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  1. {"id": "59067231bf4623585ed68d91", "name": "", "short_description": "General-purpose server run by the lead developer of Mastodon", "full_description": "This is just one part of the network, run by the main developers of the project 🐘 It is not focused on any particular niche interest - everyone is welcome as long as you follow our code of conduct!", "topic": null, "languages": ["en"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "illegalContentLinks", "spam", "advertising"], "categories": []}
  2. {"id": "5abb3e0c8e26a17641e82437", "name": "", "short_description": "A sex work-friendly social space.", "full_description": "NSFW content warning! Instance admins: please silence us to prevent NSFW avatars/content from appearing in your federated timelines until we can figure out a solution.\r\n\r\nIn light of the FOSTA/SESTA bill and the recent shadow-banning of our accounts, we’ve decided to take social into our own hands.\r\n\r\nThis is an open and free community and your space to advertise, release new shoots, announce tour dates and whatever else you’d like to do! It’s in your hands. It works similar to previous social networks but it’s censorship free!\r\n\r\n\r\n", "topic": "sex work", "languages": ["en"], "prohibited_content": ["illegalContentLinks", "spam"], "categories": ["adult"]}
  3. {"id": "58e423c8d525c115f34670dc", "name": "", "short_description": "A place for tech folks to discuss whatever interests them! Adheres to a code of conduct.", "full_description": "A place for tech folks to discuss whatever interests them! Adheres to a code of conduct. Blocks instances with hate speech and/or illegal content.", "topic": "Tech, software dev+design, nerd jokes", "languages": ["en"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_all", "pornography_nocw", "pornography_all", "spam", "advertising"], "categories": ["tech"]}
  4. {"id": "58efcc1e93ec4e6e86a76c1d", "name": "", "short_description": "This is a single-user Mastodon instance.", "full_description": "This is a single-user Mastodon instance.", "topic": null, "languages": ["en"], "prohibited_content": [], "categories": []}
  5. {"id": "58e6204a5002cc7716dd3eee", "name": "", "short_description": " is the mastodon social network instance maintained by La Quadrature du Net, digital freedom organization based in Paris", "full_description": " is maintained by La Quadrature du Net sysadmin team, a team of volunteers who monitor, upgrade and answer to reports on the services provided by La Quadrature to everyone. We also provide Jabber, Jitsi meet, Searx and Etherpad service to anyone who need it. \r\nOur policy has been specifically written by our team, and is available in French here :", "topic": null, "languages": ["en", "fr"], "prohibited_content": [], "categories": []}
  6. {"id": "58efd23d93ec4e6e86a76c30", "name": "", "short_description": " - because anarchy is much more fun with friends. For and by the chaos community.", "full_description": " - because anarchy is much more fun with friends.\r\ is a small Mastodon instance for and by the chaos community. We provide a small community space - be excellent to each other (and read the rules if you're not sure what that means).\r\n\r\nSince \"Be excellent to each other\" is much easier said than done, we have a (non-exhaustive) list of behaviours on our about page that may lead to deletion of toots, and silencing or suspension of accounts, if problems persist.", "topic": null, "languages": ["en", "de"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "illegalContentLinks", "spam", "advertising"], "categories": ["academia", "activism", "art", "books", "journalism", "lgbt", "tech"]}
  7. {"id": "58e10e8d72782604c488bd35", "name": "", "short_description": "Generalistic and moderated instance. All opinions are welcome, but hate speeches are prohibited.", "full_description": "Generalistic and moderated instance. All opinions are welcome, but hate speeches are prohibited.\r\n\r\nUsers who don't respect rules will be silenced, or suspended if they harass other people or if the the violation is considered too large.", "topic": null, "languages": ["en", "fr"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "illegalContentLinks", "spam"], "categories": []}
  8. {"id": "58e2a6b69c99175decef88c7", "name": "", "short_description": "The cutest general purpose safe instance. We love science and beautiful things. LGBT+ and PoC are welcome.", "full_description": " is a general purpose instance, where topics are mostly technical and scientific, but there's a bit of everything.\r\nFederates with everything, allows nearly everything lawful in France.\r\nModeration policy is explained in details on our /about/more page; it is a pretty safe space. Harassment, bullying, or hate speech are not tolerated.\r\nAs the definition is often forgotten and altered, a safe space is a community where people (especially women, PoC and LGBT+) are protected from oppression and everyday harassment. Our goal is for every member to feel safe and welcome. (but of course that doesn't apply if you break local rules by being aggressive towards someone else, for instance)", "topic": null, "languages": ["en", "fr"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "sexism", "racism", "spam", "advertising", "hateSpeeches", "harrassment"], "categories": []}
  9. {"id": "58e3ecaae1a16a694963891e", "name": "", "short_description": "Fast, secure and up-to-date instance, welcoming everyone around the world. Join us!", "full_description": "Why should you sign up on\r\n\r\nThis instance is not focused on any theme or subject, feel free to talk about whatever you want. Although the main language is english, we accept every single language and country.\r\n\r\nWe're connected to the whole OStatus/ActivityPub fediverse and we do not block any foreign instance nor user.\r\n\r\nWe do have rules (see below), but the goal is to have responsible users. So far we haven't had any issue with moderation\r\n\r\nThe instance uses a powerful server to ensure speed and stability, and it has good uptime. We follow state-of-the-art security practices. See below for more technical details\r\n\r\nAlso, we have over 300 custom emojis to unleash your meming potential 👍", "topic": null, "languages": ["en", "fr", "ja", "pt"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "illegalContentLinks", "spam", "advertising", "spoilers_nocw"], "categories": []}
  10. {"id": "5ba65fb202530563670824b2", "name": "", "short_description": "Be different, be free\r\nWe are! We are a generalistic and moderated Mastodon instance for people of all colors and sizes. ", "full_description": "Be different, be free\r\nWe are! We are a generalistic and moderated Mastodon instance for people of all colors and sizes. \r\n\r\nAs a general instance, we are not centered on a specific theme, or a specific language. Everyone is welcome as long as they follow the few rules we have.", "topic": null, "languages": ["ab", "aa", "af", "ak", "sq", "am", "ar", "an", "hy", "as", "av", "ay", "az", "bm", "ba", "eu", "be", "bn", "bh", "bi", "bs", "br", "bg", "my", "km", "ca", "ch", "ce", "ny", "zh", "cv", "kw", "co", "cr", "hr", "cs", "da", "dv", "nl", "dz", "en", "eo", "et", "ee", "fo", "fj", "fi", "fr", "gl", "lg", "ka", "de", "el", "kl", "gn", "gu", "ht", "ha", "he", "hz", "hi", "ho", "hu", "is", "io", "ig", "id", "ia", "ie", "iu", "ik", "ga", "it", "ja", "jv", "kn", "kr", "ks", "kk", "ki", "ky", "rn", "kv", "kg", "ko", "kj", "ku", "lo", "la", "lv", "li", "ln", "lt", "lb", "mk", "mg", "ms", "ml", "mt", "gv", "mi", "mr", "mh", "mo", "mn", "na", "nv", "ng", "ne", "nd", "se", "no", "nn", "oc", "oj", "cu", "or", "om", "os", "pi", "pa", "ps", "fa", "ff", "pl", "pt", "qu", "rm", "ro", "ru", "rw", "sm", "sg", "sa", "sc", "gd", "sr", "sh", "sn", "ii", "sd", "si", "sk", "sl", "so", "nr", "st", "es", "su", "sw", "ss", "sv", "tl", "ty", "tg", "ta", "tt", "te", "th", "bo", "ti", "to", "ts", "tn", "tr", "tk", "tw", "uk", "ur", "ug", "uz", "ve", "vi", "vo", "wa", "cy", "fy", "wo", "xh", "yi", "yo", "za", "zu"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_all", "spam", "spoilers_nocw"], "categories": ["academia", "activism", "adult", "anime", "art", "books", "furry", "games", "humor", "journalism", "lgbt", "music", "poc", "sports", "tech"]}
  11. {"id": "58f19472762338151ee6d8a9", "name": "", "short_description": "🐘Mastodon.ART🎨; Artists of all backgrounds art welcome & also your fun daily banter, commentary & cited fair-use art reviews too.\r\nArt‽ 🎨📸✏️🎥🖥️🕹️🖼️🎶💡💬", "full_description": "Art‽ 🎨📸✏️🎥🖥️🕹️🖼️🎶💡💬—Artists creating, illustrating, sketching, singing, musically inclined, photographing, sculpture, discussing & daily living too.\r\ — a place for your artwork of all types from visual, musical, peformance or ____. Also, fun banter, commentary & cited fair-use posts/art/reviews of others' art too. Replace your twitter, tumblr & Facebook! Welcome to y(our) free & open source decentralized life. doesn't monetize or profit off of your personal information—your information is never for sale. Export & leave for another instance anytime. No Brand, name or famous trademark squatting. Zero tolerance for harrassment or bullying — your account will be deleted. No Porn, No Loli, Artistic Form, No Bots & Respect Others", "topic": "Art, Music, Photography, Sculpture, Discussion & Generalistic too.", "languages": ["da", "nl", "en", "fr", "de", "ja", "sv"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "pornography_all", "illegalContentLinks", "spam", "advertising"], "categories": ["anime", "art", "furry", "games", "music"]}
  12. {"id": "58e11571a0edbc7317b4f531", "name": "", "short_description": "Big instance from germany, hosted with much love.", "full_description": "Updates are applied quickly.\r\n\r\nWe have no too strong rules but,\r\nOn our primary directive is:\r\n→ \"Be nice to each other!\"\r\n\r\nThe full CoC is here:", "topic": null, "languages": ["en", "de"], "prohibited_content": [], "categories": []}
  13. {"id": "58e4d48be4f3ee39913233ac", "name": "", "short_description": "Welcome to your niu world ! 💗 We are a cute and loving international community O(≧▽≦)O !", "full_description": "We are a moderated instance, that aren't supporting harassment nor hateful speech, so what set us apart? Well, unlike many instances like us, we won't prevent you to interact with instances that aren't respecting our rules.\r\nThe main language used here is English, but for most of us this isn't our main language, so it's a great place to learn! \r\n\r\nHere, we are open to any subjects, but the main ones are:\r\n- Fictions / Animes / Mangas / Comics\r\n- Gaming / e-Sport / Retro / Speedrun\r\n- Programming / Security / IT stuffs\r\n- Sometime politics / World events\r\n- Pictures and story from around the world <3 \r\n\r\nIf you want more infos, visit our instance ^-^ !", "topic": "💗 Friendly 🎎 Anime 🎮 Gaming 🖥️ Computer things", "languages": ["en", "fr"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "illegalContentLinks", "spam", "advertising", "spoilers_nocw"], "categories": ["anime", "games", "tech"]}
  14. {"id": "59d1a646cd5c687334b1b31b", "name": "", "short_description": "", "full_description": " -The most enjoyable instance-", "topic": "General Tech Develop Design Art Gaming Anime Friendly", "languages": ["zh", "en", "ja", "ko"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "illegalContentLinks", "spam", "advertising", "spoilers_nocw"], "categories": []}
  15. {"id": "59089f9ee50812648e3e22f8", "name": "", "short_description": "Leftist instance for progressives, socialists, anarchists, activists, environmentalists, vegans, anti-fascists, LGBTQ+, human rights activists, etc", "full_description": "[en] is a leftist Mastodon instance for progressives, socialists, anarchists, (left-wing) activists, environmentalists, vegans, anti-racists, anti-fascists, anti-capitalists, pirates, LGBTQ+, human rights activists, etc. Please join us!\r\n\r\n[nl] is een linkse Mastodonserver voor progressievelingen, socialisten, anarchisten, (linkse) activisten, milieubewuste mensen, vegans, antiracisten, antifascisten, antikapitalisten, piraten, LGBTQ+, mensenrechtenactivisten, enz. Meld je aan!", "topic": null, "languages": ["ca", "nl", "en", "de", "es", "fy"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "pornography_all", "spam", "advertising"], "categories": ["academia", "activism", "lgbt"]}
  16. {"id": "58f6077f762338151ee6dbb1", "name": "", "short_description": "Per als catalans al voltant del #fedivers. Catalan people around the #fediverse.", "full_description": " és una instància de Mastodon en català, per la comunitat de llengua i cultura catalana d'arreu d'internet.", "topic": "Catalunya, Catalonia, Catalan culture.", "languages": ["ca", "en", "es"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "pornography_all", "illegalContentLinks", "spam", "advertising", "spoilers_nocw"], "categories": []}
  17. {"id": "59ac76269164b77b5b1f371f", "name": "", "short_description": "A Mastodon instance for people who love FOSS/Linux.", "full_description": "What is\r\n\r\nFosstodon is a Mastodon instance that is dedicated to Free & Open Source Software, or FOSS as many call it. Fosstodon is for people who are interested in open source technology and the awesome community around it. Whether that be Linux, open source software like Firefox, or Mastodon itself. If you're interested in technology, Fosstodon is a great place to start.", "topic": "Technology, Linux, FOSS, Open Source, Software, Computers", "languages": ["en"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "nudity_all", "pornography_nocw", "pornography_all", "illegalContentLinks", "spam"], "categories": ["games", "tech"]}
  18. {"id": "58e400a5b4531557cb3e0e97", "name": "", "short_description": "Generalistic Instance", "full_description": "Generalistic Instance", "topic": null, "languages": ["en", "fr"], "prohibited_content": [], "categories": []}
  19. {"id": "5a09f2d41db03f66b0ad313e", "name": "", "short_description": "Game development!", "full_description": "Discussions by game developers, or about game development. Art, Design, Technology, QA, Support etc.; all aspects of game development topics are welcome.", "topic": "game development", "languages": ["en"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "pornography_all", "illegalContentLinks", "spam", "advertising"], "categories": []}
  20. {"id": "58e3f012e1a16a694963892e", "name": "", "short_description": "General interest plus programming, JavaScript, CSS, web. Purple-themed. 💜", "full_description": "See for full description", "topic": "General, web, JavaScript, CSS", "languages": ["en"], "prohibited_content": [], "categories": ["tech"]}
  21. {"id": "5a5084f1e92cf74aeed34b54", "name": "", "short_description": " ist eine Mastodon Instanz offen für alle netten Leute. :-)\r\ is a Mastodon instance open to nice people", "full_description": "Da \"Geht gut miteinander um\" einfach gesagt als getan ist, haben wir eine (nicht vollständige) Liste von Verhaltensweisen aufgestellt, die zu einer Löschung von Toots und zu einer Blockung von Accounts führen können, wenn die Probleme fortbestehen. Insbesondere tolerieren wir nicht:\r\n\r\n\r\n- Belästigung, Stalking, Doxxing\r\n- Rassismus, Sexismus, Beschimpfungen oder deren Befürwortung\r\n- Diskriminierung von Geschlechtern und sexuellen Minderheiten oder deren Befürwortung\r\n- Gewalttätige nationalistische Propaganda, Nazi-Symbolismus oder Förderung der Ideologie des Nationalsozialismus\r\n- Leute kontaktieren, die klar gemacht haben, dass sie keinen Kontakt wollen. Dogpiling\r\n- Nicht markierter sexueller Inhalt, Gewaltdarstellungen oder Werbung\r\n- Nicht getaggte oder automatisierte oder übermäßige Werbung\r\n- Bots, die ohne ihre expliziten Anfragen mit Nutzer interagieren\r\n\r\nBitte melden Sie Verhalten, das Sie stört. Das schließt Verhalten von anderen Instanzen mit ein - wir sind sehr gerne bereit, mit Asshole-Instanzen die Verbindung zu unterbrechen.\r\n\r\nBasierend auf dem \"About\" von verfügbar in deren Github-Repository.\r\n\r\n\r\nSince \"Be excellent to each other\" is much easier said than done, we have a (non-exhaustive) list of behaviours that may lead to deletion of toots, and silencing or suspension of accounts, if problems persist. In particular, we do not tolerate:\r\n\r\n- Harrassment, stalking, doxxing\r\n\r\n- Racism, sexism, verbal abuse or advocation thereof\r\n\r\n- Discrimination against gender and sexual minorities, or advocation thereof\r\n\r\n- Violent nationalist propaganda, Nazi symbolism or promoting the ideology of National Socialism\r\n\r\n- Contacting people who made clear they want no contact. Dogpiling/brigading\r\n\r\n- Untagged sexual content, gore, or advertisement\r\n\r\n- Untagged, or automated, or excessive advertisement\r\n\r\n- Bots interacting with users without their explicit requests\r\n\r\n\r\nPlease report behaviour that bothers you. That includes behaviour from other instances - we are very willing stop federating with asshole instances.\r\n\r\n\r\n(Based on the about of\r\n", "topic": null, "languages": ["en", "fr", "de"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "pornography_all", "illegalContentLinks", "spam", "advertising", "spoilers_nocw"], "categories": ["academia", "activism", "books", "journalism", "tech"]}
  22. {"id": "58e11ba6831c8311929844ab", "name": "", "short_description": "Beer and free software lovers - Friendly atmosphere - Our server is hosted in France. #nsfw allowed", "full_description": "Beer and free software lovers.\r\n #nsfw allowed\r\nOur server is hosted in France\r\n", "topic": null, "languages": ["en", "fr", "it", "es"], "prohibited_content": ["illegalContentLinks", "spam", "advertising"], "categories": []}
  23. {"id": "5902589f0c4b3c46f854d273", "name": "", "short_description": "An instance for researchers, teachers and students at all levels, one that you can be proud to put on the last slide of a presentation at a conference", "full_description": "A Mastodon instance for academics\r\n\r\nScholar Social is meant for: researchers, grad students, undergrads, academically inclined high schoolers, educators of all levels, journal editors, research assistants, librarians, archivists, administrators—anyone involved in academia who is willing to engage with others respectfully.\r\n\r\n\"A Mastodon profile you can be proud to put on the last slide of a presentation at a conference\"", "topic": "Academia, Research, Teachers, Students", "languages": ["en"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "illegalContentLinks", "spam", "advertising", "spoilers_nocw"], "categories": ["academia"]}
  24. {"id": "59c114fce760bf4183ed1668", "name": "", "short_description": "Mastodon Chinese Community Host\r\n长毛象中文站", "full_description": "CMX.IM是长毛象(Mastodon)的一个中文实例。Mastodon是一个开源的、符合GNU Social规范的去中心化社交网络,整个长毛象社区是由无数实例组成的。注册本社区后你不仅可以与本实例内的用户互动,并且可以与来自世界各地的其他实例中的用户无缝连接。 \r\n\r\n长毛象中文站主题为社交,科技,编程及生活。发言内容只要没有明显违法内容均不禁止。无论你的兴趣点是什么,我们欢迎友好、热情、乐于分享的朋友。 \r\n\r\n如果你不喜欢本站的主题或发言规则,可以从Instance List中选择更适合你的实例。记住,除非你选择实例明确阻隔了其他某个或某些实例,你永远可以和整个Mastodon社区的用户交互。记得到时候 哦。 \r\n\r\nMastodon的去中心化设计防止了社交数据被少数公司或团体垄断的风险,也大大增加了屏蔽及过滤的难度。如果你有兴趣动手搭建一个实例,请参考Github 官方文档。 \r\n\r\n你可以随时备份自己的微博并申请转移到其他实例中而无需担心因为实例运营者的问题导致的数据丢失。如果你有更多关于Mastodon的问题,请参考Github 官方FAQ。 \r\n\r\n本站原则上只使用官方Stable代码,所有包括汉化等问题将在Github上提交。有编程经验的朋友不妨加入我们一起来让长毛象更萌,更可爱吧。", "topic": "General, Anime, Tech, IT, Programming, 中文, 漫画, 技术, 编程", "languages": ["zh", "en", "ja"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "racism", "illegalContentLinks", "spam", "hateSpeeches", "harrassment", "spoilers_nocw"], "categories": []}
  25. {"id": "58fb79f63765484c460d738e", "name": "", "short_description": "Linux and Tech related conversations", "full_description": "Instance that focuses on Linux and Tech related conversations", "topic": "Linux Tech Geek Games Gaming ", "languages": ["en"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "nudity_all", "pornography_nocw", "pornography_all", "illegalContentLinks", "spam", "spoilers_nocw"], "categories": ["tech"]}
  26. {"id": "5a4b8e1ae92cf74aeed34b44", "name": "", "short_description": "by *BSD, for *BSD, on *BSD.  and for anyone.", "full_description": " is a *BSD-themed Mastodon Instance. General use is encouraged, and everyone is welcome as long as you follow our code of conduct! ", "topic": "bsd, openbsd, freebsd, netbsd, social, tech, security, nerdery", "languages": ["en"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "illegalContentLinks", "spam"], "categories": ["tech"]}
  27. {"id": "58e57d4741cd4f36ac1b6ec3", "name": "", "short_description": "This instance is focused around the furry community, and is open to anyone interested in it.", "full_description": "This instance is focused around the furry community, and is open to anyone interested in it. It was created by @Tiwy57 originally for a small group of furry friends, but thought it might as well be open to all fluffies and scalies !", "topic": "Furry", "languages": ["en", "fr"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "illegalContentLinks"], "categories": ["furry"]}
  28. {"id": "58f56fa0762338151ee6db68", "name": "", "short_description": "The Wandering Shop is a Mastodon instance initially geared for the science fiction and fantasy community but open to anyone.", "full_description": "The Wandering Shop is a Mastodon instance initially geared for the science fiction and fantasy community but open to anyone. We want our 'local' timeline to have the feel of a coffee shop at a good convention: tables full of friendly conversation on a wide variety of topics. We welcome everyone who wants to participate, so long as you're willing to abide by our code of conduct.", "topic": null, "languages": ["en"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "nudity_all", "pornography_nocw", "pornography_all", "illegalContentLinks", "spam", "advertising"], "categories": ["academia", "books", "games", "tech"]}
  29. {"id": "5b3d53b6eb7d1268832db103", "name": "", "short_description": "A Mastodon instance for scholars in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) and all who yearn to learn.", "full_description": "A Mastodon instance for scholars in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) and all yearning to learn. We do not silence or block any instances. Some Unique Features:  Inline math Latex support - Use \\ ( and \\ ) for inline LaTeX, and \\ [ and \\ ] for display mode.. 65,535 character limit for toots (usually 500). 65,535 character limit for profile bio (usually 160). Full text searches - usually you can only search hashtags and usernames. Halcyon / Twitter clone front-end - Want the interface to look exactly like the Twitter interface? After you signed up just go here to login: . PeerTube - We host our own PeerTube server with open registration for up to 100MB, but all of our active users get unlimited quotas. Sign up here: .Professionally hosted with nightly backups. light modern theme with full width columns (not fixed). Several extra themes - including mastodon default and mastodon default with full width columns (not fixed). We will never advertise on QOTO or sell your information to third-parties", "topic": "STEM (Science, Technology, Enginnering, Mathematics)", "languages": ["en"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "spam", "advertising", "spoilers_nocw"], "categories": ["academia", "activism", "books", "journalism", "lgbt", "poc", "tech"]}
  30. {"id": "5aeffa8cc8ec996cd1ee7de3", "name": "", "short_description": "A general instance with a solarpunk theme. Anarchist and green.", "full_description": "A friendly, diverse instance that focuses on creating a better future. Topics include Anarchism, Anticapitalism, technology, ecology, social justice, and much more - or anything you like!\r\n\r\nWe aim to provide a positive, inclusive space for people from different backgrounds and opinions that want to make the world a better place, one smell step at a time. Or just hang out with other cool people.\r\n\r\nWe are inspired by the solarpunk genre of art and literature.", "topic": null, "languages": ["en", "eo"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "illegalContentLinks", "spam", "spoilers_nocw"], "categories": ["activism", "art", "books", "tech"]}
  31. {"id": "58e7f68e8313ad45cf80418b", "name": "", "short_description": "Queer Party is a queer-oriented Mastodon instance which generally aligns itself with the policies and goals of a few other instances.", "full_description": "Queer Party is a queer-oriented Mastodon instance which generally aligns itself with the policies and goals of other instances such as, and, aiming as much as possible to be a safe space for its users. Federation is fully open, and operated in blacklist mode only, with the list being publicly available.", "topic": "Queerness encouraged, all are welcome.", "languages": ["en"], "prohibited_content": ["pornography_nocw", "illegalContentLinks", "spam", "advertising"], "categories": []}
  32. {"id": "5908ab11e50812648e3e2309", "name": "", "short_description": "Gaming without the 'gate", "full_description": "Elekk is a Mastodon instance for games of any type - from chess to World of Warcraft. We are explicitly feminist and inclusionary, and reject Gamergate and the culture that spawned it.", "topic": "Gaming", "languages": ["en"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "illegalContentLinks", "spam"], "categories": ["games"]}
  33. {"id": "58e999acdcd4660abedbef28", "name": "", "short_description": "Scifi.Fyi is a general-purpose mastodon instance that seeks to foster a welcoming and inclusive community!", "full_description": "Scifi.Fyi is a general-purpose mastodon instance that seeks to foster a welcoming and inclusive community!\r\n\r\nWe run glitch-soc, a version of mastodon with experimental new features! ", "topic": "General with a sprinkle of science fiction", "languages": ["en"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "pornography_all", "illegalContentLinks", "spam", "advertising", "spoilers_nocw"], "categories": []}
  34. {"id": "5ae084b4c8ec996cd1ee7d7d", "name": "", "short_description": "We host the tabletop community: casual gamers, hobbists, LARPers, game designers & publishers, artists, writer, vlogers, podcasters, reviewers, etc.", "full_description": "We are here to host the tabletop community as a whole. We welcome everyone that wants to be part of the community, casual gamers, hobbists, mini painters, LARPers, designers, publishers, distributor, RPG caracters, artists, writers, vlogers, podcasters, reviewers, actual game and more.\r\n\r\nThis is meant to be a positive and safe space for people to enjoy each other's ideas, opinion and have fun. To keep that way, the Code of Conduct, Rules and Etiquette will be applied and enforced thoroughly.", "topic": "tabletop, boardgame, game design, ", "languages": ["en"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "illegalContentLinks", "spam", "spoilers_nocw"], "categories": ["art", "games"]}
  35. {"id": "58e846688313ad45cf80422e", "name": "", "short_description": "foxes and fox-like creatures", "full_description": "The Vulpine Club is a community for foxes and their associates, friends, fans, and other furry (and non-furry) creatures. We're pretty friendly and welcoming. =^^=", "topic": "general, furry, queer, LGBTQ, foxes", "languages": ["en"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "illegalContentLinks", "spam"], "categories": ["art", "furry", "lgbt"]}
  36. {"id": "58e113f311c1a56b775b3933", "name": "", "short_description": " is a smaller community that believes in diplomatic moderation to help limit harm and encourage growth.", "full_description": "This space left blank for now", "topic": null, "languages": ["en"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "sexism", "racism", "illegalContentLinks", "spam", "advertising", "hateSpeeches", "harrassment", "spoilers_nocw"], "categories": []}
  37. {"id": "596e4934c952ef2e7ab4ecc4", "name": "", "short_description": "Anarchism Space is a Mastodon instance for left anarchists. No ancaps or primmies", "full_description": "General Rules\r\n    In particular, all forms of transphobia, misogyny, homophobia, racism, fat-shaming, ableism, engaging in harassment, and any kind of oppressive slurs are strictly prohibited, and will be dealt with in due course.\r\n    The server is under United States jurisdiction, as such US internet laws apply here. (For better or worse)\r\n    Porn and nudity are allowed, with NSFW tag on.\r\n    Content Warning HAS to be used for the following :\r\n        violence (text and medias)\r\n        stories including *phobias (text and medias)\r\n        sexual content (text and medias)\r\n    If someone isn't following the rules, please report their toot. The rules on this instance are not strict and exist simply to protect users from harassment", "topic": "anarchist", "languages": ["en"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "illegalContentLinks", "spam", "advertising", "spoilers_nocw"], "categories": ["activism"]}
  38. {"id": "58e5368fe463473fb7236bdd", "name": "", "short_description": " is a public Mastodon instance and federates with most instances in the Fediverse. Online since April 2017.", "full_description": " is a public Mastodon instance that's been running since April of 2017. We federate with other instances unless their community values are overwhelmingly incompatible with our Terms of Service. Our primary languages are English and German, but other languages are more than welcome.\r\n\r\ is maintained by an experienced sysadmin. User data is backed up to multiple locations at least once every hour to avoid data loss. We are hosted in France, with an additional server location in São Paulo, Brazil.", "topic": null, "languages": ["en", "de"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "illegalContentLinks", "spam"], "categories": []}
  39. {"id": "5901c5130c4b3c46f854d23d", "name": "", "short_description": "We welcome all LGBT+ people and allies all around the world! :)", "full_description": "We welcome all LGBT+ people and allies all around the world! We want to make this a friendly place and we try our best to help members out if they ever need. :)", "topic": "LGBT", "languages": ["en"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "illegalContentLinks", "spam", "advertising", "spoilers_nocw"], "categories": ["lgbt"]}
  40. {"id": "58e2fced21ace530cfec9c67", "name": "", "short_description": "Anticapitalist instance. Registrations invite-only. More infos on", "full_description": "Hello everyone! Basic social rules apply here, and the moderation follows up on each report. Every rule violation can end up in an account suspension.\r\n\r\n- In particular, all forms of transphobia, misogyny, homophobia, racism, fat-shaming, ableism, engaging in harrasment, insults, etc are strictly prohibited, and will be dealt with in due course. There is no tolerance on shit like this, accounts are suspended without talking, period.\r\n\r\n- wasn't designed for sensitive militant operations. Such operations shouldn't be discussed here, and on any other social network.\r\n\r\n- Our servers are under French jurisdiction. French laws do apply here. Illegal content will be deleted, and may lead to an account suspension.\r\n\r\n- Porn is allowed, with NSFW tag on. Porn without that tag will be deleted.\r\n\r\n- Content Warning HAS to be used for the following :\r\n* violence (text and medias)\r\n* stories including *phobias (text and medias)\r\n* sexual content (text and medias)\r\nPlease remember to use the NSFW tags for all of the above, are medias are displayed enven with Content Warning on.\r\n\r\n- Parody accounts are allowed, and are advised to specify that they are as such in their description or name.", "topic": "Anticapitalism / leftism / intersectional feminism", "languages": ["en", "fr"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "sexism", "racism", "spam", "advertising", "hateSpeeches", "harrassment"], "categories": []}
  41. {"id": "5a6811a863008a32652aff1f", "name": "", "short_description": "A social space for anyone in data, visualization, creative coding, and related arts and research.", "full_description": "A social space for anyone in data, visualization, creative coding, and related arts and research. Share your work, discuss, critique, and ask for help! Come one, come all:\r\n\r\n→ creative coders\r\n→ data scientists and visualizers\r\n→ generative artists\r\n→ visual researchers, curators, and critics\r\n→ anyone else data- or visualization-adjacent\r\n\r\nIf you are curious about the world and creativity, you are welcome here.", "topic": "data code visualization arts design", "languages": ["en"], "prohibited_content": ["pornography_nocw", "pornography_all", "illegalContentLinks", "spam", "advertising"], "categories": ["art"]}
