindedly.
  55. "That makes me feel sooooo much better," she purred to him as she slowly slid her moist thong down her legs, pulling it off her feet and into her hands.  With that, she turned to face him, letting him get the full frontal view of her perfect, young, naked body.  Her flat tummy and curved hips, full high breasts topped with dark stiff nipples, tidy little 'landing strip' of pubic hair above her plump little pussy lips.  "I think now you can make a proper inspection of me, hm?"  She spread her legs, hands on her hips, smiling up at him.
  57. "I can't believe you're sixteen," he said, drinking her hotter-than-hell body into his mind. "Are you a virgin?" he asked. He pulled at her hips so she wasn't leaning on anything, before having her twirl around, so he could see her all. As her ass faced him, he smacked it and watched it ripple, before turning her forward again.
  59. She jumped, giving a little yelp as his big hand closed on her cheek.  Smiling happily, she replied coyly, "Let's just say...  I've not had a real man yet."  Her eyes moved over his body, drinking in the image of him, screaming with laughter inside as how easy it all was falling into place.  Though her mind was definitely on revenge and making that fucking bitch Natasha hurt, she had to admit, he was still getting her hot.  Her wet little cunt and hard nipples were proof of that.
  61. As Terry watched his new fucktoy, grinning, he could never know it was going to be the end of his family as he knew it. Within a few weeks, the entire school would know of this episode; his daughter would hate him, his wife would leave him. He would be living in a motel room in the rough side of town. And Alexis would be laughing, laughing, laughing - her master plan being proven to be the triumph it always was going to be.
  63. "C'mere, Terry," she said in a husky little voice.  "I want you to see me nice and close while you inspect me.  In fact...  I think I wanna see you too."  She grabbed his shirt and yanked him forward, pressing her lips to his, sliding her tongue in his mouth.  After a long moment, she broke the kiss, breathless.  Lifting herself onto the surface of the breakfast bar, she spread her long legs and let him get a good view of her sweet little pussy, glistening with excitement.  One finger pointed to his shirt and she said, "Take it off for me, Terry, please?  I really, really wanna see how sexy you are..."
  65. Terry nodded instantly, at Alexis' complete beck and call - a far cry from the stern authoritarian he was half an hour before. He stood back from her, in awe of her glistening, tight cunt and quickly unbuttoned his shirt. He threw it off and looked at her face for approval; his body was fairly average. It wasn't muscular or handsome to look at. Just a basic, forty-six year old body in not too bad shape.
  67. Inside, she gave a mental appraisal, rating him 4 out of 10 or so, nothing spectacular at all.  Her mouth however, flowed with praise and flattery for what her eyes beheld.  "Oh, Terry!  Mmmm, look at you... so sexy, so appealing.  I bet the rest of you is just as delicious, aren't you, baby?  You don't mind if I call you baby, do you... baby?"  She grinned at him, loving the mesmerized look on his face.  "Come closer now and remove that belt."
  69. He lapped up all of the praise, believing it all to be completely true. She thought he was handsome! Appealing!  Sexy! Not average at all; more an older stud, in the prime of his life. He stepped forward, removed the belt then quickly removed his trousers then boxer shorts. There he showcased something that was going earn him a 10 out of 10. Waving around, hard as iron, was a circumcised, eight inch penis that was very thick and just beautiful to look at.
  71. Her breath caught in her throat as she took a look at the magnificent cock bobbing between his thighs.  The first genuine thing she'd said all day slipped from her lips.  "Damn.....!  Look at you, baby.  Sweet fucking hell," she said, astounded.  "Oh, I definitely need some'a that!"  She leaned back on the counter a bit, hands behind her, supporting her long, lean body, legs spread wide open.  Regaining control of the situation, she said calmly, "Now, get on your knees and inspect this pussy, Terry.  No touching, just looking first.  Can you do that for me?"
  73. He nodded like a child, before looking her in the eye. "Can I sniff your panties whilst I do?" he asked, blushing a little at the question. He sank to his knees quickly, so he'd be at the exact height needed. Across the street, a neighbor was in the house the looked into the kitchen. He looked out of the window and squinted. Was that Terry? And some young looking girl? Were they...naked?! What the hell?!
