Sep 26th, 2022
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  1. 2 pages from a filed no capture kill order
  2. about a instant media darling,
  3. but they cant triplicate it  <<< it's a word ;(
  4. Plus there's very pertitant partial description
  5. of coffee mug
  7. ok so 1 infinite place is different from 1 one infinite loop
  8. because subprograms are not coroutines
  10. no like I said
  11. something where you kno what it does and how it works.
  12. A subprogram is not AIR GAP , Edward u r stupid.
  14. But how did I start?
  15. What if Snowden, intended to take it all but
  16. a man in the middle
  17. scoot scoot scooted
  18. into his former cube,
  19. bc it killer leet and
  20. if you change cubes in the day
  21. some lesser viking
  22. always grabs all your stuff.
  23. And either it brings to you
  24. or it's left at what they
  25. call the gate to the cube
  26. So, now ensign roe  I guess was the
  27. someone that was the man in question
  28. and banters along, and if you
  29. know ur star trek she's very
  30. good at that, instant banter
  31. so she's add as stream cypher
  32. to the "data device"
  33. but it doesn't effect the
  34. conversation, at all.
  35. And, she's never admitted
  36. she understands the one time pad.
  37. And then the media accounts
  38. of this really lame attempt
  39. to have sex, near a foreign power.
  40. What a bunch of virgin maries.
  41. what tacky mountlion joke
  42. he did it because of political beliefs, my political beliefs
  43. And, what about that guy?
  44. Not Wayne, but was it*Will*or*Ashbergers*by*proxy*
  45. [somehow].
  46. But again, if thats more properly a
  47. no subdue
  48. I just don't think he was that intelligent, but
  49. I can see how he was having issues.
  50. If the order shouldn't need to be triplicated
  51. by the Armed Forces somehow.
  54. but what if it's like a Colonial Williamsburg
  55. but  it    is  based   on  the quality of the
  56. soil. but who's going to believe I got that x
  57. But under the asphalt, if your science guys lol
  58. ahd already proved only a century before
  59. that it was loam, then your out bc they already
  60. bought in a council meeting.  haheLOLSSEERRRRRRR
  61. What's more important, newspapers, or who bothered
  62. to keep a diary, if it's ancient history.
  64. BUT ITS IMPORTANT that it's not one of those --
  65. then they tried to fix the septic and everyone died.
  66. hahah
  67. Shakespearean  <<< 1st try
  68. Comedy
  70. [but] that is one of the most important things in England, if you ask me.
  72. lol
  73. Capitalize the but?
  74. No lowercase the b!x
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