  42. {"id": "5b7c4b83a6abe47c06ef8979", "name": "", "short_description": "This Mastodon instance is for people interested in Ruby, Rails, and Ruby-related topics.", "full_description": "For anyone who's interested in or working with Ruby, or related technologies. We want to be a friendly community of communities, discovering new people and welcoming them into the happiness that is programming with Ruby :-)\r\n\r\nDiscussions don't need to be about Ruby, but you'll get more out of this instance if that's one of your interests.", "topic": "ruby", "languages": ["en"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "nudity_all", "pornography_nocw", "pornography_all", "illegalContentLinks", "spam", "advertising", "spoilers_nocw"], "categories": ["tech"]}
  43. {"id": "596381a67c6b064c7475e55c", "name": "", "short_description": "A queer community of monsters, creatures, and lovers of strangeness.", "full_description": "Monsterpit is a small, friendly, and very queer community of monster and creature lovers.\r\n\r\nWe provide a relaxing space for folks to embrace strangeness with a love that spans from casual admiration to kinky teratophile.\r\n\r\nThrough monsters, we can express queer identity, sexuality, and spirituality in a world that often fears us.\r\n\r\nWhether you love the strange or are the strange, you'll find a home here.", "topic": "monsters, creatures, queer, kink, art, roleplay, general", "languages": ["en"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "illegalContentLinks", "spam", "spoilers_nocw"], "categories": ["adult", "furry", "lgbt"]}
  44. {"id": "5ad6908aef5dd72e9d37e06e", "name": "", "short_description": "Eldritch Café est une instance Mastodon pour les personnes queers, féministes et anarchistes ainsi que pour leurs sympathisant·e·s.", "full_description": "Eldritch Café est une instance Mastodon se voulant accueillante pour les personnes queers, féministes et anarchistes ainsi que pour leurs sympathisant·e·s. Nous sommes principalement francophones, mais vous êtes les bienvenu·e·s quelque soit votre langue.\r\n\r\nLes règles de Eldritch Café sont les suivantes :\r\n1. Ne participez pas à du harcèlement, sous quelque forme que ce soit.\r\n2. Ne rendez pas publiques des conversations privées, sauf à l’équipe de modération en cas de signalement.\r\n3. Les injures raciales, sexistes ou oppressives en général vous vaudront d’être suspendu·e, même utilisé·e·s dans des conversations non-publiques.\r\n4. Il est permis de poster de la pornographie ou de la nudité sur l’instance, mais seulement en marquant le contenu concerné comme sensible et en aucun cas sur un fil public.\r\n5. Soyez gentil⋅les les un⋅es avec les autres.", "topic": null, "languages": ["en", "fr"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw"], "categories": ["activism", "lgbt"]}
  45. {"id": "5a650dfd46fe0471227f1194", "name": "", "short_description": " is a cozy Glitchsoc instance for people who like to sleep!", "full_description": " is a cozy little Glitchsoc instance for people who like to sleep! We also offer email forwarding and will soon offer XMPP. We're especially friendly to users with multiple accounts, with a few custom-made features for that.", "topic": null, "languages": ["en"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "illegalContentLinks", "spam", "advertising", "spoilers_nocw"], "categories": []}
  46. {"id": "5a5a96ac619ced2ac329b27d", "name": "", "short_description": "Welcome to the 8th Layer of Madness. Every human is welcome. Topics are mostly Linux, Anime, Music, Software, ...", "full_description": "\"Don't be a dick\", and really don't push it", "topic": null, "languages": ["en", "de"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "spam", "advertising"], "categories": ["academia", "adult", "anime", "art", "books", "games", "music", "tech"]}
  47. {"id": "5b7bb4a7a6abe47c06ef8971", "name": "", "short_description": "Second hungarian mastodon instance", "full_description": "Hungarian (second) mastodon instance. Now its alpha stage. Mainly hungarian, some english. Lot of cats and unicorn.", "topic": null, "languages": ["en", "hu"], "prohibited_content": ["illegalContentLinks", "spam", "advertising"], "categories": ["academia", "activism", "adult", "anime", "art", "books", "furry", "games", "humor", "journalism", "lgbt", "music", "poc", "sports", "tech"]}
  48. {"id": "58ed10450b92cf2bc395326a", "name": "", "short_description": "Exclusive or something", "full_description": "We are an international instance with no particular focus on any specific theme, a short and memorable domain, and a lightly moderated friendly community.", "topic": null, "languages": ["en", "de", "hu"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "illegalContentLinks", "spam", "advertising"], "categories": []}
  49. {"id": "591105917309a4750c3d397c", "name": "", "short_description": "Writing Exchange is a small, focused community for poets, writers, bloggers, and anyone else who makes things.", "full_description": "We're an inclusive community that welcomes all, as long as you're kind and respectful to others. We aim to provide an environment where you feel comfortable enough to participate freely and authentically.", "topic": "writing", "languages": ["en"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "pornography_all", "illegalContentLinks", "spam"], "categories": []}
  50. {"id": "58eee5bf463e1078268a971d", "name": "", "short_description": "Computer Fairies is a Mastodon instance that aims to be as queer, friendly and furry as possible. We welcome all kinds of computer fairies!", "full_description": "Guidelines:\r\n1. We (the admins) will not tolerate any sort of discrimination\r\n2. Basically, don't be a jerk and you'll be ok\r\n3. We reserve the right to remove anyone from this instance for being a jerk at our discretion, after fair warning depending on the case.\r\n\r\nBlocked Instances:\r\nAll blocked instances have media blocks regardless of block type.\r\nPlease refer to for an up-to-date list of blocked instances.", "topic": null, "languages": ["en"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "sexism", "racism", "illegalContentLinks", "spam", "advertising", "hateSpeeches", "harrassment", "spoilers_nocw"], "categories": []}
  51. {"id": "5902e7820c4b3c46f854d296", "name": "", "short_description": "A Mastodon instance for maths people. We have LaTeX rendering in our toots!", "full_description": "A Mastodon instance for maths people. We have LaTeX rendering in our toots!\r\n\r\nOperated by and", "topic": "Mathematics, math, maths, whatever you call it", "languages": ["en"], "prohibited_content": [], "categories": ["academia"]}
  52. {"id": "58e11af3831c8311929844aa", "name": "", "short_description": " is a mastodon instance for people who like the stellation of the 20-sided convex regular polyhedron.", "full_description": " is a mastodon instance for people who like the stellation of the 20-sided convex regular polyhedron.\r\n\r\nOther polyhedrals can come too I guess.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nT A N A S I N N ", "topic": "Stellated Platonic Solids", "languages": ["en"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "sexism", "racism", "spam", "hateSpeeches", "harrassment"], "categories": []}
  53. {"id": "5b7001beba0ea153975ca1f7", "name": "", "short_description": "For libertarians, ancaps, anarchists, voluntaryists, agorists, etc to sound off without fear of reprisal from jack, zuck, et al.", "full_description": "Liberdon is a Mastodon instance for libertarians, ancaps, anarchists, voluntaryists, agorists, etc to sound off without fear of reprisal from jack or zuck. It was created in the wake of the Great Twitter Cullings of 2018, when a number of prominent libertarian accounts were suspended or banned.", "topic": "politics, liberty, libertarian, anarchy", "languages": ["en"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "pornography_all", "spam", "advertising"], "categories": ["academia", "activism", "journalism", "tech"]}
  54. {"id": "5b49f3a064f5590143c96231", "name": "", "short_description": "TootWorld allows you to consume content you enjoy uninterrupted. Your feed is chronological, ad-free and non-algorithmic.", "full_description": "Without an incentive to sell you things, TootWorld allows you to consume content you enjoy uninterrupted. Your feed is chronological, ad-free and non-algorithmic. You decide who and what you want to see!", "topic": null, "languages": ["ab", "aa", "af", "ak", "sq", "am", "ar", "an", "hy", "as", "av", "ay", "az", "bm", "ba", "eu", "be", "bn", "bh", "bi", "bs", "br", "bg", "my", "km", "ca", "ch", "ce", "ny", "zh", "cv", "kw", "co", "cr", "hr", "cs", "da", "dv", "nl", "dz", "en", "eo", "et", "ee", "fo", "fj", "fi", "fr", "gl", "lg", "ka", "de", "el", "kl", "gn", "gu", "ht", "ha", "he", "hz", "hi", "ho", "hu", "is", "io", "ig", "id", "ia", "ie", "iu", "ik", "ga", "it", "ja", "jv", "kn", "kr", "ks", "kk", "ki", "ky", "rn", "kv", "kg", "ko", "kj", "ku", "lo", "la", "lv", "li", "ln", "lt", "lb", "mk", "mg", "ms", "ml", "mt", "gv", "mi", "mr", "mh", "mo", "mn", "na", "nv", "ng", "ne", "nd", "se", "no", "nn", "oc", "oj", "cu", "or", "om", "os", "pi", "pa", "ps", "fa", "ff", "pl", "pt", "qu", "rm", "ro", "ru", "rw", "sm", "sg", "sa", "sc", "gd", "sr", "sh", "sn", "ii", "sd", "si", "sk", "sl", "so", "nr", "st", "es", "su", "sw", "ss", "sv", "tl", "ty", "tg", "ta", "tt", "te", "th", "bo", "ti", "to", "ts", "tn", "tr", "tk", "tw", "uk", "ur", "ug", "uz", "ve", "vi", "vo", "wa", "cy", "fy", "wo", "xh", "yi", "yo", "za", "zu"], "prohibited_content": [], "categories": ["academia", "activism", "adult", "anime", "art", "books", "furry", "games", "humor", "journalism", "lgbt", "music", "poc", "sports", "tech"]}
  55. {"id": "5b45394bfa6236722f762a19", "name": "", "short_description": "An instance primarily focused on providing a safe(r) space for Trans Women.", "full_description": "Your home for shit posting and existential dread. was started as an instance focused primarily on giving trans femmes a voice and a place to vent. If you experience trans-misogyny or are sick of being moderated by cis folks who may not have your interests in mind, this is the place for you.", "topic": null, "languages": ["en", "fr"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "advertising"], "categories": ["activism", "adult", "lgbt", "tech"]}
  56. {"id": "5b8197e9e80ab079b280c14a", "name": "", "short_description": "This is a general, casual instance for cool and chill people with a 90s chat room aesthetic.", "full_description": "A cool and chill place for cool and chill people. LGBT+-friendly and moderated. The sort of place we used to hang out at before the Internet got paved over and turned into a mall. Generally leftist.", "topic": null, "languages": ["en"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "illegalContentLinks", "spam", "advertising"], "categories": ["games", "humor", "lgbt"]}
  57. {"id": "5b7a5d788ec14f5384705951", "name": "", "short_description": "Are you a witch? Are you two witches? Do you want to cast spells far, far away from fascists and jerks? Hello,", "full_description": " is a place for witches of all kinds to cast spells and have a good time ending capitalism and generally enjoying ourselves. We actively moderate and block federation with bad-faith instances for a high quality and safer experience. With an ever-growing library of great emoji available and unique theming, what are you waiting for? Join the coven!", "topic": null, "languages": ["en", "fr", "pt"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "illegalContentLinks", "spam", "advertising"], "categories": ["activism", "art", "furry", "games", "lgbt", "poc", "tech"]}
  58. {"id": "58efbea893ec4e6e86a76c08", "name": "", "short_description": "去中心化社群架設的去中心化社群網站\r\n", "full_description": "A decentralized social network hosted by a decentralized community.\r\n\r\n\r\nWe have a code of conduct here: <a href=\"\"></a>\r\n\r\n\r\n去中心化社群架設的去中心化社群網站\r\n本站參與守則:", "topic": null, "languages": ["zh", "en"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "nudity_all", "pornography_nocw", "pornography_all", "sexism", "racism", "illegalContentLinks", "spam", "advertising", "hateSpeeches", "harrassment", "spoilers_nocw"], "categories": []}
  59. {"id": "5b7988378ec14f5384705943", "name": "", "short_description": "Australian focused Instance", "full_description": "Instances and services all hosted in Australia for Australians", "topic": "Australia", "languages": ["en"], "prohibited_content": ["spam"], "categories": []}
  60. {"id": "5b6df211ba0ea153975ca1ef", "name": "", "short_description": "Moin! Dies ist eine Mastodon Instanz für Nordlichter, Schnacker und alle anderen.", "full_description": "Moin! Dies ist eine Mastodon Instanz für Nordlichter, Schnacker und was sonst noch so aus dem Norden kommt. Egal ob aus Bremen, Hamburg, Oldenburg oder direkt von der Küste. Natürlich sind auch alle anderen willkommen! Die Instanz nimmt sich auch die nordischen Stadtstaaten zum Vorbild wenn es um Mitbestimmung geht.", "topic": null, "languages": ["en", "de"], "prohibited_content": ["illegalContentLinks", "spam"], "categories": []}
  61. {"id": "5a50dba7e92cf74aeed34b56", "name": "", "short_description": "猫娘领域×激萌的Mastodon社交频道 | 猫娘領域×激萌えなMastodon社交チャンネル | Neko × Domain a lovely Mastodon instance", "full_description": "一个由无盈利的hitorino运营维护的Mastodon实例,可使用中文、日语及英语交流。\r\n致力于打造最萌最友好的平等的二次元社交氛围!可以通过访问我们的官网 来获取更多资讯。\r\n非営利的団体hitorinoより運営しておる実例でございます。日本語、英語、中国語などで交流可能。ナンバーワンの激萌えで友好的、平等な二次元交流雰囲気を作ることを目指す!\r\n詳しくは公式サイトへ\r\nA lovely Mastodon instance powered by Hitorino. Hitorino is a nonprofit project. You can speak Chinese, Japanese and English. You can visit our official website", "topic": null, "languages": ["zh", "en", "ja"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "nudity_all", "pornography_nocw", "pornography_all", "illegalContentLinks", "spam", "advertising"], "categories": ["anime", "lgbt", "tech"]}
  62. {"id": "5944cca8c2fd2e213aec4666", "name": "", "short_description": "A community for those who have none.", "full_description": "A place for the marginalized, those pushed out of society, the wretched of the earth. \r\n\r\nWe can be your home. Your place of comfort and solace. \r\n\r\nEveryone is welcome, but our priorities are for those who need the most community and most help.", "topic": null, "languages": ["en"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "illegalContentLinks", "spam", "advertising"], "categories": ["activism", "lgbt"]}
  63. {"id": "58e277ff3f67c310eab28cb6", "name": "", "short_description": "Instance Mastodon francophone et avec une modération active. Mostly French-speaking Mastodon instance with active moderation.", "full_description": " est une instance Mastodon francophone et avec une modération active. French-speaking Mastodon instance with active moderation.\r\n\r\nRègles :\r\n\r\nAucun type de harcèlement ou de (micro-)agression n'est toléré, qu'elles soient personnelles ou relèvent d'un système oppressif (misogynie, racisme, LGBTphobies/queerphobie, validisme, etc.). De même pour la promotion de ces oppressions et des mouvements politiques associés (masculinisme, suprémacisme, etc.).\r\n\r\nLa pornographie et la nudité sont tolérées pour le moment, mais doivent être obligatoirement indiquées comme NSFW. De même pour contenus sensibles/choquants, qui doivent avoir un Content Warning approprié.\r\n\r\nSauf exception accordée par l'admin, les publicités sont bannies de cette instance.", "topic": null, "languages": ["en", "fr"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "illegalContentLinks", "spam", "advertising", "spoilers_nocw"], "categories": ["academia", "activism", "lgbt", "tech"]}
  64. {"id": "5a3be5a567eb6930d0cf7400", "name": "", "short_description": "And instance for tech-lovers and small-business founders of the Ruhr area in Germany", "full_description": " Welcome to Ruhr.Social, your mastodon instance for everything regarding the Ruhr area in Germany. We want to be a platform for tech-lovers, nerds and founders of small businesses and provide an ad-free and social place to talk for you.\r\n\r\nHave fun :)\r\n\r\nThis instance is made possible by the awesome people at 9elements", "topic": "An instance for the Ruhr area in Germany", "languages": ["en", "de"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "illegalContentLinks", "spam", "advertising", "spoilers_nocw"], "categories": ["tech"]}
  65. {"id": "58e25d6a8fc23f4d8fc8620e", "name": "", "short_description": "This is an open mastodon instance for social justice activists, LGBTQIA+ people, and people who are aware of such subjects and care about them. ", "full_description": "The instance has multiple goals, the most important of all being making everyone on here feel as safe as possible. Other goals include letting users manage their social life easily and securely, making this instance a nice community with a shared expression space, and making the fediverse better. \r\n\r\nRight now, the only admin and moderator is @wxcafe. This might change in the future, and will be reflected on this page. Please report any content breaking the rules highlighted on this page using the report function. We don't hesitate to moderate posts, to silence and/or suspend users, local or remote, and instances. In France we like to think of this as \"Censure Communautariste\".\r\n\r\n\r\n This server is run on a server paid for by @wxcafe, hosted on Vultr. The server is a 4GB RAM, 2 vCores, 60G disk VPS. It costs $20/months, and is financed using Patreon\r\nThe bot @server_status posts information about the status of the server every once in a while, be it graphs about the ressources, number of users and toots, etc...", "topic": "LGBTQIA+, social justice, activism, tech", "languages": ["en", "fr"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "sexism", "racism", "illegalContentLinks", "spam", "advertising", "hateSpeeches", "harrassment"], "categories": []}
  66. {"id": "58e2d02c21ace530cfec9c5d", "name": "", "short_description": "An instance for open source developers, free culture community and dreamers.", "full_description": "Nasqueron is a budding community of creative people, writers, developers and thinkers. We focus on free culture, ethics and to be a positive change. We share values like respect, justice and equity.\r\n\r\nYou'll find here like-minded people to connect to, hang out, and build projects.\r\n\r\nWe focus on free culture, ethics and to be a positive change. When we develop a project, our software is open source our datasources and content are licensed under CC-BY-SA or CC-BY license. We share values like respect, justice and equity.\r\n\r\nWe like experiments, originality and to discover new things.\r\n\r\nWe are Nasqueron.", "topic": null, "languages": ["en", "fr"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "spam"], "categories": ["art", "books", "tech"]}
  67. {"id": "59f3b679fe93291dbea81108", "name": "", "short_description": "Dragons and people who like dragons. Civilized adults only, please. ❤️🐉🔥\r\n\r\nAlso we have dragon-sized toots: 7777 characters.", "full_description": "An instance run by some trans lady who draws and likes to pretend she's a dragon.\r\n\r\n① Harshing @anthracite’s buzz will get you banned.\r\n② Dragons are awesome.\r\n③ An it harm none, do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.\r\n④ Be Excellent To One Another.\r\n⑤ So it hath been spoken, so it hath been written, and so shall it be. Consecrated by Ye Holy Herb Of Ye Glacier Goo, in the Year Of Our Silicon Lady Number ❺.", "topic": "social justice witches, general bullshit", "languages": ["en"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "illegalContentLinks", "spam", "advertising"], "categories": []}
  68. {"id": "5aecdac5db4cc9363ece0af3", "name": "", "short_description": "A new mastodon instance is born. I plan to run this permanently, so feel free to join", "full_description": "New Mastodon instance run from Spain, by a German in a french Data Center. I plan to keep this instance up, along with my Disapora* node Feel free to join, open to all. No topics are forbidden, just respect the privacy of others. ", "topic": null, "languages": ["ca", "en", "fr", "de", "es"], "prohibited_content": ["spam"], "categories": []}
  69. {"id": "5928e609a5710a01a9a09439", "name": "", "short_description": "Mastodon 国服", "full_description": "请勿在本节点讨论违反中国和中国香港法律规定的言论\r\n请勿讨论政治、色情、暴力、恐怖主义、民族仇恨等相关法律禁止的言论\r\n请勿在本节点发广告和 Spam\r\n违者封号处理", "topic": null, "languages": ["zh", "en", "ja"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_all", "pornography_all", "illegalContentLinks", "spam", "advertising", "spoilers_nocw"], "categories": ["anime", "music", "tech"]}
  70. {"id": "5acaf9dc3366f24a20cfbbc9", "name": "", "short_description": "A Mastodon instance for the University of Twente community.", "full_description": "A Mastodon instance for the University of Twente community.\r\nMembership is restricted to students, alumni and employees of the University of Twente.\r\nContent posted on this instance does not reflect the opinions or policies of the University of Twente.", "topic": null, "languages": ["nl", "en"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "pornography_all", "illegalContentLinks", "spam", "advertising"], "categories": ["academia"]}
  71. {"id": "58e4c18a5f8fef67c788303d", "name": "", "short_description": "Unixcorns project instance, mostly french speaking", "full_description": "Une instance Mastodon tenue à jour quotidiennement et fournie par Unixcorn. Hébergée en Allemagne, l'un de ses objectif premier est la transparence mais nous vous invitons à lire l'ensemble des règles d'utilisation. Notre modération est collaborative, n’hésitez surtout pas à rapporter tout contenu problématique !\r\n\r\nNotre instance est bien sûr régie par des règles spécifiques. Premièrement aucun sexisme, racisme, homophobie validisme, âgisme, grossophobie ou psychophobie, etc n’est toléré. Tout message de haine est proscrit, les fascistes et leurs copains nazis sont directement bannis. Dans un autre registre, la publication de spam, de contenu pornographique non désigné comme tel avec un “Content Warning” (CW) mènent aussi à une exclusion du serveur. Cette instance Mastodon se veut inclusive et bienveillante, ainsi nous bannirons sans prévenir et sans regret. Les comptes bannis ne sont plus accessibles depuis notre instance, vous ne pouvez plus voir leur contenu ni les suivre.\r\nNous encourageons nos utilisateur-ice-s à utiliser la fonction de rapport (“Report”) pour nous faire part du contenu et/ou des comptes allant à l’encontre de nos règles. D'ailleurs si celles-ci ne vous conviennent pas, ne râlez pas, trouvez simplement un autre serveur.\r\nNous essayons aussi de mettre en avant l’aspect activiste de notre démarche. Si vous êtes un-e commercial-e, communiquant-e, travaillant dans le #digital, chez Orange ou la #FrenchTech sachez que vous n’êtes pas le/la bienvenu-e. Pendant que nous y sommes si l’écriture inclusive vous dérange sachez que vous n'êtes qu'à un clic de souris de la sortie.\r\nNotre réseau social, et son réseau entier selon nous, est dédié à la réappropriation des moyens de communication et à la création de communautés meilleures pour le collectif. Les catégories de personnes citées dans le paragraphe précédent n'oeuvrant pas du tout (allant même dans le sens contraire) à la réalisation de ces objectifs, elles sont logiquement pas les bienvenues. Merci de rapporter leur présence si vous les croisez sur notre serveur.", "topic": "Queer activism, tech enthusiasm, leftists ++++", "languages": ["en", "fr"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "illegalContentLinks", "spam", "advertising", "spoilers_nocw"], "categories": ["activism", "lgbt", "poc", "tech"]}
  72. {"id": "5ae9f0afdb4cc9363ece0ae9", "name": "", "short_description": "Mastodon instance hosted in Norway, for general usage.", "full_description": "Mastodon instance hosted in Norway, for general usage.", "topic": null, "languages": ["en", "no", "nn"], "prohibited_content": [], "categories": ["games", "tech"]}
  73. {"id": "5a8370e30895790792c0a633", "name": "", "short_description": "Art Alley is a Mastodon server for artists and commissioners", "full_description": "Art Alley is a Mastodon server for artists and commissioners. Share your finished pieces, works in progress, changes to your commissions status and your livestreams.\r\n\r\nMany platforms shun adult content. This place celebrates it. This server is hosted by an artist community: No matter which Sillicon Valley startups come and go, this place can remain as long as the community remains.", "topic": "Art", "languages": ["en"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "illegalContentLinks", "spam", "advertising"], "categories": ["adult", "art"]}
  74. {"id": "5958bb04753a1b5ac0a52b54", "name": "", "short_description": "A Mastodon instance for Metal music fans. Hosted in Germany with 100% green energy.", "full_description": "A Mastodon instance for Metal music fans. This Mastodon instance addresses Metal music fans, but can be used by other users as well :-)  ", "topic": "Metal", "languages": ["en", "de"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "pornography_all", "illegalContentLinks", "spam"], "categories": ["music"]}
  75. {"id": "5a0d669529997d1175430152", "name": "", "short_description": "Hispagatos, an Anarcho hacker collective, all social anarchist, hackers, anarchist hackers, anarcho hackers, activists, lefty's", "full_description": "Hispagatos is an Anarcho hacker collective that resolves around the <a href=\"\"><b>Hacker ethics</b> of Steven levy</a> and <a href=\"\">Libertarian <b>socialist</b></a> ideas. We work hard to preserve decentralization,security and privacy in cyberspace and motivate towars  an horizontal  and non hierarchical mutialist society where technology is made by people for the people not by corporate masters to control people. a(A)a", "topic": "hacking activism social-justice  privacy anarchism socialism decentralization internet-freedom", "languages": ["en", "es"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "nudity_all", "pornography_nocw", "pornography_all", "spam", "advertising"], "categories": []}
  76. {"id": "5b757a45e5583c6f3354cf59", "name": "", "short_description": "Comfy queer space.", "full_description": "🏳️‍🌈 The best tl;dr for this instance would be “cosy queer space”.\r\n\r\nIn light of Twitter’s recently more and more blatant veer towards full-on nazi platforming, and their history of banning queer people and separating us from our support networks for reasons such as “being suicidal”, “saying fuck” and “breathing”, this place exists as a refuge for those of us who are just tired of it all.\r\n\r\nWe absolutely will not platform nazis, we will not ban people for reaching out for help from their network, and we will aggressively blacklist users and instances facilitating harassment of our members.\r\n\r\nYou don’t have to be queer to sign up for an account, just don’t be a nazi, and don’t harass anybody!", "topic": "queer culture", "languages": ["en"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "illegalContentLinks", "spam", "advertising", "spoilers_nocw"], "categories": ["lgbt"]}
  77. {"id": "5a80b0e6b0dc0f6e0defeefc", "name": "", "short_description": "A community centered on the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota, and their surrounding region.", "full_description": "A community centered on the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota, and their surrounding region.\r\n\r\nA home for diaspora of other social networks that have connected people in the region in the past, that have either died away or driven users off with unethical or anti-social policies.", "topic": "Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota social, political, and regional concerns (and the lives of those concerned)", "languages": ["en"], "prohibited_content": [], "categories": ["academia", "activism", "journalism", "lgbt"]}
  78. {"id": "5a7d12dada9eb14242febfcc", "name": "", "short_description": "Plural Café is a community for plural systems and plural-friendly singlets alike.", "full_description": "Welcome to the Plural Café! Grab a hot cocoa or coffee from the bar, kick back and relax. This is a Mastodon instance that is focused around fostering a friendly and welcoming community for plural systems and plural-friendly singlets alike. The primary goal is to provide a sense of support and community around plural systems.", "topic": "Plurality, Multiplicity", "languages": ["en"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "illegalContentLinks", "spam", "advertising", "spoilers_nocw"], "categories": ["art", "furry", "lgbt"]}
  79. {"id": "58e64e285002cc7716dd4000", "name": "", "short_description": "A Mastodon instance, hosted in the UK, with a tech inclination but open to all.", "full_description": "A general Mastodon instance, hosted in the UK. We have a defined code of conduct and silence (but not block) toxic instances. Many users are technologists, but the instance is open to all and general discussion is welcomed.", "topic": null, "languages": ["en"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "illegalContentLinks", "spam", "advertising"], "categories": ["tech"]}
  80. {"id": "58eb548edcd4660abedbf14a", "name": "", "short_description": "A free UK Instance.", "full_description": "This a free UK instance. But we welcome everyone! ", "topic": null, "languages": ["en"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "illegalContentLinks", "spam", "advertising", "spoilers_nocw"], "categories": []}
  81. {"id": "5a61153446fe0471227f118a", "name": "", "short_description": "This generalist Mastodon instance welcomes enthusiasts of the Pokémon franchise, to talk about it or anything else. Join the federation!", "full_description": "Welcome to!\r\n\r\nWe aim to provide a free and safe space for Pokéfans of the federation, whether as a main general account to toot about anything, or for Pokémon-focused accounts to toot about anything related to the franchise.", "topic": "Pokémon, generalist", "languages": ["en"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "illegalContentLinks", "spam", "advertising", "spoilers_nocw"], "categories": ["games"]}
  82. {"id": "5b786efd8ec14f538470593d", "name": "", "short_description": "Generalistic. Moderated. Anti-fascist. LGBT-friendly. Stable. ", "full_description": "Generalistic\r\nYou can post about any topic within the limits of our rules.\r\n\r\nModerated\r\nWe check reports. We act on them too.\r\n\r\nAnti-fascist\r\nNazis and reactionary ideology not welcome.\r\n\r\nLGBT-friendly\r\nRelated to previous. We are inclusive. We do not accept bigotry.\r\n\r\nStable\r\nRun by a professional infrastructure engineer. We have backups and partial failover.", "topic": null, "languages": ["en"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "illegalContentLinks", "spam", "advertising"], "categories": ["activism", "adult", "books", "furry", "games", "journalism", "lgbt", "tech"]}
  83. {"id": "5ae81194c8ec996cd1ee7db6", "name": "", "short_description": " konzentriert sich  auf deutschsprachigen Raum und bietet Dir die Möglichkeit viele neue Leute kennenzulernen und gemeinsam zu tröten. ", "full_description": " konzentriert sich  auf deutschsprachigen Raum und bietet Dir die Möglichkeit viele neue Leute kennenzulernen und gemeinsam zu tröten. \r\nIch wünsche Euch viel Spass mit und wenn Ihr Lust habt, trötet mich einfach mal an :)", "topic": null, "languages": ["en", "de"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "nudity_all", "pornography_nocw", "pornography_all", "illegalContentLinks", "spam", "advertising"], "categories": ["academia", "activism", "adult", "anime", "art", "books", "furry", "games", "humor", "journalism", "lgbt", "music", "poc", "sports", "tech"]}
  84. {"id": "5b749fcbe5583c6f3354cf4d", "name": "", "short_description": "PHP Community on Mastodon: We are dedicated to building and enriching the PHP community. Join us!", "full_description": "A home for the PHP Community on Mastodon! We're a friendly little Mastodon instance providing a place for PHP developers to discuss topics related to PHP, as well as topics unrelated to PHP. First and foremost, we're about building community, and that doesn't always involve technical discussion, so feel free to go off-topic and have fun.", "topic": "PHP", "languages": ["en"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "illegalContentLinks", "spam", "advertising"], "categories": ["tech"]}