  75. She pointed to floor and said, "Pick them up, now."  As he scurried to do so and return to his spot, on his knees before her, she took them from his hand and slid them over his head, sideways.  One leg hole closed over his mouth, the thin material not taking up too much space on his face, but putting the white cotton over his mouth and just under his nose.  The scent of her teenage juices would be easily detectable.  Hell, she could smell how hot she was herself!  Supporting her body on one hand, she moved the other to her lips, spreading them apart to give him a nice close-up view of her tiny little clit and pink inner lips.  
  77. Terry inhaled deeply; the scent making his cock even harder somehow. He couldn't wait to be balls deep inside her. He inspected her pussy carefully; it was pink, wet, warm and looked fucking tight. He wondered if it could even take all of his inches. "Do you think you'll be able to talk all of me? To the balls?" he asked, looking up.  The neighbor was craning his neck to see. Could Terry be cheating on his wife with a teenager? Alexis looked up, seeing him, and smiled.
  79. Giving a little wave to the nosy neighbor, Alexis giggled and looked back down at Terry.  "Oh, yes.  I know so.  Now, stand up and go open that window.  Keep those panties where they are.  I am hot and need some air.  Then get your ass back here fast, and I might let you taste me..."  She looked back to the neighbor and gave a lewd wink, her free hand moving to pinch a nipple.
  81. "Of course, of course," Terry said, springing up and going over to open the window quickly. He didn't notice his neighbor, who couldn't believe his eyes. The girl, whilst full bodied and developed, didn't look more than sixteen or seventeen years old. And he thought Terry to be the most respectable, hardworking man on the block! He couldn't believe his eyes!
  83. Alexis couldn't believe her luck!  She wouldn't even need to brag; the whole fucking neighborhood would spill the beans for her!  Raising her voice, she spoke loud enough to be overheard, or so she hoped.  Terry looked perfectly ridiculous, panting and big-eyed, wearing her panties around his mouth like a surgeon's mask.  Repressing a snicker, she said, "Now, I think it is time to see what that big, glorious cock can do to my tiny little cunt!"  With that, she reached down and took him into her hands, stroking him up and down, watching him dribble pre-cum in his fevered state of arousal.  
  85. Terry took a seat on one of the kitchen chairs and let Alexis slowly stroke his huge cock off; it looked massive in her tiny, delicate hands. "Oh fuck yes..fuck yes.." he hissed, in bliss. "Fuck! Oh fuck! Do you swallow?" he asked.
  87. "Of course I do, baby," she said with a grin, moving to her knees.  She pushed back on the chair, positioning him so that the neighbor had a good view of her back and naked ass on her knees, gorging herself with Terry's cock.  Her hands wrapped around him, stroking up and down, as her lips and tongue went to work, licking and suckling him loudly.  She took the fat cockhead into her pouty lips, sucking her cheeks in as she swirled her tongue along the sensitive underside.  One hand slid to his balls, cupping and tugging them gently, the other holding him at the base, keeping him still for her head to bob on.
  89. The neighbor had called his wife, a woman known for the sheer amount of gossip she spread around the area like wildfire. If anyone needed to be known, she'd know it. And be happy to tell all. She nearly fainted at the sight - for here in front of her was Terry Jones, his head lolling back as he clearly groaned in pleasure. Between his legs, knelt a teenager - no more than seventeen years of age - giving him an enthusiastic blowjob, completely nude herself.
  91. Pulling her head off his cock a moment, Alex looked up to see Terry dead to the world, head back in pleasure, out of it.  She grinned and stroked him rapidly, looking over her shoulder to spy the neighbor man, now with a lady at his side.  Perfect!  She blew them both a silent kiss, letting them get a good look at her minor face, then turned back to Terry.  She said loudly, "Oh, baby, I need to feel that big fat cock in my tight little sixteen-year-old pussy!"  There was no need to throw her age into her plea, but she wanted to make damn sure they knew and heard through the window.  She stood up and dropped her eyes to his gleaming cock, licking her lips.
  93. Terry, without a doubt, was receiving the blowjob of his life but had absolutely no idea that the town gossip was in the audience, watching. She couldn't believe her eyes; it was like she had hit the goldmine of gossip - the neighborhood good guy, the pillar of the community, the all around decent family man Terry Jones was having his cock sucked by a busty teenager. Wait until everyone heard all about this!
