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  1. EVE System > Begin talking here to send a conversation request
  2. Zilkaconnel Deadly > sup
  3. ocei vadumel > hey
  4. Zilkaconnel Deadly > What are you looking for?
  5. ocei vadumel > i need to create a bit of stress to one null sec ally
  6. ocei vadumel > is not far from jita 16 jumps
  7. ocei vadumel > we can provide all logistics
  8. ocei vadumel > how many people do y have in a fleet?
  9. Zilkaconnel Deadly > What timezone?
  10. ocei vadumel > around 21-23 of eve time
  11. Zilkaconnel Deadly > We can do quite alot, We have allies also. How much numbers would be pitted against us?
  12. ocei vadumel > usually they fleets are 20 members on machariels/loki + is possible 1 dred+ 1 fax ,but is very uncommon
  13. ocei vadumel > usually they sends 20 loki and 15-20 noobs on alpha clones sitting on anything
  14. Zilkaconnel Deadly > Who is the target, Just so we know before going any further
  15. ocei vadumel > french connexion
  16. ocei vadumel > <url=showinfo:16159//99007916>French ConneXion.</url>
  17. Zilkaconnel Deadly > I know them, They live in pure blind
  18. ocei vadumel > yes i know
  19. Zilkaconnel Deadly > So what would be the job to make things more stressful
  20. ocei vadumel > if is possible take they fortizar to structure (so y just need to destroy shield and armor,rest is our problems) and help us when we are entosin
  21. ocei vadumel > and of course if y will do some raids on,,, it will be great
  22. ocei vadumel > but the main thing is to cover us when we are entosing
  23. ocei vadumel > and take down they fortizar to structure
  24. Zilkaconnel Deadly > What kind of isk return would we be looking at, We would have to cancel our current campaign against providence to come up there
  25. ocei vadumel > tell me the price for y services for next 2 weeks,if all go great i promise i will give y more job)
  26. ocei vadumel > how many do y want? for cover us when we are entosing systems and take down they fortizar to structure
  27. Zilkaconnel Deadly > For taking the fortizar to structure for the two timers and protection of entosising. Together that would be around 15 billion Which would cover raids also.
  28. ocei vadumel > how many people will y bring ?
  29. Zilkaconnel Deadly > In total between 70 to 100
  30. Zilkaconnel Deadly > In eu/us
  31. ocei vadumel > okay and this is a price for a month? of your help)
  32. Zilkaconnel Deadly > Yes. Our service runs half now and half at the end of contract and the isk gets sent to a neutral party corp for less traceablity for any enemies/allies  <url=showinfo:2//98519059>My Little Spaceships</url>
  33. Zilkaconnel Deadly > If the faliure to complete the contract on our end, Then we will send back the initial transfer fee
  34. ocei vadumel > so i have to pay 7.5now and 7.5 when the work is done?
  35. Zilkaconnel Deadly > Correct
  36. ocei vadumel > seems legit lol
  37. ocei vadumel > fine then.i want a official mail from y ceo to have a guarantee
  38. Zilkaconnel Deadly > Well that is the payment for sending RC across the map to help out with a war
  39. ocei vadumel > then y discord to be in contact
  40. Zilkaconnel Deadly > Rgr that
  41. ocei vadumel > after i get them i will send isk and we will start
  42. ocei vadumel > can y ceo send me the official mail will contract in? pls
  43. Zilkaconnel Deadly > I am currently poking him on discord right now
  44. ocei vadumel > oh fine then)
  45. ocei vadumel > can y give me he discord to stay in contact?
  46. Zilkaconnel Deadly > I was talking further to my ceo and he was saying that our current contract we have to see till the end
  47. ocei vadumel > how many time
  48. ocei vadumel > till it end?
  49. Zilkaconnel Deadly > The end of the TRC providence campaign
  50. Zilkaconnel Deadly > it still has 2 months
  51. ocei vadumel > hell
  52. Zilkaconnel Deadly > You might need to find someone else brother, I am very sorry
  53. ocei vadumel > can we do it faster?
  54. ocei vadumel > can y reccomend somebody?
  55. ocei vadumel > pls
  56. Zilkaconnel Deadly > I can mabye point you in the right direction though
  57. ocei vadumel > yeah it will be great
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