  85. {"id": "58e159e9be0ec66f42e7dab1", "name": "", "short_description": "א", "full_description": "Welcome to the א community!\r\n\r\nFirst, here are the main ideas behind our rules that should be yours:\r\n\r\n- The respect of others is primary.\r\n- This instance wants to be peaceful and welcoming.\r\n- Each user is responsible of their account.\r\n\r\nRules of\r\n\r\nYou can be suspended for:\r\n\r\n- Sharing content that is illegal in France (pedophilia, mainly).\r\n- Taking part of a harassment.\r\n- Putting someone in danger.\r\n- Having a racist, sexist, discriminating or oppressive talk.\r\n- Voluntarily degrading the prosperity or the good atmosphere of the instance.\r\n\r\nYou can be muted from the public timelines for:\r\n\r\n- Posting a media, some text or a link to the following contents without an explicit content warning and NSFW cover:\r\n    - nudity (#nude)\r\n    - gore (#gore)\r\n    - pornography (#porn)\r\n    - a flashy media that could be harmful for photosensitive people (#epilepsywarning)\r\n    - spoil (#spoil)\r\n- Unpleasant shitposting or flooding.\r\n- Making abusive ads.\r\n- Posting automatic toots from another source.\r\n\r\nPlease keep in mind that this rules are here to guarantee a good experience to everyone on the instance. Also, this list is not exhaustive and moderators will do their best to solve problems that may not have been specified here.\r\nIf you have any question, or suggestion, don't hesitate to contact me at! :) \r\n\r\nYou can also donate every month to help me to maintain this instance:", "topic": null, "languages": ["en", "eo", "fr"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "spam", "advertising", "spoilers_nocw"], "categories": []}
  86. {"id": "5b8e669436205a4e89370cfd", "name": "", "short_description": "A place for former ADN users - on the whole. Invite only - please ask a current user.", "full_description": "Mastodon x = fun? \r\nA place for former ADN users - on the whole. \r\nPlease play nicely! And put your pronouns in your profile, if you want.", "topic": null, "languages": ["en", "de"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "illegalContentLinks", "spam", "advertising", "spoilers_nocw"], "categories": []}
  87. {"id": "5a00e9696590aa0da6e894bc", "name": "", "short_description": "A scientific community for science communication", "full_description": "An instance for professional scientists, science communicators, and enthusiasts to interact and share science-related topics and rational thinking to the wider Fediverse.", "topic": "Science and science communication", "languages": ["en"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "pornography_all", "spam", "advertising"], "categories": ["academia", "journalism", "tech"]}
  88. {"id": "58e4411f5af3b835dfd51afe", "name": "", "short_description": "This is a generalist instance. Either you like Game of Thrones or not, either you support the house Targaryen or not, you will always be welcome.", "full_description": " is an instance where all opinions are welcome. Most people are talking in english and in french. This instance is using a customized code : ashes & fire CSS theme, limit of characters per post are increased to 800 which is still reasonable limit for microblogging.\r\n\r\nWe believe in freedom speech and human rights like they were defined in the Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen (1789). The moderation is impartial and will intervene as less as possible in the content you can see.\r\n\r\nThis instance is also focused on security and performance.", "topic": null, "languages": ["en", "fr"], "prohibited_content": ["pornography_nocw", "spam", "spoilers_nocw"], "categories": []}
  89. {"id": "590060c30c4b3c46f854d1a0", "name": "", "short_description": "Nodo uruguayo de la red social libre y decentralizada Mastodon. La misma sigue el estandar abierto OStatus, lo que permite interactuar con otras redes", "full_description": "Términos y Condiciones de Uso\r\n\r\nEsta herramienta de comunicación está en línea solamente por el esfuerzo de su administrador y, eventualmente, algunas personas que colaboran para que el servicio sea el mejor posible.\r\n\r\nEntendemos que para favorecer y promover una buena comunicación y convivencia virtual, es necesario establecer algunos criterios o pautas generales. Si alguno de ellos te parece excesivo o no estás de acuerdo, siempre puedes elegir alguna otra instancia de Mastodon cuyas normas se adapten mejor a tus principios.\r\n\r\nEn principio, participar en implica comprender y estar de acuerdo con las siguientes condiciones:\r\n\r\nNo está permitido publicar el siguiente contenido (la cuenta será suspendida o eliminada inmediatamente):\r\n\r\n    Material que contenga Pornografía infantil / Pedofilia / Gore / Snuff.\r\n    Contenido NSFW (del inglés Not Safe For Work, No Apropiado Para el Trabajo en castellano), que no sea etiquetado debidamente.\r\n    Contenido Racista / Sexista / Homofóbico y cualquier otro que discrimine por cuestiones de género o de elecciones sexuales.\r\n    Contenido Xenofóbico o Nazi.\r\n\r\nAdvertencia:\r\n\r\nSe silenciarán (no aparecerán en la línea temporal pública) las cuentas que publiquen contenido NSFW (no apropiado) sin marcar dichas publicaciones con el botón de \"advertencia de contenido\". Figurar en la línea temporal pública y federada es un privilegio dado que es un espacio en común con todos los nodos.\r\n\r\nEn esta instancia de Mastodon tampoco se tolerarán actitudes o acciones de “acoso” a otros usuarios, entendiendo por “acoso”, la persistencia de un usuario por mantener alguna forma de vinculación con otro usuario que haya expresado específicamente no desear hacerlo.\r\n\r\nNo se tolerará tampoco la publicación de contenido o mensajes destinados a molestar o provocar negativamente a otros usuarios con la finalidad de generar altercados o malentendidos intencionalmente (trollear).\r\n\r\nNo se admite de ninguna forma la publicación de información personal de un usuario por parte de otro que no haya autorizado expresamente esa publicación.\r\n\r\nEste servidor adhiere a los principios del Software Libre y es su espíritu promoverlos. Ser un nodo más de una red descentralizada y federada que respeta al usuario y no invade su privacidad, es parte de nuestro compromiso militante con esos principios.\r\n\r\n\r\nCaracterísticas del Servidor\r\n\r\nEl servidor es un OVZ-5 VPS ubicado en Alemania con las siguientes características:\r\n\r\n    5120 MB RAM\r\n    5120 MB BURSTRAM (vSwap)\r\n    250 GB Hardware Raid 10\r\n    10 Gbit/s Uplink (Shared)\r\n\r\nEstadísticas en", "topic": null, "languages": ["en", "pt", "es"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "sexism", "racism", "illegalContentLinks", "spam", "advertising", "hateSpeeches", "harrassment"], "categories": []}
  90. {"id": "58f1353a762338151ee6d86e", "name": "", "short_description": "Ten Forward, a Star Trek themed Mastodon community", "full_description": "Ten Forward, a Star Trek themed Mastodon instance! The instance is not restricted to Star Trek role-play or characters. More general purpose use is welcome.", "topic": null, "languages": ["en"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "illegalContentLinks", "spam", "advertising", "spoilers_nocw"], "categories": []}
  91. {"id": "5937d82ef49c1c689c725356", "name": "", "short_description": "Instance Mastodon dédiée aux écrivain·e·s, photographes, peintres, dessinateur·trice·s, et de manière générale a tou·te·s les créateur·trices", "full_description": "Cette instance a pour but d'acceuillir des personnes souhaitant participer à des discussions sur les cultures de l'imaginaire ou à des créations rentrant dans ces cultures, et les discussions et créations en résultant", "topic": "Creation, Photography, Writing, Painting, Drawing, and Art in general", "languages": ["en", "fr"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "sexism", "racism", "illegalContentLinks", "spam", "advertising", "hateSpeeches", "harrassment"], "categories": []}
  92. {"id": "5ac2aad3213b4c4ea9814b02", "name": "", "short_description": "안녕하세요! \r\nThis is the first Kpop instance in the fediverse! \r\nAny Kpop fan is welcome and we're open to the Korean culture too.", "full_description": "안녕하세요! \r\nThis is the first Kpop instance in the fediverse! \r\nAny Kpop fan is welcome and we're open to the Korean culture too.", "topic": "kpop", "languages": ["en", "ko", "pt"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "illegalContentLinks", "spoilers_nocw"], "categories": ["music"]}
  93. {"id": "5ab63c19128b491edcec9028", "name": "", "short_description": "Welcome to the first Mastodon Instance for board gamers!", "full_description": "Welcome to the first Mastodon Instance (that I know of) for board gamers! Join others in a free (libre!) and user supported social network for board gamers and the games they love.", "topic": "board games", "languages": ["en"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "nudity_all", "pornography_nocw", "pornography_all", "illegalContentLinks", "spam", "advertising"], "categories": ["games"]}
  94. {"id": "5ab9a26ace531468912e28f5", "name": "", "short_description": "Run by your friendly neighbourhood hackspace from Weimar, Germany.", "full_description": "We believe in cyberanarchism. And just like any good old-fashioned anarchist collective, we look out for each other.\r\nWe aim to be kind of local-ish, but we're still open to anyone who thinks they fit in here. :)\r\n", "topic": "Some kind of hacker-artist-activism-stuff, but also kind of generalistic", "languages": ["en", "de"], "prohibited_content": ["spam", "advertising"], "categories": ["academia", "activism", "art", "tech"]}
  95. {"id": "5956a2fe753a1b5ac0a52b4e", "name": "", "short_description": "Hosted with love in Germany. Server runs with 100% clean energy. Feel free to join!", "full_description": "Hosted with love in Germany. Server runs with 100% clean energy. Feel free to join!", "topic": null, "languages": ["en", "de"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "nudity_all", "pornography_nocw", "pornography_all", "sexism", "racism", "illegalContentLinks", "spam", "advertising", "hateSpeeches", "harrassment"], "categories": []}
  96. {"id": "59e77456cd5c687334b1b361", "name": "", "short_description": "A community where it is safe to talk about witchcraft, woo, and various occult things. We talk about pretty much everything though. ", "full_description": "Occult Camp is an mastodon instance focused on spitituality, witchcraft and various shades of woo. The goal of Occult Camp is to allow people who are serious about getting into witchcraft or shamanism or various other things to have a place to get together and talk with people who have been proacticing for a bit, and to just have a place to go to share stories and talk with likeminded people.\r\n\r\nIf you dislike \"censorship\", feminists, SJWs, and other socially minded people, this is definitely not the instance for you.", "topic": "witchcraft, occult, witches, ", "languages": ["en"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "illegalContentLinks", "spam", "advertising"], "categories": ["activism", "art", "furry", "lgbt"]}
  97. {"id": "590143690c4b3c46f854d214", "name": "", "short_description": "Dutch Mastodon community", "full_description": "Mastodon instance for the Dutch community, but open to anyone. Primary languages Dutch and English.\r\nMastodon instance for the Nederlandse gemeenschap, maar open voor iedereen. Voertaal voornamelijk Nederlands en Engels.", "topic": null, "languages": ["nl", "en"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "nudity_all", "pornography_nocw", "pornography_all", "illegalContentLinks", "spam"], "categories": []}
  98. {"id": "5aa7f72d1a1b3f1036f3d267", "name": "", "short_description": " is an unofficial mastodon instance for the non-Japanese community of fans of THE IDOLM@STER.", "full_description": "本站是偶像大师的非官方 Mastodon 中文实例,是致力于偶像大师爱好者的社交平台,中文为主,也欢迎使用任何语言的偶像大师爱好者加入。\r\n这里不限制嘟文的话题,理想的话题是偶像大师和相关声优,关于每一个系列,每一位声优都可以畅所欲言。为了平台的流畅访问,请尽可能避免谈论政治。", "topic": "THE IDOLM@STER", "languages": ["zh", "en", "ja"], "prohibited_content": ["pornography_nocw", "advertising"], "categories": ["anime", "games"]}
  99. {"id": "5a4f558fe92cf74aeed34b50", "name": "", "short_description": "Mastodon for amateur game makers, and people interested in playing and thinking about amateur games.", "full_description": "Hi! I hope Game Making Social is a cosey, friendly place to talk and share stuff about amateur videogame making and everything surrounding that. It's kinda an offshoot of Game Making Tools, which is a wiki(+) for a similar audience.\r\n\r\nGame makers, game writers, game players most welcome! Unless you're a jerk!!\r\n\r\nPlease read the rules before signing-up :)", "topic": "Game making", "languages": ["en"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "illegalContentLinks", "spam", "advertising"], "categories": ["art", "games"]}
  100. {"id": "58e8a5748313ad45cf8042b3", "name": "", "short_description": "Mastodon for Berliners", "full_description": "toot.BERLIN is a happy community for old berliners, new berliners, future berliners, past berliners, and everybody else.", "topic": null, "languages": ["en", "de"], "prohibited_content": ["spam"], "categories": []}
  101. {"id": "58e4220d9613c80a99cbf96e", "name": "", "short_description": "Because Mastodon rocks !", "full_description": "Small and relaxed instance. 100% chill.", "topic": null, "languages": ["en"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "sexism", "racism", "spam", "hateSpeeches", "harrassment"], "categories": []}
  102. {"id": "5ad47662b13a5b202c4f52e0", "name": "", "short_description": "Nodo generalista y multilingüe para amantes de la libertad. Damos la bienvenida a activistas de todos los ámbitos y demás mentes inquietas.", "full_description": "Nodo generalista y multilingüe para amantes de la libertad. Damos la bienvenida a activistas de todos los ámbitos y demás mentes inquietas. Invitamos especialmente a personas expuestas a la marginación, la censura u otras formas de violencia. Aquí nos respetamos y nos ayudamos mutuamente. También ofrecemos soporte técnico, y con mucho gusto.", "topic": null, "languages": ["ca", "en", "es"], "prohibited_content": ["pornography_nocw", "pornography_all", "spam"], "categories": ["academia", "activism", "art", "books", "journalism", "tech"]}
  103. {"id": "591021ce645f7a32ad435da8", "name": "", "short_description": "An instance for all pony fans, and opened to everyone !", "full_description": "Equestria Social Network is a Mastodon instance for all pony fans, created to federate people of the MLP FiM fandom wanting to join the \"fediverse\", and those already present. But we are opened to everyone !", "topic": "Generalistic, but especially \"MLP : FiM\" and the Brony sub-culture.", "languages": ["en", "fr"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "illegalContentLinks", "spam", "spoilers_nocw"], "categories": []}
  104. {"id": "5a84b9c1d61ed36b79d361a2", "name": "", "short_description": "This is a place to go when you want FREEDOM.\r\n\r\nGet things off your chest. Share your secrets with strangers. Scream into the abyss. Tell filthy jokes. ", "full_description": "I try to be hands-off but here’s some things I will ban:\r\n\r\n    Porn\r\n    Lolicon\r\n    Anything that is majorly illegal wherever you live\r\n    Graphic, violent gore\r\n    Abuse (sexual or not)\r\n\r\nThings that are ok to talk about without a CW:\r\n\r\n    Food\r\n    Lewd jokes\r\n    Drugs\r\n    Politics\r\n    Swearing\r\n\r\nOther than that, be FREE, my darlings!!!! *opens a cage and 300 doves fly out* ", "topic": "humor", "languages": ["en"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "nudity_all", "pornography_nocw", "pornography_all", "illegalContentLinks", "spam"], "categories": ["humor"]}
  105. {"id": "58e502c8a9687d34c5c9cd3b", "name": "", "short_description": "An instance for everyone. We're a bit space-themed and we use the custom \"Flat, Dark and Colourful!\" stylesheet.", "full_description": "SPAAAAACE! This instance is available for everyone, especially if you like space,  Portal (Space Core!), or that you want a cool domain. \r\nThis instance is using some space-themed vocabulary and uses the \"Flat, Dark and Colourful!\" stylesheet made by", "topic": null, "languages": ["en", "fr"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "sexism", "racism", "spam", "hateSpeeches", "harrassment"], "categories": []}
  106. {"id": "5a110cf029997d117543015e", "name": "", "short_description": "一个萌萌哒 泛ACGN Mastodon 实例,讨论主题不限,欢迎安家~", "full_description": "*******************************\r\n\r\n中国語注意 / If you don't like Chinese toots, please don't join in.\r\n\r\n*******************************\r\n\r\n一个萌萌哒 泛ACGN Mastodon 实例,讨论主题不限,欢迎安家~\r\n\r\nA cute and loving, anime and manga instance, topics are not limited, Welcome in~\r\n\r\n~\r\n\r\nSimplified Chinese is mainly used here, but don't worry about it.\r\n\r\nThere are no language restrictions here, and you can send toots in any language.\r\n\r\n~\r\n\r\n用户协议(TOS)\r\n\r\n禁止发布 违反当地法律 的内容\r\n\r\n本站不讨论政治,重度讨论的封号\r\n\r\nNSFW 内容,注意勾选 “内容警告” 功能\r\n\r\n谢绝 大量垃圾信息,广告推送 类用户注册使用\r\n\r\nNO AD, NO SPAM, Thanks.\r\n\r\n~\r\n\r\n节点(Node)\r\n\r\n服务器采用 Linode 2048 实例(1核 CPU,2GB 内存,30GB 硬盘)\r\n\r\n~\r\n\r\n可用率(SLA)\r\n\r\n本实例为非商业项目,不提供 SLA 保证,但会尽力维持在线率高于 99.9%", "topic": "(`・ω・´) 嘟嘟噜 / 二次元 / 萌え / Generalistic", "languages": ["zh", "en", "ja"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "illegalContentLinks", "spam", "advertising", "spoilers_nocw"], "categories": []}
  107. {"id": "58e82d3c8313ad45cf804209", "name": "", "short_description": "Portuguese instance", "full_description": " is a generalist instance that strives to be a safe place for the Portuguese and the Portuguese speaking communities. For us to gather around and merrily frolic around the Fediverse! Please read the rules before joining: and remember, be nice to each other! :)", "topic": "Portuguese speakers", "languages": ["en", "pt"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "pornography_all", "illegalContentLinks", "spam", "advertising", "spoilers_nocw"], "categories": []}
  108. {"id": "58ea8d51dcd4660abedbf030", "name": "", "short_description": "Mastodon instance hosted by the Pirate Party Belgium", "full_description": "We expect that everybody respects values shared by our Basic Text when s·he speaks on our instance :\r\n\r\nNous nous attendons à ce que chacun·e respecte les valeurs véhiculées par notre Texte de Base lorsqu'iel s'exprime sur notre instance :\r\n\r\nWe verwachten dat hij/zij die op onze instantie spreekt de waarden gedeeld door onze Basistekst, respecteert :", "topic": null, "languages": ["nl", "en", "fr"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw"], "categories": ["activism", "tech"]}
  109. {"id": "58eb4085dcd4660abedbf122", "name": "", "short_description": "Miaou est une instance Mastodon avec une forte orientation geek aimant l'opensource, le libre, le japon et les chats ♥", "full_description": "Miaou est une instance Mastodonte, géré et hébergé en France. Elle fait partie de l'intiative CHATONS\r\nSi vous rencontrer un problème lors de votre inscription, contactez moi sur\r\nIf you encounter problem to register or other, contact me at\r\n\r\nLes comptes publicitaires, corporate sont interdit ! Ainsi que les comptes faisant l'apologie du nazisme ou du terrorisme.\r\nAdvertising and corporate accounts are forbidden! As well as accounts defending Nazism or terrorism.\r\n\r\nUse NSFW tag or content Warning for porn image or hard image (type of image censor by facebook in fact)\r\nUtilisez le tag NSFW ou CW pour les images pornographique ou non recommandé pour des personnes censible (en sommes les images que censure facebook) ", "topic": "Informatic, geek, video game, japan, kitten", "languages": ["en", "fr"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "sexism", "racism", "spam", "advertising"], "categories": []}
  110. {"id": "5ac41dc5131e5d0259445952", "name": "", "short_description": "A friendly place in the fediverse for discussing music recordings. ", "full_description": "Liner Notes Club is a Mastodon instance dedicated to providing fans of recorded music with a place to socialize and share their musical musings.", "topic": "Music ", "languages": ["en"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "nudity_all", "pornography_nocw", "pornography_all", "illegalContentLinks", "spam", "advertising"], "categories": ["music"]}
  111. {"id": "5b3be011eb7d1268832db0fb", "name": "", "short_description": "Social network for Vietnamese ", "full_description": "A social network for Vietnamese who wanna be free.", "topic": null, "languages": ["en", "vi"], "prohibited_content": ["spam", "advertising"], "categories": ["academia", "activism", "adult", "anime", "art", "books", "furry", "games", "journalism", "lgbt", "music", "poc", "sports", "tech"]}
  112. {"id": "5a11968729997d1175430162", "name": "", "short_description": "A general friendly instance that focused of tech topics, games, and everything fluffy! ", "full_description": "This cheese wedge based instance is for other cheese wedges/wheels rolling around looking for a place to call home, along with other techie, non-techie or even non-furries if you like the OwO.", "topic": "A tech~furry cheese wedge themed instance", "languages": ["en"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "illegalContentLinks", "spam", "spoilers_nocw"], "categories": ["art", "furry", "lgbt", "tech"]}
  113. {"id": "5acaf9da3366f24a20cfbbac", "name": "", "short_description": "A place for animal lovers", "full_description": "This site is dedicated to birbs. A birb is a cute bird. In some instances another animal (dog, cat, rodent, even a snek may qualify) ", "topic": "Animals", "languages": ["en"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "illegalContentLinks", "spam", "advertising", "spoilers_nocw"], "categories": []}
  114. {"id": "5b7311cbe5583c6f3354cf3d", "name": "", "short_description": "Let's talk about web development.", "full_description": "This is the Mastodon for web development people that are sick of Twitter. Web development discussion is welcome, but you can talk just about anything except sexist/racist/hate stuff.", "topic": "web development, frontend development", "languages": ["en"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "nudity_all", "pornography_nocw", "pornography_all", "illegalContentLinks", "spam", "advertising", "spoilers_nocw"], "categories": ["tech"]}
  115. {"id": "58e2789f3f67c310eab28cb7", "name": "", "short_description": "A fairly relaxed general instance. ", "full_description": "A fairly relaxed general instance. \r\n\r\nSome moderation to remove unkind or bad content. ", "topic": null, "languages": ["en"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "illegalContentLinks", "spam", "advertising", "spoilers_nocw"], "categories": []}
  116. {"id": "58eea4f8463e1078268a96c6", "name": "", "short_description": "This instance is for the free software lovers, the people who like to use GNU/Linux, programming and the rest. French/English. No moderation.", "full_description": "This instance is for the free software lovers, the people who like to use GNU/Linux, programming and the rest. French/English. No moderation. Everyone is welcome.", "topic": null, "languages": ["en", "fr", "es"], "prohibited_content": [], "categories": []}
  117. {"id": "5994613a3e099c5dcbe0e278", "name": "", "short_description": "A slovenian multilingual Mastodon instance ", "full_description": " is a slovenian multilingual Mastodon instance with the main idea to offer a safe space free from terror by algorithms of corporate social networks, by dictatorship of profits before people, and by supporters of cyber-harrasment and contemporary neolib-fascism. Please take the time to read our code of conduct.", "topic": null, "languages": ["en", "sl"], "prohibited_content": ["pornography_nocw", "sexism", "racism", "illegalContentLinks", "spam", "advertising", "hateSpeeches", "harrassment"], "categories": []}
  118. {"id": "5b35be6285b9b91570c52724", "name": "", "short_description": "OpenStreetMap instance (English language)", "full_description": "An instance for OpenStreetMap, the free wiki map of the world. It's in English to compliment the francophone instance. Come talk about OSM or other types of FOSS/Libre geo stuff.", "topic": "OpenStreetMap", "languages": ["en"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "spam"], "categories": ["tech"]}
  119. {"id": "5b58e8ea37c25320078cd2b7", "name": "", "short_description": "A Mastodon instance for ABDLs run by ABDLs 🍼", "full_description": "We're anti-troll, anti-abuse and pro-quirk. Unlike Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr we won't randomly suspend you just for being ABDL 🙌", "topic": "ABDL", "languages": ["en"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "illegalContentLinks", "spam"], "categories": ["adult", "lgbt"]}
  120. {"id": "5ba5728402530563670824ae", "name": "", "short_description": "Private instance for close friends and members of the admins' social network.", "full_description": "We are various flavors of trans, queer, non-binary, polyamorous, disabled, furry, etc.\r\n\r\nThis instance is for being gentle and sweet and kind and patient to one another. It's also a place where we are not afraid to get fierce and angry if our fam is threatened. It is strictly no harassment and no screencap dunking.", "topic": null, "languages": ["en"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "illegalContentLinks", "spam", "advertising"], "categories": ["adult", "furry", "lgbt"]}
  121. {"id": "59e5b76acd5c687334b1b359", "name": "", "short_description": "华语圈二次元频道实例。", "full_description": "这里是华语圈BanG Dreamer、Bushiroad旗下企划(Lovelive,milky等)乃至二次元圈的Mastodon实例(服务器)。名为炸帮裂梦乐团\r\n无论你是不是邦邦人,这里都欢迎 \r\n欢迎大陆、港澳台、世界各地朋友加入\r\n如果有使用上的问题,请参照home.bangdream.space中的Mastodon使用讲解 \r\n\r\nここはバンドリ、およびブシロード関連企画、さらに二次元愛好家向けのMastodonインスタンスです。名前は「爆裂ドリーム楽団(仮訳)」です。 \r\nバンドリーマーでない方も大歓迎です。 \r\n日本人も歓迎しますが、中国語に抵抗がない方のみでお願いします。 \r\n\r\nThis is an instance for BanG Dream & Bushiroad contents & Nijigen --- Boom Dream Party. \r\nEveryone can join in even though you are not a Bangdreamer. \r\nYou know, this is a Chinese instance. If you don't like Chinese toots, please don't join in. ", "topic": null, "languages": ["zh", "en", "ja"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "illegalContentLinks", "spam", "advertising", "spoilers_nocw"], "categories": []}
  122. {"id": "58ef996993ec4e6e86a76b7a", "name": "", "short_description": "Queer and furry-friendly, cat themed instance.", "full_description": "A queer friendly, trans friendly, furry friendly instance with a cat mascot. A small instance that's meant to stay small. Moderated.", "topic": null, "languages": ["en"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "illegalContentLinks", "spam", "advertising"], "categories": ["furry", "lgbt"]}
  123. {"id": "5ac1c0cf3a71be5df27b5ee3", "name": "", "short_description": "This Mastodon instance is for people who care about, support, or build Free, Libre, and Open Source Software (FLOSS).", "full_description": "This Mastodon instance is for people who care about, support, or build Free, Libre, and Open Source Software (FLOSS). Of course, discussions aren't limited to just FLOSS -- let's share our unique interests!  Users on agree to abide by the Contributor Covenant Code of Conduct, available online at:", "topic": "free libre and open source software", "languages": ["en"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "nudity_all", "pornography_nocw", "pornography_all", "illegalContentLinks", "spam"], "categories": ["tech"]}
  124. {"id": "5b01a1a8c8ec996cd1ee7e60", "name": "", "short_description": "A public, \"generalistic\" instance run in Germany by the people who run (the file host). All topics and people (even robots) are welcome!", "full_description": " is a public instance hosted on Hetzner's infrastructure in Germany administrated by and, who can also be contacted at All topics and users (including bots) are welcome on this instance. We also don't block other instances.\r\n\r\nThe main language of this instance is English, however other languages are welcome. If you don't read/write English, though, you might have a hard time making instance-local friends because of the language barrier so I would recommend signing up on another instance that has lots of users that you can communicate with.\r\n\r\nThe administrators (Dean and Auri, handles are above) are easy to get a hold of and are friendly. If you come across a problem or would like to request us to change something, feel free to contact us at any time and we'll get back to you when we can. Emoji requests are welcome!\r\n\r\nNote: NSFW/pornographic content (text and images) posted on that is not tagged (with content warning and/or marked as sensitive) should be reported using the built-in report feature in Mastodon. Please mark your content appropriately.", "topic": null, "languages": ["en"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "spam"], "categories": []}
  125. {"id": "5b0bd33f0c3a8465be00087a", "name": "", "short_description": "A moderated instance targeted for lewd and naughty profiles ;)", "full_description": "A moderated instance targeted for lewd and naughty profiles ;)", "topic": "Lewd and Naughty things", "languages": ["en", "fr", "pt"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "illegalContentLinks", "spam", "advertising"], "categories": ["adult"]}
  126. {"id": "5af4f796c8ec996cd1ee7e0c", "name": "", "short_description": "A general-purpose instance for all kinds of cool LGBTQ people and allies!", "full_description": "\r\nRules:\r\n\r\n    No Harassment\r\n    No porn without Content Warnings. Additionally, no porn that may be considered illegal in the United States or Europe.\r\n    No racism, sexism, homophobia, or transphobia.\r\n    No toots that incite violence.\r\n    Please do not host bots on this instance. Bots are better off in another instance, such as\r\n    Avatars and usernames must be kept appropriate.\r\n    Content Warnings are expected on anything graphic, including text. Things that would normally be required to be CW'd in a toot may not be posted in bios, avatars, cover images, or display names.\r\n    No piracy or links to piracy.\r\n    Don't be a dick; respect your fellow users.\r\n    Have fun!\r\n\r\n", "topic": null, "languages": ["en"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "illegalContentLinks", "spam", "spoilers_nocw"], "categories": ["lgbt", "tech"]}
  127. {"id": "58e4a3dbd375714b16c9c532", "name": "", "short_description": "Une instance ouverte à tou.te.s, qui se veut un minimum inclusive.", "full_description": "Une instance ouverte à tou.te.s, qui se veut un minimum inclusive :\r\n- Serveur réservé aux personnes parlant français ou anglais, par souci de facilité de modération.\r\n- Sexisme, racisme, homophobie et toutes formes d'exclusion des minorités sont à proscrire pour le bien être de tou.te.s.\r\n- Respectez la vie privée des personnes.\r\n- Utilisez les tags et autres CW que vous jugez adaptés, en particulier pour le contenu NotSafeForWork (NSFW).\r\n- Essayez d'être prévénant.e.s et\r\n- Si l'un de vos propos est perçu comme excluant et que quelqu'un vous en informe, écoutez. Nous sortirons tou.te.s grandi.e.s d'un tel dialogue.\r\n\r\nSachez que nous préférerons toujours notre liberté d'être ensemble à votre liberté d'exclure.", "topic": null, "languages": ["en", "fr"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "spam", "advertising", "spoilers_nocw"], "categories": []}
  128. {"id": "58ed9b850b92cf2bc39532d9", "name": "", "short_description": "A bunch of technomancers in the fediverse. Keep it fairly clean please. This arcology is for all who wash up upon it's digital shore.", "full_description": "We have a few rules: Be cool. Be nice. Have an open mind. Don't break the place. We can have nice things. I don't want to ban people, ever, but if I feel like you have earned it, I won't hesitate.", "topic": "Technomancy", "languages": ["en"], "prohibited_content": ["pornography_nocw", "pornography_all", "illegalContentLinks", "spam", "advertising", "spoilers_nocw"], "categories": ["academia", "activism", "tech"]}