  95. Alexis stood before him, wavering between wanting to feel that thick cock spreading her open and dying to finish that blowjob and get her reward for all the hard work of the day.  Additionally, being on her knees gave the busybodies plenty of time to look and maybe even snap a cell phone pic through the window, should they so desire!  She returned to her knees, hand on his thighs.  "Watch me," she instructed.  "Don't take your eyes off me, you hear?"  Without hesitation, she took him back into her mouth, slurping and groaning loudly around his thick shaft.  The head, pulsing and drooling precum, slid farther down her throat, butting up against the muscle at the back of her throat.  She slid a hand between his thighs, cradling his heavy balls, ticking the space behind them with one finger as she pressed forward, swallowing and popping him past the blockage, allowing the full 8 inches to sink into her hot, wet throat.
  97. After a few seconds of him growling and gargling with pleasure, something in Terry snapped. No longer the subordinate in the pairing, he stood up straight, grabbed the back of Alexis' head and began to fuck her throat hard, looking menacingly down into her eyes. The neighbors went wild - did you see that? Look at him! Can that really be Terry? Alexis couldn't believe her luck, finally seeing the dark and lust filled side to Terry, and showing his true colors to the gossiping neighbors across the street.
  99. Alexis squealed, her face impaled on 8 long hard inches.  Her pussy spasmed, twitching and oozing all the more.  A little moan came from her mouth, both hands lifting to his clenched buttocks.  Her plans and thoughts floated away a moment, feeling only this amazing fucking her mouth was getting.  Dropping one hand from his ass to her hungry little pussy, she began fingering herself, sloshing sounds filling the kitchen along with her grunts and moans of encouragement.
  101. Terry panted but withdrew his cock from her throat, wanting to pace himself and really enjoy fucking the teen cuntslut. He placed his hands on the nearby counter, before looking at Alexis intensely. "If you want to get fucked, get your ass upstairs," he said, breathing heavily.
  103. She did exactly that, squealing in happiness.  She bolted for the stairs, pausing to peek in each door she came to.  Guest room?  Nope.  Ugh, boring dark bedroom, probably his - no way.  Bathroom... Hall closet...  Ah!  "Jackpot," she murmured, throwing the door wide open to peer into what was obviously Tasha's bedroom.  She moved inside and reclined on the ridiculous pink little girl bed, legs spread wide, arms behind her head, a huge cat-who-ate-the-canary smile on her face.
  105. Terry downed a glass of water as his new fucktoy ran off gleefully. He quickly followed her after his drink and looked in his room; but she was nowhere to be seen. He checked the guestroom, but again - nothing. Where could she - no! No, not there. Surely not there. He walked to his daughter's room and opened the door; there was Alexis, already laid out on the bed. "Surely...surely not here..." he said, his common sense returning a little.
  107. She stared at Terry in the doorway, his fantastic erection pointing at her.  Sensing his hesitation, she laid her head back on the pillows and touched herself, hoping to entice him to join her without the need for words.  One hand to her breast, pinching and tugging a stiff nub, the other hand to her drenched sex, parting her pussy lips with her index and ring finger, letting her middle finger draw circles around her plumped up little clit.  She bit down on her lower lip and tried to look as hot as possible.
  109. Terry cocked his head for a moment. Fuck! Was that a car outside? He ran to the window to check, but it was just someone driving by, and turning around in their driveway. Alexis' phone went off, it was one of her bitch friends. "Lex, did ur fucking plan work?!" it read.
  111. Looking up at him as she heard him moving, Alex swore to herself.  "I'm losing him, damn it!" she muttered, slipping from the bed.  Gripping his arms to turn him from the window, she snatched the phone from his hands and said, "Don't worry about that, baby.  Just come on over here and let me see that sexy body some more!  Mmm, can't you see how hot you are getting me, Terry?"  She slid his hand to her crotch, letting his fingertips dip into her wetness.  As she watched him return his focus to her, she guided him to the bed, his hand playing with her pussy all the way.  She pushed him back to be seated on the bed and bent over in front of him, exposing herself to him.  Her full ass cheeks spread a bit, showing the tight little pucker, begging to be touched.  Assuring she had his full attention again, she grabbed the phone quickly, moaning a little in encouragement.  Her fingers flew over the keypad.  "Lyk a f-ing dream!  He's about 2 be balls deep in my honeypot! He is fucking done, along with his ho daughter!  LOL!  Call U when I get home!"  Pressing send, she waited to make sure the message sent and dropped it back to the table, looking over her shoulder again.
