Facebook Hack v2.6( latest)

suzan70 Jan 19th, 2012 20,237 Never
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  1.  Facebook Hack v2.6( latest) Free Download here:
  4. Facebook Hacker v2.6 is an improvement of the latest Facebook Hacker, several bug fixes and glitches have been fixed. Speed of password retrieving is now 20% faster and now supports Gmail and Yahoo accounts. To use, simply:
  6. How to Hack Facebook:
  8. 1. Enter the desired email address of the account you are going to hack.
  9. 2. Click on 'Hack'.
  10. 3. Wait approximately 5 seconds.
  11. 4. The password will appear in the password tab.
  12. Then just simply logon to facebook with the username and password and voila you're done.
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