  129. {"id": "58f7bb03165fc85481cbd4e2", "name": "", "short_description": "Motorsport, tech & others. Sports mécaniques, tech et autres. English / Français", "full_description": "Mastodon Racing is a federate instance of the fediverse (OStatus & ActivityPub) mainly dedicated to Motorsports and Tech. Whether you are passionate or not about Motorsports, you will always be welcome on this forum, any type of subject is accepted (news, politics, fiction, science, culture, etc.). Moderation is done in English or French.\r\n\r\nMastodon Racing est une instance fédérée du fediverse (OStatus & ActivityPub) principalement dédiée aux sports Mécaniques et nouvelles technologies. Que vous soyez passionné·e ou non de sports mécaniques, vous êtes bienvenue sur cette instance, tout type de sujet y est accepté (actualité, politique, fiction, science, culture, etc.). La modération se fait en anglais ou en français.", "topic": "Motorsports - Generalistic ", "languages": ["en", "fr"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "illegalContentLinks", "spam", "advertising", "spoilers_nocw"], "categories": ["sports", "tech"]}
  130. {"id": "58e22b3e8fc23f4d8fc861ee", "name": "", "short_description": "Maly is a stable, non-tracking Mastodon instance running along other services like our PeerTube instance and a private cloud.", "full_description": "Hello ! My name is Tijl Van den Brugghen, named KindlyFire online. I run this Mastodon instance and some other public services for anybody to enjoy. I detailed most information on this page, but feel free to ask me anything !\r\n\r\n# Guarantees\r\n\r\n* We do not track you. (but others on the Fediverse might, no instance can guarantee this)\r\n* Light moderation. The instance rules are defined below.\r\n* We federate with every instance out there. But that does not say we allow every kind of content.\r\n\r\n# Rules\r\n\r\nObviously, every instance has to have rules. Without this, although this instance is pretty small, there would be problems. Here they are:\r\n\r\n* Respect everyone\r\n* Do not spam (this applies mainly to bots)\r\n* No NSFW without an appropriete Content-Warning.\r\n* Any kind of illigal content is prohibited.\r\n* Have fun 🎉\r\n\r\nMore information is available on our about page:", "topic": null, "languages": ["nl", "en", "eo", "fr"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "illegalContentLinks", "spam", "advertising"], "categories": ["academia", "activism", "art", "books", "games", "journalism", "music", "tech"]}
  131. {"id": "58e91c11dcd4660abedbee9b", "name": "", "short_description": "Do you like old hardware ? Do you use them ? Perfect you're welcome here !", "full_description": "Welcome !\r\nThis is an open Mastodon instance, basically.\r\nIt's run by the person you see on the right (that's me!) and for now, that's all.\r\nThere might be more admins and moderators later if the needs come but alas not yet.\r\n\r\nI hope this instance works okay for you, and that you can find a nice and welcoming community here! Feel free to hit me up if you have any questions or requests, be it about this instance, how to make your own instance, or other things not related to Mastodon.\r\n\r\nI am actually the only sysadmin of this instance and I can't work full-time on so, I will do whatever I can in a reasonable time to make it works the best it can.\r\n\r\nRules\r\nThis instance has some rules, of course.\r\nFirst, there are the usual : no sexism, no racism, no hate speech, no LGBTQphobia, no nazis, no spam, no public unflagged porn, etc...\r\nThen, I also believe it's important to remind you that this server was made and is run by a queer activist.\r\nThis server thrives to be inclusive, and I will ban without much regret.\r\nPeople are encouraged to use the report function as they see fit, and can be confident that their complaints will be heard and dealt with in some way. I want everyone to feel safe here, and if that doesn't sound like something you like, you should probably find another server.\r\n\r\nThere's also a pretty important activism aspect of this instance.\r\nIf you're a marketer, a #digital #influencer, this is not the place for you. Not only do I feel you should not feel welcome, I intend to make you feel definitely NOT welcome.\r\nThis instance, and this entire social network in my opinion, is dedicated to reclaiming social media, decentralizing, and generally creating better and more engaging communities.\r\nThe three categories of people I mentioned earlier are not, in my opinion, working towards this goal, pretty much the opposite, and they are not welcome on this server.\r\nPlease report them if you see them.\r\nWe also block Nazis, techbros and RMS.", "topic": "Retrocomputing", "languages": ["en", "fr"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "illegalContentLinks", "spam", "advertising"], "categories": ["tech"]}
  132. {"id": "58eafbfadcd4660abedbf0d5", "name": "", "short_description": "The Brisbane Social Mastodon server. Hosted in sunny Brisbane, for users from and interested in southeast Queensland.", "full_description": "This site is intended to be a pleasant space for folks to enjoy Mastodon. This instance is run out of Brisbane, Australia to allow faster access for locals.\r\n\r\nThe rules of this server are:\r\n\r\n* Be respectful of your peers\r\n* Abide by local and international laws\r\n* Have fun\r\n\r\nIf you have concerns about a person's conduct, please report the toot in question or get in touch with @ashkyd.\r\n\r\nBlocked instances: As with other servers, we have blocked a number of instances that don't meet our standards for a number of reasons. At this time, we are keeping in step with the blocklist. If this is something that concerns you, please feel free to sign up for another instance. You can find more info at", "topic": null, "languages": ["en"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_all", "pornography_all", "sexism", "racism", "illegalContentLinks", "spam", "hateSpeeches", "harrassment"], "categories": []}
  133. {"id": "5acafa8d3366f24a20cfbbe8", "name": "", "short_description": "A small instance in Germany with no specific topic.", "full_description": "A small instance with the aim to connect people to the fediverse, especially those who are switching from e.g. twitter to Mastodon. We provide a generalistic instance for everybody to join.\r\n\r\nFor people who are used to Twitter's look and feel, we provide a Halcyon-Instance to make the transition even more fun and seamlessly. ", "topic": null, "languages": ["en", "de"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "illegalContentLinks", "spam", "spoilers_nocw"], "categories": ["academia", "anime", "art", "lgbt", "tech"]}
  134. {"id": "5b82f7bee80ab079b280c15c", "name": "", "short_description": "'cause life's too short for long instance names – XY.AG is a free mastodon instance for a global audience. web culture · innovation · free speech", "full_description": "web culture · innovation · free speech · health · games · sports · music · auto & moto · it & tech · home & recreation · love & family", "topic": null, "languages": ["en"], "prohibited_content": [], "categories": ["academia", "activism", "adult", "anime", "art", "books", "furry", "games", "humor", "journalism", "lgbt", "music", "poc", "sports", "tech"]}
  135. {"id": "5910e72f7309a4750c3d397b", "name": "", "short_description": " is useable via .onion, fast and well secured plus ES and CDN!", "full_description": " is powered by a powerful dedicated server, has a good 1Gbps DE-CIX uplink, DDoS protection, best possible TLS settings without locking too much out(like Android) and a Tor onion link if you need a bit anonymity.\r\n\r\nWe are a liberal instance based in Frankfurt. Blocking other instances only on really harsh misbehaviour. And instance whitelisting is a no go.\r\n\r\nFeel free to join, you can always delete your account.\r\n\r\nElasticsearch is enabled\r\n\r\nMinio CDN is enabled", "topic": null, "languages": ["nl", "en", "de"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "illegalContentLinks", "spam", "advertising", "spoilers_nocw"], "categories": []}
  136. {"id": "591a1120c426a169795afd29", "name": "", "short_description": "Public Mastodon server run by the Academic Computer Club at Umeå University located in Umeå, Sweden. Everyone welcome.", "full_description": " is run by the Academic Computer Club at Umeå University located in Umeå, Sweden. ACC is actively involved in several open source projects and we provide mirrors for Debian, Ubuntu, Gnome and GIMP. We also host servers for the Gimpnet, Freenode, and OFTC IRC networks. ", "topic": null, "languages": ["en", "sv"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "pornography_all", "sexism", "racism", "illegalContentLinks", "spam", "advertising", "hateSpeeches", "harrassment"], "categories": []}
  137. {"id": "5ad72506ef5dd72e9d37e077", "name": "", "short_description": "To MotoGP fans", "full_description": ", a Mastodon's instance for MotoGP fans, to share opinions, news, etc related to motorcycle racing World Championship. But not only about MotoGP, also about motorbikes in general.", "topic": "MotoGP & motorbikes", "languages": ["ca", "en", "es"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "nudity_all", "pornography_nocw", "pornography_all", "illegalContentLinks", "spam", "advertising"], "categories": ["sports", "tech"]}
  138. {"id": "5b0b73b0c8ec996cd1ee7ea7", "name": "", "short_description": "The social network made by musicians for musicians", "full_description": "A social network from and for musicians that helps musicians to self-organize, communicate, collaborate and finally get independent from the music business at large. Bridges online and offline by building local outlets where musicians can meet, jam, do concerts, with recording facilities, rooms with instruments, etc. No corporate ads, no marketing businesses, no bullshit.", "topic": "Musicians instance, songwriting, making music, musical collabs, meetups, composing, instruments", "languages": ["en"], "prohibited_content": ["pornography_nocw", "pornography_all", "illegalContentLinks", "spam", "advertising"], "categories": ["music"]}
  139. {"id": "58e7af698313ad45cf8040a2", "name": "", "short_description": "Mastodon Finnish Instance", "full_description": "Ensinmäinen Mastodon instanssi mikä suomeen on tehty.", "topic": "Mastodon Finnish Instance", "languages": ["en", "fi"], "prohibited_content": [], "categories": ["academia", "activism", "adult", "anime", "art", "books", "furry", "games", "journalism", "music", "sports", "tech"]}
  140. {"id": "58e852878313ad45cf804247", "name": "", "short_description": "An instance run by the collective", "full_description": "An instance run by the collective as a public service. Not very mst3k-themed at the moment, work in progress.", "topic": null, "languages": ["en", "fr"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "sexism", "racism", "illegalContentLinks", "spam", "advertising", "hateSpeeches", "harrassment"], "categories": []}
  141. {"id": "5ae0ad35c0abae7fc5a18275", "name": "", "short_description": "A gathering space for soft friends and allies to share their lives & compassion with each other & the Fediverse! Come see the softer side of Masto. ♥️", "full_description": "✨Plush✨ City is a place for soft friends (stuffed animals and other soft toys) and their allies. If you are or have considered being a ✨plush,✨ this is the place for you! We're a welcoming and supportive collection of soff frens. ♥️ \r\n\r\nOUR CODE OF CONDUCT IN A NUTSHELL:\r\n\r\nDiscrimination & Bigotry Won’t Be Tolerated.\r\nLeave your hatred at the door.\r\n\r\nTreat this Space and Those Within it with Respect.\r\nListen actively to and honor the requests of others; always respond with compassion first.\r\n\r\nConsent is Important in all contexts.\r\nIf you’re ever unsure, ask first.\r\n\r\nListen; Don’t Make Excuses.\r\nIf you’re accused of causing harm, either take some responsibility or ask moderators for help.\r\n\r\nDon’t Break the Law Here.\r\nThe whole space may be liable if you do.\r\n\r\nUse the Report Feature.\r\nAll reports go straight to our moderation team. We’re here to help!", "topic": "Living as or among ✨Plush✨ frens!", "languages": ["en"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "illegalContentLinks", "spam", "advertising", "spoilers_nocw"], "categories": ["furry"]}
  142. {"id": "5a3788b467eb6930d0cf73f8", "name": "", "short_description": "Chinwag Social is hosted in Australia, but anyone at all is welcome. Generally intended as a relaxed and casual place, not unlike your local pub.", "full_description": "Chinwag provides Australian-based free and open social networking and communication tools.\r\n\r\nWe have no purpose in life other than providing people with the ability to communicate with other people on a secure, open and equal footing.Our general usage policy is fluid but well-summarised by \"don't be a dick\".\r\n\r\nManagement is fairly relaxed but if your purpose in life is to make other people miserable then you can piss off somewhere else or, even better, just stop posting.\r\n\r\nBe respectful. Take it easy. Have some fun. Don't make me come over there.", "topic": "Australia, Conversation, Fun, Friendship", "languages": ["en"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "spam", "advertising", "spoilers_nocw"], "categories": ["art", "games", "music"]}
  143. {"id": "5b859d91e80ab079b280c182", "name": "", "short_description": " is a Mastodon instance for Chicagoans current, former, and future.", "full_description": "Our goal for is to build a community of friends and neighbors across the Windy City. Toot your pho place recommendations, meet-up ideas (like at the mastodon exhibit at the Field!), pothole gripes, creative dibs, and cross-town baseball taunts—whatever you want, as long it abides by our short and sweet content policy.\r\n\r\nFor now, membership in is subject to approval. if you don’t have an invite or referral, email our admin with a Toot-length intro. Proof of your Chicago connection is required.", "topic": "chicago", "languages": ["en"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "nudity_all", "pornography_nocw", "pornography_all", "illegalContentLinks", "spam"], "categories": []}
  144. {"id": "58ebc55fdcd4660abedbf268", "name": "", "short_description": "W3C CSS Working Group Mastodon Instance", "full_description": "For anyone interested in CSS or general web development", "topic": "CSS and Web Development", "languages": ["en"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "illegalContentLinks", "spam", "advertising", "spoilers_nocw"], "categories": ["tech"]}
  145. {"id": "5a61276e46fe0471227f118c", "name": "", "short_description": " is a social network by DJs for DJs. No self-promotion. No advertising.", "full_description": "There are no adverts here, no companies, just real people. We are non-profit so you can be sure you data will always remain yours and will never be sold to anyone. The site is actively moderated so we keep the trolls at bay.\r\n\r\nWe don't reorder your timeline. We don't suggest who you should follow and we don't tolerate abusive behavior of any kind. No one here cares about how many followers or ''likes' you have. You be you. Everyone is equal.\r\n\r\nYou can use it from the web or using one of the many iOS or Android clients.\r\n\r\ is a part of the Mastodon fediverse. If you don't know what that means, trust us it's nerdy but it's really cool.\r\n\r\nJoin us and help make an amazing place to hang out, share stories and experiences.", "topic": "Djing", "languages": ["en", "fr"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_all", "pornography_all", "illegalContentLinks", "spam", "advertising", "spoilers_nocw"], "categories": ["music"]}
  146. {"id": "5a71711763008a32652b001e", "name": "", "short_description": " ist eine Mastodon Instanz von Freifunkern für Freifunker, Freifunk-Interessierte und andere nette Menschen.", "full_description": " ist eine Mastodon Instanz von Freifunkern für Freifunker, Freifunk-Communities, Freifunk-Interessierte und andere nette Menschen.\r\n\r\nUnsere Regeln und alles weitere findet ihr unter", "topic": "Generalistic + Freifunk", "languages": ["en", "fr", "de"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "pornography_all", "illegalContentLinks", "spam", "advertising", "spoilers_nocw"], "categories": []}
  147. {"id": "5a8d8e52efd18a117ddd3614", "name": "", "short_description": "A queer collective into liberating technologies.", "full_description": "A queer collective into liberating technologies.", "topic": null, "languages": ["en", "pt"], "prohibited_content": ["spam"], "categories": ["activism", "anime", "art", "books", "journalism", "music", "tech"]}
  148. {"id": "58f60733762338151ee6dbb0", "name": "", "short_description": "Yet another excited Mastodon instance. ", "full_description": "Yet another excited Mastodon instance. This node has not a main focus, and I do think it should never have.", "topic": null, "languages": ["zh", "en", "ja"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "illegalContentLinks", "spam", "spoilers_nocw"], "categories": ["anime", "games", "music", "tech"]}
  149. {"id": "59d7e346cd5c687334b1b329", "name": "", "short_description": "Qdon — The queers' mastodon", "full_description": "한국의 퀴어들이 퀴어포비즘으로부터 안전하게 있을 수 있는 인스턴스입니다.\r\nNon-Korean users are allowed to join if you want to.", "topic": "LGBTQ+, Queer, Korean", "languages": ["en", "eo", "ja", "ko"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "spam", "advertising"], "categories": ["lgbt"]}
  150. {"id": "5add1b3d71a07e275ed9dae2", "name": "", "short_description": "🐘 Let's talk about female pleasure 聊聊女性性愉悦", "full_description": "A frank community for female pleasure — recreational and educational\r\n\r\nWelcome to Inanna! Inanna wants to help women get better sexual experiences - orgasming each time is a high bar, but making it enjoyable each time is entirely possible.\r\n\r\nHow to use this site? If you are a woman: write down and share your most mind-blowing experiences; be inspired by other women and discover new territories; mark the toots you like via \"Boost\" and share your username with your partner ;)\r\n\r\nIf you are a man: read and learn (you are welcome); join the discussion by asking a question, sharing your experiences; be humble and open-minded.\r\n\r\nWhy create Inanna? Female sexual pleasure deserves far more attention than it currently does - not only by men, but also by women themselves. Inanna is not for dating or hookups. However, you are encouraged to use Inanna to find out what your partner likes 🐘 We are fully aware of the sensitivity here, hence we chose Mastodon to ensure anonymity and no secret data abuse. So, feel safe to speak up.\r\n\r\n坦诚的女性性愉悦社区 — 有趣,有用\r\n\r\n欢迎来到伊南娜!我们想帮助女性获得更棒的性体验 — 并不是每次都必须达到高潮,而是每次都令人愉快,都令人激动。\r\n\r\n如何使用伊南娜?如果你是女性:在这里分享你最销魂的体验;向别人学习新招式;用“转嘟”功能标记你最喜欢的帖子,然后把你的用户名告诉你的伴侣 ;)\r\n\r\n如果你是男性:阅读并学习(不用谢);参与讨论,比如提问,或分享你的体验;谦虚并心态开放。\r\n\r\n为何创造伊南娜?女性性愉悦这一命题,目前远远未受到应得的重视 — 不仅男性,女性亦重视不足。伊南娜并非约会或约炮网站。不过欢迎通过伊南娜发现你伴侣的性趣 🐘 鉴于话题敏感,我们特意选择了长毛象,从而保证你的匿名,且保证我们无法偷偷滥用你的数据。请放心的发言讨论。", "topic": "Pleasure", "languages": ["zh", "en", "de"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw"], "categories": ["activism", "adult", "lgbt"]}
  151. {"id": "5ae8b32dc8ec996cd1ee7dbf", "name": "", "short_description": "an instance for the tildeverse\r\n(,, etc, and anyone else)\r\nformerly ", "full_description": "hosted by\r\n\r\nformerly but i got another domain name and decided to start the instance from scratch :)", "topic": null, "languages": ["en"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "illegalContentLinks", "spam"], "categories": ["academia", "activism", "games", "tech"]}
  152. {"id": "5b395a859ef0540526549d0b", "name": "", "short_description": "Create an account or log into Shitter. Connect with friends, family and other people you know. Share photos and videos, send messages and get updates", "full_description": "Create an account or log into Shitter. Connect with friends, family and other people you know. Share photos and videos, send messages and get updates.\r\n\r\nBe free and share your thought with the community without any limitations.", "topic": null, "languages": ["nl", "en"], "prohibited_content": [], "categories": ["activism", "anime", "art", "games", "music", "sports", "tech"]}
  153. {"id": "59eabb0bcd5c687334b1b36d", "name": "", "short_description": "Generally Sysadmin and infosec stuff, low user limit", "full_description": "General use Mastodon server. A federated, community driven alternative to #birdsite 🐦 (@Twitter). We are here to provide freedom of choice and freedom from abuse. Currently federating with all friendly #Mastodon 🐘 instances.", "topic": "I talk Sysadmin and InfoSec stuff, we can talk whatever you like :)", "languages": ["en"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "pornography_all", "illegalContentLinks", "spam", "advertising", "spoilers_nocw"], "categories": ["academia", "activism", "tech"]}
  154. {"id": "5ab65c67df31fd1e83827284", "name": "", "short_description": "Unofficial Mastodon instance for pony-fans for the Manechat Discord Guild", "full_description": "Unofficial Mastodon instance for pony-fans for the Manechat Discord Guild.", "topic": "Ponies, Rainbows and Nerdery", "languages": ["en"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "illegalContentLinks", "spam", "advertising", "spoilers_nocw"], "categories": ["art", "furry", "games", "tech"]}
  155. {"id": "58e39c0d9fd61d64cd8e8a31", "name": "", "short_description": "Instance anarchostalinienne et allié·e·s membre des fédérations OStatus (GNU social, PostActiv, Pleroma) et ActivityPub.", "full_description": "Instance anarchostalinienne et allié·e·s membre des fédérations OStatus (GNU social, PostActiv, Pleroma) et ActivityPub.", "topic": null, "languages": ["en", "fr", "pl", "es"], "prohibited_content": ["spam", "advertising"], "categories": ["activism", "music", "tech"]}
  156. {"id": "5ad4f1ffb13a5b202c4f52e4", "name": "", "short_description": "Indie Developer", "full_description": "Just the right place for you", "topic": "development", "languages": ["zh", "en", "id", "ja", "jv", "ko", "ms", "pt", "su", "th"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "illegalContentLinks", "spam"], "categories": ["academia", "activism", "anime", "art", "books", "furry", "games", "journalism", "lgbt", "music", "poc", "sports", "tech"]}
  157. {"id": "5ae8a640c8ec996cd1ee7dba", "name": "", "short_description": "A friendly social networking space for those with an interest in Catholicism.", "full_description": "This is a place for English language folks interested in Catholicism to thrive. Anyone - Catholic or not - is welcome to join the discussion. Our only \"rule\" is to respect Christian values (so show civility towards each other, no NSFW content, etc.). Feel free to discuss topics outside our primary interest area whenever you wish.\r\n\r\nAsk questions, offer reflections, share news, or just let us know how things are going. Folks here are happy to pray for you.", "topic": "religion, Christianity, Catholicism", "languages": ["en"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "nudity_all", "pornography_nocw", "pornography_all", "illegalContentLinks", "spam", "advertising", "spoilers_nocw"], "categories": []}
  158. {"id": "5b3e168c85b9b91570c52764", "name": "", "short_description": "Freie unabhängige Fediverse Instanz für jedermann. Kernthemen: Gaming, Streaming, Technik und Föderation", "full_description": "Anoxinon ist eine nicht-kommerzielle Gemeinschaft, deren Ziel es ist, Bürgerrechte und freie Software zu stärken.\r\n\r\nDie Kernthemen unserer Instanz drehen sich um: Gaming, Streaming, Technik und Föderation. Jedoch wird hier natürlich jede andere Person auch gerne gesehen.\r\n\r\nMastodon ist eine dezentralisierte alternative zu Sozialen Netzwerken wie Twitter und bietet dir die Möglichkeit dich ohne staatliche Zensur und Einschränkungen frei zu äußern. ", "topic": "Allgemeines, Gaming, Streaming, Technik und Föderation", "languages": ["en", "de"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "pornography_all", "illegalContentLinks", "spam"], "categories": ["activism", "art", "games", "journalism", "music", "tech"]}
  159. {"id": "58e4dea21c9efe7b49d4c817", "name": "", "short_description": "A small, friendly instance for silly people who like funny swearing and computer games.", "full_description": "Hello! We mostly make toilet humour jokes under the pretence of attempting to be all about computer games and other nerd crap. We're LGBT friendly and try to be as inclusive as possible.\r\n\r\nWe also have an IRC channel RIGHT HERE at or encryped on The main channel is #bibeogaem.", "topic": null, "languages": ["en"], "prohibited_content": ["illegalContentLinks", "spam", "advertising", "spoilers_nocw"], "categories": []}
  160. {"id": "590cbe15ab6eba5e9f74da98", "name": "", "short_description": "Home for Open Source and Linux enthusiasts also interested in IT security and decentralisation.", "full_description": "Mastodon instance dedicated to people interested in delivering Open Source and Linux based platforms in the Private and Public Sector in Europe.\r\nInternet decentralisation and proper Italian food are also discussed here.\r\n\r\nThis instance is being run by an Italian, with French connections, in Brighton (UK).\r\n", "topic": null, "languages": ["en", "fr", "it"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "nudity_all", "pornography_nocw", "pornography_all", "illegalContentLinks", "spam", "advertising"], "categories": ["tech"]}
  161. {"id": "5b3bbdafeb7d1268832db0f9", "name": "", "short_description": " is the one and only adult 18+ social community on the web.", "full_description": "Een sociaal netwerk als geen ander! Waar het fout gaat bij grote sociale netwerken pakt Switter het op de juiste manier op! Geen advertenties, geen datamining en zeer veilig!\r\n\r\ is een community voor en van Nederland. Volg het laatste nieuws, lees leuke berichten en bekijk grappige video’s en GIFjes!", "topic": null, "languages": ["ab", "aa", "af", "ak", "sq", "am", "ar", "an", "hy", "as", "av", "ay", "az", "bm", "ba", "eu", "be", "bn", "bh", "bi", "bs", "br", "bg", "my", "km", "ca", "ch", "ce", "ny", "zh", "cv", "kw", "co", "cr", "hr", "cs", "da", "dv", "nl", "dz", "en", "eo", "et", "ee", "fo", "fj", "fi", "fr", "gl", "lg", "ka", "de", "el", "kl", "gn", "gu", "ht", "ha", "he", "hz", "hi", "ho", "hu", "is", "io", "ig", "id", "ia", "ie", "iu", "ik", "ga", "it", "ja", "jv", "kn", "kr", "ks", "kk", "ki", "ky", "rn", "kv", "kg", "ko", "kj", "ku", "lo", "la", "lv", "li", "ln", "lt", "lb", "mk", "mg", "ms", "ml", "mt", "gv", "mi", "mr", "mh", "mo", "mn", "na", "nv", "ng", "ne", "nd", "se", "no", "nn", "oc", "oj", "cu", "or", "om", "os", "pi", "pa", "ps", "fa", "ff", "pl", "pt", "qu", "rm", "ro", "ru", "rw", "sm", "sg", "sa", "sc", "gd", "sr", "sh", "sn", "ii", "sd", "si", "sk", "sl", "so", "nr", "st", "es", "su", "sw", "ss", "sv", "tl", "ty", "tg", "ta", "tt", "te", "th", "bo", "ti", "to", "ts", "tn", "tr", "tk", "tw", "uk", "ur", "ug", "uz", "ve", "vi", "vo", "wa", "cy", "fy", "wo", "xh", "yi", "yo", "za", "zu"], "prohibited_content": [], "categories": ["academia", "activism", "adult", "anime", "art", "books", "furry", "games", "journalism", "lgbt", "music", "poc", "sports", "tech"]}
  162. {"id": "5b9c65910253056367082482", "name": "", "short_description": "A Mastodon Instance dedicated to free speech and freedom of press", "full_description": "We're a Mastodon Instance dedicated to Free Speech and Freedom of Press. We will not censor your posts, but we do require that all NSFW content be properly labeled as such. Bullying is not allowed at an extreme level, but we will not censor small actions. We do request, but not require, that adults be adults and are able to agree to disagree. Extended harassment from one user to another (i.e. more than three posts) will be properly moderated, this includes reverse crusading. Love you guys! Love to host your social media, have fun and enjoy! :D", "topic": null, "languages": ["en"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "illegalContentLinks", "spoilers_nocw"], "categories": ["academia", "activism", "anime", "art", "books", "games", "humor", "journalism", "music", "poc", "sports", "tech"]}
  163. {"id": "5ba3c27c02530563670824a4", "name": "", "short_description": "A place for fashion and friends. Part of the family of websites", "full_description": "The instance for friendly, hopefully minimally consumerist fashion talk. Based on the culture and vibe of, last of the old school phpbb forums. ", "topic": "fashion and friends", "languages": ["en"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "pornography_all", "illegalContentLinks", "spam", "advertising", "spoilers_nocw"], "categories": ["art"]}
  164. {"id": "5abfcd9e5ba9b96cea3ea24c", "name": "", "short_description": "Toots from Richmond, VA and around the world. Stick around for good vibes.", "full_description": "An instance for Richmond, VA. No tolerance for hate. No cops, nationalists, surveillance contractors, etc. We federate with all friendly instances and typically take Dzuk's advice on silencing/suspending instances.", "topic": null, "languages": ["en"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "spam", "advertising"], "categories": []}
  165. {"id": "5af77b08db4cc9363ece0b15", "name": "", "short_description": "We're cool, and we have cookies (when we do not eat them). LGBTQ+ folks are welcome !", "full_description": "CNBT is a small generalist instance.\r\nWe can talk about everything, everybody is welcome!\r\nWe mostly speak French and English, but all languages are appreciated.\r\nCome and have a good time!", "topic": null, "languages": ["en", "fr"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "spam", "spoilers_nocw"], "categories": ["academia", "activism", "anime", "books", "furry", "games", "lgbt", "music", "tech"]}
  166. {"id": "5b710f52ba0ea153975ca201", "name": "", "short_description": "From Singapore 🇸🇬 for Singaporeans by Singaporeans. But all are welcome!", "full_description": "What is\r\n\r\nFrom Singapore 🇸🇬 for Singaporeans by Singaporeans. But all are welcome!\r\n\r\nThis aims to be a local instance of Mastodon that primarily works as a community for Singaporeans which also participates in the greater fediverse that is Mastodon.\r\n\r\nWe adhere to’s list of blocked instances.\r\n\r\nFor more info", "topic": "Singapore", "languages": ["zh", "en", "ms", "ta"], "prohibited_content": [], "categories": []}
  167. {"id": "5b837a57e80ab079b280c166", "name": "", "short_description": "From Singapore 🇸🇬 for Singaporeans by Singaporeans.", "full_description": "This aims to be a local instance of Mastodon that primarily works as a community for Singaporeans which also participates in the greater fediverse that is Mastodon.", "topic": null, "languages": ["en"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "illegalContentLinks", "spam", "advertising"], "categories": []}
  168. {"id": "5aa18fef33571a45b3cd58b8", "name": "", "short_description": "Mastodon suomalaisille!", "full_description": "Toivotamme tervetulleeksi kaikki suomalaiset Mastodon käyttäjät.", "topic": null, "languages": ["en", "fi"], "prohibited_content": ["illegalContentLinks", "spam", "advertising"], "categories": ["adult", "anime", "art", "books", "games", "journalism", "music", "sports", "tech"]}
  169. {"id": "5acaf9dc3366f24a20cfbbd9", "name": "", "short_description": "Cartoon and Anything.", "full_description": "卡通,和任何内容。", "topic": "cartoon", "languages": ["zh", "en"], "prohibited_content": ["pornography_all"], "categories": ["adult", "anime", "art", "furry", "games", "humor", "music", "tech"]}
  170. {"id": "5acc4ba0384df834dcb60f66", "name": "", "short_description": "An open, transparent and democratically governed decentralised social network for Africa, by Africans.", "full_description": "An open, transparent and democratically governed decentralised social network for Africa, by Africans.", "topic": null, "languages": ["af", "en", "nd", "so", "nr", "st", "sw", "ss", "ts", "tn", "xh", "zu"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "spam", "advertising", "spoilers_nocw"], "categories": []}
  171. {"id": "5b6f38e6ba0ea153975ca1f3", "name": "", "short_description": "The Dharma Realm, hosted at, serves all Dharma practitioners: Buddhism, Yoga, Advaita, and related spiritualities.", "full_description": "The Dharma Realm, hosted at, is an open, friendly, diverse Instance that serves all Dharma practitioners, including (but not limited to) all forms of Buddhism, Yoga, Advaita, Hinduism, Tantra, Tao and related spiritualities, and contemporary forms of Dharma philosophy and practice. All we ask is that you bring curiosity, kindness and an open mind.", "topic": "Dharma", "languages": ["en", "pi", "sa"], "prohibited_content": [], "categories": []}
  172. {"id": "5babd08c02530563670824be", "name": "", "short_description": "Supporting the Nova Scotia Education Community", "full_description": "Bringing social networking in a controlled platform to our province's Education Community.", "topic": "EECD", "languages": ["en", "fr"], "prohibited_content": [], "categories": ["academia"]}