  113. A message came back: "ur such a slut, omg lol  Think u can send a pic without the idiot knowing? Is he big? DEETS!"  Terry was still looking out of the window, his conscience getting the better of him; he was a man conflicted. His heart and mind telling him one thing, his cock and balls another.
  115. When the phone gave off it's text message alert tone again, Alexis grabbed it, hiding the message from view, reading it with a grin.  Turning around, she looked down at him on the frilly pink bed, stiff cock begging to be touched.  She lifted one foot and placed it by his hip, spreading her legs wide open.  "C'mere, baby," she said with a smile.  "Gimme a little lick..."  Moving her hand to the back of his head, she rocked her hips forward and leaned way back, lifting her camera phone above them.  Hoping she had a good angle and a clear shot of his face zeroing in on her puss, she clicked the capture button.  Once more, her fingers moved across the keys expertly, typing out a message to tag the picture she sent to her friend.  "Tasha's daddy knows how 2 lick like a pro!  Wonder where she learned it, boys?  Right here at home!  LOL"
  117. Natasha's father may not be the hottest guy in the world, or have the greatest body, but if there were two things that were going for him in the bedroom was his huge, fucking cock and, second, his ability to eat pussy. Alexis' grin of delight at setting up her enemy quickly turned in an O of pleasure as his skills took her by surprise. He lapped at her hole before concentrating solely on her clit, occasionally looking up to watch her reaction as he ate her teenage pussy out.
  119. Keeping hold of her phone tightly in one hand, Alex gripped his head with the other, groaning in delight.  "Attaboy," she purred down to him.  "Taste that sweet nectar, baby.  You see how you have me?  Mmm, such a sexy man you are and I am one lucky little girl to have found such a horny, gifted thing!"  Her hips rocked on his face, covering him with her wetness, smearing her juice all over him.  
  121. Terry kept lapping, pulling on her clit with his lips before tickling it with his tongue. He knew what he was doing, that's for sure. A reply came through: "how hung is he? is he ACTUALLY good in bed? lmao!"
  123. She let him continue his sucking and licking of her young pussy, leaving her genuinely weak-kneed and shuddering in pleasure.  Almost forgetting her agenda, she let her head fall back, groaning.  The jingle of her text alert went off again, bringing her back to reality.  "Huge, 4 real.  Biggest cock I ever saw!  About to give it 2 him for good now and I'll let ya know!"  She sent off her text over his head, grinning.  "Mmm, enough of that, baby...  It's time for me to get fucked, good and proper!  Don't you agree?"  She hid her hand behind her back, covering the phone in her fingers.
  125. He wiped his mouth with the back of his hand, standing up quickly and jerking his cock off quickly. "Fuck yes," he growled, his eyes burning with an intense lust that made Alexis want to bounce all over him. She was still getting off on the fact this was Tasha's room - something Terry still couldn't believe.  Whilst the neighbors opposite gossiped and gossiped, Terry looked at his new toy. "How do you want it first?"
  127. "I want to feel that big prick splitting me open first!  I need to feel you inside me so bad," she said with genuine need, though her hand flipped her phone open once more, hidden from his view.  She crawled up onto Tasha's frilly bed, taking her pillows to lay under her tummy as she lay on the bed, ass and pussy exposed, way up high for him, legs spread.  She looked around, delighting in seeing Tasha everywhere: trophies and pictures and all her things, about to be tainted forever.
  129. Terry grabbed a hold of her curvy hips, and like a predator on its prey, he slipped quickly into her cunt - ramming her as fast as he could. It took just a few quick thrusts for all his eight, fat inches to be stuffed up her twat to the balls. "Oh fuck!" he cried out as he began slamming her, hard and fast. Unbeknownst to Terry, but right in the view of Alexis, was a picture of Terry and Natasha, smiling and hugging - perhaps on a birthday or some other happy day.
  131. She gasped, gritting her teeth at the sudden onset of pleasure Tasha's daddy provided her, far bigger than any other one she'd had in her young life.  "Yessss," she hissed.  "Fuck me, Terry, harder, just like that!"  Her tits scraped along the pink bedspread, the force of his thrusts pushing her forward, only to be drug back onto his rock hard cock by his hands on her hips.  Her blue eyes happened on the picture of the man currently stretching her open and her sworn enemy, captured in a sickeningly sweet family moment.  "Fucking bitch," she snarled.
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