Welcome to #sluts

Jun 29th, 2016
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  1. Welcome to #sluts
  2. You enter a 50s-esque diner through the brightly shining chrome and glass French entry, hinges a little sticky from neglect and translucent panels plastered with posters new and old advertising god knows what. The The smells of a diner, such as fresh food, coffee and cleaning products, are heavy in the air as one would expect, but sex, liquor and some barely identifiable varnish (scotch guard maybe?) tints these familiar standbys. Indeed, the longer you draw in the aroma the more scotch guard you realize must have been used on this place. No matter, you turn your head left, observing three couches and a recliner positioned around a stripper pole, the layout of the corner drawing your eye right, vision crossing a gap along the wall until it lands upon a polished and very traditional countertop bar setup, kitchen behind it and margarita dispenser whirling away upon it. As your head finishes its trajectory it slides over a line of 8 booths with vinyl bench seating enough for four (six if you are good friends) and a jukebox capping them off. In the furthest booth, labeled reserved, lounges a twentysomething anubian jackal in a three piece suit. All in all it is a strange sight, but welcoming. A fusion of old and new, practicality and fancy seemingly constructed as a love letter to an age gone but not forgotten, but with an eye to the now. Further inspection reveals three bathroom doors (male, female, unisex) and a metal door labeled dungeon. Welcome to #sluts.
  4. Ok, cool story bro, but what is #sluts?
  5. Sluts is an (E)RP room intended to provide a lightly moderated space for public roleplay and making new friends. The focus is on roleplay and as such being in character at all times is appreciated. (If you have to make an out of character remark parentheses are your friend.) There is going to be adult oriented roleplay going on at various times during the day, so make sure you are over 18, but there will also be more lighthearted or non-erotic roleplay as well, just depends on who is in the mood for what. The owner Anubis-Hotep is likely to be around but not necessarily focusing on the room, so make sure to ping or PM him if you need something. The ops right now are AmyVancarrot, Tycho and DingoYabuki so feel free to ask them for help if you are new. Solo and slutdragon are the mascots of #sluts and are almost always willing to give sexual favors if you ask politely (as are the ops, as it were). The key here is ASK POLITELY. Consent, politeness and cooperation are important in life but especially important in good RP, so practice them. Other than that, just have fun.
  7. So, are there rules here?
  8. First off, don’t post anything illegal because we will ban you.
  9. Second off, respect consent and the wishes of others. Non-con RP is awesome, but make sure your partner is happy and willing at all times. If it becomes clear you don’t respect consent you will be gone.
  10. Thirdly, tied to the last one, be a respectful partner. We can play around and be assholes to each other, but make sure it is just playing around and not intended to hurt. If someone does appear hurt we can smooth it out, but an unwillingness to play nice will get you kicked.
  11. Which brings us to the most important rule, DON’T BE A DICK. If you are a dick, you will be kicked. If you are rude, you will be kicked. If you try to change topics because you are loosing an argument you will get a cooldown. If you are being a drama llama you will get a cooldown. If Anubis-Hotep or an op decide you need a cooldown you will get a cooldown.
  12. Finally, I reserve the right to refuse service to anyone I choose because I’m not going to sit here and try to concoct bullshit reasons to ban someone who obviously needs banned. I don’t play that game. I’ve trolled enough myself to know when a failtroll has graced me with their presence. (Now, if you are looking to troll might I suggest stopping by #oim8 for helpful hints, tips and tricks.)
  14. Wait, what the fuck is a cooldown?
  15. A cooldown is a timeout. If you are being a pain or interrupting RP you will be given a cooldown. This means you have three options a) run away crying because you can’t handle any criticism, b) spend an hour (or however long is deemed necessary) out of room or c) spend an hour (or however long is deemed sexy) being the room’s slave. Basically if you act like a little kid Anubis-Hotep will treat you like one.
  17. Geography
  18. RPcentric rooms need a defined geography, here is a floorplan, learn it: (coming soon)
  20. Owner/ staff:
  21. Anubis-Hotep is a 6'2" jackal with lustrous, soft black coat. Medium build with very little deceptive fat on top of thick muscle. Wears a three piece charcoal suit with red tie almost all the time. Likes cuddles from the fairer sex. He owns this diner and is welcoming of all well-mannered patrons looking for fun.
  23. AmyVancarrot is a female European rabbit (oryctolagus cuniculus), grey-furred, slender, maybe four feet tall with her ears up and around three or so if they're lopped. Green-eyed. She has white underfur, ventrally and on her padless paws' undersides and sides (but not backs). Her skin is pink, but only visible at her nose, in her ears, and at the very edges of her lips. She’s an absolute sweetheart and if you are nice will move mountains for you.
  25. Tycho is a lazy fuck who needs to give me something to put here.
  27. DingoYabuki is pretty bitch with gold chainz and gucci swagge. Give him all your dicks and assholes.
  29. Solo is a 5'04", D-cup, chubby, pink-eyed huskygal with bright red fur, with a silky white patch of chest fluff.
  31. Slutdragon is a sexy toothless and will probably give me more to put here if they ever stop sucking/licking long enough to use their mouth as such.
  33. Regulars:
  34. ElectricFox is a young, submissive, bisexual (of course) male fox with electric-blue fur and a white underbelly. He wears black panties under running shorts most days, occasionally opting to go pantiless in a short skirt to make stretching his asshole easier for the locals. He likes messing with computers and being tied up (spank me with a keyboard daddy), and is cursed with being a shy exhibitionist (and also is an avid pervert I mean voyeur).
  36. Decimal is a beast known as a special snowflake, which looks like a mix of an eastern dragon and a unicorn. The front of their body and ends of their arms are covered with dark cream fur, the rest with green scales. They seem to be dressed up as a maid but it is questionable if that is because they work there or just because they are hoping to get more cock that way.
  38. Flannel is deermamma, all hail deermamma.
  40. Jessica is a supes cute wolf girl, slightly pudgy and therefore extra adorbz with her soft pale skin and black long hair complemented by her white and teal tail and ears ( As Anubis-Hotep is her owner and Daddy, she almost always sports a thick black and turquoise collar with sterling silver tag of ownership and enjoys walking around topless (and therefore extra sexy) most of the time.
  42. Nightfury is a Night Fury dragon, obviously. Usually anthro, sometimes feral. His tail is completely intact.
  44. NightFox is a fucking abomination. It is a jet-black fox with a big glowing cock hanging between its legs, its eyes glowing in the faint light of the moon. He is very dominant, but still enjoys taking it in the ass now and then. He has a green, 8 inch long (excluding knot), glowing cock with a softball-sized knot (3.5" diameter), colloquially known as a fucking mace. Has internal testes and a sheath because he is a fox ie NO SHIT. He leaks precum constantly when hard, making everything around him slick and disgusting.
  46. NymphMaleAngel was a dick, don't be a dick or else Deermama will forsake you (All hail Deermama).
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