  173. {"id": "59258da0a5710a01a9a09417", "name": "", "short_description": "Első, kísérleti magyar Mastodon instancia", "full_description": "Az első magyar Mastodon instancia, becenevén a Nemzeti Instancia.\r\n---------\r\nFirst Hungarian Instance. Foreigners are also welcome, but beware, you won't understand much :)", "topic": null, "languages": ["en", "hu"], "prohibited_content": ["pornography_nocw", "sexism", "racism", "illegalContentLinks", "spam", "advertising", "hateSpeeches", "harrassment"], "categories": []}
  174. {"id": "59f065ed5726d946c6e18a5e", "name": "", "short_description": "You don't have to be a furry, but it certainly helps. :-3", "full_description": "You should consider this instance if:\r\n\r\n* You value diversity of background and opinion\r\n* You do not condone abuse and harassment\r\n* Are at least 18 years of age\r\n* You like wolves at least a little bit\r\n* Being in league with the furry fandom is not strictly required - but probably helps :-)\r\n\r\nEveryone is welcome as long as they follow our Code of Conduct.", "topic": null, "languages": ["en"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "sexism", "racism", "spam", "hateSpeeches", "harrassment", "spoilers_nocw"], "categories": []}
  175. {"id": "5a8e61731496030bf4c7a99c", "name": "", "short_description": "Officially endorsed by @Gargron as a joke instance. Also federates with instances on TOR so you can follow / talk to crypto weirdos", "full_description": "A Message To the Newbies!\r\n\r\nWe are very serious about keeping banana dog clean and troll-free, so please consider your account an investment and treat it accordingly. Read the rules, use common sense, and help keep banana dog the best instance on mastodon!\r\n\r\nGeneral Conduct\r\n\r\nBefore you post:\r\nBefore posting, please ask yourself the following question: \"Am I making a post which is either funny, informative, or interesting on any level?\"\r\n\r\nIf you can answer \"yes\" to this, then please post. If you cannot, then refrain from posting. If you post anyway, the mods may censor your post.\r\n\r\nBefore you reply:\r\nBefore replying, please ask yourself the following question: \"Does my reply offer any significant advice or help contribute to the conversation in any fashion?\"\r\n\r\nIf you can answer \"yes\" to this, then please reply. If you cannot, then refrain from replying.\r\nPosting Rules\r\n\r\nLow Content Posts:\r\nPlease do not make posts containing no content (ie, \"first post,\" \"hello, I'm new here,\" etc.). These just litter up the timeline. If you do not like a post, then just ignore it and move on; replies consisting solely of trolling fall into this category. As a general rule, write as if you were speaking in real life to another human being.\r\n\r\nWorthless Posts:\r\nWe do not care if you are drunk or high; please do not inform us of either. Please do not post crap asking us to vote for you on some website, give you referrals for free iPods / flatscreens / spare tires, or any other semi-spam things.\r\n\r\nLeet Haxoring:\r\nDon't fuck with this instance or any of its users. If you post a malicious link (any URL with spyware or code designed to annoy people) you will be banned. Do not make plans to annoy / destroy other users / instances.\r\n\r\nStay On Target:\r\nTry to use the appropriate hash tag for your posts. This helps people find your post and makes the instance more user friendly.\r\nAlso, Mastodon supports content warnings so please consider using them. Examples may include posting spoilers for a brand new movie, discussing something gross or maybe just containing a political rant.\r\n\r\nRespect the Mods:\r\nThe moderators are here to keep the instance safe, sane, and secure. If they ask you to do something, please do it. Please do not harass or intentionally annoy the mods. If you do not like the mods or the moderation, feel free to contact me\r\n\r\nHarass and Sass:\r\nIf somebody is harassing you report it to a mod or the admin. Disagreement does not constitute harassment. Please do not post others' personal information (phone number, addresses, emails, etc.). Try to stay out of other peoples' personal lives as well. Keep in mind there's a good distinction between the Internet and real life.\r\n\r\nAccount Ability:\r\nYou are solely responsible for the content posted from your account. Please secure it accordingly.\r\n\r\nCrazy Catchall:\r\nPlease do not try to cleverly circumvent some rule listed here. These rules are general guidelines and are very flexible.\r\n\r\nI Hate Speech:\r\nOffensive terms such as \"faggot\" or \"nigger\" may or may not be bannable based on context of the toot. This rule is completely, 100% subjective and is based on the mod reading the post at the time. Use at your own peril.", "topic": null, "languages": ["en"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "spam", "advertising", "spoilers_nocw"], "categories": ["art", "games", "tech"]}
  176. {"id": "5b07b04b0c3a8465be000870", "name": "", "short_description": "Simply a general instance, join us! / Simplement une instance générale, rejoignez-nous !", "full_description": "Welcome to the Mastodon instance of Laitues! \\o/\r\nFor the moment, the main language of this instance is French, but you can all join us.\r\nIf you have any questions, our administrators will be happy to answer them.\r\n\r\nBienvenue sur l’instance Mastodon de Laitues ! \\o/\r\nPour le moment, le langage principal de cette instance est le français, mais vous pouvez tous nous rejoindre.\r\nSi vous avez des questions, nos administrateurs seront heureux de vous répondre.", "topic": null, "languages": ["en", "fr"], "prohibited_content": [], "categories": ["academia", "activism", "anime", "books", "games", "music", "tech"]}
  177. {"id": "5b309d3485b9b91570c526fb", "name": "", "short_description": "Like animation? This is the instance for you!", "full_description": "Socel aims to provide an environment where everyone involved in animation and related fields such as videogames is welcome to explore, connect, discuss, and grow. ", "topic": "animation", "languages": ["en"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "pornography_all", "illegalContentLinks", "spam", "advertising", "spoilers_nocw"], "categories": ["art"]}
  178. {"id": "5b3c4dae85b9b91570c52755", "name": "", "short_description": "This mastodon instance is a fetish based instance based on a various list of fetishes.\r\nGiantess, giant, vore and more!", "full_description": "A social place for bugs of all kind to fantasize about the many things larger than them!\r\n\r\nThis mastodon instance is a fetish based instance based on a various list of fetishes.\r\nGiantess, giant, vore, crush and more!\r\n\r\nFrom enthusiasts to artist, all are welcome!\r\n\r\nAre you one of the \"tall ones\"? The ones above the bugs?\r\nYou are welcome to! Come say hi, maybe even walk with us!\r\n\r\nJust watch your step, not all of us enjoy being stepped on ;)", "topic": "Size fetish", "languages": ["en"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "illegalContentLinks", "spam", "spoilers_nocw"], "categories": ["adult", "anime", "art", "furry", "games", "lgbt"]}
  179. {"id": "5b886fcd84f4f12e01e8eef4", "name": "", "short_description": "Fans of technology, design, gadgets, software development, Apple, Linux", "full_description": "Fans of technology, design, gadgets, software development, Apple, Linux", "topic": null, "languages": ["en"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "pornography_all", "illegalContentLinks", "spam"], "categories": ["academia", "art", "books", "games", "sports", "tech"]}
  180. {"id": "5a3be32967eb6930d0cf73fe", "name": "", "short_description": "Queer Friendly smol instace", "full_description": "Mostly English speaking instance with a focus on queer technology. ", "topic": "Queer", "languages": ["en"], "prohibited_content": ["pornography_nocw", "illegalContentLinks", "spam"], "categories": []}
  181. {"id": "5ac7aed05a17ff0254521d90", "name": "", "short_description": "This is a LGBT+ instance, which wants to be cosy and as safe as can be. Mostly FR and EN", "full_description": "Bienvenue sur l’accueil de Pipou Academy ! Nous sommes un établissement de langue principalement française et anglaise (autres langues bienvenues !) ouvert à tous les élèves pipou.\r\nQu’est-ce qu’un.e pipou ? Vaste et scientifique question qui n’a qu’une réponse : l’élève pipou est une personne gentille ou qui vise à l’être.\r\nLes valeurs de notre académie :\r\n- L’académie Pipou prône la bienveillance. Nous visons à créer un espace aussi accueillant que possible, où chaque élève se sentira à l’aise et saura qu’iel peut être ellui-même (tant que « ellui-même » n’est pas « un.e vil.e vilain.e »).\r\n- Nous accueillons toutes les lettres du sigle LGBT+ et les alliés. Les personnes de toutes origines, opinions et orientations sont les bienvenues dans notre établissement, tant qu’elles s’efforcent de suivre notre règlement !\r\n\r\nWelcome on Pipou Academy’s portal! We are mainly a French-speaking or English-speaking establishment, but other languages are welcome too. Our school is open to all interested pipous!\r\nWhat is a pipou? A pipou is a complex creature that might be described in one sentence: someone who is either nice, either aiming to be nice.\r\nOur values:\r\n- Pipou Academy puts an emphasis on kindness. Our goal is to create a welcoming, laid-back space where everyone can feel at ease and be theirselves (as long as \"theirselves\" is not \"a big meanie\"!).\r\n- We welcome all the letters from the LGBT+ sigils, as well as allies. Whoever you are, you are welcome here, as long as you try to follow our rules!", "topic": null, "languages": ["en", "fr"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "illegalContentLinks", "spam", "advertising", "spoilers_nocw"], "categories": ["lgbt"]}
  182. {"id": "5b2c15b59ef0540526549ce9", "name": "", "short_description": "A free instance about Free stuff", "full_description": " aims to be a network for developers and sysadmins", "topic": null, "languages": ["en"], "prohibited_content": ["spam"], "categories": ["academia", "activism", "anime", "art", "books", "games", "journalism", "music", "poc", "sports", "tech"]}
  183. {"id": "5b2c957885b9b91570c526d9", "name": "", "short_description": "Dedicated to all people interested in a united Europe, a post-national and truly democratic Europe. But everybody is welcome!", "full_description": "Code of Conduct:", "topic": "European Politics", "languages": ["en", "de"], "prohibited_content": ["pornography_nocw", "pornography_all", "illegalContentLinks", "spam"], "categories": []}
  184. {"id": "5b387d8685b9b91570c52736", "name": "", "short_description": "Swiss based Mastodon instance, funded and maintained by \r\nInstance Suisse de Mastodon, financé et maintenu par ", "full_description": "Enjoy your time on this instance !", "topic": null, "languages": ["en", "fr"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "spam", "advertising"], "categories": []}
  185. {"id": "5b453949fa6236722f7629fe", "name": "", "short_description": " is a Mastodon instance. It powers the social network in rtHome App", "full_description": " is a Mastodon instance. It powers the social network in rtHome App", "topic": null, "languages": ["en", "vi"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "pornography_all", "illegalContentLinks", "spam", "advertising", "spoilers_nocw"], "categories": ["art", "books", "sports", "tech"]}
  186. {"id": "5b7cebc48ed53d2963b828f8", "name": "", "short_description": "Mastodon for Kiwis", "full_description": "Mastodon.NZ is a friendly and safe place for people from Aotearoa/New Zealand to share their thoughts, images and videos. Like Facebook and Twitter, but without the bad stuff - no ads, no tracking or selling your data, no Russian bots or bullies.\r\n\r\nWe're small enough that kiwi humans moderate our content and handle problems. But we're big too - because we're federated with thousands of other Mastodon instances, you can follow (and be followed) by millions of people around the globe.\r\n\r\nBecause it's New Zealand-based, toots on the local and federated timeline will be more relevant to kiwis. And they'll make more sense because of our shared culture and values - people won't think you're agreeing when you say \"yeah right\". \r\n\r\nBeing local also means a code of conduct aligned with New Zealand values. We're aiming for a safe and civil environment, and you should never see the toxic behaviour that Facebook and Twitter allow.\r\n", "topic": "Aotearoa/New Zealand", "languages": ["en", "mi"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "pornography_all", "illegalContentLinks", "spam"], "categories": []}
  187. {"id": "5b851f4fe80ab079b280c172", "name": "", "short_description": "General-purpose inclusive community for Russian-speaking and other users.", "full_description": "General-purpose inclusive community for Russian-speaking and other users.", "topic": null, "languages": ["en", "ru"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "illegalContentLinks", "spam", "advertising", "spoilers_nocw"], "categories": ["adult", "humor", "lgbt", "tech"]}
  188. {"id": "58e5ed923d4b8079cf520ba0", "name": "", "short_description": "General purpose social network with a focus on anime and socialism.", "full_description": "Anime is great.", "topic": null, "languages": ["en"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "spam", "advertising", "spoilers_nocw"], "categories": ["activism", "anime", "games", "lgbt", "tech"]}
  189. {"id": "58fa33c93765484c460d7312", "name": "", "short_description": "A small friendly instance on the fediverse. Mild trolling between participants for fun.", "full_description": "A small friendly instance on the fediverse. Invitations available from\r\n\r\nMild trolling between participants and friends for fun.", "topic": null, "languages": ["en", "de", "pl"], "prohibited_content": ["spam", "advertising"], "categories": ["tech"]}
  190. {"id": "5a29a601cffadb54f9fffd6f", "name": "", "short_description": "Its a safe space for Campaigning and NGO groups to access the #openweb Founded on #4opens and moderated by an ethical code of conduct. ", "full_description": " \"\"We can't engage as communities, unless we have money. I can't even express how angry this makes me.\"\"\r\n- an activist group using Facebook. People and organisations who feel this way are our initial targets.\r\n\r\nWe are launching two new Mastodon instances for activists and campaigners to aid communication of grassroot groups; putting social media back in our hands by providing a free, unfettered home for campaigners, NGO’s and activists to communicate among their peers and beyond.\r\n\r\nThis project is a way out of the restricted, algorithmic, for-profit mediation and commercialisation of communication we increasingly experience. If you do not pay to \"boost\" each post, a Facebook page will only reach 3-6% of members. This soon becomes an expensive drain on limited NGO and activist budgets.\r\nActivists and campaigners alike are ready to shift their outreach away from the corporate social networks paid-per-view “walled gardens”.\r\n\r\nMastodon is the worlds largest free open source decentralised microblogging network; it’s thousands of unique, interconnected communities, filled with different people, interests, languages, and needs.\r\nYou’re free to join any community you like, or better yet, host your own, on your own terms. It remains possible for members of each to instance to interact with others.\r\nThere is no monopoly by a single commercial company, no ads, and no tracking.\r\n\r\nWe aim to help activism/campaigning groups to make this step now.\r\n\r\n", "topic": "Campaigning and NGO groups working for a better world", "languages": ["en"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_all", "spam", "advertising"], "categories": ["academia", "activism", "journalism", "tech"]}
  191. {"id": "5a60f55946fe0471227f1188", "name": "", "short_description": "Une fois pour TOOT ! A Mastodon in Brussels.", "full_description": "Petites Singularités vous invite, en direct de Bruxelles, à l'éveil d'un mastodonte... Live from Brussels! Live vanuit Brussel!\r\n\r\nThis instance is provided by Petites Singularités ASBL for like-minded people in Brussels and elsewhere. P.S.: works with free software and grassroots activists across disciplines, ranging from agro-ecology to cartography, libre aesthetics & ethics, (self-)organization & policy.", "topic": null, "languages": ["nl", "en", "fr"], "prohibited_content": ["pornography_nocw", "spam"], "categories": []}
  192. {"id": "5a830a1ab0dc0f6e0defef02", "name": "", "short_description": "A mastodon instance for people who believe everyone has the right to speak their mind (not necessarily meaning everyone will be listened to)", "full_description": "A mastodon instance for people who believe everyone has the right to speak their mind (not necessarily meaning everyone will be listened to), the majority deciding what the minority is allowed to say is just awful, and once the oppressed comes to power they often decide to oppress their oppressors causing an infinite loop of censorship. Come join us and be allowed to speak your mind without fear of harm, or being silenced.", "topic": null, "languages": ["en", "eo"], "prohibited_content": [], "categories": []}
  193. {"id": "5af6e9afdb4cc9363ece0b13", "name": "", "short_description": "A social networking site respecting its users' freedom and privacy.", "full_description": " This instance does not tolerate the following kinds of content:\r\n\r\n    Advertising\r\n    Fake news\r\n    Unscientific religious propaganda\r\n\r\nIn addition to the above rules, we also incorporate the good collection of rules from ", "topic": null, "languages": ["en", "te"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "pornography_all", "illegalContentLinks", "spam", "advertising", "spoilers_nocw"], "categories": ["activism", "books", "journalism", "tech"]}
  194. {"id": "5b42128385b9b91570c5277b", "name": "", "short_description": "Crying babies, mostly.", "full_description": "Crying babies, mostly.", "topic": "ouin", "languages": ["en", "fr", "de", "pt", "es"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw"], "categories": ["activism", "adult", "lgbt"]}
  195. {"id": "5b7a448a8ec14f538470594f", "name": "", "short_description": "A streaming and gaming focused Mastodon instance, with a heavy emphasis on community and safe, upbeat content.", "full_description": " is a safe and community-oriented Mastodon instance focused around streaming, gaming, and community. We welcome all people however!", "topic": "Streaming & Gaming", "languages": ["en"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "illegalContentLinks", "spam"], "categories": ["anime", "art", "books", "games", "tech"]}
  196. {"id": "58e4e78b70607d2ad8fbcd40", "name": "", "short_description": "Instance gérée par membre du collectif C.H.A.T.O.N.S.\r\n--\r\nThis instance is managed by team.\r\nProud member of C.H.A.T.O.N.S.", "full_description": "=== Charte & Manifeste\r\ adhère à la charte et manifeste des CHATONS.\r\n\r\n=== Infrastructure\r\nLes services de sont hébergés en France sur plusieurs serveurs dédiés loués chez\r\nNous utilisons exclusivement que des logiciels open-source.\r\nLes données hébergées sont stockées sur un support chiffré et sauvegardé :\r\n- via un système de réplication temps rééel (DRBD)\r\n- de façon quotidienne et incrémentielle, le tout exporté sur un serveur hébergé chez OVH\r\n\r\n== Utilisation des services\r\n* L’utilisation des services se fait à vos propres risques. Ils sont fournis tel quel.\r\n* Vous êtes responsable de la sécurité de votre compte et de votre mot de passe.\r\n* ne peut pas et ne sera pas responsable de toutes pertes ou dommages résultant de votre non-respect de cette obligation de sécurité.\r\n* Vous êtes responsable de tout contenu affiché et de l’activité qui se produit sous votre compte.\r\n* Vous ne pouvez pas utiliser le service à des fins illégales ou non autorisées.\r\n* Vous ne devez pas transgresser les lois de votre pays.\r\n* Vous ne pouvez pas envoyer, télécharger, publier sur un site ou blog, distribuer, diffuser tout contenu illégal, diffamatoire, harcelant, abusif, frauduleux, contrefait, obscène ou autrement répréhensible.\r\n* Vous ne pouvez pas vendre, échanger, revendre, ou exploiter dans un but commercial non autorisé un compte du service utilisé.\r\n* se réserve le droit, à tout moment de modifier ou d’interrompre, temporairement ou définitivement, le service avec ou sans préavis.\r\n* ne sera pas responsable envers vous ou tout tiers pour toute modification, suspension ou interruption du service.", "topic": null, "languages": ["en", "fr", "ja"], "prohibited_content": ["pornography_nocw", "illegalContentLinks", "spam", "advertising"], "categories": []}
  197. {"id": "5a77c1ef847f4a0952519217", "name": "", "short_description": "Its an unfettered space for Activists. Founded on #4opens, motivated by the #PGA hallmarks and moderated by an ethical code of conduct. ", "full_description": "\"We can't engage as communities, unless we have money. I can't even express how angry this makes me.\" \r\n- an activist group using Facebook. People and organisations who feel this way are our initial targets.\r\n\r\nWe are launching two new Mastodon instances for activists and campaigners to aid communication of grassroot groups; putting social media back in our hands by providing a free, unfettered home for campaigners, NGO’s and activists to communicate among their peers and beyond.\r\n\r\nThis project is a way out of the restricted, algorithmic, for-profit mediation and commercialisation of communication we increasingly experience. If you do not pay to \"boost\" each post, a Facebook page will only reach 3-6% of members. This soon becomes an expensive drain on limited NGO and activist budgets. \r\nActivists and campaigners alike are ready to shift their outreach away from the corporate social networks paid-per-view “walled gardens”.\r\n\r\nMastodon is the worlds largest free open source decentralised microblogging network; it’s thousands of unique, interconnected communities, filled with different people, interests, languages, and needs. \r\nYou’re free to join any community you like, or better yet, host your own, on your own terms. It remains possible for members of each to instance to interact with others. \r\nThere is no monopoly by a single commercial company, no ads, and no tracking.\r\n\r\nWe aim to help activism/campaigning groups to make this step now.\r\n\r\n \r\n", "topic": " Its an unfettered space for Activists and groups to communicate via #openweb projects.", "languages": ["en"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "spam", "advertising"], "categories": ["academia", "activism", "journalism", "tech"]}
  198. {"id": "5ac6efb6fde0264e9d17adc4", "name": "", "short_description": "We're a a movie-flavoured general instance geared towards cinephiles, movie buffs, or anyone who has a passing interest in film.", "full_description": "L.P is a place for movie lovers, and our rules reflect that. The short of it is this; don't be an asshole, use content warnings liberally (this includes spoilers, gore, sex, nudity, etc, but also workaday stuff like politics, mental health, and multi-toot posts), and for the love of God, be kind. If you can't do that, we'll have no choice but to bust out the banhammer. And if you think asking you to put sensitive content behind a CW is encroaching on your free speech, well, tough shit. Also, and I say this emphatically, if you're a Nazi, a bigot or otherwise a hate-peddler? Take a hike. We don't need or want you here. If you have any questions problems (harassment troubles, clarifications, movie recs) get a hold of Derek. He'll help you out. Enjoy your stay!", "topic": "general, movies, film", "languages": ["en"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "pornography_all", "illegalContentLinks", "spam", "advertising", "spoilers_nocw"], "categories": ["art"]}
  199. {"id": "5ad849b6ef5dd72e9d37e083", "name": "", "short_description": "The \"unofficial\" Information Retrieval Mastodon Instance.", "full_description": "Goal: Make a viable and valuable social space for anyone working in Information Retrieval and related scientific research.\r\n\r\nEveryone welcome but expect some level of geekiness on the instance and federated timelines.", "topic": "Information Retrieval", "languages": ["en"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "nudity_all", "pornography_nocw", "pornography_all", "illegalContentLinks", "spam", "advertising", "spoilers_nocw"], "categories": ["academia", "tech"]}
  200. {"id": "5b82f9e2e80ab079b280c15e", "name": "", "short_description": "Mastodon Instanz des TheVillage Telegram Chat Netzwerkes.", "full_description": "Das TheVillage Chat-Netzwerk ist ein Zusammenschluss aus mehreren Telegram Gruppen mit verschiedenen Themen. Die einzelnen Gruppen werden mit ihren Themen auf aufgelistet. Es ist jeder willkommen ein Bewohner unseres Dorfs zu werden :)\r\n<br><br>\r\nBitte behandelt andere hier so, wie ihr von anderen behandelt werden wollt.", "topic": "TheVillage, Telegram, Tech, Everything you want to talk about that is not against the german law", "languages": ["en", "de"], "prohibited_content": [], "categories": ["tech"]}
  201. {"id": "5b8cec8b84f4f12e01e8ef12", "name": "", "short_description": " is a server for folks who live in (or near) Frankfurt am Main 🏙, Germany. Registration is currently closed, contact a member of the server", "full_description": " is a server for folks who live in (or near) Frankfurt am Main 🏙, Germany. Registration is currently closed, contact a member of the server for an invite.", "topic": null, "languages": ["en", "de"], "prohibited_content": [], "categories": ["tech"]}
  202. {"id": "5b8f1fad36205a4e89370d03", "name": "", "short_description": "The first and only spookless mastodon federation.", "full_description": "A federation for technologically apt technophobes", "topic": null, "languages": ["en"], "prohibited_content": ["spam", "advertising"], "categories": ["activism", "humor", "music", "tech"]}
  203. {"id": "5b8f9c0436205a4e89370d09", "name": "", "short_description": " is a Mastodon instance open to all people (over 16) and is managed by Markus'Blog. There are rules that you should read before signing", "full_description": " ist eine Mastodon Instanz offen für alle Leute (über 16) und wird betrieben von Markus'Blog. Es gibt Regeln, die Ihr Euch vor der Anmeldung durchlesen solltet, damit Ihr \"gut miteinander umgeht\" :-) \r\n\r\ is a Mastodon instance open to all people (over 16) and is managed by Markus'Blog. There are rules that you should read before signing up, so that you \"be excellent to each other\" :-)", "topic": "Tech", "languages": ["en", "fr", "de"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "nudity_all", "pornography_nocw", "pornography_all", "illegalContentLinks", "spam", "advertising", "spoilers_nocw"], "categories": ["academia", "anime", "art", "books", "games", "humor", "journalism", "music", "poc", "sports", "tech"]}
  204. {"id": "5ba264000253056367082498", "name": "", "short_description": "A small, friendly Mastodon instance for Transformers fans.", "full_description": "Scramble City is a small, friendly Mastodon instance for people with an interest in Transformers, super robots, mecha and related subjects. Not every toot has to be about robots, though! It’s mainly just a place to be social, and registration is open to everyone.", "topic": "Transformers", "languages": ["en"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "illegalContentLinks", "spam"], "categories": ["anime", "games"]}
  205. {"id": "58e2829598f240743efe1c79", "name": "", "short_description": "A small instance for people who use Free Software and are nice to other people.", "full_description": "Follow @status for status updates, planned downtimes, etc.\r\n\r\nThere are no restrictions of content on this instance, however, to keep it pleasant to everyone here are a few rules, which will be completed over time: racist, sexist, homophobic, etc. messages are prohibited and parodic accounts are accepted but must mention they are parodic in their description\r\n\r\nAny user not respecting these rules may get silenced or suspended. Also remember you have the ability to report users if they don't respect these rules.\r\n\r\n[Adapted from terms]", "topic": null, "languages": ["en", "fr"], "prohibited_content": ["pornography_nocw", "sexism", "racism", "spam", "advertising", "hateSpeeches", "harrassment"], "categories": []}
  206. {"id": "5ac4cb58df4d1d0245d26b43", "name": "", "short_description": " is a safe space community emerged in late 2013 and this is their latest project made on April 4th 2018", "full_description": "We are a safe space instance doing cool stuff on the internet. is a small community emerged somewhere in 2013 and since then we have a bunch of members. Our Discord server is available at if you want to have a talk with us.", "topic": null, "languages": ["en", "de"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "illegalContentLinks", "spam", "advertising", "spoilers_nocw"], "categories": ["anime", "art", "books", "furry", "games", "lgbt", "music", "poc", "tech"]}
  207. {"id": "5adb5f0c71a07e275ed9dada", "name": "", "short_description": "\"Timid men prefer the calm of despotism to the tempestuous sea of Liberty.\" -- Thomas Jefferson", "full_description": "A Fediverse home to libertarians, classical liberals, right-of-center thinkers, gun owners, privacy and due process advocates, rugged individualists, and those believing that American Exceptionalism isn't about a country or place but is rather an ideal.", "topic": null, "languages": ["en"], "prohibited_content": ["pornography_nocw", "pornography_all", "illegalContentLinks", "spam"], "categories": ["activism"]}
  208. {"id": "5b7a88d5a6abe47c06ef895b", "name": "", "short_description": " is an instance on the world's greatest planet on earth", "full_description": "- Be friendly and patient\r\n- Racist, sexist, homophobic, etc. messages are prohibited\r\n- Being respectful of everything that is different\r\n- No public and private harassment\r\n- We will exclude you from this interaction if you insult, demean or harass anyone.", "topic": null, "languages": ["en", "de", "pt"], "prohibited_content": [], "categories": ["activism", "journalism", "tech"]}
  209. {"id": "5bb521ed02530563670824f4", "name": "", "short_description": "A small, private instance geared toward artists and creatives.\r\n\r\nBetter red than dead.", "full_description": "Red Room refers to both an organization in the upcoming comic project An Ember Turned Flame as well as the infamous Red Room featured in the TV series Twin Peaks.\r\n\r\nThe Red Room does not permit any sort of homophobia, transphobia, misogyny, ableism, racism or any other sort of bigotry.\r\n\r\nHarassment and dog-piling are also strictly prohibited. There are no second chances; first strike is a permaban.\r\n\r\nNSFW and otherwise sensitive content are allowed, and are always flagged with a content warning. No exceptions.", "topic": null, "languages": ["en"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "illegalContentLinks", "spam", "advertising"], "categories": ["academia", "activism", "adult", "anime", "art", "books", "furry", "games", "humor", "lgbt", "music", "poc"]}
  210. {"id": "58ec781cdcd4660abedbf37a", "name": "", "short_description": "We like games, learning, social justice, computers, cooking, and stories. We try to make the world a little better each day.", "full_description": "We're a small invite-only instance for Transneptunians and friends. We like games, learning, social justice, computers, cooking, and stories. We try to make the world a little better each day.", "topic": null, "languages": ["en"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "illegalContentLinks", "spam", "advertising"], "categories": ["games", "tech"]}
  211. {"id": "59bee876e760bf4183ed165c", "name": "", "short_description": "An instance for asonix and friends. If you want an account here PM", "full_description": "A mastodon instance running on a set of Raspberry Pis. This is mostly for me, but some friends have accounts here. I federate with and have a short instance blacklist", "topic": "furry,", "languages": ["en"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "sexism", "racism", "illegalContentLinks", "spam", "advertising", "hateSpeeches", "harrassment"], "categories": []}
