[TLH/SinKid] Lizy has doubts

Aug 9th, 2018
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  1. >"Is Santa real?"
  2. >Before anyone could answer Lizy's question Lyra immediately covered Lupa's mouth.
  3. >"Of course he's real." Leia responded, as if it was common knowledge.
  4. >"But I heard from Karen that he isn't an Karen's always right-"
  5. >"Karen can go eat a sock for all I care."
  6. >Lupa, now free of Lyra's grasp, started laughing. "'Eat a sock'? The hell kinda insult is that?"
  7. >"Can it, Snowflake." Leia turned back to Lizy. "But no, Karen's wrong."
  8. >Lizy breathed a sigh of relief. "But wait... why did he give me a dino but gave Ben a whole... uh, game thingy? Th' big black one Loan has but bigger."
  9. >"He WHAT?!" Leia yelled.
  10. >"I thought I was a good girl..." She started tearing up. "And Ben's a big meanie who keeps pulling my hair a-an..."
  11. >"Now hang on, Liz." Lyra started, but Lupa put a finger in front of her lips.
  12. >"Hold up, I got this." Lupa walked over to Lizy. "Hey, you wanna know the truth?"
  13. >"Lupa, don't you even dare-!" Lyra hissed.
  14. >"Ya wanna know why Ben got a PS7 from Santa but you only got a plastic dino?"
  15. >"Lupa Loud, if you even say one more word-"
  16. >"Ben's parents bought it for him." Lupa smiled deviously. "He's been a bad kid so obviously Santa's not gonna give him anything, but despite complaining to him Santa said that he can't give naughty kids gifts. So they get something for him, wrap it up and say it's from Santa."
  17. >"Ohhh..." Lizy slowly started to smile. "Wait, why do you get stuff from him?"
  18. >"He and I have a deal. Someone's gotta tell him which kids are naughty."
  19. >"Okay!" Lizy beamed. "Imma go play upstairs. Say hi to Santa for me!"
  20. >"Will do, kid."
  21. >She watched Lizy make her way upstairs, and let out a little sigh.
  22. >"I gotta admit, Lupa," Lyra started, speaking softly. "I didn't expect you to be so noble."
  23. >"She's gotta grow up eventually... but for now, she deserves to be a happy, naive kid. I don't wanna be the asshole who tells her Santa isn't real."
  24. >"Wait, Santa *isn't* real?" Leia asked, shocked.
  25. >"Hold on, you thought he was?" Lupa replied, holding back laughter. "I thought you were trying to comfort Lizy."
  26. >"Okay, you're full of it." She turned to Lyra. "Please tell me she's lying."
  27. >"Eh..." Lyra rubbed the back of her neck.
  28. >"Oh, Son of a-!"
  29. [written June 21 '18]
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