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  1. def create_doc(doc: Dict[str, Any], HYDRUS_SERVER_URL: str = None,
  2.                API_NAME: str = None) -> HydraDoc:
  3.     """Create the HydraDoc object from the API Documentation.
  5.    Raises:
  6.        SyntaxError: If the `doc` doesn't have an entry for `@id` key.
  7.        SyntaxError: If the `@id` key of the `doc` is not of
  8.            the form : '[protocol] :// [base url] / [entrypoint] / vocab'
  10.    """
  11.     # Check @id
  12.     try:
  13.         id_ = doc["@id"]
  14.     except KeyError:
  15.         raise SyntaxError("The API Documentation must have [@id]")
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