  212. {"id": "5a21a3678f84ee0616d03223", "name": "", "short_description": "Mastodon for WNY residents, but welcome to all", "full_description": "A sub-project of the project, this instance will be guaranteed to be accessible via the Meshnet in Buffalo, NY.  Not available to EU residents.", "topic": "WNY, Wings, Snow, Peanut Donuts, Chicken Wings, Buffalo Bills, Buffalo Sabres, and all things related", "languages": ["en"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "illegalContentLinks", "spam", "advertising"], "categories": ["activism", "journalism", "sports", "tech"]}
  213. {"id": "5a5a87b8a2ffb731df7a4169", "name": "", "short_description": "Focused on Makers, Open Source Hardware (OSHW), Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) and STEM/STEAM", "full_description": "Makerdon is a Mastodon instance focused on Makers, Open Source Hardware (OSHW) and STEM/STEAM. Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) is a likely topic as well. If you're interested in making things, allowing others to build on your work, and/or teaching others about making things, you might like this instance.", "topic": "makers", "languages": ["en"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "pornography_all", "illegalContentLinks", "spam", "advertising"], "categories": []}
  214. {"id": "5abb47b08e26a17641e82439", "name": "", "short_description": "A new Mastodon for nice people based in the Netherlands. Open for everyone as long as you act nice.", "full_description": "Welcome!\r\nTired of the major social networks and their awfull practices? Mastodon might be for you. I have started this local instance of Mastodon to try it out with my friends. But of course, their friends or random strangers are all welcome, as long as they are nice people and behave like nice people! :)\r\n\r\nWelkom!\r\nBen je de gangbare sociale netwerken en haar walgelijke praktijken zat? Mastodon kan dan iets voor je zijn. Ik ben met deze installatie van Mastodon begonnen om het eens te proberen met mijn vrienden. Uiteraard is een ieder welkom, als je maar 'nice' bent en je je dus een beetje normaal weet te gedragen :).\r\n\r\nLOVE!", "topic": null, "languages": ["nl", "en"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "illegalContentLinks", "spam", "spoilers_nocw"], "categories": []}
  215. {"id": "5ac26df73a71be5df27b5eed", "name": "", "short_description": "A small, general-toot instance with a #Houston admin.", "full_description": "THRAERYN dot Net hopes to be a welcoming instance with a vital, active group of users discussing everything under the sun.", "topic": null, "languages": ["en"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "illegalContentLinks", "spam", "advertising", "spoilers_nocw"], "categories": []}
  216. {"id": "5ae5aa407c34d663c019293a", "name": "", "short_description": "Mastodon instance hosted in Vietnam", "full_description": "We’ve set up a Commie Twitter clone for those at risk of suspension / shadowbans etc\r\n\r\nWe host it, we secure it, we manage it, we moderate it. No tracking, no selling your data, no giving it to spooks, no ads in the TL, you won’t get suspended for calling Bob Geldof rude names.\r\n\r\nIt’s free for all now, it will remain free for customers, donors, moderators etc\r\n\r\nStandard house rules :\r\n\r\nNo Nazis\r\n\r\nNo Nonces\r\n\r\nNo Regime Changers\r\n\r\nInstant ban for all these 3 categories.\r\n\r\nThe rest of the rules will evolve over time\r\n\r\nUse long passwords\r\n\r\nTurn 2FA on\r\n\r\nSign up and then stick your cheeky red address in the bio of your twitter account so folk know where to find you if you get hit by their banhammer.\r\n\r\nThere are loads of apps to use. see here.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nIt may still be a bit Beta around the edges so any bugs please report.\r\n\r\nStart your engines Comrades.", "topic": "Anti-Imperialism, left wing politics,", "languages": ["en"], "prohibited_content": ["pornography_nocw", "illegalContentLinks", "spam", "advertising"], "categories": ["academia", "activism", "art", "books", "games", "journalism", "lgbt", "music", "poc", "sports", "tech"]}
  217. {"id": "5b02ccb10c3a8465be000864", "name": "", "short_description": "New mastodon instance located in the suburb of Lyon.", "full_description": "Here, we will talk about politics, sociology, computers, infrastructure, science, etc, etc.\r\nProhobited topics are:\r\n* guns.\r\n* violence\r\n* hate\r\n* racism", "topic": null, "languages": ["en", "fr"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "pornography_all", "illegalContentLinks", "spam", "advertising"], "categories": ["activism", "anime", "art", "books", "games", "journalism", "music", "tech"]}
  218. {"id": "5b71e0ffba0ea153975ca20b", "name": "", "short_description": "A purposefully small instance with servers located in Europe. Open to anyone that's kind and human.", "full_description": "To ensure keeps running at lightning speed and to promote further decentralisation of the Mastodon network, we'll be limiting the number of active users on this instance to 1000.\r\n\r\nUntil then, feel free to join!\r\n\r\nThe only 3 rules are:\r\n\r\n    1. Be kind\r\n    2. Be human (no bots)\r\n    3. Use NFWS and spoiler tags when applicable (see rule #1).\r\n\r\nHappy tooting!\r\n", "topic": null, "languages": ["en"], "prohibited_content": ["pornography_nocw", "spam", "spoilers_nocw"], "categories": ["tech"]}
  219. {"id": "5b7b0e7ea6abe47c06ef8963", "name": "", "short_description": "A small, mostly general purpose instance.", "full_description": " is a small, mostly general purpose instance.  Friendly discussion, jokes/memes, and light shitposting.  Based on the admin team's interests (Qazstan and Sneakygnome) expect posts on a range of topics, including Central Asian/Russia, culture, tech, video games, foreign languages, Japan/tentacles, and much more!  Leftist/socialist like most of Mastodon, but this isn't a place to dwell on the latest Trump bullshit (go to Twitter for that!).  Everyone is welcome! (except for nazis, harassers, etc., of course)   JOIN US, COMRADES! ", "topic": null, "languages": ["en", "ru"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "illegalContentLinks", "spam", "advertising", "spoilers_nocw"], "categories": []}
  220. {"id": "5b832346e80ab079b280c160", "name": "", "short_description": " ist eine kleine öffentliche Mastodon-Instanz", "full_description": " ist eine kleine öffentliche Mastodon-Instanz", "topic": null, "languages": ["en", "de"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "nudity_all", "pornography_nocw", "pornography_all", "illegalContentLinks", "spam", "advertising", "spoilers_nocw"], "categories": []}
  221. {"id": "5b85b4e1e80ab079b280c184", "name": "", "short_description": "A mastodon instance dedicated to cryptocurrency/blockchain (price, tech, projects) discussion.", "full_description": "A mastodon instance dedicated to cryptocurrency/blockchain (price, tech, projects) discussion. No scams, no impersonation, no begging, and no illegal content. All coins are allowed. Keep it civil and we should all survive and coexist. Complaints should be sent to", "topic": "cryptocurrency blockchain", "languages": ["en"], "prohibited_content": [], "categories": []}
  222. {"id": "5b87f92b5be9d80ebd60ec92", "name": "", "short_description": "Invite only, but if you contact me I'll give you the unlimited invite link.", "full_description": "A small, personal instance run for myself and whoever wants an account. Vaguely vintage-tech related", "topic": null, "languages": ["en"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "spam", "advertising"], "categories": ["tech"]}
  223. {"id": "5b8824cf84f4f12e01e8eef2", "name": "", "short_description": "We're a new community for political Liberals on Mastodon. Open to all who broadly align with the Liberal International's definition of Liberalism.", "full_description": "Welcome! We're a new community for liberals on Mastodon. We're open to all who think their beliefs broadly align with the Liberal International's <a href=>definition of Liberalism</a> but we wouldn't be Liberals if all didn't have some areas of disagreement with it - so don't feel you're unwelcome if you can't agree with all of it.", "topic": "Liberalism", "languages": ["en"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "illegalContentLinks", "spam", "advertising"], "categories": ["activism"]}
  224. {"id": "5bb6fe6802530563670824f8", "name": "", "short_description": "Make the world a wild and fluffy place ~ currently invite only instance for furry- and techrelated people.", "full_description": "Welcome to - a wild and fluffy place.\r\ is a 18+ community for furries and tech related people. So do not join unless you are 18 years of age or older.\r\nBut not mainly focussing on mature content.\r\nRegistration is deactivated. You need to have an invitation link to join this instance.", "topic": "Tech, Furry", "languages": ["en", "de"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "illegalContentLinks", "spam", "advertising", "spoilers_nocw"], "categories": []}
  225. {"id": "58e807f28313ad45cf8041d4", "name": "", "short_description": "Mastodon is a great social network, and this instance is my contribution to the network. Feel free to join, toot, boost and federate with others!", "full_description": "This instance is hosted by, the owner of Anyone is welcomed on this instance, as long as they stay polite, friendly and respectful.", "topic": "Anything, computer, software design, IoT, web, new technologies", "languages": ["en", "fr"], "prohibited_content": ["sexism", "racism", "illegalContentLinks", "spam", "hateSpeeches", "harrassment"], "categories": []}
  226. {"id": "5a09f71700d99363de3e339e", "name": "", "short_description": "GP, but if you want to talk fountain pens & ink, cephalopods, photography, more cephalopods, science, even more cephalopods, or cycling…", "full_description": "Rules of being a decent human being apply. No harassment, sexism, racism, misogyny, homophobia, transphobia, *-shaming, etc. Content of this nature will be removed. \r\n\r\nPeople with all interests are welcome. That being said, this admin is interested in fountain pens and ink, DNS, Evernote, science, and analog/digital photography.", "topic": null, "languages": ["en"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "illegalContentLinks", "spam", "advertising", "spoilers_nocw"], "categories": []}
  227. {"id": "5a949c6f0273bf1b12f0980e", "name": "", "short_description": "Animal rights and veganism. All are welcome!", "full_description": "A Mastodon instance encouraging discussion of animal rights and veganism. All who are respectful to other users are welcome.", "topic": "animal rights", "languages": ["en"], "prohibited_content": ["pornography_nocw", "illegalContentLinks", "spam"], "categories": ["activism"]}
  228. {"id": "5ab9d23ace531468912e28f7", "name": "", "short_description": "A Mastodon instance that focuses primarily on technology, especially IT, DevOps, and Programming. ", "full_description": "The community of this instance focuses primarily on technology, especially IT, DevOps, and Programming. We mostly run a clean community, and do not allow NSFW content.\r\n\r\nOur Code of Conduct\r\n- No discrimination. We're all people here, there is no reason to discriminate against anyone because of their age, gender, sexual identity, or race.\r\n- Swearing is allowed, but don't be excessively vulgar just for the sake of being vulgar.\r\n- No illegal activities, this include piracy, doxing, DDoSing, etc. Please do not discuss committing these acts, or information for others to do it.\r\n- No links to malicious software. This goes hand in hand with the last guideline, but doing this will result in immediate account termination.\r\n- Be kind to others, and understand that not everyone is a professional. People make mistakes and we all learn something new every day. We try to promote learning here, and teaching someone else something new can feel really great, give it a try!", "topic": "technology", "languages": ["en"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "nudity_all", "pornography_nocw", "pornography_all", "illegalContentLinks", "spam", "advertising", "spoilers_nocw"], "categories": ["academia", "games", "tech"]}
  229. {"id": "5acabb058840e914a590fba8", "name": "", "short_description": "A community on the contemplative hobby of pipe collecting and pipe smoking.  ", "full_description": " a mastodon community on the contemplative hobby of pipe collecting and pipe smoking.  ", "topic": "pipes", "languages": ["en"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "illegalContentLinks", "spam"], "categories": []}
  230. {"id": "5acaf9da3366f24a20cfbba2", "name": "", "short_description": "Bienvenu !\r\nInstance généraliste lègèrement orienté photographie et trollage en tout genre.", "full_description": "Ce serveur héberge une instance de Mastodon, média de micro-blogging libre et décentralisé. Vous pouvez vous inscrire ici pour partager avec les autres membres, ainsi que les membres des autres instances, automatiquement.", "topic": null, "languages": ["en", "fr"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "illegalContentLinks", "spam", "advertising"], "categories": ["anime", "art", "books", "games", "lgbt", "music"]}
  231. {"id": "5acc5469384df834dcb60f74", "name": "", "short_description": "A small instance for people who love cofe ☕", "full_description": "This is a small instance for people who love cofe ☕. You're more than welcome to join and hang out with us. The instance is not focused on any particular topic, but the most frequent ones are Anime, Gaming and Programming.", "topic": null, "languages": ["en", "de"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "illegalContentLinks", "spam", "advertising"], "categories": ["anime", "games", "tech"]}
  232. {"id": "5adacc7871a07e275ed9dad6", "name": "", "short_description": "The mastodon instance of openspace: the new hackerspace in Milano | Italia | Europa | Terra.", "full_description": "The mastodon instance of openspace: the new hackerspace in Milano | Italia | Europa | Terra.", "topic": null, "languages": ["en", "it"], "prohibited_content": [], "categories": []}
  233. {"id": "5b1c06dcc8ec996cd1ee7efe", "name": "", "short_description": "架设于国内,支持与墙外互通!", "full_description": " 话题: 动漫,二次元,游戏,开发,运维,希望能成为广大技术宅的聚集地~", "topic": "动漫,游戏,二次元,开发,运维,技术宅", "languages": ["zh", "en", "ja"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_all", "pornography_all", "spam"], "categories": ["anime", "games", "tech"]}
  234. {"id": "5b751cabe5583c6f3354cf53", "name": "", "short_description": ", commies, technology, and working class centric", "full_description": "a small self-hosted instance running on physical hardware. We will always *very aggressively* ban any right-wing content. Generally chill. This is run on some physical hardware i use for some other stuff that is way overprovisioned for the tasks i need it for; uptime should be near 100% and i take hourly backups of the db and user content.\r\n\r\nIf people start using this (more than like 20), i'll set up some HA/failover mechanisms to guarantee it stays up. For now it should be a lot more stable than the more heavily populated instances.\r\n\r\nI don't plan on ever explicitly prohibiting content (besides nazi shit, which will be fucking purged and doxxed instantly), but if people are reporting troubling content I'll play it by ear. If you have compelling arguments for making a more strict content policy, you can be on the mod team! DM me.", "topic": null, "languages": ["en"], "prohibited_content": ["spam", "advertising"], "categories": ["activism"]}
  235. {"id": "5b751f7ee5583c6f3354cf55", "name": "", "short_description": "Social dot illegal pornography dot com. Erotic. Educational. The right choice for your family. Fax us today at (202) 505-6319 for a free brochure.", "full_description": "\"What's the best instance?\" You ask? \r\nConsider We have it all:\r\n\r\n✅ 100% cool people, not a jerk in sight\r\n✅ No bigots, fash, or transphobes\r\n✅ Cutest admin around\r\n✅ Best domain name\r\n✅ Impossible to explain to your parents\r\n✅ I make really good posts. \r\n✅ Hypnokink, regular jokes, all the good stuff.\r\n✅ Something for everybody\r\n✅ I write cool stories and do cool stuff\r\n✅ You can't actually join, it's just me\r\n✅ <3", "topic": "Cool stuff for the best girl. Horny, hypno, furry, and plain ol' good times.", "languages": ["en"], "prohibited_content": ["illegalContentLinks", "spam", "advertising"], "categories": ["activism", "adult", "art", "furry", "games", "humor", "lgbt", "tech"]}
  236. {"id": "5b7997098ec14f5384705945", "name": "", "short_description": "Own instance of ", "full_description": "Own instance of, just for members", "topic": null, "languages": ["en", "de"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "illegalContentLinks", "spam"], "categories": ["academia", "art", "books", "games", "music", "tech"]}
  237. {"id": "5b856593e80ab079b280c17a", "name": "", "short_description": "Exclusively for practising journalists and journalism academics, this instance is intended to facilitate discussion of hard news and meta discussion.", "full_description": "By journalists, for journalists, is a closed instance reserved exclusively for practising mainstream journalists, or academics working in the journalism field. To join, you need an email address at your news organisation and a account with enough verifications to allow moderators be confident the person applying for the account is indeed a known journalist.\r\n\r\n\"Journalist\" is a very broad term here. If you work with code or social media in a journalistic capacity for a mainstream news organisation, you pass. Ditto if you're an academic working within the journalism field.\r\n\r\nIf you qualify given the above criteria and want an account, please email aendrew [at] aendrew [dot] com with subject line \"4estate membership\". Please use your news organisation email account for initial sign-up, you can change it later.\r\n", "topic": "journalism/media", "languages": ["en"], "prohibited_content": ["illegalContentLinks", "spam", "advertising"], "categories": ["academia", "activism", "journalism", "tech"]}
  238. {"id": "5b8f697036205a4e89370d07", "name": "", "short_description": "Layer 13 :: Ego", "full_description": "Layer 13 of the Protocol Seven System", "topic": "Cyber", "languages": ["en"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "illegalContentLinks", "spam"], "categories": ["academia", "anime", "art", "games", "humor", "music", "tech"]}
  239. {"id": "5ba38521025305636708249e", "name": "", "short_description": "A mastodon instance for Dwarves Foundation alumni. ", "full_description": "This is a mastodon instance for the dwarves. We empower the next innovations by providing world-class engineering quality & product. At Dwarves Foundation, we strive to create a respectful, rewarding, diverse, and inclusive work environment.", "topic": null, "languages": ["en", "vi"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "illegalContentLinks", "spam", "advertising"], "categories": ["anime", "art", "books", "games", "humor", "music", "sports", "tech"]}
  240. {"id": "5bb76e7f02530563670824fc", "name": "", "short_description": "A Mastodon instance by and for lesbians 💜", "full_description": " is an instance by and for lesbians. As a consequence, a few rules are to be observed:\r\n\r\n* Not be a man\r\n* As little public display of heterosexuality as possible\r\n* Not be transphobic\r\n\r\nAlso, a few general guidelines are to be observe to improve the common experience:\r\n\r\n* Don't post illegal content according to French law (the server is located in France)\r\n* No racism, no sexism, no homophobia, no transphobia, no classism, no validism, …\r\n* Use CWs for nudity/porn, recreational drugs/alcohol, food, violence, … Use your common sense\r\n* Creations of bots on this instance must be restrained. Contact the admin first if you'd like to create one here\r\n* No spam, harassment, …\r\n\r\nIf any of this rules and guidelines are ignored, admins will get in contact or take actions immediately depending on what has been done.\r\n\r\nOtherwise enjoy 💜", "topic": null, "languages": ["en"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "illegalContentLinks", "spam", "advertising"], "categories": ["lgbt"]}
  241. {"id": "5bb8893a02530563670824fe", "name": "", "short_description": "Welcome dog lovers,\r\n\r\nThis is an instance devoted to those who love their canine pals! All are welcome to share their canine licks and sniffs!", "full_description": "<h2>Welcome!</h2>\r\n\r\n<p>Canine Cloud is a Mastodon instance dedicated to those who love their pups and want to share that love with the Fediverse! Other pet parents are welcome too, but our primary focus is our pups!</p>\r\n\r\n<h2>Introductions!</h2>\r\n<p>Please introduce yourself and your pup to the Fediverse in your bio. There is a 160 character limit, so save some info for your posts!</p>\r\n\r\n<p>Also, it is advised that when you first create an account that you do an introduction using the #introduction hashtag.</p>\r\n\r\n<h2>Support</h2>\r\n<p>We have a few plans for supporting this instance. We also have plans for supporting different dog friendly causes if our members so choose to throw us some treats! :)</p>\r\n\r\n<p>A PayPal and Patreon are coming soon.</p>", "topic": "dogs, pups, canine, AKC", "languages": ["en"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "nudity_all", "pornography_nocw", "pornography_all", "illegalContentLinks", "spam", "advertising", "spoilers_nocw"], "categories": []}
  242. {"id": "58e9e5fadcd4660abedbef59", "name": "", "short_description": "Sandwich's general-purpose Mastodon instance.", "full_description": "Sandwich's general-purpose Mastodon instance.", "topic": null, "languages": ["en"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "sexism", "racism", "illegalContentLinks", "spam", "hateSpeeches", "harrassment"], "categories": []}
  243. {"id": "5ac0021c3a71be5df27b5edf", "name": "", "short_description": "Personnal instance of Electron.", "full_description": "This is the personnal instance of Electron (my blog: )!\r\n\r\nSubscriptions are opened for people who may want to join me in the adventure ! :D\r\n\r\n", "topic": null, "languages": ["en", "fr"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "illegalContentLinks", "spam", "advertising"], "categories": []}
  244. {"id": "5ac263733a71be5df27b5ee7", "name": "", "short_description": "这是一个以科技创新为主题的科技人员及爱好者社区,探讨以生命为本的科技创新。 \r\n欢迎一切尊重他人,乐于分享的朋友,无论您来自哪里......", "full_description": "技术创新听上去像是一个枯燥的话题,抑或是一个冷冰冰的话题,要改变人们的这种认识正是我们创建这个社区的目的。因为既然我们所理解的一切科技创新的灵魂一定是以生命为本的,那么她又怎么会是冷冰冰的呢?\r\n这里是一个自由的世界,您可以自由发声,说出您的真知灼见或者、趣闻妙语和喃喃梦呓,这些都会是大家期待的。如果您幸运地结识到了知音,我们为您感到高兴,如果您被别人激怒,请冷静下来,想想是否该为某几个人的愚蠢而放弃整个世界。\r\n愿意说科技创新以外话题的朋友,请浏览一下长毛象社区实例列表,试着去别的社区看看。我们这里说的是科技创新。", "topic": "锋力创新微博", "languages": ["zh", "en", "fr", "de", "ja", "ko"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "spam", "advertising", "spoilers_nocw"], "categories": ["academia", "adult", "art", "books", "games", "journalism", "music", "poc", "sports"]}
  245. {"id": "5ac3c264757c830f5331d580", "name": "", "short_description": "An open Mastodon instance designed for free thinkers", "full_description": "We started this instance of Mastodon to have an enclave where free thinkers can come to share, defend, and spread their ideas.", "topic": null, "languages": ["en"], "prohibited_content": ["spam", "advertising"], "categories": ["games", "journalism", "lgbt", "music", "tech"]}
  246. {"id": "5ac47321df4d1d0245d26b3f", "name": "", "short_description": "A small queer-friendly instance focused on stability and user security.", "full_description": "This instance is ran by [Chameleoid](, a small group focused on creating tools to help people engage with technology around them.\r\n\r\nIn the interest of transparency, we've made it easy to view the [source code used on this instance](, and our [blocked instance list](", "topic": null, "languages": ["en"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "spam", "advertising", "spoilers_nocw"], "categories": []}
  247. {"id": "5ad5a68fef5dd72e9d37e062", "name": "", "short_description": "We have a focus on discussion, (but not limited too) politics, philosophy, justice and free thinking. All view points and activists are welcome! :)", "full_description": "Hi there,\r\n\r\nThis is, a place for thinkers of all varieties to discuss... well, pretty much anything they like. Perhaps especially \"controversial\" topics that might be risky to talk about in other places. Put bluntly, I'm a free speech absolutist -- but not everyone else who I might federate with is, and thus cooperation places limitations. My intention is to give you as much freedom to discuss whatever you like as is possible.\r\n\r\nPolitics is a hot topic in most places, but you can toot about anything you please, with few limitations. Please bear in mind this is intended mostly to be about discussions so there may be better places for those interested in posting artwork, etc, unless for some reason you feel your artwork might be unwelcome. If its unlawful I'll still remove it, though.\r\n\r\nI don't care where on the political spectrum you are, you are welcome here to discuss anything you like. If you are the kind of person who's feelings get hurt by disagreement, or expect me or some other mod to jump to your defence because someone insulted you -- this isn't the place.\r\n\r\nYou are on your own here, there might be dragons inside, but I feel that real, intellectual discussion is worth the risk. If you feel the same, come on in. Just to be clear: You don't get removed if you don't share my politics, everyone left, right, or totally disinterested can join in.\r\n\r\nNote, on this server you do not default to follow the admins, but a system account used only for instance relevant notifications about upcoming downtime or maintenance, policy changes, etc.", "topic": null, "languages": ["en"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "illegalContentLinks", "spam", "advertising"], "categories": []}
  248. {"id": "5b5ceed637c25320078cd2c5", "name": "", "short_description": "Our instance is place where people can share interesting news and discuss various topics of the day.", "full_description": "Our instance is place where people can share interesting news and discuss various topics of the day.", "topic": null, "languages": ["en", "el"], "prohibited_content": [], "categories": []}
  249. {"id": "5b744f0fe5583c6f3354cf49", "name": "", "short_description": "We grow plants, shining light where none was", "full_description": "We grow plants, shining light where none was\r\nFollow us to learn about our little corner of the digital arts and video games scene", "topic": null, "languages": ["en", "fr"], "prohibited_content": [], "categories": []}
  250. {"id": "5b7da6ff8ed53d2963b828fe", "name": "", "short_description": "The Dot Grid Mastodon Community", "full_description": "We're a small but passionate group of people who love our creative tools, be they analog or digital.  We used to be an infrequently updated podcast at", "topic": null, "languages": ["en"], "prohibited_content": [], "categories": ["art", "books", "tech"]}
  251. {"id": "5b88241184f4f12e01e8eef0", "name": "", "short_description": "Free Markets. Free Minds. Free People.", "full_description": "This is a general and open instance where we celebrate free markets, free minds, and free people. All are welcome here.\r\n\r\nThis instance is hosted in the heart of Cascadia thanks to services donated by VPS Northwest.", "topic": null, "languages": ["en"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "illegalContentLinks", "spam"], "categories": []}
  252. {"id": "5b896a6284f4f12e01e8eef6", "name": "", "short_description": "Techy / coding hangout made by a trans girl who's a furry", "full_description": "Techy / coding hangout made by a trans girl who's a furry", "topic": null, "languages": ["en"], "prohibited_content": ["illegalContentLinks", "spam", "advertising", "spoilers_nocw"], "categories": ["furry", "lgbt", "tech"]}
  253. {"id": "5b89c18384f4f12e01e8eefa", "name": "", "short_description": "A small instance focused on video games and tech", "full_description": "Based on Palaven, the planet from the Mass Effect franchise, this instance is (at least for now) a personal instance. But if you like games and tech, this place might be for you, so feel free to join if you want to!\r\n\r\n🛰️ Up since 31 Augustus 2018", "topic": "Videogames, Tech", "languages": ["en", "fr"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "illegalContentLinks", "spam", "advertising", "spoilers_nocw"], "categories": ["games", "tech"]}
  254. {"id": "5b920ac736205a4e89370d15", "name": "", "short_description": "Mastalab's instance", "full_description": "Instance for Mastalab", "topic": null, "languages": ["en"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "nudity_all", "pornography_nocw", "pornography_all", "illegalContentLinks", "spam", "advertising"], "categories": ["academia", "art", "tech"]}
  255. {"id": "5b948a04ad712d34e62a2a06", "name": "", "short_description": "A mastodon instance for residents of Kansas City area to share the beat of KC", "full_description": "Hey Kansas City! If Nextdoor is Facebook for your neighborhood, then welcome to Twitter for KC. Be social on your media, participate in the fediverse, and get a feel for the mood of the town. Share your projects. Show off your latest work. Tell us what's exciting. Proof of residence not required.", "topic": "kansas city", "languages": ["en"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "illegalContentLinks", "spam"], "categories": []}
  256. {"id": "5b9cffd30253056367082486", "name": "", "short_description": " is an instance focused around techies (engineers, technicians, developers, etc.) within the furry community, and is open to everyone.", "full_description": "Welcome to!\r\nThis instance is focused around engineers within the furry community, and is open to everyone.\r\n\r\nInstance Staff\r\n* Official Accounts: @admin\r\n* Admins: @Crashdoom, @Doridian\r\n\r\nInstance Code of Conduct\r\nThe following guidelines are not a legal document, and final interpretation is up to the administration of; they are here to provide you with an insight into our content moderation policies:\r\n\r\n1. The following types of content will be removed from the public timeline:\r\na) Uncurated news bots posting from third-party news sources\r\nb) Untagged nudity, pornography and sexually explicit content, including artistic depictions\r\n\r\n2. The following types of content will be removed from the public timeline, and may result in account suspension and revocation of access to the service:\r\na) Gore and extremely graphic violence, including artistic depictions\r\nb) Racism or advocation of racism\r\nc) Sexism or advocation of sexism\r\nd) Discrimination against gender and sexual minorities, or advocation thereof\r\ne) Xenophobic and/or violent nationalism\r\n\r\n3. The following types of content are explicitly disallowed and will result in revocation of access to the service:\r\na) Sexual depictions of children\r\nb) Content illegal in Germany and/or France, such as holocaust denial or Nazi symbolism\r\nc) Conduct promoting the ideology of National Socialism\r\n\r\nFailure to respect any of those rules will lead to a warning, content removal, and/or suspension of your account.\r\n\r\nThe admins have the absolute right to decide to delete your account for any reason.\r\n\r\nWe reserve the absolute right to take any actions regarding any instances that are connected with this instance. If your instance is detrimental to the overall good functioning of Mastodon or, we reserve the right to silence or completely suspend our connections with it.\r\n\r\nInstance Accounts Policy\r\n* Do not impersonate someone, including for parody purposes. This includes using other peoples' artworks without permission.\r\n* Bots must be tagged as such, and bot owners must ensure they will have a minimal impact on the instance's performances.\r\n* If your handle has been taken, stolen, or used without your permission, and you have the means to prove it belongs to you on at least three other platforms, we will reattribute it to you.\r\n* Do NOT use a \"verified\" status (with check-marks in your name), this right is reserved to admin accounts. Use or other platforms to prove your identity.\r\n* You may not create another account on this instance if your previous account has been suspended.", "topic": null, "languages": ["en"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "illegalContentLinks", "spam", "advertising"], "categories": ["furry", "tech"]}
