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  1. TyrAsgard: I want to be here with you lover *pulls her into his lap*
  2. Psylocke: ~She frowns and pouts.~ But you wouldn't touch me in front of others xP
  3. Psylocke: How do I know you're not inside someone just now?
  4. TyrAsgard: hmmm
  5. TyrAsgard: trying to find the dot
  6. TyrAsgard: There we go
  7. TyrAsgard: *he smiles and leans in, happily Kissing her*
  8. TyrAsgard: you look beautiful in white Mia dear, I've been thinking about you a few times this week and how much I've missed holding you
  9. TyrAsgard: I was starting to wonder if you'd gotten bored of me, :(
  10. Psylocke: No...things just got bad, my cousin got her stepdad to check her out of rehab so we just got back today from driving 2 days straight from colorado
  11. TyrAsgard: ahhhh, gotcha
  12. TyrAsgard: I know you'd never get bored with me lover, I should have known RL stuff happens
  13. TyrAsgard: I did miss you though *he lifts her chin and kisses her happily*
  14. Psylocke: ~She coos and kisses back sweetly as she snuggles close, her large, pillowy tits smushing to his chest.~
  15. TyrAsgard: mmmmm, I've not seen these in awhile *he smiles and leans over, licking at them with his tongue as he grinds her against his lap*
  16. TyrAsgard: *he takes off his shirt in fact, loving how her soft skin feels against his*
  17. Psylocke: ~She giggles cutely and removes her top as well, her nipples perking hard as she playfully wiggles her plush ass on her uncle's lap.~
  18. TyrAsgard: mmmmm, they say keeping it in the family is bad, I say it's totally win *he moans out and kisses her breasts, licking them and circling the nipples with his tongue while playfully flexing his lap against her as he grinds her into him, letting her know how hungry he is for her*
  19. TyrAsgard: ((Damnit, they need me to take out the Trash in the Kitchen, talk about shitty timing oi.... now I know how you feel with your mom always interrupting us *he laughs playfully and kisses her cheek* I'll be back quickly dear))
  20. Psylocke: [It's fine love <3]
  21. TyrAsgard: (I'm back, I haven't seen my Sweet Niece/lover in days, and they pick now to have to need shit *grrrs*))
  22. Psylocke: [Welcome back darling, and yes, I know how frustrating it is.]
  23. TyrAsgard: "So my Sweet Locke, do you know how hard your Uncle is and how much he stroked off in the shower thinking about you the last week?" *he grins at her as his eyes twinkle with Lust for her* "You are my favorite family member after all"
  24. Psylocke: ~She moans and shivers as she grows wet while shamelessly grinding against him, her nipples perked into stiff and aching peaks as she then wriggles free of her shorts, revealing the skimpy white panties beneath, already soaked in her juices.~ I have a faint idea. ~She purred before capturing his lips with a fierce and passionate kiss.~
  25. TyrAsgard: mmmmm *he kisses her back just as eagerly, wrapping her around him as he throws off his pants and boxer briefs, grinding against her through her panties, letting her feel how hard he is through the fabric even though it's soaked with her juices already*
  26. Psylocke: ~She growled playfully at his clear excitement and stripped the rest of the way nude as he did, only to climb astride her beloved uncle's lap, her now bare, young pussy rubbing against his thick and throbbing shaft.~ Mmm.
  27. TyrAsgard: mmmmm, that's my girl *he moans out and kisses her breasts and then her lips as he eagerly pulls her to him, sliding deep inside his Niece's Young Pussy, pushing even further inside her until he was pressed tightly against her Cervix, he starts bouncing her back and forth onto him, moaning with deep pleasure and a feeling of belonging. Even though he was her uncle, he would and will gladly cum inside his sweet niece/lover every chance he gets*
  28. Psylocke: ~Her back arches and she whines in an adorable way as she clings to him, clearly uncomfortably stretched by his girth, but determined to take all of him in. Her hips sink down on his even as they quiver, eventually giving out so gravity does the rest of the work, her thick, plump ass smacking down onto his lap to force nearly every inch of him inside of her.~ Aaauuugh! Oh fuck,'re big..
  29. TyrAsgard: mmmmm so big and so hungry for my sweet Niece *he moans out and kisses her lips again, moaning into them deeper as he slips past her Cervix wetly and into her womb, where he belonged, it nearly a tight fit around him from all their Love-making they'd been doing the last year or so. His shaft growing harder and larger inside her as he hugs her tightly to him, eagerly making love to his niece as the wet sounds start to fill the room*
  30. Psylocke: ~As his hips buck and push up into her she starts to bounce on her own, feeling her cunt take to the shape of his cock, molding to him while she pants heavily, the feel of him punching viciously into her womb making her head tip back as she'd nearly scream out moans curses in her utter satisfaction, her tight belly bulging with the imprint of his hard meat~
  31. TyrAsgard: mmmmmm, it has been too long since I was inside you my sweet Niece, otherwise it wouldn't have hurt when we make love *he smiles and pulls her lips to his with a hungry kiss, pumping her up and down onto him as he moans deeply in his chest, flexing and pounding his cock nice and deep inside her, his shaft growing hard deep in her belly as he enjoys her so very much*
  32. TyrAsgard: Want your Uncle to give you a sweet present inside this weekend Locke my dear? *he grins and rubs her belly even as he sinks hard and hungrily into her womb*
  33. Psylocke: ~She nods in excitement, pressing her hand down onto her uncles as she'd start to roughly slam her ass down on him, making it clap repeatedly as they'd both stroke the head of his cock through her stomach.~ Yes uncle, please! I need you to breed me!
  34. TyrAsgard: mmmmm, I'm going to put a baby in my sweet niece this weekend, delicious.... I've been wanting to for weeks anyways, just had to wait for your Birth Control pills to wear off, *he chuckles*
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