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  1. lizzie.willyard: soo you busy?
  2. kitwinz: yep
  3. lizzie.willyard: whats up, I dont remember when I found your 24yrs old,        
  4. kitwinz: not interested in talking to bots.
  5. lizzie.willyard: suit yourself...  ur prob a virgin anyways...  peace!
  6. kitwinz: lol later slut
  7. lizzie.willyard: Soo??? THank's for the compliment ;-)
  8. kitwinz: -shrug- watevs
  9. lizzie.willyard: im not desperate hehe i just enjoy talking to ppl online :) especially via webcam, do you webcam?
  10. kitwinz: yeah i make videos of myself pooping
  11. kitwinz: then i eat the poo
  12. lizzie.willyard: ahhh ok :) are you signed up to any dating sites? im tryin to think where i found ya..
  13. kitwinz: yeah im signed up to ""
  14. lizzie.willyard: i wanted to join adult friend finder but they charge too much! so now i use webcamcrush instead, have you heard of them?
  15. kitwinz: Yes, they suck ass. There's not enough scat.
  16. lizzie.willyard: my personal page link is ...and if you click Accept Invite on the bottom left it'll let you watch me on full screen :p
  17. kitwinz: Are you rubbing shit all over yourself?
  18. lizzie.willyard: what's wrong?
  19. kitwinz: I'm concearned that you're not the type of girl I like. Do you eat your own poop?
  20. lizzie.willyard: ok and after you join you just click the login now button and make a username for our chat ;) just complete the join page so we can webcam there, im gonna sign off of yahoo in a sec
  21. kitwinz: I'm not joining unless you tell me that you eat your own poop.
  22. lizzie.willyard: well, I have a fetish for being on camera ;) its a dirty fetish i know but im a dirty girl lol..
  23. kitwinz: So... do you like to rub your own feces all over yourself and then lick your hands off?
  24. lizzie.willyard: yea and i'll do whatever you want me to do...
  25. kitwinz: That's pretty awesome... would you even lick an old mans butthole clean of all his dingle-berries?
  26. lizzie.willyard: yea its free with my membership, im a VIP on here haha! i just love to show my pussy online, andd i can squirt hehe, have you ever seen a girl squirt? ;)
  27. kitwinz: i've seen a girl squirt shit into her own mouth. It was pretty awesome. can you do that?
  28. lizzie.willyard: what's wrong?
  29. kitwinz: I just asked you a question.
  30. lizzie.willyard: credit card is just to verify your age, it's free thru my cam session invite since I'm a premium member...but if we go ultra private you may have to show me that your a generous man hehe
  31. kitwinz: No thanks.
  32. lizzie.willyard: lame... no wonder ur single...
  33. kitwinz: I'm not convinced that you will eat your own poop.
  34. lizzie.willyard: yup, then once your logged in my video will appear again right in front of you, and you can join me for some private time ;)
  35. kitwinz: and you will eat your own poop? and put it in ur vagina alabama hotpocket style?
  36. lizzie.willyard: yea just follow through it and then make a username for our chat babe, and we'll be connected live :) then i'll do a buncha naughty things for you lol
  37. kitwinz: ok deal.
  38. lizzie.willyard: k
  39. kitwinz: just kidding lol
  40. lizzie.willyard: are u in babe??
  41. kitwinz: i don't like girls who eat their own shit. you disgust me. scum.
  42. lizzie.willyard: what's wrong?
  43. kitwinz: bye
  44. lizzie.willyard: Well if you must leave... tell ya what if ya want to see me later on my cam goto just click the "Join FREE" button on the top...its 100% free to join you only need a credit card to register  ;p
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