  257. {"id": "5b9e670d0253056367082488", "name": "", "short_description": " ist die Kommunikationsplattform für Funkamateure im deutschen Sprachraum. Wllkommen mit Mastodon beim schönsten Hobby der Welt: Amateurfunk", "full_description": "Auf treffen sich deutschsprachige Funkamateure aus aller Welt. Amateurfunk ist ein staatlicher Funkdienst, an dem Jedermann mit einem Amateurfunkzeugnis teilnehmen kann. Du bist bereits lizenziert? Dann bist du hier richtig. Du bist noch nicht lizenziert? Dann erst recht, denn dann findest du hier die richtigen Leute, die dir gerne bei den Prüfungsvorbereitungen helfen. Hier findet man Amateurfunk-Nachrichten, Leute, die über ihre aktuellen Funk-Projekte berichten oder sich einfach nur von ihren Followern rund um das Thema #Amateurfunk informieren wollen. Sei dabei und registriere dich jetzt mit deinem Rufzeichen (falls vorhanden) auf #ham #hamr #hamradio #afu #amateurfunk", "topic": null, "languages": ["en", "de"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "nudity_all", "pornography_nocw", "pornography_all", "illegalContentLinks", "spam", "advertising", "spoilers_nocw"], "categories": ["journalism", "tech"]}
  258. {"id": "5ba54e6702530563670824aa", "name": "", "short_description": "A quaint little instance for sleepy peeps. Friendly and safe instance for gender/sexual minorities and furries.", "full_description": "This 18+ instance is meant to be a safe, friendly place for everyone to interact with each other without fear of trolling, antagonism, discrimination, and hate speech. It's especially friendly for queer and trans individuals, and furries are also welcome!", "topic": null, "languages": ["en"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "illegalContentLinks", "spam", "advertising", "spoilers_nocw"], "categories": ["furry", "lgbt"]}
  259. {"id": "5bae0f4102530563670824d6", "name": "", "short_description": "Simple self hosted instance from Bangalore, INDIA", "full_description": "Simple self hosted instance from Bangalore, INDIA", "topic": null, "languages": ["en"], "prohibited_content": [], "categories": ["academia", "art", "books", "humor", "journalism", "sports", "tech"]}
  260. {"id": "58f929b73765484c460d726e", "name": "", "short_description": "Venez, on est bien !", "full_description": "Private instance for IRL people i trust. So if you know me you can enter ;-)", "topic": null, "languages": ["en", "fr"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "illegalContentLinks", "spoilers_nocw"], "categories": []}
  261. {"id": "59138c2dbc484912e520aae1", "name": "", "short_description": " is a Mastodon Instance for use by Kevin Sonney, Ursula Vernon, and their friends and family.\r\n\r\nAccounts are by invitation only.", "full_description": " is a Mastodon Instance for use by Kevin Sonney, Ursula Vernon, and their friends and family.\r\n\r\nAccounts are by invitation only, although we connect and share with the rest of the Mastodon Universe.\r\n\r\nSee for our Code of Conduct.", "topic": null, "languages": ["en"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "sexism", "racism", "illegalContentLinks", "spam", "advertising", "hateSpeeches", "harrassment", "spoilers_nocw"], "categories": []}
  262. {"id": "59269bf1a5710a01a9a09422", "name": "", "short_description": "Micro-blogging site operated by Mark Shane Hayden of Coalesco Digital Systems Inc. We are located in Alberta, Canada.", "full_description": "This is NOT intended to be a commercial/promotional site! Registration is open to anyone interested in civil discussions on any interesting topic--especially technology, current events and politics.", "topic": null, "languages": ["en"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "illegalContentLinks", "spam", "spoilers_nocw"], "categories": ["academia", "activism", "games", "music", "tech"]}
  263. {"id": "59429942950f290628c60527", "name": "", "short_description": "リアル脱出ゲーム好きな人が集まれるMastodon。", "full_description": "リアル脱出ゲーム好きな人が集まれるMastodon。\r\nボッチ参加している人のお仲間集めとか・・・\r\nそれ以外でもネタはなんでもOKです。\r\nお気軽に登録して使ってください。\r\nIT系、自転車、コーヒー好きな方、大歓迎です!!", "topic": "Game,PC,IT,RoadBike,Coffee", "languages": ["en", "ja"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "illegalContentLinks", "spam", "advertising", "spoilers_nocw"], "categories": ["anime", "art", "games", "tech"]}
  264. {"id": "5976f89db59c3667c9be74f1", "name": "", "short_description": "Guimik instance mastodon orientée photo", "full_description": "Instance Mastodon orientée photo FR - EN", "topic": "Instance dédiée à la photo", "languages": ["en", "fr"], "prohibited_content": [], "categories": ["art", "tech"]}
  265. {"id": "5a11718b29997d1175430160", "name": "", "short_description": "This is the LolisAndStuff Mastodon Instance!", "full_description": "This is the LolisAndStuff Mastodon Instance!\r\nLolisAndStuff is a group that started as a little joke channel on Rizon IRC #LolisAndStuff channel in 2008.\r\nStill going strong today with a Steam Group of over 600 members!\r\nLolisAndStuff is place for everyone.", "topic": null, "languages": ["en"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "nudity_all", "pornography_nocw", "pornography_all", "spam", "advertising", "spoilers_nocw"], "categories": []}
  266. {"id": "5a17397729997d1175430174", "name": "", "short_description": "Mastodon India- Free Speech", "full_description": "This is just another Mastodon instance with the same goal for which federation is there. Initially I started it for myself  but opened it for all. Be responsible and support good cause. ", "topic": null, "languages": ["en", "hi"], "prohibited_content": ["illegalContentLinks", "spam", "advertising"], "categories": []}
  267. {"id": "5a514ab3c8c76b1d9b1c8525", "name": "", "short_description": "A quiet and cozy little Mastodon instance for those tired of the societal cesspool that major social sites have become.", "full_description": "A quiet and cozy little Mastodon instance for those tired of the societal cesspool that major social sites have become. This instance is dedicated to the late Paul Kerrane (@as4), an intelligent and decent guy who \"Linden 404'd\" much too soon.", "topic": null, "languages": ["en"], "prohibited_content": [], "categories": []}
  268. {"id": "5a5830333da0874b8b00615a", "name": "", "short_description": "Instance for people who like to play videogames socially", "full_description": " is an instance for people who like playing videogames in a social setting. Whether you game on a console or PC, as long as you're interested in  laid-back videogame related discussions then you'll find a home on", "topic": "Videogames", "languages": ["en"], "prohibited_content": [], "categories": []}
  269. {"id": "5aa89b4a6b0edf4b2dbb03c2", "name": "", "short_description": "Vegaia.Social aims to be a vegan home on the fediverse (since has seemingly gone dark).", "full_description": "Vegaia.Social is a closed community comprised of people who abstain from the unnecessary use of any animal-derived products whenever practical.\r\n\r\nIf you believe sentient life is important and you want to join the meme warfare, you've found your place in the fediverse :)", "topic": "Vegan", "languages": ["en"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "illegalContentLinks", "spam", "spoilers_nocw"], "categories": ["activism", "art", "books", "journalism", "music"]}
  270. {"id": "5ab4844fa7983a23962b9dda", "name": "", "short_description": "Yet another instance maintained by Maeeko Laboratory", "full_description": "Yet another instance maintained by Maeeko Laboratory", "topic": null, "languages": ["zh", "en", "ja"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "illegalContentLinks", "spam", "advertising", "spoilers_nocw"], "categories": ["anime", "games", "tech"]}
  271. {"id": "5ae175e8c0abae7fc5a1827b", "name": "", "short_description": " is an instance that allows users to post on any topic.", "full_description": "Code of Conduct\r\n\r\n guidelines\r\n    JSConf Code of Conduct\r\n\r\nThe short version\r\n\r\n    Don't harass anyone\r\n    If someone is harassing you, report it to a moderator\r\n    Have fun\r\n    Be excellent to each other\r\n\r\nRules\r\n\r\n    No advertising or excessive promotion\r\n    No bots, unless they're cute, funny, or useful. Bots should avoid posting to the public timeline.\r\n    No gore or graphic violence\r\n    Content that is NSFW should be put behind a CW (Content Warning)\r\n    No racism\r\n    No sexism\r\n    No discrimination based on gender, sexual minority, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, ethnicity, religion (or lack thereof), or national origin\r\n    No xenophobia or violent nationalism\r\n    No sexual depictions of children\r\n    No holocaust denialism, Nazi symbolism, promotion of National Socialism, or anything that is illegal in the European Union\r\n    No stalking or harassment\r\n    No fake accounts, even celebrity joke accounts. Note this rule does not necessarily apply to remote accounts.\r\n    Handling harassment\r\n\r\n    If you are being harassed, please report the user using the \"…\" button and then \"Report.\" For urgent concerns, please DM a moderator.\r\n\r\n    If you engage in harassing behavior, the moderator may take any action they deem appropriate, such as a warning or an expulsion.\r\n\r\n    The above rules may change at any time, and you may be banned at any time based on the moderators' judgment.\r\n    Privacy policy\r\n\r\n    What will we do with your data? Nothing. How will you be influenced by advertisers? You won't; brands and non-humans (other than fun/useful bots) are banned.\r\n    How will we aggregate your data in order to improve your service? We won't.\r\n\r\n    We will never share your data with anyone else, except in the case of valid legal requests . Please don't put me in that situation!\r\n\r\n    More privacy information:\r\n\r\n    Understand that this instance is run by myself, and (as is the case with all Mastodon servers) I potentially have access to your data, including DMs.\r\n\r\n    For truly private data sent between two people, Mastodon offers no end-to-end encryption. So use Signal or WhatsApp for the things you really want to be private.\r\n\r\n", "topic": null, "languages": ["en"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "illegalContentLinks", "spam", "advertising", "spoilers_nocw"], "categories": []}
  272. {"id": "5ae89c61c8ec996cd1ee7db9", "name": "", "short_description": "Beep Boop One is a private instance. It is unlikely to ever have open registrations.", "full_description": "Beep Boop One is the private instance of cartoonist and designer Alex Daily. At the time of this writing, the only accounts are controlled by Alex.", "topic": "private", "languages": ["nl", "en"], "prohibited_content": [], "categories": []}
  273. {"id": "5b4e42de64f5590143c96233", "name": "", "short_description": "The Mastodon instance here at is meant to be a platform for civictech, govtech, nonprofits, or really anyone that is sort of idealish.", "full_description": "The Mastodon instance here at is meant to be a platform for civictech, govtech, nonprofits, or really anyone that is sort of idealish. It's a place to network, share projects & work or just talk. I hope you enjoy it, and find value in it.\r\n\r\nCode of Conduct\r\nThe Idealish community expects that all network activities, events, and digital forums:\r\nAre a safe and respectful environment for all participants.\r\nAre a place where people are free to fully express their identities.\r\nPresume the value of others. Everyone’s ideas, skills, and contributions have value.\r\nDon’t assume everyone has the same context, and encourage questions.\r\nFind a way for people to be productive with their skills (technical and not) and energy.\r\nUse language such as “yes/and”, not “no/but.”\r\nEncourage members and participants to listen as much as they speak.\r\nStrive to build tools that are open and free technology for public use. Activities that aim to foster public use, not private gain, are prioritized.\r\nPrioritize access for and input from those who are traditionally excluded from the civic process.\r\nWork to ensure that the community is well-represented in the planning, design, and implementation of civic tech. This includes encouraging participation from women, minorities, and traditionally marginalized groups.\r\nActively involve community groups and those with subject matter expertise in the decision-making process.\r\nEnsure that the relationships and conversations between community members, the local government staff and community partners remain respectful, participatory, and productive.\r\nProvide an environment where people are free from discrimination or harassment.\r\nIdealish reserves the right to ask anyone in violation of these policies to refrain from participating in Idealish network activities, events, and digital forums.", "topic": null, "languages": ["en"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "nudity_all", "pornography_nocw", "pornography_all", "illegalContentLinks", "spam", "advertising", "spoilers_nocw"], "categories": ["academia", "activism", "journalism", "tech"]}
  274. {"id": "5b70be98ba0ea153975ca1fb", "name": "", "short_description": "Santoyo’s family instance", "full_description": "Private instance for our own family.\r\nIf you share the Santoyo family name get in touch!", "topic": null, "languages": ["en", "es"], "prohibited_content": [], "categories": ["art", "books", "games", "music", "tech"]}
  275. {"id": "5b70ca4fba0ea153975ca1ff", "name": "", "short_description": "A community for Yuri and Girl's Club fans", "full_description": "Kireina Yuri (綺麗な百合, Lit. Beautiful Lilies) is an Anime community that focuses primarily on Japanese media that have Yuri/Lesbian romantic relationships and Girls Club genre shows. With the growing popularity of Yuri anime in 2018 as more Yuri related anime release such as Citrus and Kase-san with more on the way, I wanted to create a community focusing on Yuri and Girls Club anime, manga and video games, which have some yuri elements. ", "topic": "yuri", "languages": ["en"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "pornography_all", "illegalContentLinks", "spam"], "categories": ["anime"]}
  276. {"id": "5b734e72e5583c6f3354cf45", "name": "", "short_description": "Open your minds.", "full_description": "Venez découvrir Xtenz par vous même. Come and discover Xtenz by yourself.", "topic": null, "languages": ["en", "fr"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "illegalContentLinks", "spam", "advertising", "spoilers_nocw"], "categories": ["activism", "tech"]}
  277. {"id": "5b76b533d2a163622328266d", "name": "", "short_description": "The social network for the only Grand-Duchy in the world.", "full_description": "The social network for the only Grand-Duchy in the world.", "topic": null, "languages": ["en", "fr", "de", "lb"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "pornography_all", "illegalContentLinks", "spam", "advertising"], "categories": []}
  278. {"id": "5b7bd7d8a6abe47c06ef8975", "name": "", "short_description": "A furry-oriented (single-user) instance made to interact with the fandom 🐎 🐈 🦌 🦊 🐂 🐁 🐇 🐻 🦈 🦎", "full_description": "This is a private instance.\r\n\r\nUsers (or other servers) diffusing sexist, homophobic, racist, transphobic content, relaying insults or threats against a person or a group for their origin, gender identity or sexual orientation, will be blocked or banned on sight. Think twice if your reasons to be an asshole and harass people are \"free speech\" and \"jokes\".\r\n\r\nFeel free to contact me or use Mastodon federated report tool if you happen to find such messages on this instance.", "topic": "Furry", "languages": ["en", "fr"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "illegalContentLinks", "spam", "spoilers_nocw"], "categories": ["furry"]}
  279. {"id": "5b816d9ea981976155ac79ab", "name": "", "short_description": "A social hangout for fans of the Dallas area sports teams.", "full_description": "A social hangout for fans of the Texas Rangers, Dallas Stars, Cowboys, Mavericks, FC Dallas, and all associated affiliates. Chat about our teams or just about anything else.", "topic": "dallas, sports, rangers, stars, cowboys, mavericks, FC dallas, baseball, hockey, football, basketball, soccer, MLB, NHL, NFL, NBA, MLS", "languages": ["en"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "nudity_all", "pornography_nocw", "pornography_all", "illegalContentLinks", "spam"], "categories": ["sports"]}
  280. {"id": "5b86117640b2bc76dbba9b48", "name": "", "short_description": "Green Politics in San Francisco", "full_description": "Greens, anarchists, socialists, and allies, and others interested in discussions with us are all welcome! We ask that everybody respect Green values. No spam or abuse. non-San Franciscans are also welcome, if you aren't too bored by talk of SF politics.", "topic": null, "languages": ["en"], "prohibited_content": ["pornography_nocw", "spam", "advertising"], "categories": ["activism"]}
  281. {"id": "5b92ea7136205a4e89370d1f", "name": "", "short_description": "free speech, open talks & privacy at your command", "full_description": "What is talk.houba*?\r\nWe're here to provide you with a good place for a talk with some mates! Talk about whatever you want, I'm not your mum. You can swear here, but don't be a dick OK? \r\nConsider this a friendly, local pub. Make yourself at home, bring your friends, have a good time! Meet new people, have a laugh, enjoy the ambience, and the Oxford commas.\r\nOr simply black dots on yellow ground....\r\nNow go, have fun! Make something, share it with the world. Be nice to each other. Smile, skip across the grass, climb a tree, play a game. \r\n", "topic": null, "languages": ["en", "de"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "nudity_all", "pornography_nocw", "pornography_all", "illegalContentLinks", "spam", "advertising", "spoilers_nocw"], "categories": ["activism", "art", "humor", "journalism", "music", "tech"]}
  282. {"id": "5b9597cbad712d34e62a2a10", "name": "", "short_description": "This instance is owned by Pexus LLC administered from Austin, TX, USA. Solutions to empower every individual to manage personal data on their terms.", "full_description": "No illegal content including profanity, nudity, sexually explicit content, gore violence, including in artistic depictions etc. will be allowed and user access will be revoked and content deleted immediately.\r\n\r\nWelcome to Mastodon instance. \r\n\r\nThis instance is owned by Pexus LLC administered from Austin, TX, USA.Pexus LLC provides solutions to empower every user to take control of their data using a personal server hosted in their own home or in a virtual private server in the cloud. With a personal server you can use a domain name registered in your name for a configuring your own e-mail server, file sharing server and decentralized personal social media site instance such as Mastodon just like this one.\r\n\r\nFor more information on our products and services visit:\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n", "topic": "Personal Server, Decentralized Personal Computing, Privacy, Security", "languages": ["en"], "prohibited_content": [], "categories": ["tech"]}
  283. {"id": "5ba388e002530563670824a0", "name": "", "short_description": " - eine freie unabhängige Mastodon Instanz. Poste Links, Bilder, Videos und Texte. Folge Freunden und finde neue Freunde.", "full_description": "Willkommen auf der Mastodon Instanz!\r\n\r\nEntstanden ist aus den beiden Projekten und\r\n\r\nMastodon ist eine dezentralisierte alternative zu Sozialen Netzwerken wie Twitter und bietet dir die Möglichkeit dich ohne Zensur und Einschränkungen frei zu äußern.", "topic": null, "languages": ["en", "de"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "pornography_all", "illegalContentLinks", "spam", "advertising"], "categories": []}
  284. {"id": "5bbbfbdf025305636708250c", "name": "", "short_description": "BDSM, DDLG, kink-friendly, LGBTQIA+, sex-positive instance. ", "full_description": "Eventide Parlour is a BDSM, DDLG, kink-friendly, LGBTQIA+, sex-positive instance for people within the community or who have similar interests.\r\nWhile we're a (very) small community now, we are looking to provide a space for open and free expression of the above without fear of judgement. Of course we don't *only* talk about this -any and all conversation is welcome.\r\n\r\nWe are an affirming, positive and friendly - no trolling, goalkeeping or similar behaviors will be tolerated. Bigotry has no places here, nor does intolerance. \r\nThis is an adult community about adult topics, and we expect people to act accordingly. Anyone found not abiding to this will be promptly removed from the instance.\r\n", "topic": "BDSM, DDLG, kink, sex positive", "languages": ["en"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_all", "illegalContentLinks", "spam", "advertising", "spoilers_nocw"], "categories": ["adult", "art", "lgbt", "poc"]}
  285. {"id": "58e4fc95fe1d1315eab0a43a", "name": "", "short_description": "Yet Another Mastodon Instance is a sustainable tiny instance.", "full_description": "Yet Another Mastodon Instance is a sustainable tiny instance.\r\nFeel free to register.", "topic": null, "languages": ["en", "fr"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "illegalContentLinks", "spam", "advertising"], "categories": []}
  286. {"id": "58ee09a89aee4e669a21fffa", "name": "", "short_description": " ", "full_description": " ", "topic": null, "languages": ["en", "ja"], "prohibited_content": ["illegalContentLinks", "spam"], "categories": ["anime", "games", "humor", "tech"]}
  287. {"id": "58fbe3aec0b12e17d56bb5e0", "name": "", "short_description": "Deutsche Instanz mit dem Hang zum Verrückten. Für alle, die Wechseln wollen, steht meine Instanz frei zur Verfügung", "full_description": "Deutsche Instanz mit dem Hang zum Verrückten. Für alle, die Wechseln wollen, steht meine Instanz frei zur Verfügung. Allerdings übernehme ich keine Haftung für Ausfälle und/oder Störungen. TheRealKingS Twitter: @therealkings86 Web: Twichteln (wichtigstes Projekt):", "topic": null, "languages": ["en", "de"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "nudity_all", "pornography_nocw", "pornography_all", "illegalContentLinks", "spam", "advertising"], "categories": []}
  288. {"id": "591025eb645f7a32ad435db4", "name": "", "short_description": "Only a comfy little instance managed by a professional sysadmin.", "full_description": "No more to say. ", "topic": null, "languages": ["en", "fr"], "prohibited_content": ["illegalContentLinks", "advertising"], "categories": []}
  289. {"id": "5a21882d8f84ee0616d03221", "name": "", "short_description": "A personal instance for myself.", "full_description": "A personal instance for myself.", "topic": null, "languages": ["en"], "prohibited_content": [], "categories": []}
  290. {"id": "5a3c1f0467eb6930d0cf7404", "name": "", "short_description": "hosted by the unix user group", "full_description": " is one tiny standard unix computer in the cloud that anyone can use and learn to use in the shared pursuit of cool sites and unix tools.", "topic": "unix, computers, memes", "languages": ["en"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "pornography_all", "spam", "advertising"], "categories": []}
  291. {"id": "5a6f3b1d9cb01c44f298d277", "name": "", "short_description": " is an instance provided from the german technology blog The instance is focused on blogging and technology itself.", "full_description": " is an instance provided from the german technology blog The instance is focused on blogging and technology itself. ", "topic": "Technology, Blogging and Impact of Technology", "languages": ["en", "de"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "nudity_all", "pornography_nocw", "pornography_all", "illegalContentLinks", "spam", "advertising", "spoilers_nocw"], "categories": ["games", "journalism", "tech"]}
  292. {"id": "5aa35b4f33571a45b3cd58c4", "name": "", "short_description": "A joke that got out of hand", "full_description": "Made this instance just to make a screenshot for a bad joke.\r\n\r\nRules:\r\n    No sketchy stuff without CWs\r\n    No spam\r\n    No unironic use of the phrase \"dead meme\"", "topic": null, "languages": ["en"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "spam"], "categories": []}
  293. {"id": "5ab63c19128b491edcec9027", "name": "", "short_description": "Personal instance - FR/EN - Generalistic\r\n", "full_description": "Open to all respectful individuals", "topic": null, "languages": ["en", "fr"], "prohibited_content": ["illegalContentLinks", "spam", "advertising"], "categories": []}
  294. {"id": "5ab6cc33df31fd1e83827288", "name": "", "short_description": "small instance, mainly focussing on technology, free software, digital preservation and science as well as a local community in Göttingen, Germany", "full_description": "still setting up this instance and improving the setup\r\n\r\nbe nice to each other", "topic": null, "languages": ["en", "de"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "nudity_all", "pornography_nocw", "pornography_all", "illegalContentLinks", "spam", "advertising"], "categories": ["tech"]}
  295. {"id": "5ad05fdd384df834dcb60fa4", "name": "", "short_description": "Psychoactive.Space is a place to #share information and #experiences related to #psychoactive #plants, #medicines, and #chemicals.", "full_description": "Psychoactive.Space is a place to #share and  #research information and #experiences related to #psychoactive #plants, #medicines, and #chemicals. #ayahuasca #coffee #dmt #lsd #mdma #nicotine #psilocybin #thc", "topic": "Psychoactive Medicine", "languages": ["en"], "prohibited_content": [], "categories": ["academia"]}
  296. {"id": "5ad4b737b13a5b202c4f52e2", "name": "", "short_description": "Microblog der Familie Ganter", "full_description": "Wir haben ein eigenes microblog weil wir Twitter und Co. nicht vertrauen. ", "topic": "dies und das", "languages": ["ar", "en", "de"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "nudity_all", "pornography_nocw", "pornography_all", "illegalContentLinks", "spam", "advertising"], "categories": []}
  297. {"id": "5b01c8e70c3a8465be00085e", "name": "", "short_description": " ist eine unabhängige Mastodon Instanz.\r\n", "full_description": "Hier bei Avareborn wird alles akzeptiert:\r\nVon Bildung zu Spielen und Anime bis hin zur Technik und Technologie.\r\n\r\nAber vorallem gilt hier eines:\r\nMeinungsfreiheit.", "topic": null, "languages": ["en", "de"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "nudity_all", "pornography_nocw", "pornography_all", "illegalContentLinks"], "categories": ["academia", "anime", "art", "games", "music", "tech"]}
  298. {"id": "5b418cacbe7e871e396c5d4d", "name": "", "short_description": "¯\\_(ツ)_/¯", "full_description": "Code of Conduct:\r\n\r\nTerms of Service:", "topic": null, "languages": ["en"], "prohibited_content": ["illegalContentLinks", "spam", "advertising"], "categories": ["academia", "activism", "adult", "anime", "art", "books", "furry", "games", "humor", "journalism", "lgbt", "music", "poc", "sports", "tech"]}
  299. {"id": "5b79799e8ec14f5384705941", "name": "", "short_description": "Single-user instance for myself.", "full_description": "Single-user instance for myself.", "topic": null, "languages": ["en"], "prohibited_content": [], "categories": ["art"]}
  300. {"id": "5b7f482cfea5ce2fe5e4781d", "name": "", "short_description": "A mastodon for all your TAZ tweeting!", "full_description": "A mastodon for all your TAZ tweeting!", "topic": "The Adventure Zone", "languages": ["en"], "prohibited_content": [], "categories": ["games", "lgbt"]}
  301. {"id": "5b806fb5fea5ce2fe5e47833", "name": "", "short_description": "No bigots. Private invitation only.", "full_description": "No bigots. Private invitation only.", "topic": null, "languages": ["en"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "illegalContentLinks", "spam", "advertising"], "categories": ["activism", "adult", "anime", "art", "books", "furry", "games", "humor", "journalism", "lgbt", "music", "poc", "sports", "tech"]}
  302. {"id": "5b80a83f464e003566dc9090", "name": "", "short_description": "Host instance for Project Make It Employees. ", "full_description": "Host instance for Project Make It Employees.  Those hired by Project Make It, or holding contract emails are encouraged to join the instance for branded accounts.", "topic": "Software Development", "languages": ["en"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "nudity_all", "pornography_nocw", "pornography_all", "illegalContentLinks", "spam", "advertising", "spoilers_nocw"], "categories": ["tech"]}
  303. {"id": "5b8172d7a981976155ac79ad", "name": "", "short_description": " is a nice general purpose instance, located in SE Asia.", "full_description": " is a nice general purpose instance, located in SE Asia.", "topic": null, "languages": ["en"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "spam", "advertising"], "categories": []}
  304. {"id": "5b8209f6e80ab079b280c14e", "name": "", "short_description": "Come here to talk with other leftists about socialism.", "full_description": "A comfy instance with a fondness for socialists, Marxists, Chapo Trap House, District Sentinel Radio, politics, comedy, etc.", "topic": null, "languages": ["en"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "spam", "advertising"], "categories": []}
  305. {"id": "5b8be13784f4f12e01e8ef0a", "name": "", "short_description": "Personal instance of", "full_description": "Personal instance of", "topic": null, "languages": ["en"], "prohibited_content": ["pornography_nocw", "spam", "advertising"], "categories": []}
  306. {"id": "5b8bf16484f4f12e01e8ef0e", "name": "", "short_description": " ist eine kleine Mastodon-Instanz. Wir bieten einen kleinen Gemeinschaftsraum.", "full_description": " ist eine kleine Mastodon-Instanz. Wir bieten einen kleinen Gemeinschaftsraum.", "topic": null, "languages": ["en", "de"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "illegalContentLinks", "spam", "spoilers_nocw"], "categories": []}
  307. {"id": "5b8d187284f4f12e01e8ef14", "name": "", "short_description": "This is an instance for my relatives and friends. Registration is closed, sorry.", "full_description": "This is an instance for my relatives and friends. Registration is closed, sorry.", "topic": null, "languages": ["en", "de"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "nudity_all", "pornography_nocw", "pornography_all", "illegalContentLinks", "spam", "advertising", "spoilers_nocw"], "categories": []}
  308. {"id": "5b8dd03336205a4e89370cfb", "name": "", "short_description": "A basic instance for the community and public users.", "full_description": "A basic instance for the community and public users.", "topic": null, "languages": ["en"], "prohibited_content": [], "categories": ["activism", "anime", "games", "lgbt", "music", "tech"]}
  309. {"id": "5b918b9236205a4e89370d11", "name": "", "short_description": "Earfolds' personal Mastodon instance.", "full_description": "A personal instance for use by Earfolds.", "topic": null, "languages": ["en"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "illegalContentLinks", "spam"], "categories": ["furry"]}
  310. {"id": "5bb16ba802530563670824e2", "name": "", "short_description": " is a small but ambitious Mastodon instance with visions of grandeur.", "full_description": "Gather 'round as we collectively remember the importance of things like self-determination, equality, transparency, and the public / private boundary.", "topic": null, "languages": ["en"], "prohibited_content": ["spam", "advertising"], "categories": []}
  311. {"id": "5bb233fa02530563670824e4", "name": "", "short_description": "A yet experimental Instance", "full_description": "This instance is maybe becomming something soon.", "topic": null, "languages": ["en"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "spam", "advertising", "spoilers_nocw"], "categories": ["anime"]}
  312. {"id": "5bb4458d02530563670824f0", "name": "", "short_description": "CDMX", "full_description": "CDMX", "topic": "CDMX", "languages": ["en"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "illegalContentLinks", "spam", "advertising", "spoilers_nocw"], "categories": ["academia", "activism", "adult", "anime", "art", "books", "games", "humor", "journalism", "lgbt", "music", "tech"]}
  313. {"id": "58e2ec2721ace530cfec9c65", "name": "", "short_description": "A Canadian based Mastodon platform, open to people from everywhere.", "full_description": "What's a Moosetodonian?\r\n\r\nOfficial Moosetodonians are people from this local instance who are recognized for their contributions to the community. We recognize monetary donations, code contributions, and community participation and support.\r\n\r\nSupporting This Instance\r\n\r\ is a personally created and funded instance. Your generous donations help support the costs of operating and developing new features, which are growing with the size of our local community. Continued donations as small as $3-5 will help ensure the longevity of our instance.\r\n\r\nFosspay (official)\r\ (alt.)\r\nBitcoin: 39gkNYdkm1u2kUqpkFFAtbjJ4c9MRjvnE5\r\nA shout-out to Cloud-A Computing for discounting some of the raw infrastructure required to run this community project! It wouldn't be possible without you.\r\n\r\nCode of Conduct\r\n\r\nThis instance is for people interacting with other people. Please no corporate shills and direct advertisement. You'll get yourself banned real fast.\r\n\r\nMake use of Content Warnings & NSFW tags for appropriate content. Do not mis-use hashtags, they're not for promoting your products or photography in #introduction or #mastodon.\r\n\r\nNo hate speech (contributing or inciting), death threats, illegal activity, link & local stream spamming, etc.\r\n\r\nBots must respect the #nobot hashtag\r\n\r\nAdmin swings ban hammer, rulings final.", "topic": "Canadians (actual and in spirit) talking about Life, IT/Tech, and Politics mostly.", "languages": ["en"], "prohibited_content": ["illegalContentLinks", "spam", "advertising", "hateSpeeches", "harrassment"], "categories": []}
  314. {"id": "58e5363de463473fb7236bda", "name": "", "short_description": "A small, friendly instance with a custom theme!", "full_description": "A small, friendly instance with a custom theme!\r\n\r\nWe welcome anyone who wants to come join and whatever language you speak! Anyone who creates - writing, drawing, game devs, crafting, you name it - is especially welcome, since we all do that kind of thing already. By a similar token, we are also a queer- and kink-friendly planet. ", "topic": null, "languages": ["en", "pt"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "sexism", "racism", "spam", "hateSpeeches", "harrassment"], "categories": []}
  315. {"id": "58ecd6a34d28e55c523e80aa", "name": "", "short_description": "Amusez-vous. Soyez respectueux. Pas de drame.\r\nDivertiti. Sii rispettoso. Niente drammi.\r\nHave fun. Be respectful. No drama.", "full_description": "[Français] \r\nLe Café Mammouth est une instance suisse de Mastodon tournant sur un serveur français et ouverte au monde. En particulier, nous accueillons volontiers les artistes, les illustratrices et les illustrateurs, les journalistes, les auteures et les auteurs, les bibliothécaires et les archivistes, les scientifiques, les ingénieures et les ingénieurs, les enseignantes et les enseignants, ainsi que tous les esprits curieux.\r\n\r\n[Italiano] \r\nIl Mammouth Caffè è un'istanza svizzera di Mastodon installata su un server francese e aperta al mondo. Particolarmente benvenute e benvenuti sono artiste e artisti, illustratrici e illustratori, giornaliste e giornalisti, autori, bibliotecarie e bibliotecari, archivisti, scienziate e scienziati, ingegnere e ingegneri, insegnanti, così come tutte le menti curiose.\r\n\r\n[English] \r\nThe Mammouth Café is a Swiss Mastodon instance running on a French server and open to the world. We particularly welcome artists and illustrators, journalists and writers, librarians and archivists, scientists and engineers, teachers, as well as all curious minds.", "topic": null, "languages": ["en", "fr", "de", "it"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "sexism", "racism", "illegalContentLinks", "spam", "advertising", "hateSpeeches", "harrassment"], "categories": []}
  316. {"id": "58ef249e93ec4e6e86a7694e", "name": "", "short_description": "An instance for nerds.", "full_description": "If you are passionate about something, you are welcome here.", "topic": "Just Nerd Things", "languages": ["en"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "illegalContentLinks", "spam", "advertising", "spoilers_nocw"], "categories": []}
  317. {"id": "58f69a6b5cb7f118c0e7f62a", "name": "", "short_description": "Single user instance for Kaito Sinclaire. Runs custom software.", "full_description": "A single user instance for Kaito Sinclaire (, typically running custom software. Federates mostly freely.", "topic": "Single User, Furry, Tech", "languages": ["en"], "prohibited_content": ["spam", "hateSpeeches", "harrassment"], "categories": []}
  318. {"id": "5901cfc20c4b3c46f854d247", "name": "", "short_description": "A co-op corner of the fediverse and probably the most user-friendly social platform around", "full_description": "A co-op corner of the fediverse and probably the most user-friendly social platform around ;-) \r\n\r\nWhat makes different from other Mastodon instances?\r\n\r\n\r\nYour data in a place you control and trust \r\n/ Co-own the instance along with all members of the co-operative\r\n/ Co-create our code of conduct and other policies (see our bylaws)\r\n/ Democratically run our operations (see our Loomio group)\r\n/ Co-finance expenses transparently (see our OpenCollective page)\r\n/ Participate in a #platformcoop case-study\r\n/ Join a community of like-minded people", "topic": "co-ops, democracy, cooperation, transparency, non-hierarchy, participation, community", "languages": ["en", "es"], "prohibited_content": ["pornography_nocw", "spam", "advertising"], "categories": ["academia", "activism", "art", "books", "journalism", "lgbt", "music", "poc", "tech"]}
  319. {"id": "5a24041b0266502b6318bfc7", "name": "", "short_description": "Generalistic instance for chill cofe posting and shower thoughts. It runs with pleroma backend and has both the pleroma and mastodon forntend.", "full_description": "Generalistic instance for chill cofe posting and shower thoughts. It runs with pleroma backend and has both the pleroma and mastodon forntend.\r\n\r\nMastodon frontend at:\r\n redirects to\r\n\r\nAdmin:", "topic": null, "languages": ["en", "hu"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "illegalContentLinks", "spam", "advertising"], "categories": []}
  320. {"id": "5a3bff0d67eb6930d0cf7402", "name": "", "short_description": "18+ Instance focused on kink stuff like growth, shrinking, expansion, etc.", "full_description": "Kinky instance for cool but 18+ people.\r\n\r\nPrimarily of the growing, or already massive kinds. Some varieties of kink are kind of adjacent to the central theme, like latex outfits.\r\n\r\nA short sampling of things you may find here, along with their tags, include:\r\nMacro — Subjects that are fantastically tall\r\nMicro — Subjects that are fantastically smol\r\nMuscle — Muscular physiques. 💪\r\nHyper — Endowments or other areas of the body that are sized up to extreme proportions\r\nInflation — Expansion or filling of the body to fantastic proportions, usually with some form of gas or liquid\r\nExpansion — A catch-all tag. Can cover any and all forms of growth.", "topic": "kink", "languages": ["en"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "illegalContentLinks", "spam", "advertising"], "categories": ["adult"]}
  321. {"id": "5a6a03e446fe0471227f119a", "name": "", "short_description": "Discussions à propos de n'importe quoi, mais surtout en rapport avec la culture japonaise ou les logiciels libres.", "full_description": "Instance françaises hébergée sur\r\nTout le monde peut nous rejoindre, nous parlons français et anglais.\r\nWe talk about everything, but mostly related to Japanese culture or free software.\r\nEveryone can join, we speak English and French.", "topic": "Generalistic, Linux, Free Software, New technologies, Anime, Manga, Memes", "languages": ["en", "fr"], "prohibited_content": ["illegalContentLinks", "spam", "advertising", "spoilers_nocw"], "categories": []}
  322. {"id": "5a6b007f46fe0471227f119c", "name": "", "short_description": "Small playground for federated social networks", "full_description": "Just a playground for social networks ", "topic": null, "languages": ["en", "de"], "prohibited_content": [], "categories": []}
  323. {"id": "5aaa74c81a1b3f1036f3d271", "name": "", "short_description": "A place for tinkerers and a home for oddball ideas. Technology, philosophy, science and art and all the interesting bits where they intersect.", "full_description": "This is a home for people who love to tinker! Technology, philosophy, art and esoterica!\r\n\r\nI'm particularly interested in the intersections between art and technology, philosophy and science, and all the intersecting points where those circles overlap like meditation, Freemasonry, and spirituality.\r\n\r\nI'm also super interested in retro hardware and software, and Python is my favorite programming language, so I'd love to talk about those things, but hey, this isn't all about me! What do YOU love to tinker with?", "topic": null, "languages": ["en"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "spam", "advertising"], "categories": ["academia", "art", "books", "games", "tech"]}
  324. {"id": "5ab915e75ba9b96cea3ea1fa", "name": "", "short_description": " is a Mastodon hardcore punk community instance.", "full_description": " is a Mastodon hardcore punk community instance.", "topic": "hardcore punk", "languages": ["en"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "nudity_all", "pornography_nocw", "pornography_all", "illegalContentLinks"], "categories": ["activism", "music"]}
  325. {"id": "5ac5a8f2df4d1d0245d26b49", "name": "", "short_description": "A fun witchey instance for friends of all (and/or no) genders and spiritual paths!", "full_description": "<h1>Who are we?</h1>\r\n<p>We aim to create a compassionate community for anyone who is into witchcraft, curious about witchcraft, or just wants to join an instance with a witchey aesthetic.</p>\r\n<p>We're run by <a href=\"\">@witch_min</a>, known elsewhere as <a href=\"\">@gerhildt</a>. Gerhildt is a nonbinary person who's white and 26. Fae is committed to compassionate communities and creating space for the voices of marginalized people. (You're welcome to follow fae at faer <a href=\"\">main account over at</a> and to check out their website at <a href=\"\"></a>.)</p>\r\n<p>We're hosted through <a href=\"\"></a> which is run by the wonderful <a href=\"\">Hugo</a>.</p>\r\n<h1>Code of Conduct</h1>\r\n<p>We do have a Code of Conduct that you agree to abide by when you sign up for an account with our instance! Please read it carefully to make sure you agree with everything listed; we want to be a welcoming instance, but if our instance is not a good fit for your views or intentions we want you to find a place that fits better for your content. :)</p>\r\n\r\n<h2>Be nice!</h2>\r\n<p>This is a <em>community</em> of people (that is, by federating with other instances, connected to other communities of people). So when interacting with others, we expect that you will make every effort to be compassionate to other users. If you find this to be a difficult thing with a particular user, we encourage use of block and/or mute options, or you can always discuss things with <a href=\"\">@witch_min</a>. (If a user is breaking this Code of Conduct, however, please <em>report them</em> and the matter will be taken care of asap.)</p>\r\n<p>This also includes not posting content that is racist, anti-semitic, misogynist, homophobic, biphobic, transphobic or transmisogynist, ableist, or furthering or promoting hatred or harm towards any oppressed group.</p>\r\n\r\n<h2>No harassment. Period.</h2>\r\n<p>This includes:\r\n<ul>\r\n<li>dogpiling</li>\r\n<li>attempting to evade someone blocking you</li>\r\n<li>directing others to attack someone</li>\r\n<li>spreading false information about someone</li>\r\n</ul>\r\n<p>If someone is breaking our Code of Conduct, again, please <em>report them</em>, don't dogpile them.</p>\r\n\r\n<h2>Please use the CW feature for:</h2>\r\n<ul>\r\n<li>Any kind of sexual content and/or nudity (including via text)</li>\r\n<li>Political discussion</li>\r\n<li>Mental health discussion (including suicide)</li>\r\n<li>Flashing gifs or flashing videos</li>\r\n<li>Drug and alcohol use</li>\r\n<li>Medical or weight related topics (including diet and food)</li>\r\n<li>Violence or death (of people or of animals), including discussion of abuse or sexual violence</li>\r\n<li>Ranting or \"subtoots\" about any user</li>\r\n</ul>\r\n<h4>Why?</h4>\r\n<p>These are topics that are commonly upsetting or triggering to many people. As a welcoming and friendly space for social conversation, we want to make sure everyone is as comfortable here as they want to be. Using the CW (content warning) feature for these things or any topic you personally feel may be upsetting gives other users the option of determining whether or not they're in a state of mind capable of reading these topics. It's a way of letting people decide what to engage with.</p>\r\n\r\n<h2>Please use the \"unlisted\" feature for:</h2>\r\n<ul>\r\n<li>Any posts from bot accounts (including but not limited to image bots and \"ebooks\" style bots)</li>\r\n<li>Making large amounts of toots in short periods of time</li>\r\n</ul>\r\n<h4>Why?</h4>\r\n<p>Our Mastodon instance federates with other instances. This means that our public toots appear on the \"federated timeline\" of any instance we're federating with. If an instance has a large amount of annoying or spam content flooding the federated timeline, the entire instance may be silenced by the admins of other instances. We want to avoid that! Please help us in this endeavor.</p>\r\n\r\n<h2>We don't want ANY of the following content AT ALL:</h2>\r\n<ul>\r\n<li>any kind of sexual content involving anyone under the age of 18, including written or drawn content</li>\r\n<li>any kind of sexual content directed at a user who has not consented to it</li>\r\n<li>Holocaust denial, Nazi symbolism, or any anti-semitic or pro-white supremacist content</li>\r\n<li>pro-fascist or pro- violent nationalist content</li>\r\n<li>Islamophobic content</li>\r\n<li>mockery of people asking for donations</li>\r\n<li>antagonism towards sex workers</li>\r\n<li>content defending any of the above</li>\r\n</ul>\r\n\r\n<h2>TL;DR</h2>\r\n<p>Don't be an asshole, and use the CW and privacy features appropriately.</p>\r\n\r\n<h2>If you break the rules...</h2>\r\n<p>You will be spoken to by @witch_min about the issue. Your understanding of the issue will be assessed. Your account could be removed from</p>\r\n\r\n<h1>Many Thanks To...</h1>\r\n<p><a href=\"\">Hugo</a>, owner of <a href=\"\"></a>, who hosts us :)</p>\r\n<p><a href=\"\">Ginny &</a>, whose CoC heavily inspired ours :)</p>", "topic": "compassion", "languages": ["en"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "spam", "advertising", "spoilers_nocw"], "categories": ["activism", "lgbt", "poc"]}
  326. {"id": "5aee71dedb4cc9363ece0af7", "name": "", "short_description": "Mugwort operates as a social hub for witches, wiccans, and weird folk of all sorts.", "full_description": "Mugwort operates as a social hub for witches, wiccans, and weird folk of all sorts. There is a focus on nature-based and folk-magic discussions, but our door is open to all types.\r\n\r\nBe chill.", "topic": null, "languages": ["en"], "prohibited_content": ["pornography_nocw", "illegalContentLinks", "spam", "spoilers_nocw"], "categories": ["activism", "art", "lgbt", "poc"]}
  327. {"id": "5af4b580c8ec996cd1ee7e07", "name": "", "short_description": "A place for makers to collaborate, learn, and share.", "full_description": "Running on a couple of nanopi fire 3 ARM boards in a 3D printed case, is geared towards everyone interested in collaborating with other markers.  You don't need to be a guru with a soldering iron or writing python.  Maybe you like making origami.  Or knitting.  Making is making.", "topic": "Making", "languages": ["en"], "prohibited_content": ["spam"], "categories": ["art", "tech"]}
  328. {"id": "5afc3ee10c3a8465be00084c", "name": "", "short_description": "This instance is specially for all the peoples who like to travel around and ever wish to show and share it with other travellers.", "full_description": "This instance is specially for all the peoples who like to travel around and ever wish to show and share it with other travellers.", "topic": "A travel and camping instance", "languages": ["en", "de"], "prohibited_content": [], "categories": []}
  329. {"id": "5b63916edf470f775826cbe4", "name": "", "short_description": "Testing Mastodon Self Hosted Instance", "full_description": "Not much to say at the moment ... ... ...", "topic": null, "languages": ["en", "it"], "prohibited_content": ["spam", "advertising"], "categories": []}
  330. {"id": "5b7754b58ec14f5384705923", "name": "", "short_description": "A small mastodon instance just for chilling", "full_description": "Not much to say about us, yet ;)", "topic": null, "languages": ["en"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "spam", "spoilers_nocw"], "categories": []}
  331. {"id": "5b7c9c078ed53d2963b828f4", "name": "", "short_description": "Join Wrasstodon.Pro, Mastodon's Wrestling Community!  ", "full_description": "A home for fans of all types to chat and share posts about Professional Wrestling. Post reviews, have a debate, and swap gifs with other fans. Mastodon's wrestling community is here. ", "topic": "Professional Wrestling", "languages": ["en"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "nudity_all", "pornography_nocw", "pornography_all", "illegalContentLinks", "spam", "advertising", "spoilers_nocw"], "categories": ["sports"]}
  332. {"id": "5bb4ba1102530563670824f2", "name": "", "short_description": "A Mastodon instance for Spanish speakers. No political affiliation or specific topic.", "full_description": "A Mastodon instance for Spanish speakers. No political affiliation or specific topic.", "topic": null, "languages": ["en", "es"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "illegalContentLinks", "spam"], "categories": []}
  333. {"id": "5bbb51b10253056367082506", "name": "", "short_description": "Po prostu 843!", "full_description": "Polska instancja Mastodon.", "topic": null, "languages": ["en", "pl"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "illegalContentLinks", "spam", "spoilers_nocw"], "categories": ["adult", "games", "humor", "journalism", "music", "sports", "tech"]}
  334. {"id": "5a8629beefd18a117ddd35f4", "name": "", "short_description": "An adult (18+) mastodon instance dedicated for all Age Players and Diaper Lovers, all are welcome.", "full_description": "Any accounts deemed disregarding the following rules below will be terminated immediately: \r\n\r\n- You MUST be at least 18 years of age before creating and/or using this instance.\r\n- Harassment or Verbal Abuse of users and/or networks, instances, on any linked Mastodon instance.\r\n- Hate speech\r\n- Any and all Illegal content, whether directly uploaded or linked.\r\n- Accounts that are intended to spam and/or abuse other accounts.\r\n- Images depicting minors.", "topic": "age players, baby furs, adult babies, diaper lovers", "languages": ["en"], "prohibited_content": ["pornography_nocw", "illegalContentLinks", "spam"], "categories": ["adult", "furry"]}
  335. {"id": "5a8b51d7efd18a117ddd3610", "name": "", "short_description": "Chitter is a collaborative project between Violet, codl and bug based on the federated network.", "full_description": "The idea behind Chitter is to provide a safe and private space for friends and mutuals to interact with each other away from the mainstream social network 'Twitter'. Violet is in charge of maintaining the hosting for the site keeping everything online, and also the graphic design work/choices.\r\n\r\nCodl is the site's technician providing user support if something doesn't work properly, Codl is also in charge of the site's framework providing new features and updates, Bug also works in these fields too, as well as working as one of the site's friendly administrators, responding to report tickets and keeping everything under control.\r\n\r\nThe rules are pretty simple: be friendly to other users of this instance.\r\n\r\nTransphobia, racism or any other forms of abuse is not tolerated at all here and will result in your account getting banned and removed.\r\n\r\nNSFW/Adult content is permitted, please be sure to collapse your post using spoilers first though. Illegal adult content is strictly prohibited and will result in a warning before having your account banned if you continue to post said content.\r\n\r\nIf you spot any federation bots from other instances following you, please use the report function to report them.", "topic": null, "languages": ["en", "fr"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "illegalContentLinks", "spam", "spoilers_nocw"], "categories": ["art", "books", "furry", "games", "music", "tech"]}
  336. {"id": "5ab6a517df31fd1e83827286", "name": "", "short_description": "General Purpose SFW instance", "full_description": "We won't instance block, ever. General purpose SFW instance powered by pleroma. You can follow anyone including remote NSFW just keep local posts SFW.", "topic": null, "languages": ["en"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "nudity_all", "pornography_nocw", "pornography_all", "illegalContentLinks", "spam", "advertising", "spoilers_nocw"], "categories": ["academia", "anime", "art", "books", "furry", "games", "journalism", "music", "sports", "tech"]}
  337. {"id": "5ac3422d213b4c4ea9814b04", "name": "", "short_description": "There are many instances, but only one is NFG's.", "full_description": "Originally intended to be a home for my friends, no one understood Mastodon and now it's just a place on the internet.  ", "topic": null, "languages": ["en"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "illegalContentLinks", "spam"], "categories": []}
  338. {"id": "5ace734be450d42dc78ee9cc", "name": "", "short_description": "MastoC, l'instance Française !", "full_description": "Nous avons lancé cette instance car nous aimons Mastodon !", "topic": null, "languages": ["en", "fr"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "illegalContentLinks", "spam", "advertising", "spoilers_nocw"], "categories": ["academia", "anime", "art", "books", "furry", "games", "journalism", "lgbt", "music", "poc", "sports", "tech"]}
  339. {"id": "5ad24b64e450d42dc78ee9d4", "name": "", "short_description": "...a microblogging node, which is part of the fediverse and is running Pleroma.", "full_description": "World of Edolas is a microblogging node, which is part of the fediverse and is running Pleroma, a lightweight social network platform, compatible with GNUSocial/postActiv and other OStatus implementations.\r\nEdolas is the name of a parallel universe to Earth Land in the Anime Fairy Tail, where the Exceed's live. And maybe the admin is a fan of them (and the whole anime).", "topic": null, "languages": ["en", "de"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "illegalContentLinks", "spam"], "categories": ["anime", "books", "games", "tech"]}
  340. {"id": "5ad7512bef5dd72e9d37e07e", "name": "", "short_description": " is a mainstream Pleroma instance that provides a Mastodon frontend with fair and reasonable moderation policies.", "full_description": " is a mainstream fediverse instance that runs on the Pleroma software while offering a Mastodon frontend.\r\n\r\nAnybody who is willing to follow our very reasonable Terms of Service are welcome.  We do, however, strongly suggest reading the Terms of Service before signing up as they are strongly enforced.", "topic": null, "languages": ["en"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "illegalContentLinks", "spam", "advertising"], "categories": []}
  341. {"id": "5ade9f8d28373551c72673fb", "name": "", "short_description": "General-purpose Mastodon instance", "full_description": "This instance is setup for general use. Anyone looking to join Mastodon can feel free to join this instance and have fun. ", "topic": null, "languages": ["en"], "prohibited_content": [], "categories": []}
  342. {"id": "5ae3eed4c0abae7fc5a1827f", "name": "", "short_description": "Public Pleroma instance run by @wowaname", "full_description": "Pleroma instance that welcomes any user and content that is legal in the USA. Phishing, scamming, terrorism, and community disruption is disallowed. There is no privacy policy for this instance. All information gathered must be considered public. If you are worried about this, make use of proxies and encryption, or better yet, create your own instance.", "topic": null, "languages": ["en"], "prohibited_content": ["illegalContentLinks", "spam"], "categories": []}
  343. {"id": "5ae72ab0c8ec996cd1ee7db3", "name": "", "short_description": "Personal instance used by", "full_description": "This instance is for personal use by", "topic": "Personal Use", "languages": ["en"], "prohibited_content": ["illegalContentLinks", "spam", "advertising"], "categories": []}
  344. {"id": "5ae9f32fc8ec996cd1ee7dc6", "name": "", "short_description": "TorominoSocial is a small community instance based on pleroma. ( EN / GER )", "full_description": "TorominoSocial is a small community instance based on pleroma. ( EN / GER )\r\n", "topic": null, "languages": ["en", "de"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "illegalContentLinks", "spam"], "categories": ["anime", "art", "games", "lgbt", "tech"]}
  345. {"id": "5aeb6589c8ec996cd1ee7dd3", "name": "", "short_description": "Generalistic Fediverse instance welcoming everyone, aiming to have a mixed english and french local timeline.", "full_description": "Generalistic Fediverse instance welcoming everyone, aiming to have a mixed english and french local timeline. We don't have any theme, you are free to talk to everyone and about whatever you want. We have few rules like no discriminations, no spam and no nsfw without proper tag but keep in mind that you're responsible about what you post.", "topic": null, "languages": ["en", "fr"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "illegalContentLinks", "spam", "advertising", "spoilers_nocw"], "categories": []}
  346. {"id": "5aeeb122db4cc9363ece0af9", "name": "", "short_description": "A host for electronic music enthusiasts, and electro music makers.", "full_description": "<p>You don't have to love electro music to join this instance, but it helps.</p>\r\n\r\n<p>\r\nProhibited content:<br>\r\n<span>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;</span> ✖ Nudity without NSFW<br>\r\n<span>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;</span> ✖ Pornography<br>\r\n<span>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;</span> ✖ Links to illegal content<br>\r\n<span>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;</span> ✖ Spam<br>\r\n<span>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;</span> ✖ Spoilers without content warning<br>\r\n</p>\r\n\r\n<p>\r\nAllowed content:<br>\r\n<span>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;</span> ✔ Nudity with NSFW<br>\r\n<span>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;</span> ✔ Advertising<br>\r\n</p>\r\n\r\nCommon sense applies. Be nice to each other. No harassment, etc.", "topic": "Electro", "languages": ["en"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "pornography_all", "illegalContentLinks", "spam", "spoilers_nocw"], "categories": ["music"]}
  347. {"id": "5af1fd30db4cc9363ece0b07", "name": "", "short_description": "Vulturion is a Mastodon instance for Video Gaming focusing on the MMORPG genre.", "full_description": "Vulturion is a Mastodon instance for Video Gaming focusing on the MMORPG genre. Ready to get started for a privacy aware and decentralized social media network for the new generation of gamers? Join us today at Vulturion and get started today at our Vulturion Mastodon Instance and become a part of the Mastodon family.", "topic": "MMORPG, Video Games, Video Gaming, Online Games", "languages": ["en"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "nudity_all", "pornography_nocw", "pornography_all", "illegalContentLinks", "spam", "advertising", "spoilers_nocw"], "categories": ["anime", "games", "tech"]}
  348. {"id": "5b0015b20c3a8465be000854", "name": "", "short_description": "Universal, open-access instance that respects freedom of speech according to common law and is hosted in the Republic of Poland.", "full_description": "Polski:\r\nWitaj na Mastodon Polska!\r\n\r\nKilka prostych zasad:\r\n\r\nSzanuj wypowiedzi i prywatność innych użytkowników\r\nNie zamieszczaj treści niezgodnych z prawem\r\nDbaj o swoją higienę! Myj często ręce i twarz!\r\nNie opierdalaj się i zrób coś konstruktywnego! (-:\r\nŚledź @_updates jeżeli chcesz uzyskać informacje techniczne o aktualizacjach, przerwach technicznych etc.\r\n\r\nWierzymy, że Internet jest darmowy i ogólnodostępny.\r\n\r\nJesteśmy wdzięczni za możliwość brania udziału w projekcie Mastodon.\r\n\r\n\r\nEnglish:\r\nWelcome to Mastodon Polska!\r\n\r\nA few simple rules:\r\n\r\nRespect statements and privacy of other users\r\nDon't upload content that is forbidden by the law\r\nCare for hygiene! Wash your hands and face!\r\nDon't fuck around and do something constructive! (-:\r\nFollow @_updates if you want to get more information about technical updates, maintenance breaks etc.\r\n\r\nWe believe that the Internet is free and open-access.\r\n\r\nWe are thankful for possibilty of taking part in Mastodon project.", "topic": null, "languages": ["en", "pl"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "spam", "advertising"], "categories": ["academia", "activism", "adult", "anime", "art", "books", "furry", "games", "journalism", "lgbt", "music", "poc", "sports", "tech"]}
  349. {"id": "5b011562c8ec996cd1ee7e5c", "name": "", "short_description": "Just another pleroma instance ", "full_description": "My pleroma instance. Free speech, any kind of.", "topic": null, "languages": ["en", "ru", "uk"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "nudity_all", "pornography_nocw", "pornography_all", "illegalContentLinks", "spam", "advertising", "spoilers_nocw"], "categories": ["tech"]}
  350. {"id": "5b5bce6337c25320078cd2c3", "name": "", "short_description": "Personal instance for Dave Pifke", "full_description": "Personal instance for Dave Pifke", "topic": null, "languages": ["en", "de"], "prohibited_content": [], "categories": []}
  351. {"id": "5b5decbddf470f775826cbdc", "name": "", "short_description": "Manual-Registeration Pleroma instance with customisation. The sequel to", "full_description": "Manual-registeration Pleroma instance with customisation. The sequel to\r\n\r\nSee for more information.", "topic": null, "languages": ["en", "fr"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "illegalContentLinks", "spam", "spoilers_nocw"], "categories": ["activism", "anime", "furry", "lgbt", "tech"]}
  352. {"id": "5b66053fdf470f775826cbee", "name": "", "short_description": "my personal instance", "full_description": "¯\\_(ツ)_/¯", "topic": null, "languages": ["zh", "en"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "illegalContentLinks", "spam", "advertising", "spoilers_nocw"], "categories": ["poc"]}
  353. {"id": "5b728957ba0ea153975ca20d", "name": "", "short_description": "Une petite instance Pleroma", "full_description": "Rien à dire pour l'instant", "topic": null, "languages": ["en", "fr"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "spam", "advertising"], "categories": []}
  354. {"id": "5b77b6888ec14f538470592f", "name": "", "short_description": "For puppers whomst deliver mail", "full_description": "Small instance for whoever really. Admin is very active.", "topic": null, "languages": ["en"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "illegalContentLinks", "spam", "advertising"], "categories": ["furry", "lgbt", "tech"]}
  355. {"id": "5b898d5284f4f12e01e8eef8", "name": "", "short_description": "A small and friendly instance.", "full_description": " is a small Pleroma microblogging server for catgirls, catboys, nyanbies, queer, confused and/or nerdy people, and miscellaneous sentient beings. It's part of the larger Fediverse. Our aim is to have a small community where we can be ourselves, meet new people, and have fun. We try our best to be approachable. Registration is open! We have a few things that set us apart from other Pleroma instances, including a custom theme for the Mastodon frontend. We have a character limit of 5000, and subject collapsing (content warnings) and post privacy enabled by default. A handful of useful features now available in upstream Pleroma were deployed here first. We might possibly be the only fediverse instance running NetBSD.", "topic": null, "languages": ["en"], "prohibited_content": ["nudity_nocw", "pornography_nocw", "illegalContentLinks", "spam", "advertising", "spoilers_nocw"], "categories": ["lgbt", "tech"]}
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